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Taylor's Turn For The Better

Rated: X



There he was, glorious and studly; Chris Hampton. All six feet one inch of him. Golden hair, all smooth but wavy. Piercing blue eyes, sparkling and shining. Broad, powerful shoulders and strong arms, the muscles moving beneath the skin as he washed. Wide, red, luscious lips. Big, light-brown nipples with wispy hair between them. Lean, strong waist. Long, powerful legs, the muscles rippling as he turned under the running water. Big, full, thick patch of dark-blond pubes. Long, straight, penis, the hood covering the head, water running off the end. Heavy, pendulous balls, swaying with each movement. Bronzed all over, evenly, as if he liked to lay out under the sun, naked, sweating.

I was starting to harden, so I looked away.

I was scrawny, short, almost just a kid by comparison. I was sixteen, a sophomore, and nothing a senior would be interested in anyway. Five feet and five inches, bony, skinny, pale, boring brown hair, boring brown eyes, nothing exciting or attractive about me. I was far below his notice.

I showered. Then when he left, I walked out behind him. His ass swayed as he walked. It was firm and round and strong. A little hair came together at the crack, and I would have given away a nut to tickle them, even just once.

I started getting hard again. I looked at my feet and went to my locker. I got dressed and waited to be excused with the rest of the class.

He stood with other jocks, laughing and talking, ignoring me like everyone else.

They all knew I was gay. I couldn't hide it. I was swishy and girly. I used to try not to be, but I gave that up this year. Bill Corrington had had his fun with me. The bruises around my left eye and the left side of my mouth were fading now. I couldn't even use the john in peace. He'd walked in, seen me at the urinal, and stood at the furthest one. I had ignored him. I finished and went to wash my hands.

Then hands were around my mouth and neck and I was being dragged into a stall.

"Suck my dick, or I'll beat the fuck out of you, you faggot."

I'd nearly gotten away, but his fist connected with my face near my eye so hard that I was dizzy for a moment. Another strike to my mouth and I nearly blacked out. I slid down to my knees, unable to stand, my feet on either side of the toilet behind me, my ass pressed against it. I couldn't see or think.

Then there was something being shoved past my lips. I knew what it was.

"Suck it or you'll be found in here with amnesia, I'll beat you so bad!"

I did it. The first time I'd done anything with anyone, and it was under force. I did it. I did it until someone came into the bathroom. He held my head against him so hard that his cock was in my throat. I just barely kept from gagging. They left. He started fucking my mouth. I did it. I did it until he came. I swallowed.

He wiped his dick all across my face and whispered, "If you ever tell anyone, I'll beat you so bad you'll be lucky to live!"

He shoved me against the commode, put it back in his pants, and walked out. I walked home, skipping out of classes the rest of the day. I didn't go back to school for the rest of the week.

Now it was Monday, and I had forced myself to go back. Bill winked at me more than once. I didn't use the bathroom unless it was between periods.

The bell rang, and we were free. Having gym in the last period of the day had it's benefits. I went to my locker and wasn't looking forward to all the homework I had to catch up on.

I didn't take the bus. That was too horrible. The names. The thrown things. The driver ignored it all, even smirked at me when I walked past him. Now I walked the four miles. Had for months.

Some kids drove past, calling names. I ignored them. Someone threw a soda can. It barely missed. I ignored it.

I was blocks from school. A car honked. I looked up like an idiot. It was a mass of wet cloth. It hit my chest, clung there momentarily, then peeled away and fell to the sidewalk. Jock strap. Wet and yellow. My shirt was wet now. I smelled piss.

"Fuckin' homo!"

I returned to the long walk. At the corner, a car stopped in front of me. I walked around it.


It was his voice. I could stand everyone else doing it, but not him. Please, not him.

"Taylor," he repeated.

I kept walking, making it across the street despite the fervent desire that a car come speeding down the street and smear me across it.

At the next corner, I had to wait for traffic.

"Taylor, hold up a sec."

He was coming across the street from my right. He must have parked in front of one of the shops. He was running toward me.

I almost ran. Instead, I just gave up. If it was his turn, then there wasn't any reason to bother trying to survive. I decided to put up a fight, make him kill me. Get it all over with. I planned on swinging at him as soon as he was close enough, maybe get the first hit in, then just swing and kick until I was dead. Or at least beaten into unconsciousness.

