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Travis Gets Owned

Rated: X A companion piece to, but ending differently than, Travis Gets Outted



I got this idea for a story, and wrote the first part, but I couldn't decide which way I wanted to take it. It waited for me to finish it for months, and finally I decided to take it both ways.



"I fucking hate high school!" I screamed.

I'd made my friends afraid to be seen with me, and made myself a complete outcast. And it was my own fault. And it only took one week.

It started that first day of ninth-grade. When Chris Williams walked into my fourth-period math class.

I'd known I was a fag, had known since the summer after seventh grade, when I got a major crush on Brad Harper. I sorta knew before then, but only suspected, sort of. But when I saw Brad at the community pool in those trunks, there could no longer be any doubts. Ever seen a guy with perfect sandy-blond hair, and blue eyes, and lush, red lips, and a nice tan, with a lean swimmer's body? In wet, tight, Speedos? Oh, God. He was just climbing out of the pool, all wet, and laughing, and I was just walking in, and I immediately had to turn around and walk out. There was no way I was going to stay with a boner in my trunks.

I panted and sweated, and that was before I almost ran home. Then I panted and sweated as I beat myself off like never before. And that was my first messy orgasm. I'd always had dribbly ones before that one, barely leaking anything. But not that time. I shot a real wad, all over my lower stomach, just above what little pubes I had at the time. And I kept beating my meat to thoughts of Brad all through junior high. And we changed and showered for the first times in junior high, and luckily, or not, Brad was in my gym class both years. I lost count of the times I glanced at his body in those tight gym shorts during class and at his body in the showers. I looked at other boys, too, but mostly at Brad. But by the end of junior high, I had sort of moved on, giving up on Brad so much, and fantasizing about anyone at all. I had a few favorites, but you know how it is.

But then came high school. And on the first day, Chris Williams.

So different than Brad. Chris had dark brown hair, thick and wavy, and brown eyes. Almost no tan. Nice, lush, red lips, like Brad, though. And a strong chin. And he was no swimmer. He was more the football type. And wrestling. He had letters on his school jacket for both. I didn't know if he was a junior or a senior, but he was no freshman. Maybe a soph, but too tall and built and mature seeming for that.

And, oh, God, how I couldn't look away from him as he walked in, smiling and laughing with one of his friends. His buddy wasn't bad, but nothing compared to him. They sat down and I tried not to stare.

So, along comes gym class. And wouldn't you know it, there he is. With some other dude this time, another jock, and very cute, but again, nothing like him. I actually worked up the guts to follow them to where they picked for their lockers and took one nearby. You know why.

So, we get our uniforms and try them on for size. Oh, shit! He dropped his jeans and exposed the hottest pair of blue jockey shorts I'd ever seen. Stuffed! He was hung! His chest was nicely hairy, with big, brown nipples, and great pecs. And his shoulders and arms were nicely muscled. And a nice stomach with defined muscles and a treasure trail of that dark brown hair disappearing into those shorts! Oh, God! And when he put on those gym shorts, he was magnificent!

I had to sit down and wait to change into my shorts. When it finally went down, long after Chris and his friends had gone out to the gym, I got into my gym clothes and went out to hang with my friends for the rest of the period. They asked where my locker was. I told them, and they wanted me to move to the aisle with them. I was torn. I didn't want to say no, as there just wasn't a good excuse to stay where I was. Other than Chris, and I wasn't going to tell them that! And I really didn't want them in that aisle with me, not while I was scoping out Chris. So I said I would.

I kept thinking of Chris and looking at him. I got such a goofy feeling! He just made me feel so crazy! It was insane!

Then after class, I got to see heaven! Chris naked! He was... oh, God! It gave me chills! And goose bumps! And made me nearly rush him and throw myself on him and beg him to do whatever he wanted to me, screaming at him that I'd do whatever he asked. I wanted him so bad!

His body was just perfect. He had to be six-feet tall, easy, and lean and muscular, and with awesome hair on his chest and tummy and legs. And his pubes were thick and dense, and his dick hung out from them like a fucking sausage! One of those kielbasa sausages you see in the store. It was at least five or six inches just hanging there. And how it hung! All thick and... tempting. And his balls! He had to have some of the biggest nuts in school! All hanging and swaying and with his nice brown hair on the sack! Oh, fuck! Strong arms, strong legs, firm belly, developed chest, and a round, strong, pert, perfect ass with nice hair.


