Trace's First Time

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This is the story Trace told me as his true first sexual experience.



I had just turned fifteen, and when my best friend Tom turned fifteen two months later he had a small party. It was just six of us, and we had a pretty good time. It started upstairs with his folks and older sister Marie, then after the gifts and cake and such, the six of us guys and Marie went to the basement for movies. They had a fully finished basement with several rooms, one of which was a modest home theater. After the first movie, Cade and Wes left, and it was just the five of us for the next movie. It was a trippy flick, and it was getting late, so Marie brought out some pot. None of us had had it before, and we weren't surprised she had it. We all knew she was a stoner chick. This was not the first time she had offered it to Tom and me, but it was the first time she had offered it in front of Rick and Mike. That first time, Tom and I had almost smoked it with her, but we were goodie-goodies. This time, since it was Tom's fifteenth birthday, he decided to try it, so me and Rick and Mike went along with it.

Yeah, we had a great time. The movie was fantastic when stoned, and by the end all of us were hyped and happy. Rick and Mike left to sleep over at Mike's so they could go with his folks tomorrow. Marie brought out another joint and we smoked half of it as we watched another trippy flick. Great time. When it ended, she gave us another joint and said she was tired and going to bed. When she left, I made a few obligatory jokes about going to bed with her. Marie was a cutie, and all us guys joked about having sex with her. Tom always took it in good spirits, and often offered to take their offer to his sister and see if she'd go for it. Sometimes Marie even teased one or more of us about 'breaking our cherries' and such. Most of the guys were actually more than a little serious about fucking her, but of course I wasn't all that interested - I was more interested in guys.

So Tom and I put on another movie and smoked part of the joint. With just the two of us, we knew we didn't need to smoke the whole thing at once. We watched the movie and had a great time. There were nearly naked chicks all through it, and we made the required jokes and comments about them. Some guys were in their tighty-whites too, so I was probably as excited as Tom was about the chicks in bras and panties. So, naturally, when it ended, and we decided to smoke some more of the joint, we talked about girls and sex and stuff.

Tom said he preferred the blonde chick with the big boobs, so I said I liked the redhead with the nice ass. It was kind of obvious he had a boner too, because he adjusted it a few times during the movie and again as we talked.

I said, "Sorry you can't beat off on your birthday."

"No biggie. I'll take care of it in the shower in the morning."

We laughed of course.

Then he added, "You could go upstairs and get a blow-job from my sister."

This was a long-running joke, sort of. He claimed his sister said she would give me a blow-job if I asked. I might have tried to find out if I wasn't into guys.

My usual answer was, "Yeah, but it wouldn't feel right. She's your sister, and it would be weird."

Then he said one of his usual comebacks, "Yeah, but does it really matter who's mouth it is? I mean, a mouth is a mouth."

I had some usual comebacks, but this time I tried one I had been thinking about for a while.

So I said, "Yeah, but if you think that way, then you giving me a blow-job would make as much sense. A mouth is a mouth, right?"

He kind of smiled in a weird way, and then said, "Yeah, you're right."

"See? It'd be weird."

"No, I mean, you're right. A mouth is a mouth."

"Yeah, right. So you'd give me a blow-job?" I asked.

"I mean, it doesn't matter who's mouth it is. Mine or my sister's."

"Wait, so you're saying I should get a blow-job from your or your sister, and it wouldn't matter which?"

"Sort of."

"Yeah, but would you give me a blow-job?"

He smiled and turned really red, then said, "If you gave me one. Yeah."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. If you give me one, I'll give you one," he answered, looking really embarrassed but really serious.

"You're too stoned," I laughed.

"Yeah, maybe," he said, still laughing, then sort of got serious, and said, "But I'm serious too."

This was too awesome. I mean, my best buddy was actually talking like he would do this. It was something I had dreamed of tons of times. Tom was not ugly or bad looking at all. He had nice hair, a smooth, nice face, and his bod was filling out nice too. I'd seen him in the gym class showers last year, and I knew his bod wasn't bad at all, and that he had grown a bit downstairs then. He wasn't big down there, and he wasn't the type to probably have a big one, but he wasn't one of the guys who still hadn't hit puberty yet.

"Wait," I said slowly, wanting to see if this could really happen. "You're saying you'd be willing to suck each other off?"

"Yeah. Just this once. I don't mean to be doing it all the time or something."

"Damn, you're fucking horny, ain't you?"

"Damned right. I'd almost take a blow-job from Marie, I'm so horny."

"Gross!" I laughed.

He laughed too, then said, "But that's too gross."

"That's more gross than actually sucking a dick?" I asked.

"Kind of. If I had to choose, I'd rather suck my friend's dick than have my sister suck mine."

"Yeah, I'd agree with that," I said.

We were kind of quiet for a minute. I wondered what to say to make this happen.

Then Tom said, "So, what do you think? We smoke the rest of this joint, and then do it?"

"Really?" I asked, pretty much so shocked I didn't know what to say.

