Camden's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, brothers, group (**)



This is what my first sexual encounter was really like. We didn't stop after this first time and did a lot of things after. If you'd like to read more, Camden's tale is continued in the series  Camden's Story



When I was seventeen I got the three neighbor brothers to mess around. We lived outside of a smallish town way outside of Paducah, Kentucky. There wasn't a lot to do in our little town, and living outside of town mean there was even less. We lived on a country road, with almost no neighbors, in the hills. The only other kids close by were three brothers who lived almost a mile away, so the four of us hung out together all the time. Colt had just turned sixteen, Jared was almost fifteen, and Gideon was barely thirteen. I was the oldest, so I was the leader.

All three brothers had really blond hair and brown eyes, and were country kids, so they were in good shape with no fat and a good tan all over. Well, except where our shorts covered. We ran around a lot during summer wearing nothing but shoes and shorts. The last summer it was really hard not to try to get the older two to do something. Especially Colt. This summer it turned out to be all three, and actually impossible to resist.

Getting them to show me their peckers had been super easy. We did that when we were little. I had seen all three bothers' dicks so many times I could tell which one was which brother's just by seeing it. Of course it was easier now since they were all totally different in sizes.

Colt was the smarter brother, and the one in charge if I wasn't around. He was sort of cautious, but still pretty adventurous. Sort of your average guy. Jared was the shy one. He was the one to say things like, "I don't know guys, we might get in trouble," and things like that. Gideon was the charger - he was pushy about doing things he wanted to do, and always up for an adventure. He was bold and daring. He was the one to say things like, "Come on! Let's do it!"

I had shown Colt my pubes when I started getting them at thirteen and he was still twelve. He asked to see how big my dick got when it boned up, so I showed him. I got him to show me his, but his was still small, even after I taught him how to get it hard.

Early the next summer, Colt hit puberty. He started growing fast, and he got his first pubes just before school had started. I got him to show me his boner and we compared by holding them next to each other. I had some pubes, not a hell of a lot, but he had only a kind of scraggly fuzz in a little patch right above his dick.

Colt and I did a lot of jerking off together after that. We would lose his little brothers out in the woods, or sometimes do it late at night when they were asleep. We never touched each other, but I sure wanted to. I started getting Colt to jack off with me every chance I got. He was up for it almost every time. We got into shooting contests, as we called them; seeing how far we could make it squirt. I always won, so he got tired of losing and we went back to just jacking off together when we got rid of his little brothers.

When Jared hit puberty, he got interesting to me too. I managed to get alone with him and get him into jerking off together like I did with his older brother. Jared was the shyest brother, though, so it was harder to get him to. The best chances were when we could be alone with the computer they had just gotten in the family room. After a while, Colt asked me if we were. I told him he was being stupid, and if he didn't believe me to ask Jared. He did, and Jared told me his brother had asked, but he had told him he was crazy to even think it. So Jared got scared off and didn't want to do it anymore.

 By now I knew I was a homo, and was fighting with myself about it. That fight lasted a couple of years, until I gave up thinking I would like girls and accepted I liked boys just after I turned sixteen. I got my license, and my parents gave me their old pickup and got a new one. Girls were talking to me at school, and I was doing my best to hide the fact that I wanted a boyfriend. Our high school was small, and there didn't seem to be any gay guys other than me.

There wasn't a lot to do in town, and Paducah was kind of far and everything was expensive, so I rarely went there, except to watch guys coming and going at the gay bar I knew about. I thought a million times about talking to one of the guys, but they were older and I thought they wouldn't be interested in a kid my age. Colt and his brothers rode around with me a lot. It was about all there was to do. Other than duck the girls asking me if I wanted to go do something sometime.

