Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Eight

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I was dreaming about doing stuff with the guys, and it was really fun! But then they started licking my face! And with such bad breath! Ugh! Disgusting!

I woke up. There really was someone licking my face! And he had the worst breath! It almost made me gag!

I opened my eyes and it was the dog. I pushed him away and rolled over. But there was something soft and warm in the way that groaned.

I sat up and saw that I had rolled mostly over onto Eric. And he was naked. And hard. So was I, but I had been dreaming about what we had done last night. I wondered if he was. Or had been. Maybe still was. His eyes stayed closed, and he looked like he was still asleep.

"Stop it!" David said.

I looked over and saw David push the dog away. He was hard, too. I looked around, and everyone was naked on their sides or back. Mark was lying next to me, hard and bouncing, and smiling. I wondered if he was dreaming about me. Or just all the guys. Or what.

"Stupid mutt," David groaned, then stood up.

It was really interesting to watch him stand up. The human body is a real work of art, I thought. He grinned and got red-faced when he saw me watching him. He put on his shorts and jeans, then went outside, followed by Rocket. Thinking about why, I suddenly had to pee, too. I found my shorts, I hoped they were mine, and my jeans, put them on, then went outside and toward the trees. When I was done, and back in the tent, David was sitting there petting Rocket, grinning and still blushing.

Eric's erection was gone, but now Jeremy had one. Mark still did. I sat down next to David.

"You glad you came back?" I asked as I sat down next to him, most of the rest of the tent occupied by naked bodies.

He gave me a curious look.

"Came to join the group."

"Oh." He snickered, then nodded, still grinning and now redder. "Sort of got weirded out that first day."

"Don't blame ya."

He smiled a little more and crossed his arms over his chest. I could see his nipples still. They were so small and light, so pink. They looked so tender, like any touch at all would damage them. I looked at my own, wondering why guys have them. Mine were mostly brown, and bigger than David's. Smaller than Jerry's, of course, and Jeremy's, too. Mark's looked a lot like mine. So did his penis. It was still hard, too. And now a little drop was showing at the tip. It moved, as if it had a muscle attached to it. He rolled more onto his back from his side, and groaned a little. He grimaced. Groaned. Then I saw his penis move again and he had an orgasm. It was amazing. Little squirts came out of it, landing a couple inches from it, near his navel. Four times, his penis moving each time. Then it moved a couple more times, but nothing came out of it. He sighed and rolled fully onto his back.

I heard David snicker. When I looked at him, I knew he'd seen it too. We laughed really quietly into our hands.

"Dare ya to go over and lick it up," he said.

I was no chicken, but that was a heck of a dare!

"You," I said.

"No, I made the dare. You."

I thought how I'd tasted Jeremy's semen before, alone together, and in the group. Even last night. I shrugged, then crawled over Eric on hands and knees and gently licked the little drops off Mark's lower belly. All of them. Every last hint. My erection was back with a vengeance. He didn't move or make a sound. I crawled back. David looked amazed. I grinned.

"You got balls," he said, almost as if awed.

I shrugged and grinned.

"You should know, you've seen 'em," I answered.

He snickered, then glanced down at my lap. I glanced at his. We looked at each other. I was sure he was thinking the same thing. He got so red.

"You wanna?" I asked.

He snickered, then nodded. We took off our jeans, then our shorts, then laid down in a sixty-nine. The first touch of his mouth on my erection made me wince and gasp. Then that awesome feeling swelled up. I put his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue under his foreskin, and licked and sucked. I got most of his into my mouth, my nose in his balls, then it bent or something. I liked how a dick moved in my mouth. And that made mine flex in his.

We grabbed each other's butts and humped each other's mouths. His butt was small and hard, and I could feel his muscles working in them. I ran my hands up and down his side, and inside his thighs. That made him shiver some, and when he did it to me, I could see why.

I was having a blast! It felt so great! My dick seemed sensitive or something. Or I was very horny. But whatever the reason, maybe that he was good at it, I didn't last long at all. I stopped sucking him to warn him that I was about to shoot. He went all the way down on it! Man! That was amazing! I was sure I felt his throat on the end of it!

