Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

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While this one may or may not be true, it is what he told me. He maintains that it is true. I don't believe it, but I won't argue it with him. Besides, it makes for an excellent story.

So, again, here is a story, supposedly true, that I didn't write. I ghostwrote it for another. He doesn't care to be credited, only to share his story, written in a way so that others can enjoy it, believe it or not. He'd rather not be identified in any way. If his family bothers to read any of his email after he dies, he has only one computer and one email account, and they know and send pictures to it, and he's sure they can guess his password, so it's all up, then, anyway.

Well, here is Fred's story, true or not. If you'd like to let me know if you believe it or not, contact me and I will pass on the "yea" and "nay" count to Fred.



I grew up in a small, rural town in a dusty state famous for nothing. Well, cattle, I guess. My high school had about two hundred kids in it, and I had to ride a bus for nearly an hour to get there and again to get home.

I had neighbors, but none close by, and none my age to do anything with. It was not just boring living out there, it was soul-crushingly lonely.

I learned to masturbate by accident when I was thirteen. I had no friends, my father had no pornography that I ever knew of, and cable television, home video, and computers, let alone the internet, didn't exist yet. I was getting erections nearly constantly by then, and I didn't understand why my manhood would get so hard and feel so tingly when I didn't have a girl to make a baby with. Health class in school was useless for explaining that.

All I knew about my privates was that my johnson would grow, especially now that it had started growing hair around the base of it. It would get longer and thicker, my testes would grow larger and heavier, and one day I would be a man. Then I could marry a woman, and we would consummate our love, and somehow use my penis and her womanly parts to create a baby.

One day I woke up and Dad was in the bathroom, so I had to wait to use it. It wasn't the first time I had woken up with an erection, but this morning it felt as if I had to piss very badly, sort of. I had been dreaming of something sexual and was aroused, as was becoming more and more usual. I reached into my pajamas and pulled the skin over the tip and pinched the end of it to keep from wetting myself. I almost went to the window and peed out of it, but the kitchen window would let Mom see me doing that if she was at the sink, and she probably was from time to time as she fixed our breakfast. I sat on my bed and pinched the skin tight over the tip. It tickled. I wasn't sure I had to actually piss, but it felt like it. I kind of wiggled my thumb and finger and it felt really good. I didn't have to pee so bad, and it felt really neat. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and kind of looked at it, and moved the loose skin back and the end of it was a little wet. It tickled to touch it, and felt really good. I rubbed my finger over the hole in the end of it and smeared that fluid around, knowing it was too sticky and thick for pee, but not sure what else it was. Surely it wasn't semen, right? But whatever it was, it was slippery and felt great when I rubbed it around on the end of my penis. I pulled my skin all the way back and my whole body shivered. It had never felt so hard. I can remember even all these decades later how utterly impossibly hard it felt. And how strongly and overwhelmingly tingly it was. And how much it bounced all on its own.

Over the next couple of minutes I found out just how much fun a guy could have all alone. Rolling the skin back and forth with my hand felt better than anything else ever had. I got scared when it suddenly felt like I was going to pee all over the place, but it felt too good to stop! I aimed it at the corner so I wouldn't have pee all over my floor and then closed my eyes, feeling my body tensing and twisting and my breath catching in my throat.

Holy shit, that was something! I bent over forward and felt warm, thick stuff squirting out over my fingers, and my balls ache, and my anus clenching. All my muscles seemed to be tense and wiggly. I even squealed. I was afraid my Dad or Mom would hear, but it felt too good to care!

When it was over, I toppled onto my bed and panted and looked at the warm, white, sticky mess I had made in my hands. I was panting like crazy, and a little sweaty. The semen smelled funny, but felt neat when I smeared it all around the end of my penis.

I was hooked.

I didn't make friends. I knew that I was different, but I hadn't been brainwashed yet about what it meant. I just knew that I didn't like girls the way the other boys did. And I knew that I liked boys the way the other boys liked girls. I could live with that, so long as no one else knew. I knew I would be alone, probably, but I knew there had to be others, too. I hoped I would some day meet one and we could be friends.

When I went to school the next year to the much larger middle school, I learned a great deal from the older boys there. I'd hear those older boys talking about jerking it off, and I knew what they were talking about. Now when they talked about how far they, "shot it," or how much, I knew what they meant. When they bragged about a girl touching it and making it shoot, or sucking it and making it squirt, I knew what had happened.

They would brag and lie about it, oh, I knew they were making stuff up, I wasn't that stupid. I didn't let on, just stayed a little to the side so they wouldn't notice me, and listened. Then when I got home, as soon as I could be alone, I'd remember what they said to each other and I'd jerk it off.

I would listen to them tell their lies to each other, and glance at them, memorizing their bodies, the way their butts were shaped, what I could see in the front as they either touched it openly, as if bragging visually, or held a hand over it to hide it. I memorized shapes and contours, imagined sizes, and on the rare time I saw a glimpse in the toilet, attempted to memorize as much as possible about it.

That summer before high school, I missed hearing their stories and having new things to think about when I masturbated. It was a long, hot, dry, and nearly painful summer. But I grew considerably.

When high school began, I was a little taller than most of my classmates, and a little stronger. I was a real farm boy, not a townie, and I was showing the difference. Those of us from the school in the sticks were strong and grown. They were skinny by comparison, and weak, and pale. The girls stared at me, grinning. For the first time, I was noticed by them, and they wanted to talk to me.

I knew that I should have been glad, and want the attention, but I wasn't and I didn't. It was only the first day of school, and every class there were girls looking at me and grinning and wanting to talk to me in the hall. I talked back, red-faced and grinning, embarrassed as hell.

But then, gym. We were issued shorts and a shirt, told we had to take it home to wash it twice a week, and had to wear it every day. And that we had to shower every day. Holy hell. I was in hell.

