Dylan's Tale

 Rated: X  teens (*) 


It was when I was just a couple of months from turning sixteen.  For over a year I had been having feelings for guys, and being really interested in seeing the guys in the gym showers and in their skimpy gym shorts. Hell, I was interested in guys fully dressed, too.

I had a major crush on Jeremy, who was so cute it almost hurt to look at him. I liked guys with dark hair and fair skin, and Jeremy had both. He was also a bit athletic and in great shape. And in my gym class. I must have beat off thinking about him every day for over a year. But he was a jock and I was a nerd, so we didn't even talk to each other.

I wasn't very picky, but I was horny as hell. I would have messed around with anyone who tried to. Band dorks were all supposed to be gay, but it seemed like I was the only one. I even brought up the topic sometimes, but no one seemed interested in talking about it, let alone were actually gay. I guess they had to hide it too.

Some of my friends were the dark-haired type I liked so much, but I had no idea how to figure out if any of them were gay or anything. I was starting to think I was going to graduate a total virgin.

One day I was hanging out with some friends at Mike's garage - that was all fixed up as a rec room, with a pool table, a big screen and surround sound, a model-building workbench, and other neat stuff - when his friend Tom came over. Tom was in my algebra class and sat at the geek lunch table, and we had talked some, but he was Mike's buddy way more than mine. Today he came over and was wearing a pair of new jogging shorts. They were red with white piping around the leg holes and up the sides, and had very short legs. His mom had probably bought them kind of big, since he was growing a lot lately, like most of us were.

Anyway, Tom had black hair, which I loved, and a pale complexion, which I loved, and black eyes, too. He was on the skinny side of average, and on the short side, too. Thin red lips, nice smile, and almost no acne. Thin black eyebrows arched elegantly over his dark eyes. I'd seen him in the showers last year, and I knew he had pink nipples and no body hair except his pubes. Today I saw he was starting to grow hair under his arms because he was wearing a wife-beater with those baggy red shorts.

He was very Irish, with a last name that was probably straight from Ireland. I'd been paying attention to Tom for months now, but since he was Mike's friend, and I hadn't been good friends with him before, I was afraid of trying to get closer to him and tipping off him and the guy sabout how hot I thought he was. So I didn't talk to him any more than before, or act any different with him than I had for the years we'd known each other. That was hard to do. Tom was very hot now.

So he walked into MIke's garage wearing those baggy red jogging shorts and the bright white wife-beater t-shirt, white socks with two red stripes at the top, and black sneakers. The bright white shirt made his pale skin almost look tanned. HIs black hair was straight and neat, parted in the middle, and just long enough to be feathered back on both sides and cover his ears.

So the seven of us are sitting in Mike's garage, talking and laughing and having a good time, and I notice that Tom is just so hot. It's hard to keep my eyes off him. It has been for a couple of months or more. I guess I was extra horny that day, because I just couldn't stop looking at him. I had to force myself to look away a lot of times, and I had to be careful so that my boner wasn't showing. It was hell.

A couple of guys went home about six, so we all changed positions and locations, and that was when I saw that Tom's nut is just visible up the baggy leg of his red shorts. It was just sitting there in the shadow of his shorts, pink and wrinkled, and in danger of falling out further.  I instantly got hard again. I was the only one directly across from him, so I didn't think the other guys could see it. They didn't say anything or seem to, anyway.

Mike's parents ordered pizza for us, and as we ate, Tom was sitting with the plate on his lap, so his nut was hidden. I had a break from the boner for a while. We played pool again, and messed around, and at one point, Tom was sitting on the old car bench-seat along the wall, and as I eyed my shot on the pool table, I saw his nut was visible again. I figured the other guys were going to notice this time, and I felt sort of bad for him, and I really didn't want to have to be careful about looking, and all that, so I sat down next to him after I missed my shot, and whispered, "Your nut is poking out your shorts leg, dude."

He got so red-faced it was funny. He stood up and said he was going to the bathroom, and left. His butt looked good as he walked out of the garage. When he came back, he was still red-faced, and gave me a little nod and sat down.