Then I was having a really good orgasm! A long one! I must have shot about six or seven times! I couldn't even suck on him, it felt so good. And I had to hold in the gasps and groans so that I didn't wake anyone. That made it even more intense!

Then it ended, and I was almost shaking all over. Then I remembered his, and got back to work. His breath was loud, almost louder than the sounds I was making as I sucked him. I poked my tongue in his hole and wiggled it. That made him get wet. The salty flavor was really nice. After a few seconds I went down as far as I could. I almost gagged on the tip of it. I sort of swallowed around it.

He went, "Oh, God!" then I felt it bending in my mouth. He coarsely whispered, "It's happening!" then held onto my hips. Then my mouth was filling up with that thick, gooey, earthy stuff. It was easier to swallow, either he didn't make much, or I was getting good at it. Or both. I didn't lose any this time, and when he was done, he rolled onto his back and sighed really loudly.

His penis was deeply red and shiny. It sort of wiggled. His sack was really tight, his balls just small bulges now. I kissed his sack. I don't know why, I just wanted to. I liked how pink and sweet it looked. I ended up licking all over it. He started doing that to mine. I felt his dick getting harder in my hand again. It never went all soft at all. I felt mine getting harder, too. So we kept going, and ended up doing it again.

Holy shit! Twice in a row can almost hurt! But before then, it's so awesome! Really tingly and tickly! Man! But when we came, almost at the same time, we both ended up making too much nose. As soon as we stopped, we rolled onto our backs, almost laughing.

I heard noises. I looked to my left and saw Jeremy and Jerry doing the same thing with each other. David and I sat up and watched. There's nothing wrong with Jeremy, at all, especially since he looks a lot like me. But Jerry is just plain handsome. So built and strong. His body was fascinating. I watched Jeremy's mouth going up and down on Jerry's long, thick wiener. And I really liked Jerry's big balls, and how far they hung from him. His strong, hairy legs, and how his muscles moved beneath the skin. His big butt, with brown hairs on the cheeks, moving in time as he thrust his long penis in and out of Jeremy's lips. How I got hard I just don't know, but I did.

Jeremy finished first, groaning as Jerry swallowed it. I could see that soft area behind his scrotum pulsing and throbbing. That was incredibly erotic! My penis danced and leaked, and I giggled softly. I wished I could see that secret place on Jerry as he finished, but I only saw Jerry's face contort as it happened. That was fine, though. Jerry was handsome, and seeing his face scrunched up in pleasure was really nice.

When they rolled onto their backs, Jerry saw me and grinned. He winked. I giggled. David grabbed my erection. I gasped at the first touch. It was really sensitive. He started stroking it. I reached over and did it to him, too. We kept going, Jerry and Jeremy watching us.

It was fantastic. My dick was so sensitive! Almost sore. But it stayed hard, and David's stayed hard, and we used our hands, spitting on them sometimes. I guess we got noisy. Eric opened his eyes and almost laughed. He started getting erect.

Jerry said, "Eric, go sit between them. Do it to them. You guys take turns on Eric's boner and his balls."

Eric laughed, then came and sat between us. His little erection was so small, I could only use a couple of fingers and my thumb on it. When I changed to playing with his nuts while David stroked him, they were so small, too, that I could just use a finger and thumb on them.

Eric spat on his hands and did a good job. On me, anyway. I guess on David too, since David hissed his breath through his teeth quite a few times and smiled really big. We kept going for what seemed hours. Eric's hard little pecker got red, and David's went purple, and mine got so dark a red it wasn't far from purple. It was lasting forever!

Finally, while David was doing it to him, and I was tickling Eric's scrotum, Eric squealed, "Now!" I watched his little prick dance in David's fingers and small droplets of mostly clear fluid pour out of it. They didn't shoot out, just a little, more popped out. Eric's legs tried to run in place, and he threw his head back. His grimace was kind of cute. His eyes scrunched closed, his lower lip between his teeth. His face red. Then he gasped and opened his eyes and pulled David's fingers off his little dick.

"Come on, Jer," Jerry said, waving at Jeremy.

Jerry laid on his stomach in front of me and put my hot, sensitive dick in his mouth and started making me grunt. Jeremy laid out in front of David, and in seconds David was gasping and threw his head back against the side of the tent.