Day after day, I looked at him when I could in classes, and in the showers in gym. Just such perfection! Even the way he walked and moved was sexy! Seeing him naked in the showers was... it was just impossible not to bone up! So embarrassing! I got so much shit over that! I tried not to look at him, or the other guys, but when he walked past, I just had to look! Fuck!

So, I was being driven crazy all week! I go home and beat off like a mad man! Again at night, in bed, I jerk it like crazy! Thinking of Chris. Being in his arms, touching him, him touching me, kissing, licking, sucking, swallowing, and him fucking me. I wanted him to fuck me so bad!

I'd often though of fucking Brad, and him fucking me. Both ways. And oral, and everything, but when I thought of Chris, I only wanted him to fuck me. I didn't want to fuck him at all. That seemed absurd! I didn't understand why at all. I just knew that I wanted him in me, and that was what I wanted. I didn't want to stick myself into him at all. My fingers seemed like a good idea, as I sucked his big dick, but never my dick in his ass. Not that he didn't have an excellent ass! Oh, wow, did he have a great ass!

My first week at school hadn't been so bad, and Friday was nearly over. I'd made it through another day of gym and showers with Chris and my friends, and had barely boned up this time. On the way out of the showers, I'm right behind Chris, of course, and he stops to say something to someone who'd called his name, and I bump right into him.

Holy fuck!

I mean, we're both naked, both wet from showers, and I'm more than a little hard, and I slam right into him. My dork literally slapped his thighs!

No exaggeration, it went from slightly boned to fully sprung in one heartbeat. Humiliating!

And he not only noticed, he looked pissed. He looked down at me and his brows furrowed and he pushed me away from him and said, "Back off, you fucking fag!"

I turned and walked as quickly to my locker as I could, hearing them laughing, probably at me. I started changing as quickly as I could. My friends were laughing, teasing me about slamming my salami into Chris' butt. They even covered themselves so that I wouldn't see anything. And they didn't seem to be all that friendly about the jokes and teasing. They even left without waiting for me. I felt so humiliated!

On the way out of the locker room, I saw him, and glanced his way once, afraid to. He was looking at me. He kept looking at me. I got more than a bit worried.

My friends had already left me behind and gone to their classes, so I headed toward mine as usual. At the next intersection, I was yanked sideways and pushed against the wall. Chris was glaring at me.

"You a fag?"


"What the hell you doing walking behind me so close out of the showers?"

"I... I was just walking!"

I noticed more than a couple of people were stopping to see what was going on.

"You ever get that close to me again, and I'll beat the fuck out of you. Got it?"

He emphasized his last two words by punching my shoulder.

I nodded. He shoved me against the wall again and then walked away, joining his friends who had watched.

"Faggot," several kids said as I got my breath back.

Plenty of guys and some girls were staring at me. Even Dave and Mark, my friends, were staring at me. I hoped they would help, but they shook their heads and walked away.

"Queer mother fucker," someone said.

"Fucking homo. In our school. Shit."

"Stay away from me, ass pirate."

"What a faggot!"

"Little homo gonna cry?"

I was. I really was. I could feel the heat behind my eyes and my guts tightening up. I knew I was going to. I ran.

I ran until I was nearly home. When I ran out of breath and had to stop running, I walked, but not toward home. I turned and walked downtown. I kept walking. I didn't want to go home. Anywhere but home. I was a homo, and the kids at school were finding out. My friends in gym class had left me behind and even made jokes about me being a fag.

I cried more. I got lost. I walked into a park and sat on a swing and thought, and cried a little. No one played there anymore. Most of us had video games and computers, so parks weren't interesting. Some little kids came with their parents sometimes, but that was later, not right after school. So I sat there alone.

I checked my phone, hoping one of my friends had called and I hadn't heard it ring in my pocket. Nothing. But I needed to talk to someone. I called Carl.

"Dude," he said.

"Carl. I... um..."

"You a fag?"

I didn't expect it. I hesitated.

"You are," he said, sounding surprised. "You're a homo. And never said. You been checking me out and shit?" He sounded angry now.


"What the fuck, man? What the hell?"

He sounded really angry.

"I... Carl... I..."

I was gonna lose it and end up crying on the phone.

"When did you go gay?"

He still sounded angry.

"I... I didn't... go..." I'd almost said it. That "G" word. If I hadn't been so close to crying and so fucked up, I could have said that I wasn't, but instead, I'd almost admitted it.

I sniffled and tried not to sob.

