Me and My Cousin

That Afternoon

Rated: X  teens - incest



The only thing on cable worth watching ended until The Blob came on at three. We watched MTV for a while. Cable had just got to town the year before and not everybody in town had it yet.

"Hey, cuz?"


"My folks are at church by now. There's something I wanna show you, but it's at home. I'm gonna ride home and be right back. Okay?"

"Okay. What?"

"You'll see," he said, giving me that grin that meant he had something really cool in mind. Then he lit up even further. "Hey, how about we ride to my place, pick it up, then go get pizza, then come back here?"

That was a pretty good idea. I agreed.

"I want a shower, first, though," I said.

"Yeah, good idea. You shower, then we'll go to my place and I'll have a shower and get some clean clothes."

"Cool. Be back down in a minute."

I grabbed my clothes from the floor, rushed upstairs, had a fast shower, got dressed in clean clothes, and rushed back downstairs. He was dressed and ready to go. We rode to his house. It was stunningly hot, so we rode slowly and took it easy. When we got to his house, I sat on his bed like always. He stripped, which got me hard, took a fast shower, came out naked and totally hard, toweled off, then got dressed in front of me. He kept grinning at me. I kept grinning back. It was nothing new to see each other naked, we did in gym in junior high one year, and when we changed in and out of swimming trunks, and sometimes when one of us changed in front of each other, but now it was different. Before, we tended to not face each other, hiding our privates, and changed really quickly. This time, he didn't hurry, and he didn't hide his privates, and he was completely hard and facing me. I really liked it. He had a nice body.

He opened his drawer and fished out something, being careful to hide what it was from me, grinning at me with that special grin.

"No peeking!" he said as he pocketed it.

It had to be really small. I had no ideas.

"Come on!" he said gleefully, and I followed him out to our bikes.

We had pizza in what Sunman called downtown. There was nowhere else to go and nothing else to do in town. Sunman was a wasteland. There was one pizza place and really nothing else but the bar and grill.

Then we went back to my place. On the way back to my house I kept asking what he had picked up at his place, but he kept saying, "Just wait."

He was enjoying teasing me, like normal. It usually turned out to be something really cool when he pulled that, so I was enjoying the game too. I couldn't fucking wait to see what it was, and how it was going to be so much fun and sexy.

The ride home was almost torture. I was dying to know what he had planned with whatever it was. I was so hard it was hard to pedal because it kept getting pinched or caught as my legs worked. By the time we got to my house it was throbbing and probably had stained my briefs with a wet spot.

Inside, we went downstairs and sat on the couch.

"Okay, so what's this big idea with the small something?"

"Oh, can't just sit around and shit, got to go right to sex, huh?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes at him. He grinned really widely, his blue-gray eyes sparkling. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the baggie, opened it up, then held up something small and made of clear plastic. I could see a few more of them in the baggie.

Coffee stirrer

"What the hell is it?" I asked, looking closely at it as he held it.

"A coffee stirrer."

"Uh, okay. So?"

He handed it to me and said, "Don't touch it anywhere but the flat end, where I am."

I took it from him and he reached into the baggie and held up another one. He grinned widely at me.

"Oh, wow!" I said in false awe. "How awesome! Two of them! Why didn't you say there were two of them!"

He laughed and rolled his nice eyes at me.

"You're gonna be saying, 'Oh, wow!' in a while, but not as a joke."

"Oh, really," I asked with as much sarcasm as I could.

"Oh, really," he said with a nod.

Now I was really curious.

"So, give. What's the big deal with a couple of plastic coffee stirrers?" I asked.

He gave me the grin. That grin. He was sure it was going to be something really great. Now I was really curious. I looked at the one I held by the flat end. It was clear plastic except where there was a kind of cloudy line down opposite sides from the flat end all the way around the rounded tip.

"What happened to it?"

"I sanded off the edges where the mold left a line on both sides and the end."

"What for?"

"To make it really smooth."

"Yeah, what for?"

"So it don't hurt."

I sighed, wishing he would just tell me what the idea was already. It was an old game, but still fun.

"Okay, so it don't hurt what?"

"So it don't hurt when it goes in."

I sighed again.

"So it don't hurt when it goes in what?"

"Not what, where," he said, bouncing his faint, reddish eyebrows.

