Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Six

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I was last to be dropped off, as usual. David lived closest to Jerry and had been first. He was talkative and friendly now. I guessed that he was past whatever shyness he had been having. Once we were alone, Jerry looked over at me and grinned really widely.

"What?" I asked.

"I was glad to see you and Mark got along."

I snickered and got embarrassed.

"Sorry I didn't wait to open the door longer, but I was too curious."

"It's okay. You've seen us naked, anyway."

"Yeah, but I could have let you have more privacy."

"Nah. Your house. It was nice of you to even knock."

"Believe me, I thought about opening the door without knocking."

He laughed. I did too. I noticed he had an erection.



"Did, uh, well, you know, uh, get taken care of?"

He seemed surprised by the question.

"I did."



"Well. I see you got a boner."

It was embarrassing! How could saying that be so embarrassing when I'd seen it already, touched it, sucked it, and said far more embarrassing things? Weird.

"Well, when I saw you two all stumbling around and trying to get in your clothes, it got hard again. That's all. And, well, I can smell it on you. You didn't get a chance to clean up well. Maybe we should stop at the gas station so you can use the bathroom to wash up some."

I sniffed. I could smell it too.

"Yeah. I think I should."

"Want to go back to my place and wash up right? I'll call your folks and tell them we'll be a little bit."

"Yeah, good idea."

We listened to the radio until we got to his place. Since we were alone, those thoughts of him kept wanting me to tell him. It seemed okay to, I just didn't have the guts.

He led me to the bathroom and got out a clean wash rag.

"Want a shower instead?"

"Nah." I pulled off my shirt. "Well, uh, yeah, actually."

I was sticky all over my front and sides.

He laughed and got a towel for me.

"The overnight bag you brought is in my room. I'll go get it."

He turned to leave. I saw his erection again. I loved looking there on him anyway.


"Yeah, Freddie?"

"Uh, can I talk to you a minute?"

I put my shirt on the sink before I twisted it into a knot. I forced myself to hold my hands at my sides and look at him.

"Sure. What's up?'

I snickered and nodded at his crotch. He laughed.

"You're a real horn-dog to notice, you know that?"

I laughed.

"Uh, Jer, I, uh, I always look."

"You get caught and it'll be hell. Be careful."

"I mean... you."

"What d'you mean?"

I stared at his eyes.

"I mean... like how Mark likes me? It... I like you that way."'

I swallowed.

He smiled really nicely.


I nodded.

"Well, Freddie, thanks. Cool."

"I know you don't me, like how I don't Mark. You like who you like, like you said."

"Yeah. But I do find you really cute."

"Like I do Mark. But... I like you how he likes me."

"What makes you think so?"

I sighed. It was hard to talk about. And I didn't know what to say to explain it.

"Who do you think about when you take care of it at home?" he asked.

"Nobody. I don't at home. Save it up for the meetings. Like you said to."

"Good. But, ever dream?"

"All the time!"

"Of who?"

I cleared my throat.

"You. Every one. The other guys are there sometimes. But... you are all the time."

"Get ready for your shower. Don't get in, just get undressed. Be right back."

That was a weird thing to tell me, I thought. But I did. I heard him talking, so I assumed he was calling my folks. That was hugely embarrassing. There I was, stripping down in his bathroom, my dick all hard again, and he was on the phone with my parents. Probably my mom. He was back almost as soon as I stepped out of my underwear, carrying my overnight kit we had been told to get together after that first day.

He started stripping. I blinked and goggled. He grinned. I watched him get naked. It made my erection go nuts!

"So, tell me what you like about me," he said when he was naked in front of me.

"Gosh! Jerry!" I was so incredibly embarrassed.

"Don't get all shy now. Look and point. Tell me what's so attractive."

I snickered loudly, then pointed at his chest.

"What?" he asked, grinning.

"I like your chest. It's... I like the hair. And your... nipples."

"Anything else?"

I laughed and pointed at his huge erection.

"What about it?"

"It's... how straight it is. And big. And the hair. And..."


"Your nuts."

"What about 'em?"

