FTT - Shawn Ds Tale


Shawn D's Tale

 Rated: X  group 14-16



My name's not really Shawn, but that don't really matter. I was a pretty normal boy. I liked riding my bike, playing video games, and running around with my friends. The only big difference was that I loved acting and being in plays. I'd done a lot of school plays, and some community plays, and a couple of non-speaking bits in commercials by the time puberty started when I was twelve.

By thirteen I was getting bigger and starting to get hair down there. I was thinking of sex and dreaming of it all the time. I began beating off, and a couple of my friends and I would talk about sex and girls and doing it.

It was pretty normal, I knew, but I was a bit different, though. My friends were very interested in girls, and I was a bit, but I knew I was far more interested in boys. I wasn't sure if I was gay or what, or if I was just having the same weird thoughts my friends were and we weren't telling each other.

When I was 14, I got a part on a television series as one of four boys from a city school that were visiting a wilderness park where the usual characters lived and worked. It was my first real professional part. This was an actual speaking character on a television series I'd seen and liked. I was totally hyped and excited.

We were filming over a couple of weeks during the summer break from school. My mom and I drove to the city to stay in a hotel for a week while I met with the other three boys and the staff and crew we'd be working with. I met the other boys and their mothers, and the stars from the show, and the director and producer and other adults.

Us four boys spent most of our time with the acting coach, learning our lines and getting tutored on actions and reactions for the scenes. One of the other boys playing the four from the city school was sixteen, two were fifteen, and I was the youngest at fourteen. One of the fifteen-year-old boys looked younger then me - he was shorter and smaller than me. The other boys were bigger.

The four of us were all smaller and younger than the sixteen-year-old star of the series. He was so gorgeous. I'd seen him on the show for a couple of years, and the last year I'd sort of gotten a crush on him. I was pretty sure I was becoming gay by then. He had the hottest hair, the cutest face, the nicest eyes, the best body, and was just a total dreamboat.

Brad was the oldest and biggest of us four guest characters, and looked a lot like the star of the show. He had this slightly long blond hair and really blue eyes. Clear skin and a slight tan. Big smile with really nice teeth. Muscly but not a lot, just really fit and solid. Totally hot ass! And he filled the front of his jeans really nicely. Brad was so hot! From the first time I saw him I felt warm and flush. He had the most lines and was the sort of leader of us four bad boys from the city.

Teage was fifteen, and his character was the leader's best friend. He had black hair and dark-brown eyes, a slightly olive complexion, and was slightly skinny even though he also had some muscles on his arms and legs. He had lots of hair on his arms and legs, and was getting some on his chest. He had some pimples and marks from old ones. He wasn't very cute at all, just not my type. He was just barely shorter than Brad.

Sam was also fifteen, but he looked like he was thirteen at most. He was kind of cute. He had burnished-copper hair, freckles, piercing blue eyes, slightly bucked front teeth, really red lips, and was almost skinny. No muscles or anything, but not totally skinny and wimpy. He wasn't studly like Brad or the teen star, but I thought he was kind of cute.

That week was a lot of work. We learned our lines, learned our blocking and staging, and our emotional reactions and physical actions. The next week we shot scenes on the stage in the city studios. It was long hours and lots of work, but it was a lot of fun, too. Us five boys got to be friends and got along pretty well. Then we all drove out to the wilderness area where the outdoors scenes were all going to be shot over the next few days.

There was a big camp of trailers and small buildings. The sixteen-year-old co-star of the series had his own camper, of course, as did the other actors and usual staff and crew. There was a trailer on the edge of the camp that the four of us boys shared together. It was basically an office-type trailer that had four beds in the back half, a bathroom in the middle, and a sort of combined kitchen and front room. It had a big television with a good video game system hooked up to it, so we had all we needed when we weren't working in front of the cameras. The air conditioning in the trailer worked, but it didn't really get the trailer very cool, just kept the worst of the heat from baking us alive.

It was a really good time. The other three guys were fun and friendly, and we got along well. We sometimes fought over who was playing on the video game next and things like that, but we mostly got along.

The thing about staying in a trailer with three other boys is that we had to shower in short order every morning and often at night after a day in the summer heat and sun. It wasn't long before we were stripping in front of each other, and coming out of the bathroom toweling off in only underwear.

