Me and My Cousin

The Next Morning

Rated: X  teens - incest

I was having the best dream ever! Aaron was being so cool about doing sex stuff together! It was awesome!

It started with me crying like a stupid baby, telling him I liked guys. He not only didn't hate me, he said he didn't care. He said I was his best buddy, and it didn't matter to him if I liked girls or guys. He hugged me and made me forget about being a bad person because of it.

He had asked me if I wanted to try giving him a blow-job! Boy, did I ever want to! So I did! I sucked Aaron's dick! And he loved it. I did it so well that he ended up curled up over me, and couldn't move when he came, and I had swallowed his cum!

And that wasn't all. I hadn't got off, so he made sure I did. But he made me wait over an hour. He held my dick, kept it hard, and we watched sexy movies. He eventually let me touch his dick, holding it down like he was doing to me. It was hot, and fun. I couldn't stand it! I begged to do something, but he just smiled and said to wait. My whole body was shaking like mad when he told me to get the Vaseline. We used it to give each other really slippery and fun hand-jobs! It had felt like nothing before!

We ended up with our arms around each other, naked. It was awesome. We were so tired, that we fell asleep like that. Then I woke up having to use the john. I felt bad about staring at his body while he slept, having a sexy dream. I tried to sneak out and use the bathroom, but woke him up. He believed me when I said I wasn't doing anything to him, that I was just hard because I saw he was. He told me to go to the bathroom and come back, not to stop to jerk off so he could get back to sleep. I peed and came back, and he wanted to jerk each other off again! And we did! And it was so good! It was the best!

And then I dreamed he was doing something different to me. I didn't know what, but it felt incredible! Like nothing before. It was like my dick was being massaged really slowly, and tingled way down deep inside and down into my balls like nothing else, and was just great!

Then I woke up.

Aaron had his knees on the floor on his side of the chair, leaning over the chair, and I could see the back of his head over my lap. His head moved up and down, and I heard a sound sort of like a baby on a bottle. And my dick tingled in a weird, incredible way. I didn't know what he was doing to my dick, but it felt so soft, so wet, and so warm. Electric, humming sensations filled it.

I never knew that something could feel like that! It wasn't like anything I had ever done to myself, and nothing like it had felt when he had jerked me off last night. It was so weird! Like my dick was swelling up like a balloon and then returning to normal, and everything inside it was wiggly and tickly, and that weird, awesome feeling reached way down, like into my balls and behind them in deep, heavy, indescribably awesome pulses.

"Oh, fuck! Aaron! That's..."

My body went all rigid and shaky, and then my dick felt like it was splitting open without any pain, just so much pleasure that it couldn't remain in one piece any longer. Or it was imploding. That deep, heavy, pulsing, swelling feeling was overwhelming all by itself, but now I was cumming like mad, too! All of it together was so intense that I couldn't breathe! My body was out of my control as I curled up over his head, shaking like never before.

For long moments there was just that sensation in my groin, spreading out all over my entire body. My dick was swelling and pulsing, that heavy throbbing deep inside was going down through and under my balls, and my ass felt like it was clenching closed and then gaping open in rapid time.

Then it was way too much! Far too awesome to bear! I didn't know my body could create such powerful sensations! How could it possibly? I tore him off with both hands, squealing and laughing, hardly able to breathe!


"Nice, huh?" Aaron asked.

I looked at him with awe. I didn't know what he had just done to me, but I wanted to feel that again. Soon, but not right then. Right then my dick felt like it was about to fall off! My balls were humming! My asshole felt like I had just crapped out a live salmon. Most of my body was still trembling. And I was panting like mad.

"Jesus Christ!" was all I could say.

"Glad you liked it."

"What the hell was it?"

He looked confused for a second, then laughed. He was so cute. Then he said, shaking his head, "A blow-job, stupid."

"You gave me a blow-job?"

"A sunrise special," he said, laughing.

He woke me up with a blow-job? Aaron? Wow!

"But," I started to ask, looking down at my purple dick, going soft and falling onto my balls.

It was so hard to ask, but I had to know.

"You... swallowed?"

He shrugged, still smiling.

"Payback is fair," is all he said.

I shivered all over, like I was freezing. It was crazy.

"Man, that was fucking awesome!" I nearly whispered, still awed.

"You're welcome, cuz. Wasn't so bad"

I didn't even think the words, I just said them, surprising myself.

