Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Five

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Friday morning, it was pouring rain. Doing the morning chores was a mess. I took a long shower to get clean.

My hole still felt weird, but not bad. It kept reminding me of what had happened. I got so hard when I remembered. I wanted to take care of it, but I had agreed to keep it for the guys. I had to tuck it away carefully when I got dressed, to hide it from Mom and Dad. Over breakfast, they were so clueless.

The school day was boring, except for gym. The coach and Jerry gave no hints, and I worked hard not to, either. Jerry came up and talked to me while I was alone on defense.

"You feeling okay?"

"Sure, Jer. How're you?"

"Fine. See you after school today?"

"Sure thing."

"Got a surprise for you guys today."

"Neat. Get a hint?"


"You jerk."

"I can do that if you like."

I laughed and hid it. I didn't want asked by anyone what was funny.

"See ya, Freddie."

"See ya, Jer."

It was all we said to each other, and we never looked at each other. Still, when that David guy looked at us, I was almost sure he suspected something. He didn't glare at us or anything, but I still worried a little.

I said hi to Jeremy and Mark in the hallways, but that was it. I saw Eric, but we didn't say anything, just nodded a little. He was kind of cute, even if he was still so small. Nothing like as handsome as Jerry, though.

After school, I jogged to the parking lot and was sly about making sure I wasn't seen heading toward the far end of the lot. Mark was just going behind the bushes when I came around the corner of the building. He saw me and paused a split-second, smiling, then headed around the bushes. I waited another moment, then continued walking. I walked behind the bushes as if I were just walking home, and as I checked around to make sure I wasn't watched, I saw that same red-headed kid I'd seen go behind the bushes yesterday behind me, coming up behind Jeremy. I ducked behind the bushes, then duck-walked to Jerry's car and climbed in. Eric and Mark smiled as I climbed under the blanket.

"Jeremy's right behind me."

"Cool. Did Jerry say something about a surprise today to you guys?"

"Yeah, wonder what's up."

We giggled.

"Guess we'll find out, huh?"

The door opened and Jeremy climbed in. It was tight, but that was part of the fun. Our bodies were pressed all together, and I felt an erection against my thigh. There was enough light we could see each other, so I knew it was Mark's. Mine was up against Eric's butt. I shoved it a little into him. He giggled.

"No way. I didn't let coach, I'm not gonna let you," he said.

"Didn't let coach what?" Jeremy asked.

"Stick it in me. Fingers are big enough," Eric answered.

He was small, so I wasn't surprised he didn't let the coach fuck him.

"You're just small, is all."

"I can't help it!" he said defensively.

"He'll grow," I said.

"He's kinda cute," Mark said.

Eric giggled.

"Bet he's real sexy in a year or two," Mark added.

"Stop," Eric said, sounding like he was almost laughing.

I didn't think anyone was touching him, and I hadn't pushed my erection into him again, so I assumed he meant the talk.

"Shy?" I asked.

I felt him shrug.

"You are cute. Will be really sexy, I bet," I whispered.

The other guys had to have heard me too. Eric giggled. If we weren't under standing orders not to touch each other, I would have hugged him, or brushed his hair with my fingers, or something.

The door opened, the car jiggled, the door closed.

"Eric?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."

"Good. No touching, no talking."

We waited. I wondered why he hadn't started the car yet.

The door opened. Someone climbed in. He had red hair and I recognized it.

"Glad you joined us, David. David, these are the other guys from Monday. Don't worry, they're fine. Crawl under the blanket and wait."

He did. It was even tighter now. Jeremy and I were sort of on top, so David had to sort of lay on us. Instantly I felt his erection on my leg. He shifted to move it. He smelled like mint, really strongly.

"You guys remember David from Monday?"

"Sure. Hi, David," we all said mostly together.

"Uh... hi," he said really quietly.

The car started and we waited as Jerry drove to his house. When we got there, we piled out. David was red-faced and looked uncomfortable. I wasn't sure he really belonged with us.

He was a little skinny, but taller even than me and Jeremy. That made him look lanky. He had reddish-orange hair, lots of freckles, and big, pale-blue eyes. His eyebrows were hard to see on his pale skin, but his orange eyelashes seemed to stick out. He looked so nervous that I felt bad for him.

