Ray's Stories - Billy's POV

A Play On Perspectives

An experiment in perspectives and points of view.

Rated: XXX Contains: Teens, oral, mast, mild rape


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Dick's POV

The Viewpoint:

First person narrative, plural tenses and speech inflected.

Hi, my name is Dick. Okay, its not. My full name is Richard Wagonner Schnits.

What would you go by? Huh?

So, my friends call me Dick. My best friend, John, calls me whatever he wants, but he likes Dick. Well, he does, but he doesn't like my name being Dick. He says I should go by Rick. Or Rich. Gahh! Call me Dick.

I've been in love with John for over two years. We've had other guys, but we always stay a couple. And that is hard in high school. John came out with me about two years ago. We are now going to be seniors next year when school starts again. John and I are in the Drama club together. How typical, huh? John is a bigger jock than I am and is on the baseball team. Hah! John is the baseball team. Last game he pitched a winning game and struck out the last two batters and they could have won with two men on base. John has the arm. I know! Because he is so famous around school, I get left alone by the bullies for the most part.

I used to get picked on until I met John. Or that is until he saved my ass. I was being bullied by this guy named Billy Maxwell. Such a dick. And not in a good way! John saw it I guess, and came over and jumped Billy from the back and Billy didn't want to fight the two of us and ran away. Pussy. So anyway, John saves my ass and asks me if I'm really gay or just being picked on and called it. I was almost crying from the fight anyway so I didn't care if the guy who saved me from Billy laughed and walked away, even if he was about as cute as a guy can be! I told him I really was. He said he was too and that he thought I was cute! Me! Cute! I fell in love right then! We've been friends and more ever since.

The whole school knows about me and John, and we get some grief about it. But not anymore! This is why.

So, one night John and I go out to get a bag of weed from this guy then go sit in the woods and smoke one. We love to do that. The woods there are a gay hangout and pickup spot, mostly at night, and we get out of there before then. Not that we have anything against it, hell, we might be there picking guys up some time some day ourselves. But right now we didn't want all the old guys putting the moves on us! You know?

So we get a bag and walk back into the woods where this old dead tree is laying down a few steps off a path. No one is ever there so we made it our spot sort of. John rolls one and we smoke it and have a great time. I gotta pee, you know? So I go behind this tree where John could look if he wanted and sometimes he does. This time though when I looked up to see if he was watching he wasn't, he was looking worried and looking back over to where the path is. I hear footsteps and then fucking Billy Maxwell say, "Well, if it ain't Speedy-foot McGayboy! Looks to me like you only got two feet, and there's three of us this time, so what you gonna do, fag? Huh?"

So I lean out a bit and Billy and Tony and Harry, their new bully buddy, go walking right past me! If I had breathed they would have heard me! I wait until they go past some and Billy and his buddies surround John and they're all cracking their knuckles and chuckling.

So I get pissed. I get scared when I'm in trouble, but when John is in trouble, I get pissed. John sees me looking around the trees and I see Billy's back, like the day Billy had me cornered and John saved my ass. I always wanted to pay him back somehow!

I step out real quiet behind them all and see Billy in the middle. John sees me and his face gets softer and less scared. I feel great knowing he feels better with me there. I think about that day John saved my ass, and I do the same thing. John has been teaching me some of his Judo and I take a few running steps and jump and kick Billy square in the back! He goes "OOF!" and flies ahead like ten feet and lands on his knees all doubled over and shit. It felt great!

I see John kick Tony in the chest so since I'm on the ground after jump-kicking Billy, I kick the foot out from under the Harry kid. Fucker! He falls on his ass and yells again. I want to stand up and drop on him and break some ribs, but I don't because I wonder if I will feel bad about it later.

So now John has the Tony kid on his ass, I got Billy on his knees and Harry on the ground on his ass holding his foot.

We won! And it was so easy! I was about to high-five John when he turns toward Billy who is still on his knees holding his back and going "Oh! Oh!" like a little pussy.

John scares me then 'cause he steps in front of Billy and as Billy looks up John hop-kicks and puts his left foot right in Billy's goodies. Hard!

Billy screams like a little girl and curls over his balls and dick and falls on his head like some comedy bit on teevee! I mean, I'm all for kicking Billy's ass, but kicking his balls when he was hurt?

I know John has a temper, and he usually keeps it under wraps. Right now he had that look on his face when he isn't in control. I get worried.

Tony stands up and looks at John, I guess, because I was behind him. John looks like he is about to kill Tony and Tony turns to run away from him. He runs right into me. I put my foot out and trip him and he falls on his hands and gets right back up and keeps running. I look at John and he isn't gonna chase him so I don't either.

I think it's over and we got out of it with nothing and Billy and his friends are licked! I was ready to celebrate! Then John scares me even more. He still has that look, the one where his adorable eyes get squinty and his lips turn down and he gets ugly looking. His face was red, too, a real bad sign.

John goes over and I thought he was going to kick Billy again, this time in the side. I say, "John, take it easy, slow down, man!" but he doesn't answer or probably even hear me. He pulls his foot back and then instead of kicking Billy in the side he just uses his foot to push Billy over onto his back.

I was so relieved! I saw Harry try to get up and went over and stood over him with my hands like John said to hold them. If you do it right, most people will think you really know some serious martial arts. I put my fingers together all straight and stiff, bent at each knuckle and held them out in front of me and over Harry. He sees me and sits back down like that! He goes back to holding his foot and I go back to watching John.

Then when I look, John is sitting on Billy's chest and looking as pissed as ever! So much for being relieved I think to myself.

John has Billy's arms pinned to his chest when he sat down and then scoots up so his knees are right up against Billy's ears and his crotch is over Billy's neck and under his chin. John looks like he is going to kill Billy! Really!

I've seen John loose his temper a couple times. Each time something got broken. Or someone got hurt. There is a rumor around school that John almost killed a kid at his last school and that was why he moved here. I don't know how true it is, probably just a rumor, but John is capable of it, I know. Not because he wanted to wants to, but because he couldn't or can't help it. And he won't talk about it.

John screams, "If you ever bother me again, you'll beg to suck my cock after I knock every one of your teeth down your throat! DO YOU HEAR ME!"

He really screamed the last part! Everyone for a mile had to hear it!