So just after I turned seventeen, Colt and his brothers had me over for the weekend, like usual. I usually stayed over at their house because my house and my room was smaller. Colt and I still jerked it together when we got some time alone, which was really rare. So I was horny as hell, missing those jerk-off sessions with Colt, and the ones I used to have with Jared on the computer. Gideon was thirteen and a couple of months, and was hitting puberty now. He was growing fast and getting interesting to me. I was working on how to get him to show me his pubes, if he had any, and maybe his boner. Colt had told me a couple of weeks ago that he had caught Gideon jerking off on the computer. We had all teased him a lot for days. And Gideon was the daring one, always willing to do things and get in trouble, so I was sure I could get him to jerk off together if I could get him alone with the computer.

I went over on Friday night, and we had a good time. We ended up talking about girls and sex as we stayed up late in Colt's room. Like usual when I slept over at their house, we all stayed up playing video games until we passed out one at a time. Colt and I were barely awake and playing the video game, and I was working up the guts to ask him if he wanted to jerk off together, when his mom came to his room.

She said his grandfather had called because his grandmother fell going to the bathroom and was in the hospital. She wasn't hurt bad, but they were pretty sure she had broken her leg or hip. She said she was going to Texas to be there. She said her mother was okay, awake, all that, but they didn't know what would happen next. The guys were pretty shook up and worried. She told them she would call when she got there and let them know how she was doing. They wanted to go too.

"No, It's too long to drive, I want to get there right away, so I'll take a flight. And we can't afford all of us flying, so you and your dad can come out once we know what's going to happen."

So we all played video games and stuff again, not sleepy anymore. Pretty soon, their dad came in.

"You boys are old enough, so I'm going to fly out to Texas with your mom and leave you boys alone. I don't want you to stay over at Camden's or him staying over here. You boys will stay around the house so we can call and get hold of you. Then we'll decide if your Uncle Sean will come stay with you or if I come home in a couple of days."

They wanted to go, but it would cost too much to fly all five of them.

So getting Colt to mess around was out for the night. But the next couple of days looked good.

So the next morning, after their parents got packed and ready, I drove home, and my mom drove them to the airport.

Dad and I talked about me going over there during the day, but he thought it would be better if they came over to our house. I said their parents wanted them near the phone. None of us kids had cell phones. He said their parents could call our house just as well. When Mom came back, she and their parents had come up with pretty much the same thing. So I went over and picked them up and brought them to my house for the day. I was going to take them home that night and their uncle would probably be there for the nights.

It was way too hot to go outside, so we stayed inside and played video games and watched movies. Mom made a good lunch. I was so horny it was insane. I hadn't gotten to beat it yesterday or last night. I was dying for later after I took the guys home.

Not long after lunch a nice thunderstorm blew through, and it cooled off a lot. It barely rained, so it wasn't wet or humid, so we went out to mess around in the woods between our houses. We'd made a couple of forts in two trees almost next to each other, so we loaded up a bunch of water balloons and headed out there.

The water-balloon fight went great, and we all got wet and had a good time. After that, we sat around under the trees and talked and joked.

 Everybody wore ball caps, and Colt and I were wearing cut-off jeans shorts, Jared was wearing red jogging shots, and Gideon had on a really old pair of blue jogging shorts that I think both of his older brothers had worn before him. They were so worn that you could almost see through them. And he wasn't wearing any underwear - or really loose ones, because when he blew a boner it was pretty obvious. We teased him about it, of course.

"Like you guys never get one for no reason," he argued.

So that sort of shut down the jokes on him.

"We should go home and take turns on the computer," he joked.

Like I told you, he's the more bold one. The other brothers would never had dared mention that.

I thought it was a pretty good idea, and I got an even better one.

"Why take turns?" I asked.

They looked at me pretty shocked.

"I mean, we all do it. Why should we have to figure out who's first and next and wait and shit. We can just sit down and do it."

"Together?" Jared, the shy one, asked.

"Why not? We all know we do it. And we won't have to take turns. Fuck, we'll know what the other guy is doing anyway. So it'll be really embarrassing. Right?"

