Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Four

Rated: X  teens



I woke up with a big mess on my hands. Well, not on my hands, not until I reached down and felt the big mess in my pajamas.

I'd had such dreams! I could remember several dreams, all sexy. Most of them involved Jerry. Some Mark, some Jeremy, some Eric, and some Chris, the redheaded guy I had seen getting into the Ford Rambler as I headed toward Jerry's Roadmaster. Some had more than one guy, and were kind of like Circle Club meetings at Jerry's house.

I did the morning chores, then showered and got dressed. Over breakfast, Dad asked again how I liked the intramural activities.

"I liked it. We mostly got to know each other. Jerry says we will be doing a lot of talking to each other this week, getting to know each other. The real workouts start sometime next week."

"Do you think you're going to keep liking it?" Mom asked.

"Oh, yes!" I answered.

Mom and Dad looked at each other. I knew they were thinking something together, something they had talked about when I wasn't around. I had not clue what, and it bothered me a little. They looked happy, though, so I wasn't very worried.

The bus ride was as long as yesterday. I couldn't stop wondering if me or Eric would be with the coach today. I was sort of looking forward to it. Coach wasn't bad looking at all. There were four coaches in my gym class, and I knew there were at least two more. Of the six I knew about, two were big and fat, two were pretty old, and two were good looking. My coach, Mister Smith, was one of the decent looking ones. I wondered if the other coaches did the same thing ours did. It seemed like they would.

The day went slowly again. Some girls talked to me. They seemed interested in me now. I guess it was that time when girls got interested in boys, too. I changed clothes in gym, not getting hard again because I only looked around a little and remembered what I saw but didn't think about it, just like Jerry had taught us. Walters was out for blood today. Mine, anyway. He played hard against me, and scored more than I blocked him. He was taller and older, so no big surprise, I guess. But I tried.

"Keep it up, and you might make the basketball team," coach said when I was alone on defense.

"Thank you, sir. But I don't have time for a team. I have a lot of chores on the farm."

"And the intramural activities," he said, keeping his eyes on the guys with the ball.

"Yes, sir!"

"I'd like you to meet me in my office right after the last bell today."

"Yes, sir," I said, trying not to smile too much.

He nodded without looking at me as he walked toward the other guys. I was really excited. I wasn't sure how much I would like the coach putting his dick inside of me, but if it was smaller than Jerry's, I figured it couldn't hurt too much. If Mark had been okay with it, I figured I would be too. I'd tried a soda-pop bottle a few times, and did my fingers a few times before, so I knew it could feel pretty good.

Showering wasn't bad at all either. With the secret of only glancing and not thinking about it, only remembering for later, I didn't get hard. Well, a little, but only enough that it looked bigger, which was a good thing as far as I was concerned. I liked how it looked when I looked down at it and it was long and full but not hard.

On the way out of gym, Jerry punched me on the shoulder.

"Coach talk to you about his office today?" he asked kind of softly.

"Yes, sir," I answered, smiling.

"Great. Have fun. Remember, you don't have to, and if it hurts, tell him, understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good," he said softly. Then loudly and almost angrily, he said, "And if you don't, I'll make sure you regret it. You're my slave, frosh. If someone else tries to make you his slave, you tell me, and I'll pound him to hamburger. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!" I replied automatically.

His yelling at me was unexpected. I probably looked really surprised and scared.

"Good," he said with a nod and jogged away to catch up to some older guys.

"Seniors are assholes," Kevin Bayerly said as he walked past. "You should tell the principal."

We were friends from junior high.

"I'll handle it," I said, just like Jerry had suggested if someone poked their nose in my business. "Babies tell. I'll handle it. I don't think he'll really pound me. He's just being a senior, ya know?"

"He's the real reason you don't have to ride the bus, isn't he? What's he making you do? Something gross?"

I knew what he was hinting at. It was an old story about how high school, how the older kids made the younger ones do gross things, sometimes sex things.

"Help him with homework, what else?"

"Figures. He's probably dumb as a box of rocks."

"No, not really. He's just busy with a lot of stuff, and his girlfriend. So I do the stuff that's the teacher can't tell I did, or he copies it over. Besides, I get to see stuff I'll have to do in a couple of years. I'm getting a leg ahead."

I liked how he looked at me right then. There was respect, and some jealousy.

"You're lucky!"

"I know! Just don't tell anyone, okay?"

He nodded and gave me a 'sharing a secret' smile. I had already told him and my other friends from the bus why I wasn't riding it. Now Kevin thought he knew the real reason, and he felt like he was in on a secret. Which he was, sort of. He just didn't know there was another secret behind that one.

At lunch, I saw Mark. We smiled at each other, but didn't let on anything. I saw Jeremy later, walking behind Mark out of a classroom, and we all shared a smile, but otherwise didn't let on anything. I saw Eric, too, and we grinned at each other a little and didn't let on about anything. It was fun. Like secret spies.