"Taylor. Need to talk to you for a minute."

He got almost close enough. I was ready to throw my books at him and then just jump at him, arms flinging and legs kicking.

"I heard Bill Corrington beat on you. That true?"

"So what? Pissed he beat you to it?"

He looked surprised.

"No. Can't stand the prick. I wanted you to know something."


"Go to The Sound. Know it?"

The hangout for the rich and popular? Who didn't know it? I nodded.

"Stand across the street. I want you to see something."


"You'll see. Promise you're coming. Right now. I'll give you a ride if you want."

Give me a ride? In his car? That was so tempting. But why would he? I was suspicious.

"I did something. I saw. I want you to see something I did."


He got red in the face.

"Just, I saw. I almost did something, but, I got this idea."


"Just come. Promise. Stand across the street. Or go in the cafe. Sit so you can see the screen above the patio. Okay?"

I nodded.

"You can stay there, or leave. Just wait until you know you're seeing it. You'll know when you see it. Watch the screen." He smiled and asked, "Okay?"

I nodded.

"Great! I'll come over after. Stay, please. I promise I won't pound on you. I'm not like that. Okay? Stay. And... I want to talk to you."

"About what?"

"You'll see. Stay?"

I nodded. The cafe wasn't exactly safe, but I knew if he started a fight in there the cops would be called. And they had cameras. He'd be so stupid to start a fight there.

He nodded, smiling, then ran across the street to his car. I watched him drive up the block and park in the lot for The Sound. I walked that way, and watched him go inside. I walked across the street and sat down at the window. The Count Cafe had a bar along the front window with stools there. It wasn't a student hangout, more for older folks who were sort of preppy or showy.

The waiter asked what I wanted.


I watched across the street. The Sound had bands on the weekends, and the screen above the patio was the feed from a camera, showing the band playing. The rest of the time it was advertising the name of the place, what act or bands were going to be there, that kind of thing. It was a huge LED television hanging behind the huge window on the back of the outdoor patio where tables and chairs sat.

It was telling me that Group B was the band Friday night, and Pierced Soul on Saturday. Then it said that tonight, there would be free fries with dine-in orders over ten bucks.

I got my Coke. Then the screen said, "Billy Corrington likes having his dick sucked by guys."

I choked on my soda!

The sentence flashed several times, then changed.

"Billy Corrington forced a guy to suck his dick in school."

That flashed several times. I was sweating and shaking.

Then there was a picture of Bill from above, looking down at him, with his dick in someone's mouth. Someone with short, brown hair and a blue t-shirt that didn't look like a girl. Someone on their knees and their legs on either side of the stool.

I couldn't breathe. You could probably tell it was me, but my face was pushed up against Bill's front.

Then there was another picture. Bill with his head back, eyes closed, mouth open, holding the sides of the head of the person who was sucking his dick in what was obviously a bathroom stall at school. Not a girl. I knew some folks would know it was me.

Then another picture. Bill was pushing the someone against the shitter, bending them over backwards, one fist raised, threatening. My face was blacked out, but now you could tell it was not girl for sure. And that the person had been forced.

People were standing up in the patio, throwing hands above their heads, laughing and pointing at the screen. I knew the screens inside were showing the same thing.

I didn't know how to react. I knew, from the first picture, that Chris had been the one who had walked in, pissed, then walked out. But he hadn't walked out. He had sneaked into the next stall and taken the pictures.

Then Chris was walking out of the front door, looking my way. He saw me. He walked across the street, holding my gaze every step. He walked in and sat down next to me.

"The best part is coming up."


I barely got it out.

"You're not the only homo in school, Taylor."

I couldn't even talk now.

"I'm gay."

I had to throw up. I tried not to, but I couldn't stop it. I barely made it out the door before I did. I was on my hands and knees, heaving.

"What the hell is going on?" someone asked.

"He's okay. I think he found out something really surprising."

"Who's gonna clean that up?"

"You are. It's your place. What if he found something in his soda that made him hurl?"

"He didn't!"

"Don't know. But what if everyone heard that?"

"Just get the hell out of here!"

He pulled me to my feet and we walked to his car. He leaned me against it.

"You okay?"

He lifted my shirt and saw that it was wet already. He probably couldn't tell it was piss, probably couldn't smell it over the stink of my vomit that had gotten on it as well.