John waits for something and when Billy just looks up at him John says, "In case you think I'm kidding, you better think a-fucking-gain!" then John does something that makes me really scared. And hot, sort of. He gets up on his knees, unzips his fly, reaches into his boxers that I know he's wearing and pulls his peen out! He waves it over Billy's face and says, "I swear, on everything, if you even look at me funny, you will find me sitting right here again, only this is going to be nice and hard and I'm going to break everyone of your teeth, one by one. And when I'm done, I'm going to make you suck my cock and swallow my cum! Do you believe me mother-fucker!?"

To top it off, John was using his wonderful cock to slap Billy's his face and his mouth as he talked! Talk about being conflicted! Here was my boyfriend taming the bully that had about beat me silly more than once, sitting on his chest, pounding his face with the pecker I loved to play with!

I didn't know to be hot and horny, scared and worried or what! I mean, I felt my dick twitch a bit when John pulled Sparky out, but come on. I'm not into violence, so I was turned off by that. Oh yeah, Sparky, that's what I call John's big, long, thick dick. Sparky. I love it.

So anyway, I yell, "John! God damnit! What are you doing?" really wondering, you know?

John was waiting for Billy to say something, I could tell, but Billy wasn't interested in saying anything.

Okay, I've said I was already scared, and worried, and horny, but John did something next that made my heart hurt and changed how I saw him for the rest of my life.

John scooted back and put his hand on Billy's neck, just the way John showed me to use as a last resort to get someone off me before they hurt me bad. John said it was risky and it was easy to kill someone doing it. John did it. He spread his fingers and put his thumb on one side and his fingers on the other side and squeezed.

Billy turned red instantly. He started struggling as hard as he had since John sat on him. He kicked and tried to roll over.

Harry, the kid who's foot I kicked out from under him was still sitting down and I heard him whisper something like "please don't" or "he won't" or "he shown it" or something.

I agreed, I think, and yelled at John to please stop. He didn't hear me I don't think. I ran over to him and tried to pull him off. I couldn't. John is the jock, I'm the drama queen. John has more muscle in his butt than I have in my entire body. I couldn't even budge John and now Billy was all red and he was getting weak. I just knew John was about to kill him and I couldn't do a fucking thing to stop him!

"Get off, don't kill him! God damnit, John, stop it!" and I kept yelling "NO!" over and over and over and trying to pull John off Billy before it was too late.

It was too late. Billy stopped fighting to get up or breathe and suddenly went all limp and stopped breathing.

I had tears in my eyes and it got hard to see and I didn't know what to do! John was going to go to jail or end up at another school after having to move and I would lose him either way!

I didn't want to lose John! I love John. Without John, why live? Why get up in the morning? Why eat? Why even fucking bother to breathe?

I knew I was going to be sick. Then John got up from Billy. I kept saying no over and over still I think. I stopped crying, but I still felt so bad! What could I do? What? John had killed Billy Maxwell! And Harry was a witness! So was I!! NO!!!

I remember yelling as loud as I could as John lifted his leg back and kicked Billy between the legs again. Billy's last breath still in his lungs grunted out when John's foot connected and I leaned over and threw up.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" John asked when I stopped puking.

What the fuck was wrong with me?!? John had just killed a guy and he wanted to know what the fuck was wrong??? I wondered for a second if John was psycho. You know, more than one personality or something.

"Why the fuck did you kill him?" I asked, wanting to know if he even knew he had.

John's face went through a bunch of changes. I saw confusion, anger and then relief. He says, "What? He ain't dead, stupid! He's unconscious is all. Gawd!"

What? I saw John use the blood stopper on Billy. He said it was easy to kill with it. When you squeezed the blood off to the brain, it started dying right away. A couple seconds and a guy would pass out if you knew how to do it right. If you did it wrong, or just a bit longer, the guy would die. I watched John do it way too long! I saw Billy turn red, then blue then stop moving. Billy was dead! Or was he? I mean, I've never used the move, and never seen it done, so maybe John knew what he was talking about. Maybe.

"Are, are you sure?" I asked. I think I stuttered the y.

"Yes, look!" John says and leans down and pushes Billy's jaw closed then he pinched Billy's nose shut. Billy's mouth opened and he was breathing! He was alive! I could see him open his mouth to breath and his chest went up and down!

"See, just out," John says and I relaxed. I almost fell on my ass! Then John said a little mad like, "And when he wakes up, gonna hurt!" and kicked Billy in his right side ribs.

"Don't!" Harry, the other bully, yelled, making me jump.

"And what are you whining about? He would probably put me in the hospital with your help. How about it?" John yelled and started walking over toward him. "So why shouldn't I return the fucking favor?" he said as he knelt down by him. Harry really looked scared and you could tell by his eyes that he had been crying. "And, why shouldn't I put you in the bed next to him?" John said, getting nose to nose to him.

"Is he really only unconscious? N-n-not, dead?" the scared kid asked.

Harry looked about my age, probably younger. Right now he looked more like a middle schooler.

"Yes, he's really only unconscious, n-n-not dead!" John said like a kid making fun of another kid.

Harry looked down and started crying again.

"So, not such a tough guy now, huh puss-boy? Why you hang out with such a dick? HUH?" John grabbed him real rough by the hair and said, "I asked why!"

"B-b-because! I don't know!" he says in a real small voice.

"Did he ever beat you up?" John asked, sort of softer.

"Huh?" Harry went and John said, "What are you, stupid? I'm asking easy questions here! I, asked, you, did, he, ever, beat, you, up?"

Harry says, "No. He saw me beatin' up a kid and said I had some good stuff and would I like to run with him and Tony. So I did. That's all."

"Oh, so you're a fucking bully all on your own, huh?" John said like kids teasing kids again.

"Yeah," Harry said real quiet still looking at his feet.

John says, "Well, I want you to tell Tony the same thing I told Billy. Did you hear it okay? Say it. Say it all, right now!" and then he started shaking Harry by his hair.

John looked super pissed again and my guts started rolling over and over and I started to worry. Not about John this time but about, or for, Harry.

"You said, if Billy ever even looked at you, you w-w-would bash in all his teeth and make him s-s-s-suck yur dick."

He stopped, not remembering it all. Hell, I didn't remember it all! John says "What else? All of it or I will pound it into you!"

"What else?" Harry asked. His voice was so quiet, so soft, so scared. I felt really bad for him.

John yells, "I said I would break out all his teeth, ONE BY ONE, then make him suck my dick, AND SWALLOW MY CUM. Got that?"