Chris, the guy I had seen get into the Ford Rambler yesterday, was in three classes with me, so I had a chance to talk to him. In English, near the end of the day, he sat behind me. He hadn't talked to anyone I saw, so after I sat down and before class started, I turned around in my seat.

"Hi. I'm Fred."

"Hi. Chris."

We both knew each other's names, we had to say them the first day.

"You like this class?" I asked.

He looked at me like I was nuts. His freckles were bigger than Eric's and he had a lot more of them. They covered his face and his arms. He had piercing eyes, light blue and a little gray, bright and sparkling. Big, red lips and big, white teeth. His red-orange hair was really short. His face was almost square. He wasn't what I thought of as attractive at all. I thought he was pretty dopey looking. I knew what he was doing after school, and that made me hard. I wondered what his penis looked like, how big it was, if his hair was reddish-orange down there, how much hair he had down there.

"Yeah, me too," I agreed. "Boring. You got any good classes? I like my shop class."

"Yeah, shop is pretty cool. I can't wait to do the project."

"What one are you going to choose? I'm thinking about the gun rack. My dad and me hunt."

"Me too. Sometimes we go to the mountains and spend the weekend."

"Neat. I live by the old reservoir, so me and Dad go hunting out in the woods there all the time."

"You a farm brat?" he asked.

I nodded. I didn't like the nickname.

"You look like it. Tan and muscles. Must be nice to get strong and stuff."

"Yeah, I guess so," I agreed.

I did like that I was in such good shape. I was almost proud of what muscles I had.

"You probably have girls all lined up, huh?" he asked.

He got real red on his cheeks.

I shrugged. I felt my face get hot and knew I was blushing.

"Have a girlfriend?" he asked next.


None of my friends did either. We had noticed that some of the juniors did, and more seniors did, but none us freshman seemed to, and very few sophomores.

"You'll get as many as you want I bet," he said next. "You got that kind of looks."

He was blushing so red that I hoped no one else noticed and started wondering why. I guess it wasn't a huge deal, but I was worried because of what I knew. I knew the other kids in class didn't know what I did, but still, I sure worried.

And I was so embarrassed. I didn't know what to say next. Luckily, the bell rang and I had to turn around and face the front.

During the class, I decided to get to the parking lot early and watch him. I wanted to see if he got in that Rambler again, and how many others got in there with him, and who. I thought how it was possible I had been or could be seen in future getting into Jerry's car. I decided to also be very, very careful doing that. I considered telling Jerry that I had noticed someone getting into a car, like we did. I wondered if it would lead to Chris getting into trouble, but I was sure that Jerry should know that it was possible we could be seen. I decided to tell him, just not exactly who I had seen, or what car, just that I had seen someone go behind the bushes and not come out.

Chris and I waved on the way out of class. I didn't think it was against the club rules at all, since we weren't in the same group, and we weren't supposed to know about each other anyway. It seemed okay. And I thought it would be nice to know someone in one of the other groups once we started meeting the other groups.

As it got closer to the last bell, my guts twisted up. I wasn't worried, but I was really nervous. I was looking forward to it, but so nervous. I hoped the coach was as nice as Jerry. When the last bell rang, I was so nervous I was sweating. I hurried to get the right books from my locker and dashed to the gym.

I knocked on the door marked, Coach Smith.

"Come in."

I opened the door and walked in, sweaty and almost shaking. There was another boy there, sitting on the chair in front of the coach's desk.

"Should I come back?" I asked.

"No, close the door and wait," coach said, then turned to look at the kid in front of him. "So long as you don't do that again, I'm willing to let it go this time. But do it again, and we'll be talking to your parents together, do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir," the guy said.

I recognized him from my history class. I wondered what he had done.

"Good. Now get out of here and watch yourself. I won't have that going on in my class."

"Thank you, sir," he said and got up.

He kind of smiled at me a little as he walked past, like you do when you're nervous and don't know what else to do. Once he had closed the door behind him, coach told me to have a seat.

"Hello, Fred. I hear you like Freddie. Is that true?"

I nodded, then said, "Yes, sir," almost forgetting to. The coach hadn't told me to answer him that way, but I figured I should.

"Well, Freddie, how do you like the Circle Club so far?"

He watched me really closely, and that made me even more nervous. He had nice brown eyes that seemed to be able to read my mind.

"I like it, sir."

"Do me a favor?"

"Yes, sir."

He sat back and smiled at me.

"Relax. You look like you're sitting there with broomstick rammed all the way up your ass."

I laughed before I knew I was going to.

"Better," he said with a nice smile.

He wasn't bad looking at all. I guessed he was almost thirty. He had dark brown hair, a round face, clean-shaven, and was trim and fit. His arms had nice muscles, and his chest muscles made his nipples push out on his shirt. He was nicely tan, like he spent a lot of time outside.

"Are you afraid?"

I swallowed. I was. I nodded just a little.

"Don't be. Don't be any more scared than you were that first day with Jerry right here in my office. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Did you really like that day in here?"

