A Play On Perspectives

An experiment in perspectives and points of view.

Rated: XXX Contains: Teens, oral, mast, mild rape


| A Play In Perspectives | Billy's POV | Dick's POV | Harry's POV | John's POV |

| A Play In Perspectives In One Act |



Billy's POV

The Viewpoint:

First Person, present tense narration.

So, you wanna know about that day, huh?

Yeah, sure, I'll tell ya my side of it. I'll tell it just like it happened, like it's happenin' now, okay?

But first, I should tell ya a couple things, so maybe you understand me, okay?

Yeah, I was a class bully. It's how I was raised. My dad starting teachin' how to fight and make people scared of ya when I was little. He said all real men know how to fight and his son was gonna be a real man, no matter what.


So I had to learn to fight. And I had to pay attention. If ya liked bein' slapped then just don't pay attention when my dad was tellin' ya somethin'. Worked like a charm. If you liked bein' punched in the mouth, tell him no when he told you to do somethin'. And if you liked being whooped with a belt on your bare ass, then tell him to shut up or leave you alone.

That was my dad.

So I learned how to throw punches and push and kick and strut and talk like I would kick your ass for lookin' at me. I did, too.

That was my dad, too.

I hate him. I hated him then, too, but tellin' him that would'a been my death warrant. No kiddin' at all.

Tellin' him that somethin' else, that secret somethin', that I hid from everyone, would've been even worse!

So I got to be a bully and no one ever picked on me and I was a king of the school.

Until that day in the woods. And John.

So, here's what happened, and I hope you understand why, and you don't hate me.

So me and my two friends, Tony and Harry, we all go out to the woods. Like we always do. Ain't nothin' much else to do. And I like what I make Harry do to us at the woods. It's sick, I know, but I like it. And Harry likes it or he wouldn't do it. And Tony likes it a lot, too, he says so.

So we're walkin' down the path by the river, like we always do, and I'm lookin' forward to gettin' a blow-job and watching Tony get off too. Tony has a cool dick and I'd like to do what Harry does to it, but I can't. I'm thinkin' how someday I'm gonna bring Harry out here, just the two of us, and I can tell him somethin' and maybe he will understand and like me. You know, like me, like that way. Maybe even I'll do him. I really want to. But if dad found out, well, if he found out, I don't wanna even think of it.

So we're walkin' along and I see John sittin' on a fallen tree and I started thinkin' about how easy he gots it. He might be gay, but he's popular, good at sports and has lots of friends. He shouldn't. He should be hated and beat up and all alone. Like me.

Back earlier in the school year, I had tried to put John in his place, but John had kicked me in the jewels, hard, and that ended the fight before it started. Lucky for John, I was alone that time. Not today. Today I was gonna put John down hard.

So I walk up to him and say, "Well, if it ain't Speedy-foot McGayboy! Looks to me like you only got two feet, and there's three of us this time, so what you gonna do? Huh?" I get right up to him and Harry and Tony are right besides me backin' me up. I thought.

Next thing I know, the entire fucking planet hits me in the back and John's elbow hits me in the face and I'm dizzy and my back feels broke and I'm kneelin' on the ground. Oh, and it's so hard to breathe! My muscle that makes you breathe won't move right and then John kicks me, in the nads again, and it hurts so bad I fall on my face. I don't know how it happened, but John beat me again! It was all over already like the first time!

Then I feel someone push me over to my side and then my back and I cover my nads 'cause I don't want them kicked again! Who fuckin' does? Then John is sitting on me and it's even harder to breathe and he gets his legs around my head and screams at me, "If you ever bother me again, you'll beg to suck my cock after I knock every one of your teeth down your throat! DO YOU HEAR ME!"

What a fag! I think. I gotta get up and kick his faggy ass! But I can't move my hands because I put my arms down so my hands would cover up my sore nads and John is sitting on my arms on my chest. Stupid. I try to get up, or get my hands free, but John is into sports and too strong.

Then I hear his butt-buddy, Dick, yellin', "John, don't hurt him!"