He took it off and used the dry spots to wipe my face and mouth. I tore it out of his hands and glared at him. I don't know where the anger came from, but it was there.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I yelled.

"Making Bill pay, and telling you that you're not the only gay guy at school," he said simply.

He opened his car door.

"Can I give you a ride home?"

I was still angry. And shocked. I didn't know what to say. Or what to do. I just wanted to... fight? Scream? Yell? Run away?

"Come on. I won't do anything. I won't try to make you do anything. I'm no asshole. And I swear, Taylor, I swear it, I'm gay."

I looked at his car seat, then at him, then back at the car seat.

"I'll take you home. I'll go inside and get your books and be right back."

I swallowed, then got in. He closed the door. He went inside the cafe, and was gone a while. Then he came out with my books and a drink.

"Here, Coke. And I gave the guy ten bucks. Said you were sorry for the mess."

He put my books in the back seat. I was really glad for the soda. My mouth tasted like puke. He started his car and asked where I lived. I told him, still afraid he was going to do something awful to me.

"How did you do that?" I asked when I had worked up the guts.

"What? The screen at The Sound?"


"Gary's gay. He works there. Knows how to work the computer that runs the sign. The boss'll probably figure it was a virus. That's what Gary says he'll hint at. The boss don't know he knows how to run it."

"Who's Gary?"

"A guy I know. Sort of a... I guess... well, fuck. This guy I met at a place downtown."

"You... and he..."

"Yeah, a few times. My first older guy."


I couldn't think of anything to ask that I had the guts to ask. Except one thing.

"Why did you do it?"

"Help you out?"

"I guess."

"Because I knew about it. I would have jumped over the stall and tried beating the hell out of him, but I can't fight for shit. I decided I'd take pictures and post them online. Then talk to you. But, I got this idea when I was talking to Greg."

"You guys are..."

"Not anymore. Just friends. He's got a full-time boyfriend now, his age."

"How old is he?"



"Yeah. Really hot, too. And really good in bed."

I laughed in shock. He did too, but probably at me.

"You're really..."

"Gay? Yeah. And I'm not the only one. Or you. Honest."

"How do you know?"

"Gary taught me how to figure others out."

"Why didn't you know I was?"

"I did. Before. I just didn't have the balls to say anything to you. Or be seen talking to you. Still don't, to be honest."

"But, you just..."

"Everyone was watching the screen. No one saw me leave, or come across the street, or us leaving."

"What if someone sees us in your car?"

"Then I guess I'll have to own up. Come out."

I gasped at that thought.

"I hope not. I don't have the guts," he said.

He looked over at me when he stopped at a light. He seemed even more attractive. I could have kissed him so easily. I wanted to so badly.

We were quiet the rest of the drive.

"This is my house," I said, pointing at it.

He pulled into the drive.

"Uh, I guess, thanks," I said.

I couldn't look at him now. It was just too embarrassing. I opened the door to get out.



"Uh... can I come in?"

"My house?"

I looked at him in surprise. I hadn't had a visitor to my house since I had moved there. Ever.

"Yeah. I'd really like to talk to you."

"What if your car is seen at my house?"

"Taylor, I... I kind of hope it is."

"What? Why?"

He looked at my house as he answered.

"There's guys at school. Three I know of. One I figured out and asked. Been friends a while. He said he was. We messed around for a while. He told me someone else was. Someone I sort of knew. Took him a while, but he came over with him one day. The three of us messed around all summer. Then that guy knew someone. Then the four of us messed around this year."

That was unbelievable!

"Off and on. Sometimes just one, sometimes two or all three at the same time."


"It's fun. I like it. It's just..." he looked over at me. "It's just, they're not as cute as you."

I had to force myself to suck in air.

"Your nuts," I said, almost a whisper.

"What about 'em? Wanna see 'em? I'll show you. Even let you play with 'em."

He laughed and got even redder.

I gasped out loud.

"One's a friend, and I like him all right, but he's not all that hot. The other two are okay, one's sort of hot. But... they aren't like you. You're... you've just got something. Something about you is just so..." He sighed and shrugged. "I don't know."

"You... you... like me?"

He looked up at me and nodded. He looked worried or scared, or something.

"You're... you just have something. Something. It's... like how you walk, or something. Or... you... how you seem so... just... sexy."


