Ashton's First Time Tale

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This one was sent in fully written and ready. I edited it, with their permission, so that its style and format match all the other stories in the First Time Tales section.



I knew I was going to be gay about the same time as I hit puberty. I never had any doubts once I started getting erections and an interest in sex. By fourteen boys were all I thought about. Girls were kind of gross and about as sexy as that cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper. Tits were as sexy as a pile of warm pudding. Dicks, now, they were fucking amazing. Balls were lusciously soft and wiggly. Boys' butts were so firm and round and alluring.

I had friends and ran around with them like any other boy, until puberty came along and I couldn't keep my eyes off my friends' packages and butts and legs and mouths and... well, I just couldn't risk them finding out I was such a raging homo, so I spent less and less time with my friends and more and more time alone.

By fifteen I really only had one good friend, and two other friends left. Connor was the kind of guy who didn't make fun of guys or act like an asshole. He was decent and kind, and always nice to anyone who was nice to him. I didn't mind spending time with him because I doubted he'd even care if he found out my secret. Jess and Terrence were also pretty cool, and didn't join in making fun of others or acting like assholes. I had illusions that Connor or Jess or Ter were gay, but they liked looking at girls and talking about them, so I was pretty sure they were straight.

The only real thing to do when we stayed over at each other's houses was to stay up late and jerk off to porn, so I'd seen their dicks all hard and red and juicy and squiring so many times I lost count by the time this happened when we were fifteen. I think we started when we were eleven or twelve. Before any of us had pubes or our dicks had grown any. I can remember our little sacks, all smooth and tight, and our little boners. We hid them behind our shirts or coats or a blanket at first, but after a year or so we didn't bother hiding anymore.

Connor was really tall and skinny, with red hair and gray-blue eyes. He's got these amazingly long fingers, and long arms and legs. Long nose, too. He was in my gym class in eighth grade, so I knew he had a long dick before I saw it in private. At fifteen, he had a good six inches that was growing fast, and would end up just over eight inches of lean dick with a round head. Pretty nice balls as well. Not much of an ass, though. It's almost flat and sits kind of high. He's too skinny to call sexy, but he's got a nice face. Connor shot in fast squirts, little shots, but plenty of them. It was always thin and shot pretty far.

Ter was a little short and lifts weights, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's got a pretty nice ass. He's compact, with strong hands with short fingers. Nice ass. Decent balls, but a pretty short dick that's nice and fat. Really muscular arms and legs. Ter came kind of odd - just sort of oozing it out in several gushes like two seconds apart. Really thick stuff. Not very much either.

Jess was sort of slim and average, with sandy-blond hair, blue eyes, awesome lips, a really nice ass, and a pretty average face. Jess would fit into any crowd, really, but he's a brainiac, so he's in with us dorky dudes. He had a pretty average dick and balls, but he could shoot more cum than the three of us together. Well, I could blast a nice wad, too. But I was always so turned on when we jacked off together that I couldn't help but blow a bit wad no matter who I was jerking off with.

My high school has about four-hundred kids in it. It's a very small town in a mountain valley surrounded by even smaller towns, all surrounded by farms in the valley. There was nothing but forested hills and mountains around all of that. If there were other gay dudes at my high school they were keeping it as well hidden as I was, and I had no idea how to search them out. Being gay is supposed to be so open and free in 2014. Hah. Not in the little shit-hole where I lived until last year. To make it even worse, almost everyone was very religious.

So, the summer after freshman year in high school, ninth grade that is, one of my friends, Jess, went to this summer camp for science and tech. He's a brain, what can I say. He's kind of cute, too. Anyway, he comes back and a few days later he comes over to hang out. There's not a lot to do in that shitty little town, so hanging out at a friend's place is pretty much it. Connor is downstate with his family for the weekend, and Ter is home babysitting his two little sisters while his folks are over in the city for a wedding weekend. That left Jess and me with just each other.

