Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Three

Rated: X  teens



The next morning, I woke up hard and damp. I'd had such dreams that I wondered if I had ever really dreamed before at all.

They weren't all filled with sex with boys, or just with Jerry, or Jeremy, but some had little or no sex at all. And I seemed to remember many of them. Some were filled with me being happy and carefree, no longer afraid of the day I would wake up as an adult and go hunting a boy to murder.

One was of my father and me fishing at the old reservoir, just the two of us, like we had before it had failed and drained. Cooking the fish over a fire, sleeping under the stars, and laughing together without the fear that he would hate me for what I was. That one bothered me. I was sure he would never approve of it. He would never accept it. I knew I would have to hide it from him and my mother for as long as I could. I only hoped I could hide it for long enough that if and when they found out, there would be nothing they could do to me. Other than hate me. So long as I was out of college and on my own, it wouldn't be so horrible.

I could hide it that long, I was sure. I hoped, anyway.

But that couldn't bring me down. I got up, did the morning chores, showered, dressed, and ate breakfast without a single reminder to do any of those things. Over breakfast, I was stared at, but smiled at.

"Just what is so wonderful about this physical education course that's changed you literally overnight?" Dad asked.

I know I'm not alone anymore! I'm not a freak!

I wasn't sure what to say. I thought about it as I chewed.

"I think it's mostly that I made friends. Jerry seems like the best guy I've ever met. He's trusted by the coach like he's a teacher already. And the other guys in my group in class all seem first rate. Jeremy is the other guy who's like me, not all that big, but strong and able. And this Mike guy is bigger than either of us, and probably the only real competition in my group. And Eric is kinda a pipsqueak, but he's got gusto."

"Gusto?" Mom echoed.

"Guts. He goes for it. He might be small, but he don't let that matter."

"Sounds like a real trooper," Dad said with a smile.

"Yes, he is. He's small and weak, but he's not as grown yet is all. I bet when he catches up, he's going to be one great guy."

"Sounds like a real bunch of men-to-be," Dad said, smiling still. "A good group to be in with."

"I think so. And we get along good. I think we'll all be good friends."

"Swell, son," Dad said with a nod.

"Swell? Dad, that's right out of the fifties!"

He laughed, Mom laughed, and I laughed. It was probably the best morning we'd had for months and months.

I asked if Dad had an old travel kit, for the trips on weekends. I said that I wanted to get it ready. He gave me one, and I put the things into it and took it to school.

The bus ride was excruciating. It wasn't any longer than usual, but it seemed so. It seemed to go on for hours and hours. Finally, I stepped off of it and into the school. It seemed less frightening and less worrisome. There was a new worry, that I would spill the beans and ruin things for everyone else, but I went over the rules in my head again and again, and promised myself to live by them.

Each class was days long. Days and days. And more days. Just interminable. I didn't pay one bit less attention, though. The very last thing I wanted to do was let a grade slip and be punished by not being allowed to participate in the extramural activities.

Finally, after long last, P.E.

I changed clothes without being afraid of being seen looking at the other guys. I took quick glances and returned my eyes to my own affairs. I didn't worry about becoming erect, as I didn't think about them or their parts. I went down the list of rules instead.

In class, I glanced when I could at Jerry's backside in those rather tight gym shorts. I only glanced and never stared. I looked mostly at Jerry, a lot at Mark, quite a bit at Jeremy, and some at Eric.

Near the end of class, Jerry walked by as I guarded one side of the end court.

"This afternoon?" he asked when he was close and nobody else was.

"Yes, sir," I said as normally as I could, though I was more than willing to shout it.

"Good. Same plan. My car, blanket, wait. Good job on that block earlier. He's got a good two inches on you, but you put it down."

"Thank you, sir."

"Jerry is fine in class, unless a 'Yes, sir,' seems more appropriate, Freddie."

"Yes, sir," I replied, giving him a grin.

He smiled back, nearly laughing. He was so handsome!

"You mind being called Freddie?"

"Not at all, Jerry."

"And Jer is fine, so long as the other Jer isn't around to get us all confused. When he is, stick with Jerry. Here come Walters again, see if you can block him again."

I didn't, but it wasn't a big deal. We were ahead by seven, and Walters missed, anyway. He was getting tired, too. His next try, I did block. He glared at me something fierce.

"Sportsmanship," Jerry said to him. "Get better or put up with better players being better than you."

Walters shrugged it off and headed back down court. We ended up having a kind of duel the rest of the game. It was really fun. I didn't like basketball all that much, but the contest between the two of us made it fun.

In the locker room, Walters walked right at me, scowling. I was afraid of a fight. I didn't want anything to risk ruining things. My mind worked furiously.

"If you're being threatened, or think you are about to be, think of a compliment that isn't obviously one. Talk him up without seeming to. If you can. Make it look like he'd be better off working things out. Give him an out. Don't threaten back. That will only make things get hotter. Cool things off. Understand?"

"You got tired. Did you skip lunch? Or eat too much? You usually run faster and move better," I said.

His glare slackened a bit.

"I had two sandwiches and three milks. I felt like I was carrying a lead ball in my guts the whole game."

"Figures. Eat lighter tomorrow, I guess. I will, too, though, so don't expect to get any past me."

"We'll see," he said with a nod and turned away.

I could have rushed to Jerry and hugged him. Honestly. Well, I could have before, anyway, but now... wow.

Changing and showering wasn't such a big deal. I looked, but I didn't let myself stare. I thought about the rules and other things. I didn't get close to hard. On the way out of the gymnasium, I saw Jerry ahead of me, walking alone. I jogged up next to him.

"Is it alright if I'm seen talking to you?"

"Make it fast, Freddie, but sure. Seniors don't hang with frosh, but I'm your coaching assistant, so we can say it was about something in gym if anyone asks."

"It is! Walters looked like he was gonna pound me! But I remembered the rule about keeping things cool if you think you're gonna be threatened. You meant about being, well, about that, not about a ball game or something, but it worked! You're so smart!"

