A Play On Perspectives

An experiment in perspectives and points of view.

Rated: XXX Contains: Teens, oral, mast, mild rape


| A Play In Perspectives | | Billy's POV | Dick's POV | Harry's POV | John's POV |

| A Play In Perspectives In One Act |



Harry's POV

The Viewpoint:

First person point of view, past tense, accent inflected.

Billy, Tony and me went out to the forest preserves like usual that day. I hated when we went there 'cause Billy liked to look for gay guys to pick on. He didn't know I was gay but made me do things for him and Tony in the woods, and other places.

We were goin' down the path that leaves the paved one where the big blue rock sits next to the main one. We followed it for a while and I knew Billy was headin' toward the river bridge and where he usually made me suck his and Tony's dicks.

I dreaded it, not because I hated suckin' dicks, I did, I loved suckin' dicks, but not the way Tony and Billy made me do it. And they never got me off ever.

So we came 'round a curve and we saw John sittin' all alone on a big, dead tree layin' in a clearin'. Billy shot us a grin that meant he had somethin' he thought would be fun to do in mind.

He led us up to John and said, "Well, if it ain't Speedy-foot McGayboy! Looks to me like you only got two feet, and there's three of us this time, so what you gonna do? Huh?"

I had no idea what the fuck he was talkin' 'bout but I liked John and didn't like havin' t'do this. Billy walked up to John and Tony was over on the left and I took the right like we always did when we were gonna pick on somebody.

Now usually kids start lookin' nervous or scared when we walk up to 'em like that. We all big guys. I'm tallest by far and strongest, but Billy and Tony weren't small neither. John didn't look like that. He looked worried, sure, but not scared or nuthin'.

I didn't want to pick on John. I saw him stickin' up for more than one gay kid 'round school. He was so out it was funny. Everyone knew he liked guys and girls and dated both an' he was still popular. He had a regular boyfriend I always thought was cute. Dick. What a perfect name for him. I liked him too. I was glad Dick wasn't around 'cause he was usually 'round with John.

So we got up around John and I wished he wasn't there neither. I didn't want to pick on him. Why Billy liked pickin' on gay guys and make me suck his and Tony's dick I wondered a lot.

Billy made fists and was gettin' ready to swing 'em, I could tell. I'd been hangin' around with him long enough to know when he was gettin' ready. Suddenly, like out a nowhere, Billy grunted and flew forward and John ducked and disappeared.

I heard somethin' next to me and looked and there was Dick on the ground! He kicked my foot and I yelled and I fell on my ass and yelled again. It was Dick! Where did he come from I thought, hopin' he would get away without gettin' his ass kicked. I should'a been mad, but I wanted Dick to get away!

I started to stand up and push him hard. Most kids ran when I did that and acted like I was gonna come get 'em. But my foot or ankle was so hurt I couldn't run so I sat back down hard and let Dick keep me there.

I heard a couple more grunts and some noises and looked over and saw Billy was on his knees tryin' to grab his back with both hands and then John turned and kicked upward with his foot right in Billy's goodies real hard. Dick yelled out no, but too late.

I pulled my legs up and held onto my hurt foot and ankle and just hoped nothin' more happened to me instead of Dick.

So Billy groaned real loud and went down forward and was kneelin' with his head on the ground. He looked like he was done fightin'. Tony didn't look like he was gonna fight anymore either. His arms and hands were at his sides and he looked ready to run. I saw Dick standin' behind Tony, waitin', and then John started to him. Tony turned and started runnin' but Dick put his foot out and he fell on his hands and got right back up and kept runnin'. John looked like he was gonna after him but didn't. They just let 'im go.

John went over and pushed Billy over on his back and sat on his chest. Billy put his hands over his goodies so when John sat down Billy's hands were trapped under John. John scooted way forward and I thought he was gonna sit on his face! John started yellin' at Billy, "If you ever bother me again, you'll beg to suck my cock after I knock every one of your teeth down your throat! DO YOU HEAR ME!"

"John, don't hurt him!" Dick yelled, lookin' around as if waitin' for someone else to barge in.

John ignored Dick somehow and kept yellin' at Billy from on top of his chest.

"In case you think I'm kidding, you better think a-fucking-gain!" John said real mad. Then John pulled his dick out through his jeans zipper and wagged it in Billy's face with one hand! The other hand was around Billy's throat I think, it was hard to tell with John's knees blockin' Billy's face from where I was sittin'. John kept sayin', "I swear, on everything, if you even look at me funny, you will find me sitting right here again, only this is going to be nice and hard and I'm going to break everyone of your teeth, one by one. And when I'm done, I'm going to make you suck my cock and swallow my cum! Do you believe me mother-fucker!?"

Holy shit! I was thinkin'. John just did what I wished I could do to Billy! And it looked like he was gonna get away with it!

"John! God damnit! What are you doing?" Dick yelled and took a step to him and Billy. He looked so worried.

From where I was sittin' I could only see John sittin' on Billy's chest. John's legs were folded at the knees and his knees were around Billy's head so I couldn't see Billy's face at all. I could tell that John leaned so that more of his weight was on the arm pushin' his hand down on Billy's throat though! He sat there lookin' past his dick in his one hand and into Billy's face and chokin' him!

Billy wasn't makin' any sounds but he was kickin' with both legs and tryin' to get up or free or sumthin'. Prolly anythin', ya know? I figured out John was chokin' Billy and he was gonna kill him! Really doin' it! Billy wasn't makin' any sounds so I knew he couldn't breathe or he would be yellin' and cussin'! Billy kicked and squirmed tryin' to get free I guess and Dick ran over yellin' at John, "Get off, don't kill him! God damnit, John, stop it!" and he started tryin' t'push or pull John off Billy somehow.

John didn't pay him no attention but Dick screamed no again and again and tried to pull John up. Dick's voice sounded funny, like scared. When Billy went limp and his legs stopped kickin', Dick stopped tryin' to move John and looked like he was goin' to be sick and backed up away from 'em.

I thought I was gonna barf too! I mean, I hated Billy fer forcin' me to do what he did. I was a big guy and all, the biggest the one there, but I couldn't fight good at all. All alone I would get my ass kicked easy but with Billy and Tony I was safe. I thought. But we made a deal and I wasn't on their victim menu anymore. I even thought of killin' Billy before but I knew I would never be able to. I had hoped someone would, and now someone had, and I felt sad and sick. I started to cry like some little kid. That made me mad. I didn't want to cry, I wanted to sing because Billy was dead, but I cried because I hurt and Billy was dead and I was scared and I all of a sudden thought I might be next. No witnesses ya know?

