Spring Break Kinky Surprises

A.K.A College Kink

Part 1

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Okay, so here's what happened over my spring break.

My first year at college. I was used to having a roommate, because I grew up with brothers and shared a room with at least one my whole life. So having one at college was nothing new. The only thing was, I wanted to be able to bring a boyfriend to my room, but that wasn't going to happen with a roommate. I had messed around with two guys in high school, one was sort of a relationship for almost two years, so I wasn't a virgin.

It didn't take long to figure out that my roommate was straight and far more adventurous than I was. He had mentioned some S&M stuff, which didn't interest me at all. I liked the more loving and gentle ways, and of course I preferred guys.

So, over spring break - or Easter break, whichever you want to call it - both my roommate and I stayed instead of going home. One afternoon, I had gone to the pizza parlor and had lunch. The campus was mostly deserted and seemed almost eerie. After wondering around to sort of check out that weird aura, and giving Spencer, my roommate, time to whack one out, I headed back.

I was hoping I would walk in on him whacking it. I'd seen him in his boxers plenty of times. He liked to sit around in just his boxers. I started doing that too, and would more often, but, well, I didn't want him to notice my frequent erections.

He had a great butt and seemed to be well-hung from what I could make out. Great legs, nice chest. Hot. So I opened the door in the hopes of getting a show. He was sitting at his desk in just his boxers and socks, but not doing anything other than watching a stand-up comedian. Still, a nice view.

"Bring back any pizza?" he asked with a grin.

"Sure did," I said, patting my stomach.

"Asshole," he laughed.

"Get your own."

I sat at my desk, which faced his, the wall on my left, his right, and opened my laptop and started browsing. The comedian was pretty funny. I asked who it was. He told me, and said, "Come check him out. You should see his motions and shit."

I got up and pushed my chair around to sit next to him. I mean, with him in only boxers, I mean, come on. Right?

The comedian was good. I was laughing and having a good time. I noticed he was glancing at me out of the corner of his eye at times, and looked red-faced as hell. Then I realized I had offhandedly picked up a little metal rod from off his desk and was fiddling with it. It was about six or seven inches long, and less than a quarter of an inch wide. It was really smooth with several oval bumps along it, and a knob on one end that was half-an-inch or so in diameter. It was shiny chrome and extremely smooth, even the oval lumps.

click here to see it

I was sort of spinning it between my thumb and finger by the big sphere. It was sort of heavy and so smooth, and it felt pretty neat to fiddle with. It was obvious he was sort of concerned that I was toying with it, but really reluctant to point that out.

"What is this thing?" I asked.

"Just put it down," he said, casually, but sort of angry. Kind of.

"What is it?" I asked again, holding it upright by the big sphere and looking closely at it.

"Trust me, just let me have it," he said, holding out his hand.

I held it closer, and said, "Not until you tell me what it is."

I was curious, certainly, but more interested because it seemed to bug him that I was holding it or messing around with it. Or something.

He gave me a long look, then sort of grinned, still really red-faced, and said, "You'll freak out. Trust me. Just hand it over."

He held out his hand, palm up, and waited.

This was getting even more interesting.

I twirled it a bit, met his eyes, and slowly said, "Tell me what it is."

He sighed, got this odd grin, and said, his voice rising up in tone as he went, "You'll fre-e-aak o-o-o-u-ut."

"What? Is it some S&M thing?" I asked, looking at it.

It was too small to be a sex toy. It was too small and smooth to be a pain device like some kind of crop or something.

"Yes," he said.

"Yeah, right. Really, what is it?"

"Okay, but hand it over when I tell you. They're not easy to get."

"Okay," I said, holding it a little closer to him, waiting.

"It's called a sound. You stick it up your dick."

I laughed, and said, "Oh, sure. Right. What's it really for?"

He snatched it quickly, and held it out, and said, "No, really. You put it up your dick-hole."

I looked at the thing as he held it, and I thought, 'Well, it's about the right diameter and the right length. It would probably fit.' I started to believe him. I looked at him and raised my brows.