"Fine, so it don't hurt when it goes in where?"

I blinked at the sudden thought. I loved the idea of doing something there with each other, but it was sort of small for that. I'd used a finger up my butt a long time ago, then two, and now I liked doing three. That coffee stirrer wasn't going to be anything. I figured that since he wasn't gay, he hadn't ever stuck a finger in his butt, so he probably thought the coffee stirrer felt great. I wondered if I should pretend it was fun when we did it, or just tell him about how I had already used fingers. I finally decided while he waited for me to ask another question.

"Well, look, cuz, to be honest, I've already done it with my fingers. This thing isn't gonna be anything compared."

"A finger?" he asked, looking amazed.

He looked really, really stunned. Even kind of grossed out. I worried that I had gone too far. Then he cracked up.

I asked, "What?" afraid he was going to make fun of me for being so faggy to put my fingers up my butt.

"Dude! Jimbo! Man, cuz, not your ass, you idiot."

Not my ass? Then, what the hell? I let my confusion show.

"Dude, don't ask. I'll just show you. I'm gonna blow your... mind!"

I laughed, then said, "You can blow something else if you want."

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, maybe that, too. But later. We got until your folks get back at eight or nine. But first, well, you'll see."

I could tell he thought he was going to stun me. I couldn't wait. He put the one he held up back into the baggie, the motioned for me to drop the one I held into the baggie. I did. He zipped it up and put the baggie on the table.

"Okay, now what?" I asked.


I started to whip my shirt off, but stopped. He started taking his shirt off, but stopped when he saw me stop.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Uh, don't have to, but, um, could..."

I felt myself starting to blush hotly.

"What?" he asked, still holding his shirt halfway up, ready to take it off.

I could see his tummy, his belly-button, and his pale skin at the waist of his jeans. And that he was hard inside his jeans.

"What?" he asked again. "Say it, dorkus."

"Uh, well, can... uh..."

"Say it, or I'll put my shirt back on and go home."

It was an empty threat, I was sure. Probably. I swallowed, and then forced myself to ask.

"Can I take your clothes off?"

I swallowed again. He laughed and dropped his shirt back into place.

"You're really gay, huh?"

He hadn't asked like it was a bad thing, just as if he had only then realized that I actually was gay.

I could only nod, and it was hard to meet his eyes then.


I had to look at him then.

"It's cool. I didn't mean it to be mean or anything."

I nodded.

"Yeah, you can take my clothes off."

I smiled then, relieved and happy.

"But, there's something I want to do later."



"Later. You won't have to if you don't want to. No biggie. Just... don't bug me about it then, okay?"


I nodded.

He nodded too, and smiled like he was relieved. He scooted closer and sat up a little, then put his arms over his head and waited. Huge thrills washed through my chest. My dick twitched in my pants.

I started reaching out for the tail of his shirt.

"Can I take yours off?"

I nodded.

"Together. One thing at a time after each other. Okay?"

I nodded, then grabbed the sides of his shirt. I was shaking a little as I lifted it up. The pale skin of his belly was so soft and smooth looking. I wanted to tear his shirt off, but I didn't want to seem so faggy, so I slowly lifted his shirt. His pink nipples appeared. God, how I wanted to kiss and lick them! He was red-faced and grinning as I got his shirt off over his head and tossed it onto the end of the couch behind him.

He reached out and lifted my shirt, and took it off. It was so sexy. His hands slid up my sides all the way, and I wished I had thought of doing that. It made me feel like shivering, and I almost did. I couldn't stop the huge smile though. We giggled. He looked down at my chest, so I looked down at his. Those nipples of his looked just like pink candies on his chest. I was so tempted to just attach myself to them with my lips and tongue.

He stood at the side of the couch. I could see his dick pushing out against his jeans. It was so bizarre to sit there with him in front of me, a hard-on tenting his jeans, waiting for me take off his pants. My hands shook a little while I undid the button and then took down the zipper. His dick pushed against the zipper, and felt it as the zipper moved past it. I swallowed and almost choked. Huge thrills started up again and my dick started doing that dance.