"I knew you're bright! Great job, Freddie!"

I could have hugged him right then and there, except for the rules. And of course, it would be hugging a guy in public. How embarrassing would that be?

"Those rules aren't my making. They've come down over the years, refined and honed. They work, or they wouldn't be rules. We don't waste our breath on bull droppings. We're serious about helping you guys out, and keeping you safe. Live by them, and I guarantee you'll live a happier and healthier life."

"I can believe it! And my dad gave me the green light!"

"Great. Glad it's go. See ya after last bell," he said in the same low voice. Then, in a slightly louder voice, "Now bug off before I turn you into the ground beef for tomorrow's lunch, frosh!"

He winked, but looked serious.

"Fine. You seniors think you're so special!" I said just as loud, slightly over normal conversation level.

I put on a slightly angered expression and dropped back. I glanced around, but no one seemed to notice or care. I glanced at his backside, then back at the floor. Wow.

The rest of the day was as slow and dreary as before gym. I was so anxious to get into his car and spend the afternoon with him. I paid attention and did the work, and waited and waited and waited.

Finally, last bell!

I had my homework sorted and walked as casually as I could out to the student parking lot with my books and my travel bag. His car was parked at the same spot, where I could walk along beside the bushes, open his door, and climb inside without anyone seeing me do so. The spots weren't prime because the sun beat down on the car as there were no trees, and they were about as far from the building as possible. As I got near, I saw a guy with red hair and freckles that was in some of my classes walk between a Ford Rambler and the bushes. I didn't see him walk out the other end.

I stopped in my tracks. I remembered Jerry saying to never act surprised or out of the ordinary, no matter what I saw, so I kept walking. I turned and walked past that Rambler, and glanced inside, and there was a thin-looking blanket on the floor, and there was obviously something under it. I didn't stop or slow down, but kept moving.

I grinned hugely. I thought of asking the others if they had noticed the same thing, of talking about it, but only for a second before something else Jerry had told us filled my head. I shrugged, checked around for anyone looking, then opened the car door, climbed inside, shut the door, and saw that someone had beaten me there. With a huge grin, I lifted the blanket and saw Eric grinning up at me. I crawled under with him and we giggled as quietly as we could. Then the door opened and Mark was there. He got in with us and we giggled and covered ourselves.

I was dying to ask if they had gotten permissions too, and if they had heard from Jeremy, but there was no talking permitted, so we lay there, fairly comfortable on the huge floor the Roadmaster, and waited.

The door opened, the car moved a bit, and the door closed.

"Eric?" Jerry asked softly.

"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."

The car started and moved. We waited and sweated. It stopped, shut off, and he got out. The garage door closed. The back door opened.

"Out of my car you hooligans," he said playfully.

We piled out, all grins. I wondered if they had done this before, but knew they couldn't have. I was ahead of them by one day. I felt a little special. I was the only one with a travel bag.

"No talking, follow me."

He smiled nicely and we followed him. They glanced around at the house, but I watched Jerry's buttocks. His jeans were slightly tighter today, and revealed his shapes far more. I sighed and grinned. The tingles began. I was hard before I had gotten into the car.

In his room, he closed the door. He sat down at his desk, rolled a cigarette, and began talking. Very soon it was obvious that he expected me to reply as if I hadn't heard any of it before. I did so. He went through the exact same things, in probably the exact same order. He pointed to my travel bag when he told us about getting one together. I held it up and grinned. When he got to the part about repeating these things over and over, and getting tired of hearing them, I grinned a little, but held most of it back.

"Good. I think you guys will do fine. Don't try to be any kind of hero. Just tell me or coach, and we'll take care of it. Watch out for each other, and don't be mean to each other. And don't suddenly look like friends at school. No giggling at each other. No secret smiles. No trying to be slick. The club is only a secret if you keep it a secret. And if it isn't a secret anymore, it's all over. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," all three of us together.

He looked at his watch.

"We have a half an hour before I have to start driving you guys home. So, how about it? You guys want to have some fun?"

"Yes, sir!" all three of us together, all grins.

"In a circle in front of me."

He stayed in his chair at his desk. As we walked over to him, I raised my hand.


"Can I ask if Jeremy is going to be part of the club? Did he get permission? Or can't I ask?"

"You can ask about other members of our group, sure. And sure, he got permission. Today he's with the coach."

"Oh, okay. Good. I'm glad. I was worried he didn't get permission or wanted out."

"No, all's good with Jeremy. One of you will visit coach tomorrow. I don't know who, don't ask. Won't know until tomorrow. And no, you can not ask him anything about him and coach. You can ask if he's okay, check up on him, like that, but not what happened or such. That's between him and coach. Like coach won't ask what we do."

"Will we ever be with coach and you at the same time?" Mark asked.

I thought it was a great question. Jerry was so handsome, and I was so happy to be with him, but coach wasn't bad at all. He was older than Jerry, and nice looking. A couple of coaches were really old, and a couple were really old and even fat, but our coach wasn't.

Jerry grinned at me and said, "You want to answer that, Freddie? Will the coach and I be with you guys at the same time, you think?"

The answer was pretty obvious, given the weekend trips. I nodded, grinning, and said, "If you go on the weekend trips, I bet so."

"Right, Freddie. Right now, I want the three of you to huddle up here nice and close."

We squeezed in together, shoulder to shoulder, giggling. I was so hard, and the tingles were running up and down all of me.

Jerry reached out and took off my shirt, then opened and unzipped my jeans. He pushed them down, leaving my shorts on, then toyed around with my erection, my balls, then my butt. I was starting to breathe quicker already, and that wet spot grew.

He turned to Mark, next to me, and did the same thing. He was built bigger than me and looked older. There was no mistaking that he was longer and thicker than me, even with his shorts still on. His wet spot made mine look like a tiny drop. He even had a little hair on his legs.