It felt like Jerry was pulling my nuts out through my dick. Deep, strong pulses of pressure welled up behind the base of my penis and above my balls. It was almost pain. And the sensation of his lips and tongue on my shaft and head were terrific! It was great! Really just incredible!

But then Jerry spread my legs out wide, wiggled his finger up inside me, found that spot, and the whole world went away.

Everything went black, and red, and silent. I could only hear my heavy grunts. God! I mean... just wow! I held onto the back of Jerry's head, my fingers in his hair, and my hips thrusting like a madman. I remember pushing my head against the side of the tent so hard, that I was momentarily worried I would bring the whole tent down. But that was so minor a concern! I was being sucked dry! It hurt. That deep throbbing behind my penis and above my scrotum felt like Jerry was scooping out the flesh there, but gently and carefully. And the sensation in my penis! Can you push sand through your urethra! It sure felt like I was! And the tip of my penis felt like it was swelling up so far it was going to burst!

Then, Jerry wiggled his finger inside of me. against that again, and I seemed to start all over again!

"God! It hurts!"

I remember almost yelling that. I pushed Jerry away, or tried to, but he stayed there, sucking, licking, wiggling his finger inside. I was so weak! And squirming all over the place! It was unbearable!

My penis throbbed and pulsed and swelled, and kept going. I couldn't be squirting anything anymore, I had to be completely dry! I had to be! If there was a single drop of semen left inside of me, I would have been shocked. But Jerry kept going!

I couldn't breathe! I couldn't control my legs. I bent down over his head and just hoped I wasn't going to die! And that if I somehow survived, that my penis and testes would still work again. Maybe. Someday.

I fell on my side, and Jerry finally stopped. Or I stopped feeling it. But I did feel his finger leave. It was such a relief! And now I could breathe. But I couldn't move. I just shook and groaned.

I was sort of aware of David gasping and moaning, then saying it was going to happen. Then I heard him grunting and begging Jeremy to stop, again and again. I guess Jeremy wasn't taking it easy on David, either.

I sat up, and Jeremy was licking David's glans, really gently and softly. David was holding onto his shoulders with both hands, almost bent over double, his face scrunched up tighter than earlier, and so red-faced it was amazing. David kept jerking all over, hissing his breath through his teeth and grunting between those hisses. David kept begging Jeremy to stop.

Jeremy finally stopped, and David pushed him away. Jeremy smiled really nicely, then Jerry was kissing him. Then they laid down together and David and I watched them do it again. Mark was awake and watching, playing with himself. Eric was lying down, watching Mark, then scooted over and started using his mouth on him.

Mark said, "Thanks," and brushed his hand over Eric's hair. Then Mark closed his eyes and let Eric suck on him. I couldn't see Mark's dick, as Eric's butt was faced directly at me. He was on his knees, bent down sucking Mark, so his cheeks were spread wide open. It was all pink and pale there. His little scrotum was a nearly smooth bulge between his legs. I couldn't make out his balls at all, his sack was just a rounded hemisphere. But his pink little hole was fascinating. It moved sometimes, as if it were alive, begging me to come kiss it. Lick it. Stick my tongue and fingers in it. Get it wet and slippery and stick my pecker into it.

I wasn't hard, or even close to being erect. I doubted it would until tomorrow. But I was horny. And Eric's backside was just too tempting. I crawled over and breathed on it. It moved. I stuck my finger in my mouth to get it wet, then stuck my finger against the little pucker.

Eric popped his head up and looked behind him. He smiled at me.

"Is it okay if I do this?"

"Heck yeah!" he said really enthusiastically, as if I'd asked if it was okay if I gave him my baseball card collection for free.

He went back to sucking on Mark and I watched my finger push against his pink pucker. I wiggled it in. It was warm and soft and tight. I had to spit some more on my finger so it went in easier. Then I had the whole finger in. I probed around in there until I found the hard little button. I pushed and rubbed it. His hole tightened around my finger. That felt so weird!

I stroked my finger across that bumpy, lumpy, little organ. Eric started rocking forward and back, making my finger go in and out of his hole and brushing over that little hard organ inside. I heard his mouth working on Mark, and Mark gasping and groaning.

Mark made really neat noises. Sort of a soft grunt followed by a whispery gasp. Sometimes I'd look up and see him looking at me. He'd smile and turn redder. I knew he was pretending it was my mouth on his penis. I just knew it.