"Yeah, but do it in front of each other?" Jared asked.

"You guys never do?" I asked.

I really doubted they did in front of each other. I knew them pretty well. They weren't that daring. Gideon was the only one I thought would even maybe do it with one of his brothers even in the same room at the same time.

So, of course, he was the one who said, 'Why not? You guys chicken?"

"Yeah, you guys chicken?" I joined.

"If we do, we better hurry. We got to be back for dinner soon, and then we probably won't have time after dinner to sneak to the house and get back before Cam's supposed to take us home," Gideon told us.

"I need to beat if off, for sure," Colt said.

"Tell me about it. And if we wait until we get home tonight, Uncle Sean might be coming over and then we won't get to," Gideon reminded us. "Not on the computer, anyway. So fuck it, come on, let's' go!"

He stood up, and he had a boner again, or the same one. I was still hard from when I saw it a few minutes ago. I had on jeans shorts, so it wasn't obvious when I stood up.

Colt's wasn't obvious, but I could tell. Jared's was pretty obvious, but not as much as Gideon's. So we were all boned up thinking about it. So we started running for their house.

We got there and locked the front door and brought in the outside key in case their uncle came over early. We still didn't know if he was coming tonight or not. So Colt turned on the computer, and we all got chairs from the kitchen, and sat around him and the computer, excited and giggling.

I had been thinking about it the entire run, and so I made sure I got in between the guys instead of behind them or off to the side. Colt and Jared were in front, I was behind and to the right of Colt's chair and Gideon was behind and to the left of Jared's chair. I could see all three guys' laps but had the best view of Jared's. I was right next to Gideon, but I had to kind of look to the side instead of ahead, so it was kind of risky. But I knew I was going to take a lot of looks anyway.

Colt got a porno site loaded up and played videos on it. We were all hard and horny, but no one was going to be the first. We glanced at each other a lot of times, make jokes, and stalled like crazy. It started looking like nobody was going to.

After a few videos, I was sure this whole idea was going to peter out, pun sort of intended. The site wasn't a paid site or anything, just had a lot of videos people uploaded, and some of them were of guys. Colt shot past them when he could tell what they were. But this one time he clicked a thumbnail of a naked girl called "Circle Jerk 4 way" and we watched a video of four guys sitting around in a circle and jerking each other off.

Colt said, "Ooops," and went to back up and pick another one.

"Wait a second," Gideon said.

"Why?" Colt asked him, looking over his shoulder at him.

"Let's do that," he said, pointing at the screen.

"You want us to jerk each other off?" Colt asked.

"Sure, why not? Gotta be better than doing it yourself," he said. "Look. They're all having a good time."

"Yeah, but they're not brothers," Jared said. "I'm not going to jerk you off, you fag."

"Yeah, I'd let Cam, but not my brother," Colt said, and turned really red-faced.

I wish I had known that! But it did give me a great idea.

"I'll do it to you guys, if one of you does it to me," I offered.

"Serious?" Colt asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"I'm not going to in front of you guys," Jared said, looking at his brothers.

He looked so embarrassed it was hilarious. We all laughed, even he did after a few seconds.

"How about one at a time?" I asked him.

"What? You'd beat us off, all of us?" Jared asked.

"Yeah. If you do it back. Alone. One at a time."

"So you think you can do it three times?" Colt asked, laughing.


"You can't do it three times," Gideon said.

"I bet I can."

"Bet what?" he asked.

I couldn't think of anything, other than letting me suck their dicks or them sucking mine, and I was sure that would be way too much and freak them out.

"If you do, I'll suck your dick," he said.

His brothers both gasped. Colt said, "You're a fag."

"He can't," Gideon said. "No way. Not one after another in a row. Maybe all day long, but not all of us in a row."

""You mean if he cums all three times, right?" Colt added.

"Well, yeah, duh," Gideon said. "And if he don't, he has to suck mine."

