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Working With Riley

  Rated X   Adult/Teen



A true story from a reader.
Sometimes readers write in with a story they'd like to tell, and when I have the time I work with them through email or Skype. Most of them are True First Time Tales, but some aren't, like this one. I guess if I wrote it as seen through the eyes of Riley, it could fit there, but it wasn't told to me by Riley, so this one goes into the Short Stories section as one of the True Readers' Tales.


I work for a company that does restoration work after disasters. We travel all around the central US repairing houses after fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, all kinds of such things. I've been doing this for five years now, and really enjoy it. There's nothing like seeing the homeowners return to a house you've fixed up after last seeing in a state of total disaster.

Usually I get my own hotel room, and since the company pays for a double-occupancy, they give me half that amount at the end of the job for each day. It's way cheaper to share a room, but I like the privacy. They also give a per-diem of $100 for food and other necessities. On top of the pay, it makes for a pretty damned good paycheck. Enough that I can take every other job or so and still make enough for my own home and car and plenty left over for savings.

I shared a room a lot when I first started, and learned that construction men are not shy. I saw more dick and ass by sharing a room than I expected. I even got sex of various forms on occasion. So I do share from time to time, just on the off chance I might get a playful roommate. Turns out at least ten percent of construction guys are either gay or open to some playing around. There were even times I meet someone when I had my own room, and we moved into a shared room after starting the job in singles or them sharing with someone else.

So, after the flood in Kentucky, I went home and took a couple of weeks off. Then the company calls and wants me to lead a crew on a restoration job in Virginia after a tornado. It's the first time I've been offered to lead a job. I've been trained on leading for over a year, and I'm looking forward to the extra responsibility and pay.

I get the crew list in email, and it contains all the info about the guys and gals who will be working the job. I see that most are familiar names I've worked with before, except for two new names, and one college student. We get college kids from time to time for one or two jobs, so no surprise there. One of the new names is listed as a new employee, the other is just someone I haven't worked with before who's been with the company for three years.

One of the first things a crew leader has to do is get the accommodations sorted. Nearly everyone wants their own rooms, except the college kid, the guy who I haven't met, and one of the guys I know. There are two ladies, and they both want to share, so that's an easy one. So I call the guy I know, who has the most time with the company of the three, and ask him if he knows this guy I don't. He does, and says they've worked together before, and sharing a room would be no trouble. Good, that's taken care of. One left, and that means the company isn't going to reimburse them for a single, only half the cost of a double. I call the college kid, Riley. I imagine he's trying to save as much money as possible, and wants to share a room for that reason. And when I talk to him, sure enough, he wants to save every penny he can. He understands the difference, and he's kind of upset that he's going to lose almost fifty bucks a day because he has to get his own room.

Riley sounds pretty nice, and really smart, and I hate screwing him, but the company is not going to pay him for his own room, and there isn't anyone left to pair up with. He takes it kind of hard, but understands.

I call the usual brand of hotel the company prefers to use that is close to the houses we'll be fixing up, and get the rooms. Being the crew lead, I get a single the company will pay for. Then I make the other arrangements, call the company to set everything, and I'm done until I drive over 300 miles to the hotel tomorrow.

I'm always ready, so all I have to do the next morning is throw the suitcases in my truck, make sure I didn't forget anything, like the things I'll need for my first crew-lead job, and head out in the morning.

By the time I find the hotel, I see why we're needed. I had to drive through some pretty messed up areas to get to the hotel. I drove past all four project houses, and see we have a full slate on our hands. My hands. I stop at each house and do an inspection, and see that all need roofs, interior drywall, flooring and carpeting, and doors and trim, as well as windows and siding. At least the walls are all intact. We don't do complete rebuilds, just refurbishing of damaged houses and small buildings. Other companies do entire rebuilds and demolitions.

I figure on four weeks, minimum, and the usual tradesmen requirements. The local unions and trades guilds are great ways to find guys with the needed skill quickly.

As soon as I get situated in the my hotel room, I call around and arrange for the needed guys to do the jobs our guys don't do, like electricians, plumbing, air and heat and ducting, all those specialized trades. With all the damaged houses and buildings, I can't get all the guys I need, so I'll be making calls on the job site every day until I can make arrangements for the right guys at the right times. A crew leader's job is never done.

By the afternoon, the guys have arrived, and we meet up in the hotel diner. No drinking on the job, so no meeting up in the hotel bar. Besides, one of the guys is only 20, and the college kid is 18 and hasn't even started college yet - his classes don't start for over a month.

Most of the guys are pretty good looking guys, a couple are older, a couple are heavy, and one is just plain fugly as hell. Both gals are darned hot, and the guys are busting at the bit, if you know what I mean, but they've worked with both of these ladies before. But, damn, that college kid is hot as fuck. And so familiar. He's not from my hometown, and we can't have met anywhere, but he looks so familiar from somewhere. He says he's never been on television or anything, but I know his face from somewhere. I just can't remember where. I give up by dinner, and figure he just looks a lot like someone I know or have seen somewhere. The guys say they don't see anything familiar about him at all, other than some good-natured teasing about looking like a white Erkel. Which, to be fair, is wrong. He's no studly type, but he's not total dork like that Erkel guy. Both ladies clearly are lesbians, and I don't doubt have been with each other before. But they do throw some teases at the kid, who blushes.

As we break up after dinner, the college kid asks me if he can talk to me for a minute. I say, "Sure,  come on outside while I have a smoke." I do love a cigarette after dinner.

"I haven't had a cig since high school," the kid says. "Bum me one?"

"You probably should just stick away from 'em." I say. "They're killers. I try to keep to less than half a pack a day, but it's tough."

"Yeah, I know. But after a meal, nothing beats a smoke," he says.

I can't argue with that, so I hand him one and lend him my lighter.

"I can't get over how familiar you look," I tell him again.

"I wish I knew, but I've never been out of Louisville in my life, except to see family a few times, and then only around the area. I went to New York for my senior trip."

"Yeah, been there, but it wasn't last year."

 He has a real all-American look. Maybe that's all it is.

We smoke a bit, and I ask him a few questions about what he's studying and such, then ask what he wants to talk about.

"I was hoping there was some way I could get a shared room. I really need the fifty bucks a day."

"I wish there was. You can talk to the other guys tomorrow on the job, and see if any of the ones with their own room will share one with you. We can change that with the company and get you set up the same day."

"Okay, thanks."

If I was willing to risk my job, I'd offer to share my room with him. But I doubt I could share a bed with him without raping him. He's just too fucking hot to keep my hands off. I know I'd try taking a peek and a feel as he slept - at least. If I didn't try getting him drunk and trying to get him to let me suck him off, or more.

He's a smart kid, studying architecture and engineering. He wants to design houses, apartment buildings, and condos. He figures working on houses and rebuilding them will be good for designing them. Smart kid. Good work ethic, too. So far, anyway. We'd see how hard he works tomorrow.