I stood where the teacher assigned me, looking at that little locker, wondering how in the hell I was going to undress in front of other guys. It seemed so wrong. And so interesting, too. I tried not to look around, and just do it. I took off my boots, socks, my shirt, and tried to take my overalls off. It was so embarrassing. I didn't know what to do. I figured the other guys were doing it, I had to, too. I held my breath and dropped them. It was almost sticking out in front and pushing my shorts out a little, making a little tent. I felt my face all red and my breath racing and my heart pounding. At least the fear and embarrassment made it go away for the most part.

I took down my shorts and put them in the locker and pulled up the gym shorts, both as fast as I could. They were tight and my thing was so obvious. I knew I needed larger shorts, so I turned to go tell the teacher. I only got a few steps before I saw all the other boys. Some were done, some were still getting started, but it was the most sexually charged moment of my life. I felt it getting hard. I saw other boys hiding it with their hands, and some not bothering to hide it. I remember how hard it was to swallow right then. None of them were as hard as I was, and I worried about that.

I didn't want to stare, but I almost had to. I had never felt like that before. It was like I was running, had been running, and was charged up and excited and tingly inside and down below. It was crazy. Boys shouldn't see boys like that, all naked and uncovered. It also seemed wrong that I like it so much. Every boy was a little different, but nearly all of them made me feel funny to look at them.

I made it to where the teacher was walking from row to row and said I needed larger shorts. He told me to hold my hands up over my head, then grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them out until he pulled my hips forward. He told me to follow him and the four boys behind him. We made a circuit of the rows of lockers, the teacher picked up another boy who had the same problem, and then we were back at the front where his office was. He handed us all different shorts, one at a time, and told us to change them right there, so he could make sure they were the right size.

That was probably the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. I had to take down my shorts, with a nearly hard penis, next to several other boys doing the same. I tried to do it as quickly as I could. I did notice that one of the other boys was about my age and size, and as hard as I was. There was one boy who was taller than the rest of us who also had a nearly completely erect penis. Another boy was about my size, but he was barely erect, and it was going back down toward normal. The other two boys were smaller and almost bald down there, and were just plain erect.

The other coaches led all the other boys out to the gym, telling them to get basketballs or footballs or what they wanted, and throw them around for a while. The coach who had us change our shorts had the five of us follow him into his office. I didn't know the other boys from my junior high school the previous years, so I wasn't friends with any of them. He closed the door, and then had us stand in a row in front of his desk.

Mark, the tallest, oldest looking boy, had really short black hair. He was kind of nice looking. He was built bigger than me, but didn't have the same kind of muscles I did. He was a town boy, and didn't do the kind of farm work I did, and it showed. He was still taller and broader than me, though. He had a nice face and nice brown eyes, and his skin was tanned all over.

Standing next to him was Jeremy. We were about the same height, pretty average for our age. I was stronger and tanned where he was slimmer and paler. We both had fair hair, blond and short, mine lighter than his. His hair was almost really light brown, mine was almost yellow. His eyes were a nice blue, mine were brown.

Then I stood there in the middle.

On my right was David. He looked as old as Mark, but we were all freshmen and about fourteen. David was a little skinny, but tall. Kind of lanky I guess. He had reddish-orange hair and freckles, and was pale. Big, pale blue eyes and eyebrows that were hard to see.

Then came Eric, the little guy. He had to be our age because he was a freshman too, but he looked like he was thirteen at most. He was the shortest of us there, but not in our class. There were other boys shorter that I saw. He wasn't skinny or strong, he just looked so average, but so little. He had the greenest eyes, they were amazing. His hair was blond, really blond; it was so light yellow it was almost white. His skin was sort of pale, not as pale as David, but not as tan as the rest of us. And he had freckles. Lots of little, tiny, hard-to-see ones on his cheeks and nose. And the biggest, reddest lips of all of us.

Coach asked Mark, the tallest, to stand in front of him. When he did, he told Mark to take down his shorts. That gave me a great view of Mark's butt, which was really nice. Coach touched him between the side of his ball sack and his leg, pushing up there, then told him to cough several times. Then he pushed up behind his ball sack and rubbed it there, which made his erection move around and point up even more, as if it got even harder.

He told Mark to stand to the side with his shorts down, then motioned the next-tallest boy, David, to stand in front of him, take down his shorts, and he did the same things to him. David's penis got softer and drooped downward. I tried to make my erection do the same thing, but it only got harder as I watched.

When it was my turn, he pushed up beside my sack, then behind it, telling me to cough. It was incredibly embarrassing, but my erection seemed to enjoy it. When he was done, there was a drop of that clear fluid at the tip. I was mortified! He told me to stand next to David As I stood next to David, and tried to act like I wasn't watching, I saw that Mark's still erect penis had a drop of that fluid, too, but that David's erection was gone.

I watched as the coach did the same thing to little Eric. His little penis was just as hard as any of us, except David. It was dark red on the end and bounced with his rapid heart beats. His little ball sack was tight and wrinkly. Then the coach had him stand next to me.

Then he sat back, looking at us. We were all erect, but David. I was so embarrassed, and I was sure we were all in deep trouble.

I didn't want to enjoy it, but I was, and my erection certainly was. I had never seen naked boys before, and it was enjoyable, and I knew why.

Mark probably had the longest one. No, he did, easily. It was almost amazing. He had the most hair down there, too, and his balls were the largest and hung down the furthest. David was the next oldest looking, with the next largest amount of hair and next largest balls and sack, but was the least erect. His dick was soft, nearly back to normal, and it didn't have any extra skin at the end of it. I wished my own would follow suit and get soft again. Jeremy and I were almost the same height and weight, almost the same size down there, had about the same amount of hair, and were both as hard as it got. Eric was the smallest of us in all ways, and he didn't have any hair there, but his was so hard it didn't seem to be able to move any, like it was made out of steel.

Once the coach had looked at us all, standing there like that in front of him, he told us to remain standing there and not move. He went to his door and called in someone named Jerry. Jerry looked like he was a senior.

"Boys, I've kept you back for a good reason. You have demonstrated a particular trait. One that is rare, and one that I want Jerry here to verify. Do as he says, and follow his instructions. Jerry, take over," and then he left.