That was great with me, Win-win! But I had to be cool about it, so I said, "Well, maybe."

So Colt and Jared started daring me into it. So I 'reluctantly relented' and agreed.

"Okay," Colt said, being the leader since I was one of the dared, "if Cam can jerk us all three off, and we jerk him off all three times, you," he pointed at Gideon, "is going to suck him off. If he can't do it three times, he has to suck yours."

"All the way," Jared added. "No ten seconds with your lips on the tip. You suck it all the way off."

"And you swallow it," Colt added.

"No way!" Gideon declared. "I'll suck him until he gets ready, but I'm not eating his shit."

"Okay?" Colt asked me.

"Yeah. But same if I can't cum three times. I'll suck it, but I'm not going to eat it."

I was going to at least taste his jizz, I just wasn't going to seem like I wanted to in front of all of them. I figured I could 'accidentally' get some in my mouth when he squirts.

"Okay," Colt said. "And we never talk about this, ever. Agreed?"

"Yeah," we all agreed.

"Especially to anyone else," he added.

We all agreed.

We were kind of quiet for a while. No one knew how to get it started. And we were all embarrassed as well, I guess. I was dying to get started, but I didn't want to appear to be. You know what I mean?

We looked at the video for a while, and watched all four guys cum. Man, they made way more than I did. I was pretty sure I made more than any of the brothers. The guys in the video looked like they were in college, so I wasn't surprised that they came more than I did.

When the video ended, Gideon said, "Okay, I'm first. You fags get out of here."

He stood up, and I got a good view of his boner in those thin, worn-out shorts. Man, was he hard!

His brothers didn't say a word, just got up and walked out, closing the door behind them. Gideon sat down in the chair Colt had been in, and I sat down in the chair Jared had used. He didn't waste any time.

He started a video of a girl being fucked, pushed the waistband of his worn-out blue shorts down so he could get his dick out, and grinned at me.

I grinned back, opened my jeans shorts, shoved them down a bit, and reached over to grab his.


I never felt so turned-on as when I grabbed his dick. It wasn't very big, maybe four inches or so, at most, and thinner than mine. He had the same kind of head most guys had, a kind of cone with flared edges and a small hole in the tip. Mine had a longer, narrower, almost pointed head, with soft edges and a slit just above the tip. He had just a few pubes, not even a decent patch, just scraggly ones here and there above his dick. His balls were pretty small, too, about the size of marbles, and his sack was small and tight. But it was still a huge turn-on to feel his dick in my hand. And when he grabbed mine, I knew I wasn't going to last very long at all.

"Go slow, okay?" I said.


"Because I'm gong to shoot off really soon. I haven't since two days ago."

"Oh. Okay."

I started jerking him off. It felt weird to do it to such a small dick. Mine had been that big when I started jerking it off, or about that size, but that had been like four years ago. Now mine was just over six inches, pretty thick, and I was used to it.

Neither of us watched the video. I watched him jerking me off, and when I looked up, I saw him looking at my dick as he jerked it off.

He went slow, too, like I asked him to. I went pretty fast on him. Pretty soon, really quickly, actually, he was sort of going rigid all over, and breathing kind of harshly, and told me, "I'm going to go off real soon."

He made the cutest face. He sort of pulled his mouth over to one side, and opened that side of it. His lips were tight on the other side. Then his eyes scrunched closed, he gasped, "Oh, shit, here goes!" and I felt his dick get bigger in my hand. Then I looked down at his dick and felt it twitching in my fist, and I watched it leak out a little bit that ended up rolling down and onto my fingers. It was runny and had a lot of clear parts, and it got slippery and noisy. So awesome. I squished it around on his head, and he jerked his hips and sucked air in between his teeth.

"Stop!" he hissed, and pulled my hand away. "Oh, man!" he sighed, and sat back in the chair.

He let go of my dick. I was close. I only needed a couple more jerks and I'd shoot. So I grabbed it and started.