John stood up and swung his right foot between Billy's legs and kicked Billy's nuts again. Dick screamed again and a grunt escaped from Billy's body from the kick. Dick got sick and puked and I thought I might too even more. Dead bodies grunt if kicked or moved, I knew that, but it was sick to see it!

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" John yelled at him ignorin' me.

After Dick wiped his mouth and spit he stood and yelled, "Why the fuck did you kill him?" and he was cryin' too!

Dick looked so scared and mad and worried and all together fucked up. I wanted to make him feel better but I didn't want John to notice me at all so I just sat there.

"What? He ain't dead, stupid! He's unconscious is all. Gawd!" John said mad.

Dick stuttered, "Are, are y-y-you sure?"

"Yes, look!" John said and leaned down and closed Billy's mouth then pinched his nose and his mouth popped open and he was breathin' through it! "See, just out. And when he wakes up, gonna hurt!"

Billy wasn't dead! Yet I thought 'cause John looked madder than before and I said, "Don't!" when John kicked him again. It just seemed so wrong to kick a guy when he was down. Even Billy didn't do that. I thought he was dead, but if he was alive, then kickin' him then was as bad as Billy.

Shit! I thought when John looked over at me and I seen his face! I should have kept my fuckin' mouth shut! They didn't even notice me until I yelled that!

"And what are you whining about? He would probably put me in the hospital with your help. How about it?" John yelled at me and started over to me and alls I could see was his face.

I almost pissed myself and pulled my legs tighter and felt my guts go 'round like when you're on a carnival ride and worried I would piss and shit myself 'fore John was done with me. I noticed my balls were pullin' in so tight to hide they hurt.

Now John was comin' to me and he looked fuckin' pissed like Satan hisself was in there right now in control. His face was all dark red and his neck had strings stickin' out and I could see all this even though it was almost dark. I wished I had never sucked Billy's dick or made that stupid fuckin' deal.

John kept comin' and was yellin' at me, "So why shouldn't I return the fucking favor?" he said as he kneeled down in front of me and kept yellin' at me. "And, why shouldn't I put you in the bed next to him?" he said, nose to nose with me and I swear to God I saw death lookin' at me from John's eyes! I saw lights in the back of John's eyes and I just fuckin' knew Satan was back there watchin' me and laughin' his ass off and enjoyin' hisself and he was gonna have John do terrible things to me!

I was, so, fuckin', scared! More than ever when Billy was after me, lots more! Makin' the same deal with John came to me and I thought how fuckin' stupid can I be to make the same mistake again only with another and meaner devil!

John looked like he was waitin' for me to say somethin', I could see it. I knew it. He wanted me to say somethin'. "Is he really only unconscious? N-n-not, dead?" was the only thing that my head would think up.

"Yes, he's really only unconscious, n-n-not dead!" John said, makin' fun of the way I said it. That hurt more. I don't know why. I had been made fun of 'cause of my accent 'fore. It's the way we talk in 'Tucky and I can't help it.

My ankle hurt, my butt-bone was sore and I figured I deserved it. I already cried a bit when I thought Billy was dead and I cried harder now. I couldn't have stopped it for nuthin' and I thought John was gonna kill me no doubt.

"So, not such a tough guy now, huh puss-boy? Why you hang out with such a dick? HUH?" John asked me and grabbed my hair and pulled it so my face meet his and asked my why again.

I had to look in John's eyes and I had to keep lookin'. There was somethin' makin' me and I knew it was gonna be my last vision 'fore I was kilt. He was waitin' for me again to say sumthin'.

"B-b-because! I don't know!" There was no way I was gonna tell him the real reason why! I couldn't think of a lie right then, so that was all came out. I know I'm bigger than him, but that don't mean I like to fight. Everyone thinks if you're big you like to fight. I figured that out and used it t'keep bullies off me. It worked 'till Billy. Now John who was shorter, smaller and weaker than me was tossin' me 'round by my hair like I was a doll!

"Did he ever beat you up?" John asked me still mad as hell but his eyes stopped makin' me look.

"Huh?" I asked, still scared and cryin'. Why did that fuckin' matter?

"What are you, stupid? I'm asking easy questions here! I asked you, did, he, ever, beat, you, up?" John asked real slow like I was retarded. He prolly thought I was. I could give him the same lie I told others so I did. "No. He saw me beatin' up a kid and said I had some good stuff and would I like to run with him and Tony. So I did. That's all." I tried not to cry but my ankle really hurt and my ass bone hurt and I was scared I might die or get hurt bad and I just thought I saw a boy die.

"Oh, so you're a fucking bully all on your own, huh?" John asked, like kids teasin' each other.

What could I say? I said, "Yea."

"Well, I want you to tell Tony the same thing I told Billy. Did you hear it okay? Say it. Say it all, right now!" he said, shakin' me by the hair again.

Man, did that hurt! It made my eyes water in pain too along with the real tears. I hate cryin'. I remembered some of what he said so I repeated what I remembered. "You said, if Billy ever even looked at you, you w-w-would bash in all his teeth and make him suck your dick."

"What else? All of it or I will pound it into you!" John screamed at me still holdin' my hair.

"What else?" was all I could ask, scared he was 'bout to rip out my hair and beat me to near death!

"I said I would break out all his teeth, ONE BY ONE, then make him suck my dick, AND SWALLOW MY CUM. Got that?"

He was right face to face and his spit when he yelled went right in my eyes. I mean, Jesus Christ, I could hear him already! I mean, yeah, I got it, ya know? If I had known John was such a bad-ass I woulda hung out with him and stayed safe from Billy and all the bullies! "Y-y-yes!" I managed to say to him, hopin' it would make him happy and leave me alone. Anythin' to make him leave me alone!

"Do you believe it?" John asked shakin' me by my hair again. Man that fuckin' hurt! I was more scared of John than I ever was of Billy!

"Yes!" I said loud.

"Did Billy believe it?" he asks me.

"Yes," I said not havin' a clue, just wantin' to make John happy.

"Are you going to tell Tony everything, just like that?"

"Yes," I said so long as he would just leave me alone!

"Will Tony believe it?"

"I don't know," I say, how am I s'posed to know?

"Make him believe it," John said, finally lettin' go of my hair.

I felt way better until he whipped his dick out. I was shocked! I didn't want to look at it, or him, or anyone. I just wanted t'be left alone. He kept tellin' me to look at it but I wouldn't.

He screamed, "I SAID LOOK AT IT!" and he sounded really mad so I did. I looked and saw his big dick in my face and I wanted to crawl under a rock and just die.

