Mitchell's Tale

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This is a true story. I wrote it and was going to send it to Nifty myself but it sucked. I tried but I'm not a good writer. I wanted it to be better than what it was and not the way I wrote it. I saw some stories by this guy named Smokr who did stories for others and I liked them so I got up the guts and asked him if he would do my story.

I thought he was going to ask me for naked pics or something, or to meet me in person, or something. But nothing except to put my story on his website as well as send it to Nifty. He would even send it to Nifty for me so I wouldn't even have to make up a fake email to send it myself, and he would forward any replies or feedback to me. I thought that was too good to be true, but I decided to see.

I sent him what I wrote and he wrote back with some questions. I answered them and he wrote back with some more questions and I answered them. Then he sent me this story and asked what changes or additions or subtractions I wanted. I wanted no changes! It was freaking perfect the way it is. He even knew what I wanted to say that I didn't know I even did!

So here is my real story, and thank you Ray for writing it so well.


I lived in a small town in Indiana called Rensselaer. There really isn't much here. It's so small that my high school still has a farm next to it and you can walk from one end of town to the other even on a hot summer day.

I always knew I was gay. I also always knew I was probably the only gay guy at my school. Then we didn't have any GLBT Alliance or IPads. I hear they have both now. But then, nada.

A lot of my family lives in town too. I have cousins all over the county, and four went to high school with me that year. I was a junior. My cousin Jeff was a senior, his sister, Teresa was a freshman, Terry was a sophomore, and Katy was another frosh.

I got along with all of them fine, but Terry was more like a brother. He was one year younger than me, and a grade below me. He lived just around the corner from me, and we spent a lot of time with each other. We sort of grew up together like brothers or best friends.

It was Easter break. He was staying at my place the whole week because his house was being set up for relatives who were coming to visit for the holiday and were going to stay at his house. He lost his room, so to speak.

So we spent the week doing normal things. Mostly.

It was the Monday after Easter. We spent the day doing cleaning at his house after breakfast, and then went to the lake. It was crowded, so we went back to my house. My folks were at his place with the rest of the family that hadn't left yet, and we both knew they would be playing cards and such all day. We had the house to ourselves.

Well, we weren't big dopers, but he had got some weed from a friend, and we smoked it in my room watching the DVD of The Thing. We were nerdy, what can I say. We had smoked some weed a couple of times before, but only that couple of times, so we got really high.

After The Thing, we got online to check out some porn. We'd done that together before, but never anything like what happened today. We teased and joked each other before, but usually the other went home and we probably both jerked off.

Today, though, he couldn't go home, not with all of them there, so he was sort of trapped. We got through a bunch of porn, and I went to get us some drinks. Pot gives you cotton-mouth, if you don't know. And when I got back, he was sitting at my computer and looked up at me with a really weird look on his face.

"You like, watch gay porn?" he asked me as I sat down.

He had looked through my bookmarks. I couldn't deny it, now could I? I hadn't told him anything about that side of myself. I had kept it really well hidden. Until then.

I sort of hemmed and hawed, trying to think of something to say.

"Are you gay?"

He was looking right at me. I couldn't get out of the situation. I nodded.

"Wow. How long?"

"My whole life, I guess."


"You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"Uh, no. I don't see it's my place to. You going to tell your folks?"

"How can I? You know how they are. They'd freak!"

He nodded, then looked back at the long list of favorite gay porn bookmarks.

"What's your favorite?"


"What one is your favorite one?"

"You serious?"

"Yeah. What one?"

I pointed to the one at the top. I loved that one. He clicked it. The familiar video started. I handed him the soda. I was already getting hard, and starting to sweat. I was shaking, too, like a leaf on a tree in a storm. I was wondering how much of it he would let play before he stopped it.

The blond guy was lying on his bed studying, then started playing with it, took it out and started jerking it, and then the knock came on the door. He got up and tried to hide his erection, but couldn't. He answered the door and the pizza guy was there. It went on, until they were kissing and then laying on the bed. My cousin laughed and sipped his soda, and kept watching. It went all the way through. It was twenty-three minutes long, and we watched the entire thing.

"Holy shit," was all he said when it ended.

He looked at me and then down at my lap. It was obvious I was hard. I glanced at his lap. It was obvious he was too. I got those tingling thrills all over, especially in my stomach. It was so embarrassing, but so hot, too.

My cousin is pretty hot. He's no sports stud or anything, we were both bookish nerds. He had nice sandy-blond hair, and nice blue eyes. No acne, pretty nice bod, and a butt that didn't fit his nerdishness at all. I had always noticed that he had long fingers and wondered if that old wives' tale was true.

He was blushing really bad, and grinning. And he kept looking at me like he was going to say something.

"Well? You hate me now or something?" I finally asked.

"Hate you? Hell no. I didn't know you were gay. It's okay with me, I guess."



I felt so relieved! I could have hugged him! I sort of laughed and relaxed a little.

"You have to do me a favor, though."

Uh-oh, I thought. He's gonna blackmail me!