"You don't have to," he said really softly, almost a whisper.


"Shhh," he said, almost whispering again. "You don't have to. I'll tell them you did, if you want."

He wanted to suck my dick! I knew it in that instant. But maybe...

"You just want to tell your brothers that I didn't, so I'll have to suck yours," I said quietly.

"Nah," he said softly. "I bet they're listening at the door. Watch." Then he grinned, and said pretty loudly, "Oh, man! Cam! How do you shoot so much?"

"You give good hand," I said loudly, trying not to laugh.

"I'll go get some paper towel so you can clean up your big ol' mess."

He put his dick away and pulled up his shorts.

"I'll get some paper towel and give it to you and tell them you need to clean up your mess, then one of them can come in."

"Okay. Thanks."

When he got to the door, he whipped it open, and neither of his brothers was there. Either they left when they heard us, or they hadn't listened at it. He came back with a roll of paper towel, and I scrunched some up and threw them into the wastepaper basket.

Colt came in, red-faced and grinning.

I had my shorts back up by then. He sat down in the chair Gideon had left, grinning and obviously embarrassed.

"So?" he asked.


"Did you?"

"Duh, yeah."

"Okay. Can you again?"

"Oh, hell yeah. Man, three times isn't going to be a problem. Honest."

He laughed, then asked, "So, you really gonna make him suck it?"

"Oh, hell yeah," I said, laughing. "Teach him not to doubt me again."

"You probably won't have to make him, the little homo."

"Think he's really a fag?"

"If one of us is, he is. Man, he wanted to see that fag video, and he was the one who came up with this idea. So yeah, I think he is."

"So, if he is, what then?"

He shrugged, and then said, "Nothing, I guess. Guess me and Jar'll have to beat up the guys who make fun of him."

"Would you?"

"Fuck yeah. He's my little bro. If he's gay, I'll beat the hell out of anyone that picks on him. Yeah."

"Cool. You're a good brother."

He laughed, then said, "He's my brother," and shrugged again.

"You really wouldn't care if he was?"

"No. Not really. I mean, I guess if he is, he is."

I almost asked him what he would do if I was, but that was way too far to push it, especially right then, when we were supposed to be about to jerk each other off. But he brought it up, sort of.

"I mean, some people would say we were, because we've jerked off together. And now we're gonna... you know... each other."

"Yeah. So, you gonna be cool with it?"

"Yeah. I mean, we've done it next to each other a few times. This isn't that big deal. Might even be better."

"Yeah. I think it was."

He laughed, then asked, "Did you guys really, you know, all the way?"


"Did he shoot much?"

"Not really. Like I did when I was thirteen. Like you did when we were first doing it together."


We were quiet for a while.

"So, you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah. Pick a video."

He chose a video and started it. Two girls.

We glanced at each other a few times as it played. Looked like I had to make it happen.

"You ready?" I asked.

He nodded, red-faced.

I reopened my jeans and pushed them down a bit so that my dick and balls hung out, then leaned back. He opened his jeans and pushed them down just far enough for his dick to be free. It was almost as long as mine, just a part of an inch shorter, but a little fatter. And his head was like his brothers', a cone with flared edges and a tiny hole right at the tip.

His dick was really hard. He watched the video, and only barely looked at what his hand was doing. Not like Gideon at all. Man, was I turned on. Maybe more than ever before. I guess only getting a partial hand-job from Gideon had worked me up. I was gonna blow really soon, and I couldn't say it had been a while, so I beat him off like a machine. I was still first, though.

I told him I was going to soon, and he went faster, and, man, I shot all over the place. It was like the best one yet. He didn't aim it at all. It shot out all over my chest and shoulder the first three shots, and then all over my stomach a couple times, then a few squirts barely shot out and got all mixed in his fingers and my dick.

He stopped jerking me as soon as I finished shooting. He let his hand hang at his side. I saw some of my cum on it. I beat his slower now, not worried about making him cum before I did.