"Would you again, sometime?"

He laughed, got really red-faced, and then nodded.

Then he said, "Wasn't so bad," with another shrug. "Hey!"

I knew another one of his brilliant ideas had just formed. His grin was all the indication I needed.

"How about we sixty-nine?"


"No, I know. You're not up for it right now. Later."

"Yeah!" I said enthusiastically, nodding quickly.

Hell yeah!

He nodded too.

"Maybe after breakfast. I'm starving."

He stood up, hard and sticking out.

"You want off first?"

I was more than willing, right then. To do anything. That sixty-nine was appealing, and I was so ready, already.

"Nah, later. I want to hold off. Like you did last night. I thought you were gonna have a stroke when you blew off! Looked like it really made it great."

"It did!"

Boy, had it!

"So later. After breakfast."

He walked toward the stairs, naked except for his socks, his pale butt in clear view. His lean legs working. What a sight!

"Naked?" I asked suddenly, seeing that he walked past where his shorts and jeans lay.

"Why not?" he asked without looking back, and then started up the stairs.

I had to see that up close, so I ran to catch up. Watching his ass in front of me as he went up the stairs was awesome! It was all I could do not to reach out and feel the muscles of it working his legs.

In the kitchen, I closed the blinds over the patio door and we had cereal and orange juice. We had two big bowls of Trix and finished them off, then a big bowl of Fruit Loops. And we drank all of the orange juice. All while sitting naked at the kitchen table.

We watched television, and tried to find something sexy, but Sunday mornings sucked, even on cable.

He looked down at his dick. It was getting soft. Before he looked up, I reached out and grabbed it.

"No jerking it, just keep it hard," he said.

I nodded, grinning at his grin.

Mine was getting harder, but was still pretty soft. He played with it, and it felt really good, but it stayed mostly soft. When his was fully hard again, it made a drop of pre-cum. I wiped it over his head, making him jerk and giggle.

"Just hold it now."

I did. I made it hard when it got soft. He kept trying to get me fully hard, but it took a long time. When it finally was standing up on its own, and felt a little sore and really tingly, he nodded and let go. I felt a little let down. He pulled my hand off his, and I felt even more let down. He rolled off the chair and laid flat on his back and then waved me over to him there. I got up, not knowing what he was up to.

"Kneel over my head."

I did, and then I figured it out. He guided my dick into his mouth, and I fell onto my hands and arms and attacked his dick. Those weird pulsing waves started up in my dick and I started sucking on his like crazy. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I wanted to touch him as much as possible, so I slid them both under his thighs.

Those intense waves as he sucked my dick were incredible! I had felt so many new and awesome sensations recently, but these slow, pulsing waves were the best! They weren't the only thing about being sucked that felt so good. There was some kind of tingling tickling, too, inside my dick and sort of down to the root. It was almost indescribable. That tingling tickling and those awesome waves were so good!

His dick was so warm and soft outside, but so hard inside. The way his head felt on my tongue was the best! So soft and so smooth! And when his pre-cum came out and I tasted it, that was so good! I loved how he tasted!

On a sudden thought, I pushed my head down and took all of his dick in my mouth, the head just touching the back of my throat, and I sucked really hard. He grunted and pushed his hips up and shook all over. I knew he did the same thing to me, it felt like it, and I groaned and shivered and couldn't stop my hips from trying to push my dick further into his mouth. Those waves were stronger and came faster, and I thought I might cum right then, but I could tell I wasn't, just that it sort of felt like it. Gawd, it was so fucking awesome!

Then there was the great feeling of his tongue, too. When he could, when most of my dick wasn't in his mouth, he licked all over it, especially at times, and I almost couldn't stand it. I almost had to pull my dick out of his mouth, it was so great. It was amazing how sensitive my dick was.

And his hands rubbed my butt cheeks, and that felt so good, too.

When I realized that I could have my hands on his butt, I moved them instantly. I slid them from under his thighs to this butt, and felt the warm, soft flesh in my palms. I groaned around Aaron's dick. I was in heaven!

My body couldn't remain still at all, not a single muscle, not for a single moment. I wished that it lasted for hours, but it sure didn't. It was probably the shortest time we ever took so far at getting off. It was just too good! Way too soon I felt myself getting closer and closer, really fast. I stopped sucking his dick long enough to say, "I'm getting really close!" then attacked it again.