James left about eight, and it was starting to get dark, so Mike closed the garage door and turned on the lights. There were four of us now, so we played teams in pool. Mike and Tom on one team, me and David on the other. Pretty soon, Mike and Tom were kicking our asses.

David was kind of hot too, with his sandy hair and brown eyes and nice lips, and an ass that was juicy and plump in his jeans. It was getting really humid and hot, and with the doors closed there was no breeze, so we all took off our shirts. Mike went inside and came back wearing black cut-off sweats. Nice legs, and his butt showed off nice.

After they beat us badly again, David said he was going home to change into something cooler. Mike, Tom, and I played three-way while he was gone. We heard some thunder, and then the rain came down pretty hard. David came in totally soaked, in blue swimming shorts and carrying his blue t-shirt. He took off his shoes and socks because they were totally soaked.

"That rain is cold!" he said.

So we went outside to get wet and cool off. It worked. The rain was sure cold, and it felt great. We got soaked, and when it stopped raining we went back into the garage, cooled down and soaking wet. We all had taken off our shoes and socks before going outside, and we kept them off as we played teams again.

Soaked, Tom's thin red shorts proved he wasn't wearing any underwear. Mike teased him about it, and his blush was so cute. You could even see the dark shadow of his pubes through the shorts. And they clung to his ass when he bent over to make his shots. Damn!

I got so hard it was embarrassing. They couldn't tell through my baggy shorts because I was wearing tighty-whities and the baggy shorts were kind of thick. When Creature Features came on, Mike put the old blanket on the couch so we didn't get it wet, and we watched the movie. I ended up sitting right next to Tom. He smelled like rain-soaked hair and laundry detergent. HIs thin shorts were still damp, and I could see the dark shadow of his pubes as well as the light, rounded lump of his head. I got a bonerus maximus!  I sort of held my hands in my lap to make sure they couldn't tell.

There was a part in the movie where the girl was running through the woods with her boyfriend, both of them in their underwear, being chased by the monster. Tom got a boner! I could see it growing and pushing up against his thin shorts. He covered it with his hands, and I looked up at his face out of instinct, and I knew he knew I had been looking. He got red-faced and I felt my face go red too. We both sort of grinned and looked back at the movie.

When the movie was over, David and I got ready to go home. So did Tom. Mike seemed kind of surprised, and asked Tom, "I thought you were staying over?"

"I feel all kind of gross from the rain. I want to take a shower and get into some dry clothes. I'll see ya tomorrow."

Mike said, "Oh," and started turning everything off.

We all walked outside and said goodnight, and the three of us got on our bikes. I saw that Tom's nut was hanging almost out of his shorts leg as he straddled his bike seat. Man, those shorts were magic. Baggy but with really short legs, and really thin.

We rode together to Maple Street, where David turned right to go home, and Tom and I went straight.

"I thought you lived that way," I said as we crossed the next block, nodding to the left.

"Kind of just want to ride with you a while. Is that okay?"

"Sure," I replied, kind of glad for the company.

And kind of glad for the view. Every time his leg went down on the side toward me, I could see his nut dangling out his shorts leg. Well, when we were under a street light, anyway. I got an idea.

"Hey, you wanna ride over to the Brazier and get a cone?"

"Sure. If they're still open."

I checked my red LED watch and said, "For another twenty minutes."

The lights were brighter and closer together that way, and the parking lot at the Brazier was brightly lit. We rode our bikes up to the order window and placed our orders, paid for them, then waddled our bikes to the pick-up window.

Man, Tom's nut was pretty much hanging out his shorts leg now. The bike seat had pushed the shorts way up. Man. It was all pink and wrinkly, and there a few short black hairs here and there. I could see it really clear in the bright lights. I was so hard it was kind of painful to stay on my bike seat.

We waddled our bikes to the corner of the parking lot and ate our ice cream, not saying a word. I kept looking at Tom's nut over my cone as often as I could, secretly imagining what the rest of his junk looked like now. I had seen it in the gym showers last year. I figured he would have grown a little, since he'd grown taller and broader since last year. I knew from the thin shorts that he had more pubes now. Last year he'd only had a kind of ring around his dick. It looked like now he had a patch about like I did.