I went back to watching my finger moving in and out of Eric's pink little hole. I spat on his hole, the started wiggling a second finger in. I heard Eric groaning. Then Mark said, "Oh, gosh!" I worked my second finger in, really slowly. I didn't want it to hurt Eric at all. He didn't complain, and kept moaning. And that seemed to make Mark go, "Oh, gosh!" each time.

I started playing with Eric's little nuts with my other hand as I wiggled both fingers across his prostate. Eric grunted and groaned, and Mark gasped and grunted. I reached further under Eric and found his hard little dick. Pretty soon I was stroking it in time with my finger going in and out and across his button.

"Gonna!" Mark grunted.

I watched Mark's face as he had his orgasm. It was so interesting. He leaned over Eric's head and closed his eyes and grimaced. He grunted repeatedly, I guess each time he shot his semen into Eric's mouth. I could see Mark's shoulders shaking for a bit, just before he pushed away Eric's head. Then Mark fell onto his back and I couldn't see him any longer. So I went back to watching my fingers in Eric's butt.

It was so neat the way his pink hole shaped around my two fingers. Eric rocked back and forth further now, and I felt his little dick start twitching as he grunted, "Oh, man!"

I felt his prostate working inside of him with my fingers, and saw and felt his hole clenching around them. And I saw the soft flesh behind his scrotum pulsing. And I felt his penis pulsing with my other hand. All of that just made me tingle all over, especially down there. I saw I was hard again, and had leaked. I was sort of surprised by that. It not only tingled, it felt as if one of those little square batteries was hooked up to it. I'd licked one on a dare before, and my pecker felt a lot like my tongue had when I'd done that.

Then I felt slippery wetness on Eric's penis, and then he pulled my fingers out of himself, my hand away from his erection, then fell onto his side with a loud whooshing gasp. He was red-faced and grinning. He looked at me and said, "Thanks, Freddie."

I said, "No problem," and then said, "Oh, shit!" when I felt a finger go inside of me.

I whipped my head around and saw Jerry behind me. He grinned at me and asked, "This okay?"


I'll take your baseball card collection for free!

His big finger found the spot and his other hand reached around and grabbed my dick and I almost collapsed onto my belly. Jerry just barely moved his hand on my dick, but his finger went crazy inside of me. That weird, deep tingle came and my dick started dancing. I felt my balls tighten up. I heard Jerry spit, and then I felt another finger going inside. I groaned out really loud.

Jeremy was just within arm's reach, and playing with his nearly full erection. I needed something to do with my hands, so I reached out and did that for him. He scooted closer and I was able to really do it right to him.

Jerry was making me squirm on his fingers. He just played with my erection, not really stroking it. I started rocking back and forth, like Eric had. That made it feel even better.

I pulled Jeremy closer with his leg, until he was close enough I could put his now hard penis in my mouth.

"Oh, shit," came from him as I got started.

I thought how his penis was so much like my own, that I was pretty much sucking my own. So I did what I knew I liked, as if I were doing it to myself. Jeremy didn't complain at all, but held onto my head and pumped his hips.

Jerry added a third finger. I groaned around Jeremy's dick. He groaned, "Oh, wow!" I started groaning a lot. Jeremy started groaning a lot. "That's terrific!" he said once.

Then after a little while, Jerry pulled his fingers out of me. After a few seconds, I wondered if he was going to put four in. Or try to. I didn't know if they would fit. I felt him begin to push them against my hole, then realized it wasn't his fingers. I didn't want to stop what I was doing to Jeremy, so I didn't look behind me to see if it was still Jerry or not, and if he was really going to do what I thought he was.

I didn't have to wonder long. There was no way the other guys could feel like that. Only Jerry's big dick was that thick. He went really slowly, and used a lot of spit, and took his time, and it stung, almost like the coach had, but he got it in. And just as his hips pushed against my buttocks, Jeremy said, "Going to!"

