Spring Break Kinky Surprises

A.K.A College Kink

Part 3

 Rated: X Contains: College


This was so hot. He was so cute, sitting across from me, grinning at me.

"You ever had a prostate massage?" he asked, bouncing his eyebrows.

I knew what the prostate is, mostly. About where it was, and sort of what it did. But I was sure no one had ever massaged mine. I wasn't even sure how you could reach it to touch it, let alone massage it. But it sounded like fun. And his big grin made me feel pretty sure it was!

"Uh, I don't think so."

"Oh, you'd know if you had," he said, bouncing his faint eyebrows even more.

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah. Come on."

He got out of his chair, and I noticed his erection right away. I mean, a dick his size, he'd have to be wearing some big, loose pants for it not to be visible. Or some really tight underwear. And since he wore boxers, and pretty tight jeans, that thing was very noticeable.

He went to the closet and got his ToolRider bag, and picked up the paper towels on his way back. I followed him to my bed, where he sat the bag and paper towels down on it, and then started taking my shirt off. Then my pants, and then my underwear. I returned the favor. Man, his naked body is really something. If he worked out more, he'd be muscly, but he doesn't. If he ate more and was less active, he'd have soft sides and stomach, but he doesn't. Tall, lean, medium build, slightly muscular, hairy but not much, tanned everywhere except were Speedos or tight trunks hid his skin from the sun.

Okay, now we were undressing each other. The thought of asking him if he was gay came to me again, but I didn't want to bring the action to a halt, so I pushed the thought back and sat down next to him on my bed.

"So, you said you've had a finger up your butt, right?" he asked, opening his bag.

"Uh, yeah."

"So, did she rub anything when it was up there?" he asked, rummaging around in the bag.

He kept the bag on the other side of him, so I couldn't see into it.

"Uh, I don't think so," I answered.

He pulled out the red felt bag the sound was in and handed it to me with a smile, saying, "Take it out and hold onto it."

I pulled the sound out of its bag as he asked, "Did you feel anything really... uh... tingly, when her finger was up there?"

I wasn't going to tell him I'd never messed around with a girl, or that when Brad had finger-fucked me that it had tingled a little sometimes. Or that when Dennis had fucked me, that there had been some really nice tingles up there sometimes.

"Um, maybe," I told him.

He pulled out a bottle that looked a lot like shampoo, but when he put it on the bed, I saw it was water-based sex lube. Oooo! Man, I got a nice tingle in my dick right then.

Dennis and I had used the same stuff, but a different brand.

Then he pulled out a small box of blue surgical gloves and put them on the bed next to the lube.

Hmmm.... That was both interesting and intimidating.

Then he removed a bottle of baby powder and put it next to the rest of the items on the bed near the wall. Then he had us sit facing each other, with my legs extended out and around him, and over his legs, which were extended around me. We were sort of sitting cross-legged, but not really. Our crotches were about a foot apart. I liked this. So far, anyway.

He put several sheets of paper towel between us, covering the bed between our legs from my balls to his. Then he shook some baby powder into two gloves and handed me one and put the other on his right hand.

"You use your right hand to write and jerk off?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Good," he said, "then put the glove on your right hand."

I held the sound in my lips by the big sphere and put on the glove. He picked up the bottle of lube, and motioned for me to hold out my hand. I did, and he squirted a little onto my index and middle fingers. Then he put some onto the same fingers of his gloved hand. He put the lube down, and grinned at me.

"Now, follow my lead.

He reached over with his un-gloved hand, lifted my balls, and then reached under me with the gloved hand. His fingers wriggled along my taint, found my hole, and began worming inside. Man! My dick sure was as hard as it gets right then. It jerked as his fingers slid inside.

I reached over, hefted his big balls up out of the way, and slid my two gloved fingers into him. I was surprised that his hole wasn't tighter. Maybe he was relaxing it? Either way, it wasn't hard to get my fingers into him.

"Now, move your fingers forward, toward you, up toward my balls. Like this."

I jumped! I mean, he sure hit something sensitive!

"Find the round lump, about like a walnut, right up behind my balls. Gently," he told me.

 He was very hot inside his butt. Soft, too. Almost silky. I could feel that even through the glove. It wasn't hard to find it. His prostate felt almost identical to a testicle - it was slightly soft but mostly firm. It gave under pressure, like a testicle.

Bigger than a walnut, I thought.

He said, "That's it. Now, rub it gently. A little harder."

He rubbed mine, a little harder, and man, it felt amazing!

"Now, push up against it, firmly, but not too hard."

I did, and I felt him doing it harder on mine.

"Now, around in little circles."