I mean, I liked dick and liked suckin' it, but not bein' forced to! Billy and Tony made me do it to them and it wasn't no fun at all. Well, hardly any fun. Most of the time. But John was gay and I always hoped I could somehow make friends with him. And I kinda had a crush on Dick who was his boyfriend and wanted to be more than friends with him. But that wasn't lookin' likely right now! I just felt like a fuckin' freak. Some sleazy piece of shit whore.

John said, "Get a good look. Don't look away! I said look at it!" he said when I felt so dirty and looked away. He kicked my hurt foot, hard, and I started cryin' 'gain. It hurt! Not just my foot, but bein' in that position and havin' that done to me. Again! But it was way worse this time! John screamed at me to look at it again and I just wanted it to be over so I looked.

"Look close, 'cause if you or Tony or Billy ever even look at me, or Dick here, in any way we don't like, you are going to be seeing this coming at you hard and ready, and if you don't suck it nice and good, and swallow every drop I shoot, I will knock out YOUR teeth and teach you how to give head right. Do you understand?"

Fuck! He was wavin' it in my face and screamin' it and I just knew this was gonna be bad. I said, "Y-y-y-yes. Can I stop looking now?" I almost begged John.

Now John hated me and was gonna make me do the same things Billy made me do I knew. No more chance to be friends or be normal ever again! God damn you Billy Maxwell! Fuck you you son of a bitch! I kept thinkin'. I no longer felt bad 'bout Billy layin' in the dirt and hurtin'. Let him, ya know?

"Sure, close your eyes, I got a surprise for you," John said in a real sweet, soft voice, one I wished he would really be usin' to me.

Now I got fuckin' worried! There was no way I was gonna go through with this. Not again. Not to John. Not with Dick watchin'.

"What?" I said hopin' John would change his mind or I could come up with some miracle idea.

"If you shut your eyes, and do it right, I might not kick the shit out of you some more," John said in a normal voice again.

"What?" I said again, surprised. John was really gonna be another Billy. Just a gay one. I wanted to throw up. Or die. Or throw up and die. Somethin' that would make it fuckin' end.

"I said," John went on, "if you suck it good, you won't loose any teeth. If I feel one tooth, you loose two. Now, open up and suck my dick, or my knee is going to take out some of your teeth."

Great. Just fuckin' fantastic! I wondered if I had some sign on me that said, 'Make me your suck slave!'

"But, but, but, I, don't want to suck your dick. I ain't a fag or nothing!" The first part was sorta true, I didn't want to suck his dick. Not right then. Not that way.

Why do I have to have these things happen? Why can't I just have a boyfriend? Why can't I be like John and Dick and tell everyone and just live? Instead I have to hide and end up in shit like this.

"I didn't ask if you were a fag, I told you to suck my dick. Do you see Billy over there?" John asks.

" 'course, so?" I say and sniff and wipe my eyes.

"You want to be found the same way?"

What? Of course not! "What? Fuck, no! But, I ain't never done it," I lied.

John's face changed. He looked even more mad and I swear I could hear his heart poundin'. Or was it mine?

"You fucking lie!" John yells again and turns redder and starts pantin'.

How could he know?

He goes on, sayin', "I saw you and Billy and Tony in the woods more than once. Way more than once. You always get on your knees and suck the both of them, every time I see you guys. Every time." Then he screamed, "You are just their sucking boy, ain't you?"

Oh fuck! He saw. He knew. Fuck you Billy! Fuck you!

I already wanted to crawl under a rock, puke and die. Now I just wanted to die. Now. No waitin', no pukin', no crawlin'. Just dead. I started cryin', harder than so far. I mean, it hurt. Not my foot, not my ass, the truth. The truth John spit at me there in the woods.

"Ain't you?!?" John yelled again, waitin' for me to answer and gettin' the Devil in his eyes again.

What did he 'spect me to answer? Lie and try to cover? He said he saw us. He knew. I couldn't feel lower. Nothin' could make me feel more lower. I just burst out, "So! So fuckin' what? Ain't none of your business if I do!" and I felt my breathin' muscle get tight and I cried like a little kid again.

John said, "I'm making it my business, because you made it my business when you followed Billy over here to try to kick my ass. I would never have said anything about it. Dick and I fuck each other almost every day. But gays like you make me sick! You hide it and pretend you like girls and give your own kind as much grief as these fucking ass-hole breeder bullies! I was keepin' that secret in case Billy tried anything again, so I guess I get to use it now, don't I?"

Oh, holy shit! I knew exactly what he meant. I couldn't fault him neither. He was dead right.

John said again, "Don't I?"

I guess he did. He prolly would have kept the secret, too, I knew right then. But not any longer. "Yes. You get to use it."

"So, get up on your knees, like you always do for Billy, and do what you always do for Billy and Tony, to me and Dick. Come on, do it and I might even be nice to you after. Keep Billy off you if he tries anything, if you want."

I had to do it again. For somebody else now. "How you gonna keep Billy off me?" I asked, like a fuckin' moron.

"Okay, Harry, it's like this," Oh fuck, I thought 'cause he knew my name. "I know what you do for Billy and Tony. I've seen it lots of times. If I start swearing to what I saw to everybody I know, you know what's going to happen, don't you? I'm the gay guy on the baseball team who happens to be the best player we got! I tell them what I saw, and everybody is going to know you sucked his dick, and Tony's. And why! You want that?"

"NO!" Of course I didn't!

"Did Billy tell you he would tell if you stopped?"

"Somethin' like that," I said. He had, too.

"You gay?"

I stopped cryin' for some reason. It just stopped. I fuckin' freaked! Nobody had ever asked me before. "What?" I said to buy time to think of a better answer. I didn't want to admit it. I don't know why. John and Dick were gay and everyone knew it. Why didn't I want to tell 'em?

"Tell me the truth," John asked not lookin' nearly as mad now. "I know some gay guys, honest." he said and I almost laughed.

If I maybe made him laugh or feel better he might not make me do it. He might even just leave me alone. "Really?" I said actin' surprised. Then I thought how he may be just another Billy so I ask him, "How do I know you're not lyin' 'bout all this and won't just be another Billy?"

"Because I'm gay. I don't need a sucking boy either. Dick does fine on my dick and the girls don't seem to mind that he does as well. In fact, every chick who has sucked this dick has asked if she did better than Dick. I always tell them no one sucks my dick as well as Dick. Pisses some off, but it's true. Ain't it?" John asked and looked over at Dick.

Dick just said, "I don't even know what to say," and looked confused and scared. I felt bad for him. He didn't look like he liked bein' a bully at all.

John looked over at Billy and said, "I hate Billy, and I hated you because you ran with him. He's an idiot, a jerk-wad and deserved it." Then he looked at me and said, "You, I don't know about. Did you really beat a kid up to get in with him?"

John didn't look mad anymore, more almost sad.