Fuckin' dick. Or fuckin' Dick. Who goes by Dick? What a dick! And a dick sucker! Probably lets John fuck him in the ass! Bet they do each other all the time, I'm thinkin'.

So John goes, "In case you think I'm kidding, you better think a-fucking-gain!" and he pulls his dick out through his jeans zipper and wags it over my face and says, "I swear, on everything, if you even look at me funny, you will find me sitting right here again, only this is going to be nice and hard and I'm going to break everyone of your teeth, one by one. And when I'm done, I'm going to make you suck my cock and swallow my cum! Do you believe me mother-fucker!?" And he puts his other hand not holding his dong on my neck and he squeezes so it's even harder to breathe and I was afraid I was gonna get killed right there and right fuckin' then. I just knew it! And I'm like, holy shit! I didn't know John was the mad type! I thought all fags were wussies and wimps, and here is the biggest fag in school, sitting on my chest and tellin' me off! Dad would kill me!

Then I hear that dick sayin', "John! God damnit! What are you doing?"

And I wonder the same thing 'cause he's not letting me breathe much and I can't fuckin' talk so how am I supposed to answer him! I never seen no one ever look like John was lookin' at me! He was all red in the face, his eyes all squinty and I could feel his hate like it was something you could see and touch and feel and he was shoving it down my throat.

I had to get up and get out of there! I tried to rock John off me or push him up or even get some air but John was so strong! Since when are fags strong?

Then Dick yells like a little girl again. He says, "Get off, don't kill him! God damnit, John, stop it!" and he's trying to push John off me.

I thought how fuckin' strange, the fag, uh, Dick, was defendin' me and didn't want John to kill me! He should be helpin' John right now and kickin' me and spittin' on me. And where's Tony and Harry? I can't turn my head 'cause John's got his knees around my head and sittin' on me. I started thinkin' maybe they killed them.

Then I start knowin' it 'cause John is squeezin' my neck and now I can't breathe at all! Nothin'. Then he moves his fingers a bit and I can get some air but it don't help 'cuase everything goes darker and blurrier and I know I'm dying. I try to say sorry, and try to say I won't bother them ever again but it's too late. Everything goes black and quiet and I died.

Then I have this dream about being tortured. Guys beatin' me and kickin' me in the goods and slappin' me and they won't stop. They won't tell me what they want. I guess they just want to hurt me. That's all. Just hurt me. I know I went straight to hell.

Then it's real. I feel the slaps and I open my eyes and I'm still in the woods and John is over me but not sittin' on me and he's slappin' me like a fifty cent whore.

I'm like, "What the fuck! Stop it you asshole!" and try to sit up and as soon as I do my balls hurt like nothin' ever before and my back hurts and my face hurts and I'm like, "Oh! Fuck!"

I started to ask what the hell happened but I remember and I feel like a pussy and a nothing. I ended up on my side 'cause I couldn't sit up my back hurt so much. I groaned 'cause of all the pains.

"Get up!" John yells at me and I know I can't. He yells, "Come on! Get the fuck up asshole!" and he kicks my foot.

"Stop it! Gawd, damn, fuck! I didn't know other fags could fight!" I yell and never even thought it, it just came out and I know it was stupid 'cause I called him a fag and he hates that and I don't wanna make him madder! And I was really hoping he didn't notice I said 'other fags'. If he caught onto that then I was thinkin', I was thinkin' it would get even badder!

"You don't know a lot about me. But I know a lot about you!" John says and I'm like yeah, sure, you don't know shit, so I ask like what.

"Like, you like blow-jobs in the woods, from guys? Like that for instance?"

How? How the fuck can he know that? I look around and I see Harry and I know they forced him to tell 'em and I hate him now. I know dad will find out and I'm dead.

Alls I could think to say was, "That fag lies. He's a liar!"

"Oh, he's probably a fag, and if you ever call him that again, you are going to experience deja vu. Do you understand me?" John says.

Days ya who? What? No, I don't understand him but I say, "You protecting the queer boy?" I know it was stupid to say too, but that's the way my mouth works.