It would be nothing new. We had blackmailed each other a few times when we could. I wondered what he was going to make me do this time. His chores for a week? His homework for a month?

"Shit. What?"

"You're really gay?"

"Well, duh. Yeah."

It felt so weird to say that!

"Wow. So, would you blow me?"


"Would you give me a blow-job?"

"You can't be fucking serious!"

He got even redder and nodded.

"You are?"

"Yeah. If you give me one, I won't tell."

"You'd tell!? If I didn't?"

He looked serious for a second, then laughed.

"No. I wouldn't. Never. Honest. I just..." He shrugged and looked embarrassed. "Forget it. Sorry."

He stood up, and I could tell that he was going to leave. As soon as he stood up, I saw how hard he was in his jeans. I mean, it stood out like a sausage or something. Before I even thought of it, I reached out and pulled him back down into the chair by his arm. I looked right in his face, his eyes. He looked worried or scared.

I couldn't believe I was even thinking it, but if I did, I knew he couldn't ever say anything. Plus, it seemed like the perfect way to keep him from leaving. I really didn't want him to leave.

"I know you never had a girlfriend. I know you're a virgin, too. So, I will, if you really want me to."

His jaw dropped.

"Serious?" he asked really slowly.

I nodded.

"Oh, shit! Serious?" he asked again.

I nodded again, then said, "But you can't let on! Ever! To anybody! Promise!"

"Who would I tell? And what? That I got a blow-job from my guy cousin? My gay guy cousin? Come on!"

We had plenty of secrets. I was sure he'd keep this one.

"Scoot the chair back." I said.

I was shaking inside as I got on my knees in front of him. It was insane! I put my hands on his knees as he sat there staring at me.

"You're really gonna?"

"You promise to keep it secret?"

"Hell yes! Like I said, who would I tell that you gave me one!"

I reached up and undid his belt. Then undid the fastener of his jeans, and then unzipped them. He lifted his butt off the chair and I slid his jeans down, then his boxers. I was shaking like mad! I was almost afraid that I might pass out!

For the first time, I was looking at another boy's junk, all hard and shit, and it was right there in front of me. He had just turned sixteen and it was probably a good six inches long. It had an upward curve to it, and a bulbous head that was a lot wider than the shaft. The head was really red, and there was a ton of wetness at the end of it. It was bobbing with his heartbeat, too. I just stared for a while, sort of taking it in. It was just so neat!

His balls were hanging there, more laying on his thighs. They looked nicely sized, and there were a few sandy hairs on the sack. I wanted to grab them and play with them too.

"Well, you going to, or just look?"

I laughed, mostly out of nervousness. He laughed too, which made his dick bounce. It was so neat!

I leaned forward and put my fingers around it. It was so warm and soft and hard. Touching it made my whole body sort of tingle. I really couldn't believe what I was doing!

I inhaled, held my breath, then dove for it.

It tasted like salt. I expected that. And skin. The way it felt under my tongue was just smooth. Pure smoothness. And warm, and soft. I heard him sort of sigh or something. I started sucking it. There was more salty flavor and he made the weirdest noise, sort of a squeal and a hiss. I stopped and looked up.

He was breathing kind of fast and just grinning like mad.

"That was..."


"Fucking kick ass! Don't stop!"

I laughed and put it back in my mouth. I loved how it felt. Not just how it felt in my mouth and on my tongue, but how I felt doing it. It was fucking thrilling! It was like all the best things all rolled together! God, I loved it!

I sucked and started bobbing, like in the porno vids. The way his wide head sort of popped through my lips was so cool! His head was just so smooth! How can anything be so smooth?

"Oh, shit!" he said really loudly and then he shoved my head up and away just as he started firing off.

I got a great view of his wad blowing off over my shoulder, then streams of white jizz flying all over the place. His hips were sort of bucking wildly, making his dick point in all directions as he came. He made a huge mess all over his legs and some got on my arms. I know he shot seven times, for sure, and probably a couple more that didn't really shoot out and just oozed. He kept shaking and moaning. It was so wild!

His legs kept opening wider and closing together, and his hips bucked, and his head was thrown back. He kept grunting and moaning. It was so cool! I swiped up a big goober of his cum from my arm and ate it. It tasted a lot more bitter than mine. I scooped another from my arm, the last on me, and as I licked it off my fingers he sort of finished and looked down.

He was grinning really wide. He looked really happy. That made me feel really happy, and relieved.

"Fucking cool!" he said, sort of short of breath.

"Like it?"

"Hell yeah! Whew! Fuck!"

"Cool. Glad."

He exhaled really loudly and shook all over. Then he sort of slumped down and sighed. I watched his dick get soft and go down. There was cum all over his bush, balls, and thighs. I wanted it, but I didn't want to be so obvious. Instead, I got a towel from the pile near my hamper and wiped his thighs clean, then wiped his balls. He let me, watching me, smiling. Then I wiped his cock clean. He was really ticklish which made it really fun. Finally I wiped up the mess in his bush.

When I was done and he was mostly clean, he pulled his boxers up and then his jeans. When he had them fastened again, and his belt done up, he sat down and sighed again.