Then Jerry turned to Eric. He was short and thin, and was the same below. No hint of hair on his legs or anywhere in sight, and tiny, pink nipples. His wet spot was almost just an invisible pinprick, but it grew before Jerry was done playing around. His little dick pushed his shorts out admirably, like it was hard as steel.

"Do I have the best group, or what?" Jerry said, leaning back in his chair a bit and looking at the three of us.

His erection was so obvious, pushing his jeans upward into an admirable tent.

"I can't wait to have all four of you together again. Won't happen until next week, but it's gonna be one wild time!"

The three of us giggled and couldn't stop grinning. We all had red faces, too.

"Okay, reach out to the guy on your left and have a feel of his chest."

We went through the same routine, checking out each others chests and nipples, touching, then kissing and licking, then sucking. I had the honor of doing Jerry. He stood up and I got to take down his pants and play with his goodies really briefly after we did the chest thing. His wet spot was as large as his entire head, and was really wet. I could see the color of his head through his white briefs. I thrilled all over!

Next, Jerry pulled down my briefs and I stepped out of them. I kind of sighed when he grabbed my erection. He stroked it several times until a drop formed at my tip, then he swiped it up with a finger and put it in his mouth.

"Really nice!" he said smiling.

His smile was so... wonderful. It just made me feel great.

Then he moved to Mark and did the same things to him. Mark was the tallest and oldest looking of us. He had really short brown hair and was kind of nice looking. He was built bigger than me, but didn't have the same kind of muscles I did, being a town boy. He was still taller and broader than me, though. He had a nice face and nice brown eyes, and he was naturally bronze all over. He had the longest one of us beside Jerry, it was almost amazing. He had the most hair down there, too, and his balls were the largest and hung down the furthest. All except for Jerry, of course.

My dick bounced while I watched Jerry's big hand go up and down on Mark's long one. Mark had almost olive skin, and his dick was the darkest of all of ours, even Jerry's. His head was dark to begin with but was even darker from the fun we were all having. The skin behind his head was sort of pinkish, but the rest behind that was almost brown. His sack was even darker, and with his black hair, all of him looked almost like a black boy.

When a nice big drop was at the hole, Jerry swiped it up with a finger and put it into his mouth.

"So good!" he said, grinning.

Then Eric flinched and gasped as Jerry pulled down his white shorts and his dick popped out like a little steel rod. Eric was the smallest of us in all ways, and he barely had any hair there, but it was so hard. His hair was all blond, and the little bit around the bottom of his little prick was slightly darker, but still really blond. He had no foreskin, and his skin on it was really tight and really pale. His little head though was so pink and shiny and looked perfectly smooth. He had little balls, too, and they barely kind of hung down just a little bit, the skin of his sack all wrinkled up tight and pink.

Eric bit his lower lip as Jerry used his finger and thumb to move his tight skin up and down his little dick. There was a big drop almost right away, and Jerry swiped it up and tasted it.

"Wow, so light and sweet! Amazing!"

Eric laughed and looked like the happiest guy I had ever seen. He had the greenest eyes, and they were sparkling right then. His yellow-blond hair sort of glowed around his smiling, big, red lips. His pale skin was blushed on his cheeks, and that made his little, tiny freckles on his cheeks and nose stand out.

A huge drop was just hanging on to Jerry's tip, threatening to fall soon. He stood in front of us, looked down at himself, then at us.

"Who wants it?"

We all did.

"There's only one, and Freddie's had some already. So, Mark, Eric, how should I decide? Quick, before it falls."

He made his dick bounce, and that drop started to stretch downward.

"Let Eric, before it falls!" Mark said.

"Nice, letting another go first. Generosity. Great personality trait!"

"Let Mark. He offered first, reward him for that," Eric said with a nod.

"Don't you want it?" Jerry asked.

"Sure! But since he offered, why not reward him. If I can have the next one?" Eric replied.

"Why not? I really do have a great group! Mark? Why not get on your knees and use your tongue directly?"

Mark grinned nicely and went to his knees. He bobbed forward a bit and licked it away. He grinned. My mouth watered. Eric licked his lips.

"Now, why don't you stretch forward a bit and put your mouth on it?"

Mark didn't wait, but almost lunged forward and started sucking. His cheeks went concave. He started moving up and down the long shaft, too.

"Nice!" Jerry said happily, pushing his hips forward.

"Eric, since you were so thoughtful as to let Mark go first, why don't you go lay down on the bed, and let Fred show you how good he is at doing this?"

Eric grinned widely and almost ran to the bed. I turned after another long glance at what Mark was doing to Jerry, and then knelt in front of little Eric. He had so much growing to do. I wasn't really attracted to him, but the idea of showing him what Jerry said was my natural talent really got me excited. I took his little dick and engulfed it with my mouth, then began licking it all over. I sucked like seemed the right way, soft then hard then in between, and kept changing. His little dick was too short to use a finger and my thumb on it at the same time, so I moved up and down on it as fast as I could and put my hands on his hips right next to his dick. He started breathing fast immediately, and making a soft whimpering sound.

"Eric," Jerry said, "I already told Fred and Jeremy that I want you to let out those sounds. If you feel like a grunt, grunt. If you feel like a big sigh, sigh big. Whatever your body wants to do, do it. It will make it all that much better for you, and for the other guy."

Jerry inhaled and sighed out loudly, then groaned nicely, just like yesterday.

"Mark, you know how to do that well, too. Don't let your tongue sit still, keep it moving, and suck in all kinds of ways." Then after a few seconds, he said, "Nice work!"

I heard Mark slurping and sucking, and Jerry groaning and moaning, and Erick hissing and whimpering. And I felt little Eric squirming under my hands and mouth. I also felt my dick bouncing and dancing, and that pressure beginning to work upward. It would be while, but it was starting.

Eric tasted very different than Jerry. Fainter, lighter, almost sweet and tangy, and a little metallic. He began humping my mouth with his hips and gyrating wildly. Panting, he crooned, "Oh, yes!" several times.

"Okay, Mark, hold up. I don't want to shoot yet," Jerry said.