"Okay guys, here it is." He walked out in front of us, arms crossed, his hard penis obvious in his tight gym shorts, and I couldn't help but look at it. It had to be as long as my entire hand, and was so hard it was pushing his shorts all out of place. He smiled at us, one at a time, I was sure of that. "I noticed that each of you is hard down there." He grabbed his own and wiggled it inside his shorts. "It's okay. I am, too. See?" He pulled down his shorts and the four of us gasped so loudly that I wondered if the whole gym class heard us. "Don't be ashamed of it. It's natural."

He pushed his hips out forward and that made his huge penis look even larger. It had a lot of brown hair above it, and his balls were the size of large acorns, with hair on the sack, too. He had brown hair on his thighs at the sides, a trail going upward from the triangle of hair over his penis that became a little circle of hair around his navel. I felt my penis go even harder and do that twitch that it does when it's really worked up.

I looked at the other guys, and they were all red-faced and had open mouths and big, round eyes. And were as hard and erect as I was - except David, who wasn't totally soft now.

We all stood there with our shorts down and our erections sticking out, red in our faces, and trying not to laugh. David's penis was still not completely soft, but it wasn't hard enough to even stand out away from him at all, it just sort of hung there, slightly plump. Jerry walked in front of us, looking down at our erections and back at our faces. He smiled nicely, I remember that very clearly. He even put his hand on our shoulders, one at a time as he passed.

"Good bunch, " he said when he was done and standing in front of the four of us again. "Now, do what I say, and you're going to love your freshman year."

He smiled in a way that I thought was really friendly.

"Stand around me in a circle."

We obeyed, and he positioned us very near him in a tight circle, our shoulders almost touching each others. Eric was on one side of me, Mark beside him, Jeremy on the other side of me, with David beside him.

"I want you to take your left hand, and reach out and cup the balls of the guy to your left."

He waited. None of us moved. The four of us looked at each other, obviously not knowing what to do. I had thought about touching other boys before, but I had never thought that it ever happened between us boys. The movie they had shown us in both seventh and eighth grades had made it clear that only old men did those kinds of things to boys, and it was always awful. I didn't want to grow up to be a sick killer of kids.

"Don't be nervous. And don't worry about what the other guys think. And don't worry about it changing you into something bad. If you want to do it, and you don't mind if it happens to you, then go ahead and do it. If you don't like it once you tried it, then say so, and you don't have to. Nobody has to, and nobody will make you."

Jeremy took hold of mine, and it felt great! Wonderful! Incredible! I grabbed Eric's. His were smaller than mine, and the skin felt thicker. They were warm, and his skin was wrinkly, and it felt kind of nice to be holding another boy's balls. What felt like nervousness was charging up and down my spine and whirling around in my guts. Jeremy kind of toyed with mine a little, and I liked it. I did the same thing to Eric. We all giggled. It was the weirdest moment of my life. I loved it.

"Good. Now, some of you have the right idea. Move them around, gently, softly, be careful. Feel them. See what they feel like. How much do you think they weigh? Is one larger than the other? Which one? Are they larger or smaller than your own? Pull them down very gently. Heft them up. Roll them around. Be gentle."

He stood there, his shorts down, his massive dick pointing almost straight up, his big balls hanging down, turning around in the middle of the four of us. I could have sworn I saw his dick bounce. I know I saw that fluid now at the hole in the end. His penis was long and thick, with just enough loose skin at the end that it kind of bundled up behind the back of the edges of the head of it. I guessed it was at least six inches long. I don't know why I looked or cared, but his butt was very nice. It had nice brown hairs all over it, and it was round and smooth. I wanted to touch it. A lot. Very, very much. I wanted to do all kinds of things to it. And to his penis. Even though I had a handful of Eric's balls, I wanted to touch Jerry's butt.

He watched us for a few minutes as we checked out the balls of the guy on our left and got our balls checked out by the guy on our right. I was embarrassed as hell, but I loved it, too.

"Okay, switch hands and switch sides."

Jeremy's were larger than Eric's, the skin thinner and warmer, and I thought they felt like mine. I liked touching his balls more than Eric's. I wondered what Jerry's felt like. They looked so much bigger and heavier.

"Look down, at what you're doing. Not at me and mine. You're going to be looking at mine all you want in a bit."

I liked the sound of that!

I looked away from Jerry and at what my hand was doing to Jeremy's balls. His hair was a little darker than mine down there, and I think he had a little less, but the darker color made it look like it was about the same. But his dick was a bit longer and a bit thinner than mine.

"I want each of you to look around, compare yourself and the others. See the differences."

I looked around for the first time, and saw that Jeremy and I were the only ones like each other. Mark looked older, any maybe was, but he was still in the same grade as the rest of us. His was the longest, thickest, and hairiest, and his balls the biggest - so long as you didn't count Jerry. David was next tallest, and was pretty skinny. His dick was mostly soft, and the red hairs around the base of it were light and sparse. His penis was so pink! All pink and reds. And his sack, too, was red. Jeremy and I were almost the same. Same size, almost, same amount of hair, almost, same sized balls, pretty much, and even about the same height and weight, though I was a bit stronger looking. Eric was the kid, sort of. He had the shortest one, no hair, the smallest balls, and it was the shortest.

We were all giggling and snickering, and very red-faced.

"See how some have foreskin," he said, grabbing Jeremy and me by our dicks. He pinched the end of our skins, very gently, and pulled it out, stretching it. "See this? Foreskin. You're born with it, but many parents have it cut off when you're about a week old. Some think it makes it neater, or healthier. Some say it's a mistake to remove it. Who knows. But it's fun to play with, and it's very sensitive."

He pinched and rolled it a little and Jeremy and I flinched and gasped.

"It's natural to have it, it's just removed because of different reasons."

He pushed our skins back and exposed our ends.

"If you'll notice, the hole in the end is open and larger than the rest of yours. The skin keeps the glans moist and protected. Without it, the hole gets tight, and the head wrinkled like fingerprints."

The cool air felt wonderful on it.

"I want you two boys to bend down and get a close look at these. You with him, you with him. Eric, in front of me."