"Y-y-yes!" Harry says louder this time, and way more scared.

"Do you believe it?" John asked and shook him by his hair again.

"Yes!" Harry said loud.

"Did Billy believe it?"


"Are you going to tell Tony everything, just like that?"


"Will Tony believe it?"

"I don't know!"

"Make him believe it," John said. Then I saw his face change. He didn't get madder, or less mad, he had an idea. His left eyebrow went up like it did when he got a good idea. I worried more.

John stood up in front of Harry and pulled his dick out. He stuck it up under his nose and against his lips. "Look at it," John told him. When he didn't John yelled really loud, "I SAID LOOK AT IT!"

Harry turned his head and did look for a second as John said, "Get a good look," then he turned back away and closed his eyes. Big mistake. When John is this pissed, it's best to just do as he says. Seriously, 'cause now John kicked the foot Harry was holding making Harry jump and yelp like a wounded dog.

Funny, half an hour ago and I would have laughed at the thought of this. Right now though as it was happening, it wasn't a bit funny.

"Don't look away! I said look at it!" John yelled and when Harry turned back to look at John's wang in his face, John rubbed it under his nose and on his mouth.

Again I wondered if I was a sicko for getting a hard-on.

John goes, "Now look at it! Look close, 'cause if you or Tony or Billy ever even look at me, or Dick here, in any way we don't like, you are going to be seeing this coming at you hard and ready, and if you don't suck it nice and good, and swallow every drop I shoot, I will knock out YOUR teeth and teach you how to give head right. Do you understand?"

This was starting to turn me on. Sparky was getting harder as I watched John rub it on Harry's face. Flash got hard and wanted to come out and play.

Flash is what John calls my wang. Don't fucking ask! Just don't even!

So, Harry says, "Y-y-y-yes. Can I stop looking now?"

Now John goes and turns up the heat more, and the fright factor. He says in that sugar-sweet voice he uses to coo the chicks, "Sure, close your eyes, I got a surprise for you,"

"What?" Harry says all shocked. No way he was falling for that one!

"If you shut your eyes, and do it right, I might not kick the shit out of you some more," John says.

"What?" he says again, still shocked, I guess, and pissing John off, the idiot.

"I said, if you suck it good, you won't loose any teeth! If I feel one tooth, you loose two. Now, open up and suck my dick, or my knee is going to take out some of your teeth right now."

John said it real calm, and anyone who knows John knows that when he's mad and starts sounding calm, the organic solid waste is about to occupy the same space-time as the atmospheric motion generator.

"But, but, but, I, don't want to suck your dick! I ain't no fag or nothing!" Harry says real loud.

Something about how he said it sounded familiar. I didn't know where, but I had heard that same thing said the same way somewhere before.

John says, "I didn't ask if you were a fag, I told you to suck my dick. Do you see Billy over there?"

" 'course, so?"

"You want to be found the same way?"

Harry gets saucer eyes and looks at Billy then back at John. "What? Fuck, no! But, I ain't never done it."

Something pissed John off again, or more, or whatever. I saw his eyes squint again and his face get red. His fist balled up and he leaned over Harry. I started to say something, but John says, "You fucking lie! I saw you and Billy and Tony in the woods more than once. Way more than once. You always get on your knees and suck the both of them, every time I see you guys. Every time! You're just their sucking boy, ain't you?"

How fucking sick! Wait, Harry sucked Billy? And Tony? And John knew it? And he never mentioned it to me? We were going to have a talk after this!

Now John was standing right over Harry, looking like he was about to kill him too. Oh, I mean going to kill him for real. Harry started crying harder and forgot his foot and covered his face with both hands.

"Ain't you?!?" John yelled after a few seconds of quiet. I thought I heard someone in the trees. Tony had probably come back so I started watching for him to jump out. I had my hands ready, my legs ready to spring and kept flicking my eyes all around. Until Harry said, "So! So fuckin' what? Ain't none of your business if I do!"

Did I just hear that? Seriously, did I?

"I'm making it my business, because you made it my business when you followed Billy over here to try to kick my ass. I would never have said anything about it. Dick and I fuck each other almost every day. But gays like you make me sick! You hide it and pretend you like girls and give your own kind as much grief as these fucking ass-hole breeder bullies! I was keepin' that secret in case Billy tried anything again, so I guess I get to use it now, don't I? Don't I?"

"Yes. You get to use it," Billy said all sad and shit. Now he understood, maybe.

"So, get up on your knees, like you always do for Billy, and do what you always do for Billy and Tony, to me and Dick. Come on, do it and I might even be nice to you after. Keep Billy off you if he tries anything, if you want."

No he didn't! John did NOT just say that! No fucking way ever! Did he?

"How you gonna keep Billy off me?" Harry asked. I would have wondered about a half hour ago. Not anymore.

John gets his 'bright idea' look again. I groan inside.

"Okay, Harry, it's like this. I know what you do for Billy and Tony. I've seen it lots of times. If I start swearing to what I saw to everybody I know, you know what's going to happen, don't you? I'm the gay guy on the baseball team who happens to be the best player we got! I tell them what I saw, and everybody is going to know you sucked his dick, and Tony's. And why! You want that?"


Harry was obviously scared now, all shaking and pale. I loved it. John was too, I guess, because he smiled for a second. It wasn't the nice smile I like when we are together. It's not the nice smile like when he laughs. It's not even the nice smile when he just smiles. It's an evil smile. It makes my skin get goose bumps.

"Did Billy tell you he would tell if you stopped?"

"Somethin' like that," Harry says sniffing.

Now John blows my mind again. He looks right at Harry, you know, eye to eye, and asks, "You gay?"

Gay? Harry? The fag basher? Was there something in that joint I wonder.

"What?" Harry says real surprised and gets big eyes and his mouth hangs open.

John says, "Tell me the truth. I know some gay guys, honest," and he smiles a real smile, sort of.

"Really?" Harry says, acting surprised, almost smiling. "How do I know you're not lyin' 'bout all this and won't just be another Billy?"

What? Did he just compare John and Billy? I get ready to try to pull John off Harry. It doesn't happen. Good thing for Harry, huh?

John just says, "Because I'm gay. I don't need a sucking boy either. Dick does fine on my dick and the girls don't seem to mind that he does," and I start blushing. "In fact, every chick who has sucked this dick has asked if she did better than Dick." No way! I think. "I always tell them no one sucks my dick as well as Dick. Pisses some off, but it's true. Ain't it?"