"You don't have to tell me, cuz. Just go for it. Do I have to tell you before I do?"

"No way!"

I was more than willing to swallow!

"Good, but I'm going to before you do!" he said, sounding kind of funny.

Then I noticed that his ass went hard in my hand and hips thrust up. His dick swelled up in my mouth, and I tasted his pre-cum, then he shot in my mouth. This time his dick wasn't all the way in, and I felt it coming out of it and onto my tongue. It was so hot! I felt his dick pulse and bend, and his head swell up on my tongue, and then felt more hot cum. Four or five times, then his dick moved but I didn't feel or taste any more cum when it did.

He kept making a kind of grunting noise, almost, "Awww," but more just a grunt. Again and again as his dick pumped in my mouth.

He yanked his hips down and I knew he was too sensitive for me to keep sucking it, so I kissed it. He started sucking me again, and I cried out, "Oh, fuck!" as he did. It was insanely awesome!

I kept kissing the underside of his softening dick, moving down it to his balls while I massaged his ass. I actually tasted and licked his balls! I had both hands full of his butt and was kissing and licking his nuts, the taste of his cum filling my mouth! When I realized what had just happened, and what I was doing, that heavy pressure exploded to maximum levels and my hips shoved forward all on their own.

It hurt. It was so intense that it hurt. Not really hurt, no real pain, but it hurt. Behind my balls ached, really ached. My dick hurt, like it was in a vise. My nuts vibrated and felt kind of numb.

"Fuck! Gawd! Owww!"

The words were grunted out between gasps for air as I pumped what felt like a huge wad. The heavy throbbing ache behind my balls with each ejaculation got worse, and it was so near painful that I got scared that maybe I was overworking something and was going to harm it somehow. The shaking got so bad I was afraid that I was going to fall down on him and shove my dick through the back of his head. I just barely kept myself on my knees as he sucked my wad out of me. I couldn't breathe at the end, even though I wanted to scream out loud. I just shook and shook and pumped and pumped.

Then it was way too much and I jerked my hips up to pull my dick out of his warm mouth, then fell over on my side to get away from the intensity of it and started panting.

I don't think I saw anything for a while, but then I noticed his hips and his soft, purple dick, scarlet sack, and his orange-red pubes, just inches from my face. It was awesome! I looked up his body, enjoying every last inch of it. I finally saw his face. He was smiling really widely.

He got up on his elbows and looked at my soft dick. He sort of chuckled a little.

"What?" I asked.

"I didn't think I'd like doing that."

"What? A sixty-nine?"

"Well, that too," he said, looking up at my face. "I mean, doing... " he looked back down at my dick, "Sucking it."

"I knew I would," I said, after thinking about if I should or not.

I knew he knew I was gay, so I figured there was no point in hiding what I felt about it, and I wanted to say it.

I reached out and played with his soft, wet, sticky, purple dick. It felt great in my hand. I really liked touching it. I suddenly wanted to tell him so much. I wanted to share what I felt about it. I didn't know exactly what to say, so just let myself babble.

"I knew I would. Just knew it. And besides, you got the best looking dick. The way it's so pink and red and stuff, and gets so purple. And your balls. Aaron, you got great balls. The way the sack is so red, with that line that's like God drew a line and colored one side different than the other. And I love the way your dick is so smooth and... the way your head is shaped. It's nice and long, and with those soft edges."

I tickled those soft edges with a fingertip. He giggled and his dick wobbled on his balls. It swelled up just a little.

"It's so cool how purple it gets, too. Looks great with your red pubes, cuz. And your whole body. You got a great body, man."

I ran my hand up over his pubes and up his tummy toward his navel. He sighed a little and began tickling and touching my body too.

We didn't talk for a long time, just explored each other with our hands. It was exciting and sexy, but neither of us got very hard. It was enormously satisfying and fun to touch his body like that while he touched mine.

I felt really great. For so long I had been so scared and worried about how I liked guys, and especially how I felt about my cousin. And now all those worries and fears were crushed as we touched and played with each other. I was playing with him, and he was playing with me, and I'd seen almost every little bit of his body, and he'd seen most of mine. We'd jerked each other off, even sucked each other off, and he knew I was gay, and he didn't care. He still liked me, we still hung out and did stuff, and we did... stuff!

It was just so... great!

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