I was sure he was up to something now. No one could possibly think I'm sexy. Me? Insane! Outrageous! Impossible!

"I... I just want to hug and cuddle you to death." He was so red now. "I want to hold you and make you feel safe, and take care of you. And..." I saw him swallow. He clearly had to force it. "God, I just want to fuck you!"

I got so dizzy I thought I was passing out! It was hard to breathe. I was sweating and shaking, too.

"Just once! Please? Just once, and if you don't want to again, I won't even talk to you. I sure won't tell anyone. We can ignore each other in school like always. I won't let on to the other guys at all. Not the guys I fuck with either. Ever."

Fuck me? Me?

I couldn't have counted all the times I'd beat-off thinking about him fucking me. Others, too, but mostly him. How could this even be a dream? Things like this don't happen to me! Ever!

"Can I come in? So we can talk? Please? I so swear I won't even touch you if you don't want. I just... I really have to at least talk to you! Are your parents home? We can go to my place. My parents won't be home until after six."

"No. My folks won't be home until late. They work second shift."

"Can I? I swear I'll leave if you ask. I promise."

I swallowed. It was so risky. I thought he was trying to get me alone to beat the hell out of me. But I'd never heard of him fighting with anyone. He didn't seem the kind to do that, either. And he could anytime now. He could force his way in, now that he knew my folks wouldn't be home until late. He was so much bigger and stronger than me. He could do what he wanted to me easily.

I thought that if he forced me to suck him off or fuck me, he wouldn't have to. I'd give it to him.

I nodded.

He smiled so big! He looked so happy. I felt a thrill at making him smile like that. I got out, shaking. I was shaking so strongly that I had a hard time getting the key in the lock. When I closed the door behind us, I was suddenly so scared.

He smiled at me with his hands in his pockets. He stepped back once, as if he were giving me room or something. He smiled and blushed really darkly. I glanced down, and there was no way to miss that he had a hard-on. It was so obvious. I looked away immediately, afraid he'd notice where I had looked.


"Yeah..." I said.

"Uh, can we go sit somewhere?"

I felt like an idiot. I nodded and led him to the living room. I wondered what you were supposed to do when you had company.

"Want something to drink?"

"I could use something. Got root beer?"

"Uh, no. Cokes. Or a beer. But my folks might notice it missing."

"Coke is fine."

He sat down on the couch. I went to the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

This is insane! The incredibly hot Chris is in my house! Sitting on the couch! And he says he's gay! And he made Bill pay for making me suck his dick!

"What the fuck?" I asked myself in a whisper.

I saw that I was still holding the cup of soda from the cafe and the wet, stinking shirt. I threw the shirt in the trash and put the soda on the counter.

My mind was racing. It would think something, then lose the thought and think something else. I couldn't hold onto a thought long enough to really think about it. I got a glass out of the cabinet. I kept thinking how impossible this all was. It just couldn't be happening. I kept expecting him to come into the kitchen and start forcing me to suck him off. I couldn't stop shaking. I got a can of soda out of the fridge, then another. I couldn't stop trying to think, but finding my thoughts running rampant in circles. I shook so bad that I couldn't open the can of soda. I slammed it down on the counter in frustration. I had to get a hold on myself. Somehow.

"You okay?"

I spun around. My heart pounded so hard that he could have seen it across the room. He was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, hands in pockets. I could see his boner. He was stunning. So perfect. So hot.

"Uh, yeah. Fine. Why?"

"I heard something slam. You're not hurt, are you?"

"I.. I just..."

He seemed honestly worried about me. He looked concerned. Then he kind of laughed a little kind of laugh.

"What?" I asked.

"Your'e... no shirt. Seen you in gym, but... standing there in jeans and no shirt, it's... just hot."

I started hyperventilating. It was the weirdest feeling in the world! My breath was out of my control! It was scary, and shocking, and just... weird!

He was suddenly right in front of me, asking, "Are you okay? Taylor? You okay?"

I felt his hands and arms go around me. That only made it seem to get worse. I couldn't draw a real breath. My diaphragm was just having some kind of fit. Or some part of my brain thought I was running a marathon or something.

"Sit down," he said, directing me to a chair at the kitchen table.

I sat down.

"Put your head down between your legs."

He pushed, I complied. In a few short seconds, it seemed to be helping.