We finish our cigarettes and head inside. I sneak a peek at his ass. Damn. Fit kid. Nice ass.

I get to my room, take care of work business, and watch some television. When the news ends, I turn on the laptop, and start browsing my porn. I download a lot of porn when I'm home for when I'm on the road so that I don't show up as browsing gay porn on the hotels' logs. I know some places can see what site addresses their guests are visiting. So I'm going through some vids I have, and I see Riley's face. Well, not him, but he could be him. Really. I mean, he looks  just like the guy!

Well, except for a little mole on the left side of Riley's chin, he looks fucking identical. Or nearly identical. They could be twin brothers, close cousins, or almost clones.

So I whack one out watching the video, and imagining Riley is the guy in the video. Which is easy with the guy looking so much like Riley. Damn.

The next morning, we all have breakfast, make riding arrangements, and then head out to the site. Riley ended up riding with me. I cannot get over how much he looks like the guy in the video. I almost ask him if he'd ever uploaded any videos of himself jacking off - but, you know. So I'm hard the entire drive sitting next to him.

By lunch, it's obvious I have a great crew, and that Riley is not afraid of hard work. He busts ass and does what he's told, and what he sees needs done that won't interfere with our plans. And during lunch, Riley points out that he wants to save the fifty bucks a day, and asks if anyone is willing to share a room with him. David almost agrees, but teeters out, saying he likes having his own room, and he's not sure about sharing with a kid anyway. He jokes, "Hard to enjoy the hotel porn with someone else in the room."

We all laugh, including Riley, who blushes, and that leads to a bout of good-natured teasing of the kid. He takes it well and even dishes out a few in return. I can see that guy in the video every time I look at him. I can't stop wondering if their bodies are as identical as their faces.

The rest of the day goes really well, and we head back to the hotel about seven. A usual twelve hour day, and we got a lot done. Riley is tired, but he's young and still has plenty of energy. He also gripes about losing fifty bucks a day.

When we got to the hotel, I let Riley head up to his room, and I stop to ask the clerk at the desk about changing my room to a double. He says he can, but they only have a deluxe double available, and I know the company isn't going to pay the extra. Since we use the chain a lot, the hotel will only charge the company for a standard double if I agree to pay the extra. Great!

Now to let Riley know. The only problem is I worry I'm going to get in trouble - I really doubt I'll be able to keep my hands off him. But I hope I can get by with only beating it off under the covers while he's in the shower, or maybe seeing him in his underwear. I've seen plenty of the guys in their underwear. Most construction men are not shy.

So I knock on his door. He doesn't answer, so I head to my room. After I shower and change, I call his room.

After he answers, I tell him I'm willing to share a room with him, and the company will pay him the half of the double-occupancy rate per day. He's really happy and can't stop thanking me. I tell him he has the room for the night, but he should bring his things up to the new room in the morning.

I spend the rest of the night whacking myself silly so that I won't be horny the first night. I hope he takes long showers, though I'll probably be able to get off really quickly thinking about him while he's in the shower anyway, especially considering I probably know what he looks like naked.

The next morning, we bump into each other in the new room. He offers the bed by the window, and since I don't care, I take it. We have a nice balcony, too. We head down to breakfast after getting our things in the dressers, and after I tell him not to tell the guys we're sharing a room.

"The company pays the crew leader for his own room, so don't let them know I'm sharing a double. I don't want any trouble on my first crew-leading job."

"No problem!" he says enthusiastically. "I'm too glad to save the money to blow it."

We head down to breakfast, me in the elevator, him in the stairs.

"The more I work out, the better shape I'll be in for the team when try-outs start," he says.

Good ethic.

Another good day. It's so easy to see Riley naked as he works. I just imagine the guy in the porn video. It's amazing to see someone who looks so much like someone you've seen naked and masturbating.

Back at the hotel, Riley offers me the shower first. I accept, and take a nice, long, hot one. With a good wanking, too, pretending Riley is in there with me.

When I get out, Riley is down to his boxers, sitting on the bed, clothes on his lap. Great chest! Almost no hair, nice pinkish nipples, smooth abs, damn. He walks past me, and I take a quick glance. His boxers hide his ass more than his work jeans, so no big thrill there. But those legs... just like the guy in the video - almost no hair, nice and lean, oh, man.

So I end up whacking another one out while he's in the shower. Just imagining Riley's naked body, just like the guy in the videos, showering, just a few feet away... oh yeah!

So, he comes out wearing clean jeans. They cover his ass better than his work jeans, but those legs... and his chest, and his wet hair... wow. And he brushes his hair back a couple of times, revealing so little hair under his arms I can't believe he's over sixteen. He goes out on the balcony and lets his body dry further before he comes in and puts on a shirt, then socks. I got no problem with that.

Dinner goes well, and the guys are in good spirits. Back in our room, Riley uses the bathroom, and comes out in just sweat-shorts. He puts his clean clothes on the dresser, and I realize he wears the same ones every day after work to save on laundry. Good idea.

We have different tastes in shows, but we settle on this and that without arguments. He's easy to get along with. He also seems to prefer watching shows online, so we don't have to argue over the television anyway. Then he reads. Yeah, a reader. Wow. Then we get to bed after I finish an update for the company.

The entire week went great. Good weather, good crew, good suppliers, no troubles.

We work six days a week, Sundays off. If we have to work Sundays to keep up or catch up, it's double-time. So usually the guys actually like working a Sunday or two now and then. But not the first one, ever.

So on Sunday, no alarm clock, and I sleep in. I wake up to the sound of the shower. I beat one off well before the water is shut off, so I'm sure he had one off in there. He goes down for Sunday brunch, I order room service.

We spend most of the day doing separate things, and apart. He even went out to explore the city a bit. That night he sat around in cut-off sweat pants and nothing else. It was a great day off.

The next week went great, except on Saturday. The forecast all week had been for rain and some storms, maybe some strong storms on Saturday, and less rain on Sunday. We had some down time through the week, but not much. On Saturday we weren't on site for more than two hours when the weather turned to shit. I check the weather on my phone, and the forecast has been updated to heavy rains almost all day. Some storms, and some possibly severe. The radar is solid green with a lot of yellow and red, all coming our way all day. I call it a day and we head to the hotel.

We're all drenched, and Riley gives me the shower first. I had wanked one out that morning before Riley woke up, so I didn't bother. Judging by the time Riley took in the shower, he wanked a couple out.

We had lunch with the guys downstairs, and some of the guys went out to find bars for later tonight. I went upstairs, and after a couple of hours, Riley came in.

It was storming really hard, and the lights flickered from time to time.

"You ever been on the job and had the hotel wrecked by a storm?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah. Once, in Louisville, I was working on tornado damaged houses, and while we were out working, the hotel was hit. We came back to a wrecked building and our stuff blown all over that part of town."

