Putting Theory Into Practice

Part One

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This story is based on true events told to me by an acquaintance. He's read some of the True First Time Tales, but he didn't want to share his own story only for the point of making it one of the True First Tales. He couldn't even remember all that much of the details. But he did want to tell the story, even though he isn't very good at writing. So, he told me what he remembered, and I worked with those memories as the basics, and wrote a short story 'based on the skeleton of (his) memories.' His words, not mine. More or less. The point is, here is the first fiction story I've written from start to finish over a weekend in many a year, though it is based on real events. And the first fictional story I've posted in quite a while, being busy with so many of your True First Time Tales. It's also different in that he wanted it to be in two parts, and knew exactly where he wanted the break between sections.



It started when I caught my brother and his girlfriend going at it. They were sixteen and I was almost fourteen. Our parents were out with friends for dinner and a movie, and would be home about ten or eleven. Maybe later if they went out for drinks after. My bro and his girl were supposed to be out with friends until about ten, and I was supposed to be staying over at my friend Curt's. I was, but I ran home to get something I'd forgot at about eight-thirty or so. The house was supposed to be empty, but I saw my bro's car in the drive. So I snuck in the back, because I was supposed to be at Curt's, and they were supposed to be out with friends. I figured they were up to something. Being thirteen, I figured I knew what.

Boy, was I right. His door wasn't open, but I could tell they were making out. Being almost fourteen, I was hugely curious. So I got what I forgot from my room, then snuck back outside, around to his window, which was in our pretty private back yard, and peeped. It was great weather, he smoked pot at his window and kept it open, often with a fan in it, so I saw and heard everything.

They were hugged up and kissing, one of his hands under her shirt and all over her boob, and one of hers in his lap all over it. I could see his boner. I precisely remember the sight. It was awesome.

I had seen my bro's dork more than a few times. He'd seen mine. We'd even compared and stuff in the tub when we were kids. When he got pubes, I was the first to know and the first to see them up close. Not all that close, but we lived in a small house with one bathroom. We weren't bathing together by then, just showering right after the other. Him almost always first, of course. So I knew when he started taking care of business in the shower too.

I'd just seen it a few weeks before, as he got out of the shower while I was taking a piss. He kind of like showing it off. He didn't have anything to be ashamed of. That thing was big. The last time I'd seen it hard had been when I'd woken him up a few weeks before that. I'd opened his door to yell at him and he was naked and asleep on his back, and excited, and I sort of stared for a few seconds. Easy six inches, almost seven? Not all that fat, but sure solid and beefy. It was an awesome sight.

Yeah, I was aware I was interested in boys' bodies far more than girls' bodies. Seeing my bro's body was a guilty pleasure. So I took it in that morning for a few seconds, then stepped out and pounded on his closed door. Yeah, I did that on purpose quite a few weekend mornings after that. And done quite a bit of beating off, too.

Now I was watching him and his girlfriend go at it through the screen in his window.

That big dick of his really made a big, beefy bulge in his pants, which she ran her hand up and down over as they kissed. I wasn't too interested in her boobs. I knew it even in that moment. I wondered why. I remember that clearly. I felt a bit guilty I was scoping out my bro's bulge. Back then pornography was limited to magazines and VHS tapes, or actual film if you had the money. I hadn't seen a hard dick except in a couple porn magazines, except my bro's.

So I watched them, feeling my hard dick in my pants, wondering how much I would get to see before I shot off.

Then she said something like, "You ready to see what I wanna show ya?"

"I'm always ready!" he laughed, still playing with her boob with one hand. "Besides, I think I know what your big surprise is."

"Oh, you do? What?"

"I think you're gonna let the boys out," he laughed, still playing with her boob.

"Oh, you think my big surprise is I'm gonna let you see my boobs?"


I knew he was wrong, but I had no idea what else it could be. I just knew he guessed wrong by her face.

"Well, that wasn't going to be it, but since that's what you want so bad, I guess I'll do that, then," she said.

Then she pulled her shirt off. I could see my bro's hand on her boob, over her bra. Then she undid her bra, and it came off in my bro's hand. He dropped it right away, and then both of his hands shot out and grabbed her boobs.

I know he sighed, "Wow," or I did.

"So, are you happy now?" she asked.

Bro nodded and smiled, and kept playing with her boobs and nipples. I kept glancing down at his boner in his pants. Man, that thing was hanging down his leg, all bulgy and shit. Damn, I was so turned on! I was tugging and squeezing my raging boner through my pants and pretty sure I was gonna go off if I kept doing it.

"Then get happier," she said, and grabbed his head with both hands and shoved it between her boobs.

Oh, man! My bro was getting really lucky! He might even get laid!

He kissed and licked her boobs, all over, and you could tell she liked having her nipples sucked on. My bro sure liked doing it!

"So, you going to jerk it off after our date tonight?" she asked as he used his mouth and both hands on her boobs.

He laughed, then said, "I should never have told you that."

"Why? We girls all know you guys do it. Heck, we like driving you guys crazy all night so you end up having to!"