"Just breathe. Relax. Everything is fine. You're fine. I'm here. I won't let anything bad happen. I won't. I won't try to make you do anything. You're safe. It's fine. Just relax."

He kept talking, soft and even, and that helped too. Soon I was breathing almost normal. I was shaking like crazy, though. I sat up. His arm went around my shoulders. His face was so close to mine. He looked so worried.

"Better?" he asked.

I nodded and looked away before I kissed him. I wanted to so badly. I ached to.

He brushed my hair back from my eyes. Then his fingers brushed down the side of my face. It was... just... fucking wow!

I suddenly smelled yack and piss. I shot to my feet and stepped away from him. I crossed my arms over my chest and walked backward out of the kitchen. He looked surprised. And, maybe, hurt?

"What's wrong?"

"I stink. I puked. They threw... that. I smell like piss and puke."

I deserved to. I didn't deserve to have someone worried about me. He was stupid to. I should be crying in my room, alone, like always. Until I maybe ate something before I did homework and went to sleep after jacking-off while thinking about him fucking me. He shouldn't be in my house. He shouldn't be thinking about me. I was a waste of his time.

I tried not to, but I couldn't keep from crying. I turned and shouted, "Just leave!"

I got halfway down the hallway before I was turned around and was facing him, his hands on my shoulders.

"I will, if you really want me to. But don't make me. Please don't. Just... just sit down. Relax. Okay?"

"I'm covered in puke and piss! Leave me alone!"

"No! I'll leave, but not until you calm down! Not until I'm sure you're okay!"

He was far stronger than me, and he proved it by not letting me get away. I tried, but he was taller than me, wider than me, and I just had no chance.

He pulled me against his body. His arms went around me. I didn't want to, but my arms went around him and I cried against his chest.

"I'm not worth your time! You should just leave!"

But I didn't want him to. I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to take me to my room. Kiss me and lick me and love me. But I wasn't worth it.

"I stink! I'm dirty. Just leave!"

But I was barely whispering it. I didn't have the strength to even shout.

"Come on."

He made me walk down the hallway with him, then turned us into the bathroom. He turned on the shower.

"What are you doing?" I asked, still in one of his arms.

"Shut up," he said really softly.

He made me sit on the commode, then he took off my shoes. Then my socks. The he pulled me to my feet by my armpits, then started undoing my jeans. I grabbed his hands.

"Stop it. Just go home. Leave me alone. I'm not worth wasting your time with. Go away."

I tried to shout it, but it came out in a tiny whisper. I tried to stop his hands, but I couldn't even stop one of his fingers, let alone both of his hands.

He got my jeans unfastened, then slid them down my legs and helped me step out of them. The he pushed my boxers down and helped me step out of them. He didn't even seem to look at my naked body, just at my face. He smiled a little, but looked more worried and concerned. He pushed me into the shower and pulled the curtain across.

"I'm going to sit right here and not move. Except to get you clean clothes. I'm going to be right back."

I saw the shadow of him moving away. I didn't move. I was probably in shock. The water ran, too hot, steam rising. I moved the knob and the steam lessened. I stepped under the water. I let it run from my hair and down my face, over my chest, down my body.

This was the weirdest situation of my life. The incredibly handsome, hot, sexy Chris had stripped me naked and put me in the shower. And was going to be waiting when I opened the shower curtain. I shook, even though the water was warm.

I saw his shadow moving across the curtain.

"I got some sweats and boxers. Is that okay?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Can I wait here? Or do you want me to wait in the living room?"

"I don't care. No, wait." I did care. I wanted him close by. I didn't know why. "Stay."

"Okay." I could tell that he sat down on the toilet. "Can I talk?"

"Yeah. Go ahead."

I picked up the shampoo and put some in my hair. It was sort of exciting, to be naked and in the shower, and have him sitting there so close. I got hard, and turned so that I hoped it didn't show against the shower curtain.

"Are you watching me?" I asked.

"Can't see anything," he said. "So don't worry about it."


I lathered my hair then rinsed it. He hadn't talked.

"So, talk," I said, then rinsed my mouth, using the mouthwash that Dad kept in the shower.

"Taylor? I just want you to know you're not alone. Okay? I hated it when I thought I was. It felt lonely. I don't want you to think like that. I'll introduce you to the others, if you want. I already asked them if it was okay if I brought someone to meet them."