Did John just say all that? I mean, he's told me I do a great job a bunch of times! Almost every time. But did he just say I did better than any girl he had done it with and that he told them so? Holy shit! God, I love him!

Then I notice he's looking at me. I remember he said something like 'Isn't that right,' or something and I don't' know what to say. What do you say when your boyfriend says you suck dick better than any girl he had ever had, that the girls all asked, and that he told the girls you did? Got any idea? I didn't.

"I don't even know what to say... " was all I could say.

John gets that cute, sweet, happy smile. I feel so much better seeing it! He says to Harry, "I hate Billy, and I hated you because you ran with him. He's an idiot, a jerk-wad and deserved it. You, I don't know about. Did you really beat a kid up to get in with him?"

Probably not, I think, then Harry proves me right.

"No. No, I fought Billy off me one day. He was pickin' on me and I was keepin' him off me okay. But he was winnin' so I made a deal. I don't know why I said it, but I said if he would stop beatin' me up, I would suck his dick. He said 'kay, so I did, and made me do Tony too. He made me do them and I could be in their gang and not be beat up anymore."

John gets that kind of thoughtful and sad look, like when he has to choose between me or a chick for a certain night or something.

"Look, you don't have to suck me. I was mad. Okay? Just forget it. Can you walk? How far do you live?"

"I don't know, I don't think it's broken," Harry said, holding his foot and ankle.

"Yeah, I dont' think it broke when I kicked it," I say, feeling kind of bad now that I knew Harry had been a slave to Billy and Tony, not a buddy and one of them.

"Yeah, I don't think so," Harry replied. "Hurts bad though. I rode here with Billy."

"Were you going to suck them off again?" John asked.

Harry wasn't going to answer at first I think, then he says, "Yeah, but ya knew that, didn't'cha?"

"Yea. I wanted to see if you'd say the truth. Okay, give him a ride home?" John asks of me.

I guess, okay, why not? He was used by Billy and Tony and was actually gay! Sure, I'd give him a ride home. There was a couple problems that shot to mind though. "What about the ankle? What will his folks say?" I asked.

"Tell 'em it was climbin' a tree again. I told them that when Billy beat me that day."

That might work, but I ask about Billy and Tony.

"We tell the truth. Billy wanted to beat me and you up," John says. "They lost. We won. End of story. You hurt his ankle when you kicked it, I beat the fuck out of Billy, and Tony, the girl, ran away. You promise, I mean really promise, not to talk to the police?" John asks Harry.

"Yea. I don't want to have to tell them and my parents why I hooked up with Billy!"

Good point! I think.

"True. And Tony only saw the fight and ran off. Billy can say whatever he wants, it's three against one if we all tell the truth," John says and I'm convinced.

So that's how we agreed to put an end to Billy's bullying. We made a plan, came up with an agreement and decided how to seal it.

John says, "Shake," and we all shook hands and smiled. Harry got on his knees and started to seal the deal. I was fine when we were talking about it, but now that it was time to actually do it, I didn't know if I could.

I mean, it's fine to say it, but to do it? Harry had said it was a good idea and he was game for it. It was John's idea, I had just sort of got drug along.

John pulls Sparky out and Harry grabs it and starts stroking it. I get hard again. And jealous.

I knew John did it with girls from time to time. He usually told me all about it. I even knew John got some hot guy action from time to time. I was fine with that too. But now John was getting attention from another guy, right in front of me! I don't' think I ever felt jealousy before. Not real jealousy, maybe kiddy kind, when someone has a bigger bike or better toy. But now John was getting some action from a guy and I was watching it.

I lost most of my hard-on. I felt sad, blue, down, mad and jealous all at once.

Fucking Harry says, "It'll be nice wantin' to do this for a change!" and I see John smiling at him.

I think I started to get really mad.

"Come on up here, Dick," John says looking over at me. "A deal is a deal. He sucks us, he won't be likely to say anything to cause us trouble, and we won't have to worry he will open his mouth."

John looks over at me and he gets the puppy dog look with a bit of a smile. I melted. Suddenly it wasn't seeing John forcing Harry to do it to him. Suddenly I saw John and Harry having a good time and doing what we all agreed would be best. Suddenly, I saw John getting a hand-job and I wanted to join!

Ever heard a slide whistle? You know, one of those things clowns use to make a note go up and down? Like on the Simpsons, Sideshow Bob had one sometimes. I swear I heard one going up the scale as my dick went up.

John waved me over and I though, it was a good deal, what's the problem?

"I know, just seems, strange," I say as I walked up slow.

Harry looks over and up at me and says, "Its okay. This is okay with me. I want to do this. You guys got me outta suckin' theirs. I like to suck, I want to suck dick. But not be forced to, to straight guys who were just using me! Now get that thang out and let's get this done!"

Wow. I could only like admire the kid. He was about to get kicked to an inch of death a few minutes ago, now he was willing and wanting to suck our dicks. I don't think I could turn around that fast. But then John is fucking cute!

I watched Harry lick John's head all over then put it in his mouth and suck it. John says Harry is good at it and I got to get over there and have some. I'm still unsure, I mean, I'm kind of shy, but this was way out there!

Harry says, "And this is a talented cock! Eight inches?"

I almost laughed. John says it's seven and a half and laughs a bit.

"Way bigger 'n either of theirs," he said around John's wang.

So I watched Harry slurp and bob on John's long cock for a while. He really did look like he knew what he was doing!

"Damn! Knows how to go to town!" John says and puts his head back in ecstasy.

Okay, what the hell I finally figure and pull Flash out. I said, don't ask! And stop wondering!

I slap my dick on Harry's cheek a couple times and he turns from sucking John's to sucking mine. He really did know what he was doing! In the first few seconds I had already felt a couple new things I didn't recognize and he was just getting started!

He kept going back and forth with us, from one to the other. We never knew when he would change. It was awesome! One second he's jacking me and sucking John then sucking me and jacking John! And his hands were as good as his mouth!

John and I put our arms around each other and grabbed each other's asses. He loves my ass, I know. I love his too!

We watched Harry give us a great blow-job. Sometimes we kissed each other, sometimes nibbled earlobes. That is something we always do!