Eric got on his knees in front of Jerry, the lucky bastard, David got in front of me, and Mark in front of Jeremy.

"Now, take it in your hand and slide the skin back."

David seemed afraid to do it. Mark had already moved the skin on Jeremy's back. I think I heard Jeremy kind of moan a little as Mark moved his skin back. Finally, David looked up at me and sort of snickered in embarrassment, then did it. It felt very good as David moved my skin back. I shivered. I moved my eyes back and forth from my own to Jeremy's, noticing the differences as Jerry described them.

"See how one is longer, thinner. That penis has a longer glans, or head, as well. His hole, meatus, is more on top of it than at the end, too. And his hole is longer, more like a slit than a hole, while the other is more rounded. But notice that both have smooth, moist glans. That's it, move the skin back and forth. I'm sure you've all learned to masturbate by now. Practice on the one in front of you."

"Oh, God!" Jeremy said, which made me giggle.

Then David started moving my skin back and forth, and I said the same thing. It felt incredible! The best thing ever! Even better than doing it myself.

"Do you see the fluid beginning to form at the end? That's lubrication for the semen, so that when the semen is forced out, it will have an easier time reaching the end of the penis. Rub that over the end of the hole."

Man, I loved it! David's fingers rubbing my wetness around the end of my penis felt incredible! It was so much better than doing it myself!

"That's enough for now. Don't want them to have an accident."

We all laughed.

"Now switch. You two to your knees and inspect the boy that inspected you."

I went to my knees in front of David and picked up his penis. It was short, being soft, and felt so cold. Eric stood and Jerry put his arm over his shoulders as he talked.

"See how the skin is too short to cover the head. Gently pull it forward and notice it is."

I tried, but it wouldn't go that far. The skin at the base of David's penis moved forward and he hissed like it hurt. I stopped.

"See how the glans is wrinkled, almost like fingerprints. And the meatus, the hole for the urethra, is closed, small, and tight. This is because without the foreskin to protect it, the penis closes the hole to protect the sensitive inside of the urethra. Now, practice your masturbation on the penis in front of you."

I complied, finding it different when the skin was so short and it was so soft, But it was fun! And it began growing. David snickered and I looked up to see him sort of grinning and so red-faced it was amazing. But his dick kept getting harder in my hand, which was totally neat to feel happen.

"See the lubrication? Now use your thumb to rub that over the end, just the end. Watch their reaction."

They jerked and twitched, gasped and giggled.

"Okay, no accidents, yet. Everyone stand again where you were."

Once we were in a circle around him again, he looked at each of us, one at a time.

"I am going to ask you each, one at a time, a few questions. I want you to answer honestly. Understand? Do not lie to me. If I find out later that you have, there will be hell to pay. Absolute hell. Understand?"

We all nodded, suddenly very serious.

"I asked, do you understand?" he said very formally, just like a teacher waiting for the class to answer all together.

"Yes, sir," we all said.

"Pull your shorts up."

As we did as instructed, Jerry took his shorts all the way off and opened the closet. He turned on a radio in there then waved all of us into it. Jeremy was the last there, and Jerry put his arm out to hold him back. The door closed. The little radio played, "Rock Around The Clock." We waited in the dark. I was so nervous, and excited, that I wondered if I might pass out in the dark and closeness.

Someone's hand fumbled around on my hip, then slipped over my front, found my erection, and played with it through my shorts. It was insanely erotic. I followed the arm up to a shoulder. It felt like it was David or Mark, judging by his height. Then I followed that arm down to a flank and then to a hip, then over to an erection in shorts. Definitely Mark or David. I played with it. I wondered if the others had any suspicions. I kind of felt bad that the others weren't having any fun. I reached out until I felt a warm back next to me in the dark, then let my hand slide down and over his butt. I was surprised how round and firm the butt cheeks were, and how it made me tingle all over knowing I was touching a boy's butt. His hand grabbed mine and dragged it around to his front. Not Eric, so now I was feeling both Mark and David in the dark.

Pretty soon we were panting. Our hands moved all over each other. I just loved how tight and firm their butts felt. I liked it when their hands rubbed mine, too. But the best was when they were both playing in front of me, one with my balls and one with my erection. That felt really wonderful!

None of us put our hands in anyone's shorts, we just played with things outside the shorts, but I almost desperately wanted to put my hand into their shorts and jerk them off until they made semen. I wanted to feel their sticky, gooey, warm stuff on my hands. And I really wanted to feel their hands on my dick, stroking me, until I shot my semen.

And standing there in the dark, feeling them up as they felt me up, I was starting to get that feeling that meant I was going to!

The door flew open and Jerry and Jeremy were laughing at us. I thought it was some kind of elaborate prank or such until Jerry pointed at David and waved him out, and Jeremy stepped into the closet.

"He said it always happens like that!" Jeremy said when he joined us in the dark as the door closed. "The guys are always checking each other out, so don't be embarrassed, guys."

"What did he ask you?" Mark asked.

"Not supposed to say. Might be different ones for each, or not. He said it was between him and me, anyway. Just like when he talks to you. Just between you and him."

After a bit, a hand found my belly, then slid down. I reached out and found the both of them, and soon two hands were on each of us, touching, squeezing, playing. It was so much fun! My penis was tingling like crazy, and I knew it was going to produce an orgasm if we kept doing that for long enough. I didn't care who I was touching, or who was doing what to me. It was all fun, and they both felt great to touch and play with. The door opened and Jerry smiled at us as we retracted our hands from each other.

Eric was pointed at this time, and we were left in the dark again.

"Where did David go?" Mark asked.

"Don't know. Maybe he didn't want to," Jeremy answered.

"Want to what?" I asked.

They didn't answer, which got me feeling really worried.

But then hands found my body, and my hands found bodies, and then we were touching and giggling. And it was just great! We were all breathing so hard that the little closet was steamy and hot. I started sweating a lot, but I sure didn't want to stop what we were doing!

When the door opened, the cool air that rushed in felt so good. I was pointed at as Eric entered the closet. I was so excited, and now I was alone with the naked Jerry.