We finished our cones just as the Brazier shut off the outside lights on the building and in the parking lot. I put my foot on the pedal to kick off, when Tom said, "Hey, Dill?"

"Yeah?" I asked, looking at his face.

He tugged the leg of his shorts over a bit, and let his nut show really well, and asked, "Wanna see more?"

I felt my heart skip a beat, or race, or something. And my breath caught. And my face went flaming hot.

His nut hung out in clear view. I could see the pale skin around the side of his sack.

"Huh?" I grunted.

I think I wanted to look away from his nut, but I didn't really think to. I was sort of mesmerized. I just thought, 'He knows I'm a fag! He's gonna tell!'

"I saw you looking all the time at Mike's," he told me.

He looked serious, but was sort of smiling too. He didn't look mad or upset or grossed out.

 "No I didn't," I lied. "I just noticed it that time I told you."

"No. You looked all night. I saw you."

I knew I was caught. I wanted to ride away as fast as I could and hope that he just forgot it. But I knew he wouldn't just forget it. He would tell Mark and the guys. I would be figured out. I'd lose all my friends. What could I do?

"If you wanna see, I'll show you," he said, and tugged his shorts leg over further.

Now I could see both his nuts and his entire sack and it all fell out. And I could see the soft, white flesh next to his sack.

I felt my dick twitch, and my heart racing. And my face felt like it was glowing in the dark. And I suddenly realized we were in the parking lot of the Brazier and anyone could see. I looked around frantically.

"No windows in the Brazier back here," he told me. "And no one can see us back here. The fence is between us and those houses, and no one is driving by."


"We can go back to MIke's. He'll be in his room by now, and we can use the garage. I know where the key is hidden."


I was so dumbfounded I couldn't make sense of what he was saying. I was just... totally freaked out.

"The windows are blocked so they can watch the big screen during the day, so no lights will show," he said, and tugged his nuts with his other hand.

I was so mesmerized that I hardly heard him. He sort of tugged and cradled his nuts as I watched.

"We can show each other what we got. And maybe do some stuff," he said.

"What?" I asked in shock.

"Whatever you want," he said, grinning. "If you want."

I hadn't meant what we could do, I had meant what the hell are you saying.

"If you don't want to, that's okay. Just, please, don't tell anyone about this. Okay? Or I'll tell how you kept looking all night."


"I just thought you were... interested. Sorry. Forget it."

He pulled his shorts leg back down in place and tucked his nuts away. It was like the spell was broken. I looked up at his face and saw that he was kind of worried.

"Ummm," I stammered, trying to figure out something to say. "Uhhh..."

He looked right at me for a while, and then the back door of the Brazier opened. A guy was dragging out the trash.

"Forget it, okay?" Tom said, and put his foot on a pedal to ride off.

"No, wait!" I said quickly, and then didn't know what to say.

We looked at each other as the guy threw the trash in the dumpster and went back inside. He didn't even notice us.

When the door clanged shut, I blurted, "Let's go to Mike's."

He smiled really big then, and asked, "Serious?"

I felt like I was proposing robbing the Brazier as I said, "Yeah. Let's do it."

"Let's go!" he said happily, and kicked off.

We raced to Mike's. We rode up the alley and saw the house was dark. We put our bikes were they couldn't be seen from the house, and Tom got the key from under a fake rock and let us in. He locked the door with the bolt, we made sure the windows were covered, then turned on one light. We stood there for what felt like an hour, just looking at each other and sort of snickering and acting like little kids.

Then Tom said, "Why'd you tell me my nut was showing if you liked seeing it?"

"Because I didn't want the guys to notice," I told him. Then I thought for a second, and added, "And because it was giving me a mean boner."

Wow! Saying that really surprised myself. I didn't know I was that daring.

"So, you wanna see more?" he asked, slowly pulling the leg of his shorts up.

I had no idea he was so bold. I knew he wasn't the shy type, but this was way more than I expected from him.

I nodded and snickered.

"I'll show as much as you do," he said, his hand holding the leg of his shorts up just short of showing anything.

I swallowed hard. I remember how difficult it was to do that. And how my body felt like it was shaking all over. And how fucking hard my dick was.

