Spring Break Kinky Surprises

A.K.A College Kink

Part 5

 Rated: X Contains: College


So, on Good Friday, we were woken up at nine-thirty when a cop car went past with its sirens blaring. We both groaned and tried to go back to sleep, but then a fire engine went past, then another cop car a little later. Then we heard some guys outside playing football.

He sat up on his bed and said, "Fuck this."

I sat up and agreed.

We looked at each other, and grinned, and he threw back his blanket. Naked, all hard. We both were, so I threw back my blanket too. We'd used the sound late last night, then crawled into bed that way.

"Wanna try something new?" he asked, wearing what I was learning was his horny grin.


I loved the sound already, and couldn't wait to try something else. Whatever he was up for, I'd try. He stood up and went to his closet and his ToolRider bag.

I thought, what the hell is going on here? Is he gay? Bi? What? Does he know I'm gay? Or does he think I'm just as adventurous as him, and that was all there was to this? Did he have any feelings for me? Did I have any for him? What are we doing here?

I had thought about that last night, too, as we had been falling asleep after using the long sound on each other. There had been no attempts to kiss, no cuddling, no hugging, just using the sound on each other, jerking each other off, sucking each other off, and that prostate thing. The last two seemed pretty gay, after all. And he didn't seem to be grossed out when he got my jizz on his fingers or anything, he just wiped it off on the paper towels. I had secretly licked some of his off my fingers of course. And he'd swallowed my wad. And we'd' massaged prostates and sucked each other off.

He almost has to be gay, I thought. But he'd told me about his girls. I was confused, but I wasn't going to do anything to risk losing what was happening.

"Under the sink is a bottle of water and an empty one. Bring them in, would ya?" he asked as he rummaged in his sex-tool bag.

"Okay," I said, and got up.

"You have to piss?"

"Sure do."

"Okay, go ahead, but don't let it all out. Keep a little."

I was going to ask why, but his grin kept me from asking. When I pissed, the tingling/burning was pretty weak, even though I had to piss really bad. It wasn't bad at all, and actually felt good. It was weird to feel the tingling/burning being stronger up deeper, but almost nothing in the first few inches of my urethra. That was just wild. It was that deep portion that had gotten infiltrated for the first time with that deep sound last night that tingled/burned the most, and I actually enjoyed it. I got the gallon jugs from under the sink, one almost full and one empty.

When I got back, he had some things set out on paper towels on my bed. I sat down and he motioned for me to put the two jugs on the floor next to the bed. He saw me looking at the things he had set out. This looked... well, intimidating. I know I keep using that word, but hell, I don't know what else to call it.

On the white paper towels spread out on my bed was a long, black, smooth, shiny rubber tube about three feet long and about the same thickness as the metal sounds, and a syringe as big as a dildo, but without a needle.

Click here to see the syringe

I looked up at him, and he was grinning at me, waiting. So I asked.

"Well, what's this for?"

"Well, you see, when me and my buddy had just turned sixteen, we went out driving one night, and we got into this accident. I woke up in the hospital, my folks there, and they told me I had been in surgery, and had some internal injuries. You know what a catheter is?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, I woke up with one in," he said, blushing a little. "I was in traction for a week, and couldn't get out of bed. They only fed me fluids and Jell-O and such, so I didn't have to take a shit, and the catheter took care of... well, you know."

I nodded.

"Well, after like three days, I really needed to beat off, right? But it wasn't really possible with a catheter in my dick, you know? But, I found out I could slide it in and back out a little, and that felt great. That's how I got started on sticking things in my hole."

I could see that, and nodded.

"So, I found out that it kind of hurt to cum with a catheter that far up there. I mean, when your prostate pumps with that tube up there, it really gets close to hurting. But I needed to beat off, so I did."

"Did you sort of get used to it, or something?" I asked.

"Sort of. Not really. It sort of hurt every time. And then, the male nurse took it out one day. Man, I thought I was going to cum on his hands!"

"You got boned? With a male nurse taking it out?"

"Dude, when you can only beat off when it gets too long to wait any longer, and someone is handling it, it gets hard."

We laughed, and I was sure I understood.

"Well, after being home a while, I sort of missed that tube. I mean, it felt great to slide that thing in and out. So, I found out that really small windshield wiper fluid hose was too rough and too stiff. I even tried to sand down the end to make it smooth, but it was too rough and too stiff and it just sucked. I never found anything that worked. When I turned eighteen, I ordered this conductive rubber tubing from a place online called Current Pleasures."

