Post Prom Party

Related to me as a real story, I agreed to turn it into a story and post it as anonymously submitted.

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Well, prom was over. For me, anyway. All I did was look at Clarice Henderson in her blue dress for more than a split second. That was all it took. Karen huffed off and wouldn't talk to me. She had her friends take her home.

So, hotel room all paid for, key in my pocket, and no date. And a raging hard-on. Before she caught me looking at Clarice, she had her hand on my butt and was letting me keep mine on hers. Dance after dance I got hands full of butt, and got my butt massaged, and now I was sitting at a table waiting for the damned hard-on to go away.

Kevin and Brian came and sat for a while, and when their girls came looking for them, had to take off. I left, too. I sat in my car and wondered where to go. I knew not to call Karen. She would call me when she was ready, and if I tried before then, she wouldn't answer. I was tired of trying, anyway. The longer I sat there and the longer I thought, the more sure I became that I was done with her anyway.

School was almost over, and we weren't going to the same college. In fact, I didn't think I was going to any college. Karen would, and was already set on Purdue. I grinned, thinking about being away from her. I knew we were done. I knew that I wasn't even going to call her, ever.

I felt a little better. I started the car and headed home. I only got to the parking lot exit when I saw Ben and Rich walking together away from the gym. They were dressed for the prom, but were obviously leaving it.

Ben waved, Rich saw who he was waving at, then waved, too. I waved back. They walked up to the car, so I rolled down my window.

"Karen throw a tantrum?" Rich asked.

I nodded and grinned. They knew her well enough to know exactly what happened.

"You should give chicks up," Ben said flatly.

"You know what, I am. I'm not calling her ass. She can stew until Monday. Then I'll tell her we're done. I'm tired of dancing around her moods and shit."

"Good for you!" Rich said, then offered a high-five.

I slapped hands with him.

Rich and I had been friends since junior high, and Ben had moved in right before high school. The three of us had spent that summer together. It had been a great summer. We made other friends in high school, so the three of us were hardly friends anymore. When they both came out, I was as shocked as anyone else. I had never suspected. I had even been angry at them for a while. I had even ignored them for a while. But eventually I got over it. We never did become as good of friends as we had been, but the three of us did return to talking and even hanging out sometimes.

"So, wanna come get stoned with us? We're heading over to John's party."

I knew John, and we got along a little, but I didn't want to hang around at what was probably going to be a gay party. I said so.

"Not a gay party," Ben said firmly. "Plenty of girls, too. And guys after girls. John isn't gay."

"Sure," I said doubtfully.

"He's not," Rich said. "He got a rep for it because he don't hate Ben and me. That's all. When we get there, we'll be the only gay guys, I'm sure."

And they were the only gay guys there. I knew almost everyone there, and most of them were boy and girl couples. And I had a good time. Everyone seemed to know that Karen stormed off, as if it were predictable. I realized that it was.

I drank one beer, but smoked a lot of pot. The music was good. There was poker, too. I was really having a good time. I had spent so much time tied down to Karen, that I had forgotten how much fun it was to just hang around and not be worried about what the girlfriend was thinking.

At midnight, the party started winding down. I was ready to go, but also ready to party more. I wanted to get ripped. When Ben and Rich asked if I could take them home, I said sure. I asked them if they wanted to get trashed.

"I got a hotel room. Since I ain't gonna get laid in it, how about we get trashed in it?"

They thought it was a great idea. I lifted a pint bottle of Old Grandad and pocketed it. We left and headed to the motel. It felt weird to walk in with Ben and Rich instead of Karen, but she had been a pain for too long. I wanted to have a fun night.

We locked ourselves in and Ben promptly rolled joints. We started smoking and passing the little bottle around. I had forgotten how much fun they were to be with. I had never known they were gay when we all hung out together. They had started telling people about a year after we had started hanging around with other friends more than each other. I didn't care, I was only surprised, and glad they had waited until I wasn't hanging around with them.

That became the topic of conversation. It turned out that they had wanted to tell me first, but we had moved into other circles of friends before they could. I didn't blame them. I told them that I had never cared. They were friends before, and I didn't mind being friends after knowing. We just didn't go out and do things together like we had before.

The bottle got lighter, and we got higher as the night went on. They told me about what it was like to have everyone know you're gay. How so many people would glare at them, how only some would be seen talking to them, how they had to be so careful about everything they said, and where they looked. It wasn't long before I was almost admiring them for their bravery.

