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Heat Fever

 Rated: X Contains: mast, oral 



So, we've been driving for three days. Three days! Three hot days in a station wagon with no air. And vinyl seats. And I only packed shorts. I was soaked with sweat. And there was a full day yet to go.

Get the idea?

A hot, dusty summer in the desert and we're goin' to a relative's funeral, some old guy I never knew. Mom says I met him when I was seven. Pffft. Like I can remember when I was seven! That was like ten years ago! Geeze, parents can be so dumb!

Like I said, I never met the guy. Dad's great-uncle or somethin' like that. Guess he was sixty and just stroked out doin' the yard.

We got a cooler with ice we keep filling couple a times a day and I got root beer and ginger ale and mom and dad got fruit drinks and water.

So, the sun is startin' to go down, at least I can hide from it behind mom's seat. I'm on like the fourth can of pop and have to go, ya know?

"Dad, gotta go 'gain,"

"Jesus Christ! No more pop! I'm tired of stoppin'."

"I've got to go too, dear," says mom.

Dear ol' mom. Prolly don't really hafta go, ya know?


Next sign says four miles to Dranston Truckstop. Fine Food. Cold Drinks. Motel. Cable television

"That's our turnoff," dad says and when we get there we stop and we go, ya know?

Kinda a grubby hole just off the highway. A gas station, a coffee shop and a motel. Every one of 'em is dirty, needs paint, has a dirt parking lot. There's a couple other buildings but didn't see any signs so I don't have a clue what they were. Dad pulls in the gas station and we all un-stick and get out.

Everything was dusty and red-brown and hot and worn out and old. There was even a rusty old green/blue four door car with no wheels or doors or hood and the trunk lid was up. I listened for a banjo.

I go in the gas station bathroom and I thank mom for keepin' our bathroom clean. When I get back to the car, dad has the hood up and smoke is coming out from the motor! I'm like oh fuckin' great, dad'll be all pissed now!

And he was. The radiator hose blew out after we parked. Stupid, huh? The guy in the garage says he can get one but it'll be after dark when he closes the shop and he can go into town. Dad says thanks and we go over to the motel and he gets a room for the night.

There goes my chance to drive today.

A room. The floor for me again. He and I go get some bags and take them to the room and there is a bed against the left wall when you first walk in and the teevee is on the right on a dresser. And there's two tables next to the bed. In back is the bathroom on the right and a little cubby on the left in back with a window and a table with two chairs. It's like the bathroom was put in after the building was built. Prolly was. This place looked like it was old when outhouses were new.

Oh, no air, again. Just that window in the table cubby hole and the one next to the front door and neither got a screen. So fuckin' hot.

Dad goes and sees about the car and mom and I try to find somethin' on cable. Funny, seein' those same channels on a different teevee so far away from home. Nothing on.

Dad comes back and says it should be done by later tonight and we can stay here and go on in the mornin' and we'll make the funeral no problem.


So, mom and dad hear music and turns out there's a bar in back of the store and they tell me they'll be back later and to not leave the room.

Yea, fine, whatever.

So I get outta my sweaty clothes and I take a quick shower and put on my pajamas. Hey, I'm sleepin' in the same room as my folks - I'm wearin' pajamas or jeans in the heat.

I can't find nothin' on the teevee, a whole ten stations, and just watch some show about a cop and a bad guy. Boring.

I hear somebody cussin' outside the back window. Really goin' at it. Couple'a words I never heard before. Sounds like a guy about my age, too.

I get up and look out and there is guy about my size tryin' to do somethin' to a door on a small metal room behind the buildings.

He's kickin' the door and callin' it a "rotten mother-fuckin' whore bitchin' cock-sucker" and other stuff.

I like, laughed. Ya know?

He hears me and looks up and smiles and gets embarrassed and says he can't get the damn padlock open. He says he wants to bring in some more beers before he quits for the night and before his dad bothers to ask him to.

I ask him if WD-40 would work. He's like, yea, maybe and I say I got some, I'll be there in a sec.

Hell, it's somethin' to do!

The car is parked in the same spot and some dirty guy with blue overalls is working under the hood and there's water goin' everywhere. He watches me while I get in the car and dad's tool box and get the can out. He nods at me when I go back to the room. I nod back, ya know?

So get in the room, lock the door 'casue I don't like the way the dirty guy looked at me and climb out the back window. It's just a normal window like at home and with no screen so it's a breeze.

I walk up to the kid still kickin' the padlock and soundin' like dad after a six-pack.

I shake the can and he takes it from me and squirts the key in the lock. It's not a padlock, it's the lock in the door and the key won't come out either.

We fuck with it for a while and he gets it open and says thanks.

His name is Cody and he lives here with his folks who own the place. He has red hair and is a little bigger than me, taller and stronger looking.

He's nice and asks if I wanna help him stack some beers on the dolly he brought. I can feel the cold air comin' outta the metal room and think how it feels great! I say sure! and he pushes the dolly in and I follow him.

He shows me what ones and how many and we start stackin' 'em and it feels so good in there!