My dick was bobbing every time he gave my prostate a press. And the little circles made really nice soft tingles.

"Harder," he said.

Oh, shit!

"Now, press it and hold it."

Oh! Shit!

My dick was throbbing and pulsing, and a big blob of pre-cum welled up and began running down the underside.

"You make a lot of pre-jizz anyway, but this is gonna make you leak even more," he told me, grinning really nicely.

His big, sexy grin was really something.

He groaned a little, and his dick pulsed, and then a bead of pre-cum appeared at his tight hole.

"Okay, you can use the sound now," he said.

I had forgotten it. I took it from my mouth with my other hand, and put it against his tight hole. I spun it to get it lubed with his pre-cum, and then pushed it gently into his tight hole. I loved watching that thing go into his hole, one oval at a time. I could feel each and every one as it spread his soft opening and popped inside. His dick jumped a little each time an oval popped into it.

"Keep working my walnut," he said.

I'd forgotten to, so I began toying with it as I slid the sound into his dick. Man, so hot! The throbbing of his dick, and the jumps as the ovals went into his hole, made his dick feel as if it were alive all on its own.

And man, his fingers were making magic in me. I'd never known the prostate was so sensitive. If I had, well, I'd have worn it out by this point all on my own. And I would have shown my friends. Well, three of them. Okay, probably just Dennis.

I had a trail of pre-cum all the way down the underside of my dick to my balls. I'd never seen so much leak out before. I would usually have swiped it up and licked it off my finger before it became a constant trail. And my head was turning dark.

When I had half the sound in his dick, he said, "Use your gloved thumb on my tube as the sound goes in."

I lifted that gloved thumb upward and against the thick tube of his urethra, and I felt the first oval through it.

"Ohhh, yeah!" he sighed, and then shivered heavily.

My thumb felt every oval as it slid past. So cool! He shivered every time, too.

I felt his prostate move, and then his dick move. After a moment, I realized I had just felt his prostate emit pre-cum into his urethra! So cool! That was quickly verified by the fact that the sound moved more easily into him now.

Then the big sphere was against the tip of his glans. I rubbed his tube with my gloved thumb and rubbed his prostate with my fingers. It was like I had his most intimate place firmly in my grasp. I guess I did at that.

With the sound firmly in place, I gripped his cock with my free hand.

"No, don't," he said. "No stroking. Just massage my walnut."


I mean, it did feel excellent. And he probably wanted to make it last. Plus, that mean I could play with his balls instead.

"Want me to, uh, give you head?" I asked.

"Oh, man," he said excitedly.

He had me scrunch up so that he didn't have to take his fingers out of me, until I was on my knees and sucking his big meat while I rubbed him inside. It was kind of tight and a little uncomfortable, but wow, his fingers were making my prostate contract and create a nearly constant stream of pre-cum hang from my dick. It felt fucking amazing! My dick felt as if it were being overinflated, slowly and constantly. Those deep, tight tingles from my prostate were really great. The string of pre-cum was hanging out of the end of my dick and onto his arm.

I kept sucking his dick the ways I knew he liked. When I rubbed my tongue hard against his tube, I could feel the ovals on the sound. So cool. And he gasped and hissed, so I knew he liked it.

Then he held his fingers against my prostate constantly, and pressed a little more, and I began to think that this could make me cum without him even touching my dick. I mean, it was really good! He pushed and held it, and the longer he did, the more intense the pleasure got. My dick was so hard! And the pulses in it were repeating constantly, a lot like the waves of a good blow-job. My stomach muscles tensed up, my back muscles, my legs, everywhere tensed up, and my breathing got ragged.

"Shit!" I gasped. "I think I'm gonna cum!" Then I slammed my mouth back over his big head and sucked and licked like crazy.

He released the pressure, and I almost begged him to keep doing it. I kept the pressure on his even while he pulled his fingers out of me.

"Oh, man, so good," he groaned, slightly rocking. "Okay, better let off."

I didn't. He grinned at me, and then said, "Let off. I don't want to blow off right now. Not yet."

"Okay, fine," I groaned.

"Take the sound out," he told me.

I did. Too bad I didn't have a third hand so I could keep playing with his nice, big balls. I pulled the sound out nice and slow. His smile was so nice. He even shivered a little. When the sound came out of his dick, a big wash or his pre-cum followed it out, and it dripped down under his head and rolled halfway down his thick tube beneath his long cock. That was when I noticed his head was growing darker. And his dick bounced nicely, too.

He took off his glove then took the sound from me. He cleaned it with the alcohol, dried it, and then put a fresh glove on. As he lubed his fingers, he told me to sit back, and then he began to slide his fingers back into me, and began sliding the sound into my hole at the same time.