I suspected already. His dick was getting bigger, I swear. And it moved just before he said that. So I went down as far as I could, surprised that I got it all in. I sucked all the way up, just like Jerry had that time, and it must have done the same thing for Jeremy, because he went, "Oh, shit!" and then started filling my mouth with his semen. It shot hard that first time, then softer, but I think even more the second time. And even more the third time. I kept my lips locked around the edges of his head, like Jerry had done that time that had blown my mind. Jeremy grunted over and over, and his dick danced on my tongue, spilling his hot, thick stuff out into my mouth.

I was getting good at it, I decided. I didn't lose a drop this time, either. I swallowed it all, and kept sucking, then licked across his head. He grunted, "Oh, fuck!" then yanked his hips back and pulled his erection out of my mouth.

"Shit, Freddie! That was better than Jerry!"

"Gee, thanks," Jerry laughed.

I laughed too. And that was so weird a feeling! Laughing with a big cock up your ass feels really weird!

"No offense, Jerry! Honest. It's just..."

"I know, Freddie's a natural! It's like he just knows what to do to make it the best," Jerry said, then pushed himself deep and hard into me, all the way, but really gently.

"Look who's talking!" I said, more grunted.

"Like that?" Jerry asked.

"M'yes!" I groaned, falling onto my folded arms under my chest, my forehead hitting the ground.

He pushed hard, deeper, filling me entirely. It was magnificent! Then he pulled back, slow, for what seemed to be forever! Then stopped, then slid in, slow, until his hips came against my buttocks again. Then out, then in. Slow and even. Remarkable!

"Can I go faster?"


Not much faster, just a little. Each thrust sending deep warmth and lovely pressure into me. I groaned with each one. I just had to. His big hands grabbed my hips tightly and he moved faster. It was so good! Then faster. Harder. Our skins started making slapping noises.

"Shit, Freddie, you feel so good!"

"Oh, man, Jer! So do you! God! Don't stop!"

I was going to squirt. I just knew it. That pressure was building up all on its own. He wasn't touching my penis at all. His hands held onto my hips and stayed there. My shoulders shook, even though I was nearly lying on my front, chest on my crossed arms, they shook and shuddered. Then my guts. Then my chest. Then I couldn't stand it! His fucking me was making me have an orgasm. The swelling pressure was coming on so slowly! But it was building up so high!

"Oh, God! Jer! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Oh, God!"

He pumped in and out steady and even. Fast but not as fast as he could, or that I probably would have. Each thrust made the pressure build another point higher, brought me one step closer. It was indescribable!

It felt like I should already be finishing off. I should already be squirting like a fire hose, but it was only still building up.

Every muscle was trembling. Every last one! I couldn't even talk, to warn him again. I just quivered and gasped in air when I could, begging it to end already.

In, out, in, out. Full, empty, full, empty.

Then he moved just his head in and out through my sphincter. One, two, three, four, then he shoved all the way in, not hard, but smoothly and strongly. It was too much!

I felt my anus tighten around his thick cock, then my cock jerk, and my breath stop. Then hot sand was slowly running up through my balls, slowly up through my prick, almost burning as it went. Slow, thick, hot, coarse. God, it nearly made me scream in pain and pleasure and shock.

I managed to open my eyes and look down between my legs and see a long dribble of semen start forming. It wasn't shooting, it wasn't squirting, it was oozing. Slowly. Strong, constant pressure. No repeated contractions. Just one long, even, tight, impossibly powerful pulse.

There were little waves inside, underneath, but that constant, aching, almost painful pressure was pushing one long string of white semen out of the end of my prick. I was holding my breath, not by choice. My body shook all over like never before. It felt like taking the longest, biggest shit of my life, but it was coming out of my penis.

Jerry pushed into me, staying there, pushing, as my hole contracted around his big cock. That was almost pure pain. A slight, deep, stinging pain, that didn't hurt as much as heighten it all.

That long string made it to the ground, and kept coming. Larger blobs here and there in it, but one long string that kept forming and running downward. Like a river of white-hot metal forced up from inside my scrotum. My balls complained, my anus complained, my penis complained, my back complained. It was all so much!