He held up the long hose.

"This is smoother, softer, more flexible, and stays cleaner. It costs a lot more, too. And, it conducts electricity."

"It's rubber," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's a special rubber that conducts."

"That's why it's expensive."

"Yeah. That, and it's hypoallergenic, and germ resistant, and easy to clean."

He handed it to me. It was heavier than it looked, and very soft, very flexible, very smooth, but it wasn't slick at all. It felt more like vinyl than rubber. It had a hollow core.

He picked up the syringe. It was marked in 10cc increments, up to 150. The end where a needle would be was a nib for replaceable needles to fit onto it. He took the hose from me and plugged it onto the syringe.

He opened the water, which I saw was labeled 'sterile' and wetted some paper towel from the roll, then wiped the entire hose clean. Then he put on gloves, opened the alcohol, and then stuffed almost the entire hose into the alcohol and gently shook the bottle. Then he pulled on the hypo and drew up 10cc of alcohol into the syringe, then pulled the hose out of the alcohol bottle.

"Close the alcohol," he told me. I did. "Bring the empty gallon jug up here." I did. He drew on the syringe until it was all the way back, filled mostly with air, and rolled the alcohol around inside of it. Then he put the end of the tube above the empty jug and squirted all the alcohol into it. Then he drew up some of the sterile water into the syringe, swished it around, and then emptied it into the previously empty jug. He did it again.

"Are you going to, uh, insert that thing in your..."

"No. You are."

"In you," I nearly asked, but more stated.

"Yup. All the way."

I felt my eyes pop open, and asked, "All the way?"

"Yup. All the way."

I felt a tingle in my nads at the idea. I mean, the sound was great, and the long chain sound that went way deeper was great, too. But... this hose... it was about three feet long!

He laughed, then said, "Not the entire hose, dumb-ass! I mean all the way in, as in, into my bladder."

"In your..."

He nodded.

Okay, now wait a sec, I thought. The sounds were great, and the prostate things was awesome, and all that, but... sticking a rubber hose up into his bladder? It might feel good going in most of the way, but...

"Put on some gloves," he told me. "If you want to. You can watch me do it, if you want, instead."


I put on gloves, and he drew up about 20cc of sterile water into the syringe, and then handed me the end of the hose.

"Give me some head, to get the juices flowing, to lube it. But don't use the gloves. Keep them clean."

I got on my knees, between his legs as he sat on the edge of the bed, and gave him head. It was weird to do without using my hands at all, but kind of wild. Hell, sucking cock was great, with or without hands. I used my tongue a lot on his head. After a few minutes, I felt his head swell up a bit, and I knew he was getting wet. In a moment I tasted it.

He said, "Okay, I think it's pretty wet in there now."

He handed me the end of the rubber hose, and disconnected it from the partially full syringe. The water in the syringe was being held inside by the fact that the plunger had it sealed. I pulled the sides of his hole apart, to open it up, and started wiggling the end of the hose in the pre-cum. Then I slid it in. It went in easy. It was so amazing to be that up close and really see the soft flesh spread open and grip the tube as it slid in. After a couple of inches, the soft flesh of his hole gripped it and it was hard to get it to go in deeper.

He squirted a little of the water from the syringe onto the rubber hose about three or four inches above where it went into his hole. The water ran right down to his hole, and I understood it was going to act like lube.

I gave the hose a little push, and it started going in again. I followed the end of the hose as it moved deeper into his urethra. This was fucking hot!

He said, "That's how you do it. Feels great."

Pretty soon I was following it through his sack, and then I lost it as it went up inside him. Man, so sexy! I liked this so far. Another inch or so, and the hose needed more water, so he dripped some more onto it, and then it went in easily again. His thighs shook a little. He sighed and told me I was doing well. It went in about six or seven inches further, then it sort of got tighter in there, or something. I could see that the hose was wet at his hole, and his hole was still wet with water, so it wasn't that.

"Push, but really gently. It's going through my prostate."

Holy shit! The images from my computer flashed through my mind. The fact that this tube was that deep in him was making me really hot!

"How's it feel?" I asked.

"Fucking awesome. Go deeper, slow and gentle."

It went a couple of inches further, then it seemed to hit bottom.