I spat out the mouthwash then started spreading the body wash over myself.

I asked, "You still doing it with them?"

He didn't answer at first.

"Yeah. But... Taylor... if you want to, I wont' with them anymore. I promise."

I stopped washing.

"You'd do that?"

"Oh, fuck yeah. If you wanted, I'd just be with you."

He'd stop messing around with anyone else to mess around with me? That was... awesome!

"You don't have to," I said.

"Does that mean you'd... that... uh... will you?"

I wished I had the guts to just say yes. Maybe push the curtain back and step out, all hard, and start kissing him and take him to my room and do it. All night. Until he left to go home. And then every day. All day long.

I shook and coughed once.



"You really... want to? With me?"

I was stationary now. The soapy bubbles were washing away, but without the aid of my hands that hung at my sides. I waited.

"Taylor, I... yes. Yes! I want you. There, I said it. I want you. I want to... I want to open that curtain and pull you out of there and kiss you. I want to carry you to your bed and lay you down on it and kiss your body from head to toe. I want to lick you from your toes back to your head. Then kiss you more. Then... then I want to spread your legs and stick my tongue between them and make you scream and wiggle until you beg me to fuck you. Then I will. Then I'll fuck you any way you want, as long as you want, as long as I can do it, until you ask me to cum. Then I'll make you squirm and wiggle as I lick and suck you but don't let you cum until you can't stand it and beg me to make you cum."

I tore the curtain open. He was sitting on the commode, head in hands, looking down at the floor. His head shot up and he looked at me in total shock. I was shocked, too. He smiled then, and looked down and then back up at my face. I knew I was hard. I'd gotten hard by the time he'd said he'd fuck me any way I wanted.

He stood up, his arms at his sides.

"Fuck, you're so... fucking hot," he said, looking down then back up.

I jumped out of the tub and into his arms. I slammed my lips on his. His arms went around me. My boner was crushed against him, pointed right at him, when he pulled me tight against him. Suddenly he pulled away and lifted me like a small kid, then carried me to the hallway.

"Which room is yours?"

I pointed. He carried me there, kissing me, then gently laid me on my bed. Then he straddled me and held both sides of my head and kissed me.

I struggled to get his shirt off, but it wasn't coming off fast enough. He raised his arms and I yanked it over his head and threw it away. The sight of him sitting on me, shirtless, made my dick spasm and my breath catch! My hands flew to his chest and roamed over the firm muscles of his pecs, his large nipples, the hair between them, his firm sides and abs. I pulled him down and we kissed.

His fingers twined into my hair and his lips moved to my neck. I never thought that being kissed on my neck would feel like that! It was great! Then he kissed lower. My nipples were always sensitive, but having someone kissing, licking, sucking them, wow was that awesome!

His hands let go of my hair and slid down to my nipples as his lips moved lower, kissing every inch. Then he stuck his tongue into my navel. That tickled. I giggled and curled up a little. I held onto his hair.

He kissed my sides, both of them, then down from my navel, closer and closer, and then the very tip of my dick. It jerked. I felt his tongue probing at the hole. I gasped loudly. The he kissed down the bottom of it, to my balls. He kissed and nuzzled them. I watched him, holding onto his hair, his hands roaming all over my front.

I was squirming and gasping. My dick was bouncing like mad. Huge tingles filled every muscle. Then he kissed both thighs, then down, along the front then inside, then lower. He got to my knees, then my shins, then my feet. He kissed each and every toe, then licked them, then sucked them, one at a time. That was insanely erotic! I never knew my toes were any kind of sexual, but his mouth fired nerves I didn't know existed in them that seemed directly connected to my groin.

Then he licked my feet, then my shins, then pushed my legs outward, bending the knees, then licked inside them, higher and higher. Then he gently pushed my legs up, spreading them apart, until my knees were against my chest, then he kissed both thighs, higher and higher, until I felt his lips and tongue between my thighs and behind my sack.

"Oh, fuck!" I hissed as his tongue probed and licked.

It was awesome! It felt so warm and soft and velvety! Then he pushed it inside my hole! Oh, bliss!

"Oh, god!"

I wrapped my arms behind my knees and pulled them tightly to my chest, spreading myself as wide as I could. His hands brushed up and down my thighs and his tongue worked magic! Huge tingles filled up my guts and muscles. I pounded the back of my head into the mattress and grunted.