Suddenly, I think, wow! I'm having a three-way! With John! How fuckin' cool, huh?

So we enjoyed Harry's talent as he sucked and jacked us real nice! There was no doubt Harry liked to do what he was doing! You have to love it to do it that good!

Suddenly and surprising me, John goes, "Jesus Freaking Christ! He's got the touch!" and started jerking all over!

I asked if he was getting close. Close! Hah! It took me about two seconds to realize he wasn't close! He was blowing his wad right then! When his ass cheeks got as hard as rock and he pushed his dick into Harry's mouth deeper, I knew. Then he made his squeaky cumming noise and shook all over and closed his eyes with his head back.

I always liked watching John cum. It wasn't easy when you were being fucked from behind, sucking him off or it was dark, so I didn't see it as often as I'd like. Right then though, standing right next to him, our hips touching, I watched every second! I saw every little thing he did as he came. I saw every muscle movement, heard every noise, felt every tremble of his hot body.

I was never so turned on! Fucking ever!

I looked down to where Harry had his lips wrapped tight around John's thick cock and was swallowing as John shot. Harry's eyes were closed and he looked like a baby with a warm bottle of milk at bedtime. His left hand was still jacking me, his right jacking the base of John's cock and milking it into his mouth.

Flash jumped in Harry's hand and got wet on the tip again.

I said forget about it!

So, John moans and leans down over Harry and pulls him off. John doesn't say anything, like when we do it. He always has a nice something to say. Not now. He smiles over at me and says nothing. It says more to me than he had ever said before, though.

Then Harry suddenly has his mouth over me and starts going to town. He really goes to town! I thought he was doing great before! Now it's like watermelons are being sucked through the tube inside my dick from my asshole! I don't know what he was doing to make that feeling like a saw slowly cutting my dick down the middle! I'd never felt anything like it before, it really felt like he had a small saw blade on his tongue and was slowly cutting down the length of my cock, splitting it in two painlessly.

Whatever it was, all I could say was, "Oh, cripes! He does know what he's doing, doesn't he?"

Harry pulls off me and says, "Get those happy globes out!"

I know what he's talking about of course and reach in and pull the boys out to play. And Harry knows how to play with them too! Harry licked the sack, sucked one then both and never stopped stroking my dick. A few seconds of that and Harry goes back on Flash and makes me wonder what else he knows how to do!

Then he does something else new! Don't ask, I don't know! I only know it was like snow on fire.

I say "Holy fucking shit! Feels like fucking heaven!" and John starts kneading my ass real nice and the next thing I know that familiar feeling is starting, only it's not just starting, it's suddenly there!

I have to warn Harry and say, "Harry, almost there!" and then I told him I was cumming. It was like the first time! I remember almost falling over and having to put both hands on Harry's shoulders and then I felt like I was being stretched like taffy from my feet to my head and I started shooting cum like a machine gun!

I did that "Oh! Oh! OH!!" orgasm sound I hate to do but can't stop it when it happens! I humped Harry's mouth hard every time I shot a shot off and probably left bruises on his shoulders where I grabbed them so tight!

It was probably the best blow-job I had ever had! Maybe the first was better, but hey, it was the first, you know? So I'm standing there all spent and weak and shaking and wishing I could do it all again.

I say something I immediately felt bad about, but I had already said it, so, there you have it. I go, "OH, holy shit! Damn it! Sorry, John, but he blows you away!"

John laughed. Really. He had his big smile and just laughed. He puts his hand on my shoulder and squeezes it like you do a buddy, you know? I felt warm and cozy and satisfied. "I don't doubt it! No one has ever gone under my skin before! I didn't even know you could!" he says.

Go under the skin? You can do that? I ask Harry, "Where did you learn that? These guys?" I meant Tony and Billy, and judging by Harry's glance over to where Billy was still out cold, he knew who I meant. His answer told me he did know who I meant.

"Naw, neither of them had enough to talk about! Billy ain't got five inches, I swear! And he cums faster than a virgin!"

Figures, I think, looking over at John who has his thinking look on, again.

"Maybe Billy likes it more than he wants to admit?" John says, zips up and walks over to Billy.

I started to ask what he meant but changed it to, "John, don't hurt him anymore," as John started slapping Billy's face. Not real hard at first, but harder than he had to. Then harder. Then harder and harder and then Billy starts to wake up and suddenly tries to crawl away from John and says, "What the fuck! Stop it you asshole!"

Then he remembers, or feels the pain, and goes, "Oh! Fuck! What the... ." and curled over his groin then over on his left side and kept groaning.

John looks over to the buses and then back at Billy. What he was thinking I didn't know. He says to Billy, "Get up! Come on! Get the fuck up asshole!" and started kicking at his feet.

"Stop it! Gawd, damn, fuck! I didn't know other fags could fight!" the asshole says still curled up on the ground.

"You don't know a lot about me. But I know a lot about you!" John says, standing over Billy now.

"Like what?" Billy says like he has balls. Well, he probably does, but I bet they hurt right about then!

"Like, you like blow-jobs in the woods, from guys? Like that for instance?"

Billy looks over at Harry and says, "That fag lies. He's a liar!" and looks more scared than mad.

"Oh, he's probably a fag, and if you ever call him that again, you are going to experience deja vu. Do you understand me?"

"You protecting the queer boy?" Billy says like a complete idiot. Like my grampa said, if you got a bear sniffing your butt you don't fart.

"That was your freebie," John says and pulls Billy up by his hair. I worry that John is going to go off again. He looks okay right now, no red face or neck cords sticking out. John goes on saying, "Call him any kind of name again, or any of us, and you will be sucking my dick, and loving it. And if you don't, I hope your dad has good family dental insurance, 'cause you are going to need a full set of false teeth. But your protein count will be plenty high, get my drift?"

Go John! I was thinking, feeling proud of him in a way. I mean here is the class bully, well, one of them, and John has him all in hand like a scared, weak kitten.

So John throws him back down and lets go of his hair. I notice Johns face is getting red. I swallow, hoping I don't yet see Billy choked to death. Well, maybe I don't see Billy choked to death. At least I don't want to see John choke Billy to death. Not John.

John is standing right over Billy still and says, "What I did today was nothing. I'm fucking serious! I'm sick and tired of your bullshit." John points at Billy with his finger and his face gets redder and he screams, "SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" And when he's finished saying it he is straddling over Billy on hands and knees and face to face in the dirt and his words make dust come up from the leaves and dirt.