So I went slower and softly to make him last. He made pre-cum, which I avoided smearing on his head, because I knew how good that was and I didn't want him to cum quick. Then he said... "Okay, here it comes," really flat, like he was telling me the time.

I felt his dick swell up, then it started squirting. It went up to his belly three times, then a couple of times it oozed out some, then he was done. He didn't make a sound, like it was nothing.

"Okay, thanks," he said, pulling my hand away.

I wondered if I had done it so badly that he hadn't enjoyed it or something.

"Did I do it okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure. Why?"

"It looked like you were bored or something," I said.

"Nah. It was pretty good," he said, grabbing the paper towel and wiping his hand and then his dick.

I thought about asking him if he wanted to do it again sometime, but only thought about it. He really didn't seem into it at all. Gideon sure had, and by comparison, had really been into it. Besides, Colt liked to do it at the same time, so I wasn't going to risk losing that to try to get him to do each other instead. And, even better, Gideon really seemed into doing each other, and I was pretty sure he would again.

I watched him clean up as I cleaned up the mess on my chest and stomach with paper towels.

"You sure you can do it again?" he asked. "You shot a hell of a lot. Especially for your second time in a row."

Man, his dick looked tasty and yummy as he cleaned it up, even going soft.

"I shoot a lot when I haven't for almost two days," I told him.

He laughed, then said, "No wonder you think you can do it three times."

"I know I can," I said.

"Done it before?"

He pulled his jeans shorts up and fastened them.


He laughed, then said, "Okay. Guess little bro is gonna be sucking some dick, then."


We laughed. He left, and a few seconds later, Jared walked in.

He looked really scared. He sat down with his arms crossed. I was pretty sure he didn't want to.

"You look like you're scared," I said softly.

He shrugged.

"Don't want to?"

"Not really," he said. "But if I don't, my brothers will make fun of me forever."


"Did they really?"

"Yeah, they did. Really."

He nodded, then said, "Okay. Let's do it already."

"Put on a video," I said.

He picked one, started it, and watched it. After a long time waiting, I reached over and grabbed his stuff through his shorts. I could feel everything really easy. He was really hard, and his dick and balls seemed a little bigger than the last time we had done it. He grinned, but he didn't reach for mine. I was fully hard again.

Pretty soon, he was sort of breathing hard, but still hadn't reached for mine, or lowered his shorts yet. I was about to take my jeans shorts down.



"I think I'm going to."

He was leaning forward a little, looking down at his lap, and he grabbed my hand and held it still. I could feel his dick throbbing in his shorts. He gasped, "Ah!" a few times, than his dick went still. Then he sighed really heavy and pulled my hand away.

"Did you?" I asked.

He nodded, still looking down at his lap, then said, "Sorry. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay."

"No. Now you didn't do it too and it's my fault."

He looked kind of let down.

"I'll tell them we did it. That you did it, too," he said, "If you want."

"Well, how about this. We tell them we did it, we both finished off, and you did first. They'll believe that. Okay?"

"Okay. Promise you won't tell I... you know... in my pants?"


He looked up finally, kind of smiled, nodded, and said, "Okay. Thanks."

 "Take your shorts down and clean it up, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

So I got to see his soft, wet, sticky dick and balls. They had grown some since we had done it last. He had an almost full set of pubes now, but it was still patchy and rough on the edges. He asked for the paper towels. I got an idea.

"It was too fast," I said. "If you leave so soon, they'll know."

He looked worried.

"But I got an idea. Just hang on a second."

I got on my knees in front of him between his legs. Man, he had sticky cum all over the end of his dick and his skin. I cleaned what I could of his cum in his underwear with the paper towels. Then I grabbed his soft dick, thinking I was going to use the paper towel to clean it, but instead, I started licking it clean. I couldn't help myself.

"Cam!" he said in a loud whisper.