I loved that. Seeing them in their underwear was making my own underwear tight, if you know what I mean.

Brad was the first to strip to his underwear in front of us other boys, the first to come out of the bathroom in just his underwear after a shower, and the first to go to bed in just his underwear.


He made it seem so natural that we quickly followed suit. By the third or fourth day, we all were in our underwear more than dressed. We'd get up in the morning when the adult in charge of us banged on the door, and if one of us had a boner, the other of us would get one, and we'd all laugh, and take showers in turns. We all knew we were beating it off in the shower and joked and laughed about it. We'd get dressed, go to breakfast, work all day, then get back when our work on camera was done. We'd take turns in the shower, and then sit around in our underwear playing video games and sometimes going over our lines and stuff.

Brad was so daring. He acted like sex was something everyone talked about all the time. He bragged about getting hand-jobs, blow-jobs, and pussy as if we were all best friends for years. He had us talking about sex every night. We'd get boners and joke about them, and he grab it through his undershorts and waggle it as if it was nothing at all. Sometimes he'd just reach out and grab one of us there and grope it for a second, just as if we'd been doing that as normal for years. It was hugely exciting!

On the fifth day, I think, we got up, laughed at our boners, took turns taking showers and beating it off, got dressed, headed to the canteen building, had breakfast, and got to work. By lunch, we knew it was going to rain, and scenes were rushed to get them done before the rain came. The thunder got louder and closer, it started to piddle rain, and we all headed to our trailers.

Our adult sat around with us for a few minutes as the storm really raged, then left once it calmed down and we convinced him we weren't scared of the weather. Man, it had stormed like hell for a while. Then it just rained like a bitch for a long time. We played video games until lunch time, and then ran to the dinning building and ate. Our adult minder sat with us like usual, and went back to our trailer with us, and left when we heard the thunder coming closer and before it started pouring again.

We were playing games as it stormed like hell, when the lights went out. It was still daylight, so it wasn't dark, but we didn't have air conditioning now. Bummer. Our adult minder knocked on the door, just to make sure we were okay, then left. We knew he was fucking the woman assistant he was with, so we knew he wouldn't be back unless something big happened.

With no power, there was no water pressure, so we couldn't shower. We hadn't gotten sweaty or dirty during the half-day of shooting anyway, so that wasn't a big deal. But it got hot in the trailer pretty quickly. We opened windows and sat near them so we could get that breeze. Pretty soon we were stripped down to our underwear. Our clothes for the scene that day were all jeans and long-sleeved shirts, because it was supposed to be fall during the show, but it was actually mid-summer.

A knock on the door forced all of us but Brad to the back of the trailer. He quickly put on his jeans and answered it. It was catering bringing us dinner. He said that with no power, the dining building was dark and hot, and they only had sandwiches and chips anyway, so they were taking it around to everyone.

We ate, and played video games. Brad had his jeans off again. I was loving sitting behind the guys as they played, so I could see over or between them, and look at those bulging packages, those legs, those mostly bare bodies. I didn't play the video game often, preferring to watch them with a copy of the script in my lap.

When it started getting dark, there were some candles and a battery-powered camping light. A runner came by, and we ran to the back of the trailer again, and Brad threw on his jeans again and answered the door. He said the location was flooded and with more rain coming tonight, we weren't going to film in the morning, so we could plan on not working until at least noon, when the light would be right for the scenes in the buildings.

Our adult minder came by later, too, with the same news, just after the lights came back on.

So we planned on having a late night gaming session and watching late-night television. There was only the one couch, and when we played the video game we sat on the floor because the controller cords weren't long enough to reach to the couch anyway. So I got to see them in their underwear sitting on the floor a couple of feet in front of me. Nice view.

Late into the evening, another storm came in. The lights went out again The lightning lit the inside of the trailer momentarily. We sat on the couch and pouted. We were whining about how there was nothing to do.

Brad was on the end of the couch to my left, then me, then Sam, and then Teage on the end to my right. We were all in our underwear, leaning back, arms crossed, bored to tears.