It wasn't long before they tried talking me into trying stuff. I was getting pretty drunk, and high, but I wasn't that drunk, or that high. I told them so. They stopped making those comments, and I got back to feeling safer. It wasn't that I was worried they would force me to do something, it was more that I was worried that I might let them.

I'd had plenty of girls in high school, and plenty of sex. I knew what I liked, and it wasn't dicks. But sometimes, just once in a while, I would think about it. After Ben and Rich let everyone know about them, I thought about them. Not often, not a lot, but I did. I wondered what they did together, and if it was anything like with girls. I wondered if they gave good head or not. I wondered if it hurt to be fucked up the butt. And if it was tighter than pussy. And other stuff, too.

So, I was more worried I might get talked into something than I was they would ever try to force me into doing anything. I even wondered if I had asked them to the hotel room with some subconscious wish for sex with them. I hoped not.

We finished the little bottle of Old Grandad, and another joint. We were laughing and having a great time. We could talk to each other with half sentences and expressions, something I had found hard to do with others. Never with Ben and Rich. They were great friends, and I was enjoying being with them again. I wished I had never stopped hanging out with them. I said so.

They both looked at each other and blushed. I asked them what was up, and they told me.

"We both wished you had stuck around, too. We both, um, we both always liked you, a lot. You know, like that."

I turned red. I felt it.


They nodded together.

"Do you remember that night at Rich's, when I threw up and nobody knew why?"

I couldn't ever forget that night. He had puked all over his sleeping bag, and for no reason. We hadn't tried pot yet, or beer, and we hadn't done anything to make someone throw up. It was a mystery.

"I was, trying, to tell you," Ben said, looking at his hands.

"Tell me? What? That, you were gay?"

"No. That I, liked you. And yeah, that, I was gay. And, I, liked you. A lot."

He was shaking. Rich put his hand on his shoulder and said, "It's okay, man."

Ben leaned sideways and into Rich, who then put his arm around him and kissed the top of his head. It was as tender and sweet a thing I had ever seen someone do for somebody.

The reality that Ben and Rich were both gay was so real and so tangible right then, and for the first time for me. I was looking at them, just a couple of feet from them, and they were gay.

I watched Rich hold Ben, and try to make him feel better. It was weird. It was Ben and Rich, but they were, hugging. And holding each other. And they looked natural.

"I wished I had told you that night. Instead, you found out with everybody else," Ben said from Rich's chest.

Rich's hand smoothed his hair, his other held his hand.

"I... I don't know what to say. I mean, you could have told me. I think. I wouldn't have freaked out."

"No, you probably wouldn't. But I was. So bad. I thought you were gonna hate me if I told you."

"No way. Why'd you think that?"

He looked at me, and his answer was already in my head.

"I wouldn't have hated you," I answered again.

I was sure of that. I would have left, I was sure of that, too. And I might not have talked to either one of them for a while, but I wouldn't have hated him, or either of them.

Ben looked like he was seconds from crying. Rich looked as if he would join him if he did. They looked like they belonged together. I felt like an outsider.

"You guys, um, you, in love?"

"No," they laughed together.

"Just, we know about each other. And stuff," Rich said, letting Ben sit upright again.

"I only felt like I was in love for you," Ben said, forcing himself to meet my eyes.

I had to look away.

"Why me?"

"Why anyone?" was his answer.

"He did have it bad for you for a long time," Rich said with a snicker.

"Shut up," Ben said bashfully.

"How long?" I asked.

Ben stared at me.

"Since eighth grade."

I was stunned.

"You... since... all that time?"

He nodded.


He nodded.

"Holy shit," was all that I could say.


"No, man, don't be. I mean, I knew you guys were gay, I just didn't know you, had a thing for me."

They snickered. I had to, too.

"I've got a thing for you, alright. I just wish you'd play with it."

We laughed.

I'd seen them both naked in junior high in the showers, Rich in tenth grade, and Ben last year. I had hardly looked, I just wasn't that interested. But it was obvious he had a thing, alright.

I'd always been straight, just sometimes curious, and right then, fairly buzzed on pot and Old Grandad, I suddenly found myself considering something that I had never before seriously considered. I was shocked at myself for even letting the idea go past the first instant.

"What if I did?"

Ben blinked repeatedly, stunned. Rich grinned and blushed.

"So, what if I did?" I asked again.

I couldn't believe I was thinking what I was thinking. Or that I was already getting hard just thinking about it.

"You... you... I mean, you'd... "

"If we did some stuff that was, I don't know... just no pain."

