Lewis' Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, threesome (**)




I grew up in this tiny little town just outside of Sarasota Springs in New York State. Just say it's at the corners of nowhere and nothing. Real fly-speck of a village. Not even a school in it. We had to ride the bus way over to Sarasota Springs every year, even in grade school. Now that we were in high school, the ride was even longer. There is absolutely nothing to do around town, if you even try calling it a town, so we hung out at each other's houses all the time.

I had two great friends. Tate and Grant. We'd been friends since first grade. Tate was taller than either of us, especially now that he'd hit puberty first. We were all kind of skinny. Tate had awesome, curly blond hair, almost white, and eyebrows that matched it. I was dying to see if his pubes were too. He also had long fingers and big feet. I just knew he'd have a huge dork by the way he filled out his jeans. Boy, I would have done anything to find out! And deep brown eyes and red, luscious lips. Grant was shorter than me, still, even though he'd sort of started puberty just before me. He got zits and body odor first, anyway. He had medium brown hair that was so straight it was just amazing, and intensely blue eyes with amazingly thick lashes. Oh, so hot! And the smallest, cutest, little mouth and lips. He didn't have long fingers or big feet, but his pants always made it seem like he had a huge one!

Me, I'm really pretty boring. Sandy-blond hair, brown eyes, thin lips, and probably a totally average dick. It wasn't quite five inches, but I was only fourteen. Almost fifteen.

So my friends Tate and Grant were staying over at my place one night. After we'd played video games and watched movies and raided the fridge, we were sitting around and talking. We were kinda tired but didn't want to go to sleep. You know how that is, right? So were were getting kind of punchy and stupid, when Tate said something about Grant kissing Kayla Watkins, the big, fat, ugly girl down the street.

"Only on a dare!" he said, turning red and trying not to grin too big. "Even then, it'd be too gross!"

"Yeah, gross," Tate said, laughing. "He likes boys!"

"I do not!" Grant said too loudly.

We all went, "Shhh!" and cringed. After my folks didn't yell to be quiet, we laughed a little. It was so late they were asleep anyway.

"I don't," Grant said again.

"Sure you do. You kissed Lewis."

"That was a dare!" he said, going even redder.

"And you liked it!" Tate said.

Grant gave him a shove on his shoulder and said, "No I didn't! It was gross!"

"Hey!" I said, laughing.

Grant got even redder, then said, "Okay, it wasn't."

"It wasn't?" Tate asked him.

Somehow, Grant got even redder.

"So if I dared you to do it again, would you?" Tate asked him.

"Only if you did what I dared you next," Grant said.

"Oh, really?" Tate said. "What would you dare me to do?"

"I won't say. Not unless you dare me first."

Tate thought about it for a second, and then laughed, then said, "Fine. I dare you to kiss Lewis again."

So maybe I should stop here and say that I was really hoping that Tate would say that. And that I'd liked it a lot when he had the first time. That I'd liked that kiss, that I'd wanted another one since it had happened, and that I was getting hard thinking about it.

We hadn't done dares for a while. And being freshmen in high school, it seemed kind of silly and childish. But I would if it meant being kissed by Grant again. He was getting really hot. So was Tate. Hell, all the guys at school seemed so hot anymore.

Yeah, I liked boys. Oh, how I liked boys. I wasn't sure for a while, maybe a year, but that kiss from Grant had pretty much proved it. The last few months had made me sure. The showers in gym class had been the clincher. That was about all I thought about when I beat off now. And imagining doing more with Grant than just kissing. And with Tate. Hell, any guy! And I was beating off a lot! Three and four times a day. Sometimes even more. Any chance I got.

So, when Tate dared Grant to kiss me again, well, I was already hard, and only got harder and hornier. And all squirmy inside. And as Grant got up on his knees to get closer, my guts clenched up and my breathing got heavy and fast. I couldn't believe it was going to happen again!

His awesome blue eyes looked at mine, and he grinned in embarrassment, and he leaned in. I leaned a little toward him, and we kissed really quickly. Then we laughed. He sat down where had been. I made sure my boner wasn't visible and acted like it was just another dare and meant nothing. And I remembered to breathe.

"You call that a kiss?" Tate asked.

"What do you want? Slobbering? Deep tongue action?" Grant asked, rolling his awesome blue eyes.

"No. But a real one. No pecking."

Grant got even redder, and I knew I was, too. And man, did I want that longer, real kiss! I could have passed out as Grant leaned in close again. And this time, he went for it. I mean, his lips locked on mine and moved around and shit! It was so hot! I got tingles from my nuts up through my chest! Then it was over so fast.