I was tingling all over as I reached down and slid my fingers up the leg of my shorts and into the leg of my tighty-whities, and tugged them down, then up, and let my nuts fall out.

Tom moved his shorts leg and let both of his fall out. He stepped closer. I was looking down at his nuts hanging out of his shorts, and mine hanging out of mine, and thought, 'Is this real?'

"You boned?" he asked.

I looked up at his face and nodded, barely able not to laugh.

"Show me?" he asked.

Damn, he was so cute up close and embarrassed and turned on and everything.

I swallowed again. So hard to do. And then used my other hand to push the top of my shorts and underwear down. Tom did too.

We stood there with our boners poking out at each other. He had more pubes now, but they were still sparse and ragged. Mine weren't exactly much thicker. My dick was shorter than his, but his was thinner than mine. HIs balls looked to be about the same size as mine, but hung down a bit more.

He stepped up closer, and the tips of our dicks were almost touching as they bobbed and bounced. He pushed his shorts down far enough so that they were well below his hanging balls, so I did too. Then he reached out and grabbed my dick! Just like it was nothing! His hand was warm and soft as he moved it up and down a bit, taking the loose skin with it. I sighed without meaning to, it just felt so amazing to have someone else touching it.

"You can do it to mine. If you want," he said.

I looked up and saw him looking down at my dick in his hand. He looked up. He smiled. I smiled back. I felt as if by entire body was vibrating.

Then I reached out and grabbed his dick. It was hot and hard, and so velvety too. His head was bulgier than mine, sort of fleshy and mushroomy. Mine was almost aerodynamic by comparison, but thicker.

Then he reached out with his other hand and cupped my balls and started fondling them. Man, that felt good! So I did it to him. His balls felt nice and heavy, and it was amazing to be holding someone else's balls in one hand and his boner in my other hand.

We started jerking each other off and playing with each other's balls as if we'd been doing it for years.

"That feels excellent," he said softly.

I looked up and our faces were almost touching. We stared at each other. His dark eyes were like deep wells. It was so easy to just stare into them. It was like... warm and cozy and... I really liked how I felt as our eyes held each others' like that.

Then we were kissing. I don't know who moved in, or even when, just that our lips were moving against each other, and that it was fucking amazing.

And then I was cumming. With almost no warning or build up to it. One second I was  realizing that I was kissing Tom while we were jerking each other off and playing with each other's balls, and then I was shooting a wad that felt like the biggest, thickest, strongest orgasm ever.

We were grunting and groaning as we kissed and jerked, and I felt his cum splashing onto my belly just above my pubes, and then into my pubes, and then all over my dick. Holy shit, that was fucking amazing!

His hand moved up and down my dick, lubricated with both of our cum, and my hand was smearing both of our cum all over his hard, velvety dick. We both were gasping and hissing and laughing around kisses, and neither of us wanted to stop. It was almost like torture.

He stopped kissing, and I watched as he bent down to help me get out of my shorts and underwear. When he stood up straight, I bent over and helped him out of his shorts. Then we stood there for a moment, sort of awkwardly snickering, and then he leaned in and we kissed some more.

We took off each other's shirts. I loved his small, pink nipples. I was about to reach out and touch one when he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close and we kissed some more. I felt his hands rubbing my back, so I did that to him too. Soon our hands were going everywhere. His body felt so good. So smooth and warm. We kept kissing and hugging and pressing our bodies together until Tom started kissing my neck. Then my chest. And then my stomach. And then... oh, shit.

His warm, soft, velvety mouth closed around my dick, like purest bliss. He grabbed my balls and played with them as he licked and sucked and moved up and down.

I remember gasping, "Fucking awesome, Tom!" as I looked down at his lips moving up and down my dick.

He went all the way down and stayed there for a moment, and it felt so fucking good I almost couldn't stand it! Then his soft, warm, silky lips wrapped around the back of my head, just at the edge, and I almost screamed as I began having another orgasm. This one made the one a couple of minutes ago seem like nothing! I held onto Tom's shoulders and stood up on my toes with my back arched over backward, and I held on as I blew out most of my soul into Tom's mouth.