I heard a loud squeaking as Mark's lips left Jerry's boner. My dick twitched, and I was sure, started dripping. The shaking thrills began building up along with the pressure below my balls. It wouldn't be long, but not very soon.

"Take a break, Freddie, let Eric cool down some."

I sucked until my lips came off Eric's tip, and it made a loud slurping sound. Eric laughed and jerked, and said, "Wow!"

I grinned up at his face. He was kind of cute, but still small. I liked Jerry, or at least guys with big ones and hair, and I knew it for sure at that second. But Eric wasn't bad looking at all, and I thought he was probably going to be a good looking guy some day.

His little, incredibly hard, pink and red dick, bounced and glistened just inches in front of my eyes. His little balls were all tucked up tight, and the skin all pink and wrinkled. The few hairs in a circle around the base of his little dick were soaking wet now, and looked a little darker because of my spit. I was almost amazed at how dark red his little head was.

Jerry brought Mark over to his bed and sat him down next to Eric. He told me to sit next to Eric on the other side. He knelt in front of Eric and put a hand on mine and Mark's thighs. He looked up at the three of us, one after the other, smiling at us all. His fingers just barely moved on my thigh, and kind of tickled a little. It made me want to squirm and giggle.

"Guys, Jeremy is with the coach today. When you see him next, at school or wherever, even here, you are not to ask him about it. Coach won't ask you about when you are here or wherever with me. Right, Mark?"

"Right, sir," Mark said with a nod.

"Mark was with him yesterday. That's all you need to know. Mostly, anyway. I know sometimes it seems scary to think about doing this kind of stuff with coach, but don't let it be. Coach is a great guy. I've spent a lot of time with coach myself. He won't make you do anything, just like I won't. Just like no one in the club will. Mark, did coach make you do anything you didn't want to?"

"No, sir," Mark said.

"Honestly? You can tell me and coach won't know you did, ever. And you won't have to be around coach again. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. But, no, he didn't, sir."

"Did you have a good time with coach yesterday?"

"Yes, sir!" Mark said, grinning, almost laughing.

"Would you like to spend an afternoon with coach again?"

"Yes, sir!" he said enthusiastically.

"Did coach give permission for you to demonstrate something today?"

"Yes, sir," Mark said in a weird way.

"Are you willing to?"

"Yes, if..."

"What? Coach said it was all up to you. You can decide things. So go ahead."

Mark got really red-faced and his smile kept wavering a little. It was like he was worried about something.

"Yes, sir. If... if it's, not you, sir."

"Why not me? You can say it. I won't be mad or anything. Go ahead."

Mark looked even more worried, and kept his eyes on his feet.

"Sir, I... it... it might hurt, sir."

"It might. I understand. I'm not bothered, okay?"

Jerry lifted Mark's chin with his hand and made him look up at him.


"Okay, sir. I'm sorry, sir. It's... just..."

"I know. I understand. And like coach said, it's up to you. Who do you want to with? And remember, you don't even have to do it. Only if you want to. Jeremy might tomorrow. And even if not, that'd still be fine. Okay?"

"I'd like to!" Mark said.

He glanced at me really quickly and then back at Jerry. He looked funny.

"So, I guess with Freddie, huh?"

Mark laughed like he was very embarrassed. He nodded a little and I could see how red his face was even though he was looking back down at the floor.

Me? I thought. Why me? Do what with me? Why's he so embarrassed? Why me? What?

"So, I guess it's up to Freddie then," Jerry said, looking at me now.

"What is?" I asked.

Jerry cleared his throat and looked at me really closely.

"There is something that coach does, but I don't, not until coach give me the okay. Mark got to do it yesterday. Did you like it, Mark?"

Mark nodded, still looking at his feet or the floor.

"Mark liked it, but he don't want me to do it, because, well, I'm a little bigger than coach."

Jerry looked down at his big erection.

Bigger than coach? I thought coach would be even bigger. He's older. Why isn't he bigger?

"See, I'm kinda lucky in a way, because I got a really big one. But sometimes it's not all that lucky to have a great big one. Mark knows what I mean. And I don't blame him at all. When I was a freshman, I was in the same situation. My leader had a big one, too. Bigger than coach. When it was my turn to decide if I wanted to let him, do that, I decided no. So, Mark, you see, I don't hold it against you at all. Even if I didn't decide just like you, I wouldn't. Okay?"

Mark looked up and looked surprised, and happy. He bit his bottom lip and glanced at me again. His smile got bigger and he giggled in a funny way and looked back down at his feet, or the floor. Or maybe his own erection. He was so red-faced.

"But, if I'm guessing right, I think there's even another reason Mark wants it to be you, Freddie."

Mark's head shot up and he looked at Jerry with a real worried expression. His mouth hung open a little and his eyes were real big.

"I think Mark should say why, but not if he doesn't want to. But I really think you should say why, Mark. Okay?"

Mark stared at him like he was crazy.

"Do I have to?"

"No. But honest, I think you should."

Mark swallowed so loud I heard it and saw how hard it was for him to do. He looked at me, and he had a funny look on his face. He looked back at Jerry.


He looked so worried, or something.

"Go ahead. Or don't. But you'll still have to ask him to do that, if you want him to do it. I sure won't make him if he won't, and you won't either, will you?"

Mark shook his head, then looked at me again. He looked so strange. He looked back at Jerry and kept looking at him.

"You want to tell him?"

"Did coach tell you?" he asked.

"Yes, he did. You told him he could, right?"

Mark nodded, then said, "I didn't think he would, though. Not that he would today. I just told him because... he asked, and... I didn't want to lie... and..."

"It's okay. You don't have to tell him that. But you do have to tell him what you'd like to demonstrate, though. So that he and Eric know what the coach will ask them to do. It's sort of a tradition, sort of. No rule, or anything. But telling him what it is, though, is. Or we don't do that, and they don't know until their turn with coach. Which is fine."

Mark seemed to think for a while. I was dying to know what the hell was up. What did he and coach do that he liked, but he didn't want to do with Jerry because he was bigger than coach? And what else was it he was thinking or had to say about me? I was dying to know!