Oh, God, so fantastic! He was on his knees, and started sucking me. I reached under him and moved his big balls out of the way and inserted my gloved fingers into his ass. I found his prostate and rubbed against it. His dick throbbed nicely, up and down against my forearm.

And, damn! Having his fingers going into my ass and the sound into my cock was fucking intense! My tube was so lubed with pre-cum that the sound went in really easily, and his fingers went in just as easily. When he had the sound almost all the way in, he jiggled it deep and shallow, over and over, and rubbed my prostate back and forth. Holy fucking shit!

I could hear those wet noises as the sound moved inside my urethra. And my heavy breathing. Then he pushed up against my prostate as the sound went fully in, and I barely kept from jumping up off the bed.

Then he sucked. I felt his warm mouth, that soft tongue, and then the suction. The sound in my tube, his fingers working my walnut, and the suction... oh, fuck! I knew I was going to cum very soon.

"I'm going to!"

He didn't stop. His finger kept up the pressure on my prostate, and the pressure of a huge impending orgasm grew. And grew. It just kept growing.

"Oh, God, Spence! It's going to... but..."

"It's taking a long time, right?" he asked.

"Oh... yeah... it's... ahhhh."

He laughed, and smiled, and said, "Let it build up. It'll take a little time, but it'll happen."

His warm, soft mouth went back onto my dick, and the suction pulled the walls of my tube up tight against the sound, and his finger worked inside. Fuck!

"It's going to!" I groaned.

He stopped sucking it again and grinned at me.

It was taking for-fucking-ever! When he had shown me how stroking my dick slowly would take longer and make the orgasm better, it had. But it hadn't take this long. And the longer it took, the more intense it got! My butt was shaking, my legs, my stomach. My breathing was ragged. Sweat was wetting my armpits and forehead.

"God!" I gasped. "How long?"

"You tell me," he said, almost laughing.

The feelings his fingers were making in my prostate were fantastic! The sound felt amazing. Every time my dick jumped, which was a lot, I felt that sound in there! Oh, holy shit! And the feeling of a long, slow, incredibly powerful orgasm building up...

My dick was so swollen that it almost hurt with every pulsing throb of blood through it from my pounding heart. The rest of my body threatened to tighten up into a compact ball of twitching, gasping pleasure. I worried my dick was going to be damaged by the level of sensation. Or my prostate. Or some part of my plumbing.


The tingles in my dick were almost painful as it swelled and pulsed. I felt awesome contractions, like an orgasm, but they were so slow and long that they couldn't be an orgasm. But they were so intense they had to be. My dick was swelling up and throbbing in pulses along with the incredible pressure inside my prostate - and the intense sensation of an orgasm was in there too, but overwhelmed by the other sensations mixed with it.

I was overcome by the slow, rolling, deep, soul-ripping, repetitive sensations. It felt as if my balls were being pushed or pulled up through my dick.

 Each convulsion made me wince with the most intense pleasure yet. My prostate pulsed beneath Spencer's finger, my hole contracted around his fingers, my dick throbbed and swelled around the sound. Over, and over, and over.

I was going to cum, but he wasn't doing anything to my dick. The sound was inside of it, sure, and each time my dick pulsed from the intense feelings of my prostate being rubbed I could feel it in there, but he wasn't stroking me or sucking me off. But I was definitely going to cum! And how!

The pressure and pleasure joined and grew, and then it felt as if I were taking the biggest piss of all time while having the biggest orgasm of my life.

There weren't the usual hard shots, more like slow gentle pulses, but huge ones, almost all joined together, and each one better and stronger than the previous. I didn't count, but it had to be more than ten pulsations of my cock, anus, and prostate, and then several twitching, throbbing convulsions more that wracked me.

It was another blinding, body-paralyzing, gasping, breathless period of time that lasted forever and was over too soon.

When it was over, I felt drained and weak and shaky. I noticed that his fingers were out of me, and the sound was gone. And I was leaning far forward, my face against his shoulder. And I was sweaty and shaking and nearly panting.

And then I noticed that his arms were around me and his hands rubbing my back, which felt great.

"Oh my God," I sighed heavily, and then another heavy shiver ran all through my body.

"Pretty good, huh?" he asked, almost laughing, his mouth against my ear.

I shivered again, but this time from being so close to him, and in his arms. I lifted my rubbery arms and put them around him for a moment. Afraid it might be too faggy for him, I pulled them away after a mere moment. I ached to instead hug his body tightly against mine.

"Oh, man," I sighed softly.