"You girls are all teases!" he laughed between her boobs.

"Yeah, but not tonight," she told him.

"What? You serious?" he asked, taking his face out from between her boobs, a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah, but it's not what you think," she said.

"Then what?," he asked, then asked, "That thing?" with a massive grin.

"No," she laughed at him, then said, "Not that! I told you I'm not gonna do that. Sex, maybe, someday, maybe not all that far off, but I'm not putting it in my mouth."

"Then what?"

"Something I read in a magazine, about how to do it without taking all the risks, but, still, uh, take care of your man."

She looked so embarrassed! He looked so... horny. Really. Horny toad on the croak, as we said back then. Yeah, southern U.S.

"Wha-a-a-t?" he asked, like an impatient child on Christmas morning. Really. I almost laughed out loud!

"You sit on the edge of the bed," she said, sitting up a bit, and then moving to sit behind him after grabbing her purse. "I sit behind you, and get you all warmed up by taking off your shirt, " which she did, "and then rubbing your shoulders and back and chest."

Oooo! And the sight of bro's dick along his thigh! Which, by the way, her hand went to after just a minute or so. I think bro sucked in all the air in his room, and I almost felt a draft through the window around me.

"Then I help you out of your pants."

Which she did. And then his underpants.

Man! Bro's dick looked so huge! It was pretty curved, all along it, sort of like an almost straight banana. Except that plump, bulgy head on the end of it. Which, I noticed, was redder than usual, and dripped almost the instant his underwear went down. And he had a nice set of nuts, too. Bro was stacked. Even his pubes were thick and almost as full as any guy's I'd seen in those couple of magazines.

"Then you sit between my legs on the edge of the bed," and she got a small bottle of baby oil out of her purse, poured a bit onto one hand, then rubbed them together, and reached around him. She grabbed his boner, he almost jerked off the bed, and then I almost shot off, as she wrapped her fingers around his big, bent rod, and then began rubbing it from base to tip, over and over and over.

"So, you like that?" she asked from behind him.

"Oh, yeah!" he sighed.

Man, his face right then. He looked like he was gazing on the face of God!

I could hear her slick hands sliding over his cock. I could hear him breathing fast and hard and loud.

"Oh, God, that feels so good, baby!"

I had to stop tugging and grabbing my dick, or I was gonna fill my underwear and have to sneak back inside to get clean ones.

After a little bit, he said "Faster, baby."



"The magazine said to do it the same speed the whole time. Once down the whole thing, once a second or so, no faster."

"What? Why?"

"That's what it said a couple times. You can switch and go up kind of fast sometimes."

She did, and my bro almost fell off the side of the bed!

"You like that?" she asked, laughing.

"Hell yeah!"

"Then I better follow the directions, right?"


Bro never looked so happy, or like he was having a better time than right then. I was having the time of my life so far!

"The magazine also said to not forget his balls," and she reached down and got hold of them. I saw her hand moving as it held them.

Clearly, bro approved.

She'd sometimes go up his cock instead of down it, and he'd groan and moan and go nuts! She'd put more of the baby oil on her hands to keep them slippery. I loved that sound! Bro's legs were always either stretching out straight or curling up or kicking out. His face would sometimes scrunch up like he was getting butt-fucked by a telephone pole, and other times he looked like he was being pulled in two.

She told him some of the stuff the magazine article said about sex. A lot. Mostly about going slow, foreplay, making the guy's orgasm happen slower, stuff like that. I soaked it up!

"I wish you'd go faster!" he grunted at one point.

"The magazine said the guy would want to, but not to."

"But I sure wish you would!" he grunted, his face red and scrunched up.

His feet and toes curled up.

"Please, just a little faster!" he begged.

"Nope!" she said, an almost evilly-joyous look on her face.

"Oh, God! I'm going to go!"

She was watching what she was doing with her hands, probably to see him cum. I bet she'd never seen it happen before. Sometimes she would go both up and down on it, maybe more than twice in a row. Wow did he like that! Something unexpected in a routine. Got it.

His dickhead was almost purple now, instead of the dark red which seemed so unusual before. His face was almost as dark. Damn! It looked like she was giving him the best time ever! She probably was! He was getting his first hand-job.

"Jesus! God! It's taking forever!" he groaned, looking almost like he was in agony.

His legs were kicking and his feet looked like they were going to twist up and break. She'd move her tight, slippery fist down over his head, down to the base, then let go, the use the other hand. Over and over. Sometimes doing something different, which almost always made him groan or laugh or jerk all over. Or all three at the same time.

Oh, I was gonna have to try this! She said the magazine claimed most guys couldn't do it slow to themselves. They just weren't able to keep doing it slow to themselves. I was going to find out if I could or not. Soon. Or, I could try to find out if... nah, that'd never work. Or would it? Think about it later. Watch!

"Please! Just a little faster!" he begged, laughing and almost squirming.


"Oh, Jesus! God! Awww!"

His body went rigid, almost taking his butt off the bed, and then he held his breath, but grunted, "Here it comes!" through his teeth.