Then I had his pants open and they almost fell down his hips. I just had to push them a little and they slid the rest of the way down. His dick pushed up against his white briefs, and his balls barely filled out what material was left below his erection. His pale legs held him up, and I slid my hands down the sides of his legs as they followed his jeans down. I loved how his legs felt under my hands. And I loved how his dick and balls moved around in his briefs as I helped him out of his jeans. We had taken our shoes off when we came inside, so he stepped out of his jeans and I threw them on top of his shirt.

He sat down, and I couldn't take my eyes of his crotch. It was fascinating to watch how things moved around when he moved.

"Stand up, doofus."

Oh, yeah!

I did, and took a step closer to him. He reached out and unfastened my jeans, then the zipper. I felt it go over my hard dick. Then he opened the fly and his hands followed my jeans down my legs. It tickled and felt great, and I kind of shivered a little. He helped me step out of my jeans, then threw them on my shirt. I sat down, watching his erection and his balls wiggle in his briefs as he stood up in front of me.

My dick moved and many of muscles trembled as I looked at him standing there in front of me in only his briefs and his socks. He was slim and lean, and pale, and smooth, and so sexy. I was suddenly so fucking glad that I was alive, and that he was my cousin, and that we were such great buddies, and that he was willing to do these things with me.

I was breathing hard, and trembling, and filled with thrills and chills, and my hands shook a little as I touched the waistband of his briefs. I could just see the redness of his dick behind the material, and his reddish pubic hair. I liked how his balls filled the material and how it hugged and cupped them. I pulled the waistband away from his pale skin and slid them down. The red head of his dick appeared above the waistband first, then the red pubes, then the pink skin of his sack. Then I was sliding his briefs down his pale legs. Then I was watching his dick and balls wiggle and waggle as he stepped out of the briefs. I tossed them on the pile of his shirt and jeans, not looking away from the sight in front of me.

It was so wonderful a sight. It still didn't seem real that I was doing such things with him.

Then he pulled me up by my pits and then went on his knees in front of me. He pulled down my briefs and kept his eyes on my dick and balls as I stepped out of them and he tossed them on the rest of my clothes. Then leaned forward and put his mouth over my dick. And then I felt that unbelievable sensation, waves of tingling tickling coming up from my balls to the very tip of my dick.

I was watching Aaron suck me! It was incredible! I put both hands on the top of his head and started groaning. I leaned back and pushed my hips forward and stared at my dick disappearing over and over into his lips. I was shaking inside, and my legs were getting weak. I couldn't stand up with him sucking me, not at all!

"Wait! Stop!" I said and stepped back. He looked up from down there, a curious expression on his face. "I can't stand up for this."

He nodded and I sat down. He moved to kneel between my legs and I got an even better view of him going down on me. That wonderful feeling was just too good to come from something so simple! How could a little suction make my entire dick and balls, and even the place behind my balls, feel so good? Not just there, but all up and down my spine and in my gut. And my chest. Even out to the tips of my toes and fingers. It made no sense. But it was too good to really care. It just did!

I was breathing hard in no time at all, and groaning and shaking. It was the best! Especially when he went all the way down! Wow! And when he just had the end of it in his mouth and used his tongue on it. Fuck! So good!

I was getting close so fast.

"Got to stop soon," I said.

"Why?" he asked after taking his mouth off of me and looking up at me.

"I'm gonna go off!"

He laughed and stroked it a few times, looking at it.

"Come on, your turn," I said.

He got up and sat down next to me. I got up and knelt down between his widely spread legs. His balls were barely hanging down just a little. I hadn't seen them hang away from his body much at all and wondered if they ever did. I could see that space between his thighs again, behind his balls. It was such a thrill to see that place. I wanted to shove my face in there and lick and kiss it until he made me stop. I wondered what it would feel like to do that, and what it would feel like to him.

Instead, I leaned over his dick, enjoying seeing it up close again. It was so perfect. His lean, long head was so pink. The tight, little hole there was darker, and wet from his pre-cum. It was almost perfectly straight. The red skin behind his head was mostly bunched behind it, followed by the pale skin of shaft to the base. The red pubes were swirled and tangled, just long enough for that to happen now. Below, his scarlet sack held his balls, each individually discernable as they dangled. Just a few red hairs were visible on his sack.

I leaned down. I put both hands on his hips, then opened my mouth and slid my lips down over his satiny head. He barely groaned a little as I did. I sucked. He groaned a little. I moved a little further down so that all of his awesome head was in my mouth, then licked everywhere that I could reach with my tongue, sucking the entire time.