There were only a few red-headed guys at our school, so it seemed weird that two of them were part of what was going on. David was taller and skinnier than the guy I had seen twice now doing what we were doing - sneaking into cars parked on the dead-end street.

We followed Jerry to his room.

"Won't your folks be home?" David asked.

His voice was soft and almost fragile-sounding. He seemed really on the edge of running away at any second.

"They work second-shift. They won't be home until after midnight. We're safe here. The doors are locked, no one will be coming over. It's safe here, Dave. Relax."

Jerry took David by his shoulder and sat him on the chair at his desk. He pulled over the other chair and sat facing him.

"Why don't you guys have a seat on the bed. I want to go over the rules with David, and I'll want your help."

We offered the answers that Jerry asked us for as he went down the rules. Then he put his hand on David's shoulder and leaned closer to him.

"Dave, like I said, this is strictly your choice. If you want to go wait and watch television in the living room, none of us will hold that against you, even if you change your mind now, okay?"

David nodded, but he really didn't look any more comfortable.

"Guys, David is shy. That's fine. Some guys are. So, we're going to give him some time and patience. He's had a bad experience, and we need to show him that what happened isn't all there is to it. I want you guys to welcome him and make him feel safe. David, go have a seat on the end of the bed next to Freddie."

It was the only open space on the bed. David looked scared as he sat down next to me. He gave me a kind of smile, but it was easy to tell that he wasn't comfortable.

"It's okay, Dave. We won't hurt you. We won't make you do something you don't want. I promise," I said to him.

He nodded and tried to smile wider. I really felt bad for him. I wished I knew how to make him feel more comfortable.

"David, Mark here really likes Freddie. He's got a crush on him."

I'd forgotten that! I felt so bad that I forgot. I looked at Mark and hoped he couldn't tell.

"So, today, Mark and Freddie will be spending some time together. That'll leave me with you and Eric and Jeremy. Why don't you two guys go to the guest room next door? Get to know each other. Talk. I'll come check on you in exactly ten minutes."

I felt like I was being singled out or something as I stood up along with Mark and walked to the bedroom next door. There was a bed there, and a single chair, so I sat down on the bed. Mark sat next to me, less than a foot away, and didn't look up at me.

We didn't say a word for the longest time.

"I really didn't mean for him to notice," Mark finally said.

I kind of laughed. Nervous.

"I know."

We were quiet for a while again.

"I really do think you're neat."

I laughed again.

He wasn't bad looking in any way, at all. I just didn't feel as much for him that I did for Jerry. There was just something so awesome about Jerry's butt, and his body, and his looks. But Mark was nothing to turn down.

"You're not so bad yourself."

"I know I'm not. I'm nothing like you are."

"Like me? Why do you even... what's so special about me?"

He looked at me for the first time since we came to that room. He was built bigger than me, but I was more muscular from all the farm work. His brown eyes were nice, for sure. He had a nice tan, too. Thick eyelashes made his already dark eyes seem even darker. His blush showed even through that tan. He had nice lips, too, now that I looked. They were nicely shaped and darkly red, and the lower one was much larger than the upper. He licked his lips, probably because his mouth was as dry as mine from nerves. I could almost see him shaking.

I had seen how big he was down there. It was the biggest of all ours, but Jerry's. He had more hair than me down there, too. Nice brown hair, too. And a nice set of balls made it obvious he was a little older than me, or started growing sooner than me. They were almost like Jerry's, almost real ones.

"You have the greatest hair," he said, glancing at it. "And... " he looked down at his feet. "You have the greatest body, Freddie." He looked back at me and met my eyes. "Your eyes make me want to fall inside them. And I want to kiss your lips so bad."

I swallowed. It wasn't easy.

"I'm really sorry if that embarrasses you. Jerry said I should tell you."

We were quiet again. I didn't know what to say. It seemed so weird to have a guy telling me that he liked me, and he liked what I looked like. But to say he wanted to fall into my eyes, and wanted to kiss me, that was a real stunner.

"Can I?"

"Uh... what?"

"Can I kiss you? Just once?"

His voice was higher and I could almost feel his nervousness. I suddenly wanted him to. I wanted to kiss him.