Billy starts crying like a baby and yells as loud as he can, "Okay! Okay! Just leave me alone!" and turns over still holding his balls and cries into the dirt facing away from us all. I can tell he's crying. Anyone could tell.

John jumped up like he was just shot or stabbed or something. He has a scared look on his face and he's all white all of a sudden. I think he shook for a bit like he got the shivers. His face goes normal and he shakes his head and looks at me and Harry then down at Billy.

"Your pussy friend, Tony, ran away like a little girl. So you be sure to tell him what I told you. Do you remember what I said before you blacked out?" And John sounds all calm now. Sorta.

Billy didn't say anything and John said, "Let me remind you!"

John rolled him over with his foot and Billy covered his privates again with his hands and John sat on him again then slid forward like before and pinned Billy's mouth shut with the crotch of his pants this time.

John looks over to me and says, "Dick, bring Harry over here," in a voice I never heard him use to me before. It was cold and flat and scary.

I shot over to Harry who was already standing up and I helped him over. John motioned us to put Harry at Billy's head then he made Harry sit so his jeans and crotch were on Billy's forehead, pinning it to the ground.

I remember plopping down next to Billy and John and looking at Harry who looked white and scared. John didn't look mad anymore, more like a little sad. I felt bad for him, and Harry. And even Billy, a little bit.

John says, "I want you to tell him what I said," to Harry and he unzipped and pulled Sparky back out. It was kind of still shiny and wet from Harry's blow-job, and I felt my happy parts wake up a bit too.

Harry took a deep breath and says, "He said, that if you ever looked at him or any of us funny or any way, ever again, that you would find yourself right here again, under him, with his cock in your face, and that you would either be sucking him off, or he would be bashing your teeth out. It would be up to you."

Harry looked real scared when he said it. I was impressed. I tried to remember the exact words John had come up with while Billy was out cold and after the sex. I would have gotten a few words wrong.

What was almost funny, though, was the whole time Harry was reciting, John was slapping his dick on Billy's face! He got his lips too! He even poked it up each nose hole! I almost lost it then! And some spit or cum was splashing off Sparky and got on Billy's nose and lips. By the time Harry was done Sparky was wide awake and ready for action.

John started his part of the speech, but he changed or forgot some of it I thought as he said, "Now, I know all about why you let Harry here hang with you. Don't be mad at him, you guys suck at hiding in the woods. You should get further away from the lights, not almost under them. You can't see who's lurking out in the dark if you are under the lights. Stupid! That was your biggest mistake. Another was cheering and shouting, thinking there wasn't anyone else out here. You have any idea how many gay guys come out here to hook up?"

Billy said, "No, but I guess you do, don't you fag?"

I was like, oh shit, John's gonna go off! I was ready to try to knock him off Billy any second. Instead, though, he about knocked me over when he said, "So are the guys watching us right now. Aren't you?" and shouted the last part.

When the voices answered yes from the woods around us, all around us, I jumped a mile high! I thought I had heard maybe Tony coming back a long time ago it seemed. But these were lots of voices, and they weren't teenager voices, or kids, they were adults! Lots of them!

I got so fucking scared! Anything could fucking happen! I knew about the gay hook up rumors, and knew they weren't just rumors! John and I had poked and peeked around at night a few times and knew it wasn't just a rumor.

"Right now, I'm guessing about a dozen gay guys are watching us. I heard the first ones when I was talking to Harry here earlier, while you were out like a light. When I was waking you up, I saw some motion in the bushes over there, and I knew there were a bunch of guys who found or heard us. Probably heard me shouting, now that I think about it. But what does it matter how they found us? They, and I, have seen you getting sucked off by Harry, here, ain't you guys?"

They had? Holy shit! I thought, then thought, Wait! John said earlier he knew that and had seen them. And I wanted to talk to him about that. Then I realized fucking why! If I hadn't seen Billy and Tony getting blown by Harry out here in the woods, but John had, what the fuck was he doing out here without me! Oh, we're gonna talk!

"See?" John went on, "Lots of people have seen you at it. I don't know how many. But I know they now know you are prejudiced against gays, and they probably would love for me to leave you out here, alone, for them."

Some of the guys around us laughed kinda perfect for the situation, you know? Some of the guys watching were playing along, or were being serious, or knew ahead of time, as if. I wondered how many were doing which.

So John rubs Billy's lips harder with his dick and says, "We are going to give them a show," and then loud said, "Come on out if you like. Watch the bully gay-basher suck a dick!"

I was like, oh my gawd! and asked him if he thought that was a good idea. Now I'm probably supposed to trust my fellow homos and all, but, well I didn't. I'd seen a couple things in the woods that proved gay guys did all the same things straight guys did to each other. "If they want to see this, they can come on closer and watch. 'Cause I want witnesses, witnesses that saw Billy Maxwell make Harry here suck his dick tons of times here in these woods. Witnesses who saw Billy suck a cock. So Billy had better keep his mouth shut about that and this, and he better open his mouth right now."

I was going to say something like, "John, don't make him," or something but some guy from the woods says, "I saw them. The first time I saw them, Billy there, the one under you, punched that kid, Harry? Made him do it to him."

Another guys says, "I saw Billy slap the other kid when he didn't swallow it all and got some on his jeans. Slapped him and made him lick it off."

Then another one goes, "I saw the one kid sucking the boy under you, and some other boy. They always do it near the light by the river gauge."

Fuck! Billy was an even bigger asshole than I ever thought!

"See?" John says, "All these witnesses? They saw you. They know you forced Harry to suck you. You understand what kind of position you are in here?" and tried to force his dick in Billy's mouth. Billy kept his teeth together and John stopped trying. He did look scared to death! Good! But John goes on with, "Now, you either suck this dick, or Harry's. But you are sucking one of them, right now, all the way, maybe both, or I and Harry and Dick will walk out of here and you can suck every one of these guys, probably for the rest of the night while we tell everyone we know how we saw you with guys in the woods. Understand me?"


Some of the bottom-boys in the woods went wooo and probably the tops were tho one's laughing.

It creeped me out, those guys out there. I could see a couple of the guys who came up and talked by their outline. It was dark now and the lights along the main path were hard to see through all the trees. The only real light was the yellow glow coming back from the clouds and the little bit when the moon came out.