"How big they are. And... that they... how they move."

He swayed his hips side to side. I laughed.

"Uh, Jer?"


"I really like your butt."


I groaned and rolled my eyes. He laughed.

"What's the best part of me?"

I didn't know, until I looked at him. Then I saw it.

"Your smile."

He smiled even wider.

"I don't have a boyfriend right now. And you're too young, to be honest. Understand?"

I nodded, a little hurt. I didn't really think he would want to be boyfriends, and the entire idea of having a boyfriend was too bizarre anyway.

"You're very cute, Freddie. You have a great little body. A cute face. Nice hair. And I love your laugh."

I laughed in embarrassment, then hoped he didn't think I had just because he said he liked it.

"We really can't be boyfriends. You should find another freshman for that. But, tell ya what. If you can keep it secret, we can mess around."


"After the meetings, I can take the rest of the guys home, and we can come back here and mess around together. Alone."


"Just for a while. Not very long. Maybe just this time. Okay?"

I nodded hard enough to shake my head off my neck.

He stepped up to me and put his arms around me. I wrapped mine around him. He was so much taller than me that my face was between his nipples.

"Let's get in the shower."

I followed him in, looking directly at his butt. He caught me doing so.

"You really like my butt, huh?" he asked as he turned on the water.

I nodded, so embarrassed. He stepped into the water and pulled me in with him. He hugged me for a moment then kissed me. It was really nice!

"Well, why don't you wash it for me?"


I grabbed the wash rag and got started. He leaned against the wall with his hands and spread his legs. His buttocks were so round and full, and just meaty. I liked how his hairs went all the way down to his thighs and kept going down to his shins.

"Get up in there, all the way."

I was more than a little willing! I washed him so well I could have eaten dinner out of his crack. The brown hair on his cheeks were so soft looking.



"Get on your knees."

I did.

"Use your tongue."


The idea was bizarre, but I suddenly thought it would be a lot of fun! I looked at his butt as he spread his cheeks with his hands. His dark pucker was wet. He didn't answer. I leaned forward and put my tongue against it. It didn't taste gross, just like skin. A faint hint of unpleasant odor and a bitter taste. I licked harder. More. Pretty soon I was digging my tongue inside and holding his cheeks apart myself.

"Damn! Freddie! Like that! It feels great!"

He let me go crazy for a long time. I enjoyed it immensely.

"Stand up."

I did.

He went to his knees and showed me what it felt like. I loved it! His tongue felt so weird! But so good! I couldn't hold back the moans. I didn't try.

His hands slid up my sides until he was hugging me from behind. I felt his erection against the small of my back at the top of my crack. He reached down and stroked me with one hand and played with my balls with the other. It was great! I managed to turn my head enough that we could kiss over my shoulder. Wow, was I having a great time!

"Jer? You don't have to answer, remember. But, did you let coach screw you?"

Uh-huh," I moaned as we kissed again.

"Did you like it?"


"Would you like if I did?"


"Or would you rather screw me?"

"You..." Kisses. "Me."

I felt his dick sliding down my butt, then slipping between my cheeks. I wondered if he had Vaseline in the shower. He positioned his dick against my hole, and began to slowly push. I was ready to tell him to stop. We kept kissing, and the water kept running over and between us, and his hands kept roaming all over me, and his dick kept pushing so gently against my hole. Amazingly, after what seemed like forever, I felt it beginning to enter me. It was beautiful! So slow and gentle! His hot, hard dick spread me open so slowly that it didn't hurt at all. Not even a little bit of pinching. Soon, his front was pressed against my back and I knew he was all the way in.

He began screwing me. So slow and so deep and so... good!

I groaned like never before! It felt so... oh, god! Waves of pleasure rolled up through me from my ass. It was just magnificent!

Not once did he move quickly. Slow and gentle. Forever! His breathing got so rapid as we kissed over my shoulder. I didn't know how he could still be standing! My own legs were on the verge of collapsing! They shook powerfully. I was afraid that I might fall, but I wasn't going to say or do anything that stopped the wonderful feelings of his dick inside of me.