"Pain?" Rich asked. "What's pain got to do with it? Unless you like that."

"No," I said quickly. "I'm not into pain or anything. I mean... look... "

I didn't know what I meant.

I tried to sort out what I was thinking, but the booze and pot made it all fuzzy and confusing. Not as if the situation itself wasn't, right?

"You mean, you, might?" Ben asked, looking so hopeful.

I shrugged.

"I mean, I guess, just so long, as, I don't know, so long as I don't have to, you know, take it up the butt. Or something."

"There's more to do than just that," Ben said. "We can do whatever, just, if you don't want to do something, you can just say no to it."

"You won't make me try to, like, take it?"

"No! Man, no."

"And we don't have to kiss, right?"


He seemed a little disappointed then.

"I mean, I'll do some stuff. I mean, Karen left me with blue-balls extremis. I mean, shit. But, I just don't know for sure."

"What if I said all you gotta do is lay back and enjoy? I'd do everything. And if you don't like something, just say so and I'll stop?"

I swallowed hard. It sounded pretty good.

"But, what would you do?"

He laughed and blushed.

Rich coughed and stood up, then said, "I guess I can go for a walk. Maybe head home. It's only a couple miles. See you guys later."

"No, don't leave," I said before I thought about it. But I suddenly didn't want him to leave. It wasn't that I didn't want to be alone with Ben, I was sure of that. I wasn't so sure why I wanted him to stay, but I did. And it didn't take long before I knew why.

When Rich sat back down, Ben seemed relieved. They were used to each other, and comfortable around each other. I wondered how comfortable. It seemed insane, but intensely appealing. If I was going to experiment, why not go all the way?

"So, what would you do?" I asked Ben again.

"I'd give you the best head you've ever had," he said as if he believed it.

After a few seconds of silence, Rich said, "He would, too."

I laughed a little.

"Would you, too?" I asked Rich.

He was stunned.

"I've never had a double blow-job."

My dick was throbbing at the thought, even if it was with two guys.

It was Ben and Rich.

It was two old friends.

And I was horny.

And stoned.

And drunk.

Rich said, "Dude, I'd give a nut to give you double-head with Ben!"

He looked almost as if he really would, too. Which surprised me, a lot.

Ben looked surprised, too.

I got up from the table and sat down on the bed. I didn't even try to hide the tent in my formal slacks. I leaned back so that it was obvious. I had briefs on, but they weren't keeping it from standing up like a missile.

They looked at each other with expressions that were hard to describe. They laughed and said, "Oh, shit," together.

I couldn't believe I had said what I had said, or that I was sitting on the bed, waiting for them to come over and do sex things to me. My heart was pounding in my ears, and in my crotch. I was as excited and sexually fired up as the first time I had gotten some from a girl. I was even shaking a little.

My stomach fell some as they both stood up and walked over to sit down on both sides of me.

"So, what do we do?" I asked, surprised that I had a voice.

"You lay back and let us do the work," Ben said, pushing me onto my back.

I laid back and watched as they pulled my shirt up and then over my head. Ben started kissing down my chest, which felt great. Rich started around my bellybutton and moved around it. Both of them ran hands up and down my thighs. I could hear them breathing quickly, and only then noticed that I was, too.

I didn't think I was going to last long once they got down to doing anything. My dick was jumping in my shorts, and I was sure I was making a wet spot.

They were tickling and kissing and licking my chest and belly, and it felt great. When their hands found my groin, I was sure I wasn't going to last long at all. And they knew what they were doing. I guess they had plenty of practice.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall onto the bed when one of them put a hand down the front of the dress pants and wrapped their fingers around my hard-on. I gasped, it felt so good. They started taking my dress pants off, and by the time my legs were free, the other was fondling my balls in my briefs. Then they took off my briefs and started playing with my dick and balls, and I felt that pressure building up.

"Shit, I'm not gonna last!" I said as I sat up.

"Sure you are," Ben said with a grin that made me wonder what he was thinking.

They laid down next to me and told me to undress them. It seemed kind of kinky, but I did it. I'd never taken the clothes off a guy before, so doing it was a little awkward, and felt weird. I never lost my hard-on, though, and found it was pretty exciting. They were both well built, and nothing to scoff at. I almost liked taking their clothes off. When I got Rich down to his shorts, I remembered what was down there. The tip was pushing up against the waistband of his shorts, trying to get out. I had to be careful taking his shorts down. Once they were gone, it had to be eight inches if it wasn't nine, and it was standing up hard and straight. Ben's was shorter, but thicker, and by the time I got his briefs off, he was drooling pre-cum all over the place.