Now, Jess had been telling us these stories about things that went on at that science camp. Seems that nerdy girls are freaky girls, when they're around a bunch of nerdy boys. Jess claimed he lost his virginity the first week, and got blow-jobs and pussy almost every day for the rest of the two months. We didn't believe him at first, but he sure had a lot of details.

One of those details was that a guy could get off without the chick even touching his dick. He claimed that this one girl used her finger up his butt and got him off that way. Well, first she was blowing him for like the fourth or fifth time that week, and using her finger up there, but this one time she sucked him for a couple minutes, then put her finger up there, and stopped sucking him. He said he lasted forever, and it felt fantastic, and after a very long time, he had one of the best orgasms he'd ever had.

Well, we didn't exactly believe him, of course.

So, he was over on this Saturday a week after he'd been back, and we weren't expecting any of the guys to be around, and my little bro was staying over at a friend's for the night. My folks went to bed about eleven, normal for them. We had internet in our little shit-hole of course, but it was pretty high in latency and made gaming pretty impossible. There was only one cable company that served us, so that was our only choice other than satellite internet, which was even more laggy but had higher bandwidth.

Still, watching porn was no problem. You just had to wait a second or two for it to start streaming. Of course, we were watching porn that night. Jerking off with a friend was no big deal. I'd beat the meat with Ter, Connor, and Jess more times than I can count. At first we would have a blanket or coat over our shoulder to hide our dicks, but after a while we stopped bothering with that and just went at it. I was more than fine with that. I enjoyed seeing the guys jack off at least as much as watching the videos. Well, probably more. Seeing my friends dicks, their balls, watching them jack it, and seeing them cum was fucking hot!

We had been watching porn for a while and were getting good and worked up. We'd found out a long time ago that taking some time to 'warm up' first made the finish a lot better. We were watching this one video where the chick was sucking a guy's dick, and she slid a finger up his ass.

Jess goes, "See?"

"What? Oh, the finger thing?"

"Yeah. I told ya."

"Yeah, no shit. I've seen chicks do that in other videos."

"Yeah, but I'm tellin' ya, you can get off from just that."

"There's no fucking way," I laughed. "You gotta do something to a guy's dick or he isn't gonna shoot off. Unless he's a total virgin or something."

"No. I'm tellin' ya, that finger thing can make ya cum."

I was interested, to say the least. I mean, anything having to do with making me cum was interesting at fifteen. I was trying to think of a way to get him to show me.

"You're good and boned, right?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, feeling my hard dick in my pants.

He was massaging his too. We had been for at least half-an-hour by then.

"I'll bet you your IPad that I can make you cum and not even touch your dick. Just by doing that," he said, nodding at the screen.

I was like, Oh shit! I wasn't sure, but he seemed to just have offered to stick his finger up my ass! And get me off. Or try to, anyway.

Hell, I didn't care if he was right or wrong about it getting me off, I was willing to let him stick his finger up my ass anyway! I was pretty sure I'd cum just from his finger in my hole.

I was going to take his bet, but I had to make it look like I was hesitant and unsure.

"Well, what if you can't make me shoot?" I asked.

"What do I have you want?"

He liked my IPad. I was the only one of us four who had one. I tried to think of something he had that I'd want. He really didn't have anything. So I got an idea.

I thought about him having to give me a blow-job if his finger didn't get me off, but I was pretty sure he wouldn't agree to that. And it seemed a bit too gay to even ask that, so...

"If you can't get me off with your finger, you have to get me off with a hand-job."

"Okay. It's a bet."

Not even a second of hesitation! He was so sure he could get me to shoot off with his finger and wouldn't have to jack me off.

He got up and went to the table I built models and stuff on and got one of the blue latex gloves I used when I painted or glued or just didn't want to get something on my hands. And, yes, I'd used them to jerk off with lube of some kind quite a few times. He slid it on as he walked back, grinning, and snapped it like the old joke as he said, "Now take off your pants and bend over."