"See... Freddie... I... I want you to show Eric here what coach likes to do. You don't have to. Okay?"

He looked at me and he looked so worried. Scared, too.

I nodded at him, trying to smile. I was so curious. And sort of worried and scared, too.

"What?" I asked, my throat and mouth dry.

"That's not the hard part. The hard part, is..." He sighed really loudly and rolled his head on his shoulders, then looked at me and sort of locked his eyes with mine. "I really like you, Freddie. Really. I mean... you're so good looking!"

He looked away then. I was really shocked. It had been so neat to hear Jerry say he thought so, and when my dad had said so it had made me feel so good. But hearing Mark say it was really different. I think because I knew he meant it in a really different way. If he meant it in the way I thought he did.

"You like me?" I asked, my voice sounding small and weak.

He nodded, and without looking up, said, "I think you're the best looking guy. Just... the best."

I looked at Jerry, who was looking at me, grinning really wide. He nodded at me and then Mark, and grinned even wider.

"You... you really like me like that?" I asked.

"Oh, geeze, yes!" Mark said, still looking down.

I looked at Eric, and he was grinning and looked totally surprised and shocked, and happy. Jerry still grinned and kept nodding at me.

"Freddie... if you want... I want to show Eric what coach will want him to do with him. It might be hard for Eric, because..."

Mark shrugged and looked at Eric.

"You won't have to, for sure, I know that for sure," Mark said to Eric. "But, wow, would I like to show you with Freddie. If Freddie is okay with it."

"What?" I asked suddenly.

I had to know what the big deal was. And I was sort of all embarrassed and feeling funny that Mark liked me so much. The way I was sure I felt about Jerry.

"Doing it. The real deal. Like sex. Like how men do it to women."

"But... you mean..."

I was stunned. I knew we didn't have the right parts to do it like that, but I knew what he meant. It seemed the obvious thing. I always wondered if that was even possible. A lot of times I'd seen when I had gone to the toilet that it was thicker than my own penis, and wondered if a penis could go in. I had put fingers in mine, and it had felt kind of nice. I looked down at Mark's erection, which was sort of soft right then. I knew what it looked like all hard, and I'd passed things that size.

If things that size can come out, why can't something that size go in? I thought. I like how my fingers feel when I do that. I bet it would feel pretty good having his go in. But what way? His going in me? Or mine going in his? Both? As long as we were careful. I bet it could hurt, too.

Eric! He's so small! I bet it would hurt him! Even mine or Jeremy's smaller ones. Wow, poor guy.

"I want you to do it to me. If you want to. We'll be real careful. If it hurts or bothers you we can stop. Honest," Mark said.

He was looking at me all hopeful and stuff. Like he was asking me for a huge favor. A huge, secret favor. I nodded. He smiled at me.

"Won't it hurt you if it hurts?" I asked.

"I guess so. It does, sort of, but just at first. And if it does too much we won't keep doing it. And if it hurts you, we stop, I promise!"

He looked so happy. He wasn't all that good looking, but that he liked me so much, it made me feel so good. I was willing. So long as it didn't hurt.

His penis started getting hard and pointing back up again. I snickered a little.

"Wow," Eric said in awe. "Can we watch?" he asked Jerry.

"We're going to do more than watch. I'm going to make sure it goes okay, and help out any way I can. And you can help, too."

"Will it hurt him?" Eric asked.

"No. Maybe some, but nothing really painful. Maybe, though, and if it does, it'll stop. It'll only go all the way if Mark and Freddie both say it does."

"You really want me to stick mine in you?" I asked Mark.

He nodded, smiling at me, all red-faced.

"I really do," he said at me.

He was getting totally hard again. I hadn't gotten even a little soft, and another drop was rolling down the underside of my dick.


"Yes!" Mark said, almost cheered.

He looked so happy about it. I didn't know how to feel about it. The idea was exciting, certainly, but almost bizarre, too. I didn't want to hurt him, but I wanted to see what it felt like. I wondered if he would stick his in me after. That idea was exciting, too. I hoped so.

"You really liked it, huh?" Jerry asked him.

Mark got even more red-faced and nodded at him.

"I really did! I thought it might hurt and be dirty, but after we... um... when we got to doing it, it was really..."

He laughed and got even more red-faced.

Jerry stood up, his big dick sticking out in front of him. I wondered what it would feel like in my butt. I hoped it would feel good. I wanted to find out.

"Eric, there is a small travel bag in the bottom drawer of my desk. Will you go get and bring it back, please?"

"Okay," Eric said and dashed over to the desk.

While he was doing that, Jerry told Mark to get in position. Mark laughed, looked at me, then rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up. The sight was stunning. I had never seen that part of a boy before, and sort of stared. His skin color was the same all over him, a kind of dark tan, and even down there and around there.

His dark sack was hanging a little bit, but it didn't hide the secret place, or the little, brown, dark hole there.

"Freddie, scoot over right up next to Mark."

I did, thrills running up and down my spine. I got an even closer look there, and was amazed. My dick danced like crazy. I looked up at Mark's face. He was smiling a lot, and red-faced. He was biting his lower lip again. He wasn't bad looking at all, kind of handsome. Nothing like Jerry, but nothing wrong with him at all.

He held both of his legs up with his hands holding each other across both of his shins. The way his legs met at that place, and the sight of his hole, it was exciting like nothing else before. His hole kind of moved a little. It was a pucker of skin.

I hadn't noticed that Jerry had left, but I did notice when he came back with a washrag and handed it to me.

"Clean him up real good with this. Nice and gentle."

The rag was warm, and I washed Mark's hole.

"Get around it, too. Right up to his scrotum and down to the end of his crack, and out to the sides some, too."

