The Halloween Party

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Friday Night


We were lucky. Halloween fell on Friday night. Not only could we have a Circle party, but we could have it on Halloween night! What could be better?

The usual Circle guys were there early; Tom, Jeff, Todd, Eric, and of course the twins, since it was their place. The band guys got there by three.

We started the party. Joints made the rounds. Kevin had brought Jack Daniels, and we made Lynchburg Lemonades. I loved them! We played some songs, messed around with a few new ones, and I handed out the music sheets I had found in the county library.

I still couldn't read music sheets worth a damn, so the guys all had a look and said it would sound like something from Mozart or such. They weren't interested. David tried a few bars and I thought it sounded excellent.

"It's not even written for guitar," Kevin complained. "Other strings, old-fashioned ones, sure, but no guitars."

"We could fill in the percussion," Brent said over the beautiful piano melody that David was playing from the sheets, looking at the pages with his brother.

Wil tried a few lines. He shrugged and tried a few more. He grinned. I loved how it sounded.

"We could do it, sort of," Wil said. "Look, Kev."

He began telling Kevin how their guitars could fill in for most of the strings, and Terry seemed interested, too. They played short portions. I loved it. David grinned nicely and kept playing the awesome piano section.

"What can I play? I can set the Oberheim to brass and woodwind and you can show me how to play it."

He sat down next to me and said, "Do the woodwinds. Set it up.

Kevin asked, "Adam? Can you play the brass section?"

Adam looked at his copy of it and shrugged. He set up and tried a few lines. It was haunting and powerful. I really liked it.

"Who wrote this? I don't see a name." Kevin said, turning through the pages. "Where did you find it?"

"I was looking at books about music at the county library. An old librarian came up and asked if I was looking for anything special. I said I wanted something to play with the band I was in for our Halloween party. He went to the shelves and pulled this out."

I held up the originals I had made their copies from.

"It's weird. It's got notations only used in the last few decades, but it uses really old measures and styles. It's like it was written hundreds of years ago, but rewritten in the same reddish-brown ink on the same, weird paper with the new markings and notations. What is this? Parchment? How old is it?"

"Yeah. That is weird," Wil agreed. "But it's got a neat sound. Kinda perfect for Halloween."

He played a few bars again. His guitar sounded sad and mellow.

David showed me the lines for the brass section after I finished the adjustments, and I followed his fingers and tried to memorize their movements. It seemed hypnotizing. Familiar. I was sure I could do it.

I took over. It was easy. I couldn't read the notes at all, but I knew what ones to play. They just made sense. All I had to do was look at the page and my hands knew what to do.

We began over, playing together. The melody was slow and light at first, but grew faster and heavier. It pulsed along, dragging me along with it. Soon it was throbbing through me. My hands played as if I had learned to play by the song.

Everyone played perfectly. They all smiled and were obviously enjoying the music.

I was sure that I was.

It came to a long, wailing, haunting ending.

"Fuck," we all said together.

I felt as if I could play the song again, and again, and forever.

We took a smoke break and I tried not to join the guys in the bathroom for lines of cocaine. I resisted at first, but the desire was too strong.

Why should I care what David thinks? So he hates coke. That's his problem. I like it. Fuck him.

I got up and joined the guys for lines.

"Don't you have any of your own?" Kevin asked me after I straightened up from snorting the coke.

"Nope. You need to get me some more."

"Give me some money and I'll get you some tomorrow."

"What about tonight?" I asked, deeply worried.

He thought for a second, then finally smiled a little, then said, "Okay, just for tonight. But watch how much you snort, freeloader."

"Fuck you."

"Not even if you were the last swinging dick on the planet and all the pussy was dead," he said angrily.

"I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last asshole on the planet. You're already the biggest one!" I yelled back.

Kevin and I glared at each other all the way back to the music room. David glared at me. I knew he knew, but I didn't care. I wondered why I didn't care, but I didn't care that I didn't care.

Brent started arguing with Ryan about the drums. Brent wanted to play the same parts that Ryan did.

"I'd do it way better!" one claimed.

"You can't play for shit compared to me!" the other argued.

"Guys, no need to argue. You're both really good!" Tom said.

The twins grinned and sat down next to each other and we smoked joints. We laughed and had a good time.

At six, we had dinner. The staff made a real effort. It was awesome!