I cracked up. He sat down and turned the chair to face me. I realized he was really going to do this! My dick jerked in my pants and my guts churned and turned over.

I sort of shrugged, then undid my pants, slid them and my boxers down to my knees, and sat back. Man, my dick was at full attention!

"Have to spread your legs, stupid," he said.

"Oh, yeah."

I pushed my pants and boxers to my ankles and spread my knees apart.

"Slide down in the chair," he said, scooting closer.

I did. He put one of his gloved fingers in his mouth, got it wet, and then put it up between my legs.

I mean, this was fucking hot! My dick was throbbing and so hard it felt like it might split the skin as his other hand lifted my balls out of his way. Then his gloved finger slid up behind my balls, between my cheeks, and probed around until he found my hole.

At this point I was pretty sure I might shoot no matter what. I didn't know how long it would take, but I was probably going to. But I'd probably need at least a couple strokes to make it cum.

He pushed, and I let his finger in. It felt really nice. I'd used a gloved finger in myself more than a few times. More than one finger, too. But it had never made me cum. It'd made me cum more, harder, sooner, but not just doing that alone.

His finger felt nice as he moved it around up there, and I was hot and worked up, so I knew I was gonna blast sooner or later. If he even brushed my dick by accident a few times I was going to blast off, for sure.

But then... I had no idea what he did, but he hit something that felt like an orgasm was already going on! It was so tingly and pulsy that I gasped out loud and my ass jumped up off the chair for a second.

"Feel that?" he asked.

"Hell yeah!" as that wild new feeling reverberated, making my whole body tense and tingly.

"Good," he laughed, and started massaging it, whatever it was.

I know what it was now, but then I had no idea. I only knew it felt fucking awesome, and it was for sure gonna help me blow a massive wad! But I'd need some jerking or at least some touching, I was sure.

Every time he rubbed against it, it was like the start of an orgasm. A tense pressure built up, and as soon as his finger released, that pressure subsided. It was like starting to cum then stopping, again and again, every few seconds. It was fucking great! And it was going to make me blow huge.

After a minute, maybe, he asked, "So, you think you might blow?"

By now it actually felt better than jacking it off. I thought maybe it felt better than I imagined being sucked felt.

"Oh, God, I think I might!" I agreed.

Then I felt that feeling as I leaked pre-jizz. I saw my dick throb, and saw the big glob of juice swell up at the hole in the tip, and then as he pushed against it again, my dick bounced again, and that blob of juice ran down the underside of my dick.

Yeah, this was fucking intense!

I could feel that drop of pre-jizz running down the underside of my dick, then onto my ball sack. It was like my dick and sack were way more sensitive than usual.

Every time he pushed on that spot, my dick pulsed and my balls tugged, and I got closer to actually blasting off. I almost couldn't believe how great it felt. My whole body was tingling and rigid at times.

Then he pushed and held it there, pushing up against it, and against it, and against it, and... oh, shit, it was like a slow-motion orgasm held in mid-squirt, and still building up even stronger.

I went up on my feet and my arms on the chair arms, lifting my ass off the chair, and grunted as I threw my head back.

It was so good it was twisting my body and soul apart!

I grunted, "Oh-fuck, oh-fuck," over and over as it built and held and built and held.

I'd never felt so much pressure to squirt without immediately squirting and releasing it. But it wasn't squirting, it wasn't releasing, it was just building, and building, and building...

"God, I'm gonna!" I grunted.

But I didn't. It just kept building up! My chest heaved, my back arched, I almost couldn't breathe, my heart was hammering, my legs and arms were quivering under the strain of holding myself up out of the chair... and the building pressure to cum kept building.

"Gawwwwwwd!" I grunted.

I didn't think, I couldn't think. I was just a cock, balls, and a mysterious something deep inside that was being manipulated into squeezing every sperm cell out of my balls!