I had beat up a couple kids, yeah, but not because they were gay and not to get in with Billy. I just did it so I would be left alone, ya know? So I said the truth. I said, "No. No, I fought Billy off me one day. He was pickin' on me and I was keepin' him off me okay. But he was winnin' so I made a deal. I don't know why I said it, but I said if he would stop beatin' me up, I would suck his dick. He said 'kay, so I did, and made me do Tony too. He made me do them and I could be in their gang and not be beat up anymore."

It made me cry to say it. I heard how stupid it sounded. I was such a loser! I should be in charge. I was the biggest kid there and one of the biggest in my class but I was cryin' on the ground like a little girl!

"Look, you don't have to suck me. I was mad. Okay? Just forget it. Can you walk? How far do you live?" John said, soundin' nice and lookin' a lot less mad.

Billy had sounded nice to me too a couple times. I wasn't ready to fall for it this time yet. "I don't know, I don't think it's broken," I said, holdin' my foot and ankle.

"Yeah, I don't think it broke when I kicked it," Dick said sad like. I looked over and Dick looked sad and not mad at all neither.

"Yeah, don't think so. Hurts bad though. I rode here with Billy," I told them, hopin' they would leave me alone now.

"Were you going to suck them off again?" John asked.

I had kinda hoped it was over. It wasn't, I knew when he asked me that. I told them the truth. "Yeah, but ya knew that, didn't'cha?"

"Yea. I wanted to see if you'd say the truth," John said kinda nice still. "Okay, give him a ride home?" he asked Dick.

"What about the ankle? What will his folks say?" Dick said, prolly worried 'bout gettin' in trouble.

I could make that easy for 'em. I wanted to make it easy for 'em to let me just go. "Tell 'em it was climbin' a tree again. I told 'em that when Billy beat me that day."

"What about Billy? And Tony?" Dick asked.

"We tell the truth. Billy wanted to beat me and you up," John said to Dick. "They lost. We won. End of story. You broke his ankle when you kicked it, I beat the fuck out of Billy, and Tony the girl ran away.

"You promise, I mean really promise, not to talk to the police?" John asked me.

Fuck yea I could promise that! "Yea. I don't want to have to tell them and my parents why I hooked up with Billy!" and I really didn't! I just wanted the fuck outta there alive and with all my parts and fluids and it looked like it might happen!

"True. And Tony only saw the fight and ran off. Billy can say whatever he wants, it's three against one if we all tell the truth," John said, his idea makin' sense to me.

We all looked at each other and Billy still layin' out cold. We all agreed in the woods there. We made a plan and agreed on what to say and do.

"Shake," John said, and we did.

I got on my knees and John pulled his big thing out and came over and stood in front of me. My foot didn't bother nearly as much by now and I think I sort of even forgot about it for a while. I thought how this was almost but not the same as I did to Billy and Tony. At least this time I had agreed to it and wanted to. It would make our agreement bulletproof and we could get past all that. I hoped. And I could survive this.

And I wanted to do it by then. John was real nice durin' the time we worked on the deal. He smiled at me and Dick smiled at me and we talked like normal people. 'Cept we was makin' a deal that would make most guys run away.

John stood right in front of me with his dork hangin' outta his pants and I put my hand 'round it and pulled on it a few times. It was pretty fuckin' big!

I guess I should say I knew I was gay, but not because I had done it with anyone and liked it. I just knew I liked naked guys way more than naked girls. When Billy make me suck his dick the first time I loved it and I came all without touchin' it. The next couple times too. I don't think I did very well for 'em first couple a times, but I sure liked doin' it.

Billy kept tellin' me I'd better get better and better at it or he'd make be do somethin' else. He didn't look like I would like what he was thinkin'. I wanted to get better at suckin' so I wouldn't find out what made him smile like that.

I read every magazine story I could find, memorizin' how to do it by readin' the girls tell what they did. Or the guy describe what she did to it. I memorized it all and started usin' it on Billy and Tony. They noticed and said I was doin' better and better.

But now I had the third dick I had ever touched in my hand and I was gonna suck it and I hoped Dick's! I couldn't wait for Dick to pull his out but I didn't want to look like it so I played it cool and just worked on John first. John had the biggest one so far! And when I stroked it it just got bigger!

"It'll be nice wantin' to do this for a change!" I said really meanin' it!

"Come on up here, Dick," John said, wavin' him over. "A deal is a deal. He sucks us, he won't be likely to say anything to cause us trouble, and we won't have to worry he will open his mouth."

"I know, just seems, strange," Dick said, lookin' like he was real unsure.

I wanted him more than John, then and before. I'd done 'bout anythin' for Dick, he's just so damned, fuckin' cute! "Its okay," I said to him, "This is okay with me. I want to do this. You guys got me outta suckin' theirs. I like to suck, I guess. I want to suck dicks. But not be forced to, to straight guys who were just using me! Now get that thing out and let's get this done!" I said almost pleadin' with Dick.

Dick still looked unsure so I started licking John's big head all around before I slid my lips over it and sucked for all I could.

John moaned and said, "Get it over here, Dick! This is a talented guy!"

I felt kind of good but kind of bad when he said that. I mean, it was nice he liked all the reading I done and that I could do the thin's. But he said I was a good cock-sucker, and runnin' 'round with Billy got me used to thinkin' that was a bad thing. I sorta just said fuck it in my head and wanted to enjoy this. I took John's big ol' cock out of my mouth and said, "And this is a talented cock! Eight inches?" I asked. It sure looked like it! Especially after Billy and Tony's little ones.

John laughed and said, "I wish! Seven and a half is more like it!"

John had a cool dick. It was real long and nice and fat. The skin at the end was real long and it wouldn't go past the head. The end of it was too small to go over it. I'd read about it once in a story but thought it was bull shit. But here was a dick right now in my mouth and hand that I couldn't get the skin to go back of the head on. I knew not to force it so I just played with it a lot. It was so cool! My first dick with foreskin!

"Way bigger 'n either of theirs," I said and went right back to suckin' John's cock. I was lovin' it. John didn't grab my hair or head and make me go the way he wanted. Best of all he didn't make me take it so deep I gagged! I felt like I was doin' it instead a bein' done to. I felt my dick gettin' harder and harder.

"Damn! Knows how to go to town!" John said and moaned a bunch.

I had closed my eyes and was gettin' into it, you know, when I felt somethin' hit my left cheek. I opened my eyes and another big dick was slappin' me in the face as I was suckin' John.

I was so happy! Dick's dick was almost as big as John's and he was lettin' me suck it for him! This was the fuckin' best! I'd had two cocks in my face before, Billy and Tony's, but now I had two that were much bigger and that I wanted to suck! And one of them was Dick's.

