True First Time Tales

Rodin's Tale
Part Two

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The holidays! Finally! Not only was I glad of the break from school and studies, but I was going to Terry's place over the holiday!

His parents had a small farm very close to the town. They had money. Serious money.

We never talked about, well, doing any sex things at his place, but I somehow just knew we would. I was so excited! Even if we didn't do anything, it would still be a nice time, I was sure.

We travelled by train. On the way, he explained that his dad was busy at work every day until he came home around sunset, and his mum worked in a pharmacy Monday to Saturday from nine to five - so we basically had six days all to ourselves.

Six days to discover ourselves. Maybe. But... there was something about the way he mentioned all of that. A cute little grin, a snicker... I was more sure than ever that we would be messing about.

When we arrived it was late Friday night. His parents picked us up. I was nearly mortified the entire drive and for hours as we sat and talked with his parents. I slept in a guest room. My mind raced with imaginings of him sneaking into my room late, and our doing what we did back at school. But it didn't happen. I probably couldn't have anyway, not with his parents there. I couldn't even masturbate.

The next morning, Saturday, his dad left very early, before we were even up. His mum left before nine, after we'd had breakfast with her.

As soon as she left, he grinned at me in that way. I started getting hard! I was right! We were! We were going to!

He took me by the hand and then led me into his sister’s room. She was at uni, and their breaks never matched up with private-school holidays.

We went through her clothes. Because they were rich, she had a wonderful wardrobe. They were so beautiful -  even the simple things.

He said, "Take your clothes off. And put on something."

Of hers?

The idea excited me a great deal! Though... well... strip in front of him? Just like that?

This wasn't anything like at the changing rooms at school. Nothing. This was completely different. I felt self-conscious and embarrassed. But I was so turned on!

I started to strip. My excitement was obvious, which only made it even more embarrassing!

He sat on her bed and watched me. That made it even more exciting!

Then he watched as I tried on his sister clothes.

Swimsuits, panties, bras, skirts, blouses, dresses. They were all so sexy. So soft and silky and wonderful! I loved the way they fit me. He did too! Her nighties were what we both loved the most.

We were alone now, this time, with no worries about the other boys finding us out, so we weren't rushed. I took my time trying on nearly everything in her wardrobe. I was hard the entire time, and his smiles and our laughter proved we were both having a great time! The pre-cum I was leaking was unnecessary further proof.

This was the first time I had ever been so excited for so long, let alone in such a sexy situation. And I hadn't been able to masturbate last night. The first day I hadn't masturbated in a very long time. My little dick was as hard as it had ever been! It nearly felt as if it were about to split wide open from the immense pressure of the blood surging through it. My balls were tingling! Well, so was most of my body!

I put a baby-doll nightie on. Short. My erection peeked out the bottom of it. It was so soft and silky and just wonderful! I loved the way it played over the sensitive tip of my little cock.

Then I added a pair of sexy little panties.

I loved how those soft, silky panties felt against my little, incredibly hard cock. It was in heaven.

He said, "You look better in that nightie than my sister does!"

I almost laughed out loud at the compliment. I was so... flattered!

Terry couldn't wait any longer! He stood up and hurriedly stripped. Watching him get undressed was incredible! His gorgeous body was revealed in stages. His shirt first. Strong chest, nice nipples, firm pecs, smooth sides and tummy. Then his trousers. As soon as he got them to his knees I could see his excitement! He'd made a large wet spot in the front! Then his briefs. I saw his beautiful cock again. It was nearly majestic as It stood out proud and strong, pulsing with his heartbeat, his nice, big, meaty balls hanging down and jiggling as he stepped out of his underwear.

I think I lost my breath. I'd never seen him naked in such a setting before. In my room at school, yes, that one time, but that had been brief and in near darkness. This was in full light, and no brief glance.

There he stood, naked and beautiful.

He stepped to me and we kissed. Him naked, me in his sister's baby-doll nightie and panties.

Our arms fell around each other and our lips worked together. I could feel his erect hardness pressing up against my own through that flimsy, filmy material. My body was nearly on sensation overload!

We kissed and started to make love  - with me rubbing his cock. That thing was so meaty and solid in my little hand! It felt like a god's prick. And his balls! So big and meaty compared to my such smaller ones. I loved fondling them, feeling them rolling around in his warm, soft sack. I could feel the hairs on his sack, too. I loved that! He was so much more developed than me, and it was just fantastic! I loved having his stronger, bigger body against mine, and his bigger cock and his bigger balls in my hands!

