Me and My Cousin

Even Later That Night

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I had to pee. I opened my eyes and realized I was naked, sitting in the chez lounge, arm-in-arm with my cousin Aaron. And that we had fallen asleep after jerking each other off after waiting for an hour after I had given him a blow-job.

I looked over at him, naked, and saw that he was fully hard. I looked up to his face, afraid I was going to see him laughing at his fag cousin staring at his naked body. His eyes were closed, though, and his mouth a little open. He looked like he always did when he was asleep. I'd spent a lot of time looking at him as he slept, wishing I had the guts to reach out and touch him. Even kiss him. But he had clothes on all those times. This time he was naked, and so was I, and we were arm-in-arm. Our sides touched from armpits to ankles. I could feel his warm body against mine.

I started getting hard immediately. It kind of tickled and prickled as it moved and swelled up. Tingles began inside me. I stared at his hard dick. It was beautiful. His orange-red pubes were so hot. His foreskin was barely bunched up behind his head, just covering his soft, gentle edges. There was a tiny hint that maybe there was some pre-cum just about to run out of the little, tight hole. It bobbed a little, and he moaned a little. The sound was familiar. I'd heard him groan like that a bunch of times when I had woken up at night to use the bathroom and had watched him sleep. I wondered if he was having a sexy dream. I hoped so, and I hoped it was going to be a wet dream.

I wondered how many of those times I had watched him sleep and heard him moan like that he had been hard in his pants. How many times he had actually, really, been having a hot dream. Those thoughts made me even harder and even more excited. I kept wanting to reach out with my free hand and touch his dick. Play with it. And his balls. Or at least touch his body somewhere, but I was too scared to. I didn't want to wake him up and have him afraid to ever fall asleep with me in the same room again.

Not only would it just suck for obvious reasons, but if I ruined the friendship he and I had, then I would have almost nothing. I had a few other friends, but none were anything near as close as Aaron. We lived in a fairly small town outside Indianapolis. It had nothing to do, one high school, and everybody knew each other. If I lost my close friendship with Aaron, I might as well dry up and blow away. If Aaron told anyone about me, I might as well curl up and die.

He moaned again. When I looked down, there was a drop of pre-cum there, like a round jewel sitting at the tip. It began to roll down over the top of his head. I reached out and so carefully touched my fingertip to it, then put it into my mouth. It was so salty and almost sweet. I sighed and shivered.

I really had to pee, badly. If I didn't soon, I was going to have to shake my legs to keep from peeing all over myself. I always got up at night, and I always had to go really badly. It was no big deal, but now it was, naked with Aaron in the chez lounge, our arms around each other, both of us hard. And I would have to crawl out over him since the chair was near the wall on my side.

I thought how he couldn't be mad at me or anything if I woke him up trying to get to the bathroom. I had to pull my arm out from under his neck and shoulders. I moved it so slow, being so careful. My hand just slid out from behind him when we jerked and opened his eyes. He looked around, looking confused and sleepy. He saw that I was naked and looked even more confused. He saw that he was naked, then he looked almost like he was going to ask me why I had taken his clothes off and was naked next to him, and why we were both hard.

Then he laughed. I could have collapsed with relief.

"Tried not to wake me up, huh?"

"Uh, yeah. Got to piss, man."

He wrinkled his brow and looked back down at our naked bodies and our erections.

"You wasn't jerking me off in my sleep?"

"Uh, no!"

"Sure," he laughed.

"No! Honest! I woke up and had to pee. I only... only got hard because you were!"

I was afraid that he wasn't going to believe me, but he nodded and I saw that he did.

"I wouldn't," I said.

I sure would have liked to, but I didn't, and hadn't, and probably couldn't have.

He smiled a little and held onto his dick, sort of covering it up, then said, "So hurry up."

I had to climb out over him, and he knew it, so I did. It was enormously embarrassing. I had to reach one leg way over his lap, hold onto the back of the chez lounge with a hand on both sides of his head, then swing the other leg over once I had the first foot on the floor. My junk was hanging right over his, like I was going to sit on his dick.

We laughed a lot, both of us getting really red-faced.

"Hurry the hell up, cuz," he said as I got both feet on the floor and started heading toward the bathroom. "No stopping to jerk it. Just get back here so I can get back to sleep."

I nodded and didn't look back. I had to stand there and think about boring stuff to get my dick to go soft enough so I could pee. I wanted to whack it badly, but I always did what he said. I didn't know why, I thought about it, but I couldn't figure out why. He never bossed me around or anything, but he when he did tell me to do something, I just wanted to. Finally, thinking about that, it got soft and I peed, then shook it and went back.