His cock wasn't as big as John's and it didn't have no foreskin and the head was awesome! Smooth and rounded and soft and pinkish and I just fuckin' loved it. I pulled of John's dick and sucked down Dick's. It was awesome! John's was nice, bigger than Dick's, but Dick's was Dick's dick!

I didn't let go of John's while I sucked Dick's and jacked John's long one. I was in heaven! I know I moaned a lot and slobbered and stuff, but I didn't care as long as I could do this and not be forced to!

I would suck one guy then the other, jackin' the one I wasn't suckin'. They had pre-cummed and were so enjoyin' it! I heard them moan and groan and I saw them stand closer together. I could almost put the two dicks next to each other, almost, but not quite.

I licked John's head and followed it back until the tight foreskin stopped me. I let the foreskin roll out and snuck my tongue under the skin and over the back of the head just the way the one story said.

John shook from feet to head and sighed and said, "Jesus Freaking Christ! He's got the touch!"

I did, didn't I? At least somethin' good came out of Billy. Nothin' much sure came out of him when he came!

I changed to suckin' on Dick's and I pulled the skin back makin' it tight and pullin' the head backward some. Then I slipped my lips over the head and sucked on just the head. I slipped my lips over it from tip to just behind the head and licked the pee hole. I sucked hard then soft then somewhere between and liked and enjoyed every second!

"Oh, cripes! He does know what he's doing, doesn't he?" Dick said. I obviously pleased him and that pleased me.

I could hear both John and Dick were breathin' faster and moanin' better.

I had just started suckin' John's big one again, gettin' my tongue up under his foreskin and lickin' behind his head and he said, "Harry, I ain't going to last much longer!"

I slid my tongue around under the foreskin and circled the edges of his head while suckin' it good.

"Oh, fuck!" John groaned and his hips pushed forward and I felt him shake. He grunted, like a, "Ungh!" several times and started shootin' off in my mouth and moanin' real nice.

I'd never felt so much cum! John shot like four or five nice, big, hot, creamy shots. I fuckin' loved it! It tasted better than Billy or Tony and it was thicker and just better!

"Oh! Oh, shit, oh gawd, stop!" John said and pulled his hips back and his cock out of my mouth.

I let go of his sticky cock and smiled up at him as I swallowed his cum. I almost said thanks, ya know, for makin' it fun. Instead, I leaned and sucked Dick's dick back in and kept squeezin' John's dick at the base with my hand.

I took Dick deep with my tongue wrapped under it like a taco shell, slidin' along the underside with each bob of my head and push of his hips.

"Holy fucking shit! Feels like fucking heaven!" Dick moaned and I felt him shiverin'.

I wanted his balls, too. Bad. I had a thing for balls. Those awesome little containers of cum. Those wad factories. I wanted to play with Dick's. I said, "Get those happy globes out!" and surprised myself.

Dick surprised me by goin' right 'head and pullin' them out for me! I used the hand I was strokin' Dick's dick with and used it to play with Dick's nice balls. Man, he had nice ones! Big and heavy and his sack was all hangy and stuff. It couldn't get any better 'n this!

And it didn't last long enough. Dick groaned and said, "Harry, almost there!" then, "Cumming Harry!" and he stood up on his toes, pushin' down on my shoulders with both his hands. "Oh! Oh! OH!!" he said so cute when he pushed in my mouth harder and shot off a fuckin' huge load! I couldn't swallow it all! Dick kept shootin' and shootin'! It was thicker than John's and tasted weaker and less bitter. It was awesome!

My cock was twitchin' and jumpin' and gettin' wet on the end I could tell!

His dick finally stopped pumpin' cum and he said, "OH, holy shit!" and pulled back from my pleasurin' him. "Damn it! Sorry, John, but he blows you away!" he said.

I felt even better now. No more scared or worried. Happy, sexy, horny.

John laughed and said, "I don't doubt it! No one has ever gone under my skin before! I didn't even know you could!"

"Where did you learn that? These guys?" Dick said, noddin' his head at Billy layin' on the ground.

Yeah, right! I thought, almost laughin'. I told them how Billy and Tony was short, 'specially Billy. And how Billy cums right after you get started.

"Maybe Billy likes it more than he wants to admit?" John put his nice dick away and walked to Billy and bent over him and started slappin' his face. He started hittin' him harder and harder. I wanted to say somethin', but what? I kinda liked seein' Billy get slapped. It wasn't the same as when John had kicked his stuff earlier. Slappin' didn't seem the same. It was okay with me, I realized, kinda surprised.

Dick said, "John, don't hurt him anymore," almost pleadin' with John. I knew how Dick felt and I felt even more attracted to Dick then.

When Billy started wakin' up John didn't stop slappin' him. Billy tried to sit up and said, "What the fuck! Stop it you asshole!" then he bent over hisself and went, "Oh! Fuck! What the... ." and curled over his groin and lay over on his left side. He groaned in pain and I didn't really care anymore at all. I almost wanted to hear him in pain now.

"Get up!" John yelled at him gettin' mad again. "Come on! Get the fuck up asshole!" and he kicked one of Billy's feet.

"Stop it! Gawd, damn, fuck! I didn't know other fags could fight!"

Now I was gettin' mad at Billy. He was makin' me suck him and Tony in the woods where gay guys hooked up, and he was callin' John a fag.

Kick his ass! I thought to John.

"You don't know a lot about me. But I know a lot about you!" John said.

"Like what?" Billy said actin' brave but I could see he wasn't feelin' brave at all.

"Like, you like blow-jobs in the woods, from guys? Like that for instance?" John said.

Yes! Peg him, John! Fuckin' peg him!

Billy looked over at me and said, "That fag lies. He's a liar!"

Boy I could sure tell he was mad! I thought he thought I had told! Oh shit! I thought. Billy was gonna really kill me!

I wanted to watch John really kick his ass. If John had kicked Billy in the balls again right then I would have cheered!

"Oh, he's probably a fag, and if you ever call him that again, you are going to experience deja vu. Do you understand me?" John said gettin' mad.

I started to like John even more.

"You protecting the queer boy?" Billy said.

"That was your freebie. Call him any kind of name again, or any of us, you will be sucking my dick, and loving it. And if you don't, I hope your dad has good family dental insurance, 'cause you are going to need a full set of false teeth. But your protein count will be plenty high, get my drift?"

Oh fuck yeah! John had a handful of Billy's hair, like he had done to me. I forgave John for that and wished John would pull all Billy's hair out. I imagined Billy at school, all bald and embarrassed and I loved it! John let go of Billy's hair and threw Billy down on the ground when he did. Billy curled back up around his sore groin.