"The staff will be out by eight, sirs," Declan said from the doors as they took away the dishes. "You'll be on your own until I come back after midnight."

"We'll be fine," Ryan said testily. "Go out and have a good time. See you in the morning."

"Good night, sirs,"

"What an ass," Brent said as soon as Declan had closed the door, and loud enough for him to have heard.

He and his brother laughed together. It seemed odd, but no big deal. Besides, I wanted to play that song again. I mentioned it, and everyone was really glad to.

We killed it that second time. I got chills and thrills. It was purely awesome!

We smoked and laughed and drank Lynchburg Lemonades. It was great fun!

I joined the guys for more lines.

"One more time, then you're cut off. I don't want to be supplying your habit," Kevin said angrily.

"Fine. Just don't be surprised if I don't have a lot of time to practice with you assholes," I shot back.

"Won't miss you at all," Kevin told me.

"You'll suck without me. No Styx, no Foreigner."

"We'll get by. We got along well enough without you, we'll get along well enough without you again."

"We just might see about that!"

"Fine with me!"

He shoved me against the wall. I shoved him back. We grappled and struggled. Riley pulled us apart.

"You guys! Cool it!"

He shoved the both of us. I almost turned my anger on him, but instead, I stormed out and stomped my way back to the music room.

Brent and Ryan were arguing again. Tom was trying to calm them down, but it wasn't working very well.

"What's their problem?" I asked, rolling a joint.

"They're brothers," Jeff said, then smacked the back of Todd's head.

"Jerk-wad!" Todd declared, then punched his brother in the stomach.

"Ass-hat!" Jeff said, then punched Todd in the face.

It was hilarious! Todd grabbed his face just as the blood started down his lip.

"You made me bleed!" Todd said, surprised.

I had never seen them actually hit each other before. Not like that. I liked it.

Todd got up and left, probably headed to the bathroom. I shrugged at Jeff's grin.

"Deserved it, the little bastard," Jeff said smugly.

I agreed.

I noticed the glare that David was still giving me. I didn't like it.

"What? If I want to do some coke, I'll do some coke. Don't judge me by your standards, you ponce."

"If you're that stupid, then do it," he said angrily.

"Whatever. Pussy."

I lit the joint and passed it to Jeff.

Terry came in, pushing Billy and calling him an asshole. Billy pushed him back and they started wrestling. Kevin and Wil came in laughing at them, egging them on.

We all jumped up and started cheering on one or the other. Finally, Billy put his knee into Terry's nuts and that ended it for now.

"Nice shot!" Eric said gleefully.

"Dirty shot," David said.

"Hey, whatever works," Eric said back.

"You're a cheat and a jerk," David said.

Eric jumped him. He got in three good punches before David got away, holding his nose and jaw.

"Fuckin' Yank bastard!"

"Brit wimp!"

Brent and Ryan were still arguing, and Tom was still trying to calm them down when Brent pushed Ryan into the drums. They reminded me of the song.

"Hey! Guys! Stop it! Let's just play!"

Everyone thought that was a great idea. We got into our positions and the twins tapped time.

It sounded awesome! We were all grinning and having a great time.

We ended it and sat down for joints and more lemonades and had some laughs.

Kevin and the guys headed out for more coke. I joined them, throwing David a grin. He glared back and flipped me off. I threw a finger at him and smiled wider. The twins started arguing again.

"Last lines of my coke," Kevin said.

"Fine," I said curtly.

"He can have some of mine," Terry said.

"Thanks. At least Terry knows how to be a friend," I said to Kevin.

"Terry just wants you to suck his dick."

I was willing.

I did my lines - Kevin's lines - and went back to the music room. The twins were fighting again, and Tom wasn't even trying to calm them down. He was busy snuggling up to Jeff. That pissed me off.

Why the hell is Jeff being openly gay with Tom? He wouldn't with me! He was horrified about it with me when Tom came over. Any time. But he can do it with Tom in front of everyone? Bastard!

I dropped down on the couch and ignored them. I put my arm over David. He shrugged it off, got up, and walked out.

Eric laughed.

"What's so funny, copper-top?"

"No dick for Alex tonight."

"No unless I take you to a room," I said, bouncing my eyebrows.

He grinned. I looked at Tom and Jeff, who were now hugging and nearly kissing. I got so angry.

"Come on, Eric."