"Good enough?" Grant asked.

"Yeah, fine. So, okay, what's this big dare?" Tate asked, all grins.

"So, okay. I dare you to lift Lewis' shirt and kiss and suck on both his nipples."

"Dude!" Tate said, shocked.

"Dare," Grant said simply. "And you agreed to do it if I did yours."

Tate sighed, then scooted toward me. He lifted my shirt, his eyes looking at mine, barely not laughing. He looked down, then got close. I closed my eyes. I tried not to giggle, but it was so hard not to! I loved playing with my nipples. They had gotten so sensitive since I started puberty. They were bright pink, large, and almost puffy. And the first touch of his lips on them was electric! I flinched and did my best not to make a sound. Or smile. But the smile made it out anyway. Then he sucked and I got the weirdest fucking tingles I'd ever felt! WOW! Then he kissed the other one. Shit! I got fully boned and entirely randy. Tingles from balls to knob. Fuck! Then he sucked it. It was amazing!

When he dropped my shirt, I sighed, glad I hadn't groaned or something.

"Okay, Lewis. Who and what?" Grant asked.

Both of you! And I dare you guys to get naked and have sex with me!


I thought furiously. I wanted something sexy, but not too obvious. I thought hard.

"Got it! I dare you to kiss and suck on Grant's nipples. Both of 'em."

I loved Grant's nipples. They were soft looking, and slightly pink, and small, and looked so... delicious! Seeing Tate's awesome, lush, red lips on them would be fucking incredible!

Tate sighed, shrugged, then moved closer to Grant, lifted his shirt, and gave each one a quick kiss then some suction. Grant was so red! And his grin was so cute! And I was so hard!

Tate looked right at me, and said, "Now, I dare you to kiss his."


I moved slowly, acting as if I was hesitating. I wanted to throw him onto his back and tear his shirt off and suck and lick not just his nipples! Downward, to his smooth belly, and downward, to his... yeah. Anyway.

My hand shook as I looked at his awesome blue eyes and lifted his shirt. Such a cute grin! And then I looked at his perfect nipples and then kissed one, lingering a bit, then sucked on it. Then the other one. I even dared to touch it with my tongue while I did it. My dick was dancing in my pants! And the thrills all over! Wow! It was just fucking so hot! I hated to stop, but I didn't want to go too far, you know? So I stopped and sat back down, trying to keep my boner from showing how excited I was.

Now it was Tate's turn again, having been the one dared.

"I dare..." he looked back and forth at us. "You, Grant. To take off Lewis' shirt and really work his nipples. I mean kiss them, lick them with your tongue, and suck them."

"Dude! Sick!" Grant said. "Not fair!"

"Dare or tweak," Tate said, looking at me to support him.

I did, by saying, "Dare or tweak."

He almost looked like he was going to take the tweak. Then he sighed and moved toward me. I closed my eyes and fought not to laugh out loud. He lifted my shirt, took it off, and then I felt his wet, warm mouth on my left nipple. Oh, fuck! Electric tingles shot through it to my guts! His tongue spread them to my groin. And when he sucked it, oh, wow! Then he was on the other one! Fuck! I felt my dick move like it was going to blow!

Then it was over. Damn it!

Now it was Grant's turn, and I almost felt bad for Tate. Almost.

"Okay, Tate," Grant said, and I could tell from his voice he had an interesting idea. I remembered to open my eyes. They hadn't noticed, I guess, since they were giving each other the evil eye. "I dare you to take off his pants and bone him up."

Oh, no! Shit! No way! They'd see I was already boned! No!

"No!" I said, meaning it.

"Yeah, no," Tate agreed.

"Fine. Then I dare you to take your pants off the rest of the night."

He couldn't say no. Not to two things in a row, not unless I agreed as the third party. And, well, do you think I'd agree? Hell no! I was dying to see Tate out of his pants! I hadn't seen him in his undies for months. Not since we'd changed at his place to go play ball one afternoon. And I'd loved what I'd seen! He's got a killer bod! He loves playing ball, and he's in real good shape. And his shorts looked like he was well into puberty, stuff dangling and filling them out nicely.

Tate shrugged and stood up, and dropped them. White briefs. And he was filling them out pretty well. And he wasn't totally soft. Not fully hard, either, but enough to tell that he was having fun! He sat down cross-legged and grinned, and threw his jeans into the corner. Nice legs! I could see that he really was more than soft as he sat there, and his balls were really growing. Oh, man, did I get so turned on!