I felt my dick slap against my stomach as it lurched and jerked. I felt the wetness of more pre-jizz where the head had slapped against my skin. I felt the muscles in my thighs shaking and growing tired and sore and...

How could so much pressure build up? My balls weren't big enough to hold that much tension. My dick wasn't big enough to allow such pressure to vent through it without being ripped open.

Then, finally, the pumping began. In a sudden, almost painful pop, I was gushing cum like a water fountain! It was no discrete squirt, no short pump followed by a pause, no, just one, long, undulating flow of thick, gooey, hot cum.

It was every pump of every orgasm I'd ever had all squished into one long, non-stop pulsing flow that rolled out of the end of my dick and down the underside in thick globs and thin rivulets that mixed and ran at different speeds along the tube beneath my cock until it pooled where my cock and my sack met, then dribbled down my sack and then onto his forearm.

Ten, maybe more pulses - it went on and on, and still, as the flow diminished, the pulsing, throbbing pressure only barely waned.

The chair creaked under the strain as my legs and arms held my ass above the seat, all quivering and shaking under the intense wave that slowly ebbed and flowed again and again and wouldn't stop. My vision was growing dim, as if I were going to black out. All I could see was the head of my cock, purple with blood as it throbbed and jumped. My back popped several times, deeply and strongly. Then a hip joint popped.

I was still gasping through short exhalations air, that one single breath, as I watched the flow ebb, and finally stop, though my cock still pulsed and jerked and tried to expel more. My balls had to be empty. I'd seen more cum flow out of my cock in this single orgasm than I'd probably ejaculated over the past week.

I barely had the breath left to gasp, "Stop!" and then I had no more breath at all!

Thankfully he released that touch and removed his finger from my quivering hole. The relief was so total that I sucked in a deep breath and fell into the chair hard enough to make it pop and crack. I panted several times before my sight grew clear again. My legs were still shaking. My arms burned from the effort of holding my ass off the seat. My balls thrummed, and the space behind them felt as if it had been exposed to a total vacuum. My hole pulsed several times, and whatever he had been massaging deep in there felt as if it had been abused for hours.

"What'd I tell ya?" he asked, snapping the glove off.

I noticed that his forearm was wet, shiny, but there was no sign of the gobs of cum that had fallen onto it.

"I never felt anything like it," I sighed, still short of breath, the grin unstoppable.

"Pretty good, huh?" he laughed.

"Fuck yeah!"

I shivered again. My dick was still hard, but not entirely. The head was purple. It tingled and ached, and I somehow still felt horny as fuck yet completely satisfied.

"It works the first few times, but after that, it won't make you cum alone anymore. You have to get jacked or sucked to get off," he said, sitting in the chair.

"Do you still get off from it?" I asked, sitting up in the chair more comfortably.

I leaned down to pull up my boxers and jeans. I saw his erection in his jeans. I wanted it.

As I was leaned forward, I was fairly close to his lap.

It was so tempting.

HIs hand moved to cup and squeeze his cock through his jeans.

It was too tempting.

"It worked alone the first few times, but then he had to suck me off too."

"Did it work on him?" I asked as I pulled my boxers above my knees.

I stopped there. I froze.

"Nah. He'd had it done a lot before. I had to do it while I sucked him off for him to...."

I looked up at his face.

He knew he'd messed up. He looked horrified. Wide eyed, mouth a perfect O, face going darker red by the second.

"Did he suck your dick, too?" I asked, watching his face.

He looked down at his lap or the floor, humiliated.

I saw him swallow hard. Even his neck was turning red now. I'd only ever seen him go that red a very few times.

I didn't know what to say, but I didn't want him to feel bad about it. I sure didn't want him to regret having revealed that.

"Or did he just do the finger thing to you?" I asked, pulling my boxers the rest of the way up.

I leaned forward to pull my jeans up, but instead, since he hadn't answered yet, I decided to go for it.