I pulled him off the couch and dragged him to an empty bedroom. I heard the guys arguing in the bathroom but I didn't care.

I locked the door and jumped on Eric. I took his shirt off, kissed his nipples, and unfastened his jeans. I pushed them down, then his boxers, then attacked his erection with my mouth. It had been a long time since we had messed around, and he had seemingly grown a bit. He certainly had more pubes, and his balls had gotten bigger and dropped. They were nice to play with.

"Fuck! Yeah! Suck me, Alex!"

I picked him up and took him to the bed. I rolled him onto his stomach and started licking his ass. It was so pink and pretty. I dug my tongue in.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! Do that! Fuck, yeah!" he groaned loudly.

I shoved a finger in.


"Shut up!" I told him.

I stood up, opened my jeans and pushed them down with my shorts.

"Uh, Alex?"

"Shut up!" I told him, then smacked him.

He looked surprised, then angry. I jumped on him and held him down. I managed to wiggle so that my cock was up against his ass and I shoved it in.


I clamped a hand over his mouth and fucked him hard. He grunted and complained behind my hand, but he started moaning and groaning soon. I moved my hand.

"Fuck! Yeah! Fuckin' fuck me! Harder! Make it hurt!"

I did. It hurt me, too, I rammed into him so hard.

"Like that, bitch?" I asked, then slapped his ass as hard as I could.


I bit his shoulder. I raked his back with my nails. He screamed and begged for more. I gave it. I shoved as hard as I could and buried myself in him. I exploded into him.

I fell onto him and panted.

"Damn!" he said.

"Damn," I agreed.

He rolled out from under me and shoved himself into me without warning or fingers first. It hurt! I loved it!

I knew that I didn't like being hurt during sex, but now I did. Now I was enjoying it. It seemed so odd. But it felt so good!

"Fuck me, Eric! Fuckin' tear me up!"

He did. His hips smacked into my buttocks so loudly I could hear the echo from the bathroom. His fingers dug into my hips, clawed my back, and his teeth bit my neck.

"Yeah! Eric! That's it! Harder!"

He pounded his little dick into me again and again, deep and hard, until he shoved it one final time so hard that I screamed in pain.

Then he collapsed onto me, panting.

"Fuckin' hell," he sighed between heavy breaths.

"Fuckin' perfect," I said.

We got dressed then headed back. I didn't bother to straighten mine or his hair, or our clothes. I didn't care if David saw.

David was busy. Tom and Jeff had gotten him involved with them. They were kissing and fondling each other, taking up the entire couch. I could have killed them all.

Kevin, Wil, and Terry were making out with their shirts off and pants down. Terry was amazingly hung. I didn't see Adam or Riley.

The twins fell onto us the second we got through the doors. They dragged us to the rarely used library and closed the door. Ryan jumped on me, Brent on Eric, and pretty soon, the four of us were wrapped around each other in a pile of sweating, heaving bodies. I didn't know who I was in, or who was in me, or who I had in my mouth, and I didn't care.

I only cared that they knew how to bite, scratch, and claw. And that I had three bodies to abuse. We punched and shoved, slapped and kicked. It went on and on, all of us finishing more than once.

When we were all finally exhausted, Ryan turned on the lights. We were all bruised and bloody, it was great. We got dressed and headed back.

When we got back, Wil, Terry, and Kevin were in a pile, Todd moving in there among them, touching and licking. His little penis was laughable, so I did laugh. Until I saw that Tom, David, and Jeff were all over each other, naked. I wanted to join them. I wanted to kill them.

The twins and Eric started arguing over where to join. I marched toward Jeff, Tom, and David.

"Feck off!" David yelled at me.

"Fuck you! They're my friends!"

"Go find your own," Tom said around Jeff's huge girth.

"Go play with the little boys," Jeff laughed, then returned to frenching David.

I turned to leave, but I saw Kevin's pants, abandoned. It was easy to sneak his cocaine out of the pocket unnoticed. I went to the usual bathroom.

Riley was on the floor, naked, purple-faced, and staring vacantly at the ceiling. Adam was naked, huddled in the corner, rocking.

"Fuck him to death?" I asked as I got the cocaine ready.

He didn't answer. I snorted most of the cocaine, then took it with me and offered some to Adam. He rarely did it, but he did then. I brushed his hair back. I looked at Riley, still not moving. He wasn't bad looking at all, all naked. He wasn't hung all that well, but he had nice light-blond pubes and nice balls.