Now John looks even madder and he leans down close to me and says, "That was your freebie. Call him any kind of name again, or any of us, you will be sucking my dick, and loving it. And if you don't, I hope your dad has good family dental insurance, 'cause you are going to need a full set of false teeth. But your protein count will be plenty high, get my drift?"

By now he's got my hair in his fist and I can't move away even if my back and balls weren't like on fire and shit. Then he throws me down by the hair and I feel like a worm. No, lower, like a worm's turd.

I wanna crawl under a rock and die but John says, "What I did today was nothing. I'm fucking serious! I'm sick and tired of your bullshit. SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" John screams and some spit gets in my eyes.

Now, I've been scared before. Dad scares me. But nobody else ever made me so scared! He looks like he's ready to kill me again. That's what I thought, again. Stupid how you think, ain't it? But I'm so scared and I start to cry like a baby, like I made other kids cry, and I say, "Okay! Okay! Just leave me alone!" really, reallywishin' he just would!

John says somethin' about Tony and runnin' away and I figure that's why I'm here and John is kickin' my ass. I want to kill Tony now. Some fuckin' friend!

John asks me somethin' about before I blacked out and I figure I didn't die after all but I don't understand what he says.

"Let me remind you!" he says and uses his foot to make me roll back onto my back. I cover my goods again. I don't know why, but I do. And John sits back on me like before and I can't move my hands again. I really am stupid I know then.

So John says, "Dick, help my new friend over here, would you? I want him to tell him what I said."

I try to look and see them but I can't move my head because John has his knees around my head. Next thing, fuckin' Harry is sittin' on top of my head and my forehead and John's knees are over my ears and I can barely hear him say, "Tell him, exactly what I said to him."

Then John unzips his fly again.

Now Harry is tellin' me, "He said, that if you ever looked at him or any of us funny or any way, ever again, that you would find yourself right here again, under him, with his cock in your face, and that you would either be sucking him off, or he would be bashing your teeth out. It would be up to you."

And the whole time Harry is sayin' this, John has got his dick out and is slappin' my face with it!

A real, live, hard dick in my face! I can't help it. I get hard. Real hard! I mean, I don't know why at all! I should be scared, fuck, I am scared! More scared than I remember ever bein'! But I get hard and I'm glad I put my hands down there now. At least no one can see!

The worst part? It wasn't Harry's. Really. If it were Harry's, I'd like it. Don't ask. I just would. You'll know why later.

But now I got John and Harry sittin' on me, John's dick in my face and I can fuckin' swear there's cum or pre-cum or something comin' outta it! I can feel the wet on my face! God, I hope it's not piss!

Then John says, "Now, I know all about why you let Harry here hang with you. Don't be mad at him, you guys suck at hiding in the woods. You should get further away from the lights, not almost under them. You can't see who's lurking out in the dark if you are under the lights. Stupid! That was your biggest mistake. Another was cheering and shouting, thinking there wasn't anyone else out here. You have any idea how many gay guys come out here to hook up?"

Gays? Fags? Homos? Here? Hook up? No way! So I say, like the fuckin' idiot I am, "No, but I guess you do, don't you fag?"

Right then I wish I had a off button for my fuckin' mouth! I'd shut it off and never fuckin' turn it back on!

"So are the guys watching us right now. Aren't you?" John yells.

I see Dick and Harry look around them and look surprised. I have no idea why or what John's talkin' about.

John says next, "Right now, I'm guessing about a dozen gay guys are watching us. I heard the first ones when I was talking to Harry here earlier, while you were out like a light. When I was waking you up, I saw some motion in the bushes over there, and I knew there were a bunch of guys who found or heard us. Probably heard me shouting, now that I think about it. But what does it matter how they found us? They, and I, have seen you getting sucked off by Harry, here, ain't you guys?"

What? No fuckin' way! I might believe fags, I mean, gay guys, might come out here to do stuff, but no way they're around now!

But Dick and Harry look around them and I start to believe it! I wish John would move his knees so I could hear what they're sayin'!