"Is that why you called off today?"

"Yes and no. I'd rather not be here if the place is hit, but I'd even more rather not be in a wrecked house when a tornado hits it. Or even a bad storm. There isn't even a roof out there, but here we have nice dry room and electricity and all that. And if a tornado hits here, they'll sound the alarm and we can head downstairs to the shelter."

We chatted a bit, and then the phone rang about six. It was one of the guys, asking if I wanted to go out and have some beers with them. I said no, but thanks, like a good crew leader should. I've worked with crew leaders who went out drinking with the guys. Even if things went well and there wasn't any trouble, it still weakened the crew leader's authority a bit with some of the guys.

Riley asked, "You don't drink?"

"Oh, I'll drink when I feel like it. I just don't go out drinking with the guys when I'm the crew leader. They might need someone to come bail them out."

He laughed, and I told it had happened before, and probably would again.

"Do you drink much?" he asked.

"No, not really. But I do like a few beers sometimes. To be honest, I could use a couple tonight. But I'm not going to start bar hoping with the crew."


By now I was getting to know Riley pretty well, and I could tell that he was thinking something.

So I asked, "What's on your mind?"

He shrugged at me.

"Come on, out with it," I told him.

"Well, I was wondering, what would you think if I asked if you'd get us a couple beers?"

He blushed pretty cutely.

Now, I immediately thought of the temptation of a drunk Riley in my room. But I was doing great about not going there. And I thought of the legal woes if I bought an underage kid some beers. I even wondered if he was trying to entrap me, and was working for the company trying to check out how I rolled on my first leading job.

He was no mole, or agent. I was sure. And he was blushing so cutely that I knew he wasn't trying anything of the sort.

"Well, I'd think you were the typical college student trying to get an older guy to buy you beer," I said, with a laugh.

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, guess so. Just asking. I mean, I've drank beers before. I've partied kind of hard. Been drunk more than a few times. You don't grow up in a farming town and not get drunk on weekends."

"Every weekend?"

"No, but most," he laughed.

I thought about it for a long few minutes. I really could use a beer or two. We'd busted ass all week, and done a great job. I deserved it. So did Riley.

"You wouldn't tell anyone if I got us a few beers?" I asked.

He looked at me with a cute smile, and said, "Hell no, man."

"Okay. I'll be back in a few."

I got dressed, and headed out to the liquor store I'd seen on the way to the work sites every day. I didn't know how much to buy, but they had Michelob on sale, so I got a case, figuring I could drink off it for quite a while, if not the rest of the job. If I could keep Riley from drinking it every day. I also figured it would be a good test to see just how he handled having beer around. Some kids his age would drink it until it was gone, some wouldn't touch it except when they had the time. I figured knowing which kind he was would be handy for the next job we worked together.

I got back to the hotel, and Riley was all grins as I opened a bottle and handed it to him.

"You're not one of those guys who drinks himself into a stupor, are you?" I asked.

"Hell no. I'll have like three, maybe four. Then I'll be all relaxed and probably eat something and fall asleep."

He took a swig.

"Hmmm, better than Miller."

"That what you usually get?"

"That's what's usually on sale in town, so yeah, that's what the guys usually get."

He didn't slam it down, and he didn't sip it. He didn't have his second until I did. He had his third after we had the pizza I offered to get us. Damned good pizza, too. Mom and Pop shops usually have the best around.

I opened my fourth and asked if he wanted another.

"Nah, had enough," he said. "Got a good buzz going, feel really mellow, and ready to just chill and shit."

Good ethic. I really liked this kid. In many ways.

I was also a bit let down. I had been hoping he would get smashed, pass out, and I could do some exploring. The beer was loosening my restrictions, and I expected I would, too. If he'd drank enough. But since he hadn't, I didn't need to worry about it. No way I was going to poke and prod around in his pants if he wasn't good and passed out.

Around ten, he was laying on his back on the bed, holding his phone in front of himself, wearing just his sweat-shorts. I was taking plenty of glances. The kid was hot. I noticed that his bulge was growing. No doubts. I watched out of the corner of my eye. He adjusted it a bit, more than once, pretty slyly. This got me hard as hell.

I checked the weather, and was sure we wouldn't be working tomorrow.

He got up and went to the bathroom. His bed was closer to it, so he never faced me. I was sure he was going to whack one out. I immediately tugged the front of my shorts and underwear down and got busy. Damned if he didn't come out after just a couple of minutes, face still in the phone. Good thing, too. I had time to whip my shorts and underwear back up before he could notice.

This time he was walking toward me, and I didn't see any bulge. I guessed he whacked one off quick. Ah, youth.

As he sat down on the bed, he tossed his phone onto the table pretty roughly. He didn't look very happy.

"What was that about?"

"Vicky won't answer my texts."

His girlfriend. Latest one, anyway. We'd talked enough that I knew he'd had four.

"Why not?"

He sighed, then said, "She didn't want me to do this job. She wanted me to stay around home all summer, and go to college right before it started."

"Ah, sounds like love," I offered.

"Nah. She's just controlling is all."


"Yeah. She thinks she knows best, and all that. Always wants me to do what she thinks is the right thing."

"Sounds like you do what you want. You came to work this job, didn't you?"

"Yeah. But it's pretty much the first thing I've done that she didn't want me to."

"So after two weeks she's mad now?"

"No. She's been pissy both weeks. But she wanted me to come home over the weekends. When I didn't this one, I guess she's pissed enough to not answer my texts."

"Chicks," I whined.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Can't live with em..."

He laughed. So did I.

"They are hard to live with," I said.

"You ever live with one?"

"Sure," I lied. "Two years." That was a he, but Riley didn't have to know that. "Was pretty good for a while, but yeah, they get controlling. Want to know why you aren't home at the usual time if you stop to say hi to someone and don't tell 'em. All that."

"Yeah. Once, I was late getting home from practice, and she went off for almost an hour. Said I should have called her. I wasn't even supposed to meet up with her or anything. Geeze."


He sighed and slumped down in the bed. Then he asked, "Can I have another beer?"

"Yeah, I guess you could use another," I said.


"Want one?" he asked.

"Sure. Why not?"

I could drink another three or four before I got actually drunk.

He got up and walked to the little fridge in the kitchenette and got two. He opened one and handed it to me. I saw his bulge up nice and close. Those sweat-shorts hid it for the most part, but you know how they give little hints and such. I'd looked at his hands enough by now to see he had longish fingers. And he wore size twelve shoes. Nothing big, but... yeah.

He smelled like soap and shampoo. Nice.

So we drank and talked girl troubles. And drank. He got to six. He was sort of relaxing and losing the poor mood, but not entirely.

"The only reason I really like Vicky is she gives good head."

"Yeah, that can be a factor. But if she's so controlling, is it worth it?"

"Good head is," he laughed.