"Really?" I asked, sort of shocked.

"Yeah," he said.

"Doesn't that fucking hurt?"

"Yeah, sort of, the first time. At first. Not really. It's more like... I don't know. Ever had a girl put her finger up your butt?"

"Uh, yeah, a couple times."

Well, not a girl, but, yeah. I mean, I've had things bigger than fingers up my butt by then. And it did kind of hurt the first times. At first.

"It really goes up your piss slit?"


"What the hell does that feel like?"

He smiled and shrugged.

I wondered if I could sneak it sometime and try it. And I had to see if he'd show me. I mean, the idea of him demonstrating that thing was a huge turn-on.

"That can't go up your piss-slit," I said firmly. "There's just no way."

"Sure it does. That's what it's for," he said.

"No way. Come on. What is it, really?"

"Dude, it goes up your dick. It feels really great. I'm telling ya."

I laughed like I was making fun of him. He was the type to get all offended at that kind of thing. And he did.

"What?" he said, his forehead wrinkling.

I sneered, "I'll believe it when I see it."

His brows went way up, and he said, "Are you, like, daring me?"

I put on my best look of disbelief, and said, "What? You'd really shove that up your piss-slit to avoid telling me what it's really for?"

"Dude, it really is for that," he told me firmly.

I rolled my eyes and sighed and threw up my hands, and said, "Okay, whatever. Don't tell me. But telling me it's to shove in your -pee-hole is kind of lame. I mean, whatever it's really for can't even be that bizarre."

He put it in his mouth, all but the big sphere, and then pulled his dick out of his boxers and tugged on it. I started getting hard right then as I watched him get his dick hard. That thing was nice and big. Maybe seven inches, a little thick, with a bulgy, big-edged head, and a piss-slit that was smaller than mine and closed.

"That is not going in there," I told him.

"Watch," he said, bouncing his eyebrows.

He took the little metal rod out of his mouth, and put the tip onto his slit, and twisted and pushed it inside. That first oval went in.

"I usually use some natural lube, but it's sorta dry in there," he said, twisting it a little.

I didn't know what he meant by natural lube at first, but I figured it out really quickly.

"You really use that?"

He got another one of the beads in his hole as he said, "Oh, yeah."

I watched him work that thing in all the way to the big sphere. He let go of it, and his dick stood up with that shiny sphere lying on the tip of his slowly throbbing dick.

Man, that sight is burned into my memory.

"Believe me now?" he asked.

I couldn't look away from the sight of it.

"Is that all you do with it? What's the big thrill?"

"Putting it in feels great," he answered.

"Is that all you do with it? Just put it in and then take it out and then jerk off?"

"No. You move it in and out, and jerk off with it in there."


"It feels way better."

He pulled it out some, and pushed it back in.

"That feels good?" I asked.

It had to hurt. At least some. Right?

"Only a little the first time," he said. "And when you take a piss after the first time. But then you get used to it, and it fucking rocks."

I was enjoying watching him do that. I mean, his dick was really nice to look at, too.

I heard a familiar wet sound as he moved that thing in and out. He was wet inside.

"It really feels good?" I asked.

"Dude. It's amazing."

I watched him use it for a few minutes, then he said, "If I do it any longer I'm gonna have to jerk one out," and pulled it all the way out.

A string of pre-jizz connected it to his slit until he pulled it far enough away for it break. A drop of his pre-jizz was on the little rod's tip, too. Damn, how I wanted to take that thing from him and suck it clean.

"Want to try it?" he asked, holding it by the big sphere and the rest of it upright. I saw his pre-jizz slide down the shiny rod, smooth out, and vanish. I knew it was still there, just distributed evenly now.

Sure I wanted to try it, but I couldn't be all obvious about it. And I knew his pre-jizz was all over it. I figured if he didn't point it out, I could play it off as I never thought about it. I had to play this right.

"It doesn't hurt?" I asked.

"A little. Like the first time a girl put her finger up your butt. If you got past that, you can get past this going in the first time. Then it feels really great."

"I don't know. It seems kind of... intimidating," I said slowly.