Then he looked at Grant in that way, grinning. I knew what was coming. The way Grant sighed, he knew, too.

"I dare you to take them off the rest of the night," Tate said.

"Fucker," Grant said, then shook his head, stood up, and dropped trou.

I looked at his great legs as he stood there in just his red jockey shorts, mostly stuffing them, and obviously a little hard. Just awesome! He sat down and tossed his jeans with Tate's. Then he looked at me. I swallowed.

"Lewis, I dare you to, too."

I swallowed again. I was way more than just sort of hard. There was no way. I was even pretty sure I had a wet spot. I knew I couldn't get them to dare me something else. Not with both of them sitting there like that. I was going to be forced to. Or take the tweak. Not the tweak! No!

And then a miracle happened. I guess the worry and fear made it go down! Or something did! I felt it getting softer! So I slowly stood up, as if I were shy or embarrassed. Not like I wasn't, anyway. By the time I got my jeans open and off, it was just like theirs, mostly hard, but not totally. I sat down.

My turn.

We'd been daring each other for years. Only last summer had it started to include some sexual things. Grabbing crotches, always fully dressed. Grabbing asses, always fully dressed. Lying on top of the other guy, pretending to hump him, always fully dressed. Once, Tate had dared me to hump Grant face-to-face. I did. Tate counted to twenty. I'd felt Grant's boner with mine. I climbed off, nearly ready to blow!

"I dare you to hump Grant."

Tate looked at him, then me, then asked, "How long?"

"Thirty seconds."

"Ten," Tate offered.

"Twenty," I returned.

"Fifteen," he offered.

"Nope. Twenty."

"Fuck you, dick."

"No, fuck Grant, with your dick."

He laughed, then said, "No, but I'll dry hump his ass." He looked at Grant, who was so red it was funny again. "On your front, big boy."

"Oh, Christ," Grant groaned. "Can't I get out of this?"

"Tweak," Tate and I said together, then laughed.

"Fuck," Grant said, then stretched out on his belly.

He had a nice ass! Round and firm, and it really stuck up nice as he lay there, waiting for Tate. Tate went over on his knees, straddled Grant's legs, then put his brief-clad package right on Grant's awesome brief-clad butt. Then he slammed it there, again and again. I forgot to count! But Grant said, "Twenty!" and Tate climbed off. I did not miss the sight of Tate's big boner as he walked back on his knees.

"Dude boned up!" Grant said, laughing and red-faced. "Fag!"

"Yeah, right!" Tate shot back. "You try that and not get one!" Then Tate's face lit up, then he looked at me. I swallowed, knowing what was coming. "My turn, and I dare you to hump Lewis."

"Ten seconds," Grant said reluctantly.

"Thirty," Tate shot back.

"Twenty," Grant predictably returned.

Tate nodded. I blew a total boner! I tried not to seem enthusiastic as I stretched out on my front. Grant seemed to take forever to get behind me. Then I felt his dick on one of my cheeks. Then he wiggled and moved, and it was between my cheeks! Oh, wow! Totally hard! And right between my cheeks! Fucking raging thrills and tingles from balls to guts! And the weight of him on my ass put pressure on my boner, and that felt great! Then he started humping! Oh, God! I started getting close to an orgasm! I prayed I didn't! Then, thankfully, Grant said, "Twenty!" and got off of me before I got off!

"Told you you'd bone!" Tate said, laughing.

"Okay, fine. You're not a fag," Grant said.

"Or we all are," Tate said.

It got quiet. We looked at each other. I wanted to tell them. I really did. They were such good friends, and I thought they deserved to know. But it was just way too scary!

Grant coughed, then said, "My turn. And I dare..." he looked around, then held me in his gaze. "I dare you to hump Tate."

"Twenty seconds," I said.

"Thirty," Grant shot back.

"Wrong way," I complained.

"Thirty, or tweak," he answered, grinning victoriously.

"Not fair," I complained. I looked to Tate for support. He shrugged and held up his thumb and finger and made pinching gesture. Well, hell. Not that I really wanted to shorten the time anyway, I just wanted to seem like I did.

Tate got onto his stomach. His ass protruded nicely, almost as nicely as Grant's. As I got behind him, his nice legs between mine, I knew Grant had a hell of a view of my bone. I hoped he couldn't see the wet spot. I glanced to see him staring and grinning. I laughed. I lowered myself, got into the right position, then laid on top of Tate. His soft, warm cheeks felt awesome! My bone slid almost right in between them! So soft! So warm! Oh, God! My dick moved all on its own!