Mark giggled as I washed his most secret place. It was amazing. My heart was pounding like mad and I was shaking. Jerry took the cloth from me and then held up my right hand. Jerry took the leather case from Eric and put it on the bed between me and Mark. He pulled a pair of nail clippers from the side pocket and began trimming my nails. It was bizarre. Then he used a file from the same pocket and smoothed out the ends of the nails he had clipped. Then he put away the file and clippers, washed my fingers with the corner of the cloth, then said, "Open it," nodding at the little bag.

I unzipped it and lifted back the flap. There was a jar, and three things that I had never seen before. They were a lot alike, but different sizes.

"Take out the jar, open it, and put some on your pointing finger."

It was Vaseline. Once I had dipped a fingertip into it and held it up, Jerry said, "Now, rub it over his anus."

My hand shook as I watched my greased finger touch Mark's hole. The circle twitched and wiggled as I rubbed it with my finger. It was amazingly exciting! It felt rough but soft.

"Get a little more on your finger, but this time, push your finger all the way to the bottom of the jar."

I did, and my whole finger was coated with the jelly.

"Now, really slowly, and really gently, put your finger inside. Don't force it, but wiggle it in really gentle."

I looked at Mark. He nodded and was grinning really widely. I took a deep breath, then put my finger against his hole. I pushed and the warm, soft ring let my finger in easy. All the way to the last knuckle. It was so soft and warm inside, too.

"Move it in and out, not fast," Jerry told me.

I did. It felt so neat. Mark kind of panted a little. His ankles popped and he kind of whined a little.

"Is it okay?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Mark said happily.

"Turn your hand like this," Jerry said, with his palm up. When I did, he said, "Do this, and feel for a little golf ball up behind his scrotum."

I crooked my finger like Jerry had, then started searching. It was easy to find. Mark whimpered a little more when I did.

"What is it?" I asked.

"That, is his prostate. That little bundle of muscle is where all those great feelings come from when you have an orgasm. That is what is squeezing your semen out through your penis. It makes you have your orgasm. And it feels great when someone does what you're going to do to it."

"What am I going to do to it?"

"Play with it. Touch it, gently, and tap it. Rub it. Find out what he likes you doing to it."

I started exploring it. It felt a little smaller than a golf ball, but kind of bumpy and irregular like one. Mark sure liked what I was doing to it. He started breathing really heavily and grinning a lot. He made soft sounds, too.

"Now, take that finger out," Jerry told me. I did. He wiped my finger with another corner of the rag. "Now, put that same finger and the one next to it into the Vaseline, all the way to the bottom, just like before. Then put both in, and play with his button."

"His prostate?"

"Yes. Like before, but with both fingers. And it might be a little harder to put both fingers inside. Be patient and take it slow."

I nodded, turned to Mark's hole, and started wiggling both fingers in together. It wasn't as easy as the one, but they went in. My dick bounced and I felt a drop running down the underside of it.

"Wow," Eric said softly. "What does it feel like, Mark?"

"Really neat!" Mark said happily.

"You like it?" Eric asked.

"Oh yeah!" Mark said just as happily.

"What's it feel like, Freddie?"

"It's really warm inside. And really soft."

"What about his prostate?"

"Like a golf ball. But softer," I answered as both of my fingers found it.

Mark gasped and then said, "Gosh!" and his hole clamped and sort of pulsed around my fingers several times.

I thought I saw his body shake for a moment. I was filled up with those tingling thrills. This was really exciting! I could not only see the most secret place of Mark's body, I could feel his insides. It was amazing!

"Move your fingers in and out now," Jerry told me.

I did. His hole wasn't so tight now. It seemed like it had stretched or something.

"Take them out." I did. He cleaned both of my fingers. "Now three together, right to the bottom of the jar." I did. He nodded at Mark. "One finger, then the second one, then start wiggling in the third one."

I put my first finger in, then slid my second one in with it. Then I had to wiggle and sort of sneak my third one in. Mark kind of panted and whimpered and kept saying, "Go."

"Did you have to push?"

"A little," Mark said while I said, "Sort of."

I didn't know who he had meant to ask.

"Move them in and out," Jerry said, looking at me.

I did. It was so weird to see three of my fingers going in and out of his hole. It made me thrill all over.

"You think you're ready, Mark?"

"Yes!" Mark answered.

"How about you, Freddie?"


For what?

"To give it to Mark."

"You mean..."

He nodded. I looked at Mark, and he nodded. My dick swelled up and I thought for a second it was going to squirt. It tingled so much I almost held onto it in case it did. I swallowed, then nodded.

"Use your three fingers to get a small blob of Vaseline out to smear all over your penis. From tip to base of it."

I did. It felt so great! It was so slick and smooth, and I loved how my penis felt all covered in it in my hand. Oh, man!

"That's enough, or you'll have an accident."

We all laughed.

Jerry sort of spun Mark on the bed, then guided me on my knees right there with my erection pointing at Mark's hole. Mark and I stared at each other. We were both grinning like crazy, and both red-faced. My dick was jumping all over the place. I could not believe I was going to stick my dick inside of Mark.

"Eric, you need to use your hand to make sure the end of Freddie's penis goes right up against Mark's anus. Hold it there while Freddie pushes it in. Okay?"

Eric nodded wildly and moved so that he could see and get his hand between us. Jerry moved me a little and guided me by the butt, watching what Eric was doing with my dick. Jerry kept moving my knees on the bed, and moving my butt, and Eric held my dick with his face right next to it and Mark's butt. Jerry pushed my butt forward, and I felt Mark's hole at the tip of my dick.

I felt my dick twitching like mad! My balls were tight and tingling, and that big tingle down lower was already starting up.

"Okay, both of you, push."

My dick went inside almost easily. It was so warm and so soft, and when my head went through his hole I shook all over. Jerry kept pushing my butt, which I loved, knowing he was touching it and all, and only made me get closer to finishing that much sooner. It felt incredible as my dick slipped deeper into Mark. I watched Mark's face. He watched mine. It was amazing!

I got far enough in that Eric had to move his hand away. He did while saying, "Amazing!" in a loud whisper.