"Oh, gawd," he groaned around quickening breaths.

This time I knew exactly what he was feeling, and that seemed to make it even more fun to do it to him. I moved down his dick, sucking the whole time, and licking as I went, until my nose was in his pubes.

"Awww, fuck, yeah!" then he hissed his breath in through his teeth. Then he shivered all over and grunted even louder.

I stayed there, sucking like mad. He made the most interesting sounds deep in his throat. He leaned over my head again.

"Fuck! Cuz! That's amazing!"

For a few seconds he held on and shook like crazy.

Then he almost yelled, "Stop!" and started pulling me off. "Fuck! That'll get me off in no time!"

He was almost laughing.

"Come up here and sit down."

I did so, and he picked up the baggie. He grinned at me in that way again.

"Okay, so I finally get to see what the big deal is?"

"Yup!" he said with a few nods.

He opened the baggie and carefully pulled one of the stirrers from the baggie, closed it, then put it down. He smiled, then held the thing out toward my face.

"Open up and say ah."


He gave me that smirk that mean he wasn't going to repeat what he said. So, I opened my mouth. He put the end of it into my mouth.

"Close up, and don't chew it or anything. Just hold it there and let it get nice and wet."

I did so as he got off the couch and knelt in front of me. He spread my knees and got up between them, then grabbed my dick. He stroked it a few times until a drop appeared at the tip.

"Perfect. Now, open up, leave it nice and wet."

He grabbed the flat end of it with his finger and thumb, and held my dick with his other hand. He stared at me for a few seconds.

"I know this might be weird, but I think you'll like it. You just have to trust me, okay?"

Trust him? Aaron? I trusted him all the way. I nodded.

"This is gonna feel weird. And it might hurt a little. Just be a man and bear it. Okay? I promise you'll love it in a little bit. Okay?"

I nodded again, wondering what the hell he was going to do with it. Then he pointed it downward, over my dick. He squeezed the tip of my head with his thumb and finger, making the hole open up beneath that drop of pre-cum.

I sat up in shock.

"No way!"

He looked up and nodded, grinning really widely.

"No way!" I repeated, pulling his hand with the coffee stirrer away from my dick.

"Don't trust me?" he asked.

"Sure! But, man, you're not sticking something up my dick hole!"

"What if I let you do it to me first?"


"Do it to me first. So you see it's not gonna hurt."

"It don't?"

"Sort of, but it feels really great after. Fucking awesome!"

I knew he wasn't lying to me, that he thought it was great. I just wasn't so sure that I'd like it.

He put the stirrer back in my mouth and I held it there. He sat down next to me, got the other one out of the baggie and put it into his mouth, smiling at me around it.

"You're serious?" I asked around the stick.

He nodded, then pointed at the one sticking out of his mouth. I looked down at his dick. It was all dark pink on the head, pink behind it, pale down the shaft to his red pubes. His scarlet sack was up snug, like always, wrapping his big balls tightly. The hole was hidden by a large drop of pre-cum. I couldn't believe he wanted me to shove something up in there.

I looked back at his face. He nodded again, still smiling at me, still pointing at the stirrer sticking out of his mouth. It seemed insane. But hot, too.

I finally reached out and took that stick from out of his mouth.

"Do exactly what I say to do. Just like I say. Okay?"

I nodded. I moved to get between his legs. He spread his legs, and I saw that place way under there again. I wondered again why I was so attracted to there. I moved up close on my knees, and grabbed his cock. It was just long enough to stick out past the end of my fist with the other side of my fist in his bush. I felt his heart beating through it. The drop at the tip seemed to get bigger.

"Put it right on the hole. Don't move the pre-cum. Let it be like lubricant. Just put the tip of the stirrer on the hole. Don't push hard or anything, just sort of wiggle it in, real careful by spinning it real slow."

I watched myself put the rounded end of the stick into the clear drop, and then against the dark hole. I looked up at his face again. He was smiling and nodding at me.

"Go ahead. Slow and easy. Rotate it to go in, don't push much at all. It'll go in easy."

"And it won't hurt?"

"Hell no. Not since the first time. It didn't really hurt that time, either. Just was really weird."

"How'd you fucking think of doing this?"