"Dude. Just... don't call me. I don't fucking know who you are."

He hung up.

I didn't move for a few seconds, or think, or feel, or anything. Then I screamed. The loudest scream I'd ever made. I stood up and threw the phone as hard and far as I could, then screamed again.

Then I just sort of fell on my knees and didn't care about anything.

I don't know how long I was there in the dirt beneath the swing. No idea at all. Or if anyone came or went. None. I was just curled up and crying and didn't give a fuck.

* * *

So that was where I was when I screamed, "I fucking hate high school!"

Then I was kicked in the back.

Not really hard, but hard enough that I rolled over, afraid of the beating that was coming. And when I saw that it was Chris, I grimaced and winced, closed my eyes, and waited.

"I've seen you looking at me before. You're a fag. I know it."

"I'm not!" I squeaked.

Really squeaked. Like a ten-year-old kid.

I opened my eyes. He glared down at me, right into my eyes with his deep brown ones. He looked like he was going to kick my ass. I wondered how he had found me.

"You are," he said almost softly. "I can tell. You were boned up in the showers. You watched me in the showers. You're a homo. Don't lie to me. I can tell."


I waited for the kick. I figured he'd start with the kicks.

"Get up."

He waited.

"I said get up!"

He didn't shout it, just said it firmly. I swallowed and did. I waited for the first punch.

"Are you?"

He almost didn't ask, it was almost a declaration.

I kept looking at my shoes and nodded.

"I knew it."


He was quiet for a bit. I waited. I didn't care how badly he beat me, just so long as he got it over with.

"Get in the car."

I looked up at him. He nodded toward a Chevy van that sat at the road. Silver and black.

"Get in."

I knew this was going to be really bad. I knew I could try running, but he was a jock, and I hardly ever ran. I doubted I could even get turned to start running before he grabbed me. There wasn't anyone around to yell for help from either. I was just simply doomed. And I didn't care.

I walked toward his van. He walked right beside me. I got in, after nearly running away as he walked to his side of the car. But I didn't. I didn't care what happened any more. He started it and drove. It was only a few blocks before he pulled into the parking lot of the mall. He parked, shut off the engine, and stood up. He was too tall to stand upright, so he lorded over me as I sat there, shaking.

He pulled me up by my arm and pushed me toward the back of the van. I saw that it was set up like a conversion van, with a sink, cabinets, and a bed in back. He shoved me and I almost stumbled and fell onto the bed. As I rocked and brought my balance under control, he pushed me from behind, right onto the bed.

Then he was on top of me. I waited for the pain, but instead of blows landing on my back, his hands slid up under my shirt and pulled it over my head. Then he rolled me over and lay down on top of me, facing me.

"I knew you're a fag. I just knew it. No guy looks as much around as you do in the showers and isn't one."

He grabbed me by the neck and stared at me, grinning. He tightened his grip and it got a little hard to breathe and it hurt quite a bit. I just wished he get it over with. I didn't care at all. The school knew by now, or would by Monday. I was doomed.

"No guy gets boned up in the showers and isn't. Once or twice, maybe not. But not every day."

"I couldn't help it," choked out.

"Why not? You that big a homo?"

"I couldn't help it!" I said louder.

I wasn't far from more crying at all. The tears were just seconds away. It was humiliating. I really didn't want beat to a pulp, but what could I do? He was so much bigger than me. Way stronger. I had no chance.

"Why not?" he said, shaking me by my neck.

"Because you're so fucking hot!" I shouted.

He blinked. He lost that angry expression. He released some of the pressure on my neck. I could breathe easily, so I nearly panted.


"I can't help it! You're so... I mean... God! You're so fucking hot, Chris!"

He looked confused then. And he let go of my neck and sat up on my hips.

"You...  you think I'm hot?"

"Yes! I think you're the hottest guy in school, Chris! The hottest guy I've ever fucking seen! I'd do anything if you'd fuck me once! Just once! Do me before you beat the fuck out of me. Just once! Please!"

He looked so shocked. Stunned. And he wasn't beating the hell out of me yet. I hoped I could at least get the words out once before I was totaled. I decided I'd tell him the whole thing. At least I would have told him, even if it did mean an even worse beating.

"I've wanted you to fuck me since Monday. Since I saw you first. In gym, I followed you to where you and your friends got lockers, hoping to see you get undressed. And it was worth it! I fucking loved seeing you get naked! I loved seeing your cock! I loved seeing your balls! I loved looking at your fucking awesome ass! Okay?"