"You got to be kidding?" Billy said, looking really pale and like he was gonna hurl.

Now, I know stress like makes you laugh at the wrong time, right? So, when John says, "No. Not, one, fucking, bit," and slapped Harry on the mouth with his dick in time to each word, I had to like turn away and cover my mouth and not laugh. It was like something Mel Brooks would have done if he did gay porn!

I kept holding back my laughs and heard John say, "In fact, I changed my mind. You forced Harry to suck your cock how many times?"

I turned around, only smiling a bit, I hoped, and saw Billy look mad and say, "I don't know, I didn't count!"

John sighs and says, "I bet you did. Don't matter. You got any idea how many times, Harry?"

"Almost every day for almost all school year," Harry said kinda sadly.

"So, something over a hundred times! Wow. Did you have to swallow every time?"


"Man, you are some sex pervert, Billy. Isn't he?" and John said the last part loud so the guys standing around knew he was talking to them.

The guys out there called every name I ever heard and a couple new ones to me. I sort of smiled again, I know, and saw how Harry kind of didn't react so good. He looked like he was gonna pout or something.

Billy didn't look so good. He was real white and his eyes looked like they could go in and out the wide open lids and not touch the sides.

"Like it? Being called those names?" John asked him.

Billy's lip puckered and he started to cry and yelled, "Stop it!" and tears started coming out his eyes.

Good, cry little baby, cry! I thought at first. Then wondered when I got so mean.

"So, since you made Harry do you so many times, I say you suck Harry, right now. And that you suck Harry all the fucking way. You suck and you make him cum and you swallow every fucking drop!"

John wasn't getting dark, so he wasn't getting red, his neck cords weren't showing up, but he sounded mad still.

"You can't make me!" Billy said funny like.

Remember earlier when Harry told John he wasn't a fag and I wondered where I heard something else said a strange way like that but didn't remember where? Now I did. It was a really bad gay porno. This one guy was tied up and being forced to suck three dicks. The rope kept falling down his arms it was so loose and he was a sucky actor, pun intended, okay? It was just a bad flick but John and I watched it because it was porn. You understand, don't you? Anyway, this guy was badly tied up and badly acting scared and badly acting that he was being forced to suck a dick.

That was how Billy sounded when he said you can't make me.

"Did Harry yell that to you?" John asked Billy. Billy didn't answer and John asked Harry, "Did he?"

"Yeah, I did, I 'member yellin' it at him. I didn't want to do it that way. I wanted to do it together, not like his fucking slave!" Harry said getting mad now and leaning over Billy and glaring at him with mad eyes.

"So, karma arrives for Billy. Now, what's it gonna be? Suck Harry, good and finished, or the three of us go tell what we saw and these guys decide your punishment."

I waited holding my breath. What would Billy do?

Join us for the answers to that question and many more right here in the near future!. Thanks for tuning in!

Just kidding!

But you might believe that before you believe what really happened next.

Billy sniffled back his tears and said, "Okay, I'll suck Harry," and I swear he hid a smile! I fucking swear it or may Flash fall off!

Stop fucking wondering!!!!

"You will suck Harry, and you will swallow Harry's cum. And you will suck until he pulls out. You stop, and you will regret it, you understand?"

The way John said it was so cool and smooth and, what's that word, swave? Suave, yeah, that.

Billy nodded and started to open his mouth. He shut it right away, I mean, Harry still had his zipper shut. In fact, Harry had never got any! He did both of us, but then he got forgot! Fuck, poor kid!

John goes, "Harry, you good for this?" and Harry looks at John like John asked if he wanted a coke and piss on the rocks. Then Harry smiles and says, "Yes. You fucking bet!" then he unzips and pulls out a huge cock! Man, it was big! Bigger than mine or John's! Longer anyway. Now Harry is a big guy! Tall and broad and wide and heavy. He should have a big dick, you would think. But this was a shock! John's was thicker and smoother, just like I like 'em. But Harry didn't have anything to be shy over! It was real long, kind of skinny, lumpy and the head was real wide and knobby. Right now it was all purple and shiny! Really! I bet it was hurting to get off by now!

Billy looks like he's saying wow over and over again and licks his lips. I start wondering then. It hadn't really occurred to me. Then it did. John was onto it earlier, I bet!

Harry leaned forward and pushed his big head against Billy's lips and pre-cum spread all over his lips right off. Billy didn't open, so John bounced on his chest and when he went "UH!" Harry slipped his purple-helmeted love warrior in Billy's lips and leaned far over and forced his cock deep into Billy's mouth.

Cheering erupted from the guys in the shadows.

Now, I ain't no all-experienced cock-sucker, but I can tell by watching if a guy knows how to suck a cock. Billy didn't. But I can also tell when a guy likes to suck a cock. Billy did.

Harry started getting into it from the start, saying, "Suck my cock. Suck my cock! SUCK MY COCK!" then he started fucking Billy's mouth and was going,"Oh my gawd, yes, fuck yes!" and put his arms on John's shoulders and his head on his chest and fucked Billy's mouth like a thirty year old drunken virgin finally screwing his dream lover. Not that I'd know what that looked like, you understand?

I got fully hard and ready now watching this! And remember, John's big boy is sticking right there in Billy's face too! I was thinking about taking hold of it when John says, "Billy's got a woody!"

Really? I look and John is turned around and has his hand on Billy's crotch and rubbing it. I look back at Billy and he's busy with Harry's dick and Harry's busy with Billy's mouth and has his head against John's chest and his arms over John's shoulders and his eyes closed and bliss all over his face and I'm like, no fucking way, I'm like dead and in gay heaven!

So I lean back and check on Billy's wood and sure enough, it's small but there and I say, "He has a nice hard one, too!" 'cause I can't move it and it's hard as a piece of metal shop steel! Hey, I aint' into home ec., okay?

So I unzip Billy's drawers and get inside and find no shorts at all and pull out a short, narrow, white cocklet. It wasn't five inches, like Harry said. It had a wide head with big ridges around it and a thin shaft. It was all pale and white and peach colored. But it was fucking hard! Overall it was nice and I said so before I bent down and started licking it around John's hand that was jacking it a bit. When John put his hand around it so I could get to more of it I stuck my lips on it and started sucking as I went down on it.

There was a lot of heat in Billy's pants! I know he had been fighting, knocked out, kicked in there more than once and fought some more and was scared and all that and probably like more yet, but he was hot down there!