He looked up after a few seconds. I nodded. He laughed, sort of, and looked really happy. He leaned toward me. My guts went all liquid and swirly. I couldn't believe I was going to kiss a boy! Kissing the coach had seemed different, at least when it occurred to me as he leaned closer to me. We had been doing it. But now Mark was leaning to kiss me and we weren't naked and doing it.

His eyes were closed, I closed mine, and then his lips were on mine. They were warm and wet. We stayed there with our lips touching for a long time. Then he pulled away. We opened our eyes. He looked like he had just won the Super Bowl.

"Was it okay?" I asked.

"Oh, gosh, yes!" he said all breathlessly.

His grin was enormous! He fidgeted.

I didn't think about it. It was like an instinct. I leaned over and kissed him. He made the cutest little squeak! I opened my mouth and kissed him the way coach had. He did the same thing then, and we started really kissing. We both were starting to breathe really quickly. I got hard. Thrills and tingles started up. Suddenly, we were holding each other and pressing up against each other, and kissing and panting and groping.

"Well, I see things are working out," Jerry said.

We jerked apart as if it were our parents catching us. Jerry walked in and pulled the chair over in front of us.

"That was hot," he said, grinning at us.

We glanced at each other. He looked as red-faced as I felt.

He reached out and grabbed our crotches. We both flinched and snickered.

"See you both approve."

He pulled his hands back.

"So, you guys okay with how you feel for each other?"

We looked at each other. I had no idea.

"Mark, did you tell him what we talked about?"

Mark nodded at him.

"Freddie? Did he tell you he likes you? How he likes your eyes and your hair?"

I nodded. It was humiliating!

"How do you feel about him?"

"I don't know. Okay, I guess."

"Would you be okay with spending the afternoon with just him today? Or you can both come back to the group."

I looked at Mark for a moment. I wondered what he wanted. I thought about David, and kind of wanted to see his naked body, but not very much. I was just curious more than anything. I'd seen it once a little bit in the coach's office Monday, anyway.

"I'd rather stay with Mark."

"Okay. If you guys only talk, that's fine. If you get busy, that's fine. None of us will ask. It's none of our business. If any of the guys ask, tell me. I'm going to tell them not to. I'll see you in a while. I'll come back over in..." he looked at the little clock on the wall, "forty-seven minutes. I'll knock," he added with a grin. "If you don't come over before then. You're welcome to, by the way. At least talk, you guys. Mark has a huge crush on you, Freddie. If you're not interested, tell him. It's easier to know sooner than later. Okay?"

I nodded.

Jerry left without looking back and closed the door behind him.

We were quiet for a while.



"We can go next door. Or just sit here. You don't have to tell me you don't like me. I know you don't. Not like I like you."

"Do I have to like you to do it with you?"

He laughed, then looked at me. He shrugged.

"I do like you. It's just... I like Jerry more. I know he don't like me as much as I like him. So I guess I know exactly what you feel about how I feel about you. You're... uh, I like how you look. I do. You have great hair and stuff."

We snickered.

"Do you want to?" he asked.

I nodded.

"I do. A lot. I don't care if I like you more. I just want to... you know..."

"Do it?" I asked with a snicker.

He giggled. I leaned over to him and we kissed.

Massive thrills coursed through me. What we had done in the group was different. Jerry wasn't there to tell us what to do. We were on our own. This was just the two of us. And Mark really liked me.

That was so shocking! A boy really liked me! That made what we were already doing seem all that much more... important?

It couldn't have been more exciting. I didn't think so, anyway. I was pretty much shaking with those thrills. When his hand went under my shirt and across my tummy I shivered and lost my breath. I copied his moves. Pretty soon we were helping each other out of our shirts. He had nice brown nipples and a flat stomach. And a cute innie navel. I saw how his erection was outlined in his pants. It was so obvious how hard he was.

He pulled me over on top of him and lay on his back. We kissed even deeper and harder. I found myself holding him like I was cradling a baby. It felt good, and kind of right, and he sure seemed to like it. He groaned a little around our kisses. His legs wrapped around mine, and he pulled me so tightly against him.

I was going crazy! All the fun stuff we had done in the group, and the really fun stuff with the coach yesterday had been neat, and great, but this was something even more.

We began grinding our groins together. That drove me crazy! My dick throbbed and I was sure leaking into my shorts. I could feel his erection against it sometimes, or lower belly just above my own. He kept moaning. I started letting myself.



"Do what you did before?"