"Yeah, maybe. Best head you've ever gotten?"

"Oh, yeah. Her mouth runs a lot, but it's good at doing that at least. Thing is, she makes it like a reward. Like I'm a dog that needs a treat. She'll only do it if I do what she wants first. Or do what she wants all week, or something like that."

"Yeah. A lot of women learn to use head that way. A lot won't even do it anyway."

"Yeah. She's the first girl I've gone with that does it at least. Or more than once in a great while. Most won't even."

"True. A lot of older women don't do it."

"Yeah. Not like guys. I've got this gay friend back home, and he offers to all the time."

I perked up at that!

"You ever let him?"

"Nah. I could get it from chicks, so I didn't need to let him. Sometimes I thought about it, but if I can get it from a chick I don't need to let him do it."

"Yeah. They say guys can give better head than chicks, though."

"Yeah. He said so too. I can see why, I guess. I mean, guys would know where the sensitive spots are, and all that."

"Yeah. They sure do."

He looked over at me, and paused, then asked, "You ever had a guy give you head?"

I thought about it for a minute before I answered.

"Yeah, I have. A buddy a few years ago. We got drunk, and I knew he was gay, and he made the offer, and I let him."

His eyes widened a bit more, then he asked, "Was it, like, better?"

I smiled really wide, and said, "Riley, it was the best head I've ever had. By far."


"Hell yeah. I mean, that saying about guys knowing what feels good? Oh, hell. He proved it. At least, he proved a guy who wants to give head, and who has, sure knows what to do."


"Oh, yeah. I mean, he did some things I didn't even know about. Man!"

I laughed and smiled really big.

"Like what?"

"Dude, Riley, man, let's just say, he knew how to use his tongue. I guess any guy would, more than most chicks. I mean... anyway. Yeah. He knew what to do with his tongue, and his hands, and some other stuff."


I saw him adjust himself. I didn't know if he was turned on, or just had a woody from talking about head, or was just doing a comfort adjustment. But it gave me full one.

"Yeah. When you get back home, if your gay friend offers again, I suggest you take him up on it."

"Won't it make things weird between us, though?"

"If you let it. After Daniel gave me that blow-job, it was kind of weird at first, especially around our friends. But when I realized it didn't change everything, or anything between me and everyone else, it was fine."

"Yeah," he said slowly. "I guess you could get over it."

"Nothing to get over. You just don't need to think about it all the time. Or at all. Just when you feel like remembering it."

"Oh. Like when I forget about Vicky not texting most of the week. Get into work and don't think about her."

"Right. You don't have to think about things you don't want to when you don't want to. Controlling your thoughts is a great skill to master."

"Yeah, you're right about that," he said.

We sipped beer for a while. I tried thinking of ways to see if I could get him to let me blow him, but I wasn't having much success.

"Sometimes I wish I'd kept my own room," he said after finishing his sixth beer.

"Why's that?"

"Want another one?" he asked, standing up. He didn't exactly wobble on his feet, but he wasn't perfectly stable either.


I handed him my empty, he took it, placed it gently in the trash with his empty along with the others, got us two more, and came back. When he handed me mine, I saw he did sure enough have a stiffy.

"Ah, now I see why you wish you had your own room," I laughed, nodding at his lap as he handed me the beer.

He laughed and turned red. When he sat on his bed, he adjusted it, then laid back against the headboard again and sipped his beer.

"Yeah. I should get used to having a roommate at college. How do they take care of that, do you think? Did you go to college?"

He looked over at me.

"Yeah. Four years. Had a roommate all four years. Different one every year. You just take care of it in the shower, or under your blankets. Believe me, you're going to catch him at it, and he's going to catch you at it, and your both going to just ignore it. Maybe tease each other a bit, but no big deal. You're both going to be doing it."

"Yeah," he sighed. "You ever experiment? You know, with one of your roommates?"

"Sure. Two."


He looked puzzled or confused.

"Sure. College is the time to do that. Find out what's what. Get it out of your system."

"Did you... you know... like it?"

"I told you about Daniel. Well. He was one of those roommates. And, well, we did some things. More than once or twice."

"Was he gay?"

"Yeah, sure was."

"What was it like?"

He was looking at me now, constantly. Interested. I was getting hopeful.

"Well. We got drunk a few times, and I knew he was gay, because he told me, like, the first couple of weeks rooming together. So, we got drunk a few times, and a few times he offered to prove he could give me better head than any girl ever had. So I got tired of him offering, and said that if I let him, would he stop bugging me about it. He said, sure. So, I let him."

"Was better than your girlfriends did it?"

"Oh, hell yeah! Way better! Man, after that, he didn't have to get me drunk. Whenever I hit a dry spell on pussy, I'd just hint, and he'd offer, and I'd get a blow-job that made me wonder why I bothered with chicks. Well, for a few minutes, anyway."

We laughed, and then he asked, "How many times?"

"More than I counted. Probably close to a hundred."


"Yeah. I don't regret it at all. I mean, they were good blow-jobs."

"Did you guys ever, you know, go anal?"

I looked over at him, and smiled.

"He let me fuck him a few times, sure. But I didn't get fucked. I didn't with him. But one roommate, later on, we got so drunk, and he wasn't gay, but we got frisky and drunk, and, well, we ended up in his bed, and him on top of me, and, well, yeah. That once."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yeah. Not as bad as hammering your finger, or getting a nail in your foot, but it wasn't something I'd call great. At first, anyway. After a couple of minutes, I didn't mind it. It was kind of okay. But fucking Daniel, the roommate before, that was pretty good."

"Huh," he said, looking thoughtful. "What was it like fucking him?"

"Ever done one of your girlfriends up the butt?" I asked.

He blushe darkly, then said, "No, but I thought about it."

"Ah. Well, imagine a very tight pussy. Just tight on the outside. Like an ass. Velvety inside, but not as wet. Warm and tight. Pretty good, really."

"Yeah? Really?"

"Yeah. Feels a lot like pussy, just tighter. A tighter opening than pussy. And not as wet. Unless you use plenty of lube."

He laughed, then asked, "Didn't you have to use lube anyway?"

"Yeah, sure. But it doesn't really get inside, I guess. Not unless you use enough. Daniel and I did, sometimes. Not all the time. I was able to get inside without lube if we took our time and were careful."

"Really?" he asked, surprised.

"Yeah. Not easy, but it can be done. Better with lube."

"Wow. You've done a lot," he said.

"Yeah, well, I didn't pass up opportunities when they came up, is all."

"Yeah. Dad says the same thing. 'Son, don't pass up a good opportunity. You'll only regret it later.'"

He tried to sound older, lowering his voice, and waving a finger. It was funny.

"Good advice," I told him.

Now, if I could get him to take it.

After a few sips of our beers, he asked, "So, did you give Daniel any head?"

He wasn't looking at me now, instead watching his fingers pick at the label on the beer.