"Yes, sir!"

Wow, did I ever!

"Good. And the last two days with Jerry at his house?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Good. Relax. I won't hurt you. That's the opposite of what I want to do. I want to see you smile and laugh, and have a good time. Okay?"

"Yes, sir."

He stood up, went to his door, opened it and walked to the water fountain in the hall, took a drink, looked around, then walked back. He turned the placard over so that it now said he was out. He locked the door behind him, then sat back down.

"You're a very fit young man. Do you use weights and play sports? You don't seem to play basketball much."

"No, sir. I live on a farm."

"Oh, a farmer. I see. That's even better. You lift and stretch a lot. And get plenty of sun. Do you like it?"

"It's okay I guess. I don't know."

"If you had the choice, would you rather live in town?"

No way, but I wasn't sure that I should say that. He probably lived in town.

"No, you wouldn't, would you?"

"No, sir."

"Most farming boys would say yes, and hate farming. Why don't you?"

"I like the animals, sir. And, well, like you said, I lift and move a lot. It puts me in pretty good shape. And what we grow feeds people."

"I see. And, yes, it did get you into very good shape. Would you stand up and show off for me?"


"Show me your body. I've seen you in the showers before, but I'd like to see you take your clothes off for me. So I can see your fit body. You have a nice face, too. You're very attractive."

I snickered a little. Now five people had told me I was a good looking guy.

I stood up, feeling nervous and embarrassed. He waved me to stand beside his desk and his chair.

"Put your clothes on the chair there," he said, pointing to the other chair, up against the wall near his. "Don't be scared. If you want to, we're going to have as much fun as you do with Jerry. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"And if you don't want to, we won't. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"I heard you demonstrated with Mark yesterday."

"Yes, sir."

"What did you think? Did you like it?"

"Yes, sir!"


"Oh, yes, sir!"

Boy, did I!

He sat back in his chair and I could see his erection in his gym shorts. It looked as big as Jerry's, even though Jerry and Mark had said it wasn't. I liked how his legs were nicely hairy and how they disappeared into those shorts.

"Would you like to do such things with me? Let me do to you what you did to Mark? You can say no. We can do other things, instead. Or I can take you to Jerry's house and you can join them if you want, instead."

"No, sir. I'd... I'd like to."

I knew I would, or, at least, I knew I wanted to try it.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir."

"Why do you look so scared?"

"I don't know, sir."

I didn't, but I sure was scared.

"Sometimes it's just easier with the group leader than with a teacher. I understand that. Would you rather talk for now?'

"Sir... I..."

"Sit down," he said, pulling the spare chair over with his foot.

I dropped into it. I was so nervous and so scared. I kept looking down at my shoes. I could see his shoes, too. I felt his hand on my arm.

"Freddie, did you like doing those things with Jerry and the other boys? Tell me the truth. If you didn't, you don't ever have to again. You can forget you ever did, and never do it again. None of the guys will hold it against you. I promise you that. Do you believe that?"

I nodded.

"You can quit if you want. Do you want to quit?"

"No, sir!"

I looked up and met his eyes. They were dark brown and he held them on mine.

"Do you want me to take you to Jerry's?"

"No, not... I..."

"Are you afraid I will hurt you?"

"No, sir, not at all. I don't know why I'm..."



"Because we are alone. There aren't any other students here. It's just you and a teacher. The coach. It's scarier."

"Yes! It is! Uh, sir!"

He smiled nicely. He got up and sat on the corner of his chair, his feet just inches from mine. He leaned forward a little, still smiling.

"I know it feels scary. The other boys felt the same way. Some have had me take them to their group leader. No big deal. I'd rather not scare any of you. In class, you need to listen to me and obey me, and be scared of me. When we are alone, you don't need to be. Instead, I would like it if you just thought of me as a friend outside of class. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"You're a very handsome young man. You know that?"

I nodded. I guessed that I was, as everyone seemed to be telling me so recently.

"Can I ask an embarrassing question?"

"Yes, sir."

"Is your penis hard right now?"

It felt like it was, sort of. I wasn't sure. I shrugged.

"Can I check and see?"

I got a huge thrill at the question. The idea of letting the coach touch me there was thrilling and exciting, but also so forbidden. I wasn't sure that I should, but I sure wanted him to, if he wanted to.

"Yes, sir."

He leaned further forward and stretched out his hand. At first he touched my thigh, which made my kind of shiver, and then his hand slid up to my groin. He touched me and felt me there. It tickled and felt pretty good, even though it made me nervous.

"No, it isn't. You're that scared?"

I shrugged. I didn't know why I was, but I was.

"Would you rather not do something together?"

"No, I want to, I'm... I just..."

He smiled wider, let go of me, then stood up. His erection was so obvious in his gym shorts right there in front of me, just inches away. I actually had to tell myself to look away before I could look up at his face as he spoke.

"I'm going to change now. You can watch or you can look through the books over there or peek out the blinds outside. Up to you."