Then he sucked a nut into his mouth. Then the other, then back to the first. Back and forth. Oh, gawd! That was so good! Then he licked up the bottom of my cock, just once. It spasmed three or four times and leaked pre-cum until it became a string that stretched to my belly.

He pulled my legs down then licked up my sides, then across my belly, over my navel, across my front, my chest, my nipples, then my neck. Licking. Just licking. Then his mouth was on mine again.

"Pants, off," I grunted between kisses.

He snickered and kept kissing me, his hands finding places to tickle and touch me that made me shiver. He kissed down my front again, until his lips were rubbing over the head of my dick, his tongue flicking across it. I intertwined my fingers in his awesome blond hair again and held on. His lips moved across it, his tongue probed at the hole.

Then I felt his fingers slipping between my legs. I parted them, and his fingers slid up my thighs until they were against my hole. I felt one probing gently at it. I grunted and pushed against it. Then he began pushing it into me.

"Oh, Chris!"

He kept licking and tonguing my head as his finger slid into me. When it was all the way in, he found something in there that was sensitive, that when he touched it, my dick bounced and swelled and little pulses of pleasure washed upward from it. His mouth went to join his finger at my hole, then he began working a second finger in.

"Oh, Chris! Yes!"

I'd used my own fingers there quite a bit, but it was just so much better when it was someone else's! And he was touching that place inside!

"Oh, God!"

I shook and shivered and groaned and grunted. And pounded the back of my head into the mattress. His big grin flashed up at me from between my legs. He was so fucking cute!

"Like that?"

"Oh, God! Yes! Please don't stop!"

"How about this?"

I knew it was a third finger. I threw my head back on the mattress and groaned loudly and deeply, my body shuddering as all three of his fingers pushed up into me.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!"

He kissed my balls and licked them, rolled them around with his mouth and nose as he wiggled those three fingers into me.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!"

Then they were in. And then they were touching that place. Then I was flopping around like a landed fish, grunting and gasping, almost out of breath.

He moved them in and out of me, spitting on them, pushing against that place from time to time for a while. I saw drops of pre-cum lying everywhere on my skin, from side to side. More was leaking out of me in a long string. My head was purple, the slit in the end really dark and wide open.  

"Fuck me," I begged.

He snickered and kept doing what he was doing.

I was sweating now, shivering so hard that my breath was broken by them. He pulled his fingers out of me, then kissed up the bottom of my dick until he put his warm, soft, awesome lips over the head and I felt the most incredible tingling and swirling sensation I'd ever felt!

"Oh, fuck! Awww!"

I curled up over his head and couldn't breathe!

But then it ended and he was kissing up my belly.

"Fuck me," I demanded.

He snickered and kept kissing up my body until our lips met and moved against each other. I tasted and smelled my ass, but it was faint and I didn't care. It could have been so much stronger and completely, grossly, unpleasantly strong, but I wouldn't have cared.

It was Chris! I was in bed with Chris!

He lay on top of me, kissing, his hands roaming. My hands followed his hot body from shoulders down to his hips where I felt his jeans. I fumbled between us and got them unfastened and then began shoving them down. He wiggled out of them and then I felt his big dick pressed against my thigh.

I almost came! It was hard, and against my thigh! His perfect, beautiful, awesome cock!

I wiggled my way down, kissing as I went. I wanted to take my time like he had, but I was too desperate to get my mouth on his cock. When I got to his boxers, I yanked them down and swallowed his cock whole. Well, practically. It was far too long to get it all in, but I took every last centimeter I could manage, until I gagged. I sucked. The salty taste was awesome! The way it felt on my tongue was incredible! So soft and hard at the same time, so smooth and so velvety! It was almost impossible to believe!

But then he pulled me off of it. I struggled to stay, but he was just so much stronger than me. He pulled me up to more kisses.

"Please! Fuck me," I begged again as looked into his awesome blue eyes.

He laughed and kept kissing me. I squirmed against him, naked body to naked body. His big dick pressed against my thigh, and he ground it there, making a mockery of my desire for him to do that inside of me.

Then he pushed my legs up again and I held them there, arms crossed behind my knees. I watched as he grinned at me, sliding his tongue down the back of my thigh ever so slowly. Then it brushed across my hole. It twitched out of my control. Then he was licking it, probing with his tongue, his strong hands working both cheeks of my ass, almost cradling it.