"Sure. I mean, not the first times, but later on. I sort of felt like I should, after all the great blow-jobs he gave me."

"What was that like?"

"Well, not like anything to compare it to. Sort of like sucking a sausage." We laughed. "It tasted a little salty. Like skin, too. No real taste."

"You didn't get any of his stuff in your mouth?"

"Nope. He was good about letting me know when he was close. I got some of his pre-jizz, though. Just salty, and a little like mushrooms."

He didn't ask anything else for a bit.

So I said, "I did once. Just to see."

"Kind of gross?"

"No, not very. Slimy. Thick and gooey." We laughed again. "Really musky. Hell, I've tasted my own before that, so it wasn't a big surprise or anything."

"You did?" he asked, looking at me again.

"Sure. Don't even try to tell me you haven't."

He blushed and shook his head.

"You haven't?" I asked.

"No," he laughed. "I have. I wasn't going to try to tell you I haven't."

"I think every guy has by your age. Probably about the time they first find out they can jerk it off. Curiosity and all that."

"Yeah," he said, back to picking at the label on the beer. "I do wish I had let David. Once, anyway. But I guess I can see if the chance comes up at college."

He took another sip of his beer. It was mostly gone. The way he was sipping it, I didn't know if he was going to have another or not.

"You don't have to wait for college," I said.

Man, my guts turned over at forcing that phrase out.

He looked over at me, totally surprised, mouth open, eyes wide.

"Did you just offer to..."

"Sure. I've done it before. I can remember how. I'm pretty sure I'd do a better job than about any chick your age, and probably better than most my age."

He just stared, open-mouthed, for several seconds. Then said, "I don't know. I mean, David, maybe. I've known him for a long time."

"Well, look at it this way. After this job, we probably won't ever see each other again, and you won't have to ever think about it again if you don't want to."

After a few seconds, he nodded, then said, "Yeah, you got a point there. One of the reasons I didn't want to let David was how it would be weird between us. This was a couple years ago, and we had like three years of high school together to go."

"Yeah. You've got about three weeks to deal with it, then you go home, or college, and I won't be around to remind you about it, if it bothers you."

"Yeah," he said very uncertainly.

I didn't want to push him into it. I didn't want him to end up requesting a transfer because he was uncomfortable around me. I didn't want that on my first crew-lead job. But I wanted him.

"And if you really do get all bugged about it around me, you can ask to transfer to a different team somewhere else. You can say you don't get along with me, or some of the guys. It's not a huge deal. Seen it done before."

"Yeah," he said, just as unsure.

"And then there's the fact I'm not going to try to talk you into it. Either you want to see if a guy can give better head, or you don't. Up to you."


He really didn't seem very interested, but at least he didn't seem repulsed.

He finished his beer in several consecutive swallows. He didn't look at me, but he did glance my way several times.

"Okay. If you're up for it," he said, picking at the label again, so red-faced it was amazing.

I think I nearly had a heart attack.

"Sure. But, a couple of things," I said slowly.

"What?" without looking at me.

"You don't make jokes about it in front of the guys. You don't even hint about it."

"No way. Gotcha for sure," he said, nodding.

"If you feel weirded out after, especially at work, you let me know, and we'll get you transferred smoothly with no questions asked. Don't go over my head and cause us both trouble."

"Okay," and a nod.

"And," I sat up on the edge of the bed, and when he looked over at me, I motioned for him to sit up and face me. Once he had, and was barely able to meet my eyes, I said, "You tell me if you like something." He hid an embarrassed grin. Man, was he cute! "You tell me what you like, and I'll know what else you'll like. Understand?"

He nodded, barely able to keep looking at me.

"If you don't like something, say so, so I know and won't do it again, and won't do things like it. Understand?"

Another nod and barely holding my gaze.

"And lastly, let me do what I'm doing, until you know if you don't like it. I'll do a few things that might make you want to immediately say no to, but give it all a chance. See what  you really think of it before you react and decide. Okay?"

"What if I really don't like it? I mean, what do you mean, anyway?"

He looked pretty apprehensive.

"Well, I'm not just gonna put my mouth on your dick and suck. That's what makes for a shitty blow-job. Okay? I'm gonna do some other things too. And if it's weird at first, give it a few seconds, and see what it's like before you react or decide. Okay?"

"Okay. And if I really don't like it?"

"You just say so. And I'll stop doing it. The whole idea is to show you a good time. What a good blow-job is. One thing Daniel taught me is that different guys like different things, and the same thing done to one guy blows his mind, but to another guys it grosses him out. So let me show you a bunch of things, and give them a fair try. When you don't like it, say so. When you do, say so."

"Okay. Just, if you do something weird..."

"Dude, this whole thing is weird!"

We laughed, and I saw him relax a little.

"And one last thing." I reached out and patted his knee. "Relax. I won't bite. Unless you seem to like those kinds of things."

He laughed pretty good then, and I was sure he wasn't as nervous as he was a few seconds ago.

I slid onto the floor between his knees. He tensed up a bit, sitting upright like a ramrod.

"See, you're getting tense," I said, both hands on his bare thighs.

"Well, you've got your hands on my legs," he said, snickering.

"I'm going to have more than that on more than just your legs in a bit," I said with a laugh. "Relax and enjoy it. Experiment. Have fun with it. If you're all tense, how are you going to get into it?"

"I guess I'm just nervous," he said, having a hard time looking at me.

"Normal, I guess. I remember how nervous I was when I let Daniel the first time."

"Did you guys get along the next day? Or, I mean, after?"

"Oh, yeah. I mean, we had known each other a few weeks, and we weren't long-time friends before or anything. And after, I just didn't think about it during the day. It took a little working on, but it was fine after a few days. It wasn't even that bad the first day after. I mean, it's not a big deal. I've read that most guys do something like this by eighteen, and almost all by twenty. So just think about how a lot of the guys you know your age have, and even more of the guys you know who are older than you has, at least once, and they're just fine."

"You think the other guys have?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure most of 'em have. At least once. Some more than once. In fact, odds are, at least one of them is gay."

He nodded. Maybe he wasn't as nervous now. It was hard to tell.

"So, what do I do?" he asked, glancing at me then away, over and over.

"Lay back on your back, relax, and just let yourself enjoy it. It won't change you, or anything. Or make you gay. Or make you act different. The guys will never have a clue. No one will. After, you'll be the same person, just with a new experience, is all."


He leaned back onto his elbows. I rubbed his smooth, firm thighs. Almost no hair on them. He snickered a bit and went deeply red.

"One thing a lot of people don't know about, is good foreplay. You can use this on your girls. You give them a good rubbing, all over. Kissing, of course, but we'll pass on that part."

"Yeah we will," he laughed.