He kept sucking, and I felt his tongue on the underside of my dick, until I pushed him away and gasped, "Please stop!"

I was laughing uncontrollably. And shaking.

He stood up and we kissed hard and deep and energetically.  I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue. His hands cupped my butt and massaged it. I grabbed his ass and explored the soft, firm, smooth skin. It felt amazing. His fingers slid between my cheeks and wiggled up against my hole. It was thrilling! I'd touched my hole before, but having Tom's finger probing there was way better and was making me hard again. I wondered if I could go three times in a row. I was sure I could. I had jerked off three times in a row before, and that hadn't been nearly as hot as this was.

I slid my finger between his hot cheeks and found his hole. I probed and tickled it the same way his finger was mine. I got fully boned, and I felt his boner pressing up against me. I realized he had got off once, but I had twice, so I stopped kissing his lips and started moving down his front like he had mine.

Except I stopped at his awesome nipples. So small, and so pink, and so hard now. I licked all around one, then the other, and then sucked one and then the other. I gently pinched one as I sucked and tugged the other.

"Oooo, that's nice," he sighed.

I loved how his voice sounded in that moment. So smooth and gentle and breathy.

I spent a good long time on his nipples. I was glad he liked it, because I really liked it. I wrapped my arms tightly around his warm body and held on as I took turns working his nipples with my tongue and lips.

"Dyl, that really nice," he sighed again.

HIs voice was so sexy!

After a long time, he said, "Please, go lower."

I kissed down his front, until I was at his pubes. I smelled his scent. It was musky and spicy and awesome. I kissed and licked my way down through his few pubes, and let his hard dick slide up my chin until I got my lips around it.

His head was salty and slippery with his pre-jizz. I loved how it tasted as I closed my lips over his head and sucked on it. I really loved how satiny and smooth his head felt to my tongue. I grabbed his balls with one hand and cupped his ass with the other. I felt his ass cheeks tense up as I slid further down on his dick.

"Oh, God, that's amazing," he sighed in that smooth, breathy, sexy voice.

He put his hands on my shoulders and groaned. I started bobbing up and down on his dick. It was probably close to five inches long, and I got all of it in my mouth, my nose tickled by his pubes. I stayed there and sucked, sliding my tongue around beneath his shaft.

"Oh, God, Dyl, I'm gonna blow!"

I felt his ass tense up tight, and he went up on his toes, and then he grunted. Then I felt his dick swell up and twitch, and hot, thick, creamy cum shot into my throat. I almost gagged and then almost coughed. So much of his cum shot out that  I couldn't keep up with all of it. I had no idea it was so thick and hard to swallow when it came straight out from a dick. I swallowed as much and as fast as I could, but so much leaked past my lips that I felt it running down my chin and then my neck before he pushed me away.

I stood up and he slammed his mouth onto mine. I thought about how he was getting a taste of his own cum, and how I had earlier, and that made me so hot my dick throbbed and leaked.

We kissed, arms around each other, until Tom guided me toward the couch. He had me sit down, and then he got between my legs, and I watched as his mouth opened and engulfed my throbbing dick.

Watching him suck my dick was the hottest thing I had ever seen! His red lips tightly slid up and down it, conforming to the contours of my head, the edges, and down the shaft. Then he sucked in a nut. He rolled it around in his mouth, sucking it, and then did the other one. That felt really nice!

He pushed my legs up so that my feet were on the couch almost under my ass. He held my knees far apart, and just as I wondered what he was up to, he shoved his face between my ass cheeks and began tonging my hole.

Fuck me! I had no idea a tongue could feel so good working around my hole! It was soft but firm, wet and slippery, and it felt so amazing!

I grunted, "Holy shit! That's so..."

His tongue probed in, and wiggled there, and I threw my head back and fell into a kind of trance. I was willing to let him do that all night.

Then he began working his finger in. I'd put a finger in there a couple of times, just to see what it was like, and a candle a couple of times, but someone else's finger felt way better. He slid it in and out, and probed around in there. Sometimes he touched something that felt so tingly it was amazing.