"Is it in?" I asked.

"Nope. It's at the entrance. There's a ring of muscle, just like your asshole. It's what you relax to take a piss."

The bladder sphincter. I'd seen that while researching the prostate. The idea that I was holding a tube that was that far inside of him was so hot.

He pulled the syringe plunger out of the body of it, then quickly plugged the hose onto the syringe. A few bubbles rose up into the water.

He told me what to do, so I pulled the tube out a couple of inches, enough that it was out of his prostate, and then slid it back in again.

"Man, that's so much better when someone else does it," he moaned.

I could only imagine.

I did that a few times, and then he said, "Go in."

"Do I just push harder?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, it'll go in. I'll relax that muscle, like I'm taking a piss."

He handed me a sheet of paper towel.

"Hold that around the hose where it goes in, in case any piss makes it there. Usually it doesn't, it just runs up the inside of the hose, and the hose fills up the piss-tube so none leaks past on the outside of the rubber hose."

Made sense. I wrapped the paper towel around the hose, and slid the hose in deeper. It hesitated, then sort of popped in.

Oh, man! My dick bent and throbbed. He lowered the syringe to near his dick, and told me, "Go in just a little more."

I did, and then the water in the syringe started rising, and then started turning yellow.

I was amazed. I was holding a hose that was so far up inside of his dick, that it was through his prostate and inside his bladder, and his pee was flowing through the hose and filling up the syringe!

Once it was almost full, he lifted it up above his head. The level started lowering. It was going back inside! Fucking neat!

When it was down to about 10cc, he asked for the sterile water. I watched as he poured water into the top of the syringe until it was almost full. It was lowering slowly. I was amazed as I watched the water level drop. It took almost a minute, but when it was down to 10cc again, he filled it up again.

"Shit. How much you going to put in there?"

"Until it feels full," he said, bouncing his eyebrows.

This was so cool! When that was down to 10cc, he filled the syringe again. It went down more slowly now. When it dropped to about halfway, he lowered the syringe to near his balls.

"Watch," he told me.

I did, as the syringe starting filling up.

"How can you take a piss when the hose is in there?" I asked.

"You know how when you feel like you have to piss?" I nodded. "Well, that's when your bladder senses it needs emptied, and sort of contracts a little, increasing that sensation, and making you notice your bladder is full. Those contractions are forcing the water out and up into the syringe."


He held the syringe up as far as he could above his head, and soon the water level stopped rising, and then started lowering again. Soon it was nearly empty, and then started rising again. His legs were really shaking now.

"What's it like?" I asked, simply amazed at what we were doing.

"It's like having to piss really bad," he said, grinning. "Really bad."

He groaned a little, and shook his legs, and rocked a little. Like a kid who had to pee bad.

The water level in the syringe went up, then down again. He pinched the hose shut, and I could tell he had to pee so bad, but now the water had nowhere to go.

He grimaced and shook. It must feel great, I thought. When that passed, and he was clamed down, he kept the hose pinched off, and filled the syringe almost all the way. Then he put down the water jug and told me to carefully put the cap on to keep it clean.

Then he put the plunger into the syringe, just barely.

"You are not," I said, stunned.

"Oh, yes I am," he said, bouncing his eyebrows some more. "Hold the rubber hose in place so it doesn't get pushed out."

Then he slowly pushed the plunger down. His eyes closed tightly, he grimaced, and he shivered all over. Then he pushed the plunger down some more, almost halfway.

"Oh, shit," he sighed.

Then he pushed the plunger down some more. He swung his legs and rocked on his ass. He sucked air in through his teeth.

Then he pushed the plunger down some more. He repeated that until he had the plunger almost all the way down and there was no more water in it. He was obviously fighting not to piss. But how could he with that hose filling his urethra, and his bladder sphincter?

"It pushes up against the prostate when you fill it up this much. Feels so good!" he groaned.

I noticed the paper towel on the end of his dick was getting wet. When I checked, it wasn't pre-cum. Or, it wasn't all pre-cum. It was too runny, but it was still a little sticky, too.

"It's a mix of pre-cum and piss and water," he told me, mostly grunting it.

"So some leaks past the hose?" I asked.

"Only when you use the plunger."

"What's that feel like?"

"Imagine the worst piss you ever had to take, then multiply it, and add the feeling of a sound really deep in there and inside your prostate, and then add a little prostate massage on that."