"Yeah. You're sorry I can't beat off on my birthday. So how about instead, for my birthday, you blow me? And I'll blow you. Not all the way, just enough to see what it's like."

What fifteen-year-old doesn't want to know what a blow-job is like? And what fifteen-year-old gay boy doesn't want to give a blow-job?


So we re-lit the joint and smoked it, mostly laughing and making jokes about how the other one smoked on the joint like it was a dick.

Then the joint was gone and we were glancing at each other and fidgeting.

"Fuck it, I'll go first," he said, and reached over and started unfastening my jeans.

My boner went from stand-by hard to fully blown before he got the button open. I leaned back a bit and watched him unzip my jeans, and then lifted my butt off the sofa a bit as he pushed my jeans and underwear down. The back of his head blocked my view as I felt his warm and wet mouth on my pounding dick. That felt really good, but then it started feeling so good it was crazy. I mean, it was like warm ocean waves were washing through my dick. Good doesn't even begin to describe how nice it felt.

Then he stopped, sat up, looked at me, and asked, "How was it?"

I couldn't stop staring at his red, wet lips, and thinking how they had just been wrapped around my dick. I looked down at my dick for a moment, then back up at him, and said, "It felt awesome!"

"My turn," he said, and started undoing his jeans.

I waited until he had them down to his knees, then leaned over. I took a moment to look at his dick and balls. Hiswasn't very big, maybe just over four inches, but it was nicely shaped. HIs balls were nice too. Then I leaned down the rest of the way and opened my mouth. His dick was so hard that it didn't move as I closed my lips around it and felt how soft the skin was. Then I sucked, and slid down all the way, until his pubes were tickling the side of my face.

"Oh, wow, yeah!" he sighed. "That feels awesome!"

HIs dick moved in my mouth, and I wondered if he was going to shoot. I figured I'd stay and find out, and if he did, I would say I didn't know he was going to. I kept sucking it, and he let me.

"Oh, man! That's awesome!" he said, and sort of pushed the back of my head down further.

I let him bury my face in his lap, and I kept sucking. Man, his dick felt so smooth to my tongue. It was amazing. Then I tasted his salty pre-jizz. I think. It made me so horny I wanted to clamp my hands around his waist and suck him until he blew his wad.

Then he said, "It's coming!"

It happened so fast that I actually was surprised. He'd barely said it when his dick went into jumping fits and I felt and tasted his jizz shooting into my mouth. I didn't dare stop. I kept sucking his dick as he squirted what seemed like a quart of thick cum.  I remembered to swallow, and kept sucking, and using my tongue, and stayed there until he pulled me off.

I kept thinking that I hoped he didn't think I was gay.  I looked at him. He looked really happy.

"Was it okay?" I asked.

"It was awesome!" he said, grinning.

I looked down at his dick. It was slightly red and really wet and shiny, and still hard.

He said, "Check this out," and then leaned down over my lap.

I leaned back, and he started sucking me off again. Damn, it was even better this time. Maybe he sucked harder or something, but it felt so much better.

"Oh, shit, man!" I said, barely able to breathe.

It was like that ocean wave was a tsunami now. I could feel it all the way down into my balls. My entire dick felt like it was a balloon being overfilled. It was fucking awesome!

Then, "Oh, shit! It's gonna shoot!"

He surprised me by stating there and he kept sucking as I shot off what felt like a quart myself. It was the hardest and most powerful orgasm I'd ever had. I could barely stay seated. He kept sucking until I had to push him away.

He asked, "So, how'd you like it?"

"It was fucking awesome!"

I couldn't believe he'd swallowed my wad. I knew I would, I was gay, but Tom did. Wild.

I asked, "Why'd you swallow?"

"You did. And it felt great. Not fair if I didn't."


He pulled his underwear up, and then his jeans. I did too.

We sat there, quiet and awkward. Then he said, "Be right back."

I got so worried the second he jogged up the stairs. Was he going to tell? Was he even coming back? Was he embarrassed and going to stay upstairs? What was going to happen now?

It seemed like he was gone for an awfully long time. Then he came back downstairs, holding a couple of joints.

"I know where she hides them," he said, and then lit one.

We smoked almost half of it in silence, sort of snickering and grinning. I couldn't stop thinking how those red lips that had been wrapped around my dick a couple minutes ago were now hitting the joint, and I was hitting the same joint, so I was in a way tasting my own dick and cum. Not really, but it was a huge turn-on anyway. I got hard again.

When he put the joint out and put it down, he looked at me with his 'trouble' grin.

"What?" I asked, grinning back.

"Wanna do it again?"

For some stupid reason, I said, "I thought you said it was just the once, and you didn't want to do it again."

"It's still my birthday, sort of, and I want another one," he said with a shrug and a grin.

You know I was willing, so I nodded. Then I said, "But this time, at the same time."


So we dropped our jeans and underwear to our knees, laid down on the couch on our sides, and gave each other blow-jobs at the same time.