I moved my hands over his sweat-shorts, avoiding his groin, and worked on his chest and sides. His breathing increased, deeper and a bit faster. As my fingers passed over his nipples, they were soft and hairless. Smooth chest. Just a bit of fuzz around his navel. He had some hair under his arms, but it was fine, sparse, and light. He was a bit ticklish under there too. I got him giggling a bit.

I moved my hands down his chest again, and over his belly, and around his sides. He breathed a few heavy sighs.

"Feels pretty good, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, it does."

"Yourirls ever do this?"

"No. Well, sort of. After, ya know? Kind of rubbed my chest a little with her head on my shoulder."

"Liked that?"

"Yeah. Felt nice."

I ran my hands up and down his sides, over his chest, across his smooth belly. I heard his ankles pop behind me and felt his legs moving a bit. I was pretty sure he was getting hard. His sweat-shorts did a good job of hiding everything in the half-sitting position he was in.

"Getting excited yet?" I asked.

"Sure," he laughed.

"Hard yet?"


I kissed his chest, right in the middle, then roamed over to a nipple. He sighed once, and it stiffened up under my tongue.

"Oh," he sighed when I moved to the other one.

"Nice?" I asked around it.


"None of your girls did this?"


I rubbed his back as I went from nipple to nipple, gently licking and softly sucking.

"Wonder if that's what it feels like to chicks," he said, his voice sultry and full of lust.

"Probably just a bit more for them," I said.

"No wonder they like it so much."

"Pretty good, huh?"

"Yeah," he sighed.

I kissed my way down to his navel. Once there, I blew across his fuzz growing beneath it. He snickered and his belly shook a bit.

"Tickles?" I asked.

"Yeah," he laughed.

I kissed and nuzzled and licked around his navel, as my hands roamed his sides and nipples. His legs moved around a lot, and his breathing was a little quick and a little deep. My chin barely grazed his erection, and his whole body shuddered.

"Guess you're nice and worked up, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah. Feels like I haven't been laid in months, or something."

"How long's it been?" as I worked on his belly with my tongue and lips.

"Two weeks this weekend."

"Sex? Or just a blow-job?"

He laughed, then said, "Both. A couple of times."


I licked down to his waistband, and then began dragging his sweats down. I could smell soap and shampoo, and him. He smelled so nice. I kissed his skin as I lowered his sweats, until his dick was free. It was about seven inches, a bit less. Nice and straight. Nice head, nice corona, nice little slit just above the tip. Nice patch of brown pubes. Just like the guy in the video. I got his sweats down further, and freed his nuts. Again, a lot like the guy in the video. Not big, not small. Nice bag that let them hang down nicely.

He smelled great. I kissed his thighs, and slid his sweats all the way down his legs. He bent them to help me get them off, and I got a peek up between them, under his sack. Not very much hair at all. I almost got a peek at his hole, but not quite.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs as I examined his body. He was lean and smooth. Naked, he could easily have been that guy in the video. This was so hot!

"Are you going to?" he asked, deeply blushed and grinning.

"Yeah, I am. I'm just letting your body build up a nice head of steam. Foreplay."

He snickered. He was definitely more relaxed now.

 "Scoot up so your back is against the headboard. You'll be more comfortable."

He did, and I got comfortable off to his side. I rubbed his thighs, kissed his belly, and slowly moved my mouth towards his bush. I kissed and breathed there, inhaling his scent, and tickling his hairs. His dick was as hard as an iron reinforcing rod. If I tried to bend it, it probably would have broken in half. It wanted to stick up a few degrees from horizontal and stay there.

He had a nice tube on the under side, too. I could follow it from just behind his head and down to his sack with my tongue. His dick bounced and jerked at the sensations.

I wrapped my hand around it, gently, and slowly stroked it. It leaked pre-jizz almost immediately and he sighed several times. I leaned down and gently licked up that drop of fluid. That slight touch made his dick bend and flex, and made him gasp a bit.

Then I closed my lips over the very end of his head, sucked, and slid down. He groaned deep in his chest, a low, "Mmmmm," and then gasped once as I got it all in. I felt his bush on my nose, his sack on my chin. I wiggled there. He sighed, "Ah."

I stayed there for several seconds, until I felt his cock jerk, and his body shudder, and he gasped, "Oh, wow," very softly.

I slid up his dick and let it slide through my lips. I looked up. He was smiling down at me.

"How is it so far?" I asked.

He nodded, and said, "As good as Vicky does. Kinda better, in ways."

I grasped the base of his dick, pointed it toward the ceiling, and then slid my tight lips over the head. I sucked, then worked my tongue over it.

He gasped a soft, "Ah!"

His legs moved around a bit again, and his hands clenched the blanket.

"Oh, wow," he sighed.

I lashed his head with my tongue, sucking hard, and then slid up all the way off.

"How was that?"

"Oh, a lot better!" he said, smiling widely. "Do that again?"


I repeated it for him. Then again. He leaked more pre-jizz. Sweeter than I remembered Daniel's being. Or my own. Or any other guy's. But he did eat a lot of fruit and little dairy. Maybe that saying was true.

I felt his dick flex again as I slid up and worked his head. The soft area beneath his tip was one of his most sensitive places I'd found so far. His dick moved almost constantly when I worked that area.

"Ah!" and then he sucked air in through his teeth.

I moved further down then, all the way, and used my tongue on the under side of his dick. Then up, slowly, lots of tongue, then off. His dick flexed and leaked. I sucked it off, only the head, then stopped.

"Whew!" he sighed loudly. "That's really nice!"

"We're just getting started," I said with a wink.

He laughed. So cute.

I moved to lay on my front between his legs, spread them a bit, and kissed and licked around his balls. His thighs were so smooth compared to what I was used to with the guys my own age. I liked this messing around with a younger guy.

He responded nicely to having his balls licked, so I sucked one in and worked on it with my tongue as I sucked.

He let out a nice, "Mmmm," very softly, almost under his breath.

I held his dick with one hand, and ran the other all over him. I sucked one then the other nut. His soft, almost whispered, "Mmmm," told me he liked it a lot. So, I opened his legs a bit further, let his nut go, and worked my tongue alongside his sack on both sides, then around and under it.

"Mmmm," so softly I could barely hear it.

I looked up to see his eyes were closed, and he had a big smile.

I lifted his balls with my nose, and kissed and licked the soft, sensitive area behind the sack. He had showered well. It smelled clean. He had a few hairs there, but not many at all. It was mostly smooth. Warm, soft, and smooth. And it moved as I licked harder.

"Oh, wow!" he sighed very softly.

I looked up to see him looking down at me.

"I wasn't sure you were doing that, there," he said, smiling widely.

"Like it?"

"Oh, yeah!" he whispered, smiling wider.

I licked it, then licked a bit further back. His head went back against the headboard and his eyes closed, and he sighed deeply. His whole body shuddered when I sucked his skin above his prostate.