"Was he any good?" I asked.

"He was a wimp," Adam said.

He had a nice body. Kind of a long one, with really nice, low-hanging nuts, and light, sandy-blonde pubes. I fondled it. It responded. He looked at me. We kissed. He pushed me onto my back, pulled my pants off, tore my underwear off, then pushed my knees to my chest and shoved it in. I screamed. He fucked me hard and fast and deep, grimacing at me, grunting. I wanted him more than I wanted fucked by him.

He started choking me. I rolled him over and got him out of me, then pushed his knees to his chest and shoved. He yelled and tried to push me off. I didn't let him. I fucked him, holding my hands around his neck until he stopped fighting me. I fucked him until I unloaded, grunting and panting.

I pulled out, stood up, and kicked him. His eyes were open, but he didn't react. I didn't care. I kicked and stomped until my socks were bloody and my feet hurt. He was a beautiful mess.

I finished the cocaine and went back to the music room wearing only my torn t-shirt and my now-bloody socks that made awesome squishing sounds on the floor.

I heard the most incredible sounds coming from the music room. I hurried my steps.

Jeff was beating David with a chair who whined and pleaded like a pussy. It was hilarious! The chair broke, but only after David's jaw and both arms and he had been still for a while.

"Fucking nice work!" Tom declared.

"He was a wimp!" Jeff said, throwing the remains of the chair at the staring, unmoving David.

Tom pulled him down and kissed him. They were both naked and got hard. I wanted to kill them.

Blood flowed across the floor from the other couch. No one there was moving, except Todd, who licked more blood from his fingers. His face was red with it, streaks of it covered most of his naked body. He was still erect, small as it was. He grinned wickedly as he licked his fingers. Gobbets of flesh hung from his teeth and from all of their bodies in the most interesting places. I was impressed. I wished I had a camera.

The sounds of Jeff shoving his enormous manhood into Tom's ass was pure delight. Blood flowed freely between Tom's legs and down the couch. Jeff fucked him so hard that the couch was moving across the polished floor. Tom's cries of agony were nearly as pure and sweet as the music. Pretty soon he was silent, which was sad. But Jeff didn't stop. He was a machine! When he finally stopped, shivering and grunting, shoving himself deeply into Tom's ruined, cooling ass, I swung the heavy lamp with all my strength and crushed his skull.

He fell onto Tom, his brains leaking over Tom's face. It was magnificent.

Eric screamed. Brent was twisting his arm up over his head with his feet on his shoulder while Ryan began jumping up and down on his abdomen. Brent yanked hard and Eric's arm came out of the socket with a delightful crunching sound. His shrieks were amusing and increased in volume as Ryan's weight came down. Soon the sound was wet and empty, hollow, as blood sprayed from his mouth. The twins' laughter was hearty and rang like bells tolling for the dead.

Todd and the twins looked at each other and me. Todd picked up the knife he had seemingly used on Kevin, Wil, and Terry.

"Bring it," I said.

They charged. I kicked Ryan in the face, something I'd learned from Todd. With nothing on below my waist, I was exposed as Todd came in low and kicked me there. I screamed and grabbed myself. Todd's foot came in toward my face, but I fell sideways and grabbed a broken chair leg. I rolled onto my back just as Todd came down at me. I held the leg up and it went clean through his neck. Hot, bright-red blood sprayed out in a hugely wide arc, landing all around us on the floor. It was beautiful! Pure art!

He make the most amusing sounds as his face went white. I felt the most excruciating and delicious agony in my chest. I looked down and saw his hands on the handle of a knife that was sticking out of my chest.

I laughed, but only gurgled.

He smiled, then his eyes went cold and empty.

I saw Brent and Ryan stabbing each other with drumsticks, shoving them into each other so hard they penetrated to their fists. Chests, necks, eyes, stomachs, all punctured and blood flowing. Their laughter and shrieks were nearly as beautiful as the music I had been given.

That was all I was going to miss. That wonderful, fulfilling, pulsing music.

As the twins fell to the floor, and the last light faded from my vision, I somehow knew that I wouldn't have to miss the music.

The last sound I heard was the clock as it struck midnight.

Then we shambled to our feet together, took up our instruments, and played that wonderful music.

We played, having a great time. It didn't matter that we would never play for an audience again, we would play together, forever.

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