"It's not that bad. But if you're too chicken," he said, spinning the rod between his finger and thumb.

"If I don't like it, I'm not putting it in all the way," I said firmly.

"Sure. I mean, if it's not your thing, or you're too scared."

Now he was daring me.

I was totally hard, and wondered if he would notice that. But this was hot. So I made like I was getting myself hard for a few seconds, then undid my jeans and shoved them down, and then pulled my dick out of my boxers.

Mine wasn't as big as his, but my hole was wider and more open. My head was more rounded and subtle, too. I took the rod from him, and thought about licking it like he had, but was worried he hadn't forgotten his pre-jizz was on it.

"You better jerk it a bit, to get it wet inside, first."

"Oh, okay."

I didn't tell him that watching him use it had gotten me pretty wet already. I jerked it for a bit, and then squeezed out a drop of pre-jizz.

"Don't lose it. Hold your dick with your hand, really steady. Put the tip of the rod in your lube and then start working it in. Real slow and gentle. Don't push it."


It was cold on my hole as I got the tip of the rod lubed, and that felt good already. The idea that our pre-jizz was mixing at the tip of my dick made my dick jump in my hand and my balls tug. I put the end of the rod against my hole and thrilled. This was fucking hot. The end of the rod easily fit into my wide slit. The first oval went inside my hole, and I felt it immediately. It was foreign and cold, and smooth, and there was no mistaking that something was going inside it.

"Go real slow and get used to it. Don't hurry it," he told me.

It went in really easy, and it was powerfully sensitive in there. Plus, knowing his pre-jizz was on that rod and now inside my dick was a huge fucking turn-on!

"Keep it straight in line with your dick, not at an angle."

That felt better.

"Rotate it a little to help it go in."

Man, even though it was so smooth, I could feel the rotation. Nice. But it felt a little painful, too. Not very much, but my tube was definitely like, WTF?

"Let gravity pull it in. But if you do push, do it real gentle."

Man, as that third oval went in, I could feel nerves inside my urethra I never knew were in there. This was wild!

"You can feel it going inside your tube beneath your dick with your finger."

I moved my fingers to find it. Yeah, I could! That was fucking cool! I could really feel it in there with my fingers, and feel it sliding deeper. Wow!

"If you put a little pressure on your tube with your finger, that can feel really good."

Oh, hell yeah, it could! That tingling sensation was fucking awesome!

The deeper it went, the more intense the sensation got. My dick was twerking in my hand, flexing and definitely making more pre-jizz.

Fuck! That thing felt amazing! It was sort of painful, like having that first dick go into my butt, but I was more in control than I had been with Dan putting his dick into me from behind. I was liking this!

More than half in, and my dick was dancing and throbbing. I wondered if this thing could make me jizz. I thought about asking, and almost did.

"Pull it out," he told me.

It felt as good coming out as going in. I could feel the oval bumps moving inside and coming out my hole. Nice! Damn.

"Now, put it back in."

Man. This rocked big time!

I got it all the way in this time, and held my dick with one hand and let go of the sphere with the other. It was amazing to see that shiny sphere sitting on top of my head, and feeling that hard, smooth rod inside of my dick. I could feel the end of it deep in my urethra as my dick flexed.

"Don't let your dick bend down or up. Not until you know how far to let it. The end of the rod can hurt if you let your dick go too far down or too far up. Keep it straight and carefully move it around to see."

Man. I couldn't let my dick move much at all without the end of the rod letting me know it was pushing against my urethra.

"Move your hand holding your dick until you can feel the end of the rod way down by your balls."

I had to push my fingers inside my boxer's fly, but I found the tip of the rod in my tube inside my sack.

"Put pressure on that spot, and move the rod in and out."

Holy fucking shit! That tingle inside as the last bead moved between my urethra and my finger was going to make me cum! Maybe. It sure felt incredibly amazing!

Pretty soon I was sliding that rod in and out almost as fast as I jerked my dick when I beat off. It made slick, wet sounds.