He went to the closet that we had stood in that first day, opened it, and then kicked off his shoes. He took of his shirt, still facing the closet. His back was muscled and his shoulders were broad. He dropped his gym shorts. I swallowed. His butt was round and firm in his white briefs. He pulled on a blue pullover shirt from the hanger. Then jeans.

He put his gym clothes into a neat, folded pile on the table by the closet door, moved his gym shoes under that table, then picked up street shoes and turned around. He sat down at his desk in his chair and put on the shoes.

He checked his pockets, pulled out his keys, and stood up. He looked so different now. Still nice looking, even a little more handsome. Like a regular guy. Like anybody on the street. His shirt showed off his strong, flat chest, and his jeans showed off what was in them. His legs were nice and strong looking, too. In a way, he looked far better.

"Now, I'm going to drive around to where you get into Jerry's car and wait five minutes. Then, if you don't show up, I'm going to go about my business, and you won't notice anything different tomorrow. Not from me, not from Jerry. It won't matter to your grade, how I treat you in class, or anything of the sort. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"If you don't meet me at my car, when you go with Jerry tomorrow, he won't ask about what we did today, and if the guys ask, you'll say we talked and had a good time, but it was none of their business, just like Jerry says it isn't. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"That way, those who don't do anything with me and those who did, don't have to feel different or be treated different. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"I promise this. So long as you don't break the secrecy rules, nothing will change if you don't meet me. And nothing will change between us or between you and Jerry if you do. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"If you do show up, I'm going to take you to one of two places. You can choose which one you really want to go to. No matter what place you choose, none of those things will change. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. If you show up, I'll take you home or to my house. If you go home, keep the secrecy rule, and you will join Jerry tomorrow as usual if you want to. Or you can tell him you don't want to and you won't have to. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. If I take you to my house. we will have the same kind of fun, doing the same kind of things, nothing you don't want to do, you just say you don't want to do it, and we won't. Or you can have a snack, a soda, a swim, watch television, do homework, read, sit and stare at the wall, or complain that I don't dust well enough. Up to you. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," I said, laughing a little.

"I'm going to open my door, and we're going to talk like I had to talk to you about misbehaving, and then you're going to walk to the gym and go where you want. You can make your bus?"

I looked at the clock.

"Yes, sir."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay. You can go get your bus, or meet me at my car where you get in Jerry's at the dead-end street. Up to you, and makes no difference in class or with Jerry and the guys. Let's go." He opened his door. "I don't want to have to have this talk with you again, understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Then head off, young man."

"Thank you, sir."

I was so nervous. I walked through the gym and into the hall, and stopped at my locker. I thought for a minute. I had enough time to make my bus, easy. I walked and then waited. The coach pulled up in a black Ford pickup. He stopped and opened the door and I climbed in.

"Hi again, Freddie. Glad you showed up."

"Hi, sir."

He was pretty handsome. He smiled nicely, and his clothes showed off how well he was built.

"You feeling okay?"

He looked at me, smiling. He reached out and shook my shoulder, still smiling.

"Yes, sir. I feel fine, sir."

I smiled back.

"Where to, Freddie? Up to you, and no bad feelings no matter your choice. So choose where you really want to go. And so you know, plenty of guys have decided to go home, and nobody in their group ever found out. So if you want to go home, I'll take you. You already know the guys will not be able to ask what happened, right? So they won't know you went home, or if you came over, or anything. Understand?"

He smiled nicely at me. He wasn't bad looking at all. And he didn't have to explain it to me that way. I already knew that was why we weren't allowed to ask about what happened with the coach. It was so the guys who didn't want to, or were too afraid to, or just didn't for some reason or another, would not have to lie about it, or be found out. Well, one reason why we weren't allowed to ask, I figured there was probably more reasons, too.

I was hugely nervous, but I swallowed it down and made myself speak.

"Yes, sir. I understand that, sir. I'd like to see where you live, if that's okay, sir."

He nodded and smiled wider.

"That's fine. I shouldn't be seen driving you around, though, so hunker down and stay low. There's plenty of room down on the floor on the brown blanket. Pull the gray one over yourself."

"Yes, sir."

I slumped to the floor and under the gray blanket. I leaned against the seat and it was pretty comfortable, except for the heat. But at least the vent worked well and blew right up the blanket.

He drove for quite a while, out of town on to a gravel road, then onto another paved one, then finally turned and parked.

"Come on up."

I did, and saw that we were in a garage. We got out of his pickup and I followed him into his house. It wasn't anything like I had imagined it while I was on the floorboard of his truck. though there were sports things everywhere, which I had expected. He opened the refrigerator and asked if I'd like a Coke.

"Yes, sir."

He handed me a bottle, opened his and then handed me the opener. I followed him to the front room where he sat down on the couch. I sat down on the other end of it.

"What would you like to do?"

I shrugged.

"Is there anything on television you'd like to see?"

"I don't thinks so, sir. I don't know."