"So, Fred, right?"

I nodded and hoped this wasn't going to be too embarrassing.


"Yes, sir!"

"No reason to be so military like, just show me courtesy with it."

"Yes, sir," I said more gently.

He had me sit on the little couch next to him.

"Okay. Honest answers, or when I find out you lied, most likely you will hate the rest of your freshman year if you lie to me. Understand?"

He smiled at me, but there was seriousness there, too.

"Yes, sir."

"You don't need to be afraid. True answers will set you free."

He looked into my eyes, making me do so to his. His were blue and bright, and he smiled nicely, and he put his hand on my shoulder, then his arm across them.

"Fred, do you like what we've done so far?"

I nodded, said, "Yes, sir," trying not to laugh or become so red.

He moved my hands from my lap and put his hand there. He was still naked, and his big penis was pointing up, curved a little upward, and it bobbed like a bobber in the water with a sunfish nibbling at the bait.

I reached out and grabbed it, looking at his face to make sure he didn't mind. He smiled and nodded at me, and played with mine through my shorts in a most satisfying way.

"Do you want to do this some more?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you know that many think that doing this is wrong? That if anyone found out, that you would be called a homosexual? That you would be made into a freak and hated by nearly everybody? That I would be, too? That Eric, Mark, and Jeremy would be, too?"

Homosexuals were sick and evil according to thatmovie in school. This wasn't like that. This was wonderful, not bad.

"You might want to stop doing it someday, or you might want to do even more. That will be up to you, and only you will know which or what you should do. Do you understand that?"

I remembered his warning about being truthful, so I shook my head no.

"Good. Truth first. Good man."

He leaned forward and kissed my forehead very quickly, ruffled my hair, then sat back and smiled at me again. I felt a warm flush all through my body, and my face, and I felt as good as I think I ever had up to that point in my life. I was his from that moment on, no matter what.

"For now, do you like this? Is this something you want to do with other boys?"

I nodded and said, "Yes, sir."

"Would you promise to never talk about this with anyone? Not your best friend, not any teachers, not your brothers or sisters, not even your parents?"

"Yes, sir."

"You understand, that if you do, we'd all be called homosexuals. And probably be put in an institution?"

"Yes, sir."

"Will you make that promise, never to talk about it to anyone? A solemn, honest, vow?"

"Yes, sir."

"Would you like to do this with me, the other guys," he nodded at the closet, "and some other guys who have made that promise to each other?"

I nodded strongly.

"Yes, sir."

"Would you like to do this and other stuff with us? Things that you want to do, and you'll never be made to, or forced to. Only asked to try, and if you like them, you can do them?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Will you keep this completely secret, on your honor, and, I hope, our new friendship?"

I nodded wildly as I stared into his blue eyes.

"Yes, sir!"

I wanted nothing more than to do more things like that. His hot penis in my hand felt wonderful, and the way he scratched and tapped my erection was incredible. And there was so much more than that, too. I wanted his friendship he had just hinted at, and I wanted his approval, and to make him as happy as he had just made me.

"Say so, in your own words. Make up a swear, pledge, promise, whatever, with your own words. Convince me. Or else, you'll be out. And you will still have to keep it totally secret, or else."

"I swear, and I promise, that I won't say anything to anybody about this. About what we do together. I promise. I swear on my life I will keep it secret and never tell. That I... I like it. I like to, and I want to. Please!"

He smiled nicely and nodded, squeezed my penis a little, then let go of it. I thought he was done, but then he put that free arm around me, with his other still over my shoulders, and he hugged me. It was so warm and nice, and wonderful, and I wanted and needed it. When he let go, I almost felt naked and alone.

He stood up and turned to face me as I still sat on the little couch. He stood directly in front of me and stuck his hips forward, putting his penis almost under my nose.

"Kiss it, as a swear."

I laughed, and I know I turned the reddest I had so far. I had a thought about how it would have been crazy to even think about doing that until then. Kiss a penis? But I liked the idea, suddenly. Not to mention it was his. I'd do anything for Jerry.

I leaned forward and placed my lips on the very tip of it. It was salty, and there was that slippery wet stuff on the end of it. I didn't care. I kissed it. I took my time kissing it.

When I sat back, I think I was about to have an orgasm. I rocked and tried not to let it. I grunted and held it tight through my shorts, hoping it didn't. Somehow, surprisingly, it didn't.

He obviously knew and understood.

"Did you?"


"Going to?"

"I... I don't think so. Yet. Not yet, anyway."


He looked pleased. I was happy that I pleased him. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him happy. He turned and walked to the closet, opened it, and we laughed at them playing with each other. Mark was last, and I played with Eric and Jeremy while he was quizzed.

It had seemed to take forever while I was being questioned, but while waiting in the closet each time, it only seemed to be a minute, maybe two. After a while, I wondered, and had to ask.

"Did I seem to be gone long?" I asked.

"No. I asked the same thing. Guess it just seems to be forever out there."

"Yeah, being asked that stuff. Looking in his big blue eyes," Eric sighed.

"He's got such cute eyes," Jeremy said.

"I know. Like a mountain lake. And his penis! It's so big! Did you guys touch it?"

"Yes! It's so big! Thick, too! Wow!"

"I love how warm it is! And, uh, did you guys kiss it?"


"That was so fun! It tasted salty, but, hell, mine does too!"

"You tasted yours!"

"Don't you?"

We were talking about the most embarrassing things as if they were nothing.

The door opened and Mark laughed as we snapped our hands back from each other.

"Okay, boys, get out here and back in the circle."

We did as asked.

"Now, you have all agreed to take a pledge of secrecy. This isn't like when you did something like it when you were kids. Now you're in high school, and not kids anymore, and this pledge is serious. It can't be broken. If it is, you'll hate going to school until you graduate. If you graduate."

He held us with his eyes, making sure we saw how serious he was.

"David didn't think he wanted to continue, so he left to rejoin the class. He's promised never to talk about it, though. To anyone. He just doesn't want to be part of it. That's fine. You are not to tease him or give him any grief about it. You are not to talk to him about it in any way. It is as if he had never been here. Period. Understand?"