"Jerk your dick really softly in time with the rod going in and out," he told me. "Just brush your hand up and down your dick, skin to skin."

"Oh, man," I said, almost a sigh.

"Pretty good, huh?" he asked.

"Man, oh, yeah!"

"You gonna jizz?" he asked.

"I think so."

He got up and grabbed the paper towels from the bathroom and handed me several.

"Go slow, dude," he said.

Jeeze! I was going to empty both my nuts!

"With it inside there?" I asked.

"Yup. Go slow and let it slowly happen. And keep the towels close by."

"It won't fly out?" I asked, barely able to.

My legs were forced out straight and my back arched. I could barely keep my ass in the chair.

"Nope. But you might feel like it's going to. But it won't."

"Okay," I groaned.

I was going to fire that little rod right through the ceiling into the dorm room above us, I fucking knew it.

I groaned, "Oooooo!" as my dick got thicker and harder, and my balls squeezed what felt like a gallon of jizz up through my tube.

"Hold your dick steady as you go off," he told me.

I watched as a huge tide of jizz oozed out around the sphere and down onto the towels had I wrapped around the head. I couldn't hold still if my life depended on it. I barely kept from grunting and groaning out loud.

I held my dick and watched all that jizz swell out around the sphere and into the towels. It wasn't shooting out, but it felt like it, and I was pretty sure it was about the most I'd ever cum. My dick flexed as it pumped and that made the rod feel even more obvious and intense. It was like a feedback loop. Damn!

After about ten or so pumps, my orgasm was ending, and I felt like I had emptied both balls. I relaxed and sat back and whooshed out a heavy breath.

"Pretty good, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah, it was!"

"Now pull it out. Slow, and really feel it."

Oh, man. My dick was super-sensitive, and I felt every little oval as it slid up through my urethra and out of my hole. Damn! I was jerking all over, but having to hold still, so it was another feedback loop of intense feelings.

I got that thing out and almost sighed out loud. My jizz was dripping off of it. I wiped it off on a dry place on the paper towels and handed it to him. He took it with another piece of paper towel and rolled it up inside it.

"Told you," he said, all grins.

I almost fell out of the chair as I cleaned off my dick, it was so sensitive and shit. My legs were quivering. My thighs, anyway. And my balls felt like they were empty.

"Now, you want to see how much of a man you are?" he asked.

"Why?" I asked. "What?"

Did he want to fuck me? Me suck him off? What?

"Go take a piss."

"What? Why?"

"Because the inside of your piss-tube is all sensitive and irritated. When you piss, it's gonna almost hurt."


He smiled, nodded, and asked, "Think you can take a piss right now?"

I did that thing where you kind of feel your bladder with your brain, and nodded. I could definitely take a nice, long piss. The iced tea from lunch was ready to exit.

Thankfully we shared a bathroom with the dorm room next door, and both those guys went home.

"Come on," he said, waving at me to follow him to the bathroom.

"What? You gonna hold it for me?" I asked as I stood up.

"No, but I might have to hold you up," he laughed.

I wadded up the cummy paper towel and followed him.

I stood in front of the toilet and tossed the paper towel into it. He stood behind me and actually put his arms around my sides, and clamped his hands to his forearms across my chest. He got right up against my back, and I felt his package against my butt. Man, I sort of started wooding up again.

"You really have to hold me up?" I asked.

Not that I minded what he was doing at all, I just had to play it cool and 'straight.'

"When you get started, be ready to stop right away."


"Oh, yeah. Be ready."

Like usual, it wasn't easy to get started after an orgasm. Then it started, and it felt like my dick was infected or on fire!

"Oh, shit!" I complained as I clamped down and stopped the stream.

It was as if I was pissing hot coals. Little, tiny, hot, sharp-edged coals.

"Relax and let it go, and be ready to stop again," he said.

I did, and I stopped tying to pee immediately again.


"I know, right?" he said, laughing a little. "It'll get better as you pee. But it'll still burn for the next few times you take a piss. A little less each time. Tomorrow or next day, it'll stop."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Go ahead and keep trying."