"What do you do after school?"

"Chores, sir."

"You don't have to use sir all the time. Just when you think you really should."

"Okay, sir."

He laughed.

"Well, how about we have a swim and cool off? You can wear your briefs, or borrow a pair of swim trunks. Some of the guys leave some here, I'm sure one will fit you."

The pool was visible outside the windows, and looked really inviting, so I nodded.

"If you put some trunks in your travel bag for Jerry's, you can leave them over here," coach said as we sat down at the edge of the pool.

"You got neighbors?" I asked, looking around at the back yard and the back of the house.

"Not close. Nearest ones are farmers just over the hill."

The brown wood fence, and the shape of the house and the blue color rang my bell. I thought I knew what house we were in.

"This is the state highway? Just outside town by the river bridge?"

"Yes. You know it?"

"Yeah! My cousin lives a couple farms from here! Goes to the other high school."

"So, you know where my secret hide-out is! Now I have to hypnotize you!"

We laughed.

"If you don't want to wear someone else's trunks, or get your briefs wet, we can skinny-dip. If that's okay."

I couldn't believe he had said that. It would have been normal with friends, but this was coach.

"Is that okay with you?" he asked, his head cocked to the side.

"Sure. Um, I'd like to see you, uh..."


I laughed and blushed and nodded.

"Last one in the water gets spanked!"

He shot up and took off his shirt. I jumped up and almost tore off my shirt. He kicked off his shoes, and started on his pants. I did the same thing, racing him item for item. It was amazing to see his body appear out of his clothes like that. I was getting hard really fast. He was watching me just the same way I watching him, which made us both sort of laugh. When he took off his underwear, it was hard enough to almost stand out, but wobbled and bobbled. The nice patch of brown pubic hair was so neat, and the way his big balls hung and swayed was awesome! They were clearly bigger than Jerry's! But his penis wasn't. I wondered if Jerry was really big, or if the coach was smaller than average. I would have stopped and looked, but I was so embarrassed about my own nakedness and erection. I dove in just as he took off his last sock.

When I surfaced he was just diving in. I watched as he came up, shaking his head.

"Guess you won, Freddie," he said, smiling.

"Yeah. Guess I get to spank you, coach."

"You really willing to spank me?" he asked, almost laughing.

I thought about spanking the coach, and it seemed the weirdest thing ever, but I was kind of interested in the idea. I nodded. He floated closer to me.

"Freddie, I promise we won't do anything you don't want to do."

"I know, sir."

I believed him. I knew if he did try to make me do something, I would tell Jerry. And I believed that Jerry would protect me from him the next time. But that was all unimportant, as I believed the coach wouldn't do anything to me that I didn't let him. And I was certain that I was already really willing to let him do about anything to me.

"We don't even have to do anything if you don't want to. We can just swim for a while. Then when you're ready, we can get out of the pool, get dressed, and we can do something else. Or I can take you home. Or take you to Jerry's, though I don't think you'll make it in time to do anything with the guys."

"I'd rather swim a bit, then go inside and give you your spanking. Sir."

He laughed really nicely.

"You're something, Freddie."

We kind of looked at each other for a bit. He was a good looking guy. I had never really looked at guys outside school before, not the way I was looking at coach right then, or how I looked at guys at school. Not while thinking if they were handsome or sexy. And coach was really handsome. Big brown eyes, nice features, nice lips, and his entire body was strong and lean and really nice.

"Will you swim to me?" he asked.

I did. His big, brown eyes were really deep and warm. His big, strong arms went around me. My erection brushed up against him and then was pressed tightly between us. My hands felt the muscles on his back. His hands rubbed up and down my back and that felt really good in the warm water. I felt the skin of his tight stomach against my throbbing erection. That was pretty embarrassing. I wondered why I didn't feel his erection.

"You're in good shape, Freddy. And nicely tanned, too!"

I felt myself blushing and grinning.

"Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck."

I did. It felt really neat to hang on him like that. Then I felt something against my balls. I thought it was one of his hands at first, but I noticed they were moving up and down my sides and back. I knew what it was then. It felt so weird and so erotic. I laughed. He grinned widely.

"Freddie, I'd really like to kiss you. You have really nice lips. Is that okay with you?"

That embarrassed me.

"Yes, sir."

His big, brown eyes got closer, and he tilted his head to the side, then his warm, soft lips were against mine. It was really nice, all wrapped up in his arms like that, mostly in the warm water, the warm sun beating down on us. I had my arms around his broad shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist, my dick up against the muscles of his stomach, and his dick was pushing up under my balls right next to where I knew he wanted to put it. Suddenly I wanted it in there. The idea made me shiver all over and I started breathing faster.

His lips moved nicely on mine, and he kind of sucked on my lower one. I tried to do the same to him. It was really exciting. I hugged him really tight, shivering all over. I was suddenly really ready to do it. I wasn't worried or scared anymore, just really, really ready.