I leaned forward further, until I was on my knees, and spread his knees with my hands.

He looked up at me in shock, still deeply red-faced down to his collar bone. He looked surprised now instead of horrified.

I reached up and began unfastening his jeans. He let me. I pulled them down until I got them off, then pulled his boxers down.

Damn, was he hard! He had a good dick. Not very big, just typical of a fifteen-year-old, about four-and-a-half maybe five inches. Slightly thick. Nice cone-shaped head all deep-red, with a narrow slit that slightly open now, and a drop of pre-jizz already forming there as I leaned forward and closer. He had nice balls, too. I moved them up and out of the way as I slid my left hand beneath them, and grabbed his hot cock with my right.  I found the warm space behind his sack, and he slid down in the chair, giving me better access to that area. I slid my finger deeper, until I felt the softness of his pucker.

I closed my lips around his head as I began pushing my finger into his ass.

I tasted his pre-jizz instantly. His head was so soft! It felt almost fuzzy on my tongue. I could feel it swell as I began sucking on it.

"There's a round knob behind the balls," he said. "That's what you want to rub against."

I probed around behind his balls for a few seconds before I found it. I knew it was the right thing when he gasped and his hips bucked and his cock jerked against the roof of my mouth. It felt like a big olive. It was firm but slightly soft, like a testicle.

"That's it," he said in gasp. "Rub it softly. Treat it like a nut. Push too hard and it can hurt. Yeah, that's it. Oh, yeah."

I was rewarded with a flow of pre-jizz as his cock swelled and jerked again.

I almost couldn't believe I was sucking a cock! I loved it! It was satisfying in a way I couldn't describe.

I'd seen enough porn to know how to give decent head, I thought, so I did some of the things I'd seen that seemed to feel good the dude in the video. He liked it all. I liked doing it all. It was almost as much fun as being given head.

I fucking loved it.

He leaked pre-jizz every few seconds. It tasted so good. Salty and a little like mushrooms. I liked mushrooms. Salty mushrooms was good.

I also enjoyed the sounds he made. Every time he grunted or groaned, I knew I was giving him pleasure, and that gave me pleasure.

I was able to get all of his cock into my mouth, burying my nose in his bush. The smell was awesome. I breathed in his scent as I sucked his cock and fingered his inside nut. Not having any cock outside of my mouth to hold onto, I instead cupped and massaged his balls with that hand.

After a while, I noticed that his hole quivered each time he produced some pre-jizz. Just after that, I noticed that the object I was rubbing in his ass would slightly move as well when he juiced. It was fascinating.

But the best was when he told me to hold my finger against it and keep it there, and that he was going to shoot soon. I could feel that thing quivering ever so slightly, as did his hole, and his cock.

I pushed against it, harder and harder, until he said it was too hard. I backed off slightly and kept that amount of pressure up as he breathed harder and harder, as his body tensed, as his legs went out rigid, his cock swelled, his hole clenched down tight around my finger, and that object inside his ass began pumping. Then his thick, hot wad began flowing into my mouth. There was so much of it! It was almost impossible to swallow it as fast as it came, but I did my best. I felt some get past the corners of my lips and begin dripping. I sucked and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until he jerked back and yanked his cock out of my mouth.

Man, the head of his cock was fucking deep purple! Mine had been a kind of purple, but his was deeply royal purple! It looked soft and velvety even though it was slick and shiny.

I only then realized I had swallowed his wad, and wondered and worried what he would think of that.

"Thanks!" he panted. "That was as good as Ben did it!"


He blushed, rolled his eyes a bit, then said, "The guy at camp."

I sat down in the chair. My dick was fully boned and ready to go again. It was even poking out through the fly of my boxers. I pushed it inside.

"No, wait," Jess said, and got on his knees.

He got between my legs, pushed my jeans all the way back down, then pulled my dick out of my fly. Then he went down on it. My first blow-job!