"Go up again," I told him. "More inside. Yeah, there!" I groaned when his finger hit the magic spot.

"This round thing?" he asked, rubbing it.

"Yeah! That! That's fucking awesome!"

He began working on it exclusively, and I groaned and wriggled on the couch. My dick was so hard it almost hurt, and it was leaking pre-jizz like never before. Deep, tugging tingles exploded inside my body, between my legs and behind my nuts, and it was awesome!

"Is that that good?" he asked.

I looked down at him and said, "That's fucking amazing! Let me show you!"

"Okay!" he said, grinning.

I stood up and he got on the couch in the same position he'd put me. I saw his hole for the first time. Wow! His pale cheeks framed the crack of his ass, and I saw his pink pucker, surrounded by a tan circle. It smelled like sweat and rain water and laundry. And, yes, a little like shit. But I didn't care. I dove onto it, probing with my tongue, and licked and kissed and worked it.

"Yeah, really nice," Tom sighed in that sexy voice.

"Just wait," I said, then got my finger wet and slid it in.

It was easy to find the round thing, and his reaction proved it was the right place.

"Wow! That's like, really cool!" he said, smiling really big, his eyes really wide.

I experimented with ways to rub it, and found out he liked it best when I did circles on the rounded surface fairly hard.

His dick bounced almost constantly, and leaked a lot of pre-jizz. I licked and sucked up that stuff as soon as it came out.

"Shit! I bet that could make me cum!"

"Wanna see if it can?" I asked mischievously.


So I worked that little round button and sucked and licked his balls. I licked away every drop of pre-jizz as soon as it came out of his tight little hole. The head of his dick grew darker and darker. It started out mostly pink, then went a kind of rosy pink, then dark pink, and then a kind of light purple on the edges, then purplish around the tip, and then a beautiful sort of satiny purple with pinkish-purple edges. His pink nut sack was a perfect compliment to those colors. Next to his pale skin, and his black pubes, it was beautiful.

And all the pre-jizz! Man, he could make the stuff! And I loved how it tasted. It wasn't as bitter as his cum, or as thick. It was sweet and thin and just yummy.

"Dyl, do it with two fingers?"


It was kind of tight getting a second finger in his hole, but clearly worth it, because he was wriggling on the couch and groaning, and saying, "That's so good!'

And he leaked even more pre-jizz. And his dick head went deep purple all over. His balls started contracting upward. He got goose bumps on his thighs.

"I'm gonna!" he groaned. "It's gonna make me shoot!"

He curled up a bit, and his face went red, and he grimaced. His breath got ragged.

"Oh shit!" he grunted harshly. "Gonna blow! Hard!'

He swung his legs apart and together, and I got up between them and kept them apart, and licked up the bottom of his dick, until I had his hot head in my mouth. Man, was his head hot!

I sucked, and immediately he groaned, "Cummmm!" and I felt his dick grow bigger and harder, and I felt that round button in his ass moving, and then he was shooting tons of thick, gooey cum in fast waves in time with the movement of that round thing in his ass and his hole around my fingers.

He gasped, "Fuck!" over and over and over as he shot into my mouth.

I was ready this time, and only had his head in my mouth, so I was able to swallow almost every last drop of his thick, huge wad. I could feel his dick throb with every shot, and I could feel that round thing in his ass squeeze with every shot, and I could feel his asshole clench down with every shot, and I could feel every shot explode into my mouth. It was awesome!

His dick kept throbbing, the round thing up his ass kept pulsing, and his ass kept clenching, but no more cum came out of his cock.

And then he pulled my head up with both hands, and said, "No more! Stop! Too much!"

He was sort of panting, and red-faced, and laughing, and pulled my face up so that we kissed as I was kneeling between his legs on the edge of the couch. His hands cupped and massaged my ass as we kissed, his cum flavoring both of our mouths.

When we took a break from kissing, he sighed, "That was the best thing I ever felt!"

"So was what you did to me," I said.

He looked down and saw my boner.

He slid down the couch until his ass was on the floor, and I stayed kneeling on the edge of the couch, and his warm, soft mouth closed over my dick, and he cupped and massaged my balls, and a finger went inside my ass.