"Can we go inside?" I asked when we stopped kissing for a moment.

"If you want, or we can right here in the pool."

"Here?" I asked.

We kept kissing. It was really nice. His hands moved lower on my back, then were on my butt. It made me shiver even more when he pulled my cheeks apart and then back together. We kept kissing, and soon he was playing with the area around my hole. That felt really wild. Then his finger circled it and pushed against it, and slipped in really easy.

I had to gasp out loud around the kisses. My dick leaped and tingled, and more tingles fired up all over my body.

"Oh, gosh!"

"Is it okay?" he asked really softly.

"Oh, yes, sir!" I said in a loud whisper.

We kept kissing. I really liked how his finger poked in and pulled out of me. Then there was another finger, one from his other hand next to the first one, and they were both wiggling inside. Wow!

"Does it hurt, Freddie?"


"Do you want me to stop? I will if you do. I don't want it to hurt. I don't want to hurt you."

"It's okay. Just, kind of... pinches a little. Not too much."

It felt like taking a big dump, but more. Like my hole was being stretched. It pinched, but didn't really hurt too much. Besides, it felt good so much more than it hurt.

I just barely kept from making really loud noises. Jerry said I should make what noises we felt like making, but I didn't know if coach felt the same way, and he hadn't made any noises, so I stayed quiet. But just barely. There was no way to stop the way my body was shaking though! You'd think it was freezing outside and we were in the pool with ice floating all around us.

His two fingers slid in and out, and I just sort of melted. I had no idea it felt so good to have something going on down there like that. I had stuck my own fingers in there a few times, and a soda bottle, but having someone else's fingers down there was way better. I held on with my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and shivered and shook and kissed. It was something!

When he took them out, I wondered why. He moved his arms around me and between us, then down and between my legs. He played with my balls with one and my dick with the other. That felt great! Then he let go of my dick and his finger slid behind and under my balls and along that skin down there, which felt really great, then it found my hole and circled around it again, which made me shiver again, and then he slipped in again. I gasped again.

He wiggled his finger all the way inside of me, and then pushed against something in there that had never been touched before. It felt weirdly strange, and really, really good. My dick got so hard it stretched the skin over it. I started to jerk and shiver.

We kissed more as his finger did some real magic to me in there. It made me shiver like mad! It tickled, tingled, and throbbed, and started doing that inside my dick, too.

"My gosh!"

He laughed a little. I felt another finger next to the one already inside, and it pushed against my hole. His finger went inside with the first one. It made me gasp some more.

We kept kissing, and his other hand rubbed me all over. It was hugely fun and exciting. I held on around his shoulders and I liked how that felt. Massive tingles and thrills made me shake a little, inside and out. My dick was going crazy. After a while both of his fingers were way inside, and it didn't sting anymore, just felt really neat. They pushed that place and rubbed it, tapped it, tickled it. It felt so nice! He moved his fingers inside me and against that place for a long time. It was really great! I loved it!

Then I felt him pushing a third finger against me, and then inside. It stung a lot, kind of hurt, but it was just so much fun and felt so good, too.

"Still okay?"

"Yes, sir!"

"It's not hurting?"

"No, sir!"

He wiggled his fingers inside of me, which made me squeal a little, kind of like a little kid. It was embarrassing and I slammed my face into his chest to hide my blush. He laughed.


He pulled his face away far enough that we could see each other as we talked.

"Yes, sir?"

"Is it okay if I try with my penis now?"

"Yes, please, sir!"

Boy, was it okay! I really, really wanted him to. I wanted to feel what it was like.

"It might not go, and tell me if it hurts enough you want me to stop, tell me, and I'll stop and we'll try more fingers. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

He stared right in my eyes with his big, deep brown ones, and said, "Promise me you'll tell me if it hurts too much."

"I promise, sir."

"It will probably hurt some. Let it, bear it, be a man about it, but if it hurts too much, you say so right away, understand?"

I nodded.

We kissed some more, and he wiggled his fingers inside me for a while, and then he took them out. Then I felt his dick at my hole.

"Relax it, and push when you need to. If it don't hurt too much, it will feel really great once it's in."

"Yes, sir," I breathed into his mouth.

There was some pressure at my hole, but nothing painful. It kind of pinched and hurt a little, but it felt incredibly good, too. We kept kissing and his hands kept playing with my dick and my balls, and I just really liked it all. I loved being up against his big, strong body. I liked how he kissed. I liked how my body shivered and how I felt inside. I just liked it all!

"That's it, Freddie, just let it in. You feel so good. Is it okay so far?"

I nodded and gasped, and held on. There was more pressure at my hole, and some pain, but all the things he was doing all felt so good!

"I'm all in, Freddie. How is it?"

"You are?" I asked, amazed.

"Yup. As much as I can in this position. How does it feel?"

"Oh, gosh! Nice!"

I was being fucked and I loved it!

It wasn't nearly as bad as I had been worried it would be. It had pinched and hurt some, but never very much. And it felt so strangely good far more than it hurt.