"See? Lots of people have seen you at it. I don't know how many. But I know they now know you are prejudiced against gays, and they probably would love for me to leave you out here, alone, for them."

Dick and Harry look like they're gettin' worried, or scared, or somethin'. Now I start to shake. I've only shook from bein' scared a couple times, and only 'cause of dad. Now I'm doin' it 'cause of John. And Dick. And Harry.

And John tries to poke his dick through my lips! No shit! He pushes it and I clamp my teeth together 'cause there's no way I'm gonna do that in front of a bunch of fags! Gay guys.

"We are going to give them a show. Come on out, if you like. Watch the bully gay-basher suck a dick!" John says and Dick looks real worried and says, "John, is this a good idea?"

Hell no it's not a good idea! I want up, but I can't open my mouth to say so 'cause John's pants are pushing my mouth shut where they're stretched between his legs around my head.

"If they want to see this, they can come on closer and watch. 'Cause I want witnesses, witnesses that saw Billy Maxwell make Harry here suck his dick tons of times here in these woods. Witnesses who saw Billy suck a cock. So Billy had better keep his mouth shut about that and this, and he better open his mouth right now."

No fuckin' way! Not like this! I was thinkin'.

Okay, I guess I better 'fess up now.

Back in junior high school, when I started takin' showers in gym, I noticed guys dongs. Really noticed. And I liked it. But I knew dad would rather kill me than let me be that way. And I didn't want to be that way. Who wants to be gay? Who wants to kiss guys, and rub them, and suck their dicks and fuck guys up the ass?

Okay, so I did. But I didn't want to want to. I wanted to fuck girls, and suck tits and eat pussy, like men do. Like dad said real men do. And I wanted dad to like me and I wanted to be a man.

When Tony and I found out Harry was a fag, sorry, gay, then I made him do it to us, I thought that would be enough. Maybe that's all I needed to prove I wasn't that way. It didn't work like that. I found out I liked it. I loved watching Harry pull Tony's dick out and play with it and suck it and it was almost as good as when Harry did it to me. I'm such a homo! Why? When I first met Harry, I kinda had bad thoughts about him. He's bigger 'n me. Taller, stronger, just bigger. And I liked him. That way. You know, attracted. But there was no way I was gonna do it to John when he had me pinned like a wuss!

I saw the guys all lookin' around them, like there was something interesting goin' on, but I couldn't move my head or hear jack shit. Then John says, "See? All these witnesses? They saw you. They know you forced Harry to suck you. You understand what kind of position you are in here?"

Who says? What guys? What are they fuckin' sayin'? I couldn't hear it and that was worse then hearin' it I think!

But it got worse. John sits up, at least I can move my mouth now and breathe besides my nose! But then he jacks his dick and says, "Now, you either suck this dick, or Harry's. But you are sucking one of them, right now, all the way, or I and Harry and Dick will walk out of here and you can suck every one of these guys, probably for the rest of the night while we tell everyone we know how we saw you with guys in the woods. Understand me?"

I can talk now so I say, "You got to be kidding?"

I mean, no way! Maybe, if, but not now! Not with fags, damnit, gay guys watching!

"No. Not, one, fucking, bit," he says real slow and with each word he slaps my mouth with his big cock.

If it weren't for all the stuff goin' on, I would have. I mean, if he weren't sitting on me after kicking my ass, and if Harry and Dick weren't there, I would. If it had been just me and him and he kicked my ass, I would. I would.

"In fact, I changed my mind. You forced Harry to suck your cock how many times?" John asks me.

I ain't gonna tell him! No way he knows I counted! No fuckin' way! "I don't know, I didn't count!" I say.

"I bet you did. Don't matter. You got any idea how many times, Harry?" he asks and Harry says, "Almost every day for almost a year."

That's true. Lots of times. 134 times.

"So, something over a hundred times! Wow. Did you have to swallow every time?" John asks and Harry tells him yes.