He just sat there, his ass on my lap.

"I've been beating off every day, thinking about you fucking me. I got off so good! Right after school and again in bed at night. Even when I woke up in the morning. Beating off thinking about you making me suck you off then you fucking me like a bitch!"

I was shocked at myself for admitting it, but even more shocked that I knew it.

He just sat there, his ass on my lap, looking shocked.

"I even dreamed about it! I even dreamed about you making me your bitch. Pushing me down on your bed and fucking me hard. Then making me suck it clean. And then doing it to me again! Making me stay naked in your bed and doing whatever you wanted me to!"

I hadn't really thought of it before, but I did dream of it being like that.

He just sat there, his ass on my lap, looking shocked, getting red-faced.

"I'd do anything you want, Chris. Anything! Just let me do it before you pound on me. Then I won't say anything to anybody. I promise I won't. I'll do whatever you want anytime you want. I won't tell. I fucking promise. Just once. I'll suck you so good. I'll make it as good as I can. I watch porn all the time and I bet I can do it really well. Let me try, just once!"

I would, too. I'd never tell anyone. Just once! I needed it!

He just sat there, his ass on my lap, looking shocked, red-faced, and looked away.

"You can fuck me if you want. Or just let me give you head until you beg me to stop. Or anything you want. Just once. Then you can fuck me up. I won't say a word to anyone. I promise. If I do, you can do whatever you want to me. Fuck me again, or make suck you every day, or beat on me every day. I won't care. Just once! Just fuck me once! You can even beat me while you do it. Whatever you fucking want! I want it rough! Fuck me hard as you want!"

I couldn't believe I was pouring that all out! I couldn't believe I wanted it that way. But I did. I wanted owned. By him.

He just sat there, his ass on my lap, looking shocked, red-faced, and now he looked back at me.

"You ever been with someone?" he asked.


He stared at me.

"You're a virgin?"


"You really queer?"


"You really want me?"

"Yes!" I sat up on my elbows. "I've wanted you since Monday. I'm not kidding how I dreamed of you fucking me. Hard. Making me your bitch. Making me suck it clean. Making me your sex toy. I want that."

God, how I wanted that!

"Roll over."

That's all he said. He went up on his knees a bit, allowing me to do so. So I did. He moved a bit, then I felt him dragging my jeans down, my shorts with them. I let him, even helped by kicking my legs out of them. Then his hands were on my ass. He kneaded my cheeks, and pushed his thumbs into my crack and against my hole.

Oh, God! My body started firing up! I think I was gasping and panting in the very next breath!

Then he spread my cheeks apart, then he spat, right onto my hole, and worked it around it. Then he spat again, right onto it, and then pushed his thumbs in together. God! It hurt! I squealed and then cut it off and held my breath. His thumbs went all the way in! I grabbed fists full of blanket and bit down on a mouthful of it. I tried not to clench up.

"Fuckin' tight," he said, almost grunting it. "Gonna feel great!"

He pulled his thumbs out and moved off the bed.

"Don't move a muscle, or I'll make you regret it."

I held perfectly still, dreading his huge cock plunging into me, but quivering in anticipation of it as well. I was getting hard, and it was awkwardly bent under me, but I wasn't going to move a single muscle.

He crawled around the bed and was in front of me now. I almost moved my head to look up, but remembered not to. He lifted my head by my hair and then shoved his cock into my face.

"So go ahead and show me how good you think you can give head."

I opened my mouth and took it in. It was large! Hard, it had to be seven or eight inches. And so thick! He shoved it in deeply and I gagged on it immediately. He pulled back and worked it in and out, finding how far he could go without making me nearly throw up.

I was in heaven! I had a big cock in my mouth! A nice, big, thick, hot, salty, hairy cock! I sucked it! I mean, I locked down and could have sucked a golf ball through it!

He groaned in a way that made me absolutely sure that I was doing it right!

He sighed and grunted. I groaned around his big cock. His head was wider than the shaft by quite a bit, and it made loud popping sounds as it slid out of my lips. He would shove it right back in.

I couldn't get enough of it! I groaned and whined around it! I just fucking loved it! I sucked as hard as I could, and began using my tongue under it. And when he pulled it out enough, I wrapped my tongue around his head and bathed it with attention.

"Fuck! Fucking awesome! Jesus Christ! You can suck a dick!"