He was sitting with his hands behind his head. He was still hard. He was grinning like we were up to something that would have our folks shaking their heads at us soon. I got that feeling I always did when he grinned like that. I smiled, like I always did at those times.

"What?" I asked, stopping next to the chair before I started climbing over him, and starting to get hard again.

It felt like I should put my hands over myself to hide it, but I didn't want to. I had to force myself not to let my hands cover my nakedness, and my growing erection. He looked at it, and had to notice it was getting bigger again. He grinned back up at me. I snickered, embarrassed, and suspecting his thoughts.

He nodded to his side, for me to sit down again. I lifted a leg over his lap, put my hands on either side of his head, put that knee on the chair on the far side of his lap, and then rotated around and plopped down next to him. His hand flew out to my lap and he grabbed my dick. He grinned and laughed.

He started jerking it. It felt great. I reached down and started jerking his. We laughed a little while we did it again. I watched his hand on my dick, and my hand on his dick, and his face. He did about the same thing. We didn't do anything special, just jerked each other off, like we had that first time a month ago.

In just a couple of minutes, we were hissing our breaths and groaning a little. We both leaked pre-cum and wiped it around each other's heads. It was great!

It was way too soon when he said, "I'm gonna real soon."

"So go ahead," I said with a snicker.

I kept moving my hand, jerking him like I liked to jerk to get off quick. His bigger dick felt really good in my hand. His hand felt really good on my dick. It was so much fun!

He started grunting in that way. I mostly watched his face this time. He put his head back and closed his eyes real tight and his body got tense all over. He stretched his legs out and pointed his feet away from us and shook a little, then his dick jerked in my hand and I felt warm, wet, slimy stuff oozing around it. That noise as his cum got squished in my fist started. He jerked a little all over, but his dick jerked a lot in my hand. It was so cool! His face was all scrunched up tight, he was grimacing kind of cute, and his breathing was a little fast, and he grunted a little a few times while his dick danced in my fist.

It was great!

And it made me get closer and closer to cumming. It was like seeing him having all that fun made my body want to have it too. I was glad his hand didn't stop or slow down. He kept jerking me off even after his other hand held mine still on his softening dick and he started relaxing and recovering. After a few strokes on my dick, he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Going to?" he asked.

I nodded, looking at his cute face. He was smiling, and was so cute, and I couldn't believe this was happening again. And seeing him, or thinking about it, or something, made me feel wild tingles all over and that pressure down below shoot up and make me cum. I had to close my eyes and throw my head back and grunt.

It was wild! It wasn't as powerful and exciting as the Vaseline earlier, after giving him a blow-job and having to wait an hour, but the feeling as I came was even stronger, though. I knew the second and third times always felt better, so it wasn't a surprise or anything that it was so strongly awesome. My orgasm earlier had been so huge and great, but it almost sort of hurt as I came this time.

I managed to open my eyes and watch as his hand made me cum. That first shot felt like there was a marble being pushed out of my dick! There wasn't much, not even for the little amount I usually shot, but it felt like the biggest one ever. It didn't even really shoot out, just barely jumping up an inch or so. But, gawd, did it feel so great! The second shot didn't even go airborne, just oozed out and around my head and got lost as his fist pumped my dick. But, damn! It felt like it flew across the room! I shot again, and more white stuff oozed out and got squished up with the rest. It felt so great! It tingled so madly it almost was too much and I almost pulled his hand away.

He kept stroking me, but I don't think I shot much more at all. But, man, it felt like I was squirting tons! That pumping feeling behind my balls kept going and going, and felt stronger than before. I gasped really loudly when he swished his hand over the end of my dick and I let go of his dick and grabbed his hand with both of mine and curled up over my lap, giggling. I shivered a lot and had to remember to breathe.

I heard him tear off some paper towel and I guessed that he wiped off his dick and his hands. I looked over after a bit and he was holding out a few sheets to me. I took them and cleaned up, my dick going crazy at every little touch.

After I tossed the paper towel with the others on the floor, he put his arm around me again and settled into the chair. He closed his eyes and sighed, a grin on his face. I was probably grinning like crazy.

It was like a dream or a fantasy come true! A month ago, he not only let me jerk him off, he jerked me off. Then tonight he had asked me to give him head, and I did! Then we jerked each other off an hour later! Then we fell asleep with our arms around each other! And then, when I had woken him up by accident to use the bathroom, he had wanted to jerk each other off again!

What could be better?

Nothing! I thought.

Turns out, I was wrong, there was.

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