Sam's Tale

Part 4

 Rated: X  Teens, incest-cousins, secret fondling (*)



Well, I got away with it three times...



The next time was the next weekend. I was staying over at his place this time.

I'd beat myself off three times before I went over Friday, to make sure I wasn't horny and wouldn't grope him in his sleep again. I was having a lot of guilt over it. You know? He was my cousin, and my best friend.

So we had a great time. I thought about it a few times, always feeling guilty about it.

There was this one time, he got up to use the john, and he was wearing jogging shorts, and as he stood up, facing a little away from he, I saw his ball sack up through the leg of those shorts.


I got bone instantly. And guilty. I almost went home.

I was not going to do it. No way.

He came back, and we played some video games, and it's all okay for the most part.

We went to sleep way after midnight, as usual. I slept on the floor, as usual. I got hard, as usual.

How many times do I have to do it so I won't bone up?

I managed to fall asleep without doing it. Not even to myself.

Saturday, and we go hang out with the few friends we have in that fucking little town. Not much to do but ride bikes and hang out at the pizza place. Go over to each other's houses and play video games or watch a video tape. No one asks us to stay over at their place, so Paul and I ride to my house about eight or so, just before it started to get dark.

We usually weren't allowed to stay over at each other's place two nights in a row. I don't know why. Our folks just didn't let us. But when we got to my place, my folks had a couple from down the street over.

"Honey, we're going to go out for a while. We won't be back until late. Can you stay over at Paul's tonight?"

"Uh, sure. I guess."

"Yeah, that's cool," Paul said.


My mom called his, and wouldn't you know it, they're fine with it. Well, shit.

It was like fate was working against me.

So we head over to his place. I try to figure out how to beat it off so I won't perv him again. No good ideas.

We watched television, played video games, had lasagna, and a pretty good time.

Except I'm getting really worried I'm going to end up perving him again.

I figure I can go to the john and beat it off before we go to sleep.

While we're watching a late movie, he fell asleep, propped up against the foot of his bed.

He slid down a bit, riding his shorts up high. That made his package all bulgy and hot. I got so massively excited again.

Life hates me. Right?

I got an idea. I pulled my dick out and started whacking it right there next to him. Looking at his bulge. Knowing what made it bulge so awesomely. Even knowing what it smells like and tastes like. Fucking hot!

At least I'm not touching him, right?

It was hot! I was whacking out a good one, when something in the bed creaked, and then the footboard shifted, cracked loudly, and then we were both falling backward onto it as his bed collapsed!

There I was, my pud hanging out, his bed half-collapsed, and he wakes up!

Somehow I got my dick put away without him noticing. He starts laughing at the situation, so I join in.

The wood had split where the pins go through it to hold the notches in the metal rails in place. Man, we were sure we'd get in trouble!

We tried to get his bed to stay together, but there's no way. The mattress is canted downward at the foot far enough there's probably no way he's going to be able to sleep on it.

"I'll share the sleeping bag with you," he says.

Fucking hell!

How can I tell him no?

So he turns the tv and light off, lays down on half the sleeping bag, and I take the other half. We laugh a bit, and wonder how much trouble we'll get in if we can't fix it tomorrow before his folks find out.

We start falling asleep. Well, he falls asleep. I'm stuck laying there, all riled up from getting half a jack-off done, thinking about his package as I'd sat next to him whacking it off.

And he's right there, right next to me, his body warmth wafting across my body.

I just laid there, hard as hell.

I really tried not to.

I really did.

But I was so boned!

I reached into my pants and decided to take care of it. Real quiet like. Right?

I couldn't resist any longer.

In the pitch black, my guts swirling around, I lifted my right hand up, over, and down.

There's his package, all soft and pliable and sexy. Those soft jogging shorts made it so easy to feel his dick and his balls through them.

In no time at all, his starts getting hard.

I let go, slide my hand up, under the waistband of his jogging shorts, then under his briefs. Over his pubes. And then wrap my fingers around his hard cock.

Oh, shit! So hard! The head so soft and pliable. His dick fatter and longer than mine.

I could feel his heartbeat in it. Mine too.

In no time, he leaks some pre-jizz. Mine does too.

It feels so good to have warm, slippery pre-jizz on the fingers of both hands.

His dick bends and flexes in my hand, then I feel warm, slick jizz flowing over my hand. He came!

I suddenly shot off too!

So good! Cum flowing from both of us, onto my hands, onto my skin, onto his skin. The smell filling the air.

I laid there for a just a moment, both of my hands covered in hot cum, relaxing from an intense orgasm.

Then I slid my hand out of his pants, out of my own, and in the complete dark, I cleaned them both with my mouth.

Mmmm. I love cum so much!

Now I was able to fall asleep.



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