He waited even after we nodded, then Jeremy caught on and said, "Yes, sir." The rest of us replied in the same way then.

"Good. Now, shorts to your ankles and go to your knees."

Again, we did as told.

"I am going to go around in a circle, and I am going to stick myself in your mouth. I want you to use your tongue on it in any way you want or think of, and I want you to suck. I know it might seem nasty, or you might feel strangely about it at first, but I want you to try it. If after you've tried it, and you don't care to again, sit on the couch. Nothing will be held against you for doing so at all. Nothing at all. Some guys don't care to, that's all. If you don't like it, have a seat and no hard feelings. You will come back for the next thing."

He stepped up to me first. I almost felt honored. His big penis was just inches away from my face. I was sure it was three inches longer than mine. It was all I could see, and his large, hanging balls. His brown hair was a nice full triangle above it. Looking down at it head-on like that, I saw that it was wider than it was tall, sort of oval in cross section. It was curved upward a little, making it almost point upward at forty-five degrees at the end, though it came out more or less horizontal at the base. The glans was wider than the shaft, and the edges of it flared outward considerably. The hole in the tip was just above the actual end of it and was oval and a little open, red on the edges with open darkness in the center. A drop of clear fluid waited there.

He pushed his hips forward, and as his penis touched my lips, he said, "Let it in, close your lips around it, and suck on it like a candy. Not as hard as you can, but suck nice and hard. Then start moving your tongue any way you want. Always keep your jaw way open, and your teeth should never touch it at all."

Before he was done talking I had closed my lips over it and was doing as he asked. It was entirely enjoyable. The idea of having someone's penis in my mouth would have seemed insane just minutes ago, but I found myself almost wanting to curl up around it.

"No touching yourself or others," he said.

I couldn't open my eyes to see who he was talking to. I did for a moment, but only to see Jerry's brown triangle in front of me, and the first inches of his penis below the tip of my nose. The smell was incredible, like nothing I had ever smelled, and I wanted to have it filling my nose forever. It tasted salty, but sweet, too, like sweat or skin. Or both. And I loved it! Really, really loved it.

He pumped his hips, moving his penis in deeper, nearly all of it I think, then pulling it back, leaving only the end of it in my mouth. Then it was easier to lick it with my tongue. The head of it felt like warm velvet, all soft and smooth, but so hard and strong underneath. The skin behind the head was just like any other skin, but so soft. I loved licking it, and how it all felt against my tongue. It felt just perfect! He pushed it in further than before, and I leaned forward, making it touch the back of my mouth, and I gagged.

"Easy, Fred," he said softly.

He was careful not to go that far again, and I was glad he was being that considerate. He seemed like such a very nice guy.

"Okay, better stop there," he said, pulling it away.

I followed it, wanting it back.

"Good job, Fred," he said with a grin and his beautiful blue eyes meeting mine.

I felt wonderful!

I watched as he put his penis in the mouth of Jeremy next to me. Jeremy's cheeks bulged and dimpled as Jerry moved it in and out by moving his hips. Jeremy made soft moaning noises, and squeaking noises as the penis slid in and out. It was the most incredibly intense and erotic moment of my life yet. My penis was moving as if were dancing to "Pink Carnation" playing on the radio in the closet.

"Okay, Jeremy, nice work." Jerry said, then turned to Mark.

I watched Jerry's butt as he pumped his penis in and out of Mark's mouth. As Mark was on the opposite side of our four-person circle, it was the only view I had, and I liked it a lot. There was something almost beautiful about Jerry's butt cheeks. The brown hairs on it made it look almost like a peach. It was rounded and firm, and it dimpled when he pushed all the way forward. The crack, especially down low where his thighs started, was hypnotizing, and I would have done anything to have gotten to spread those cheeks apart and see inside them. The mystery of what was down and between and under, where I had never before, was so tantalizing I almost swooned at the thought.

"Nice work, Mark."

Then Jerry turned to Eric, the smallest of us. I watched, so hard it almost hurt, as Jerry guided his large penis into Eric's small mouth. Eric looked like he was crazy for it. He leaned far forward to try to get all of it into his mouth. He almost choked on it, actually trying to take the whole thing into his little mouth even though Jerry was careful to not do that to him. Eric almost seemed to want to swallow the whole, long, thick thing. He whimpered around it, too.

We had our shorts down, so it was obvious when Eric had an orgasm. He wasn't touching his, not once, but he was so enjoying what he was doing to Jerry that his little dick sort of jerked up a couple of times, like it tried to shoot, but it was empty. And he whined and shivered like mad, all over! It was something to see! Then a little bit dribbled out the little hole in the end of his little prick. Not a lot, just a single dribble that ran down under the head of it and then down the shaft and onto his little sack. It was so surprising to see another boy have an orgasm, even a tiny one like that.

Eric groaned,  and rocked up and down on his knees, his arms crossed, still with Jerry's penis in his mouth. I was amazed. Jeremy sort of laughed, but not in a bad or rude way. Mark said, "Wow."

"Okay, enough for you," Jerry said and pulled his penis away from little Eric. "Have you ever done that before? Have you ever had an orgasm without touching it before?" Jerry asked, looking sidelong at him.

"No, not without, you know, moving it," Eric said, almost breathless.

Eric slipped his fingers over his sack and under his penis, taking the semen off of it. I wanted to do that for him, and taste it. Really badly. He flipped it off his fingers onto the carpet.

"Never do that when you have someone to clean you up," Jerry said, pulling him up by his pits, then he went to his knees and put Eric's little penis in his mouth.

Eric squealed, "Oh, God!" then curled up over Jerry and put his hands on his head and sort of shook and shivered. Jerry played with his balls with one hand and put the other on his butt and moved it around, and shoved his face into Eric's belly, all of Eric's little penis in his mouth.

"Please! Holy cow!" Eric kept repeating, over and over and over, until Jerry pulled away and Eric almost fell onto his butt, panting and laughing.

"Eric, pull up your shorts and have a seat on the couch, please."