"Read it in a Hustler. Sounding."

"Sounding like what?"

He snickered.

"Sounding. Like finding out deep water is."


I waited, not sure I was really going to do it or not.

"Go ahead, cuz. Honest, I love it."

"Then why didn't you ever tell me about it before?"

"Why didn't you ever tell me you were gay before?" he asked with a shrug.

I sighed. I looked at his dick in my hand, and the stick in the pre-cum at the end of it. I sighed again.

"Twist your hand so your fingers are on the tube on the bottom of my dick."

"Over the urethra?"

"Yeah. So you can feel it with your fingertips."

It was a little awkward to hold his dick that way, but not too bad.

"Give it a little push and twist. Slow and easy."

I twisted it and pushed it. The bulb on the end went right inside his hole. He hissed. I looked up at his face.

"Now, go ahead!" he said at me. "Just go slow. Take it easy."

I spun it slowly and pushed it really lightly. It began going inside of him. It was amazing!

"How far?"

"All the way. To the flat end."

It went in really easily, smoothly. It was kind of neat. Then I felt that bulb inside his tube under his dick with my first finger. It was amazing! I spun it and it went in deeper. I felt that bulb on the end of the stick under my second finger now. He hissed his breath in really often, and his legs trembled enough that I could see them doing it. I stopped with that second bubble at his hole. I looked up at him and he nodded at me.

"Go ahead. It'll go."

I did, and it slid in deeper, making his thighs visibly tremble again. I felt the little bulb beneath my third finger. Then my pinky felt that little bulb move under and past it, and the smaller second bulb under my first finger. Then the flat end was up against the tip of his dick. He let his breath out loudly.

"Good job, cuz!"

"You really like it?"

"Fuck, yeah! Feels great!"


"Heck yeah! Let me show ya?"

I looked back down at his dick in my hand with the flat end of that thing sticking out of it. His heart was hammering through his dick, pulsing through it each time.

"If you promise to stop if I tell you to."

He nodded. I looked at it sticking out of his dick, and it looked crazy.

"Now let go of my dick."

I did. It bobbed with his heartbeat. Some more pre-cum seeped out around the stick.

"It really feels okay?"

"It stings and kind of hurts the first time, but then it starts feeling awesome! Honest."

"Just stop if I say so."

"I will. But you got to try to stand it. It's so extreme!"

"More than a blow-job?"

He shrugged, then said, "In a way. It's got more sting to it. And I guess it's kinda a worry. Scary, sort of. It kinda hurts, but it won't hurt anything."


"Dude, Jimbo, I wouldn't do something that hurt you. Not actually hurt. It's weird and scary, and kind of hurts at first, until you get used to it. But it feels so great once you get used to it. Honest. You got to trust me."

I did trust him, no problem there, it just seemed so weird! And like it would have to hurt a hell of a lot. But I trusted him. A lot. I nodded.

He smiled and said, "Awesome! Just remember to get past the stinging. It hurts a little, but it's worth it. Swear. Now, take it out real slow."

I pulled it out of him as slow as I could. He trembled and hissed and whined, biting his lower lip. There was a huge amount of pre-cum coming out as I pulled it further and further out of him. It came out with a sort of pop, and his breath whooshed out loudly. He visibly relaxed and dropped his head back on the couch.

"That's so cool to have someone else do it!"

I was glad I hadn't hurt him. He really seemed to like it. I was intrigued. He took the stirrer from me and put it back in his mouth. He stood up and I moved out of his way and sat down. I was so nervous. He got the other stirrer out of the bag and put it back in my mouth. He knelt in front of me, spread my legs, and played with my dick again. When he got a new drop of pre-cum at the tip, he nodded and took the stirrer from my mouth.

He looked at me for a second, then said around the stirrer in his mouth, "Just trust me. It'll probably sting and hurt some, but, enjoy it. It's gonna feel pretty good in a bit. Okay?"

I nodded. It was so weird! He held my dick with one hand, and aimed that stick at my hole. I felt it there, then felt it sort of pushing against my hole, and my hole open up around it. I watched the bulb on the end of it disappear inside me, then I felt the weirdest thing ever. It was so strange. Like a pressure in my hole, and a tingling thrill. Then it prickled a lot. It hurt, but just a tiny bit, sort of like when I had cum during that sixty-nine. It was pain, but not real pain.