"Man, you are some sex pervert, isn't he?" John says and I hear some guys calling out pervert and sex maniac and rapist. The fag, homo and queer bother me the most.

"Like it? Being called those names?" John asks and I can still hear them shoutin' the words like bullets.

They can't know! How can they know? I don't wanna be! I don't wanna be any of those things! But I fuckin' am! I'm all those and more and worse and still more and I can't stand it! I yell at them to stop but it don't do no good and I feel like I bet I made the guys I beat up feel and I understand. Right then, under John and Harry, with Dick standin' over us and I dont' know how many or who all around us, I understand.

Is this how Harry felt? Is this how Curt Wessel felt when I was wearing those loose shorts and I caught him looking up my leg in front of Tony and I pushed him down, sat on him and pulled my balls out and make him kiss them? Is this how Brad Charter felt when I called him a fag in front of the kids in lunch and went around in circles around him, saying it again and again until he cried?

What am I?

"So, since you made Harry do you so many times, I say you suck Harry, right now. And that you suck Harry all the fucking way. You suck and you make him cum and you swallow every fucking drop!" John yells at me and I can't see 'cause I'm cryin' like Shane Andrews after I sat on him and rubbed my crotch on his face and told him to kiss it.

All I could think to say is, "You can't make me!"

I tried to make it sound real. But I know how it sounded. Fake.

"Did Harry yell that to you?" John asks real soft.

I didn't answer. Not 'cause I didn't want to, but 'cause I realize. He did say that. And I still made him. This is how he felt.

"Did he?" he asks Harry.

"Yeah, I did, I 'member yellin' it at him. I didn't want to do it that way. I wanted to do it together, not like his fucking slave!"

And I know exactly what Harry meant. Exactly. I cried. Real crying. I felt so bad! What kind of asshole am I?

"So, karma arrives for Billy. Now, what's it gonna be? Suck Harry, good and finished, or the three of us go tell what we saw and these guys decide your punishment."

I couldn't see, the tears were running over my eyes and couldn't get out and I couldn't wipe them away, but I looked around as best I could. I see John over me, lookin' like he'd prefer I chose to let the fags-- GOD DAMNIT!-- let the gay guys do what they wanted to me. No way! And I saw his dick still right in front of me and he was waggin' it around. And I can tell Harry is still on my head and I can feel his body heat and I liked it, knowing his stuff was so close!

I started to talk but that tightness in your throat when you're cryin' won't let me so I have to cough to talk. I say, "Okay, I'll suck Harry."

I can't believe I said it! I wanted to for a long time. Not say it, do it! I never even got a good look at Harry's junk, ya know? I don't know what it looks like, how big or small or nuttin'. I just liked Harry. He's cute. Sexy. Built like a bear and so, never mind.

"You will suck Harry, and you will swallow Harry's cum. And you will suck until he pulls out. You stop, and you will regret it, you understand?" John says real clear like.

I didn't know what to say. I'm still scared, and sad and cryin' and I felt like I should be kicked and stabbed and kilt and left for the gay guys to do whatever they wanted to. I deserve it. I deserve everything happenin' to me and I know it.

I nodded.

"Harry, you good for this?" John asks him.

"Yes. You fucking bet!" Harry says and whips it out.

You know, a lot of people say that phrase, 'whips it out', but I don't think they really knows what it means. I do, after seein' Harry whip it out. It took less than one second flat. And fuck! Harry's huge! Really huge! It's so long! And the head's so fuckin' thick! No way it's fittin' in my mouth! I keep thinkin' wow, and nothin' else. There wasn't nothin' else to think!

Harry leans forward and pushes that big head against my lips. I want to let it in, really, I do, but I don't want to look like I do. I mean, I think I might live and I don't want it known I wanted to do it.

And man, my dick is hard as hell! I think it went down for a while, but now it's so hard it hurts! And I want to do this! And I think how I want to, and how I'm a fag, gay! and how dad will kill me.

John bounces on my chest and I go "oof!" and 'cause I did, Harry shoves his dick in.