I held onto the back of the couch, and shook and sweated as he sucked my dick, played with my balls, and worked that button inside my ass.

It was the most incredible things I'd ever felt. My body was tingly all over, and I could barely breathe, and I was sweating like mad. Oh, God, it was fucking amazing!

Especially the way the blow-job and the finger up my ass worked together to make my entire body quiver and tingle.

"Two fingers?" Tom asked.

"Yeah! Please!"

That second finger felt like it was his dick as he gently slid it into me. Then, when it joined the first, and massaged around that spot, my dick began throbbing up and leaking even more than before. It felt so good I drifted away inside myself.

It lasted so long this time. It seemed like stamina torture. But finally the sensations of the start of an orgasm began, and built up rapidly and powerfully. My dick was so super-sensitive from all the sex that it was almost numb, yet powerfully, exquisitely sensitive.

I felt the pressure growing in a comprehensive and detailed way I had never felt before. It was like my first orgasm ever, and I could sense very preparation for it occurring deep in my body.

Then the sensation of my wad being pushed up through my plumbing was so intense that I couldn't breathe. I felt every convulsion of what Tom was massaging in my ass as my wad was forced through my tubing. I felt my ass clenching down on his fingers, I felt that button in my ass pumping, I felt the cum surging through my urethra, and I felt the end of my dick expanding as the cum shot through it and into Tom's warm, wet, silky mouth.

Every... last... pulsation.

Even when I was no longer pumping any cum, I felt the working of it still. And Tom's mouth and tongue, and my balls riding upward, and my ass working on his fingers.

And then I collapsed to half sit and half lay on the couch. I was limp as a noodle. Not just my dick, but my entire body.

We kissed and hugged, and I jacked Tom off with both hands, playing with his balls and his ass and that spot inside, until he squirted a runny wad all over my hand and almost squealed the entire time he pumped it out.

 Then we kissed and relaxed, our hands roamed and explored. His body was so smooth and soft and warm. And his hands felt so good as they moved around on my body.

We couldn't get hard again. My dick felt hot and numb. My asshole felt stretched. Even my balls were sort of numb. And that place in my ass felt as if the nerves were shot or burned out - but it still felt tingly and awesome, too.

Tom asked, "Wanna come over to my place in the morning? My folks go to church at nine, and won't be home until after two. We can do it for hours."

His mischievous grin was adorable. I nodded and kissed him. We stayed in each other's arms for what seemed like only a minute, but it was almost midnight when I saw the time. If I wasn't home soon, I was going to be in so much trouble. I told him so, and he said he would too, but neither of us wanted to stop holding and kissing each other.

But we had to go. So we got dressed, snickering and making grabs at each other. We kissed at the door again, trying to stop, but unable to. But we had to. We snuck out, got on our bikes, and rode home.



Yes, I went over the next morning. And yes, we did it for hours. We did everything. I mean, everything. Until we were trying to do it some more but we couldn't get even a little hard, and our dicks were purple and sore. It was the best time of my life.

We did it together for almost a year before the guys figured us out. We lost a few of our friends, but over half still talked to us and hung out with us, and even asked us to hang out with them sometimes. And eventually, the whole school found out about us. That was hard, and bad at times, but that was the price we had to pay for what we had together.

We told our parents before the school year ended, before our friends figured us out. His freaked out and nearly kicked him out of the house, but after a couple of days they chilled and everything was okay. But Sunday mornings at his house while his parents were at church were over for good. My folks told me that they had suspected for a while. I guess I was more transparent than Tom. Once Tom started spending so many nights over at my place, or I stayed over at his, like every weekend, and the other guys weren't around as much, my folks began to know.

Tom and I have stayed together ever since. It's been four years now. We went to community college together, and now even work at the same company. We're open and out, and very happy.


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Very erotic and with a real ring if truth


06-11-2020, 06:17

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Beautiful story. I'm happy things have worked out for you guys. Very exciting. I wish you all the happiness and hopefully a lifetime together.


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Dylan checked in today, and read the comments. He says thanks! And he and Tom are still together and very happy. He's shocked almost ten thousand folks have read their story in three years.

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