I lifted his legs more, got his knees bent, pulled him down more onto his back, and spread his legs wider. I probed further back with my tongue, and then lifted his ass with both hands. I felt his pucker, and started working on it.

He sort of panted a sigh, several times.

"Oh! Are you... Oh!"

He looked down to see what I was doing, his mouth wide and his eyes even wider.

I stopped to ask, "Like it?"

"Yeah!" he laughed.

I went back to it, and his head went back again, eyes closed, mouth open.

"Oh, wow," he sighed softly.

His hole was tight, of course, but I got my tongue to relax it soon enough. I probably spent ten or more minutes rimming him. When I came up for air, I saw a nice puddle of pre-jizz beneath his head. I let his legs down, and then cleaned that up.

"What do you call what you were doing?" he asked.



"Yeah. Didn't know that could feel that good, did you?"

"No!" he laughed. "Some more?"


I went back down on his tight little pucker after getting a good eye full. It was nice and pink. Almost smooth, too. This time I attacked it. He gasped and groaned, and even wiggled and giggled. He held his legs up himself this time, making it easy to really work it, and freeing my hands for his round, smooth, firm ass cheeks.

He made these cute little, "Ngnn," kind of moans from time to time as I rimmed him this time. His breathing was rapid now. I felt a bit of sweat on his butt cheeks, and saw the hairs under his arms were wet. Sometimes, like when I shoved my tongue in deep, his body shuddered a bit and he gasped out loud. I figured he'd like a finger, so I got one wet and worked it around his hole for a while, then wiggled it in. Nice, tight, hole. Hot inside, too. And so soft and velvety.

"Oh, whoa!" he sighed. "Is that... that's your finger?" he asked, looking down.

"Yup. Like it?"

"That's nice," he said softly, surprised.

I worked it in and out of him a bit, keeping it wet as I licked all around his hole at the same time. He pulled his legs up tighter, giving me more access. So I slid a second wet finger in.

He gasped a sharp, "Ah!" and then said, "That's kinda... not great."

"Too fast," I said, removing the second finger.

"Better," he said, sighing.

So I worked his hole with one finger for a few minutes, then pulled his dick down between his thighs and sucked and licked him at the same time. His dick was so hard! Amazing powers of youth. I gave him a nice, deep blow-job as I played with his tight little hole. I got to suck and lick that nice dick and those balls for a long time while playing with that tight hole.

I was surprised he had lasted this long.

"How long do you usually last for a blow-job?"


He looked down at me between his legs, smiling nicely, all red-faced and almost panting.

"How long do blow-jobs last for you?"

"As long as she does it for. Why?"

"Don't you cum during one?"

"No. Never have. But... " he laughed, "She never did it this good."

"Are you getting close?"


Okay, he wasn't the type to get off from just oral. That wasn't a problem.

I said, "I think you'll like this."

"What's that?" he asked.

Then, as I found and pushed against his prostate, he jerked, laughed, and said, "Oh, wow!"

"Like that."

"Oh, hell yeah!" he sighed. He looked down with open eyes, and asked, "What are you doing down there?"

"Rubbing your prostate. Like it?"

"It's nice!" he sighed.

"Isn't it?"


I gave it a good rubbing over.

He threw his head back again. Man, the guy could produce the pre-jizz! He had a nice big puddle beneath his head when I got up to have a look. I licked it up and kissed his head, and he leaked more. His balls were up much tighter than they had been.

"Can that make you... you know, cum?" he asked breathlessly.

"It sure can. But I won't be doing it that long. It takes a while."

"It's really nice," he whispered, head still back against the headboard.

His body shivered all over as I slid my mouth down over his cock and sucked. He had more pre-jizz in his tube.

I softly worked his prostate and gave him a top-notch blow-job at the same time. He was panting and shivering in no time. I loved how he sighed that soft, "Mmmm," from time to time. So sexy.

And I was stunned he hadn't cum yet. But that was fine. The longer he took, the more time I got to play, and the more pre-jizz I got.

Another ten or so minutes later, he was almost squirming on the bed, almost panting, and sweaty almost everywhere.

"My legs hurt," he said.

They'd been up for close to twenty minutes. No wonder. So I helped him lower them. He sighed and groaned at the same time as they went flat on the bad. I spread his legs by bending his knees out the sides.

"Better?" I asked.

"Yeah. I really liked that prostate thing, but my legs were hurting too much."

"That's okay. I know something else you might like that the girls probably haven't done."

"Oh yeah?" he asked enthusiastically.

I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, my lips around his head, and worked it both ways. I got it nice and slippery, and used my hand to rub over his corona when my mouth left his dick. I did a deep blow-job for a bit, then worked his head with my wet, slippery hand. Then back to sucking and stroking, then massaging his head. Over and over. And I kept my other hand busy with his balls and his hole, but not his prostate.

Pretty soon he was shuddering every time I worked his head with my hand, and groaning every time I took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked it and licked it.

He laughed, and moaned, "Oh, man!" about every time I changed from one to the other.

After maybe ten minutes, during which I was truly amazed at how long he could last, he finally arched his back and groaned, "Oh, man, I'm gonna cum!"

I slowed down.

"No, faster!" he sighed.

"Nope. Just hold on and let me do my thing."

"Okay!" he laughed.

I worked his head with my wet, slippery hand, then slid it all the way down so I could suck his head for a few seconds. Then hand on his head, then I gave him head. About the fourth switch, his body shuddered all over, and he gasped, "I'm gonna shoot!"

I felt his dick warp in my hand, and saw a gush of pre-jizz, and I dropped my mouth over his head and sucked it as I stroked the rest of his cock.

"It's shooting!" he grunted, his body tensing and curling up.

His breathing went ragged, mostly being held in short bursts, and his balls were up almost inside of him now. I rested my fingers against the soft flesh behind his sack and felt his prostate working as he began having his orgasm.

"Ooooo!" soft and almost whispered, as his body tensed and curled up even further, and my mouth filled with hot, thick semen.

Then, "Ah!" and his body rocked in time with his ejaculations. "Ah!" with every caught breath, almost in time with his cock shooting his cum into my mouth.

Man, his cock was strong! Every expulsion, his cock flexed in my mouth more than I had ever felt one do before. And it shot off with some real force, too. And, man, could he cum! I was almost pressed beyond my ability to swallow it as fast as it came.

"Ah!" and shoot, "Ah!" and shoot. It was almost perfectly timed. And I could feel his prostate convulsing behind his sack with my fingers. So awesome!

Yes, I counted. Fifteen! Really. Fifteen shots! The last five or so were dry, but those first ten or so were nice shots of thick, gooey, hot cum. Lots of it.

At fifteen he grabbed his dick and moved my mouth off of it protectively.

"Oh, shit!" he sighed.

I let him recover a few seconds, then took his dick back in my hand. His dick was red and his balls were pretty much gone.

"It's sorta super-sensitive," he said.