I really badly wanted to reach up and play with those huge balls, but he had said not to move a muscle. He pulled out and then rolled me onto my back. My hole quivered in anticipation. But he stayed where he was and shoved his cock into my mouth. He rode my mouth like a pussy, and I loved it. His balls slapped across my forehead and nose. And I got as close a look at them as I possibly could have! They smelled awesome!

He fucked my mouth for a few moments, then he shoved his cock down my throat. I mean, down my throat! Not deep into my mouth, but past my tongue and into my throat. And he held it there! I was gagging and trying to breathe, but I couldn't! It was frightening! He pushed and held it there, all seven or eight inches of it inside my mouth and down my throat, his balls on my nose and my upper lip. He just held there! He entire body weight pressing my head into the mattress.

I swallowed. I don't know how, but I did. And he sort of shook and said, "Fuck!" and shoved it even harder into my mouth. I swallowed again and then I inhaled through my nose. I smelled his balls, and tasted his cock, and I relaxed. I was breathing fine, and his cock was filling my throat, and I wasn't gagging.

I was ecstatic! And so horny now I could have exploded into the biggest orgasm of my life!

"Fucking kick ass!" he grunted, and shoved again.

I sucked and swallowed.

"Oh, shit!"

He pushed even harder and grabbed my hips. He pulled me toward him and shoved it deeper and grunted loudly. I swallowed and sucked and whimpered.

"God, damn, that's, fucking.... Oh, God!"

His dick filled my mouth as it seemed to grow even thicker, waves running the length of it, and I felt wetness running down my throat. I swallowed out of instinct.

"Holy fuck!" he grunted, barely, as his body shivered and he pulled my hips up toward him, trying to get even more of his cock into my throat.

He thrust a few times as he came, filling the deep areas of my throat with his hot cum. God, how I loved it!

Then he fell forward until he came to rest on top of me, his big cock filling my mouth and his balls blocking my nose. Now I couldn't breathe again. But he rolled to the side quickly and I gasped for air and swallowed between breaths.

I tasted his cum. It was thick and musky. God, how I loved it.

I started to sit up, but he slapped his hand onto my chest and said, "Don't move, bitch."

I dropped onto my back. Grinning.

He rolled me onto my back and pushed my legs apart. He spat on my hole and wiggled his thumbs back into me. It stung like a son-of-a-bitch! But when they were in, and he worked them, it felt... just... oh, God! He spat a couple more times, getting my hole wet, then he positioned himself. I felt his cock head against my hole. I relaxed it as much as I could, but it didn't help much.

He pushed. It went in. He kept going. It kept going. It felt like he was filling me up! And the pressure was pushing against my prostate and making it tingle like mad. I loved it! I'd known I would! Then his hips were against my ass and he shoved firmly and grunted.

"Oh, shit. Yeah. Nice and fucking tight!"

Then pulled it all the way out. I heard it pop. Then he pushed it right back in. I groaned out loud. It felt... some pain, but, oh, God, the tension and pressure and... oh, God!

All the way out with a pop, then back in. Out, in. His big head popped every time he came out, and it silently popped every time it went back in. 

"Fucking amazing!" he groaned.

He moved a bit, lying on my back now, and went all the way in and shoved. I grunted.

"Lie still and take it!" he said, then started ramming it home.

Again and again. Hard and fast. It hurt a bit, more than a bit, but, oh, God, the pleasure! My whole body was tensing with each thrust, and unwinding with each withdrawal. And his movements were rubbing my cock against his bed! Oh, shit! Was that ever terrific!

"Fuckin' take it!" he said forcefully. "Take my big cock!"

"Oh, God!" I groaned.

"You love it! Tell me you love it!"

"I fucking love it!" I almost screamed.

And I did! And how! Oh, God!

"Is it big?" he didn't ask, almost simply stating it.

"It is! You know it is!"

"Oh, you know it is, bitch! Tell me!"

 "It's fucking massive, Chris! It's fucking huge!" I nearly shouted.

"You want it! You need it! Tell me!"

He grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them hard, almost painfully.

"I want it like nothing I've ever wanted before! I fucking need it! Give it to me!"

"Take it, bitch! Take my cock deep!"

He shoved it hard, and it stung, but it was glorious!

"Deep! So deep, Chris! Shove it in me!"

He did! Over and over. Grunting and heaving. Slapping his hips against my ass. He pulled me toward him by my shoulders with each thrust. God, how it hurt and felt so good at the same time! And the way he was yanking my shoulders toward him was moving me on the bed, rubbing my cock against his blanket, and getting me closer and closer.