John started goin' down to get closer to Billy and said, "What I did today was nothing. I'm fucking serious! I'm sick and tired of your bullshit. SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

When John screamed the last part he was on the ground next to Billy and face to face.

"Okay!" Billy said, cryin'. "Okay! Just leave me alone!" he whined and sounded like a little scared boy and I wanted t'see the shit kicked out a him right there and then.

"Your pussy friend, Tony, ran away like a little girl. So you be sure to tell him what I told you. Do you remember what I said before you blacked out?" John said to Billy. John waited then said, "Let me remind you!"

John used his foot to roll Billy on his back and Billy covered his stuff again with both hands like the first time. John sat on Billy's chest and hands again and pushed his crotch forward and forced Billy's jaw shut again. John's legs hid Billy's face from where I was, but I guess Billy didn't answer.

John never looked up when he said, "Dick, help my new friend over here, would you? I want him to tell him what I said."

I could remember the words we practiced when we were makin' this plan. I was ready to say it to Billy and watch what he did. This was gonna be fun!

Dick came over and let me lean on his arm and shoulder and I hopped over to stand next to Billy and John.

John kept his eyes on Billy so I didn't see his face, but Billy looked like he was gonna be cryin' for a long time. I had never seen Billy with tears or cryin' or anythin', so I looked good and smiled when he looked at me all scared, not knowin' what was next.

Neither did I, but it wasn't gonna happen to me, so I wasn't worried, ya know?

John made me sit on Billy's forehead so that the crotch of my pants was tight and holdin' Billy's head down hard. I kneeled and watched Billy's face get whiter. I loved it! It took a bit to get comfortable with that sore foot, but I found a way 'cause I wanted this bad.

"Tell him, exactly what I said to him," John said and started to unzip his fly.

I cleared my throat and coughed. I started watchin' John pull that awesome cock out 'fore I started recitin' the words.

"He said, that if you ever looked at him or any of us funny or any way, ever again, that you would find yourself right here again, under him, with his cock in your face, and that you would either be suckin' him off, or he would be bashin' your teeth out. It would be up to you."

John now had his still wet and sticky and limp dick out and slapped Billy's lips and cheeks with it while I talked. At first I almost laughed, it looked so funny how Billy watched it bounce on his face and shied away from it when it got close to his mouth.

I know I was smilin'! Billy was done cryin' but still looked like he could start again any second. His face was as white as my ass cheeks.

Some small drops of fluid, either my spit or some of John's cum got on Billy's face in some places. John kept slappin' his dick on Billy's face and said, "Now, I know all about why you let Harry here hang with you. Don't be mad at him, you guys suck at hiding in the woods. You should get further away from the lights, not almost under them. You can't see who's lurking out in the dark if you are under the lights. Stupid! That was your biggest mistake. Another was cheering and shouting, thinking there wasn't anyone else out here. You have any idea how many gay guys come out here to hook up?"

Billy got even whiter! I though maybe he would faint but he said, "No, but I guess you do, don't you fag?"

Billy was so stupid!

"So are the guys watching us right now. Aren't you?" John yelled the question.

Yeah, guys watchin' us, good one! I thought. Make Billy even more embarrassed! John was so smart I thought.

Then I freaked. Some guys voices said "Yea" or "Sure are" or other things from all around us! There really were guys watchin'! How fuckin' long? I worried. It scared me! Some guys who go out here might be dangerous I knew. How did John know?

"Right now, I'm guessing about a dozen gay guys are watching us. I heard the first ones when I was talking to Harry here earlier, while you were out like a light. When I was waking you up, I saw some motion in the bushes over there, and I knew there were a bunch of guys who found or heard us. Probably heard me shouting, now that I think about it. But what does it matter how they found us? They, and I, have seen you getting sucked off by Harry, here, ain't you guys?"

More voices agreed with John from the dark woods around us. How many were out there I wondered.

"See? Lots of people have seen you at it. I don't know how many. But I know they now know you are prejudiced against gays, and they probably would love for me to leave you out here, alone, for them."

Some evil laughter from the guys around us made Billy shiver. I felt him shakin' under my crotch and thighs.

I looked at John, wonderin' how he knew and what else he knew I was missin'. When I looked at him, I thought how cute he was. His light brown, short hair was neatly trimmed and combed, even after what had happened so far. His eyes were hard to see in the light as the sun set behind the trees behind him, but I knew they were a cool brown with gold flecks. I saw them up close one day and never forgot them. He had a kinda big nose, but that figured 'cause he had a humongous dick.

I almost kissed him. I don't know why a'tall. I started to lean up to him and caught myself 'fore I did. But I almost did!

John pushed hard 'gainst Billy's lips with that big head of his. My cock was real hard again, like when I was suckin' John and Billy.

"We are going to give them a show." John said. "Come on out, if you like. Watch the bully gay-basher suck a dick!"

I gasped. Was he serious?

Dick asked. "John, is this a good idea?"

I agreed. This might be too far!

"If they want to see this, they can come on closer and watch. 'Cause I want witnesses, witnesses that saw Billy Maxwell make Harry here suck his dick tons of times here in these woods. Witnesses who saw Billy suck a cock. So Billy had better keep his mouth shut about that and this, and he better open his mouth right now."

Now that was why! Cool with me! Come out and watch Billy suck John's big dick. Good thing he didn't plan on makin' me do it. My dick is even bigger than John's.

"I saw them. The first time I saw them, Billy there, the one under you, punched that kid, Harry? Made him do it." some guy from the woods said behind me. I almost turned around but instead watched John wipe his dick all over Billy's face.

"I saw Billy slap the other kid when he didn't swallow it all and got some on his jeans. Slapped him and made him lick it off," another man said over to my left, still where I couldn't see.

"I saw the one kid sucking the boy under you, and some other boy. They always do it near the light by the river gauge," another man said behind me.

Why all behind me? I was worried how close they got and what they might do!

"See? All these witnesses? They saw you. They know you forced Harry to suck you. You understand what kind of position you are in here?" John told Billy, still rubbin' his dick over Billy's face.

I loved watchin' that so much! Humiliatin' Billy was fun! I was gettin' into it, ya know? Billy looked around him even more scared now and his eyes got real big. He shook even more now and I loved it too.

John sat up straight and stroked his hard dick a few times and said, "Now, you either suck this dick, or Harry's. But you are sucking one of them, right now, all the way, or I and Harry and Dick will walk out of here and you can suck every one of these guys, probably for the rest of the night while we tell everyone we know how we saw you with guys in the woods. Understand me?"

Several girly 'wooo's and some laughs from the guys around us made me worry again.