I was just so in love with playing with his cock. I could hold it in both hands. It was so thick and solid and warm.

And the pre-cum! There were buckets of it leaking from his beautiful cock.

I knew I was making a massive stain in his sister's satiny panties.

We kissed for a long time. My raging cock aching for release as I stroked his and held his big balls.

He stopped kissing me, looked in my eyes, and said, "Good girls who love their boyfriends show it by giving head."

I had no idea what he was talking about. Seriously. Not a clue. What did our heads have to do with anything? And how could I give him my head? Honest. I didn't understand.

I guess he saw my confusion in my face.

"Kneel down," he said softly, pressing downward on my shoulders.

I did as he asked.

I was glad to once I had. Now his beautiful cock was not only directly in front of me for the first time, it was so close I could see the hole in the tip of it, and the wetness there. And I could smell it, too! Musky and earthy and just plain nice!

I could feel my heart hammering in my chest!

Then he just pushed that long, wet-tipped cock at my mouth. It was just the natural thing to do - I opened my mouth and let him put it in.

I was amazed at how it felt! So hard. So long. So soft. So smooth. So spongy. The smell of his pre-cum was overpowering, and the taste was so sweet! I had tasted mine plenty of times, but I loved the taste of his! And I loved the first taste of his cock!

He moved it in and out through my lips using his hips. It seemed to be so long! And so thick! And so soft and spongy on the end, but so hard and firm along the length of it. It felt so amazing! There aren't words to describe how awesome his cock felt in mouth, on my tongue. It felt like it belonged there. It was like this was what a mouth was for. Forget food and drink, or talking, or breathing. My mouth was meant to coddle and suck Terry's cock! Every last inch of it!

It was heavenly! I just knelt there, hands forgotten at my sides, only the feeling and sensations of his beautiful cock sliding in and out of my mouth mattering at all. That smooth, silky, warm, firm cock.

"Try sucking on it," he told me.

So I did.

His flavor got stronger and his cock felt as if it were getting even bigger in my mouth! I think he might have started breathing harder or faster, I'm not sure. I was so enraptured with his cock in my mouth that he could have recited poetry or babbled meaninglessly and I wouldn't have noticed.

After about half a dozen strokes of his wonderful cock between my lips, he exploded into my mouth. No warning, no grunt, nothing. Just, suddenly, his big cock was thrashing around and my mouth was filling up with his hot cum.

It was just fabulous to have made him cum again. And this time in my mouth! The musky, salty flavor, like warm oysters flooding my mouth. That earthy smell.

He sort of jammed his cock all the way into my mouth out of his excitement. It was way too long to fit all of it into my mouth and I nearly vomited! Especially with so much of his warm, thick semen filling my mouth already. I pushed his hips away so I could breathe, and then I swallowed all the hot fluid in my mouth. It was so thick and so musky and so hot. I was surprised at how much I liked it!

Before I knew it, he picked me up under the arms and laid me on his sisters bed and lay next to me and kissed me. He rubbed my little cock through her panties as we kissed. Not simple rubs, like he'd done as we stood and kissed and I stroked him in my room. No. This was his hand intentionally and expertly working my little cock. It was the first time he'd really did much to me, and I was appreciating it immensely! Intense tingles exploded all through my cock and balls, and then up and all through my entire body! It was as if I were both on fire and shivering from deep cold at the same time! It felt so good! So intense! So wonderful! The taste and smell of his cock and cum in my mouth as we kissed and he rubbed my cock through those panties...

Oh, God!

I exploded within a few rubs. I was nearly curled up backwards on the bed, my back arched, grunting and whining and panting into his mouth as we continued to kiss, the flavor of his cum strong in my mouth.

I let loose an orgasm that was unrivaled in all my life. Even those wonderful ones in my room just after he'd left me, his spunk lubricating my little cock and my furiously pumping fist. Even better than the first night, when he'd jacked me off while hugging me from behind in my bed.

Pulse after pulse of the most intense pleasure I'd ever felt! It was fucking incredible!

His warm, strong hand continued to massage my raging erection as it pumped what felt like my entire savings of semen. My little cock was flooded with my cum trapped in those pretty little panties. I'd never cum so hard or so much! Not even close!

I had to stop his hand after a few seconds as it was just too much!

We cuddled up close to each other, our bodies nearly mingling in our desire to encapsulate and enclose each other. We kissed. We talked and giggled and explored. We rubbed cocks. I sucked him at least twice more before his mum came home. We swam in their pool and did other things too.