Fuck! I was glad he was there to hold me up. Several times I felt light-headed and close to losing my balance. It took forever, and about ten or more tries to empty my bladder. By then it was nothing like at first, and just a kind of burning sensation.

"Fuck. Is that really going to stop?" I asked.

"Honest it will."

"Does it feel like that every time after you use that thing?"

"Nope. Only the first few times. After a few times, your tube gets used to it and it just feels good while you use it, and kind of tingly and sort of nice when you take a piss."

"Thank God," I sighed.



"Can you stand up?"


But you could keep holding on, I thought.

He let go of me and stepped back.

I tucked my dork inside my boxers and shivered all over.

He laughed a little and asked, "Want to borrow it some time?"

I laughed, and thought about it.

"Is that sanitary?" I asked.

"I clean it with alcohol before and after," he said. "If you want to use it, be sure to clean it before and after, too."

I wondered if he'd forgotten I'd used it with his pre-jizz on it. I figured he hadn't thought about it, and I wasn't going to remind him. I nodded.

He showed me where he kept it, in a little red velvet pouch with a plastic sleeve inside of it, inside a ToolRider tool bag he kept in his closet.

"What else is in there?" I asked, nodding at the tool bag.

He smiled, and said, "I'll show you some of it some other time. Right now, I have a wad backed up and need to get it out."

I couldn't believe what I said next.

"Need a hand?"

His brows went up, and he asked, "You're more kinky than you let on."

I said, "Hey, it's college. We're supposed to experiment, right?"

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, I guess so." I saw him think for a moment, then he said, "Yeah, I'll take a hand-job."

I almost jumped up and down and clapped my hands, like a little girl. I even thought about offering a blow-job, but my second thought was to take it slow, and I might get him to let me if I played it slow and cool.

I mean, it's college, we're supposed to experiment, right?

So he sat down, pulled his dick out of his fly, and I knelt next to him. I closed my fingers around his meaty cock, and jerked him off. I was hard again in less than minute. I almost reached into his fly and pulled out his balls, but... slow and easy, and I might be able to get it to happen.

I made it last, on purpose. I wanted to feel his big dick in my hand for as long as possible. He told me to do it softly at times, tightly at others, fast or slow. I voluntarily squished his pre-jizz around on his head. Man, seeing him twitch and hearing his grunts was a huge turn-on.

He'd grabbed some paper towel, telling me he was getting close, and to go very slow and gently. He was sure enjoying it, and I knew I was.

I felt his dick swell up, and he went tense all over.

"Slow," he half-grunted.

A nice little wad of pre-jizz oozed out around his hole, and then he covered his head with the paper towel. Damn. But I got to feel his cock moving in my hand as it pumped his wad. It must have been a good one! He sort of rocked in the chair and squinted his eyes tightly closed and held back his moans.


I didn't stop playing with his dick until he pulled my hand away.

"Fuck. That was good," he said, grinning.

"Can I use that little rod next time?" I asked him.

He looked at me, smiled, and said, "You want to use it on me while you jerk me off?"


Man, I actually said that? I thought to myself.

"Dude, you've got a kinky streak in you!"

"I guess so!"

Later that night, about eleven, he looked at me as we were watching videos on our laptops, and asked, "You ready to give me that hand-job with the sounding rod?"


It was a lot of fun! He didn't jerk me off, but I used the little rod and jerked myself off with it after I'd gotten him off. I cleaned it and put it away. No, I didn't clean it when I used it on myself after using it on him.

"Tomorrow I'll use it on you," he said after putting his ToolRider bag back in his closet.

"Deal. When do I get to see what else is in your tool bag?"

He smiled at me, and said, "One thing at a time."

Yesterday I used the rod on him while I jerked him off. Fuck, it was great! This time I had paper towels ready myself, so that I got to see his jizz flowing out of his hole around the little sphere. Totally hot. And I could smell it. Then I used the rod on myself without washing it off first. He was in the shower and didn't know, but he knew I had used it.

I probably won't get around to trying to take things oral for a while, but I intend to see if I can.

Part 2


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