There was nothing to do but talk, so we did. And of course it quickly turned to girls and sex.  It made me hard, and I was sure the other guys were too, because they were holding their hands over their laps instead of having their arms crossed. I was too, for the same reason. Even though it was pretty dark, we could probably have seen our boners easily.

Brad was regaling us with a tale of what he and this girl had done in the basement of his house one day a couple months ago. She wouldn't let him fuck her because she was near her period, but she let him stick it in her butt.

"It was so tight!" he said.

"Didn't it hurt her?" Sam asked.

"Nah, not much," he said with a laugh.

"That's because his dick is so small," Teage laughed.

"Bigger than yours," Brad said.

"Not," Teage argued.

"You think you got more?" Brad asked as he shoved the waistband of his underwear down and pulled his boner out.

I was sitting right next to him, and I got a pretty good view of it even in the dim light of a couple candles and the camp light. It was big! Well, bigger than mine, anyway. I'd seen enough in his underwear that I knew he had a decent sized one, but seeing it standing up like that made it seem really big. The hair at the base was thick enough to impress me too. I had a small patch compared to what he had.

Teage surprised me by tugging his waistband down and pulling his dick out too. He was on the other side of Sam, so I didn't have as good a view, but I could tell he had a big one too. It looked about the same size as Brad's, but darker and not as straight. It had a gentle curve upward and a smaller head on it.

"Yeah," Brad said, "Mine's bigger."

"Mine is," Teage argued.

Brad stood up, which gave me an even nicer view of his dick. He turned to face Teage, which put his dick in front of me, pointing to my right. I think my heart skipped a beat.

Teage stood up, stepped toward Brad, and they met between Sam and me, face to face, and held their dicks side by side.

I saw Sam's mouth drop open and his eyes get wide as he looked at their dicks less than a foot away from us.

Teage's was just a bit longer and slightly bent upward, but Brad's was a bit thicker, very straight, and had a much bigger head on it. Teage's head was pointy and narrow, Brad's was fat and bulgy.

"I got bigger nuts, though, I bet," Brad said, and yanked his underwear down further.

His big balls fell out and hung down. I think I might have gasped out loud.

Teague yanked his down too. His balls were about the same size, but his sack was dark-brown and more wrinkly. He had darker pubes, too, of course, so it looked like he had more of them even though he probably had about the same.

"Let's see yours, you guys," Brad said, looking at me and Sam.

Sam looked at me for a moment, scared. I stared back at him for a moment. I looked down and saw him hiding his lap. I wondered if he had any pubes yet. He was so small and young looking that I doubted it. But I was sure curious.

I smiled and laughed out of nervousness, and stood up. I lowered my waistband and let my dick pop out. It was about five inches, I knew, much smaller than Brad's or Teague's.

"Bigger than I thought," Brad said. Then he looked at Sam and said, "Now you."

I didn't think Sam was going to. He looked at all of us in turns, then slowly stood up and lowered his briefs. He didn't have a single hair around his dick. Totally smooth. His dick wasn't much bigger than my fingers. It was hard, for sure! It bobbed up and down as he stood there.

"Now your balls," Brad said.

So I lowered my underwear further and let them fall out. Mine were way smaller than Brad's or Teague's, but at least mine hung down. When Sam lowered his briefs, his were a tight little sack that barely stuck out beneath his boner. Not a hair to be seen and so pale.

"Do you even squirt?" Brad asked Sam.

Sam shrugged, which in boy-talk meant no.

"Do you even beat on it?" Brad asked him.

"Sometimes," Sam said with another shrug.

So he probably didn't.

"You shoot anything?" Brad asked me.

"Sure," I answered.

"How much?" he asked next.

"I don't know. Some," I said.

We all stood there for a moment. I didn't want to move and break the spell. I was enjoying seeing them all naked and hard. Brad especially. He had such a nice, straight, long, meaty dick, and nice hanging nuts. So fucking hot! Teague wasn't bad at all, just not as hot, but still really interesting. I'd never seen a dick with a long, narrow opening in the tip before. His looked like a cut instead of a hole like the rest of ours. Sam was kind of interesting, in that I'd never really seen a smooth dick boned up. His was perfectly straight and smooth and pink and pale. The hole in the end was so tiny.

"I bet you guys have never done a circle-jerk, have you?" Brad asked.