We had to be prim and proper on Sunday, as his parents were home, but we did the same thing Monday and the rest of the week. I was simply having the time of my life! Hours and hours, day after day, we were naked or I was in his sister's clothes, and we had the most glorious sexual adventures.

I think it was the third, maybe the fourth day, as I sucked his wonderful cock, that he said he wanted to do something different.

"What?" I asked.

He pulled me onto my hands and knees, and I instantly knew what he intended. He'd brought home a jar of the grease we used for footy, and I watched intently as he applied some to his big cock, and then my hole. The feeling of his finger swiping that grease onto my hole sent me into shivers of anticipation! Then my cock nearly exploded all on its own as he got behind me and placed the tip of his wonderful cock against my twinging hole. He pushed, hard, and I felt him spread me open. I expected pain, and there was some, but it wasn't much. It was more an uncomfortable pressure than pain. And then I felt him sliding into me, deeper and deeper, until his pubes were against the cheeks of my ass.

I was being buggered, and I loved it! The feeling of his wonderful cock inside me, spreading my insides, sliding in and out of me... it was deeply fulfilling! My cock dribbled pre-cum constantly as his cock slid through my hole again and again, and as his hips slapped against my bum, as his big, strong hands held my hips. He must have really liked it too, as it wasn't long at all before he grunted heavily and shoved himself in deeper than ever and held there, quivering and heaving. I was shocked that I could feel his cock swelling and pulsing, and could feel his semen spreading out within me! It was fucking amazing! For the first time ever, I came without so much as a touch on my aching little cock. It flexed and bent and spewed my cum onto the bed over and over. My hole clenched around his cock with every shot of my cum. And then I collapsed, he fell onto me, and we seemed a single being.

We were either both naked, or he was naked and I wore more of his sisters beautiful underwear, all day every day. My little cock loved being in her panties, but what was even better were all the times he rubbed my cock. All the times I licked and rubbed his cock and balls. The times he filled me with his beautiful cock and fucked me. All the kissing and cuddling and hugging. I couldn't be close enough to him. He couldn't hold me tight enough. I couldn't get enough of him.

It was the best week of my life! I'd never felt so satisfied and so happy and so loved.

The vacation was so beautiful! But it had to end. When I had to go home, I didn’t want to. Or I wanted Terry to be there with me, so I could suck him and he could hold me all the time - whenever he wanted it - I wanted it too!

It was a lonely time back at home, even with my friends and family there. I had been missing them so very much, and I was glad to see them all, yes, but I missed Terry so very much that it overshadowed the entire week.

Back at school, we kept up our pretenses. We were more than friends. I didn't know what. You have to remember, back in the seventies, being gay wasn't something everyone knew about. Buggers were just perverts that were sick and did sick things. I had no idea what, for sure. Obviously they couldn't love or care about anyone, they were mentally damaged, right? I had no idea or conception of boy/boy love, let alone homosexual love. I don't think I even actually felt homosexual love for Terry. I still loved girls, and was looking forward to my first sex with a girl. I knew once I was out of school, I'd get a girlfriend, we'd have intercourse, we may or may not fall in love, and if we did fall in love we'd likely marry and have kids. That was different.

We kept getting together through all six years of our schooling together. We'd sneak to each other's rooms, have furtive, hurried sex of varied degrees and intimacy, and then we'd hurry back to our own room. I never even thought of doing anything similar with any other boy. I did think of sex with girls  - a lot. My wet dreams remained focused on girls. But I had an undeniably, incredibly wonderful time with Terry.

We went home with each other over vacations, and those times were the best days of my life. We'd spend hours and hours naked, touching and sucking and kissing and hugging and cuddling. I loved sucking his cock more than anything else. I loved feeling his cock alive in my mouth, and tasting his hot, thick cum as he filled my mouth with it. I also liked being fucked by him, especially when I was on my back and he was between my legs, and we could see my small cock and balls bouncing about and his wonderful cock sliding in and out of me - and we could hug and kiss at the same time. I asked if I could fuck him a few times over time, but he wasn't even slightly interested in that. I was only slightly disappointed.

I went on to uni and met my wife there. He went back to the family's farm property and married a girl from the town there. We lost touch. Stupid, I know. But the internet and email didn't exist, and neither did cell phones or texting. We simply lost touch.

Terry, and what we did, and what we had, seemed so different from and so separate from anything having to do with girls. Or even sex, really. It was deep and potent, indeed. Yes. But it wasn't the same as sex with girls seemed it to be. Not to me. I often wonder what it was to him. Clearly I was his girl. I never minded that at all. I was glad and pleased to be his girl. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I believe I loved him.

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