I barely had the energy to pull myself upright. I got my breath under control, and my body, and saw my dick dripping softly between my legs. There was a huge wet area on the paper towels beneath my sack. And there was a thick, gooey mess between my softening dick and my sack. I must have cum more than ever had before. I even felt as if I were still having very soft ejaculations. But it had only dribbled out instead of shooting. A lot of it, too. Thick, gooey, almost chunky spots.

"Ahhh, shit," I sighed, taking in the afterglow.

I saw his erect cock, softly throbbing between his thighs.

"You ready?" I asked him.

"After you take a break," he said.

"I'm ready," I told him, reaching out to get started.

"Hang on a sec," he told me.

He put some powder into a fresh glove and handed it to me. Then he lubed two of my gloved fingers. Then he handed me the sound. He had laid it on the paper towel, but not cleaned it. I wondered if he forgot, or didn't mind. Then he leaned back a bit, and I got busy.

I slid two fingers into his rectum at the same time I inserted the sound into his meatus. His penis we well-lubricated, and some was squeezed out as the sound took up space in his urethra. The sound and my fingers went in easily.

I didn't put the sound straight in, but moved it in and out a little at a time, slowly working it in deeper. The way the ovals popped in and back out was so... I guess satisfying a sensation. To him, too, obviously. I did much the same with the fingers in his butt. As the sound's big sphere came to rest on the tip of his dick, my finger found his prostate.

Wow, his dick responded nicely. And it wasn't very long before I felt his prostate convulse under my fingers. He groaned a little and smiled big.

Man, I really liked this! Even how his big balls felt resting on the inside of my wrist as that hand worked his prostate. I could smell his pre-cum and his scent. I liked it. He had a nice spicy aroma.

His dick throbbed nicely as my mouth closed over it. When I sucked, it bobbed against the roof of my mouth. I wondered how long he would last.

"Not far," he answered after a few seconds.

I wiggled the sound with my tongue at times, and massaged his walnut, and felt his cock throb and pulse from time to time, and felt his prostate contract every minute or so.

"Push and hold it," he told me.

I knew he must be getting close. I put constant pressure on it, only very gently pushing harder a little bit and releasing it a little. I rubbed his tube hard enough to feel each and every oval of the sound.

"Oh, yeah. Won't be long," he groaned.

I glanced up at his face to see his eyes tightly closed, his face red, his mouth clenched in a rictus of near agony. His body spasmed in time with the convulsions I felt with my fingers inside of him, and almost in time with the clenching of his anus, and the throbbing of his long, thick cock.

And then semen oozed quickly out around the sound in repetitive waves. His cock moved so much I almost lost my grip on it with my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but there was so much! His cum was soon running past my lips and down the underside of his cock, onto his balls, and then my wrist.

"Oh, God," he gasped several times, deep and low and heavily breathy.

I felt his body working in several ways: I felt his prostate pumping, his cock throbbing, his anus clenching, his balls tugging upward, and his hard cock twitching in my mouth.

"Oh, shit, yeah," he sighed. Then, "Stop."

I reluctantly removed the sound from his dick and my fingers from his ass. He shuddered several times as I did so. Then I watched him recover. He was much faster than I had been. I wondered how many times he had experienced that.

"Damn," he cursed softly, then opened his eyes as he sat upright. "That's fucking awesome." He looked at me and said, "Man, thanks, dude."

His smile was so adorable. I wanted to lean that little bit forward and kiss him so badly. We were so close, face-to-face, it would have only taken another six or seven inches. If only I had the balls.

I could feel his breath on my face.

"You're welcome," I said, grinning.

"Man. I really gotta piss!" he got up and walked to the bathroom.

I could see his weariness in his walk. He was drained. And he had such a great ass.

I sat there for a moment before I realized I was still wearing a glove and holding the sound. I immediately put the sound into my mouth and tasted his warm, musky cum. I sucked that thing clean.

By the time he came back from the bathroom, I had cleaned it and put it into its felt bag, and tossed the gloves on the paper towel, which was soaked with patches of our cum, and wadded them up. He took the sound and put it and the other things away in his bag, as I threw away the paper towel and washed my hands and my limp, slimy dick.

He was dressed, except for a shirt, when I walked back in. I pulled on my underwear and pants, but left my shirt off. I made sure to face away from him while I dressed, in case he wanted the show. I turned around quickly, but he didn't seem to be looking at me over his laptop screen.

"I'm taking a shower," he said.

"Okay," I said. "I will when you're done. But can I take a piss first?"

"Sure," he told me.

I went to the bathroom, and, God, that tingling/stinging was fucking great! Strong, but not painful, and it was actually really good. As I finished pissing, I got another heavy shiver.

I said, "Nothing," when he asked from the other room why I was laughing.




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