"You mean, well, to you?"


"Okay. If you want."

"Yes. I do! I loved it! Do it again! Please!"

"We don't have any Vaseline."

"Jer said there was some in the closet."

I laughed.

"What?" he asked, stopping the awesome kisses and looking at me.

"You guys got things all set up, huh?"

He laughed.

"He said it was there, is all. He said there was paper towels there, too. On the top shelf behind the boxes, in a small box marked cleaning stuff."

"You guys talked about this happening?"

"He said in case," he said, looking embarrassed.

It made him look even better.

"You are actually cute," I heard myself say.

He laughed. He pushed my hair off my forehead and said, "You're so very handsome, Freddie."

I laughed now. And blushed. And probably looked embarrassed.

"Hang on," I said.

I got up, and as soon as I stood up, I saw where he looked. I looked down and saw how it was pushing out my jeans. It was so obvious. I looked at him, saw how obvious his was. We looked at each other's faces and laughed.

I went to the closet and found the box right where it was supposed to be. I brought it to the bed and opened it. There was little jar of Vaseline, a partial roll of paper towels, a wooden broom handle painted black, which made the two of us laugh as we assumed what it was for, and a foot-long piece of really narrow rubber hose like for windshield wipers. We had no idea what it was for.

I took out the jar and we snickered. He started unfastening his jeans. I reached out and stopped him. I did it for him. He giggled. I helped him out of his pants. He had a huge wet spot on his shorts. I could smell it. I liked that smell a lot. I helped him out of his shorts. His big dick was dark red and pulsed with his heartbeat. It was a little longer than mine, probably getting close to six inches long. His balls were more defined than mine, and almost looked like real ones, like Jerry's and coach's. He had more hair than me, too. He almost had a real triangle of brown hair. I reached down and cupped his balls, and saw and felt that he had hairs growing on the skin of his sack, too. I barely had any but a few wild ones, but he had real ones sprouting all over it.

"Nice," I whispered.

They were. They were larger and heavier than mine, and they felt really good. I grabbed his dick with my other hand and squeezed it. A drop formed on the tip at the little hole there. I leaned down and licked it up. It was salty and nice. I licked all over his head. It was so soft and so smooth. It was the perfect texture on my tongue. The edges weren't as defined as mine. The glans was longer, too. Smoother and longer. So different.

I moved my lips together and then let his dick spread them apart as I slid them down it. I started sucking. His breath hissed in through his teeth and his hands went to the back of my head. His body shivered.

"Awww, Freddie! God!"

His dick swelled up and jerked. I tasted more of that yummy salty stuff.

"Please stop!"

I did. He looked amazed.

"I want to do... you know. I don't want to finish that way. At least, not until..."

I grinned and nodded.

I grabbed the Vaseline again. He took it from me, then put it down. He pushed me down on my back and took my jeans off, He played with my erection through my underwear for a few moments, smiling up at me and looking really embarrassed and really cute.

Then he pulled them off. He stared at it.


"Yeah? What?"

"You got the nicest stuff."

His hand started playing with my balls, then he gripped my dick and stroked it a couple of times, then he put his mouth on it. Those awesome tingles started right away. His mouth was so warm and so wet and so soft! That weird and unbelievable sensation of suction was so awesome! And his hand playing with my balls was adding to it. Huge shivers ran through my entire body and made my breathing shaky.

"Oh, shit! Mark! Wow!"

My hips wanted to thrust. I let the grunts and groans come out. I held onto the back of his head and grabbed his hair. He went all the way down. That was too much!

"Shit! Don't!"

He stopped and sat up. I shivered hard! I was so close!

"Ready?" he asked me.

I nodded. He opened the jar and started putting the greasy stuff on my dick. That felt so good! He stroked it on, making me jerk and twitch.

"You better stop or it'll all be over!" I warned him with a laugh.

He laughed and went onto his back. He pulled his legs up to his shoulders. That view of his most private area made my dick jerk like mad. The way his scrotum let his balls hang was so neat. It almost looked as if his scrotum was stretched and his balls were hugged by the soft, supple skin. The skin behind there was paler than the rest of him. His brown hole twitched constantly. It was so perfectly puckered. I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at.

I scooped some of the grease up with two fingers, then pushed it onto and round his hole. It twitched and moved as I touched it, which made my dick twitch and throb. I couldn't wait!