I had no idea a guy could shoot a wad that far! I wasn't even sure I'd seen that first white blob fly like that. It just vanished somewhere out of my view, above his head for sure, and I never saw where it went. But the next one, just as bro grunted, "Fuck!" went up just over his head and landed with a loud splat on his thigh. Man! Then another shot out and landed on the floor.

Yet, she still only stroked him once every second or so, slow and steady.

Bro was having an epileptic fit! I really wondered if he was going to be okay, as he seemed to grunt in reverse as he shot another big goober out. It actually twirled around in the air before it landed on his stomach.

"Oh, fuck!" and another goober shot out of his dick, but this one barely got any air, and landed somewhere just above his pubes, I guess. Her hand was in the way to see exactly where it landed.

I watched bro's big dick squirt out at least three or four more times, just barely clearing the tip of his dick and her fingers. But, man, that sound! It was thicker and louder than the oil sounds. I was surprised she was even allowing it to touch her hand. I was even more surprised that she kept stroking his dick as he squirted, and even after. But she did, right up until bro grabbed her hand to stop it.

"Did you like that?" she asked, taking her hands back, and then getting a wet-nap out of her purse to clean her hands with.

"That was the best thing I ever felt!" he said, turning a bit to see her behind him.

I locked my eyes on his juicy, shiny, purple-headed cock as it slowly throbbed and deflated.

"You read how to do that in a magazine?"

"Yup. It said a guy can't do it slow themselves, so when it happens it drives them out of their minds. Women like to take our time, we know how to do it right. But you guys all go faster and faster, especially, right before, you know, right before it finishes." She was so red-faced now! More than ever before. "So if the woman takes control, and does it slow and steady, the right way, it drives the guy crazy and makes it better for him."

"It sure does!" he agreed, laughing. "It was the best one I ever had!"

"And if you ever tell anybody about it, I'll never do it to you again," she said, handing him a wet-wipe from her purse. "Clean up, get your clothes back on, and let's get back to the party."

Bro wiped his cock clean, then his chest and stomach, then his legs, then pulled his pants and shirt back on.

She got dressed again as well, and then they left his room.

I waited a while, to make sure they were gone, deciding what I was going to do.

I had such an idea!

Curt had asked me if I could get a joint from my bro for a while. He hadn't smoked it before, but was interested in trying it. He didn't know anyone he could get it from. We were mostly nerdy dork types, not stoners. None of our friends had tried pot or knew how to get it.

Also, I was staying over at Curt's mostly because I was interested in him. He wasn't my best friend, and we'd only been gaming friends for the most part. But lately, well, he was far more interesting. I won't describe him, just tell you he was my type. I hadn't had a 'type' until very recently. I guess you could say Curt was my first boy-crush. Of sorts. He was definitely in puberty, like me. His bulge was juicy and tempting, and he had a great butt, and he was tall, like me, too.

And there was also the fact that he said things that interested me too. He didn't make fun of fags, and he didn't join in when others did. Much. And there were the times, lately, since I'd started hanging out with him more and more, when we'd talk about sex stuff. Neither of us pretended to know much about girls, but we knew what a guy liked. We both did it often, and loved it. We even did it the same ways. And we both thought boys' parts were 'cleaner' and 'more interesting'. Girls' parts were gross; with all that yeast and blood and discharges. Gross.

Of all the guys I knew, friends from grade school, middle school, or gaming clubs, Curt had this special something that hinted to me that he was like me. And recently, I'd gotten these glances from him, when it was just him and me. Or not. Maybe I was just seeing it? Did I really want to see it? Was I really 'interested' in guys?

He was also... just, kind of... gentle? Mild? Soft? Almost girly, but not. Graceful. Cute. Cuddly. Mmmm.

I did know, for sure, that I was interested in Curt, and he sure seemed interesting. And maybe there was something...

When I stayed over at his place, he'd drop his pants and get into his bed in his underwear. Right in front of me. Everyone wore tighty-whities back then - except kids who wore cartoon or solid-colored briefs, and old men who whore boxers.

Yeah, was developing down there, for sure, and I was fucking dying to find out just how much.

I ran inside, got the bottle of baby oil from the bathroom cabinet, grabbed one of bro's hidden joints from his room, and changed into a pair of jeans that were kind of small and really showed off my bulge, and didn't hide a boner at all. Then I almost ran to Curt's house.

Tonight, I had already been really looking forward to seeing him in his underwear again. Now, I was busting a nut with every step toward his house, as I thought hard.

When I got back to Curt's, I had a plan all set.

I said "Hey" to his folks as I walked through to the stairs. When I passed his sister's room, I heard her gabbing with the friend staying over. When I got to his bedroom door, I held the bottle of baby oil and the the thing I had gone home for under my arms, and made sure my boner was totally obvious in my pants. Then I got the joint out of my pocket, opened his bedroom door, stepped in, closed his door, and, holding up the bottle of baby oil in one hand and the joint in the other, said, "Dude! I got two huge surprises for you!"




Part Two




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