It's in! And it's huge! And it's salty and smooth, and warm, and so silky! And I feel my dick jumpin' and my guts roll around and he pushes it deeper and I feel the whole head! I feel the edges around his head and the hard pole behind it and I wanna smile!

I think I hear the angels clappin'.

Harry pushes that long fuckin' cock deeper and I can't breathe! It's so far in it's in my throat and I gag and I'm afraid I'm gonna puke and choke on it and die! But he pulls it back and I can breathe and I remember to actually suck. I want to suck. I do. I'm suckin' a cock! Cute Harry's huge cock!

Did I think cute? I heard myself think it and I wondered why I thought it, then I know why I thought it. Harry is cute. Great big guy, bigger 'n me. Taller, stronger, wider. Black hair and blue eyes! God damn that's hot! Strong arms, too! He's probably the only guy who could take me in a fight. 'Cept he's gay, I think. Then I think, so am I. And I've got his big fuckin' cock in my mouth!

I suck for all I can! I remember to use my tongue, like Harry does to me and Tony. I lick it and suck it and it tastes good and feels better! I didn't know it felt hot and sexy to suck one! I knew it was the best feelin' ever to get sucked, but I didn't know how good it felt to do the suckin'!

I hear Billy sayin', "Suck my cock!" louder and louder! I love it! Scream it at me, Harry! Yell it at me! Make me suck you off! Oh, gawd, this is so fuckin' hot!

Harry says "Oh my gawd, yes, fuck yes!" he moans and pushes it in and out again and again and I hope he lasts forever!

His balls hang down on my face and I can smell them! Better than the stink from Cathy Roubont's pussy any day! Damn! That big dick just keeps going in and out and his balls are on my face and I'm thinkin' this is the best thing ever!

I feel someone touchin' my stuff. I move my hand and let them. I don't care who it is. It feels wonderful!

"Billy's got a woody!" John yells.

So what? Let him know. Let them all know. I got wood from suckin' dick!

I swear I can hear the angels singin'!

"Really?" I hear Dick ask and then another hand goes over my junk and feels around. Really feels around! "He has a nice hard one, too!" Dick says.

I smile around Harry's cock. No one can see, so I do. And I keep suckin' and lickin' and hope Harry lasts all night! I don't want it to stop.

Someone unzips my jeans and reaches inside and pulls out my dick like a pro. They jack it a couple times, then wipe the tip and that felt great!

I hear Dick say, "Nice!" and then I feel the tip get touched and it twitched and bounced and felt so awesome I squirm! Then, oh my god! I feel warm and wet and I know someone is suckin' me off! Has to be Dick 'cause Harry's on my face and John's on my chest, so it has to be Dick. I don't care. It feels great! Tongue, lickin', suckin', oh fuck, it felt great!

Then I blew my wad! No shit! Didn't last thirty seconds, and I blew off! I jacked twice after school while Tony and Harry were on their way over, but I still shot off so fast I didn't know it was comin' till it did! And it seemed to take forever to finish shootin'! Really! Like it was shootin' again and again and wasn't gonna stop 'till all the cum in my balls was in Dick's mouth!

And it felt great! Probably the best wad since Harry started suckin' me off!

Okay, I'll be honest about that. The best since I started makin' Harry suck me off. I was such a bastard!

"That didn't last long," Dick says, then, "Thin and watery, not a lot either, but tasty!"

Hey, I thought. You jack twice then get sucked off all in a couple hours and lets see how much you shoot! I thought. Yeah, then I thought how cool it would be to find out!

Then Harry jerked around and I swear his dick got even bigger and he says, "OH MY GAWD!" and I taste something thick and bitter and I know he just came in my mouth! I swallow it. It's not that bad. I've tasted my own a couple times, and it isn't bad, so I swallow it as he pumps it and pushes farther in my mouth, almost too far, and suddenly pulls it out and says, "Fuck'n'a!"

Then I hear cheers and clapping and I remember we were bein' watched. But I dont' care no more. I just wanted Harry to put his dong back in my mouth.