I liked looking at them naked. They were good looking guys, and fit, and built. No washboard abs, no bulging muscles, but firm. Rich was thinner and pretty hairy, from his chest to his belly, his thighs and his legs. Even his pubes were thick and dense. Maybe it was that his hair was darker, but I didn't think so. Ben was slightly heavier, stocky and soft, but not fat, and almost smooth and hairless. His blond bush was thick, though. I didn't just stare at their dicks, either. They had nice, big balls, and I found them interesting. I wanted to hold them, roll them around, play with them.

"You can do anything you want," Ben said, grinning.

I played with their balls. It was awesome. I loved how they felt. It was intensely hot. They were both enjoying it, too. I loved how they fell as they moved and rolled around in my hands. Ben's sack was darker than Rich's, but otherwise, they were very similar. Rich's balls might have been a little smaller, but only a very little amount. There was something just awesome about playing with their balls. Satisfying, enjoyable, just plain fun.

When I wrapped my fingers around their cocks, they both sighed. It was so cool to play with their dicks. One was long and thin, the other shorter and thick. Both of them were hot and hard, and I could feel their heartbeats in them. I stroked them, from tip to base, watching how their different skins moved differently. Ben's cock was almost hidden by his when my hand was up at the top, but Rich's almost had no loose skin at all. Ben's was blunt and rounded, Rich's more pointed and angular.

I had been playing with them for a while when I looked up and saw that they were kissing. I was stunned for a second, but it passed. It looked like they really liked it. Their hands were roaming all over each other, too. It looked nice.

I knew they were probably hoping that I would give them head, but I didn't think I could. I had no idea how, and I wasn't sure I even wanted to. It seemed almost silly. I kept jacking them off, and they kept kissing and touching each other.

Sometimes I stopped jacking them to play with their balls again. They felt great. I always liked playing with my own when I jacked off, so I wasn't surprised I liked playing with theirs. The feeling of them rolling around in my fingers was awesome!

Suddenly I was nearly cumming. I didn't expect it, and it almost happened before I knew what was going on. A string of fluid hung out the end of my dick as it jerked, almost as if it had cum. I felt the pressure still down beneath, so I knew I hadn't actually cum, but it sure felt as if my dick had. I ignored it, or tried to, and kept playing with their cocks and balls.

Ben kept producing pre-cum like crazy. At first I was a little grossed out that his cock was getting so wet and slippery, but once I got used to it, it was neat. His head was almost always wet and slippery with his pre-cum, and before very long I was enjoying how I could slide my fist over his slippery head and cock. Rich got wet, too, but nothing like Ben, so I kept jacking him by moving what little loose skin he had over the hard shaft of his cock.

In a few minutes, Ben sat up and pulled my hand away from his cock. It had started turning red, and I was wondering if he was getting close. Rich sat up, too.

"You lay down," Ben said to me.

I did, and they went back to taking care of me, but this time, they turned so that I could reach their junk while they worked mine. It was sort of a sixty-nine, but I was in the middle. A six-nine-six? It was awesome.

They lay on their sides, facing me, and were taking care of my erection with lips and tongues. It felt incredible. Especially when they took turns sucking. They only sucked for a few seconds, then quit. They would play with my balls and stroke me slowly, then suck again for a few seconds. It was excruciating!

I kept stroking them, playing with their balls. Their cocks were just inches from my face, and it was neat to get such a close look at two different cocks. I had never seen one so close, and it was interesting. Everything was different about them. Size, shape, colors, width, everything. Even the size and shape of the hole in the ends were different. Ben kept oozing pre-cum, Rich only did a little drop from time to time. They smelled different, too. Ben was spicy and strong, Rich barely had an almost musky scent.

One thing that was the same, though, was they way they bounced when I blew on them. I tried it once just to see what would happen, and it made them both groan. Soon I was blowing across them, into their little holes, over and under. They giggled and moaned.

They started sucking me longer, and taking longer breaks between doing so. It was becoming almost crazy.

I was blowing air over Ben's thick cock when he pushed forward some, and the tip went between my lips. I jerked back in surprise. I tasted something salty. I knew it was his pre-cum. I licked it off my lips before I thought about it. It didn't make me sick. I didn't even have to throw up.

I blew across his head again, and this time I put my lips on it, too. He pushed forward a little, and I let it inside. It was salty, and warm, and smooth, and soft. I let more in. The whole head. I felt the edges on my lips. I sucked. I heard him groan, "Oh, shit!"