"Yes, sir," Eric said.

His penis was shiny and getting soft. He got his shorts up and wobbled to the couch.

Jerry looked at the three of us. "Well, who thinks they can keep from having that happen to them?"

I wasn't sure I could. My penis felt as if it would have an orgasm at any second. There was a lot of fluid leaking from it, running down the underside of it and onto my ball sack. The head was almost purple.

I looked around, and Mark and Jeremy had the same thing happening to theirs. We all grinned at each other. It was so much fun!

"Everyone to their feet."

We did as asked.

"Closer together."

We shuffled together, shoulders and hips touching. Jerry dropped to his knees in front of us.

"Three nice dicks still hard and ready. So, who gets it first?"

Gets what? I wondered. Was he going to suck ours? I wondered what it felt like, that's for sure.

"How about this. I start with the largest, go to the middle one, then the smallest. Hmm, I'd say Mark has the longest. So I start there."

He leaned toward Mark and stuck his tongue out and licked the very tip, where there was a large bubble of mostly clear fluid. He swirled his tongue all over the end, then slid further up, his tongue going around the top, sides, and bottom of the glans. Mark's was so purple it looked like velvet. The hole in the end had a red edge around it. Jerry put one hand on his butt then held his balls with the other, then Mark gasped as Jerry slipped his whole penis in and closed his mouth. Then Mark almost fell to his knees and had to put his hands on Jerry's shoulders to stop himself.

"WOW!" he gasped, then he arched his back and looked up at the ceiling, his mouth open and a long groan coming from it. "Oh! My God! Oh, oh, oh!" then Mark fell forward over Jerry's head and pumped his hips and kept saying, "OH!" again and again for about a minute.

When Jerry pulled his mouth off of Mark's penis, Mark almost fell to his knees.

"WOW!" Mark panted, smiling really widely at Jerry.

"Pretty nifty, huh?" Jerry asked him.

"Like nothing I ever felt before!"

"Pull up your shorts and have a seat with Eric."

He complied as Jerry looked at me and Jeremy. I knew Jeremy's was longer. Thinner, too. I knew Jerry would do that to him next and I would be last.

Jerry licked Jeremy's end and cleaned that fluid off of him. Jeremy jerked and twitched and gasped. It must feel great. I couldn't wait! My penis was dancing like crazy and a large amount of clear fluid had run out of it and down my sack.

Jerry leaned forward and Jeremy's long, thin penis disappeared into his mouth. Jerry's lips met the hair at the base of Jeremy's penis and he stayed there. I could see movement in his cheeks and I figured his tongue was moving around on the penis. Jeremy gasped and grabbed Jerry's head on both sides and he shoved himself against Jerry's face, pushing his penis all the way into Jerry's mouth. Jerry grabbed his balls and his other hand started rubbing his buttocks.

"Woah! Holy bear shit! Oh my gawd!"

Jeremy bent over Jerry and sort of shivered and I saw his buttocks clenching and relaxing again and again.

"Geeze!" and then he made a funny sort of gagging sound and grunted at the same time.

He seemed to hold on for dear life, and shake and make that funny sound, and he grunted a few times before Jerry slid up and down his penis a couple times and then let his penis fall out of his mouth.

"What'cha think?"

Jeremy looked like he had forgotten where he was when he opened his eyes and looked at Jerry. He smiled really wide and nodded, then around really fast breaths, said, "That was the best thing I ever felt! It was like, like, there's nothing like it!"

His penis was going soft and was all shiny, the glans very dark purple. I looked down at mine and it looked the same, just a little thicker and a little shorter, the edges a little softer.

"Pull up your shorts and join them on the couch."

I was tingling from head to toe thinking about what was about to be done to me. I couldn't wait to see what it felt like. The other guys seemed to love it. I could tell from earlier that they knew how to masturbate, and so they knew how great that felt, but they obviously had thought what Jerry had done to them was far better. I couldn't wait!

"I'd like you to go back on your knees."

His blue eyes met mine and I almost felt let down. I wanted it done to me, too. But I wanted to make him happy, too, and do whatever he asked. So I went to my knees.

He stepped closer and put his penis in my face. His brown hair was thick and curly all around the base of it, unlike the rest of us. His large balls hung low and looked impressively heavy. He smelled so nice. And the sight of the drops of fluid on the end and that had run under it made me lick my lips.

"I'd like you to take it in your mouth again. Do like you did before. You did very, very well, and I'd like to feel that again before I do it to you the exact same way."

I nodded and leaned toward him. His impressive penis touched my lips, and that salty, sweet stuff filled my nose with its aroma and my mouth with its taste. He pushed about half of it into my mouth and I licked it with my tongue and sucked on it. I loved everything about doing it. I loved the taste of it, the smell of it, the feel of it, and the feeling it stirred up inside of me.

"Take my balls with one hand and play with them. Put the other hand on my rear."

I obliged. His balls were as heavy and full and as fun to feel as I thought they would be. They felt amazing! And his furry, warm, soft, firm butt felt so good under that hand. I sucked, moving my tongue all over his glans and even poking it into his hole.

"Oh, Fred, you've got talent! You ever done this before?"

He pulled his penis from my mouth and looked down at me, expecting an answer.

"No, sir."

"You lying to me?"

"No, sir!"

"Back to it."

I did, quickly. He moaned a little, and gasped a little. I felt his butt tremble under my hand. I loved it all. His penis in my mouth, his butt under my hand, his balls in my hand. It was the best moment of my life.

When he trembled and said, "Fred, I'm going to orgasm in your mouth. Is that okay with you?"

I nodded as best as I could with his big manhood in my mouth. He began pumping his hips faster, moving his penis further and faster.

"It's going to very soon, and you need to swallow it as fast as you can, you understand?"

I nodded again as best as I could with his large hardness in my mouth. I groaned around it, wanting it.