We all looked at him.

"We did it all the time before we got girls," he said. "It's better than whacking it off yourself. Wanna see?"

He didn't even wait for us to answer, he just reached out to Teague with his left hand and to me with his right hand and grabbed our dicks.

I thought I was gonna explode all over the place right then! I mean, a hot guy was touching my dick! I felt it pulse and throb in his hand and my whole body went tingly.

"Everybody reach out and grab the one next to you," Brad said. "Then start jacking it."

I didn't even hesitate. I had Brad's dick in one hand and Sam's little one in my other before either Teague or Sam moved.

Man! Brad's dick felt amazing! Hard, hot, firm, soft, velvety, sexy... just fucking awesome!

Sam's felt so small, but so fucking hard! It was like a little metal rod that had been warmed up in the sunshine. I made a closed fist and slid it up and down that little thing. Sam giggled and squirmed, which was kind of really cute.

But Brad's firm, soft hand on my dick was absolutely fucking fantastic! He slid it up and down my dick, all loosy-goosy, just brushing it softly with his skin, barely moving the skin of my dick at all. I'd never done it that way before. It tickled the edges of my head so much that I squirmed and hissed breath in through my teeth. God! It felt so good!

I saw Teague finally reach out and grab Brad's and Sam's nuts and play with them. Sam played with mine and Teague's nuts. I didn't think about the fact they weren't actually jacking anyone off at all. I was too into the feeling of Brad's big dick in my left hand and Sam's little one in my right, and Brad's hand doing magic to my throbbing, pulsing, tingling dick.

Then I felt that familiar swelling and tugging, but it was happening so quickly! Before I even realized it was starting, I was blowing cum all over Brad's left leg! I'd never shot so hard or so far before, let alone so much! Two big drops of white jizz landed on Brad's' thigh in the first shot, followed by another one.

Teague groaned, "Gross! Dude!" as Brad laughed.

I was so wrapped up in my orgasm that I didn't care. It just felt so good I was almost shaking all over as I shot the third time. It was mostly a dribble, but some squirted out and landed around Brad's feet I guess. The fourth squirt was all lost in Brad's fingers and wasn't much anyway, but it felt fucking awesome! It got all squishy and slippery and I recoiled in reaction as his warm, soft hand and fingers spread it all around my tingling head.

Sam sighed, "That was tons!"

"That was nothing! Wanna see a real shot?" Brad said. "Watch when I blow."

I wasn't done with his dick. I was done squirting, but I was still turned on and dying to see Brad's jizz, so I stroked him faster and tighter. He groaned, "Oh, yeah, just like that!"

I felt his dick sort of move a bit, and then I saw him shoot this big goober out that twirled and spun in the air as it flew out and landed between Sam and me. Then another one, and another, and each time I felt his big dick squirm and harden and pulse in my hand.

This was the most intensely awesome thing I'd ever experienced! I was making a guy cum! And he was shooting a big wad! It was warm and slippery and gooey and I fucking loved how it felt.

Brad told me to stop. I did, but I kept my hand on it, the same way Brad was still holding my half-hard dick in his hand.

Sam sighed, "Wow!" and I noticed his little dick sort of bouncing in my fist.

"You going?" I asked him.

He looked like he was blushing, and he had a cute little grin as he shook his head.

"Fuck, I am!" Teague said, and I watched as he squirted these long, thick strings of jizz at my legs.

They were almost hot! I felt them slap onto my skin and start to run downward even as more landed on my legs. Six nice big shots all over my legs from thighs down. It was so awesome that my dick jerked and flexed in Brad's hand and stayed hard.

Brad jerked Teague until he said to stop. I kept jerking Sam when Teague let go of his little balls. I kept holding Brad's big, warm, gooey dick, gently fondling it just enough to enjoy feeling it without making him want me to stop. He kept softly toying with mine too.

"You never squirted?" Brad asked Sam again.

"No," Sam admitted with a lot of embarrassment.

"It's okay," Brad said. "You aren't ready to squirt yet. Which is kind of cool, because you can do it for a long time."

Sam sort of giggled. I kept jacking my fist up and down his little boner. He let me, so I kept going even after Teague pulled his underwear back up and sat down.