I pulled my hips up, waited, then pushed against those warm, soft pillows. When I got to ten, I got my underwear wetter! So embarrassing! When I got to thirty, I lifted and quickly went back to where I had been sitting, making sure the tail of my shirt hid my groin as well as possible. If I had gone just a few more seconds, that would have been more than enough to make me blow! It was dancing and jerking like mad as it was!

My turn.

As I thought of what to have one of them do, I noticed that they were both... well... they looked... there was no other way to describe them right then - they were horny as hell. I could just tell! We'd been friends long enough, since we started first grade, and now we were in high school. And we'd been doing a few sexual things together these last months. And I saw those familiar smirks and grins. I knew they were as turned on as I was. They might not be gay like me, but they were hot and horny.

"Lewis, I dare you to..." My guts churned over! It was so... daring! Bold! Exciting! But somehow, I was almost sure they'd go for it. "I dare you to take your shorts off."

His eyes went wide and his mouth hung open. And he got even redder! He looked at Tate, and we both knew Tate wasn't going to let him back out. Grant grinned really wide and tried to hide it. He brought his knees up, pulled his shorts to his knees, then pulled them down his legs and over his feet. I got a view between his thighs and ass cheeks that made me get my shorts wetter, and when his balls dropped out and hung there, I thought I might just fire off. He tossed them toward the corner with our pants. Then he sat cross-legged again, grinning.

He had more hair there than I expected. It was longer than I figured, being fully hard. Five inches or so. No more, I'd say. And I loved the way his balls hung down. Mine weren't doing that yet, but I knew they were supposed to soon. They looked bigger than mine, too, not just hanging lower. His head had a really cool kind of mushroom shape to it, the edges out wider than the shaft. So neat!

"Get a good look," he said. I did! I stared. Then he took his shirt off and said, "No reason for this," and threw it with the other clothes. "Now, I dare you to," he said to me.

I swallowed! Hard! I took my shirt off. Then, slowly, slid my shorts down over my legs, over my feet, and threw them and my shirt toward the corner. I looked at Tate. He was staring at me. Well, at all of me. So was Grant. I looked back at Tate. He knew. He waited, though.

"Tate, I dare you to take 'em off."

He closed his eyes, then did it. His shirt first, then his shorts. Tate was blessed. It had to be six inches already, smooth and almost missile shaped. The edges of his head were rounded off and smaller around than his shaft. His pubes were almost white. And there were so many compared to Grant or me. His balls weren't hanging as far as Grant's, and looked about the same size as Grant's. Mine were probably the smallest. And my dick was probably the shortest. And I probably had the least hairs. Suck.

We giggled. I felt mine bouncing, and saw theirs doing that too.

"My turn," Tate said. He grinned and laughed, then said, "Grant, I dare you to grab Lewis' dick and jerk it."

"Fag," Grant said, laughing. He looked at mine. I was sure he wanted me to, but was acting like he didn't. Somehow, I was just sure of it.

"How long?" I hoped not long, or I'd make a mess for sure!

"Fifty strokes," Tate said.

Oh, hell no! I'd never make it that long!

"Twenty," Grant offered.



Then he reached out and did it!

Holy shit! I gasped out loud and my legs slammed out straight! That first stroke was pure magic! I heard Tate counting. At ten, I leaked, and gasped, and my legs were tensing and my ankles popping. At twenty, I felt that pressure growing fast! Finally, at thirty, I was afraid I would go off in another couple of strokes! His hand stopped, thankfully. I sighed way louder than I intended. I tried not to let the shivers show as I came back from getting really close to cumming. I took a while to remember it was now my dare.

I knew what I wanted to dare, but I worked hard to figure out something they would do.

"Tate, I dare you to hold Grant's nuts while you jerk him off."

"Thirty? To save time," he said.


He moved over to Grant, who looked about as nervous as I could remember ever seeing him. Then Tate reached out, cupped his nuts, and started stroking him. I barely remembered to count. Watching him stroke Grant's dick was so intense that I felt my balls getting ready to fire! I had to try to calm down before it happened! I saw Grant's dick twitch and get wet! Then I could hear it! So fucking awesome!

"Oh, shit! Fucking stop!" Grant said at twenty-one and grabbed Tate's hand.

"Going off?" Tate asked, laughing.