When we got them all stacked up, he turns the red dolly and pushes on the door. He pushes it again. He tells me to hold the dolly so I go around and stand next to him while he pushes the door some more.

It ain't openin'.

He looks over at me and his eyes are real big and real round and I start gettin' scared. Then I know he's fuckin' with me and tell him to stop it and I feel better, almost like laughin'.

He starts hitting the door and kicks it and tells me he ain't fuckin' with me.

Okay, so I get scared again. Now I start hitting the door.

He grabs my hands and says, "The key is in the lock outside! There's no fuckin' way we can get out! Don't bother hittin' it," and lets my hands go.

"So what do we do?" I ask with my teeth knocking already, mostly from the cold.

Okay, not mostly from the cold.

He says we stay warm until his dad comes to look for him. I ask how long and he says probably an hour, since he'll want him to do stuff for him before that and come lookin'.

I ask how his dad will know we're in here if we don't bang on the door. He says as long as the lights inside are on the one outside is on and his dad will at least come turn it off and we'll know when he's there. And he'll try to take the key out too, so we'll have plenty of time. This happened before he says.

How long did you get stuck in here I ask and he smiles and says it felt like forever.

He says we have to stay warm and we better sit next to each other. I was in pajamas and no shoes for cryin' out loud! And I don't wear anything under them 'cause of why should I? I was already gettin' cold.

He sat on a big box and patted next to him so I sat down and he puts his arm around me and turns me so we are almost chest to chest.

He's warm! I snuggle closer and tighter! He's got jeans and a shirt on, I'm stuck in thin pajamas and no unders and no shoes and my ass is gettin' fuckin' cold on that box!

He asks if I am and I say hell ya. He tells me to sit on his lap and face him. I'm thinkin' he's queer and wants a hug and I don't know about all this. He says we can keep our chests together to keep warm and I remember somethin' about core temperatures and your heart and lungs and I think he's right and I do it.

I sit down on his lap indian style, face to face, and put my chest up against his and my arms around his middle and it was warmer.

We kinda sit like that, kinda huggin' and I'm thinkin' how gay this is, ya know?

But at least it's warm. He starts talkin' about the mountains and the dry almost desert here and how the rains make it all mud. He tells me he was once in the youth scouts and about his girlfriend. I get interested and we talk about how he's kissed her and touched her boobs and put his fingers inside her pussy. He tells me what it smelled like, what it looked like, how it felt, all that stuff.

I start gettin' hard and all paranoid. Then I feel something hard under my butt and ask him if he has another key. He says he don't have no keys and I ask what's poking me in my butt.

He blushed real bad. I've never been that close to somebody when they blushed and I could see how the skin changed color up close. It was neat. He smiles and won't tell me. I figure I'll find out and put my hand behind me and lean back and feel up under my butt and find something hard but not hard and it's inside his pants.

I freeze with my hand on his thing and it's all hard! Then he puts his hand on me and finds me all hard and he giggles. I laugh too. I mean, it was weird, I've never had somebody touch me before, and never when I was hard, and never, ever touch my dick when it was hard. He moves his hand around some, I guess gettin' a better grip on my dick.

He asks if what he's doin' is okay. It feels good, what's he's doin' and I want to keep feelin' it so I say yea.

He pulls the buttons on my pajamas and opens them and then grabs my hard-on with his hand! He used his finger and thumb and makes the skin go up and down it! It tickles so good! I laugh and squirm but I don't wanna, I just want to feel this!

He asks if he can do it too 'cause his is hard and he wants to do it too. I'm like, that's cool, and I can't blame him 'cause I would too if I were him! He helps me sit on his legs so my legs went around his waist and he can reach his between us and he opens his fly and zipper and pants and he's got white undies and pulls them down.

I see his dick and his nuts! They're all bigger than mine! Longer and fatter and looked neat. His red hair is so cool. I never saw red pubes before.

I do the same thing to his he's doing to mine. His is bigger but we are doin' it the same and it feels better 'n anything I'd done alone before.

He asks if I wanna feel somethin' even better. Better? I say what can be better and he asks if I ever heard of a blow-job. I'd heard some of the guys talkin' bout it sayin' how they loved having it done and that it felt better 'n sex.

He asks if I wanna try one. I don't know! How? I shrugged.

He said he would give me one if I gave him one after, so it would be even. I said maybe and he says he could do it to me for a bit and then I could decide. I say that sounds cool and he has me sit next to him and spread my legs and he gets on his knees in front of me and puts his hands on my pajamas on my lap and puts his face over my junk. I look at the back of his head for a second before somethin' new happens and it feels fuckin' great! It's warm, for one thing! I don't know what else it was he was doin' but it feels even better!

I'd never felt anythin' even close to like it! Nothin'! I don't even know how t'describe it! It didn't tickle as much as jacking but it sure felt better! His head started goin' up and down and now it felt even better! I couldn't believe it! How could anything ever feel so good! Why aren't we told about this in school, I was thinkin'.

He stops and looks up and asks if I like it. I smiled and nodded real fast. He smiles and asks if maybe I will do it to him. I kinda don't wanna, I mean, it seems so gay, but he's doing it to me and if feels so fucking good! I shrug.