Brad reached over and played with Sam's balls for a bit, then sort of edged me out of the way and started jacking him off instead. So I moved my hand down to his little balls and played with them. They were about the size of candy corns, and really hard. His sack felt thicker than mine for sure. And colder.

I saw Brad using a circle of his finger and thumb to move up and down Sam's little pecker. Sam seemed to like it a lot, so I did it to Brad's wet, sticky, slippery dick. He sighed and hissed and started getting harder. It wasn't soft, sort of in the middle, like mine, but now it was getting bigger and harder again. Mine was too, so Brad jacked me the same way.

Holy shit, was this feeling good! I could barely keep my legs from folding up!

I think we jacked each other for like half an hour before Sam started making a high whining noise and shaking, and then he sort of went up on his toes and rolled his eyes back in his head and shook all over. I felt his balls tugging up in waves, and Brad said, "He's going off!"

"It fucking tickles!" Sam groaned and laughed at the same time, and then he slammed both his hands over Brad's and held on tight. I could barely still play with his undulating balls, but I did.

Then he dropped back down onto his feet and started breathing, and told Brad to stop. Brad didn't and laughed, then Sam begged him until he did stop. Then Sam pushed my hand off his balls and sort of fell onto the couch.

Brad and I looked at each other, grinned, and kept jacking each other off. It felt way too good to stop! We faced each other and went at it like mad! Fuck, was it good!

We touched tips, smeared that pre-jizz around with each other's tips, and slid our dicks along each other as we humped with our hips. We were holding each other's balls and jacking each other off in different ways for a few more glorious minutes.

I was getting close, and it was building up like never before! It felt like I was going to shoot off every last drop in my balls! It was getting hard to breathe, and to stand, and my arms were getting tired, but it was too wonderful to stop!

I felt his dick get wetter and slicker again, and heard the sound of it too.

"I'm getting close!" he breathed. "You?"

"Yeah, close," I whispered back.

A minute later, he said, "Really close!"

My balls were tingling and buzzing, and my dick was throbbing, and I was seconds from unleashing what felt like what was going to be a massive wave of jizz, when Brad said, "Here it goes!"

I felt his dick jerk in my fist, and then a shot of white jizz squirted out and splashed on my stomach. I felt it land, and heard it, and that made me explode! I shot just as Brad shot his second one onto my belly. Mine sprayed out like a Windex bottle, all over my hand and his dick and pubes. He shot another goober that landed on my left forearm of the hand that was holding his balls. I sprayed some more droplets all over my other hand and his pubes and dick. He shot another little goober than landed on my dick-head and his hand. Feeling his warm, wet cum land on my head made me shoot even harder! I sprayed the biggest yet all over my hand and his dick, and it lubed it up as I stroked his pulsing dick.

We were both grunting and huffing, and jacked each other as we tugged on each other's balls, and we ended up leaning against each other as we came down, slowly and gently playing with each other's softening cocks and dangling balls.

I think we stood there for another minute or so, getting our breaths back. I was soaking up the experience, reveling in it, luxuriating in the afterglow and the pure bliss of it.

We finally leaned apart and grinned at each other. We let go, strings of jizz stretching between our hands and dicks. It was so awesome!

"That was so gay," Teague said as Brad and I sat down.

"You did it too," Brad pointed out.

"You guys did it twice," Teague said.

"And it felt fucking amazing," Brad said, softly patting his package as he got comfortable on the couch next to me. "How about it?" he asked, looking at me.

I was not going to say anything that might ruin the chance of doing that again, but I didn't want to seem gay, so I said, "It was really good the second time!"

Brad asked Teague if he'd ever done it twice in a row.

"A couple times with this chick," Teague answered.

"Ever jacked it twice in a row?" Brad asked.

He didn't answer, just screwed his mouth up in a kind of grimace.

"You never even jacked someone before, have you?" Brad asked him.

"No, of course not!" Teague shot. "Bet you have, though!"

"Sure," Brad said smoothly, as if it was nothing. "I told you. Some buddies and me used to do it a lot before we got girlfriends."

It was quiet for a few seconds, then Sam asked, "Is a blow-job like that?"

"No," Brad said.

"Better," Teague said.

"Way better," Brad said.