Then I felt Mark's butt against the front of my hips. I was all the way inside of Mark's butt! And it felt so good! Like a warm, soft cocoon. Oh, man! That tingle below my balls got bigger and stronger.

"Okay, Freddie, you know what to do?" Jerry asked.

I looked away from Mark and at Jerry and nodded. I looked back at Mark under me, between his legs, and he was smiling a lot.

"It don't hurt?" I asked.

"Some, but just a little. It feels good more than it hurts. Honest."

"Okay," I said with a nod. "Here goes."

I pulled my hips back, pulling my dick almost out. Oh, God! Then I pushed them forward, pushing my dick back inside. Oh, God! Then I was fucking Mark. Really fucking him. Moving my dick in and out of his ass. I kept looking at his face and into his brown eyes. He kept grinning and looking like he really liked it. I know I did! And how!

Mark bit his bottom lip through his smile, and he grunted a lot. He was breathing hard, so was I. It was just so amazing!

"Lean on his legs," Jerry told me.

I let my chest push down on Mark's legs.

"Let your hands and your knees hold you up."

It took a little time, but I found a way to lean on Mark's legs with the rest of my weight on my hands and knees, and use my toes to push. Wow! The sound of the grease between me and Mark, and my skin slapping his. Our heavy breathing and our grunts.

That building tingle was getting stronger and more powerful. My legs wanted to shake and dance. My own butthole felt like it was squeezing up tight. That tingle down there was insane. I was getting close.

"Where do I, um..."

"Inside," Mark said. "Go until you can't go anymore."

I was panting, and Mark was grunting really loudly. I was starting to sweat. My entire body was tingling and shivering. The feeling of the tingle between my balls and my hole was overwhelming! I pumped my hips, faster and faster. Harder and harder. I fell out and pushed forward before I knew it. I slammed my tip against him and it kind of hurt.

"Let me!" Eric said, then grabbed my dick and guided me back in.

My dick went back inside pretty easy. The feeling of his ring spreading open around the very tip and then the edges of my head was amazing!

Mark said, "Oh, geeze! That's neat-o! Do that again!"

"What? Go in?" I asked.

"Yeah! That was... so neat!"

I pulled out, then Eric helped me back in. Mark gasped and grunted. So did I! It felt really great!

"Just do that for a couple of minutes, see what happens," Jerry said.

I did, and Jerry moved my knees a little so that Eric didn't have to help me. Eric wasn't happy about that, but Mark and I sure were! I pushed it all the way in, pulled it all the way out, then went all the way back in. It was insanely good! The way his warm hole opened up, but slid over my tip, along my head, over my edges, then down my shaft was totally incredible! Pulling it out wasn't nearly as good, but felt great too. Going back in from outside was just so good!

Mark loved it too. He grunted each time I went in. The problem was that my body was enjoying it too. Too much. It was ready. It was really difficult to stay aligned with him, and really difficult not to just abandon everything and pound as hard as I could. I had to pull all the way back, make sure I was aimed right, then push in again. I wanted to go faster. I couldn't. It was wonderful!

The tingles down below were building up, making my back and shoulders tight. It was hard to not drop down onto Mark's legs and just do it fast and hard. It took real work to keep aimed when I was outside. But it was worth it because of how it felt when I slid back inside. And each time, it made me closer and closer to being done.

My legs wanted to run in place, my feet wanted to fly off my ankles, my skin was all too small for the rest of my body, my balls were throbbing and aching, and my hole and the place there around it felt like it had electricity running through it. I almost couldn't breathe. Each time I pulled my dick out of Mark, it throbbed and bounced, making it hard to aim it.

That wonderful buzzing tingle make my legs come together no matter how hard I tried to not let them. My dick felt like it was growing and getting hot. I was shivering and the tingles were all over my skin. Those tingles spread into my muscles, making it hard to control any of them. It was like I was being crushed up and pulled apart at the same time.

I pulled it out again, barely able to, then aimed it, then pushed it back inside, then I couldn't move other than to shudder all over as that pulsing pressure washed up from between my legs and out through my dick and into Mark.

I pulled it out, tried to, but I couldn't. Instead, I shoved it in all the way, making a loud slapping noise when my hips hit Mark's buttocks. The pulling on the skin of my dick when I slammed into him almost hurt.

"Shit! I'm going to!" I yelled.

I couldn't move even if I needed to. None of my muscles wanted to do anything I wanted them to. My eyes slammed shut.

My lungs stopped working. I heard my heart hammering in my ears. I couldn't hold myself up on my hands anymore as my arms gave out. I fell onto Mark's shins and his hands, trying to get my arms to straighten out. My legs went out straight and my feet pointed out away from my ankles. I made that deep grunting sound way down in my chest.

Pulse after pulse, each one almost painful, I shot inside of Mark. Only the muscles in my hips and lower back worked, and they barely worked, just moving a tiny amount each time my prostate squeezed. I could feel my semen squirting through my urethra, tightly constricted by Mark's anus. I felt my penis swell up with each one.

Grunt after grunt, pulse after pulse, swell after swell. Each time, my muscles grew tighter and tighter. Each time, I grew weaker and weaker. Each time, my vision got darker and darker.

It was the best one yet. The longest one yet. The biggest one yet.

I felt myself fall over sideways. I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling. I was panting like a rabid dog. I was shivering all over. My dick hurt. My balls ached.

"Put your legs down," Jerry said.

I didn't think he was talking to me, so I just laid there and tried to get my breath back.

"Eric, you wanna take care of him?"

"Boy, do I!" I heard Eric say.

I felt the bed moving, then I heard Mark groaning. Then there was the sound of Eric sucking. He was noisy when he did it, and I knew it was him doing it to Mark. I looked over to see what I expected. And I saw Jerry watching. He looked at me.

"You like it?" he asked.

I grinned a lot and nodded a lot. I felt wonderful. Empty and weak. Shaky.

"Oh, God! Eric! Get ready! I'm going to now!"

I looked and saw Mark curled up over Eric's head, his face red and his eyes scrunched closed.