"Oh, Chris! Please!"

He kissed up my thigh again, then came up to kiss my lips. He wiggled around a bit before I knew what he was doing. I felt it against my hole. I tried to reach out with my sphincter and pull it in. God! How I wanted it in me!

We kissed, and kissed, and kissed, and his big, thick cock pushed ever so gently, but began spreading me so slowly. It seemed to take a thousand years before it was far enough in me that I felt the edges of his big head slide in.

"Oh, Taylor! Ohhh, God. So tight!"

"Deeper! Chris, deeper! All the way! Fuck me!"

We kissed, and he moved deeper into me, but so agonizingly slowly! Finally, his full length was in me, his hips pressed against the cheeks of my ass and my thighs. I could feel his pubes tickling my skin behind my balls.

"Taylor! Fucking awesome!"

"Oh, shit! Chris! Fuck me!" I demanded.

He did. But so slowly! He cradled my head with both hands, kissed me slowly, and fucked me even more slowly. All the way in, then all the way out. Then he pushed against me, entering again, pushing until he was all the way in. He held there, and I could feel his cock throbbing. Then he pulled out, slowly, until he came all the way out.

I grunted with every exit and entry. And moaned long and low as he slid in or out. There were the most incredible tingles raging like fire between my legs and around my nads. My guts were filled with waves of warmth.

All the way in, all the way out.

"Fucking fuck me!" I screamed.

He pulled all the way out, pushed up on my legs with his hands, grinned at me, then shoved it all the way in.

"Oh yes!"

He started ramming it into me, fast and deep, not hard, but fucking me like I'd always dreamed of!

"Fuck yes!"

He grunted with each thrust, grinning at me. I stared into his awesome blue eyes and put my hands on his hands which were gripping my shins. I smiled back.

"Oh, fuck, Taylor! You're the best!"

"God, Chris! Fuck me. I love it. Fuck me!"

I knew it was going to happen, but I was so shocked. Don't you have to at least stroke it to make it cum? Not this time. That pressure built up and then my dick tingled like mad, and I was cumming.

"Oh! Oh, gawd! Ohhhhh!" Pulse-shoot, the pressure of his perfect cock against my hole as it tried to close. I felt the hot wetness land on my neck. "Ohhhh!" Pulse-shoot, pressure, and it landed near my left nipple. "Ohhhh!" Pulse-shoot, pressure, and splashed across my belly. "Ohhhh!" Pulse-shoot, pressure, and it flew up to my neck again. "Ohhhh, gawd!" as my dick flexed again and my hole tried to slam shut and more cum landed on my lower belly.

Then he fell onto me and grunted, "Shit! That's fucking awesome! Oh, I'm cumming too! Oh, shit, Taylor! Ahhhh!"

I felt his cock swelling and jerking inside of me, stretching me even further. I felt the warm wetness inside of me. His cock swelled and filled me. His hair hung in my face. I pulled his head closer and we kissed as he finished his orgasm, squirting his hot semen into me.

Then he nearly collapsed and pulled out. He lifted my legs, helping me stretch them out straight on either side of him, then he came down on me and kissed me, his hands cradling my head again. My cum smearing between our bodies.

We were both panting and sweaty. I ran my hands up and down his back and sides. I loved the feel of his hot, sweaty body, and his heaving breaths.

"Oh, shit, Taylor!" he sighed heavily against the side of my neck.

"Chris! Fuck! Thank you! Thank you!"

I kissed him hard and deep, out tongues battling. I couldn't get enough of him. I wanted him in me again. Now. But I was so tired. I felt his wet, sticky dick lying on my hip, and my cum smearing between our skin and around my softening dick.

"Man! Taylor! That was the best I've ever had!" he said, staring into my eyes.

"Yeah, right," I said around more kisses.

"It was! My God! You're so hot! And you... you just... you're so hot! I love how you squirm around and squeal! It's so fucking hot!"

I was so embarrassed! And he kept staring into my eyes and grinning so cutely.

"I'm so... swishy. Faggy. Girly. How can you stand it?"

"Stand it? I fucking love it!"

He held me so tightly and we kissed and kissed.

"God! I think I'm in love with you, Taylor."

I started crying.

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