Oh, wow, did it feel great! My dick was sensitive from the incredible orgasm of a few minutes ago, so his lips and tongue were almost unbearable on it. But the suction was fucking awesome! It was all almost too much to handle, but I forced myself to endure it. It got better with every passing second, until it felt so good I sighed and sat back and fell into sexual bliss like I'd never felt before.

His soft tongue and lips worked pure magic on my pounding cock. The suction felt so good. His hand began fondling my balls. I instinctively put a hand on the back of his head and thrust my hips. I grunted softly and sighed loudly and shivered as Jess's mouth made me feel so good.

I felt his finger slide behind my balls, and I just knew I didn't want that again. It was still sore up there, and I somehow knew it would be just too much to bear to go through that again. I grabbed his arm to hold his hand back. He understood without words and instead used that hand to rub inside of my thigh.

It must have been the finger thing, or that I had just got off, but I lasted for fucking ever! It was almost forty-five minutes of oral pleasure that began to become almost painful before that churning began in my nuts.

"I'm going to soon," I sighed.

My legs went out straight, my back arched again, I pushed myself up out of the chair with my forearms on the chair's arms. My abs were tensing in waves. It was hard to suck in air.

He seemed to increase the suction and the friction of his lips and the pressure of his tongue! I was suddenly racing toward a blow-off of epic proportions!

I threw my head back, locked my knees, twisted my ankles until they popped. I felt my nuts flip over, my ass clench down, and that place inside my ass cramp, and then I was pumping hot jizz down Jess's throat in incredibly powerful blasts that nearly hurt enough to make me cry out. Christ, I thought I was cumming blood! My dick was splitting up the middle! My balls were imploding! Whatever it was up my ass he'd rubbed was clenching down on iron spikes with every shot of jizz I blasted into Jess's warm, wet, sucking mouth.

Then it was so overwhelming that I shoved his head away with both hands and fell onto my butt and sucked in air.

My dick was deflating faster than it ever had before. The head was deep purple, even darker than Jess's had been. The shaft was deep red. It seconds, my dick fell on top of my balls and shrunk further, softening entirely.

Oh, God, I felt drained! Every nerve in my dick was nearly numb. My balls buzzed. Many muscles all over my body were sore and tired, a few quivered. I panted for air for several seconds. I felt sweat on my forehead and under my arms.

I realized he had swallowed.

He sat in the chair again, slowly stroking his cock with one hand, kneading his balls with the other, looking at me with a grin.

"I'd come over there and take care of that for ya, but I'm fucking drained," I breathed as I grinned at him.

"If I save it for later, will you take care of it then?" he asked.

"Fucking yeah," I laughed.

So we did.

After we raided the fridge and then watched a movie on Amazon, we grinned at each other, reached over, and got busy feeling each other up.

"On the bed this time?" I asked.


It was fucking awesome! We both came three more times in each other's mouths.

We fucked each other silly over the next three years. We were caught by Conner one Sunday night over the summer between junior and senior year. He was so shocked that he didn't know what to say when he walked in on the two of us doing a sixty-nine. We didn't either. He started to leave, but Jess said, "No, don't." He stayed, Jess and I sitting naked under the blanket, begging him to keep it secret. Seeing as how we were all dorks and not likely to get girls anytime soon, he agreed to keep it a secret if we gave him a blow-job.

"Just to see what it feels like," he said.


We had threesomes pretty often over the next year. Yeah, full threesomes at sixteen. I know we were lucky bastards.

Conner isn't gay, and is even dating a woman at college at the moment. If you haven't guessed, Jess and I are gay, and are still with each other, going to the same college together. We even got into the same dorm room via the buddy system. It's bliss. We've been with other guys at college, but only with the other's permission and knowledge. Yeah, it's often a threesome. We've even had foursomes.

We might be in love. We think so. We only mess around with other guys for the hell of it. We both much prefer being with each other.




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