Man, was his face red! And sweaty. Most of his body had sweat on it.

"I know. Let's see how much you can stand."

I slowly and gently slid my lips over his head. He jerked and shuddered and gasped, but I got all the way down on it, and gently sucked and slid up. His legs pedaled and he gasped and groaned. He took it like a man, so to speak.

His dick never went soft, though it did soften up a bit. But after several minutes it got hard again.

"Ever gone twice in a row?" I asked.

He looked down at me and laughed, then said, "Once. I just kept going after I came, and made her cum a couple more times before I did again."

"Good for another round right now?" I asked.

He laughed, nodded, and said, "You can do that as long as you want!"

Good ethic!

So I gave him a long, slow, deep blow-job, mixed liberally with prostate massage, rimming, and some wet, sloppy hand-job action. Damn it was hot watching him squirm and hearing him moan that low, soft, quiet, "Mmmm."

It took almost an hour, and a lot of work, and his dick was deeply purple by the end, but he came again. This time I watched instead of swallowing it. He was almost thrashing on the bed as he got close, warning me by saying, "I'm gonna shoot!" through his teeth.

His face was deeply red, his dick was purple, and his balls were just gone. He rocked forward over and over, his face scrunched up in a tight grimace, eyes clenched shut, his breathing very ragged and short. Every muscle looked as tense as possible. And those cute little, "Ngnn!" grunts!

Damn! That kid could shoot! The first one landed on his chin! And this was the second orgasm in about an hour. It was no little drop of cum, either. It was a nice-sized goober that stretched from just under his lower lip down to nearly his collar-bone. The second squirt splatted all over his left nipple, enough for a first shot for any older guy. The third didn't shoot far and didn't seem to be much, but just as I squeezed up around his corona he shot off one that slammed against his forehead! Damn! And his entire body convulsed on that one! The next three shot out far enough to land on his belly, and then one shot out just as I was squeezing my fingers downward around his corona again, and that one popped up and landed on his chest. The next couple sort of shot out, but were smaller and more watery. The rest was an oozing, runny dribble that sort of pulsed as his prostate tried to shoot it out.

Then he grabbed my hand, pushed it away, and collapsed in a huge sigh.

He shuddered a couple of times, sighed several, and laughed.

"Okay, so, better than a chick?" I asked after wiping my mouth.

I wanted to lick all that cum up, but I'd swallowed his first one, and didn't want to seem too gay.

"That was so much better it wasn't even in the same league!" he laughed. He sighed a long, "Ohhhh, man!" and shivered a bit again. Then he said, "That was the best I've eve had."

"That's about how I felt after Daniel."

He let out a loud, "Whew!" and another soft shudder.

"I'll go get you a towel."

"Thanks. I don't think I can move!"

He laughed again. He was so cute laying there, his cum from his lips to his pubes. So much of it, too!

I got to the bathroom, turned on the water, and licked my hands clean. Then took him a warm washrag and a towel. I watched him clean up. His dick still wasn't soft, though it wasn't hard, either.

His balls finally dropped by the time he finished cleaning up. Then he lay there, unmoving, breathing slowing, sweat drying.

He looked over at me. He grinned, got red-faced, and then all shy.

"Don't get all weirded out, now," I said softly.

"Okay. It's just..."


He looked out the balcony doors.

"Would you do that again? Sometime?"

"Sure, if you want. I remember how awesome it is."

He laughed, then looked back at me.

"You were right. Guys give the best head. By far."

We smiled at each other and nodded.

He fell asleep within ten minutes. I got up, and looking down at him, jerked one a bit. I finished while lying on my bed, looking over at him in his. Did it again a little bit later. Then I went to bed.

Sunday, the weather wasn't better, and we were ahead, so we took it off. Riley seemed fine, except for a few red-faced grins over lunch. We went back to our room, and we drank a few beers, and about four, he asked, "Um, you want to do that again?"

He didn't have to clarify. Just the one time. No double orgasm this time. But he was up for it again a couple of hours later after dinner. And again as we got ready for bed.

He was fine all week. No problems. He even handled the rough jokes the guys always told with ease. I was impressed.

We didn't drink during the week, but he wanted head every night. He got it, too. And prostate massages, and rimmed, and sloppy, wet hand-jobs. We worked Saturday and Sunday, and he got off both days as well. So did I. On Saturday night, after work, I got us some beers again, and we drank a few, and he asked to do it. And this time, as I was working him along a nice, long session, he asked if I wanted a hand-job. I said, "Sure."

He knew how to work a dick, even if it wasn't his own. Nice strong, soft hands. He knew how to massage a head, and how to stroke it in different ways, and what to do with the pre-cum. But I'd done all that to him more than a couple of dozen times by then, so he'd been shown it all anyway.

Sunday night, after work and a couple of beers, he offered to give me a blow-job as I worked him through another long, slow session. I made sure he really wanted to give it a try before I let him. And he was pretty good at it. He had a good teacher, though. He didn't swallow, but he jerked it off well as I shot.

The next week was mutual masturbation and oral. Fucking awesome week! That next weekend, I asked him if he'd like to fuck me. He did, and pretty well, too. His girlfriends had nothing to complain about in that department. He had stamina and fortitude, and knew how to change things up, and a few positions. I taught him a few more over the next weeks.

We didn't work the Thursday of the next week due to severe weather, so we spent it fucking in our room. It was the first time he let me fuck him. I didn't get him off first, just worked his cock and balls and ass so he had the desire to get it done. His hole was so tight and hot! Damn! And he loved it. Well, not loved, but he did like it. He even said so. At first I used fingers to get him loosened up, and that took pretty much all day. But eventually he was able to take my cock up his ass.

The last week on the job we were like teenagers. Well, one of us was. We did it before work, as soon as we got to the hotel room, and again before going to sleep. Usually oral and prostate play, often sixty-nines, and anal sex when we had time and played around a lot first.

The last day of work was kind of sad. We stayed an extra day just to be with each other a last few times. Man, he worked me dry! I tried to get him dry, but he could do it until my arms, mouth, and ass went numb.

It was the most and most pleasurable sex since my first boyfriend in college. Yeah, Daniel.

I asked him how he liked our messing around as we got packed up the last morning, after getting each other off twice. He said he'd had a great time, and figured he might be a bit bi. He said, "I don't see why I have to stay with only chicks. Guys know how to give a guy have a good time!" I asked if he thought he'd find a guy at college. He said, "Probably not. I'll look for chicks. But if some guy comes onto me, who knows. I might."

I asked him if he would came back next summer. He said he was looking forward to it. I told him I could get him on my crew if he let me know. He said he would. I asked if he wanted to share rooms again. "You know it!" We traded emails, phone numbers, and Facebooks, and say hey to each other every so often.

I hope he comes back! I want him on my crew again!



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Damn, that was an amazing story. That's a wet dream come true for most guys I'd say. Very HOT!!

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