I was thinking about getting hold of his balls and seeing if they matched in scale when Billy bucked like a horse and started shooting off!

He squirted like a couple times then nothing but dry after that.


He came hard and it hit the back of my throat hard like it was solid and not even liquid! The second one did too but it felt smaller. I started to swallow expecting the usual pause before the next shot but there wasn't like any pause at all! His second shot just kept going! I swear! The cum kept coming out in a pulsing stream, like a sprinkler with that blade thing that jumps over the water stream a bit, breaking it up like. He came and came and came. I was really impressed!

He got super sensitive after 'cause he kept pulling side to side to get me off his dick.

Now, you know how into sex a guy is by how much he gets off. Usually. I ain't no whore, but I've taken the opportunities thrown my way. And John has been a great study subject! Normally, when a guy isn't into what he's doing, don't like the person much, the person's ugly, it's just another blow-job, something like that, he won't blow much. But when a guy really likes what is going on to him, he blows! Or when it's been like forever. And Billy had a sucking boy, so he got off about every day I bet.

No. When Billy came, he liked it. He fucking loved it.

I felt bad for him all of a sudden. He was gay and he was all fucked up over it. He actually bullied gays so no one would know. Or because we did what he couldn't? Who knows. Billy?

I was once hiding it. I hated it. It was frustration concentrated. I didn't want to do any more harm to Billy.

I sat up and in my best porn star imitation, went, "That didn't last long!" and rolled my eyes and head and wiped my lips real prissy and pretended to flick the stuff from my lips away. "Thin and watery, not a lot either, but tasty!" I declared.

I forgot the guys in the woods. Some of them laughed, a couple I could tell got it. Some guys made pleasure sounds and at least two guys finished.

This wasn't so bad. It was just drama class done right. Live and unrehearsed. We had an appreciative, even captive you might say, audience. What more could an actor want?

I tried to get some more torture on Billy by sucking his sensitive cock. I got away with it for a bit but he was pretty strong and I needed to take care of something else.

My cock was stuck between my briefs leg and my leg. It felt good for a while, but now it was more painful than interesting. I stood up to fix that and instead decided to pull it out.

This was a show, after all, and I, as an actor, wanted only to satisfy my audience. Okay, I wasn't really thinking that, but I did realize I wanted to do it in front of them. I wanted to put on the show.

I stood right over John's right shoulder as he still sat on Billy's chest. He was holding his big dick head so it rubbed Harry's smaller shaft as it went in and out of Billy's mouth.

Harry's dick from Billy's sloppy blow-job so was wet and John's dick would slide over it, but get caught once in a while and the head would get pulled down. Sometimes John would put his head farther from Billy's mouth and it would nest into Harry's harry patch again and again. Couldn't resist.

I swayed on my feet, for real and honest. I got dizzy and thought I might actually pass out. How fitting, the poofy one faints. I didn't though and kept watching something I had never heard of or even imagined. Both of those cocks were bigger than mine, wider to be exact, and I started jacking for all I was worth!

John noticed almost right away and licked my head for me. That felt so great! Then he tried to reach it with his lips so I turned and poked it into his mouth.

YES! Oh, gawd, this wasn't going to last long!

Suddenly Harry yelled, "OH MY GAWD!" and grunted and obviously had a massive orgasm! He pumped and went rigid and held it before he threw himself off John and sat back on his butt.

"Fuck'n'a!" he went, looking happy, relaxed. I never saw him like that. He usually looked pissed or constipated when he was stalking the halls with Billy and Tony.

I didn't think that either at the moment. You know where I was concentrating, don't you? I mean, I had just had one of the best blow-jobs of my life and now John was putting to use what he had learned from his and I was already hot and bothered from watching Billy suck his first cock, and what a cock, and sucking Billy's cock too!

I went off! Once, twice, three times in John's mouth! It hurt! I've had that hurt before, and it was always more than I can do anything about! The fourth I think went somewhere near Harry's leg when I almost fell backwards and the fifth I caught with my hand when I grabbed by hurting cock! There was more oozing out after that but I didn't know how much. I had to stop the hurt! No! I loved it! I wanted it! Now it was gone! But, oh, "Fuck!"

When I came back to me, I heard John ask someone if they liked that. I was getting ready to say of course when I heard Billy say, "So?"

Oh, shit! Billy liked it! He was! I should have fucking knew it! John is the smart one that way! I don't have gaydar, if there is such a thing, but John might. He always finds the new gay guys at school or wherever before I do. Plus he was better at figuring out things too.

That was the whole point! "Exactly! So? So what?" John pointed out.

I agreed. Completely.

I also remembered we had an audience and that I was on my ass with my dick out and probably looking stupid.

"Wanna suck another?" John asked when I got my pants zipped.

"Sure!" Billy said when I got back on my feet.

More cheers from our audience. You know, I actually thought about bowing! Really!

Billy raised his head and took John right in. I leaned forward and watched Billy suck his second dick. John said, "Gonna be a good second wad!" and started humping Billy's face for good and serious.

He could suck! You could see his cheeks cave in and his throat muscles tighten up. Billy's hands went to John's butt cheeks and he didn't play with them so much as feel what they felt like if you know what I mean. I put one hand over Billy's and squeezed his fingers the right way. Billy caught on and John says, "That's how you do it, play with my ass! Yes, squeeze them!"

John leaned over Billy and his head ended up right between Harry's legs and his exposed cock and crotch. John didn't know it though or he would have done something with it for sure!

Some of the guys in the woods were getting off, no doubt, and weren't shy about letting us know it.

John said, "Here she blows!" and locked and pumped maybe five times and then rolled off Billy into the grass and onto his back.

More guys were letting us know it worked for them. I know, it sound gross, but at the time, it was better than applause.

"So, I guess we can forget about worrying after tonight, huh?" John says.

"I guess so," I heard Billy say. I think he was sniffing and he said, "I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't know any way else to get you to do it. I just wanted you to. The next time we were alone, I was going to do it to you too, honest. I, just, didn't..." and he cried, but not like earlier. This was more sad than anything else, not fear or body pains.

I thought I heard sniffles from the audience, the highest compliment. I also heard someone say 'best fucking show I ever saw'. John says I imagined it.

"I guess since the audience has left the theatre, we can strike the set and go home, huh?" I said, not really meaning to, it just came to me.

We all laughed.

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