He grinned and we kissed, and he started lifting me by using his hands on my buttocks and then letting me drop. I felt him sliding through my hole. It was amazing. It hurt just a little, but it was a good pain.

We started breathing really fast as we kept kissing. He groaned really deep in his chest, and I liked how he sounded, like he was really enjoying it. I let myself groan the way I wanted to, like Jerry had said to.

I caught onto the rhythm, and was using my legs and arms to pull myself up and let myself drop. I was more or less fucking him now. I could go fast or slow, and it was really awesome to sort of be in charge.

We kissed, and his hands played with my dick and balls, which felt really good in the water like that. His hand loosely slid over it from top to bottom with the water making it slippery, not moving the skin up and down like I did to myself. Wow, did it feel good. And with his other hand playing with my balls, I was going to finish pretty soon. I think he knew that, or sensed it, because he stopped soon enough.

He lifted me by my ass and pulled his dick out of me, then moved us to the stairs, where he sat on the stairs and had me sit on his lap. Then he let me wiggle myself down on it. The way it felt as slid down his dick was amazing. I started bouncing on him like riding a horse. His hands played with my dick and balls, but he never stroked it, just tickled and toyed with it. It was amazing! The feeling of him entering me and pulling out was just incredible.

Then he pulled me off of him, pulled an air mattress over to us, rolled me over onto my back on it, and cradled my head with a hand to keep it out of the water. He pulled my legs up so that my knees were near my ears, then I felt him going inside of me, even deeper than before. It was great! It prickled a bit, stung a little, but I didn't care. It felt so good in that weird, new way. He pushed himself against me until his hips were against my buttocks, just like I had done to Mark. I knew what Mark had felt then. I liked it, too.

His arms went under me and his hands held the back of my shoulders. We kissed as he fucked me. He rocked in and out of me, making waves in the water. He held my head up above the water and kept kissing me.

He pulled it out, I think by accident, like I had with Mark. When he went back inside, it was incredible! I gasped and let myself grunt really loudly.

"You like that?" he asked softly.

"Yes, sir!"


"Yes, sir!"

He did it again and again, like I had done to Mark. It made me want to scream, it felt so good! And he grunted so nicely.

"Freddie, you feel so good!" he said into my ear and then started kissing the side of my neck.

I liked that a lot. He groaned a lot, so I did. It was fantastic! He started going faster and harder. He was grunting in my ear, and his breath there and on my neck felt so good. The way he held me, the way I was all cradled in his strong arms, the way I was... just all his! It was beyond fulfilling!

"I'm going to shoot it in you, Freddie. Is that okay with you?" he said into the side of my neck.

"Yes, sir! Please, sir!"

I wanted it to happen so badly! It was like submitting myself to him, letting myself be owned by him, becoming his. I wanted that.

He went faster. It hurt a little, but it felt great a lot. The water was splashing like crazy. His dick pushed inside of me, making me feel like never before. I loved it.

"Oh, Freddie! I'm... ohhhh!"

Then he stopped kissing me, locked in place, his dick moving in my hole, but the rest of his body barely shivering.

"Ohhh!" he groaned against my neck.

I felt his dick swelling up inside my hole, kind of throbbing there. It felt like it was a snake trying to slowly crawl into me. It felt amazing! I knew he was shooting his semen inside of me, and that was just incredible to think about! I could feel his orgasm happening inside me! It almost make me do it too!

Then his body went limp and he exhaled with a loud whoosh. He was breathing really fast as he kept kissing me. Then he pulled it out of me and pulled my legs down into the water. He kissed me some more, then swung a leg over me. He grabbed my erection and before I knew what he was doing, he sat down on my dick and it was sliding inside of him.

I started shaking all over. His hands went all over my belly and chest, and played with my nipples. He moved up and down, and was letting me fuck him. I started feeling that churning and pressure growing really fast.

"Oh, wow, coach!"

He reached behind him and pulled one of my knees up to that he could put some fingers inside me. He hit that magic spot inside my ass, and rode me faster. It was so much to have to feel all at once!

"Coach! Wow! Ohhh!"

I twisted and wiggled as the pressure began building up really quickly behind my balls.

"God! Going to! Going to! Oh, God! Coach!"

The pulses began and I started shooting into his ass. His fingers started pushing against it while it worked, and that made my prostate seem to work even harder! It was insanely powerful! It felt like I was pushing gallons of semen through my dick!

"Coach! Oh, shit! Wow!"

It felt like I was starting another orgasm! My hole felt like it was being forced shut around his fingers. My balls ached and the place behind them felt like it was being squeezed.

"Oh God! Ow!"

My whole body twisted around out of my control. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. All I could do was make a little kind of grunt as my dick swelled up again and again. I shot into his ass as his hand played with that spot inside. I kept squirting and squirting! It felt like I was squirting all the fluid in my whole body into coach's ass.