"God!" Mark grunted over and over, tightly curled over Eric, shaking like mad.

Mark yanked Eric off of himself and fell onto his back with a loud, "Whoo!"

Eric was playing with his little dick until Jerry took over. Jerry had Eric lay out on the only clear spot on the bed, then put his mouth on it. Eric squealed and held onto Jerry's head by his hair. He started humping his hips like crazy. Then in almost no time, he curled over Jerry's head.

"Jerry! Going to right now!" Eric said loudly.

Jerry seemed to push his face as far down as he could. Erich looked up, his mouth hanging open, his eyes clenched shut, and grunted as he pushed against Jerry's face.

Eric grunted, "OH!" over and over and kept jerking all over. Then he squealed and pulled Jerry's hair, saying, "Stop!"

Jerry came up smiling. Eric fell onto his back, grinning and breathing hard. His little dick was red and shiny.

Jerry slapped Eric's thighs a little, really softly, then stood up and started getting dressed.

"Aren't you going to?" I asked him.

"Nope. I've got plans for later," he said. "After I take you guys home, I'm meeting the other group leaders. Wednesdays."

I watched his body disappear into his clothes. I wished I had the energy to do something to him.

"You guys hit the showers. Don't forget your travel bags tomorrow. There's shampoo and soap in the shower for you to use today. Freddie will show you."

The three of us used the shower together. It was really fun. We talked about what it felt like to do what I had with Mark. Mark said he really liked it a lot. He said it was the best thing yet. I said it was for me, too. When Eric was washing and not looking, Mark kissed me. It was really fast and weird, but it was really nice, too. He blushed so darkly! I think I did too.

When we were drying off, and when Eric couldn't see, Mark grabbed my soft, wet dick, pulled me toward him, and kissed me again. We laughed together. I liked it. I liked Mark. I didn't like him as much as I liked Jerry, but I did like him enough that I didn't mind being kissed by him. It felt nice. It was really interesting.

We got dressed and went back into Jerry's bedroom. He was sitting at his desk, smoking. He smiled at us and pointed to his bed which was all made up. We sat down.

"I know how it is to like someone," he said. He looked right at Mark. "It's so great. But you can't be seen acting different, Mark. No matter how much you like Freddie, you guys aren't friends at school, not yet. Okay?"

Mark looked a little sad as he nodded.

"Do you two have any classes together?"

"No, sir," we said together.

"I saw him in lunch today," Mark said.

I hadn't seen him. I sat with some friends from junior high school.

"No getting together at school, then. You stay apart and do nothing different. And you don't meet outside school. You guys went to different junior highs?"

"Yes, sir," we said together.

"So you live far apart. Keep it that way. Don't raise any suspicions. In a few days, a couple weeks, maybe you bump into each other in lunch. Maybe you talk. Maybe you make a new friend that your current friends can find out about. Maybe. But not right away. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Freddie, Mark really likes you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir, I think so."

"How do you feel about him? Only the truth, understand?"

"Yes, sir."


"He's nice. I like him."

"Do you think you like him the way he likes you?"

I didn't want to say no, because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I liked him enough, just not the way I liked Jerry.

"Mark, sometimes we like guys who don't like us back the same way," Jerry said. "It happens all the time. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," Mark said really sadly.

"I'm really sorry!" I blurted.

"It's okay," Jerry said. "We can't help who we end up liking. It happens a lot that we like someone who doesn't like us back as much. It just happens. Don't feel bad about it. Mark, don't be mad at Freddie."

"I'm not. I get it. I just..."

"I know," Jerry said. "I've like a couple guys who didn't like me back. I've liked guys who aren't in the club, too. I couldn't help it, like you can't help how you feel about Freddie. Just like how Freddie can't help how he feels about you. He likes you a lot, just not as much as you do him. No biggie. Okay?"

"Yes, sir," Mark said.

"I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Mark," I said, looking at him.

I really was. If he felt how I felt about Jerry, I knew how he felt. And then I knew that Jerry didn't like me how I liked him. It hurt. I knew Mark hurt. It wasn't any fun.

"It's okay, guys. It happens. It'll happen again. It'll happen the other way around to you, too. Okay? I know it can stink, but there's nothing to do about it but deal with it. And Mark, most times, you don't even get to do what you guys got to."

Mark giggled, so did I. We looked at each other. It wasn't so bad.

"You guys even get to do it again. If you want to."

We both nodded like crazy. Boy, did I want to again! I couldn't wait to! I knew Mark wanted to again, too. And probably couldn't wait, either. He was probably looking forward to it more than I was. We giggled even more.

"You can even do it the other way around, too."

I started looking forward to that, too. A lot. I know it showed, and it showed on Mark's smile, too.

"What about me?" Eric asked.

"Oh, you'll have your turn, too, Eric. Just wait. I don't know if you or Freddie will be with the coach tomorrow. One of you can do it with him, then, if you want, with one of the guys in our group. Jeremy included. If he wants to. We'll see tomorrow."

Tomorrow! I couldn't wait!

"Today, if anyone asks, we talked a lot, and messed around some with weights, then ran some. We mostly just got to know each other a little. We'll be doing that all this week and some next week. Then we might get down to real workouts and such. Understand?"

The three of us answered, "Yes, sir," in unison.

"We have to start getting you guys home, so, out to my car and under the blanket. You can leave your kit here, Freddie. Just put it in the bottom drawer of my desk. And no doing it to yourself tonight, gents. I know you'll want to, but don't. You'll be glad you didn't tomorrow. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," in unison.

I put my case in the drawer, and he locked it. We hustled out to his car, tucked ourselves under the blanket, stayed quiet and kept our hands to ourselves and off ourselves, and soon were dropped off, one by one, myself last.

I had dinner, did my chores and then some, showered, and didn't do it. I surely wanted to! I did my homework, watched some television with my folks, then read some before I went to sleep. It was so hard! And it was so hard not doing it!

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Really hot story. I like it alot. Wish I had had a club like this when I was in high school!!

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