I was getting really embarrassed and didn't know what to do or say now. I sat down next to him again and felt all awkward. I sipped the soda and sort of wondered what was next.

"Dude?" he asked.


"Will you ever do that again for me?"

I looked at him and was sort of surprised to see him all smiling at me. I wanted to tell him I would any time he wanted, as often as he wanted. I didn't want to seem so enthusiastic though.

"If you want to. Sure. I guess."

"Hell yeah. If you don't mind, I guess. I mean, shit! That was fucking awesome!"

"I turn you gay?" I asked with a laugh.

I regretted it the second I said it.

"No way! I really doubt that! But that was awesome!"

"Cool! I guess I would. Whenever you want."


"I sorta gotta go jerk off right now."

I got up to head to the bathroom.

"Uh, hang on a sec, cuz. I'll jack you off."


"Sure. No way I can suck it, but I bet I can give you a decent hand-job."

"You sure?"

"I'm sorta not ready yet, but I'll get you off in a little bit if you wanna wait."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Just give me a few minutes to get in the mood again."

We smoked another joint, and watched more porn. I had a few bisexual videos in that favorites list, and I played some. Before long, he was reaching over and opening my pants. My dick went crazy!

"You ready for one too?" I asked.


We sat back and watched two guys do a chick on the screen and jerked each other off like crazy. He had a good hand for it. He knew how to do it right. He rubbed the precum all over my head when it came out, and that just felt great! I came way before he did. The feeling as I got close was insane! I couldn't sit still. My legs wobbled and shook and my whole body was on fire! Then I shot way over my shoulder with the first one, then the rest went all over the place! There was cum on my shirt and legs and thighs. I had never cum like that before! Or as much. He kept jerking me off. It was so intense! I usually stopped after I shot, but I let him keep going! Wow was that awesome!

I kept jerking him until he sort of shook and shivered and groaned like mad. Then he said, "Oh, fuck!" and I felt his dick bend in my hand and then he shot a long, twirling string way up onto his shoulder. Then the second one landed on his stomach, then the rest went all over his bush and my hand. I think it was thicker and more gooey than his first. He kept jerking his legs and groaning. It was so hot to watch happen and feel happen with my hand.

He stopped my hand after he finished shooting and pulled it away. Then he sighed and sort of sunk into the chair, all smiling and shit.

"Damn it, cuz! Fucking awesome!" he said as he panted hard.

"I know! Fuckin' wild!"

"We gotta do this more often!"

"You serious?"

"Hell yeah. Why not? Fuckin' fun!"

We got our breaths back and got cleaned up. He let me clean him off, which I loved doing. The way his cock was, all soft and floppy, it was just neat to hold and play with. I loved being so close and being so gentle and careful as I cleaned it. He even let me put it away and pull up his boxers and jeans. I loved doing that, too.

"I'm stayin' over tonight, okay?"

"Sure." We'd already planned that. "You wanna mess around again tonight?"

"Fuck yeah! Man, until I get a chick, I'm gonna be over here even more than before!"



Ray says some guys like to know what happened after the story so here goes.

He came over a lot all through high school. I usually blew him while he jerked me off in a sixty-nine and sometimes we looked at bisexual porn while we jerked each other off in the chairs. After a few times he gave me a blow-job. It was awesome! After that he usually didn't, but sometimes would. I would never know when he was going to. He just did. After a while longer he asked to fuck me. We loved that and we started doing that almost as often.

We messed around for the next two years all through high school. I left for college a year before he did. I joined the GLBT Alliance and met a ton of guys. I became a cock-hound for a few months, then, when I had run though almost everyone who would fuck around with me I cooled it. I didn't even date anyone after that, just sort of went through an introspection period where I wondered what kind of guy I was going to be.

When I came home for the holidays or something we always spent most of our time together. If we weren't out having fun with our friends or just sitting around watching television or DVDs or something pretty normal, we were naked and having sex. He was nerdy enough that he didn't get a girlfriend until he went off to college.

By the first break when we both came home he wasn't interested in doing anything anymore. He said it was all awesome and he liked it a lot, but he had a girl now and he didn't want to cheat on her. I didn't have a guy I wanted to be exclusive with at the time, but I understood.

By the end of that year I had my first steady guy. We stayed together through most of the next school year, but we both cheated and we broke up. I dated a few guys my senior year, but I didn't do the bar thing or the easy hook-up thing. It was meet, become friends, maybe date, or not. I had some fun and had some heartbreaks.

I met Steve less than a month after I graduated and we're still together. He met Terry when I brought him home to meet friends and family one Christmas. Terry told him. We were having some beers, a few too many, on the last night before Steve and I headed home. Steve thought he was kidding at first. He admitted that he had a thing for a couple of his cousins when he was that age, and if could have he probably would have. He says I was lucky. I do too.




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What a beautiful initiation into his sexual journey. Loved the descriptive scenes Ray. Beautiful told!


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Loved it! so HOT. I've always wished for cousins to play with but both my parents were only children. So no luck there. I'm so happy for you as it seems you are very happy now.

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