He moved it in so slowly. Way slower than I had gone on him. It was so wild! It was like a hot pepper going in there. It was hard to sit still.

"Don't go moving around any. Just sit real still."

It was almost maddening to sit there with him pushing that thing into my dick. I wanted to squirm around and just go nuts! I had to clench both hands into tight fists. My legs felt wobbly and shook. My dick swelled up and it felt like the stick got bigger each time it did. Not even half of it was in and I was going crazy!

Then the second little bulb was going in me. I hardly felt the second one, but the first one stung, prickled, kind of hurt, but it felt great, too! It was such a weird sensation! Pain and pleasure mixed together. And some fright and some worry. He kept looking up at me and smiling, and asking if it was okay. I kept nodding and grinning. It was great!

It seemed to take forever, but he finally had all of it inside my dick. It was extreme! It still hurt, but it still felt great, too. I could feel the big tip, and the little bump. His fingers kind of probed my urethra, finding where the two bulbs were.

"So?" he asked.

I was surprised to find that I was almost panting and had to wait a second to talk.

"That's pretty neat!"

"Like it?"

"Yeah, it's... neat!"


"Just at first. Still, kinda, but not really."

"Feels really neat, huh?"


"Let me know what you think of this."

He began moving it up and down, like it was fucking my dick. It was awesome! It hurt and felt good at the same time! It was... weird, and neat, and... just wild!

Pre-cum was coming out of my hole like crazy. My dick was bending and arching like when I was cumming, but I wasn't. But it was almost as good as really cumming. Fuck, it was nice! Intense! Incredible!

He moved it slow, not very fast at all, and it felt so neat. It moved inside me so smoothly. He pushed it all the way in, then pulled it all the way out, then back all the way in again. He did short little strokes, deep, then shallow, then in the middle. The way those round bulbs felt was indescribable. Nearly every time he pulled it all the way out, tons of pre-cum came out with it.

I wondered something.

"Can this make me cum?"

"Not me. I tried. A lot."

"It feels like it could."

"I remember the first time. I kept doing it and doing it, but didn't. But when I jerked off right after, man, then it really felt..." He rolled his blue-gray eyes and snickered. "Be honest, it kind of hurt then. More than sticking it in did."


"Sort of. You'll see. And when you pee. But it's nothing, don't worry about it."

I didn't. If he said not to, I wasn't going to.

"How about we sit across from each other and do each other at the same time?"


He pulled it out and put it in my mouth, then we sat cross-legged in front of each other. We grabbed each others' dicks and took the stirrer from each others' mouths, then together, we started putting them in. We both started making noises and breathing hard. It was so wild!

We played follow-the-leader, first me doing what he did, then him doing what I did. We both leaked tons and tons of pre-cum, giggled all the time, we both had shaking legs, and we were breathing really hard.

I was sweating. I saw that he wasn't. The inside of my dick started feeling a little raw or sore. I said so. He nodded and pulled it out. I took it out of his dick. We put the sticks on the plastic baggie, remembering which was his and which was mine. I was more than willing to do that again, just not until after the inside of my dick recovered.

"Sixty-nine all the way?" he asked.

I nodded vigorously. This time I laid out on my back and he got over me.

The inside of my dick was slightly sore, and his sucking on it made it seem more so. But it felt so fucking good! Those heavy waves of pleasure were mixed a little with some pain inside my dick. It was awesome. Plus, having his balls almost hanging in my face was great! And with him on top, I got to play with his ass all I wanted! And I did!

But the best might have been that I could see that place. With his legs spread so that his knees were on both sides of my head, and my hands on his butt cheeks, I could push his sack and balls out of the way and see there. It was pink and hairless, and his hole was so dark pink. I could see it! It moved as I sucked his dick, and when my fingers went anywhere near it. I was so tempted to push a finger in there. If I was sure he wouldn't jump up and call me a total fag and not want to do anything again, I might have.

I guess that view, and touching his ass all I wanted, and sucking his dick while he sucked mine, and having done that wild thing with the stirrers, all together made me so ready that I came in just a few minutes. The pleasure built up really fast. And it built up to a whole new level.