Grant nodded and looked scared. I couldn't blame him! I felt like I was going to myself!

"Failed a dare!" Tate said gleefully as he let go of Grant's nuts and dick.

"Dude!" Grant complained. "I didn't fail a dare! You want a handful of my cream?"

In my head, I raised my hand way above my head and shouted, 'OH! I do! I do!' Outwardly, I didn't react other than a quick snicker.

"Handful? You probably don't shoot a thimble full," Tate laughed.

"Fuck off!" Grant shot. Then his face lit up. Tate cringed. "I dare you to jerk it off. All the way. Show us how much you shoot."

Tate went white. I went so hard it felt like the skin was being stretched! And my balls jerked in my sack!

Tate looked at me to back him up and say it was too far. I sort of felt bad that I didn't as I shrugged.

Now he had to do it, or take a tweak. Or just be a loser.

"If you guys do," Tate said. "See how much you do."

Oh, hell yes!

"We do each other," Grant said, so red it was scary.

"I dare you guys," I said.

I blinked.

I only thought that, right? I didn't actually say it. Right?

The way they looked at me, I knew that I had said it out loud. I was humiliated!

Then they scooted up close and reached out toward my stiffie. They laughed, then Tate reached for Grant's, and Grant reached for mine, and I could not believe it as I reached for Tate's.

"First one who cums sucks off the last one before he shoots," Grant said, again so red that I worried for his health.

I must have turned even redder when Tate nodded.

I would try to describe how it felt as I held onto Tate's nice long dick, and Grant jerked me off, but I don't even know how to. It was just so fucking awesome! Tate's dick was longer than mine, and thicker, and it was so soft, but so hard, and so smooth and warm, and just... fuck! It made the hugest tingles race through me to be touching it, let alone jerking it off! And Grant was really good at jerking mine! I mean, it felt a hundred times better than doing it myself! Fuck!

The problem was, I was rocketing toward a huge orgasm! I mean, I was barely able to keep from groaning and moaning out loud! God! It was so fucking great! I was jerking off Tate and being jerked off by Grant while Grant jerked me off! Fucking incredible!

I wanted it to last all night! I wanted to be the last to blow my wad so it would feel so good for as long as possible!

Then I remembered that the first to shoot got to suck off someone! Then I was suddenly blowing the hugest, most powerful wad I'd ever felt! I wanted to watch, but I couldn't get my eyes to open! I grunted out loud as my dick jerked and shot and I probably shot cum across the room!

"Wow!" Grant said.

"Not too shabby," Tate seemed to agree.

I was just having too good a time to do anything but grunt and twist as Grant's fist worked my semen around my suddenly incredibly sensitive head. I jerked all over as his hand made my dick feel like never before! Then he stopped, and let go, and finally I was able to open my eyes and take a deep breath!

And see that I had covered my entire dick with cum. There was a streak of it across my navel! I'd never shot it that far before, not even lying down on my back! I'd missed it! Damn! And there was more dripping down my sack. I'd really blown a decent wad!

Then I realized that I had stopped stroking Tate. I started up again.

"No," Tate said, grinning at me.

"What?" I asked.

"We won."


He nodded at Grant. He was grinning and red, too. I realized I was going to suck them both! Oh, fucking wow! But who first? I asked.

"Do Tate first," Grant said.

I looked down at his lap. His long dick was dark red and bouncing in time with his heart beats as it stuck up out of his nearly white pubes. And his nuts were hanging almost to the floor. I leaned down, got onto my elbows, and cupped his nuts with one hand, wrapped my fingers around the base of his long dick, then inhaled. It smelled like heaven! Then I opened my mouth and dropped my head until I felt the soft, warm end of his dick on my tongue. I lowered my head more, until I felt it between my lips. I moved further down until I felt it in the back of my mouth, then closed my lips around it.

It was so soft! So smooth! So warm! And salty. And musky. And... Oh, fuck, yes! Then I sucked. I tasted more saltiness and muskiness. I liked it! A lot! Then I moved up until the soft, rounded edges of his head were between my lips, then I sucked harder.

"Awww, shit!"

He shivered all over!

I licked his soft, smooth, velvety head. It felt fucking incredible! Just, fucking, great!

"Geeeeeze! Shit!"

I sucked, and slid down, as far as I could before I started to gag on it. Then stayed there and sucked.

"Fucking shit!"

His legs trembled and his hands went to the back of my head.

"Oh, fucking, God!"

I licked the bottom side of it and sucked, and slid up it. It bent once. Then again.