He looked at Sam, who was playing with his dick through his underwear, kind of on the sly, but still kind of obviously.

"You hard again?" Brad asked him.

Sam laughed, I think blushed even darker, and nodded.

"Want a blow-job?" Brad asked.

Sam said, "I kind of always wanted to see what it felt like. I can kind of do it, but..."

Kind of do it? I thought. What the hell does that mean?

Then I startled myself when I realized that Brad wasn't just asking Sam if he wanted to see what a blow-job was like, he had actually asked if he wanted him to give him one, right then and there.

I looked at Brad in shock, wondering if I'd misunderstood.

"You can suck it yourself?" Brad asked.

I looked at Sam, who nodded.

What? Suck it yourself? Suck your own dick? How? Is that possible? Really?

Brad said, "Show us."

Teague said, "Sick. You guys are sick-os," and got up and went to the bathroom.

Brad said, "Show us," again. "Please?"

Sam had to be blushing really hard! He looked so dark in that low light from the candles and the camp light.

"That'd be weird," Sam said, squirming.

"Please?" Brad whined. Then after a couple seconds, said, "If you show us, I'll give you a real blow-job."

Sam looked up and at Brad with a look of shock. I was stunned myself. Then Sam asked, "Are you serious!?"

"If you show me you can, I will," Brad said. "I sucked a couple of friends before. Over a year ago. And with the blow-jobs I got from girls, I can probably do it pretty good."

Sam laughed.

Oh, I had to see this! Maybe I could even get Brad to suck mine!

"Go ahead," I said to Sam, and elbowed him gently.

"You wanna see, too?" he asked.

"Yeah. Sounds kinda cool."

Not just seeing a guy suck his own, but seeing a guy suck a dick, too. Especially Brad sucking a dick. And if there was any chance he might suck me...

"Go ahead," I urged him, and gave him a soft shove forward.

He laughed, then slid his underwear down, exposing his fully hard little dick, and then he leaned down. His back and head blocked the view, so Brad and I got on the floor in front of the couch to see.

Sure enough, Sam's lips were wrapped around the very tip of his dick. I could see his cheeks sucked in, and I heard the sound of sucking from time to time. He was having a hard time getting his breath though, all doubled up like that. He had to stop from time to time.

"How long can you do it for?" Brad asked.

I noticed he had one hand inside his underwear. I figured, what the hell, so I reached over and slid my hand into his briefs. He smiled at me, removed his hand, put his other hand in my underwear, and we played with each other.

"Not very long," Sam said, sounding short of breath. "I have to stop for air a lot."

"Is that all you can get in your mouth?" Brad asked.

"Yeah. Just the very tip."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yeah," Sam laughed.

"Do you ever get an orgasm doing it?"

Sam laughed, then said, "No. Not like what happened a while ago, anyway."

We all looked at each other for a few seconds, then Brad asked, "So, you wanna see what a blow-job really feels like?"

Sam had to be blushing the darkest yet! He almost looked as dark as Teague in the dim light. He nodded.

I kept my hand in Brad's underwear, and he kept his in mine, as he reached out with his left hand and pushed Sam to lay back a bit. Then Brad leaned forward, and I did too, so that I could see his nice lips open up, then close around the head of Sam's little dick.

My dick danced in my shorts!

Brad's cheeks went inward, Sam sighed and shivered, and held onto the back of Brad's head as he started bobbing up and down, making soft sucking sounds from time to time.

I worried I was going to cum in my underwear before I saw the whole show! Brad was barely playing with my dick, but I was raging toward shooting off a third time.

I was playing with Brad's dick in his shorts, so I reached over and pulled his underwear downward with my other hand. He straightened his legs so I could get them down easier, and then I slowly stroked his dick with one hand and played with his balls with the other.

Brad got my underwear down with one hand, and used the other on Sam's balls. Sam was panting and hissing and giggling.

Brad stopped and asked, "Like it?"

"Hell yes!" Sam laughed. "That feels fucking awesome!"

Brad dove back down on Sam's little pecker and went to town, fast and loud. Sam giggled and squirmed and arched his back and worked his legs like he was climbing a rock pile.

"Fuck! Feels so good!" Sam groaned sometimes between giggles and huffed breaths.