He started grunting louder around our kisses, then he pushed deeply into me and held there, quivering. I felt his dick dancing in me, swelling and pulsing. And I felt wetness inside. Knowing that he was coming inside of me made me groan out loud and long. Wow, did I just love that! Ten or more times his dick danced in my hole before he grunted with relief and began pulling it out.

"Was it okay?" he asked.

I couldn't even talk. I tried to say it was great, but I just grinned and gasped at him. He laughed. He turned to face away from me and bent over. His ass was so perfect!

"Your turn, big boy."

He had his legs as far apart as he could get inside the bathtub and his knees bent outward. It was barely enough. I almost had to stand on my tip-toes. He reached under himself and helped.

"There, Freddie. Push."

I did. I felt that warm, soft, smooth flesh spread open around the end of my dick. I shivered all over! It was amazing! Even better than Mark! It was Jerry! And from behind like this, his round, perfect ass cheeks were just so... beautiful! I watched my dick slide in between them, vanishing. What a huge thrill!

"Oh, god, fuck!" I whispered as his hole moved over the sensitive edges of my head.

I shuddered so much! My legs ached! I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it! I knew my legs wouldn't last.

"I can't."

"Why not?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

"My legs are gonna give out. I'm sorry!"

He laughed, kind of gentle and not rude at all.

"Take it out."

I did, but so reluctantly. I felt so badly that I wasn't man enough.

He shut off the water and led me by the hand to his room. He got the Vaseline and applied it to my throbbing dick. I could have finished so easily if he had just done that for a few strokes more.

He had me lay on my back, then he got on his knees over me. I grinned so widely! He began sliding me into himself. When he was sitting down on my lap, my dick inside of him, he put my hands on his thighs. Then he lifted himself on his legs a few inches, leaving about half of me in him.

"Screw me, Freddie."

He smiled so cutely. I moved my hips and felt him sliding up and down my thrilling penis. Wow!

"Awww! God!"

"Use my name Freddie."

"Jer! Oh, Jer! It feels so great!"

"Screw me, Freddie."

"Jerry! It feels so good!"

"Screw me Freddie!"


I was slamming my hips into his big, round butt cheeks. What a thrill! The loud smacking noise was so sexy! Having my hips in full motion seemed to make it so much more pleasurable.

When I looked away from his face, I saw that he was hard again, and bouncing up and down as I slammed my dick into him. His balls hung far enough that they bounced on my belly when I pushed up. I grabbed his long dick and started stroking it with one hand and playing with his big, heavy balls with the other.

"Yeah! That's the way, Freddie. Screw me and stroke me!"

"Jerry! Oh, god!"

I was getting close. Really close. And fast! It was way too exciting.

"Oh, god!"

He dropped all of his weight down on me so that I couldn't move.

"Not yet, Freddie. Stroke me. Make me catch up."

Boy, did I! I pounded his dick.

"Use your hand on the end of it."

I did. He got wet and slippery. He lifted up and I didn't need to be told. I stroked his big dick and screwed his beautiful ass. I watched his handsome face contort. He looked down at me, smiling. I smiled back. It was wonderful!

"Oh, Freddie! That's so good! You have a great dick! Screw me, Freddie. Fuckin' screw me! Slow and deep!"

I thrust into him as far as I could. His ass was so soft when my hips pressed against it. And his hole was so hot and tight and smooth and velvety. It was pure bliss!

He clenched it at times, which was awesome. He wiggled around sometimes, which was incredible. I popped out and he reached down and put me back in.

"Fuck! That's so nice!"

I started doing that from time to time. He laughed, obviously knowing that I was doing it on purpose. I loved how it felt to slide back inside of him. He clearly liked it too.

His dick got so wet and slick! I rubbed it all around the tip, which made him grunt and his hole clench around me. Wow, that was great!

I pushed myself into him, paused, then pulled almost out. Again and again. Slow and deep. Slow and almost out. Sometimes I got the sensitive edges of my head just right in his ring of muscle and he clenched just right and I would nearly finish right then!