I know I've said, "it was better than ever before," a few times now, but it was always true. And this time, it was beyond anything so far. He had said it would probably hurt some when I came, and it did, and that, along with all the stuff we did, and the view of his asshole, I screamed.

With the first shot, I opened my mouth around his dick and screamed, "OWWW!"

It hurt. It felt great, too, but it hurt. The inside of my dick felt like I was cumming sand. Hot, rough, sand. Or ground pepper and glass. I briefly saw bloody cum dripping from his mouth in my mind's eye. My hips thrust up as far as the bones and muscles allowed, even tried to go further than that. I heard and felt my joints popping.

Then the second shot was just as bad, if not a little worse. I screamed, "OWWW!" again. I kicked and banged my head against the floor. I scrunched my eyes tightly closed and my whole body shuddered and convulsed. It hurt!

Three, four, five. "Owww! Owww! Owww!"

I was laughing and gasping, and enjoying it immensely. It hurt. Really hurt, but not badly. It was like being slapped hard, or punched a little hard, or falling on an elbow and hitting the nerve. But along with all the hurt, was the most intense and wonderful pleasure of my life.

It really did seem to go on for way too long, but it really did seem to be over way too soon.

I was panting and groaning when I realized that I was still alive. And so alive!

He was licking my head, playing with my balls, and I could barely tell. It was almost like it was all numb. I didn't stop him. I saw his dick in front of me. I attacked it. I mean, I attacked it.

I grabbed his ass and pulled his hips down and swallowed his cock. I sucked and sucked, licked and licked, almost ate it.

"Holy hell, cuz!"

I moved a hand to hold his balls and squeeze them madly. I gave up worrying and wiggled a finger into his ass.

"Fuck! Cuz!"

I sucked so hard, and squeezed his balls, and pushed my finger in all the way.


His voice sounded shaky. The head of his dick swelled up, his dick bent and throbbed, his hole tightened up around my finger, and I tasted his warm cum.

"CUZ!" he groaned, almost a grunt.

I pushed my finger in, pulled it out, pushed it in. His hole pulsated around my finger, his dick pulsated in my mouth, his balls tried to pull out of my hand but I held on to them.


He voice sounded like he was shivering.


He tried to roll away and off of me. I held on, sucking, his balls in my hand, my finger in his ass.


He shook all over. He kept trying to get away, but I was going insane. I wanted it and I wasn't going to let go. I kept sucking, I kept playing with his balls, I kept my finger inside of him.

He stopped fighting and dropped his head onto my groin. He shook and trembled and groaned. Pretty soon he was sucking me again, and bobbing up and down like mad on it. He played with my balls, and then spread out my legs and wiggled a finger inside of me. It was awesome! Having someone else's finger inside me was incredible! And being sucked off again right away was indescribable!

I couldn't hold a single muscle still, or really do anything but suck his dick and play with his balls and finger-fuck him. And he did all of that to me. And we kept going. And going! It was insane! It felt like I was being drained of any energy but sexual. It was so extreme! And it took so long!

We were grunting and groaning like mad! We panted and shook and it was wonderful! We were sweating all over. And we kept going at it. My dick got sore, and I didn't care. His warm, wet mouth kept sucking me, and I kept sucking his. He kept playing with my balls, and I kept playing with his. He kept fucking me with his finger, and I kept fucking him with mine. I changed to using my middle finger, and thought about trying two. I played around inside of him, finding all kinds of weird shapes in there.

He suddenly pushed his hips forward really hard, shoving his dick all the way into my mouth, grunting around my dick in his mouth. I felt something inside of him with my finger, moving and pulsing in time with his cock and his waves of cum. I felt his cock arch and bend in my mouth. I knew he was cumming but nothing was coming out. Or very little. He was blowing a dry wad in my mouth, and that was hugely exciting. I had sucked him dry!

That got me off. I shoved my hips up and shot what felt like grainy, gritty fire. I couldn't even groan or grunt. I just locked in place and my mind went blank. I was nothing more than my exploding cock, my draining balls, and my clenching sphincter.

After some amount of time, he fell off me to the side, and I was too weak to even look over at him. My dick was so sore it actually hurt. I could only pant and shake.

He groaned, "Ughhhh," long and low.

That made me laugh a little.

"Cuz, you sucked the life outta me, man!" he said as if we hadn't done anything to each other before.

I laughed a little more.