Then heavy, hard convulsions! Deep, powerful, tight tugs behind my scrotum, forging up through my penis, until the string of semen broke and fell as my penis jumped upward against my belly. It was followed by another powerful pulse that made my prick jerk upright, and a short string of white that fell to the floor of the tent almost immediately. Another pulse, deep and aching, and another short string fell out of me. Another pulse, this time only a single drop of white falling to the ground. Jerry pulled all the way out and then pushed back in, and my penis suddenly jerked so hard it slapped into my belly and stayed harder than ever before, pulsing gently, overfilled, tight. Then a mad tingle exploded in the tip that seemed to fire down into my balls. It made me jerk all over and gasp loudly.

Then tingles exploded all through my groin, everywhere, but light, sparkling ones, like bubbles in soda-pop. They flew around down there, then headed up into guts.

I couldn't control myself. I fell onto my stomach and felt Jerry's dick pop out of me. I panted and jerked all over once, then I felt so warm all over. As if I had just woken up after a really long night's sleep. Warm and soft and just... wow.

I felt Jerry lying on my back, then kissing my neck. That tickled. I giggled.

"Sorry," I said, when I had breath.

"For what?"

"Not letting you finish."

"Freddie," he said, nuzzling my neck. "I did. Thanks."

"You did?"

"Yeah. Feeling you going off like that, well, yeah."


"I think Freddie shot more than I seen anyone do," Eric said.

"Good thing you fell forward," Jeremy said.


"Roll over and look."

I rolled onto my back. Where I had been leaking onto the floor of the tent was a large pool of my own semen. There was no doubts I had released enough for any two or three guys. My semen was beginning to soak into the burlap floor, spreading out and thinning.

"There's none left," I said, almost laughing, cupping my slightly aching nuts.

"There probably isn't," Jerry agreed, petting Rocket.

I'd rarely felt so weak. Only after the longest days of the hardest work on the farm had I ever felt so drained and exhausted. Some muscles quivered here and there from time to time. That heavy ache behind my scrotum was constant, and I didn't think it was going to go away for quite a while.

We stretched out, lying alongside each other in a jumble of bodies and talked some, but mostly just sighed a lot. Sometimes someone touched someone. It was strange. Out of nowhere, one of us would just run a finger along a curve, or brush fingers along skin, or softly kiss something on someone that was close by.

A question came to me as we lay there, so comfortable.



"Why did you pick me to do it to everyone last night?"

"Because you showed the most concern about Eric falling behind. Like how I picked Jeremy as the decoy for the game because he kept up, was able to run the best. You showed that concern, so you deserved to be the one that got everyone off first, then was the last, and got the special."

"The special?"

"That slow treatment. Making it last as long as possible, then the slow jerks as you finished, to make it so intense."

"It was intense, all right!"

"It looked like you were squirting up to the roof!" Eric laughed.

"It felt like it!" I said, laughing too.

"And there was so much! Even more than Jerry shoots!" Jeremy said, a look of near awe on his face. "Except just a minute ago."

"That's what going so slow does. It makes more build up. Makes it really intense when you have your orgasm."

"I liked it. A lot. But..." Should I say it? "But, to be honest, the one just now was the best ever."

"Second time is always better," Jerry said.

"Wasn't the second one, though."

"Yeah it was. I gave you your first one with that blow-job after Eric finished."

"No, you gave me my third. And fourth."

"You did it four times?" Jerry asked, sitting up on his elbows and looking at me.

I probably turned beet-red as I nodded.

"He did," David said. "We did it first thing when we both woke up to go pee. Then we did it again before you guys woke up. Then Eric was the start of three, and you did his third and Jeremy did my third. Then that one was his fourth, and Mark did my fourth."

"Holy, shit," Jerry said in awe. "You guys are studs!"

David and I both turned very red.

"And we should probably get dressed and get to the house, before one of my folks comes out here," Jerry said, almost sadly.

We all looked a bit sad about that, but we knew he was right. We sorted clothing, got dressed, then went out into the strong, warm sunlight.




Fred really doesn't want to tell more. Things got emotional with a certain someone, and he's not interested in telling that stuff. So here ends the tale for now, though, maybe, someday, Fred might tell us a bit about stuff that happened later.



edited by Bill

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Will there be more to this series? I loved it SO much! I stayed up all night reading it all at once. I just could help myself!


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Will there be more?


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Fred and I are working on the next chapters as of the 24th of June. We expect we could have the next chapter ready in a week or two. Stay tuned, and we both say thanks for letting us know you'd like to read more.


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Stunning sex

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