I slid one finger in so easily that I put the second in almost right away. I watched as the soft skin of his hole gripped my fingers and moved as I slid them in and out of it. He sort of whimpered. He was smiling so nicely. I could tell how much he liked this. I knew how great it felt. I twisted my fingers inside of him and found a small, round object about where I thought the coach had pushed inside of me.

Mark jerked and gasped. His dick bounced like crazy.

"Oh, shit! Freddie!"

"Like that?"

"Hell yes! More!"

I played with that object, rubbing and probing at it. Finding out how hard was too hard to push on it, that he liked it being rubbed smoothly front to back, and that it was pretty much connected directly to his penis. He was leaking clear, sticky fluid so much that it was all over the insides of both of his thighs and running down the top of his dick.

"God! Please! I want it to be you inside!"

I couldn't wait either.

It was awkward and weird to get in the right position so that I could start putting it in, and it took some time, but eventually I was watching my dick slide inside of him. It was amazing! Not only to see it happening, but to feel it! It was hot and tight! It felt like soft, smooth velvet. It was awkward, for sure, but I was finally inside of him, all the way. My chest was against the underside of his thighs, and we could kiss now. Boy, did we ever!

I held the back of his head with both hands and devoured his lips. My dick was tingling and throbbing, and his hole tightened around it from time to time. I didn't have to fuck him. Just being like that did it. The pressure was suddenly there, already built up, and it came rushing out. I groaned into his mouth as I shot into his butt. My dick pulsed and his hole clenched. We grunted and groaned. Suddenly he shook all over beneath me and grunted even louder. Then I felt warmth on my belly. He kept grunting and I felt little splashes on my skin. His hole clamped down on my softening dick, forcing it out.

"Ohhh, god!" he almost screamed as my dick popped out while he was still squirting onto my belly and his thighs.

We collapsed together and his legs slowly straightened out. We kissed some more and touched each other. We were both sticky from his semen, but we didn't care. We were both breathing pretty hard.

"Oh, wow," he whispered.

"We didn't even do it right," I said, amazed.

"I know! But wow! It worked okay if you ask me!"

"No doubts!"


"Yeah, wow!"

We sort of panted for a while, kissing sometimes, touching a lot. I smeared some of his semen around on my belly. It was as if it were my own. I couldn't tell any difference. I almost tasted it, but I wasn't sure what he would think of my doing that. He must have looked at the clock.

"We got a couple minutes," then he slid down the bed and put my dick into his mouth.

I wondered if he could taste his ass on it. He didn't seem to mind if he did. He sucked it like crazy, and it was so tingly and so sensitive! Christ! I almost clawed my way off the bed to get away!

"It tickles too much!" I told him, having to pull him off of it.

I saw that he was still hard. Or hard again. I dove on it. He giggled and squirmed and went insane. I sucked it, tasting his cum and liking it. I went hard and fast, and he didn't last long at all. He started thrusting his hips hard and his dick deeply into my mouth, then held still and grunted low and loud. His semen exploded into the back of my mouth. His dick swelled and pulsed each time. His hands pushed me down on it even further, and I let him. I was surprised it didn't make me gag, but it was just short of making me do that. It kept swelling and throbbing and then he pulled me off of it.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned, then pulled me up to kiss me hard and deep.

It was awesome! He was panting so hard he had to quit kissing so he could breathe. We smiled at each other for a little bit, then there was a knock on the door.

We scrambled for our clothes. I just thought that I should tell him to wait a second when the door opened. He laughed when he saw us struggling into our underwear.

"Come next door when you're dressed," he said really softly.

His smile was funny. Mark and I laughed and got dressed after wiping off somewhat. He put away the things from the box and put it back.

When we walked in next door they were all sitting on the bed and Jerry was in the chair at his desk. They were talking and smiling, even David. He looked more comfortable now, smiling and seemingly having a good time. He blushed darkly when he saw us walk in.

"Okay, guys," Jerry said when Mark and I joined the others on the bed. "No talking about any of this. To anyone. Ever. You know the consequences. And no asking Mark and Freddie if or what happened between them. If they talked, or sat in silence, or screwed like rabbits is none of our business. Got it?"

Everyone replied, "Yes, sir!"

"Okay. Let's get you all home."

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