I didn't stop. He didn't stop me. I got it clean, then licked it off his skin above his pubes. Then I sucked his dick. It started getting hard in my mouth.

"Oh, man, Cam, that feels fucking excellent."

I loved it. His cock tasted like his cum. And the skin was so soft, but it was so hard inside. His head felt so flexible and malleable. He liked it a lot. Enough that he was really getting into it.

"Oh, man, Cam, that's the best!" he whispered.

I played with his balls after a few minutes. Wow, was I having a good time! I loved sucking his cock. It went far enough in my mouth that it barely hit the back, and barely made me want to gag when I shoved it all in. But he really liked it when I did, even holding my head down.

I was sucking and licking, and playing with his balls, and he was pushing my head all the way down, and his legs were shaking like crazy, and he moaned, "Oh, man, I'm gonna again!" in a harsh whisper.

Then I felt his dick going crazy in my mouth, swelling up and jerking all around, and then I tasted his cum. It came out about four or five times, and I swallowed it all pretty easily. Then he pulled my head off as soon as he was finished.

"Shit, Cam! That fucking rocked! Thanks, man!"

"No problem. Practice, in case you break your promise and tell your brothers you didn't make me cum the third time and I have to suck Gideon's."

"No way! I'm telling them we did it. And like you said, I went first, then you did."

"Cool. Here. Have a look, so you can say what it looks like if they ask."

So I stood up, and shoved my jeans shorts and underwear down, and my dick pointed out right at him.

"Hold it, so you can say what size it was in your hand."

He did. He even started jerking me off.

"You don't have to," I told him.

"Okay. But I'm going to. So I don't have to totally lie."

So he jerked me off. Pretty well. But I was so worked up it wouldn't matter if he did it well or badly. I got some paper towel ready. He went to town. Man, it felt great.

I held the paper towel over the end of my dick and shot into it. Man, that second one was great!

He stopped jerking it as soon as I shot off. He wiped his hand clean and then pulled up his shorts.

"There. Now I really did it."

"Sure did," I agreed.

We laughed.

"So, you think maybe we can do it again, sometime? Like we used to? Since Colt knows we have now anyway?"

He shrugged, red-faced, kind of grinning. I knew it was possible, if I didn't push him into it and scare him off the idea.

"You jerk me, I'll suck you," I offered.

"Okay, maybe," he said with a shrug. "I'm gonna go get a drink. Want one?"


"Be right back."

His two brothers came in first, Colt laughing, Gideon looking kind of worried.

"Gideon's gonna suck co-o-o-k! Gideon's gonna suck co-o-o-k!" Colt teased.

He didn't look very happy about it.

"So," Colt asked me, "you ready?"

"Nah. I mean, I just did it three times. I'm beat."

"Yeah, you're beat off!" Colt laughed.

"Yeah, three times," I laughed.

Gideon wasn't laughing with us. He looked kind of mad. I was worried he was going to tell that I hadn't cum with him.

"Didn't think he could, did you?" Colt asked him.

"No," he shot back, mad.

Man, I was sure he was going to tell. Colt laughed and looked at me from the chair. He couldn't see Gideon sitting in the other chair, and Gideon winked at me and smiled from over his brother's shoulder.

I felt so much better, knowing he was putting on in front of his brother, and was actually okay with it.

Colt asked me, "So when you gonna make him do it?"

"When I'm horny and ready," I told him.

"You got less than an hour, " he said.

"Not gonna happen. I wont' be hard again until tomorrow."

Jared came in with sodas for all of us. We drank them and looked at stuff on the internet until we had to get back to my house for dinner.

We didn't talk about it until my house was in view, then Colt asked, "You gonna make Gid suck you tomorrow?"

"Maybe. We'll see."

We had dinner, and then watched a little TV, and then I drove them home just before dark. I got home and went to bed early, and beat off a good one while thinking about everything that had happened. 



If you'd like to read more, Camden's Tale is continued in the series Camden's Story


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