As I sucked his dick, and he sucked on mine, I kept thinking how awesome it was. I also kept thinking how awesome it was to suck dick. There I was, getting my second blow-job while giving my second blow-job, and I couldn't decide if I liked doing it more or getting it more. I mean, it felt great. His mouth and lips and tongue and the suction was fucking great, but how his dick felt in my mouth, between my lips, against my tongue, and how his pre-jizz tasted, all was so good too.

Plus, this time, his balls were hanging sideways, and were easy to see and get to. They felt so good to hold and roll around. After I had been playing with his balls for a while, he started playing with mine too. That felt good, but I couldn't decide if I liked playing with his more or if I liked how it felt when he played with mine more.

I guess I liked it all about the same. It was all awesome. Maybe the best was getting his whole dick in my mouth, his pubes against my chin, his balls in my face, and just staying there and sucking. It was so fulfilling. It was as if that was what I was born to do. On top of how good that felt to do was the fact that it made him feel so good too. His legs would shake when I did that for more than a few seconds. I could hear his breathing get faster and more heavy. He'd try to do that to me, but my dick was longer and he couldn't get it all in without gagging on it. He sure tried though. And it sure felt great!

Another thing I really liked was holding just his plump head in my lips and sucking it while my tongue ran all around over it. It was so smooth and silky. Plus that way I could feel and taste his pre-jizz as it came out of the tight little hole in the end. And I could feel his heart beat in it, too.

Sometimes we humped our hips, sliding out dicks in and out of each other's mouths for a while. That felt good too.

I guess because we'd just gotten off a few minutes ago, it took forever this time. Which was just fine with me. The longer it took, the more intense it got. Maybe we just got better at doing it.

After a long time, I was getting really close. That awesome tingling in my balls got stronger and stronger, and my dick felt like it was vibrating. I stopped sucking his dick just long enough to tell him.

"I'm getting close, dude."

I was so glad he didn't stop. He kept going, and sucked just the head. Man, that felt so good! My dick felt all tingly, but the head was super-expanded and tingling. I could feel my cum building up and getting ready, and ready, and ready... and then it was pushing up like a volcano erupting. I couldn't keep sucking his dick. I had to stop and gasp and grunt as I unloaded a huge wad into his warm, wet, soft mouth. He kept sucking it! Again. So cool!

God, I unloaded so hard. I must have shot like ten times, and squirted a quart again. Then I had to pull my hips back to get my dick out of his mouth because it was too intense. He let it go, thankfully, and I dove right back onto his dick.

I had to make it as good as I could. I wanted to. I wanted him to really enjoy it, to really like it. I wanted to make him feel so good.

I sucked his head while I tongued it. I slid all the way down it and sucked. I bobbed up and down it fast, then slow. I played with his balls too. They sort of retracted a bit, and at the same time, he said, "I'm getting close!"

His dick twitched in my mouth, and then I tasted his warm, slick jizz. There was so little of it. He barely shot once. So I sucked harder, went all the way down on it, and sucked hard as I slid up to just the head. I stayed there for a second, and then he grunted and shoved his hips forward, shoving his entire dick into my mouth, and it started jerking and shooting for real.

I swallowed his hot, watery wad as fast as it came out. This time it wasn't thick and gooey, but more like watery. It wasn't as bitter, either. But there sure was a lot of it. I swallowed and swallowed as more and more of it pumped into my mouth. It was muskier this time too. I loved it. I kept sucking and swallowing until he pulled it out and gasped, "Shit!"

Now I could see his dick head was so red! It was sort of purple on the edges and around the little hole. It was going soft fast. And the smell was incredible. I would have slammed my mouth over it again, but I knew he'd jerk it back and make me stop. So I just held his balls and looked at his dick as it went soft.

Too soon, as far as I was concerned, he rolled over, sat up, and pulled his underwear and jeans up. I did too, wishing he'd lay down and let me do it some more. I wasn't hard, but I was still so horny.

He lit the half-joint and we smoked it. We grinned a lot, but didn't say anything for a very long time.

I finally said, "Happy birthday."

He laughed, said, "Thanks," and elbowed my side.

We sort of passed out on the couch, sitting up.

We didn't mention it the next morning, or for a very long time. I finally worked up the guts to ask if he wanted a blow-job a few months later, but he said no. I made half-hearted attempts to do it again quite a few times, but he always joked it off or just said no.

When I turned sixteen, I literally begged for a birthday blow-job. He sighed and agreed to, one time. So we did a sixty-nine again. It was fucking awesome. When he turned sixteen a couple months later, I offered to give him a birthday blow-job. He let me, but he didn't do it to me. He jerked me off while I sucked him off and swallowed it. That was the last time we ever did anything. I made offers, some half-hearted, some full-blown attempts, but he said he'd liked it, and it was okay that we had done it a few times, but he didn't want to again. I only rarely made jokes about doing it again after that.

A while later, not long before we turned seventeen, he told me that he was sure I was gay. I didn't lie, and asked him not to hate me now. He said I was being stupid. He never told anyone that I know of. We stayed great friends. He got a girlfriend just before high school ended. I didn't have sex again until I went to college.




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Such a beautiful story - such a sad ending but such a true ending for most people.

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