I shivered. It wasn't so bad. I knew how good it felt, and it felt good that I was causing it for him. I sucked harder and let more of it into my mouth. It had almost no taste, other than the saltiness from his pre-cum. I felt a deep thrill. I sucked harder and let more in. It wasn't long at all before he was fucking my mouth and I was licking and sucking his cock.

He warned me, but I didn't care. I felt his cock swell up and pulse, and then I tasted a thick, slimy, salty, almost sweet fluid filling my mouth. It wasn't horrible at all. I'd tasted my own before, so I knew what it might taste like. Ben's was different, maybe a little stronger, so it wasn't so bad. I tried to swallow it, but it got all over and leaked past my lips. He bucked and jerked a lot, so that didn't help. I kept sucking, knowing how great that felt. He came so much I had no chance of keeping it from leaking all over the place. I couldn't have swallowed all of his cum if I had practiced. It just kept coming. I never knew a guy could cum so much! I started counting at five shots, I think, and he kept going until I counted twelve. I think he even shot a couple times more, just nothing came out. I didn't stop sucking and licking. He groaned and moaned for a while, taking it, but had to pull out.

I didn't wait one second before I turned to Rich's cock and did the same thing. He jerked and wiggled a bit at first, but then got down to moving his cock in and out of my mouth. He was longer, and pushed against the back of my throat several times. I didn't like that, and he probably noticed and obviously tried not to again. I couldn't take all of it. It was just way too long. It was thinner, though, and I found that I could move my tongue all around his head and shaft. I was sucking him hard when he warned me. I pushed my head forward and tried to take as much of him as I could. He held still, shivering, and then fired. He didn't come nearly as much as Ben had. I was ready this time, too. I felt it actually coming out of him. It was hot and slippery, sticky, too. Salty, musky, but no hint of sweetness like Ben's.

I licked and sucked as best as I could. I hoped I was doing well. He groaned and hissed a lot, so I felt sure I wasn't doing badly, at least. I bobbed up and down, too, like I liked for girls to do to me. I stroked it, too, all wet and sloppy, like I liked. He jerked and groaned. It was great!

Then all of a sudden, one of them was doing something wild to me! I didn't know what he was doing, but it was warm, wet, soft, and felt like the best thing ever done to my dick! I groaned, I couldn't help it. Whatever he was doing, it was pure bliss! I wished I could do it for him, too, whatever it was.

I didn't have time, though. I was there. I said so, but it was almost too late. Suddenly I was cumming like a fire hose! It felt like hot oatmeal was being pumped through my dick at high pressure! I couldn't breathe, let alone do anything to Rich's dick. My whole body went rigid and tense, and I groaned so loud that I was sure if there was anybody in the next room they knew what was going on. But it was so good!

Then it was over. I felt like I had just played through a double overtime game. Only better.

Someone milked the last drops out of my dick. I looked down and saw it was Ben. He licked it away. He softly kissed and lipped my head and cupped my balls. It was nice.

Rich tickled my thigh with a finger, making circles. It felt great, too.

I let my head fall back onto the bed again. I looked at the two dicks on both sides of me.

I felt weird. I knew what I had just done, but it didn't bother me. It was fun. I'd liked it. And the way they both kept touching and playing was soothing and playful, and I liked it a lot. I started toying with their cocks and balls. Touching, tickling, stroking, just toying around. I rubbed my hands down their thighs and up their sides. I even ran it over their butts a couple of times. It was restful, and relaxing, and nice.

We didn't say anything for so long. Rich got up and went to the bathroom. By the time he got back, Ben had changed position and was cuddling up behind me. It was nice, too. I grinned at Rich. He grinned back. He lay down in front of me then scooted back. I liked it, being sandwiched between them. It was warm and cozy, and nice. And it felt safe. And good.

After long minutes, Ben broke the silence.

"Was it okay?" he whispered in my ear, loud enough that I was sure Rich could hear him.

I laughed.



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Robb DeSimone

31-03-2020, 13:57

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Hot story. Well done. Made me want to hear more.


19-08-2020, 07:35

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Beautiful storytelling. Beautiful plot. Gorgeous sex exploration!


08-11-2020, 19:20

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OMG, so very HOT!! So what happened afterwards? We gotta know more. Don't leave us hanging. LOL


16-04-2021, 06:53

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such a nice story but you left me hanging it cant end there i would like to read more

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