Then my whole body jerked as he pulled his fingers out. Then I went limp and I could breathe. I panted for air. I could control my body again.

Coach was smiling down at me, his big, brown eyes looking into mine. He pulled himself up and my dick tickled insanely as it slid and then plopped out. He lay on me without putting his weight on me, and we kissed and kissed. His arms went around me and his hands cradled my head. It was so nice!

I suddenly shivered all over.

"You're fantastic, Freddie."

"Coach, wow! That was so... great!"

I couldn't have shrunk the smile on my face by one iota even if my life depended on it. He smiled back at me, then we kissed some more. He rolled off of me and we crawled up onto the warm concrete and let the sun bake the water off of us, laying side by side, looking at each other's naked bodies.

His hand roamed over my chest and belly. That felt really good! When he played with my soft dick, it tickled immensely and I loved how he rolled my balls in his big hand.

"We have to be going soon," he said as he brushed his other hand through my hair.

I knew he was right, but I didn't want to leave.

"Wish I could stay here just a little longer."

"I know. I'd like to lay here until the sun goes down, but we can't. We'll get together again in a couple of weeks."

"A couple of weeks? Why so long?"

"There are a lot of boys, and you all get turns. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"I think you could be my favorite, though."

That made me feel really great!

"You're very handsome. And you have a wonderful body."

I laughed.

"I like yours, coach."

I reached out and touched his chest, and then his nipples, then his flat, muscled stomach. His hair was dark and fine, sort of heavy between his nipples, but not thick. His dick was soft and wet, and didn't look very big, surely not even as big as Jerry's. His balls were the biggest I had ever seen, though, and I loved how they felt in my hand. He had a really nice, heavy, thick bush, and nice hair on his balls and his thighs. He was really nice to look at and to touch.

"We both need to use the bathroom. Then you can shower if you want. I'd like to lay here all day, but we couldn't explain it, so get to it. I'll take your clothes inside."

I got to my feet. He slapped my butt. I laughed and turned around.

"I owe you a spanking, you know," I said, grinning.

"You can give it to me next time. Promise."

"Okay, coach."

"Get moving."

I stood there a couple of seconds, looking at him. He was really nice to look at. I didn't mind that he was looking me all over, too. I laughed and went inside and used the toilet then had a fast shower. When I came out to the front room he was dressed and had my clothes there like he said he would. He watched me get dressed. It was embarrassing.

"You really are handsome, Freddie. You have a very nice body, fine muscle tone, a good tan, very handsome features, a very nice butt, and just great privates."

I laughed in embarrassment.

"You're not so bad yourself, coach."

"You think so?"

"I do. I really like your body."

I really did. He really was a good looking guy. He was so in shape, and nicely hairy without being all hairy and gross, and looked a lot like a cowboy movie star.

I wondered why I had never really looked at men before, just boys my age. Sometimes older boys I saw around town, but never the men. I figured that was about to change.

"This was very fun, Freddie. I really look forward to next time. Remember, no doing it yourself tonight. Save it up for Jerry and the guys tomorrow. And tell them what you thought of today when Jerry asks you to. Or would you rather not be asked?"

"Yes, sir. I'll answer, sir."

"I told you to calm down on the sirs when it's just us. Okay, Freddie? Just coach. Save the sirs for class."

"Yes, sir-uhhh, coach."'

He laughed. I liked it when he laughed. It made me laugh.

"Let's get moving or you'll be late for dinner."

We talked and laughed while I was on the floor under the blanket. Coach was a great guy. He liked good music, good movies, and he had a good sense of humor. He told me jokes and asked riddles, and asked me about things I liked to do for fun. And he asked about what I liked about the farm and what it was like to be a farmer. He had me come up and sit on the seat just before we pulled up in my driveway.

"Swimming today in intramural. And lots of getting to know the other guys. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm glad you're on board, Freddie. I look forward to spending time together. Especially the trips downstate."

"Me too!"

"See you tomorrow. Remember, nothing changes between us at school or in class. We don't talk like friends, I'm your coach, you listen to me, do what I tell you, and you get no favors or special treatment. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Have a good night, and remember, keep your hands off yourself tonight."

"Yes, sir."

Mom was getting the table ready when I walked in. I could tell that I wasn't too late, and she wasn't angry or anything.

"How was the intramural lessons today?"

"Great! We swam today, so it was hard for the coach and leaders to get us out of the pool."

"I see," she said, smiling.

Dad asked how I liked the intramural activities. I told him the same, and that I really liked the guys, and the coach.

"Well, I'm very glad you've found something at school that's athletics and sport that you like, Son."

I could tell that he was proud of that, and of me. It was a great feeling.

My hole felt weird all night, but not in a bad way. I kind of liked it, mostly because it kept reminding me what had happened. It was from being fucked by coach, so it was just fine.

After dinner, I did my usual chores and a few extra things that needed done, took a quick shower, did my homework, watched some television with the folks, then went to bed early. I didn't even have to keep myself from doing it, I was too tired to anyway.

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