"You're a great screw, Freddie! Oh, man! So good! I love how you do it! You know how to use your hands, too!"

I hoped he was close, because his face and his voice and what he was saying was making me get close again.

"Oh, God, Jer! I'm going to!"

"Do it! Shoot that stuff! Come in me! Screw me and cum in me! Get me off with your hands while you screw me and cum in me! God! You're so good!"

That did it! I pushed a last time and my body locked, except for the huge shudders from head to toe and my nearly cramping legs that kicked wildly. My eyes clamped shut. It felt like I was shooting so hard I might hurt something inside of him!

"Ahhhh! Jer! Oh! Shit! Ahhh!"

I shuddered so much I couldn't breathe! My legs kicked like crazy! I barely kept stroking his dick.

The only sound I could make was a short, rough grunt, deep from my guts. I wasn't breathing at all now. Just tense and tight all over as I emptied out inside of him. I could feel the sides of him on the sides of my penis as it swelled and pumped in him. It was magnificent!

"God! Going!" Jerry hissed.

I felt his hole clench down around my dick so tightly it was nearly painful. Then I felt his dick dance in my hands and his semen land on my face, from chin to brow. It landed with a solid plop that I heard and felt. And that sent me off all over again! I had been finishing, the last waves coursing through me, but they began again! And so much more powerfully! It was well beyond anything I had felt yet! I knew second time around was better, but this was with Jerry, too! And I was porking that incredible ass! And it had been so slow and taken so long. It was like I was being dehydrated and squirting it all into him.

His semen landed on my neck. My dick felt as if it were going to swell up so far it would split open inside of him! His hole clenched around my dick and more of his semen landed on my chest. My dick felt as if cracks were spreading all over the skin of it, threatening to rip open. His hole clenched around me again and more of his semen landed on my belly. It felt as if my balls were being pulled out through my urethra. His hole clamped down as if it were going to cut my dick in half. More of his semen shot out onto my stomach. A nearly painful ache rose behind my sack, deep and pulsing. More of his semen flowed onto my stomach. His hole clenched around my pulsing cock. My cock painfully pulsed inside of him. I didn't think any more semen was coming out of me. My hands were coated with his hot, slippery, sticky stuff.

Everything stopped. We were both stationary, silent, shuddering.


My body suddenly went limp all over and my breath returned with a loud gasp.


I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me, grinning so incredibly widely.

"Jer!" I half-sighed, half-moaned, smiling just as widely.

"You can screw!"

I laughed. He leaned down and we kissed really deeply and really hard around our panting breaths. I wrapped both arms around him and pulled him tightly against me. I popped out of him. That tickled insanely!

He straightened out his legs and lay on me. His semen smeared between us along with our sweat. We kept kissing. He stopped long enough to lick this semen off my face, then returned to kissing me. The taste of my own cum filled my mouth. I loved it.

"Freddie, honest, that was the best!"

"I know! It was great!"

"You can really screw!"

I laughed.

"And you know how to use your hands, too."

I laughed again. It was so embarrassing.

"You were great, Jer! That was great!"

We smiled at each other for a while, then we kissed more. Softly now, though, gently, tenderly. It was great!

"We need to shower again."

We did. But just to get clean this time. We laughed a lot and grabbed a lot, but we didn't get hard enough to do it again. I was really exhausted. My legs were so wobbly. It had to be a fast shower.

We watched each other get dressed.



"Want to do this again next week? After the meeting?"


We laughed together.



"You got any plans this weekend?"

"Uh, not really. Why?"

"I got an idea."

He explained it as he drove me home. What an idea! He came inside with me.

"Hi Mom, Dad."

They were watching the television.

"Hello, boys. Glad you weren't as late as you feared you'd be," Mom said, smiling.

"Yeah, we kinda rushed the guys the last part. That's what I'd like to talk to you about."

"What's that?" Dad asked.

"Well, the class is bigger than we thought it would be. We even had another new guy join today. We don't have enough time for everybody to get through the exercises and such in the time we have. So, we're considering extending the class time."