I kept giggling. It was the best yet. I was exhausted. Tingles still ran rampant all over my body, making me shiver at times. I felt so great!

"Ho-o-o-o-o," he groaned, sounding like he was shaking.

I laughed more.

"Stop laughing! I think you sucked a nut up into my dick!"

I laughed louder. I looked to the side and saw him curled up over his groin, looking my way with a huge grin.

"It'll drop back down, don't worry."

"I'm not so sure!" he said back, still grinning at me.

"Let me see," I said, getting up on an elbow.

"Oh, no! You're not touchin' 'em again!"

"Ever?" I asked, worried.

Maybe I had gone too far.

"Not until I'm sure they're both back where they fucking belong!"

We laughed and I fell back onto my back. I sighed really deeply. I felt so great!

"Your dick looks funny," he said.

I sat up and looked down at it. It was really dark purple, and the skin behind the head was all puffy and swollen.

"Yours?" I asked,

He took his hands away and his was even darker and more swollen looking.

"I think we need a long break," he said.

"Yeah, guess so."

I had never cum three times in less than half a day before. I wondered if he had, so I asked.

"Three? Try four."

"Oh, yeah."

"And no."

"No wonder they're swollen."

"And sore."

"No shit."

We fell onto our backs and said nothing for a long time. It was really neat.

"I need fluids. You sucked all mine out, cuz."

"Me too. Go get us some sodas."

"Hell no. I can't fucking move. You."

I sighed, then slowly climbed to my feet. I was weak and unsteady. It was weird. My legs felt rubbery as I walked to the kitchen and back. His naked body was so nice to look at. I fell onto my ass next to him. He sat up and took the soda. We had them gone in a few swigs. I went and got more. When I came back, he was laying down again, and I stopped to just look.

He saw me standing there looking at me, grinned wider, and shook his head at me. I snickered and sat down next to him. We drank most of the sodas and never said a word.

"Gotta pee," I said.

He laughed in that way that told me there was something I didn't know.

"What?" I asked, all suspicious.

He snickered at me. It made me paranoid.


"Go ahead. Just, um, be ready for something."


"You'll see. And don't get all bugged. It's just... gonna sting."

"What is?"

"Your dick."


"Because of the stirrer. It's gonna sting like hell."

"It is?"

He nodded, then said, "But don't worry. It will the next time you pee, too. Not as bad."

"Like how it felt like a hot pepper was squeezing out of it when I... uh, shot off?"

"Yup. Just like."

He snickered as he followed me to the bathroom. He stood beside me and we held our dicks. He started peeing right away, but my bladder seemed to be asleep or lazy. But finally I felt it let go and it stung! It hurt! I gasped and stopped trying to pee and glared at him. He snickered and kept pissing.

"Go ahead," he said, still snickering and still pissing.

I tried. It stung! I stopped trying. It really felt like trying to pass ground glass! I tried again and I stopped trying again right away.

"Damn!" I complained.

I tried again. It felt like the urine was getting closer each time, but it stung like mad!

"Fuck! You asshole!" I cursed at him.

He kept snickering and finished.

"Don't you feel it?" I asked.

"Not anymore. Just the first few times. Less each time."

I tried again. A little pee dripped into the water, but it stung so I stopped. It took a lot of tries before it stopped stinging so badly and I finally started leaking urine into the toilet in a steady stream.

"Oh, gawd," I groaned, relaxing all over and finally letting go all the way.

"Not too bad, right?" he asked, grinning at me.

"Fucking kinda cool now that it's over."

"Like sticking it in the first time, huh?"

"Yeah," I agreed with a nod. "Once you get past it, it's kinda nice. Both things."

I finally finished pissing, and groaned in relief.

"Come on, the Blob starts in a few," he said, and patted my shoulder.

"I've gotta eat first," I said. "I'm starved."

"We just had lunch."

"That was hours ago."


He looked at the clock. I had looked at the clock when I got the first sodas, and now it was even later. He looked back at me, seemingly shocked.

We made sandwiches and brought a bag of chips and more sodas back to the den and sat down on the chez lounge. He got up and turned on the television. We ate and watched the movie. When we were done eating, we put our arms around each other and watched the rest of the movie arm-in-arm.

It was the best!

And we had one more thing to do together.

Edited by Bill


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