"God, damn! I love your ass, Travis! I fucking love fucking your ass! So tight! So smooth. So fucking hot! God, damn, I fucking love it! Take it. Take it!"

"Fucking give it, Chris. Give it to me!"

"Yeah! Beg for it!"

"Oh, please! Chris! Please, fucking fuck me! Fuck me!"

He rode me like I'd dreamed. Like I wanted. Like I needed.

"Oh, man, Travis! I'm gonna blow! Gonna blow a load like a fucking fire hose!"

"Fucking fire off! I want it in me! Fuck me! Cum in me! Make me yours! Do me! Fuck me!"

He was pounding me so hard that the van was rocking. And every thrust pushed my cock against the bed, getting me closer and closer. My legs wanted to run in place! I arched my back, raising my chest off the bed, but he pushed me down.

"Awww, Travis... oh... gonna... ah... shit!"

I felt his cock thicken and he shoved forward, putting every last millimeter he could into me and all of his weight onto me. The sudden loss of friction and pressure on my cock only made it want it more. And when he shoved again, my cock went wild! It jerked and bent and that pressure behind my balls was suddenly enough to be felt around his huge cock in my ass He shoved again, his thick cock pulsing inside of my hole, and I was off!

I was off like never before! Like I never knew I could go off! I could almost feel every last sperm cell as my semen coursed through my cock and onto the blanket. It felt like cottage cheese! Thick, heavy, hot, cottage cheese. And my ass clenching down on his thick cock nearly hurt! But it was so much pleasure!

"God damn!" he grunted. Then again, "God damn!" Over and over.

And over and over his cock forced my hole open wider, even though it wanted to tighten up. It was pinchingly painful, but that pain only added to my orgasm, driving me fucking insane! My entire body was convulsing around my asshole and my cock! I felt the warm wetness spreading inside of me as well as below me.

Then he fell on top of me with a grunt and started panting.

"Holy fuck," he sighed after a few seconds. "Fuck!"

I could have died right then and not cared. I'd had what I had craved, and it was fantastic! I shivered from feet to head constantly. His sweaty body on mine was shivering as well.

His cock slipped out of me. The relief was itself pure bliss. He slid sideways off of me and sighed again. Then said, "Damn," so very softly.

I turned my head to look at him. He was staring at me. Grinning. I smiled.

I said, "Thank you."

He laughed, then said, "No way, man." He shook his head and smiled wider. Then said, "Thank you, Travis. That was fucking perfect. You gave the best head I've ever had. And your ass is better than any pussy ever."

"Thanks," I said, blushing. I rolled onto my side and looked down. I'd made a huge wet spot on his blanket, and my dick was red and puffy. "Sorry about the blanket."

He laughed and reached for my dick. It was so sensitive I fought his hand off of it, laughing.

"Wow, you really blew a wad!" he said, running his fingers through the remains that hadn't soaked in yet.

We laughed. I was feeling so weirdly. I'd loved it. And he had too. How fucking bizarre!

"You didn't mind that it hurt?"

"No! I liked it."

"You like it to hurt?"

I felt myself blush and nodded.

"Some. I mean, I don't think I'd like being actually hurt. But, yeah, I liked that you were... rough."

"Cool. Chicks usually don't. Kara did, but she hated giving head."

"Oh, I don't!"

"I could tell!"

"I can't believe you got that whole thing in my mouth!" I said, looking down at it.

It was still impressive, though it was deflated.

"I couldn't help it. I just needed to shove it all the way in. I didn't even think about... sorry, if it was..."

"Don't," I said, shaking my head. "It didn't hurt me or anything. I was just... shocked it went all the way in and I could breathe. How did it feel?"

"Oh man! I can't even... I mean... I don't know how to describe it! Fucking awesome!"


He got red, then looked away for a second, then back at me.

"I'll show you. If I can do it."


He nodded, getting even redder.

"Are you...?" I almost asked.

"I... I don't think it matters to me," he said. "Maybe I'm bi. I sorta always wanted to try, some stuff, with a guy. I don't know," he said with a shrug.

"I'm glad!" I said, grinning. "Um... think it'd be alright if... I... we... uh..."


"Yeah," I answered with a chuckle.

"I don't know. Might be kinda weird," he said.

We found out. It wasn't. Not for me, anyway. And he didn't pull back until I did. And by then we were getting hard again. He swapped ends. And you know what? He can give great head!



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