He gasped, then pulled most of it from my mouth, leaving only his glans inside my lips. I felt it grow a little as he groaned, then there was a sensation as if I had bitten down on a grape and it had sprayed its juice in my mouth. But it was far more than a grape's worth of juice. More than a whole handful of grapes! It was hot and thick, too, gooey, and almost hard to swallow. It tasted like the clear fluid, but heavier and almost nutty. I loved it. And it kept coming out of his penis in squirts that smacked into the back of my throat. I sucked and licked and swallowed and loved every second of it! I was almost afraid that I was going to have my orgasm at the same time, my dick was bouncing and tingling so much!

"Cripes! Fred, that's awesome!" he more groaned than said. "Yes! Wow!"

I felt his buttocks clenching and his balls move in my hand. I felt his penis swelling and shivering in my mouth. I loved it! I swallowed and swallowed. He pushed his penis deeper into my mouth and I licked and sucked as his body trembled in my hands. It was the most wonderful thing ever!

He pulled it out of my mouth and I felt as if I had lost something very important to me. I wanted it back. I leaned forward and tried to pull it back with my hand on his butt and the one holding his balls.

"Now, now, your turn," he said softly, his blue eyes meeting mine. "Stand up."

I did as asked.

He grinned very nicely at me as he went to his knees in front of me. His handsome face looked down at my erection and I watched as his mouth devoured it. It was warm and wet, and intensely erotic. One hand went around to my butt and the other took my balls in a warm, firm grip and began moving them around.

It was heavenly!

Then there was a strange new sensation that seemed to come from behind my testes, as if a string of pearls were being tugged out of them and through my penis. I gasped involuntarily and my breath was suddenly coming fast and hard. My whole body seemed to react to this new sensation by tensing and sending tingles all through me, from my toes to my scalp.

"Oh, wow!" I gasped. "Wow, wow, wow," over and over.

My legs became weak and I had to hold myself up on Jerry's strong, broad shoulders. I shook, all over, but especially my thighs, as those strong waves of movement pulsed through, up from near my anus and out the end of my manhood. It was almost intolerably pleasant!

He moved up and down on my penis, and soon I was involuntarily moving my hips in the same motions. I arched down over his head as I felt his tongue and mouth sliding over my penis, and those sensations of movement grew larger and more powerful. It was too much to withstand!

Then suddenly, my testes felt almost numb, but ached, and those sensations of movement swelled until I felt my orgasm beginning well back under where it usually seemed to originate. Then, as if that string of pearls were now a string of baseballs being pulled from deep inside of me, I had the most intense orgasm of my life. It easily surpassed that first one, and every one since it. I felt as if my entire being were being reshaped, redefined, altered to fit a whole new reality.

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I couldn't control myself: all I could do was grunt wordlessly and hold onto his shoulders for dear life.

It went on longer than ever, and more intensely than ever, and it was so wonderful! My whole body was part of that orgasm, for the first time. Every muscle tensed and strained.

When it ended, I nearly collapsed. I panted, ragged breaths whooshing out of me as if I had just run a mile. I shivered all over. The feeling of his tongue and lips on my penis was so much now that I had to pull him off of me.

"Worth the wait?" he asked.

I opened my eyes right into his big, blue ones.

I nodded, grinning.

I almost fell over backward.

"Pull up your shorts and have a seat."

I did as asked.

He stood before us, no longer hard, but slightly erect, grinning.

"Boys, remember, you are not to talk to anyone about this. You are not to talk to each other about it. Period. Understand?"

We all nodded and replied, "Yes, sir!" very enthusiastically.

"Are any of you friends outside of school?"

Mark and Jeremy nodded.

"You are not to talk of this to each other, especially each other. Understand? You are especially not to do this with each other. Period. Understand?"

He waited for them to nod and reply.

"I want your word on it. I want both of you to kiss my rod, and look at each other in the eyes, and swear that you will not talk about it, or do it, unless you are with me or the others you will meet in the next days. Down here now, lips on my rod, and stare into each other's eyes."

They did as ordered.

"Lips on it. Good. Now, if you touch each other at all outside of the group, you will be expelled from the group. Until you have permission to do so, you are not to talk to or touch each other. Swear it."

"We swear," they repeated at each other over Jerry's penis.

"You two," he said to Eric and I. "No talking about it to anyone, no touching anyone else or each other. Swear and kiss it."

Eric and I did as told. He pulled up his shorts and tucked it away. I missed it already.

"No sticking together in class, gym or other classes. You are not to become friends if you weren't before. No acting any different, no laughing at each other, no staring at each other, act no differently to each other than you have until today. These rules are to protect you and each other, me and the others. Follow them or be expelled, and publically humiliated for life." He waited, staring at each of us very seriously, then nodded and said, "Now, follow me."

We followed him out of the back door of the office, down the empty hall, out the door into the hot summer.

"If anyone asks where you were all class, you had to run behind me the whole time. That's all. We ran around the school, to see if you were capable of joining the track team, that's all. Keep up with me now, or you'll be running a mile after school."

He took off at a run. We followed him around the gym building and out to where the other kids were playing in the sun. We jogged around them all a few times, then back toward the gym. The other students were dismissed and we heard the teacher tell them to hit the showers.

We showered with everyone else, the whole showering thing now almost no big deal at all. We avoided looking at each other as we toweled off and headed to our lockers.

The rest of my day was normal and boring. I kept thinking of Jerry, Jeremy, Mark, and Eric. I smiled all day long.

At home, as soon as I got alone out in the barn, I got down to jerking it off. I liked thinking about all the boys, Jerry, Jeremy, Eric, and Mark. Even David, whom I wondered if he was going to tell. And why he didn't like it. It had been the most fun I'd ever had!

I jerked myself like crazy, thinking about Jerry the most. He was the oldest and most developed, and hairiest, and largest, and I liked thinking about him. I liked thinking about all of them, but I found myself thinking the most about Jerry.

I jerked it off again later, and again I liked thinking about all four of them, but I seemed to like thinking about Jerry the most. He seemed the most interesting, by far. Not just his body, but how he made me feel, and what kind of person he seemed to be. I wanted to get to know him very much more. I hoped we were going to be friends. At least.

Thanks to Bill for editing.

Part 2


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