He went back down on me, going up and down. It just felt so awesome! I decided if he wanted me to do it to him, I would.

When it started feeling like it was gonna fire off, I said it was and he went faster! It felt so good, so tingly, so tickly! It got worse and worse and I had to wriggle even though I wanted to stay still so he could keep doin' it but I had to wriggle!

Then my belly felt like it was cavin' in and my legs cramped and it felt like being drained of my blood or somethin'! It was the best feelin' yet and the best feelin' in the whole, wide world!

Then I think I came more than I ever had before.

Then it was different again and it tickled way too much and I fought to make him stop. He sits up next to me and I'm tryin' to get my breath back. He asks me if I'll do it for him. He's pulling on his real slow, and I look at it and think, well, why not? So I nod and he stands up and his dick's got some white and bubbly stuff at the tip and he wipes it off.

I grab it. It's warm, and hard. And it feels funny, but I tingle inside. so I make a fist and slide it up and down it. He says that it feels good and not to stop.

Mine's hard again so I do mine and it feels better and tingly and tickly and I really liked it.

He starts movin' his hips and tells me tighter. I do it tighter and he says that's the way and I kind of liked all this. Maybe it's gay, maybe it ain't, but it sure feels good! He says he would really like to feel what I felt when he gave me my blow-job and I know what he means.

I think about it.

I do it.

I put my mouth over it and it don't taste bad or too gross so I let my mouth close on it and I go ahead and start sucking it.

It's all right.

He says that's good and puts his hand on my head and moves his hips and says not to stop.

It's like a hot dog with a broken end goin' in and out. But it's smooth and soft but hard and bumpy. It tastes salty. Not really bad otherwise.

Kinda tingly to do it too and my fist is goin' up and down my own dick like mad!

He says he's gonna cum and I should stop soon and jack it. I do and he starts sayin' it's close. I get closer and I keep jerkin' it for him and he says here it comes.

It did.

I felt somethin' hit my nose and I back up and I saw a couple drops come out and land on the floor and a couple more get on my hand and one falls on my arm jackin' it for him. It's warm. I wipe it off my nose with the hand I doin' on myself.

He says keep goin' and I do then he says okay that's enough and he was done.

That was cool I say and he says yea it was and puts his pants back on.

I keep playin' with mine and he says not to do it too much or it'd fall off and laughs.

I laugh too and put it away even if it is still hard. It sticks out, pushing my pajamas out, and he laughs at it. Then he says his dad will be coming any minute and I better take care of it before he does and sees it. Then he drops down and pulls it out and then sucks on it again. This time it feels even better, even stronger and I know I won't last long at all. I try not to make noises and sound all faggy but it's hard not to and I end up making some anyway. When he puts his finger behind my balls and touches my hole back there I suddenly go off like crazy. I think I shot even more than the first time! It hurt almost! And he keeps sucking until I pull his head off me.

He says now maybe it won't stick out of my pajamas when his dad comes, and right then the light goes out and it's dark. He bangs on the door and it opens and this old guy is standing there asking what the hell we're doing in the cooler.

He pushes the cart to the door and we walk out and I ask if he will be around in the mornin' and he says he won't but if I'm here tomorrow night he'll be around again. I say we're not gonna and he says it was nice meetin' me and if I ever came back to stop and say hey.

I wondered if he wanted do that again. I would. Sure. I wanted to again.

He has to get the beer inside so I go back to the room before my parents do

My folks got back a little later and I pretended to be asleep. I did go to sleep but it took forever 'cause I still tingled all over.

In the mornin' we had breakfast at the little coffee shop and it was greasy and gross. I didn't know it was cold in the desert in the morning, and it was cold this mornin'. And I only packed shorts. I kept lookin' for Cody but I never saw him. I had left dad's can of WD-40 in the metal room so I needed him to get it for me before dad found or it got left behind.

I asked the waitress if she knew Cody and she said she didn't. I asked if the owner was around and that Cody was his son and she said the owner didn't have any kids and that I was wrong.

Later she did bring an old guy over who said he used to be the owner and I asked him if his son Cody was around and I said I helped him get some things out of the big metal cooler out back last night and said I was heat stroked and my parents should keep an eye on me. He said that old cooler out back hadn't worked since his boy suffocated inside it almost twenty years ago.

I knew he was lyin', He had to be, right?.

Mom said I just had a dream. I told her it was all before I fell asleep and it was real and I know it was and it wasn't no dream! She said it was heat fever then and that I would be drinkin' only water the rest of the trip and shouldn't be driving. I gave up.

We went across the street to the gas station and picked up the old wagon and when we got in I climbed in back and looked for the can of WD-40 in dad's tool box. It's not there.

We pulled out, heading west again and I got a glimpse of the metal room as we drive away. It was rusty lookin' like it was older than dirt and there wasn't no door on it.

It was hot. The car had vinyl seats. I only had shorts. I was starting to sweat. We had all day to drive yet. I shivered.

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Okay, that was kinda freaky. Did he just mess around with a ghost? hmmm.........

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