He pushed his hips forward, shoving his dick into my mouth almost to the point of making me gag on it, then held there, shaking all over. His balls retracted suddenly. That was amazing. Then his dick bent again. I tasted a ton of salty, slimy stuff. I thought he had cum. I started swallowing.

"Gonna to blow!" he grunted.

His dick bent again. Then it swelled up a little. Then he grunted sharply, then sort of sucked air in through his teeth, then shoved hard.

I felt his dick do a dance, and then I felt something hit the back of my throat. Then I tasted it. Warm, thick, gooey cum. I swallowed and sucked harder.

He grunted out, "Fuuuuck," as he squirmed and his cock pumped.

I held on for dear life, loving every second of it!

Two, I swallowed, three, I swallowed, four, I swallowed, five, I swallowed, then maybe a sixth, I swallowed. I kept sucking and swallowing. Then his dick warped in my mouth and he yanked me off by my hair, panting.

He looked like he had just seen God. Or won the lottery. Or something terrific.

"How was it?" Grant asked.

"That fucking kicked ass!" Tate said breathlessly.

"Did it okay?" I asked.

"Fucking hell yeah ya did!" he laughed. "That was awesome!"

He looked happier than I'd seen him except on very rare occasions. His dick was so red! Even purple around the edges of his head. And going softer by the second. I was so hard it almost hurt.

"Sure looked like it was great," Grant said.

I looked over at him. He was holding onto it. It was red and shiny. I couldn't wait! I almost fell onto it! I opened my mouth wide, grabbed the base of it, and closed my lips over it about halfway down. I sucked.


It was shorter than Tate's, but barely thicker. His head was wider, for sure, and his wider, more flared edges were more noticeable. It tasted a bit more earthy. I cupped his smaller balls and played with them. I took it all. It barely made it to the back of my throat, and nearly made me gag, but I had my nose in his few pubes and took every bit of it.

I felt as if I could do that for the rest of my life. I just loved doing it! I loved the feel of smooth, warm, hard cock on my tongue and in my mouth. And I loved the taste. And the smell. And I loved making someone feel so good.


His legs shivered and his breath got loud and fast. He pushed on the back of my head and I let him, and I took it all, sucking and licking it, and playing with his nuts.

"Oh, shit! Lew! Man! Fucking awesome!"

He sounded so weird! I'd never heard his voice sound like that before.

"Great, huh?" Tate asked.

"Oh, man!" Grant panted. "I'm gonna!"

His dick did that bending thing, and I tasted his salty pre-cum, then it swelled up and he held his breath, and it fired. And fired. And I swallowed, and licked, and sucked. And came. Boy, did I cum! I mean, it felt like a slushy was being pumped through my dick! A hot, thick slushy. And it felt all peppery and prickly and so amazing! Even my nuts were sort of vibrating! It was completely fucking intense! My guts felt like they were imploding!

He yanked me off his dick, which made my lips make a loud popping noise. And suddenly I was almost panting.

"Dude!" Tate said, amazed as hell. "You blew off!"

He was pointing at my crotch. My dick was coated with more cum and some of it was dripping down the underside of it onto my sack. My dick was jerking with my heartbeat. I felt like I'd just gotten off for the first time all over again.

I groaned out loud, and I didn't care. I felt so awesome!

We were so quiet for so long! I didn't know what to say. I just looked at my two best friends sitting naked there, their dicks going soft, all shiny with their cum and my spit, and my dick going down, covered with my wad.

Then Grant said, "Guys?" We looked at him, waiting. "My folks go to bingo tomorrow. Wanna come over? They won't be back until eleven."

I looked at Tate. He looked at me, then at Grant.

Grant said, "I dare you guys."

I looked at Tate. He laughed, got red, grinned really cute, and nodded. I looked at Grant and nodded. Grant grinned really cutely.

"Dare you guys to stay naked all night?" I dared to dare.

"Lock your door," Tate said.

I got up and did. I let my dork hang and swing. They looked at it as I walked back. They laughed. I sat down and we just sat there, giggling.

"First one asleep tonight gives head tomorrow," Tate said.

I was looking forward to that! I intended to stay awake!  I wanted head. And the view tonight was going to be incredible!


If you would like to hear more, Lewis is willing to tell what happened if enough folks ask for it. Otherwise he figures the story isn't interesting enough to bother writing more of it.

So if you liked Lewis' story and want to hear more, say so in the comments below, or write me at ray at raysstories dot com and tell me you'd like more of Lewis' story.



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