That was close to the plan, but I wasn't supposed to get sucked. We agreed John would sit on him and wake him up and make him suck his dick, not mine! But the new idea sounded great to me too! I wanted Billy to have to suck my dick, like I had to suck his! I got super-hard! My dick started jumpin' and I knew I had some pre-cum comin' out. I started tinglin' at the idea.

"You got to be kidding?" Billy said goin' even paler I think.

Now, I was gettin' horny and was all kind of stressed, right? But what John did next made me almost laugh! He said, "No. Not, one, fucking, bit," and slapped Billy's lips with each word! Then he went on sayin', "In fact, I changed my mind. You forced Harry to suck your cock how many times?" John asked him.

"I don't know, I didn't count!" Billy lied.

Every time he would make me he would say somethin' like "Time for number fifty-two," or whatever number it was. He counted and he liked remindin' me how many times.

"I bet you did. Don't matter. You got any idea how many times, Harry?" John asked me.

He looked right into my eyes and I almost couldn't lie. But I had to. If I said two-hundred and forty-four times I would fuckin' die! I couldn't tell them. I said, "Almost every day for almost a year," instead.

"So, something over a hundred times! Wow. Did you have to swallow every time?"

He looked sad, maybe for me. I felt like a whore again. A cheap, sleazy, cum-bucket. "Yes," I said. And he had. From the first time to the last time just yesterday.

"Man, you are some sex pervert, isn't he?" John asked the guys around us by raisin' his voice loud.

A whole bunch of guys called all kinds of names, like fag, queer, pervert, sex maniac and rapist.

"Like it? Being called those names?" John asked as they repeated the words over and over together.

"Stop it!" Billy cried, tears now runnin' from both his eyes and he struggled to get loose. John wasn't about to let him up and my legs and crotch were holdin' his head down tight. I was the biggest dude there, easy. The tallest, widest, strongest and just plain biggest. I wasn't about to let him up neither!

"So, since you made Harry do you so many times, I say you suck Harry, right now. And that you suck Harry all the fucking way. You suck and you make him cum and you swallow every fucking drop!" John yelled right in his face!

"You can't make me!" Billy said all scared and stupid like. Not like him at all.

"Did Harry yell that to you?" John asked real soft. He waited but Billy didn't answer so John asked me.

I did. More than once. And I was cryin' too. I didn't feel bad for Billy one fuckin' bit. I wanted John to make him suck my dick. I was happy when we made the plan to make him suck John, but this was even better.

I said, "Yeah, I did, I 'member yellin' it at him. I didn't want to do it that way. I wanted to do it together, not like his fucking slave!" I got mad when I said it and remembered it from so long ago.

"So, karma arrives for Billy. Now, what's it gonna be? Suck Harry, good and finished, or the three of us go tell what we saw and these guys decide your punishment."

Billy stared at John's cock in front of his face. It was so close his eyes crossed in order to focus on it. I was watchin' from upside down and it looked so funny! John waggled it and Billy's eyes followed it. Billy's eyes looked at me and my crotch on his forehead. He swallowed hard and sniffed and said, "Okay, I'll suck Harry."

I thrilled! Like when you learn somethin' awesome and your belly tingles and your skin feels all electric?

"You will suck Harry, and you will swallow Harry's cum. And you will suck until he pulls out. You stop, and you will regret it. You understand?" John asked real serious and slow and tappin' his cock on Billy's lips. He was real hard and gettin' dark on the head.

Billy nodded, his eyes waterin', his lips quiverin' and his face all white.

"Harry, you good for this?" John asked me.

What? Was he kiddin' me? I'd dreamed of this! I dreamed of makin' Billy do me back and gettin' revenge.

"Yes. You fucking bet!" I said and couldn't get my fly open and my cock out fast enough.

I saw Billy's eyes widen and his lips say somethin' over and over a bunch of times. He didn't look all that scared anymore and I didn't care how he looked now. My cock was so hard from suckin' John and Dick's dicks and I still hadn't even had mine out!

It was all purple. It usually didn't get that dark, but I guess I had teased it too much! I leaned forward and put my dick where John's had been and pushed up 'gainst his lips with the head. There was pre-cum oozin' out and Billy kept his lips shut.

John sat up and let hisself fall back on Billy's chest. It made Billy grunt really loud and his mouth open and I forced my dick in his mouth.

It felt so fuckin' good I thought I heard cheering! Billy struggled and I didn't give a fuck. I pushed more a my dick down his mouth and throat and made him take every, fucking, inch!

It was so good! I'd never been sucked off before, not even jacked off by somebody else. This was as good as I thought it was from the mags and how Billy and Tony then John and Dick reacted when I did to them.

It was like havin' a long chain of soft, round things pulled all through me! The warm wetness felt like the softest silk in the world and the breath from Billy's nose tickled the bottom of my ball sack when it was there. It felt so fucking good! And it was Billy too! I told him to suck it like a bunch of times, it just felt so fuckin' good!

There were tingles goin' up my cock to my balls then my ass then up my back and across my shoulders and down my arms and legs! I couldn't control myself and my balance started goin' 'way and I had to lean up over and on John's shoulders with my arms.

I started fuckin' in and out of Billy's face, feelin' his nose on the bottom of my cock and my balls were slappin' Billy's face and his nose was breathin' on my balls and it felt like there was nothin' nearly as good to do anywhere in the whole world!

I had to put my head on John's chest to hold myself up some 'cause I was gettin' so weak! It felt great! I could hear John's heart and his breathin'. It felt so good to be so close to another guy and not be 'fraid he was gonna hurt me or make me do somethin' I didn't want to do. My arms around his shoulders felt great too!

I was gettin' a blow-job and had my arms around another cute guy and I felt great!

I heard John say, "Billy's got a woody!" and I didn't care. I heard it but I didn't listen to it. It was just too good, what Billy was doin' to me, and nothin' else mattered. I heard myself moan a bunch too, but didn't care.

I heard more applause, but didn't care.

"Really?" I head Dick say and then a bit later, "He has a nice hard one, too!" and then a bit later he said, "Nice!" I thought he must be checkin' Billy's stuff out but he sure wouldn't be sayin' nice 'bout that little thing, would he?

Billy squirmed and twisted as much as he could with John on his chest and me on his face with my cock in his mouth. At first Billy just twisted and seemed to be wrigglin' around. He was suckin' me great and I didn't care what his problem was just so long as that awesome suction didn't stop! It bothered my foot some when he made me move around too but it felt good sorta.

Suddenly Billy thrashed around like he was bein' tortured and he stopped suckin' and groaned out his mouth. I started to say to get back to it but he did again right away anyway. While he was fightin' it made me move around and my foot hurt. It made the sex feelin' even better! It didn't hurt a lot but when it did I felt even hotter!