Then, now that Harry's dick isn't in my face, I see John above me with Dick's dick in his mouth and I'm all like, wow! and I watch and I play with my wet, sticky dick that's gettin' hard again.

Dick is fuckin' John's mouth like Harry was mine and I'm fuckin' lovin' it! Then Dick gets that cum face, a cute one too, and I know he's pumpin' cum onto John's mouth and that turns me on so much! I keep playin' with my soft, sticky dick and my balls with my trapped hands.

Dick goes, "Fuck!" and when he pulls out he's still shootin'! Serious! And a drop, one wonderful drop, like it was guided by God, lands on my face above my lip. I lick it. Tastes like Harry's, almost the same, just slightly different and I wish Dick would shoot some more on me.

"Did he do good?" John asks somebody, I guess Harry, 'cause Harry says, "Yes. He did good."

I feel like a million bucks! I did good!

"So, you liked that?" John asks, lookin' down at me, not mad, not scary, more curious.

"So?" I ask and I can't get the smile to go away.

"Exactly! So? So what? Wanna suck another?" John asks and wiggles his hips and his dick swings back and forth right above my mouth.

Hell yes I wanna! I think, so I say, sure!

Now I hear cheering and I remember the guys watching again but I couldn't care fuckin' less!

John jacks his dick a couple times and slips it to my lips. He don't force it, like Harry, more slow and lets me come up to meet it half way.

It was great, too! Not nearly as long as Harry's, and a smaller head and pole, but it was still fuckin' great! Tasted almost the same as Harry's, too! And now I can see! I can see John's face as I suck his dick and I can see his dark hairs just above me even though it's gettin' dark out.

John moves it in and out, slow at first, then faster and deeper and he groans and moans and I watch his face as I suck his dick,

John says, "Haven't shot twice so soon in a while, gonna be great!" and he comes closer and isn't sitting on me anymore, he's on his knees over me and pushing his long dick in and out my mouth and I think we're both lovin' it!

My hands are free! I move them so I can push John's cock deeper in my mouth! I want his cock as deep as it goes! I want it in my so deep I will taste it when I wake up tomorrow! I want John so deep I will always have some cock in me, now and forever!

I put my hands on John's butt and push him into my mouth more. Another hand goes over mine and moves it around and shows me to squeeze and rub it. I keep doing it after the hand is gone, thankin' Dick, I guess, for the tip! John's butt feels so good in my hands! And his long dick in my mouth! Oh, yes!

"That's how you do it! Play with my ass! Yes, squeeze it!" John says and I do!

And I realize I like being told what to do and how to do it and I love doin' this shit!

Then John goes down on all fours over me and humps my face and I love that too! He pumps his hips and his dick goes in and out and I can feel all the surface of it! It's like the best thing in the world!

Then John says, "Here she blows!" and bucks forward and locks up and his cock is pumpin' his cum in my mouth! Hot, thick, creamy cum! It fills my mouth for the second time tonight and I love it!

John groans, "Oh, fucking, yes!" and "Oh, oh, yes fucking yes!" while all that cum fills my mouth and I swallow it and lick his tip and want more to come out! MORE! I scream inside but John rolls off and falls to my right on the ground and I know it's over.

"So, I guess we can forget about worrying after tonight, huh?" John asks.

Yeah, I guess we can. What could I do even if I hated it and wanted to get back at him? He'd tell everyone and I'd be a fag to everyone -- GOD DAMN IT TO HELL!!! -- and I'd be gay to everyone anyway. I think how it'd be better to be gay and like John then try to pretend anymore.

I cry.

I say I guess so. Then, "I'm sorry, Harry," and I meant it. I was so sorry! "I didn't know any way else to get you to do it. I just wanted you to. The next time we were alone, I was going to do it to you too, honest. I, just, didn't..." and that's as far as I got before I cried too hard to talk anymore.

I heard someone else sniffing, like they was cryin' too, a little, and I heard people walking away in the dark.

"I guess since the audience has left the theatre, we can strike the set and go home, huh?" Dick says all serious like.

I don't know why, but we all laughed at that.

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