I got wet a couple times, and Brad smeared it all around my aching head. My balls tingled like mad. God, I was gonna blow a big one!

Sam leaned over Brad's head and squirmed and grimaced and hissed, and after a while, grunted, "I'm gonna! Oh, I'm gonna again! Oooo!"

His whole body shuddered and he curled up over Brad's head so tightly I couldn't see Brad's face or Sam's lap, and his face looked like he was in pain or bliss - or both. His mouth was open, his tongue curled up, his eyes closed and fluttering, not breathing.

Then, suddenly, he sucked in breath, jerked back, and pushed Brad away with both hands, saying, "Oh, shit! Stop! Please stop!" while giggling and squirming.

Brad raised up and let Sam push him away.  He asked, "Pretty amazing, huh?"

Sam nodded and fell backward, holding his privates with both hands, all smiles.

"That was the best thing I ever felt in my life!" Sam panted.

"Did he cum?" I asked.

"His dick jerked and went crazy, and his balls tried, but he doesn't have any cum to squirt," Brad said, grinning. "If he did, though, he would have shot a wad like a horse, I bet."

He rubbed Sam's bare thigh with his free hand for a few seconds, smiling, then looked at me. We were both holding each other's hard-ons, still, and I had one hand full of his big balls.

He said to me, "You ready?"

My guts churned and boiled. I nodded vigorously.

He asked, "You willing to do it to me, too? At the same time?"

I nodded vigorously again.

"Wanna sixty-nine?"

I nodded vigorously yet again.

He pushed the coffee table away from the couch to make room, then we got each other's underwear off, and he had me lay on my back and then he got over me, upside-down, and I had his big dick and balls dangling over my face.

I felt his warm, soft mouth close over my dick, and I hurriedly took his hard, hot dick into mine. It tasted like my own pre-jizz. My body thrilled all over as I began sucking his dick, and as I felt him sucking mine.

It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It tingled, throbbed, and felt as if ball bearings were being sucked through my dick from inside my balls. It was fucking intensely insanely pleasant!

His tongue felt so soft and velvety! And his cock was so amazingly smooth and velvety in my mouth. I never knew skin could feel so soft and wonderful. The way his head was so pliable and soft, but the shaft was so smooth yet textured and so hard! I could feel his heart beating through the hardness of his cock. The tube beneath was prominent and throbbed.

It was happening so quickly! My balls tugged, and then the pressure was there, and then I was unloading the biggest, hardest, thickest wad of my live into Brad's mouth. I saw red dots and blue streaks and felt my balls imploding. I could feel every bit of my wad thrusting through my urethra, and I could feel the soft, warm confines of his mouth and his tongue as it pulsed against them.

Then his cock jerked in my mouth, and then a huge wave of hot, thick, creamy jizz filled it up, over and over and over. I could feel his cock swell up with every shot of his cum, and I felt the cum flowing through the tube beneath that hard cock. I swaloowed as fast and hard as I could, not wanting a drop of his cum to escape or be wasted. It tasted so musky and strong.

 It was a sensation overload!

It lasted forever, but it was over almost instantly.

I was left with that blissful afterglow, and his softening cock in my mouth, and the taste of his cum, and my own overly-sensitive dick being licked clean in his warm mouth.

He rolled off of me, taking his dick out of my mouth, and leaving my dick to the cold-seeming air. I was panting, and I heard his rapid breathing.

After a few seconds, he asked, "How'd you like it?"

"I did," I sighed. "A lot," I added. Then, "Did I do it okay?"

"Sure did," he said, then brushed his hand over my tummy and then down to my pubes, and then softly wrapped his fingers around my softening dick. I did the same to him, and loved the feeling of it, both giving and getting.

"You've got a nice dick for your age," he said.

"You've got a nice dick, period," I said, giggling.

"Nice balls, too," he added.

"I like yours, a lot," I said, groping them softly.

We played with each other for a couple of minutes, until Sam said, "Did Teague go to bed?"

Brad and I sat up, and sure enough, Teague hadn't come back.

"Probably," Brad said with a shrug.

He and I pulled our underwear back up and sat down with Sam.

