Holiday surprises


Holiday Surprises 1

Holiday Surprises

Part One: Thanksgiving Surprise

Part Two:   Christmas Surprises

Part Three: New Year Surprises


Mitch is fourteen, and he knows he's gay. He's accepted it. He hasn't told anyone, including his seventeen-year-old brother and parents. Over Thanksgiving break, he discovers his brother and their eighteen-year-old cousin making a video, and what they do together stuns him, and leads to a holiday season none of them, nor their younger cousins, will ever forget.

A three-part true tale of sexual discovery and exploration.

Contains incest and underage encounters.

This story began as one of the very first True First Time Tales. The teller assured me the Thanksgiving Surprise story was true and factual. While working on it together, we decided to include the events that followed the initial story and make it a stand-alone short series instead.

It is written in contemporary-narrative style, as if he were still fourteen and the events are currently happening, but they occurred quite a few years ago.

Series - Holiday Surprises