I heard Dick say, "That didn't last long. Thin and watery, not a lot either, but tasty!"

I my gawd, I thought. Dick had just sucked Billy off! I heard porno sounds from around us and then the sensation of Billy suckin' me again took me away again.

There was nothin' like it! I once put my dick in the hose of the vacuum cleaner. It felt okay for a few seconds then it stopped and I never got it to do anything after that. I had always wanted a blow-job. I mean I'd read a bunch of stories and seen some porns and it seemed the best thing ever! But I had no way to know. Now I knew, and it was all true!

The feelin' kept gettin' better and I think Billy was suckin' even more now! I opened my eyes and looked down and his cheeks were pulled in and his eyes were closed and my cock was slidin' in and out and John's cock was ridin' the top of mine! I tried to stretch my foot out straight like the other one but it hurt some and it felt great! Oh my gawd it was all so fuckin' awesome!

Everythin' faded except my cock in Billy's mouth and John's cock slippin' along the top of mine while I fucked Billy's mouth faster and faster and faster! I was gettin' there fast now!

Then I heard the sound of a wet jack-off and looked up and saw Dick jackin' his own just over John's right shoulder. John saw and licked it before Dick turned and stuffed it in his mouth. I saw Dick's face go all different and he smiled big and moaned and it was so hot! Dick was so cute and his big dick was goin' in and outta John's cute face and I watched John suck Dick's dick and I felt myself goin' over the fuckin' edge!

"OH MY GAWD!" I yelled when I felt my stuff pushin' out and my balls tryin' to keep up and I pushed even further in Billy's mouth and his nose rubbed right under my sack and I felt somethin' at the end of my cock movin' on it and I exploded like a atom bomb!

I pumped in time with the shots and grunted loud as each one entered Billy's mouth and he kept suckin' me! My legs and feet moved and sent pain up my leg from my foot and I wanted to move off, get away, make it stop! It was too much! My cummin' felt too strong and my whole body froze as I finished off, totally out of control of every muscle in me. I held still for what seemed forever while shivers ran over me fuckin' everywhere!

I fell backwards away from John and Dick and out of Billy's mouth and off his head. "Fuck'n'a!" came out my mouth without me even thinkin' it when I put weight on my foot with the thigh above it.

There was cheerin' and clappin' and I didn't even care even though I heard it and knew it was the guys around us. I just didn't care. I had just blown the hardest and strongest wad I'd ever! My whole body felt like a wet noodle. I was breathin' like I just finished runnin' a mile and was all sweaty too. My balls hurt, my cock was kinda sore and the muscles in my belly were tight and sore and my foot hurt but not as bad as before.

Dick started groanin' and really humpin' John's mouth. I watched his cock goin' in and out and his face as he got closer and I watched him get all tense and jerk a couple times as he shot off in John's mouth! Dick's face was all scrunched up, eyes tight and grimacin' and he looked like he hurt! I prob'ly looked just like that a few seconds ago I thought and saw John swallowin' and Dick smilin'.

Dick said, "Fuck!" real loud and pulled out of John's mouth and he was still shootin'! A big glob of it fell on Billy's nose and upper lip. I watched Billy lick it up and watch Dick cum again just as he grabbed his own cock and jacked it. He kept drippin' strings of cum from his cock and hand and he was jerkin' around like crazy! I remembered it was his second cum and I was so glad he was havin' a great time!

John watched Dick's cummin' and was jackin' himself and was smilin' as he looked back down at Billy.

"Did he do good?" John asked me.

Did he do good? I said, "Yes. He did good," around my pantin'.

"So, you liked that?" John asked Billy when he saw Billy smilin' so big.

"So?" Billy said with a new look on his face I didn't remember seein' 'fore.

"Exactly! So? So what? Wanna suck another?" John said, wigglin' his hips and makin' his dick wag back and forth just above Billy's wet, shinin' lips.

"Sure!" Billy said enthusiastically and smiled.

There were more cheers from the audience from the woods.

HOLY SHIT! Did Billy just say that? I thought more surprised than ever before in my whole life.

John stopped strokin' himself and slipped his dick up to Billy's lips. Billy stretched his neck to reach John's cock and took it right in!

I was so stunned! Billy wanted to suck John's cock! And right after givin' me my first blow-job! Billy?

"Haven't shot twice so soon in a while, gonna be great!" John said as he fucked Billy's mouth faster and faster. He leaned forward so he was on hands and knees and started humpin' Billy's face. I leaned to the side a bit so I could see John's cock fuckin' Billy's face in the darkness. He humped Billy's mouth faster and started groanin' loud.

When John had leaned forward after Billy started suckin' him off, Billy's hands got free and I worried he might be 'bout to start some trouble. Instead, Billy's hands went behind John, obviously playin' with John's ass! I saw Dick put his hand back there too and then John said, "That's how you do it. Play with my ass! Yes, squeeze them!"

John went down on his elbows from his hands, puttin' his face on his wrists. His head was right between my legs and less than a foot from my cock that was still hangin' out my fly. I didn't care!

John arched his back more than pump his hips and his cock was goin' in and out of Billy's mouth with loud wet sounds.

John warned Billy with, "Here she blows!" and rocked forward, locked into position blew his second wad. His head came up between my legs and I got a good view as his eyes scrunched shut, his lips pulled back in a grimace, his face aimed upward at a sharp angle. "Oh, fucking, yes!" he said as he pushed deeper in Billy's mouth again and again. "Oh, oh, yes-fucking-yes!" he said then pulled up and out with his hips, takin' his cock from Billy's mouth. He rolled off Billy and to his side in the grass and on his back.

It was quiet now except for the sounds of some of the guys around us finishin' themselves or each other. I didn't worry about the guys in the dark anymore doin' anything to us.

Billy was on his back still and I could see he wasn't tryin' to sit up or run away or anythin'.

"So, I guess we can forget about worrying after tonight, huh?" John asked somebody or nobody.

"I guess so," Billy said, sniffin'. "I'm sorry, Harry," he said, cryin' again. "I didn't know any way else to get you to do it. I just wanted you to. The next time we were alone, I was going to do it to you too, honest. I, just, didn't..." he was sayin'.

I knew his lie voice and he wasn't usin' it then, at least for part of what he said. He sounded serious when he said he was sorry, and that he just wanted me to. But he sounded like he might be lyin' when he said he was gonna to do it to me the next time. I didn't believe that for as long as he lasted when I sucked him.

There were sniffles and stuff around us, and the sound of footsteps gettin' more distant.

"I guess since the audience has left the theatre, we can strike the set and go home, huh?" Dick said serious like.

I don't know why, but we all laughed.

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          APlay - Harry's POV