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Male Beauty

For the love of ginger

Okay, a topic that comes up from time to time:
What kind of guy draws my eye?
Well, a lot, really. But what really grabs my attention is red hair. Yes, gingers! OMFG Redheads, especially REAL redheads.

This guy is so nearly perfectly cute!
Natures perfect creation! Those red-heads and their eyes, and pale complexions, and red bushes and light, fine body hair, and pink parts! Just wonderful! I belong to a couple of Ginger Lover sites, and you can find me easily at them. If you know of one I haven't posted at, let me know!





These guys are just fucking hot as redheads. It's not their real color, but it should be!! Rupert, the guy who plays Ron is okay, but his mouth and smile I find annoying. Overall he's okay, and if he wasn't a ginger, I'd call him as ugly as Harry Potter. YES, I called Daniel Radcliffe ugly! He is! He is boring, dull and just not cute. I saw the Equus stuff, yes, and I still say, no thanks. And Ron has been so whiny I can't find myself thinking of him much. In real life he might be different, but I don't find Ron bouncing around in my head much. The twins are up there constantly...... .lol. The Phelps brothers aren't actually redheads, but movie magic turned these brothers into sexy hunks. They can come teach me to use my wand anytime! I'd do anything for a night with even just one of them! For both? Well, lets just say that there are those of you out there who should check their mailboxes for strangely ticking packages if it could get me with both of them willingly and playfully! Okay, I wouldn't blow someone up for them both, but I'd do about anything up to that!





This dude on a telecom commercial! I wish they showed so much more of him! Totally hot







Beautiful! As close to a ten as I've seen! I used the close-up for my dream guy story, Copper. sigh If this guy would do an X-rated spread - or anything else! - I'd buy it no matter the cost or how old these photos are. Since I figured out that I was gay and started looking around me at guys and figuring out what I liked, this has been one of those fantasy guys. I can't believe he exists! A reader sent these in. He said he had just seen the images on an advertisements site and then read my story a couple of days later. He assures me they are copyrighted for open, free use for non-profit uses. I can't sell anything with them. He sent them saying he thought they fit Copper well. They so do! Thank you! I owe ya!





How hot is this guy? Woof!




And of course you can't talk hot gingers without talking Callum Worthy!





These two are hot, but why did they cut their hair?




And then there's Iain Belcher. Woof!





This is Kashi! Totally hot!
He has those unusual dark eyes! Hotness!
He has the nicest pink places and equipment!
And he makes the cutest faces!
And he's quite LIMBER!
BUT, he shaved his pubes!!!! Idiot.





Nate. My, my, my!
Cuteness and sweetness!





Yup, goofy lookin', but I can dig it! No way I'd not take any advances he threw at me, and I'm sure I would go up and chat if I saw him in a gay bar!
So I like the geeks too, so hate me, lol. I like this guy! Quite a bit. He needs to even out that tan though! But he probably lives in the UK. About any accent from there would more than make up for the legs!  Hell, he might be from New York for all I know.
And trust me, what he carries in those shorts... .better than most guys who you'd call cute-faced.
And I bet he's one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet.





Anyone who'd pass up on the cute redhead is a fool!
Just look at those eyebrows!
And his light blue eyes with a touch of gray!
And that smile!
All that and red pubes and pink parts!
The guy in back I wouldn't be interested in. Well, not much.





How can you talk about redheads and not mention Blue Kennedy?





David from
Damn this is so nice!








Ben! Dear me!
Green eyes, real red hair, fair skin, cute as can be!
If this guy had more sets, I'd have them as well!
That grin is just so adorable!
I had to use him as Eric in The Circle stories.





My taste also includes dirty blonds! A bit hunky or slightly athletic in my blond guys...... not in the gingers as much though.





This is Cody!
Hello Cody!
You can find him at several sites.
He has that athletic, dirty blond look that melts me! It's rare I find myself thinking of being on the bottom...... but, um, YEAH!





And then there's Herschel! What a hunk! And that hair is down past his shoulders! And that's not all that's long! Or that hangs quite well!
His eyes are a blue that matches his sweatpants!
And the pink nipples match his other parts in color!
Him I'd go versatile with!





Generally, dark hair doesn't attract me much, especially not dark brown. Some guys with straight black hair and pale skin, the Irish and such, are quite nice! I'll add some in future, so check back from time to time! 



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