I wanted to reach out and play with their stuff, even though I was soft and not going to get hard again for a while. I was between them, and it was so tempting. But I didn't want to see like a fag, so I sat there in the silence with them.

I could smell the funk of our cum and sweat. It was nice. Sexy and secret and hot.

Brad said, "Hey, guys."

We both replied, "Huh?"

He looked at each of us, and said, "I'm willing to do it again tomorrow. How about you guys?"

Sam giggled, I tingled all over.

I was first to say, "Sure."

Sam said, "I guess. But what about Teague?"

"He probably won't want to," Brad said. "We can ask him later, or tomorrow."

We were quiet for a while. I was blissfully imagining the doings of tomorrow night.

The storm was over, ending sometime during our sex, but I hadn't noticed. The lights came on. We played video games, groped each other from time to time, and finally went to bed around two.

Teague didn't want to, but the three of us went into the back room late the next night and went at it for over an hour. It was just sucking, hands as secondary tools. Brad fingered my hole, and I think Sam's too.

The next night, Brad finger-fucked me and Sam at different times, more than once. I knew what he was leading into. I wanted it. Sam didn't let him use more than one finger, I let him use three, but four was too much. I came so hard with Brad's fingers in my ass and his mouth on my dick, and with Sam's dick in my mouth!

The next night, before we'd cum yet, I was sucking Sam, and Brad was sucking me and had three fingers in my butt. I stopped sucking Sam, got him to lay with his back against the headboard, got on my hands and knees in front of him, sucked him, and had Brad get on his hands and knees behind me. I knew he'd take the hint, and I knew what he wanted to do. He surprised me, though, my tonguing my asshole! It was awesome! His warm, wet, soft tongue worked around and in my hole for a long time before he slid his hard, hot cock inside me.

He fucked me until he came in me, his arms around my middle, his lips tugging my earlobe. It was glorious! He reached around and jerked me off, getting me close to cumming, then pulled his cock out, slid beneath me, and sucked me to a mind-blowing finish.

I kept sucking Sam until his little dick danced in my mouth and he giggled and begged me to stop.

The next night, our last together, Teague joined us at first. He came first, as I sucked him off, then went out to the front room. Man, he came hard! And a lot of it, too! He didn't suck anyone, just gave hand-jobs. We all kept to handies and some sucking until Teague left, then we really started sucking and fingering assholes, and I ate Brad's ass, then made Sam laugh out loud by eating his hole. It was the first time he'd been rimmed, and he loved it. I ended up eating his ass for what seemed like a half hour. He couldn't get enough of it. He let me slip two fingers in. Brad was fucking my ass then, and slowly jerking me off. Sam turned over and sucked me off while I sucked him off as Brad fucked me. Brad came in me, then I came in Sam's mouth, and then Brad and I took turns sucking Sam until he finally came dry.

Brad and I did a sixty-nine again, alone, while Teague and Sam watched tee-vee or played video games. It was sweet and gentle and awesome!

Then, late in the night, I was woken up by Brad when he climbed into my bed. We cuddled and kissed silently in the dark. It was beautiful! He slid it in me again, and fucked me slow and quiet, stroking me off at the same time. I came first, and Brad wasn't long behind me, filling my ass with his hot cum. We stayed there together for a long time, kissing and rubbing and fondling, until we fell asleep.

We were still hugged up together when we were woken up. Sam grinned at us, Teague shook his head, but nothing was said. Brad and I did another sixty-nine while Teague showered. Sam watched, then stuck his little dick in Brad and then me. Teague stayed in the front room and waited until we came out. Brad and I showered together, sucking each other off again.

It was the last time. We did the last scenes, did the wrap party, and then headed back into town in the caravan with everyone else. Our moms were waiting, and most of us stayed the night at the hotel before heading to our homes the next morning.

I got the guys' numbers, including the teen star's, and we stayed in touch in various degrees. Brad and I met up just before school started when we both were trying out for a part in a movie. We were with our moms, so we couldn't get alone. I saw some of them again over the years, but none of us ever did anything with each other again.




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Beautiful story of a beautiful first time.


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Damn! That was amazing!! That had to be the hottest thing ever doing that! I don't suppose you share the name of the show and the episode? It would be very hot to watch it knowing what you all did behind the scenes.

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