"How so?"

"Well, I know he has to be home for dinner, all the students do, and the coaches don't want to hear their wives every night complain about cold meals and such."

He laughed with my parents.

"So, us seniors are willing to stay another hour later each night. We won't always be at the usual place, we can use the wrestling weight room and the club downtown, too. And I have weights at home. So we'll be moving around to different places. But the thing is, if you're okay with it, Fred can stay until six or so instead of just five."

Dad looked at me. Then at Mom.

"Well, dear, are you willing to have dinner ready a little later?" Dad asked Mom.

"Are you kidding? Another hour to have it ready? I have no complaint!"

I finally breathed.

"I don't see why not. As long as he's with you boys and not on the streets or something."

"No, sir. He'll be under me the whole time."

I hoped my eyes didn't get as wide as it felt they had! The blush was hard to stop.

"I'm his group leader. Where I go, he and the other four boys in our group go."

"Well, that's fine with me."

"That's swell! Thanks."

"How's he doing?"

"Great! He's a real standout!"

"How's that?"

"He's got great stamina!"

God, how I blushed!

"He not only finishes once, he likes to go a second time. Most of the guys are wiped out after the first round."

Jeepers! My face could've guided planes in for a safe landing in a dense fog!

"He doesn't get all in a rush, either. He takes his time to do it right."

Now I was blushing so brightly that I could have easily guided a nearly blind pilot in safely in broad daylight during a sandstorm.

"I've never seen him so embarrassed," Mom said, grinning.

Jerry tousled my hair and grinned at me. I could have hugged him, after pounding the living daylights out of him.

"He's an exceptional guy," Jerry added. "If you're okay with it, I'd like to pick him up for some activities with the older guys this weekend."

"What activities? What older guys?"

"We seniors mess around. I'd like to see how he holds up against some of us. See what it takes to wear him out."

Oh, dear god, I could have started a fire in an asbestos factory with my face now!

"He won't get hurt, will he?" Mom asked.

"Oh, heck no. Well, maybe a little. Nothing he can't handle. Maybe a couple of new things. We'll be careful."

"You think he's up for such a thing?" Mom asked.

"Oh, I think he'll be up for it."

His grin was so evil. I just hoped my parents didn't notice it. Or that blood vessels were probably rupturing all over my face.

"Are you wanting to spend this much time with this?" Dad asked.


"You like it that much?"

I had to think for a moment.

"It's the most fun I've ever had!"

"Well, he sure doesn't have anything to do out here. I wish we lived closer to town and his friends. All he has to do here is chores. And he better find time to get them done."

"I won't shirk a one!" I promised.

"Well, fine. So long as you're enjoying yourself."

Oh, and how!

"I am!"

"Fine. I'm glad he's found something he likes to do."

"So am I. He's something. I'm really glad he found his way to us," Jerry said, tousling my hair again.

I sighed, gave him the best perturbed look I could haul up, and straightened my hair again.

"Well, I best get home. I have some cleaning up to do. See you tomorrow evening, Freddie, about five."


He said goodnight to my folks and I walked him to the door.

"You're so cute when you blush like that," he said quietly.

"You're such a horse's ass sometimes!" I hissed.

"You loved it."

He tousled my hair yet again.

I sighed even louder and made a huge show of straightening it down again.

"Do you have a dime, by the way?"

"Uh, sure. I reached into my pocket.

"No, not now. Save it for tomorrow."

"What for?"

"You'll see."

He laughed and waved, opened the door, winked at me, then closed it behind him.

I could have followed him and hugged and kissed him until I turned old and gray.

Instead, I sighed again and started heading to my room. Mom called me. I walked to the den.


"Freddie?" she asked.


"You hated it when we called you that."

"Jer's not my folks."

"I see," she said, smiling.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Yes. Get your homework done, then your chores, and get to bed."

"Yes, ma'am."

I sighed in relief as soon as I got around the corner. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for anything.

Homework was heavy, and it was almost nine before I was done. Then chores took almost two hours. I showered and then went to bed. I was out like a light.

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