My dick bounced in my underwear. I was sure I making a nice big wet spot. Man, this was really exciting.

"Rub my tube," he told me.

I did. From the base of his cock up through his sack. He groaned. Really groaned. I thought it must be fantastic, because during all the things we'd done so far, he hadn't groaned like that yet.

"I can't hold it any longer," he grunted.

"What do I do?"

"Bring the empty jug up here."

I did. He pinched the hose, pulled it from the syringe, and then put the end of the hose into the jug and un-pinched it. Man, the stream shot out of the hose like it was under high pressure. Well, it was.

He sighed really deeply. Then he stopped the stream by pinching the hose, pulled the plunger out of the syringe, plugged the hose into the syringe again, and released the hose. The syringe started filling up, and he stopped it right away. Amazingly, he filled the syringe with more water, right to the top, and then put the plunger in. I watched him push the plunger down a bit, then stop, then push it down some more. Then after a pause, his legs swinging, he pushed the rest of the water into the hose and into his bladder.

"Oh, man," he sighed, his legs swinging in and out. "Okay. Put on a glove, and lube your finger, and really gently rub my prostate."

I did. He groaned and moaned, and clearly was enjoying it a huge amount. He reminded me to be very gentle, that with the hose through his prostate that it was very sensitive. I wasn't sure, but I thought that his prostate seemed more firm that before, as if the rubber hose were making it more so.

I played with his balls with my palm as well as gently rubbed his walnut with a finger. I had to hold the rubber hose in place at the tip of his dick with my other hand or it would begin sliding out.  I also used my lips and tongue on his dick and balls.

He grunted, moaned, groaned, shook and shivered. I was still a bit apprehensive about having that tube that far up in me, but from the way he was reacting, I was becoming more and more willing.

Then he pinched the hose, unplugged it from the syringe, and aimed the end of the hose into the top of the mostly empty jug and let go of the pinch. Man, that stream shot out and hit the water in the plastic jug loudly.

"Oh, shit," he sighed, shaking.

This time he let it flow until it stopped.

"Okay, pull out the hose really, really slow," he told me.

I did, and more water shot out of the hose.

"When it stops, pull another little bit out."

 It stopped, I pulled another fraction of an inch out. More water, then it stopped. Each time I pulled a little bit more of the hose out, more water flowed out. Sometimes he jerked and sucked air when the flow stopped.

"Can you feel that?" I asked.

"Oh, fuck yeah. Man, it's like... like a valve shuts off suddenly in short bursts. Feels amazing!"

About ten or more times, I pulled a little bit of hose out, and more water flowed for a moment or two. Then I felt the hose exit his bladder sphincter. At least, I thought so. It was a kind of soft popping sensation I felt through the hose.

"Is it out?" I asked.

"Yeah. Put it back in as far as it goes, and jerk me off."

I got rid of the wet paper towel I had held against the tip of his head and the hose, then moved that hose in deeper until it bottomed out against his bladder sphincter, then pulled it out a few inches, then slid it back in again, over and over, while I have him a hand-job for a couple of minutes, until he said, "I'm gonna cum!"

I stroked only the edges of his head, holding the hose in tight up against his bladder sphincter.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit," he repeated, over and over, and then I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing, over and over, as he groaned, "Ohhhh!" for ten or twenty seconds, his back arched and his legs quivering.

"Pull it out! Slow!"

I did, and the long hose came out, wet and slick, until the last few inches, where it was very wet, very slick, and coated with his cum. In fact, those last few inches shot out. And as the hose popped out of his hole, a thick wave of cum rolled out and ran down onto my fingers. More was coming out of the hose.

It looked like a lot of cum, but since it was all pent up and came out at once, it was probably not all that much more than usual. Maybe. It did seem like a lot.

He was shaking and quivering, all over.

"Damn, I love that," he said, grinning widely.

He had me clean the hose, which was kind of a waste. I mean, there was a nice load of his cum in there still, but I wasn't going to suck it out like I wanted to with him sitting right there watching me, so it went into the paper towel. He taught me how to clean the hose out with the sterile water, then the syringe, and then clean them with alcohol, and then rinse them with the sterile water.

"Nice and clean for your turn," he said. "If you want."

I did want. I didn't want to look too interested, though, so I said, "Yeah, I guess. But you stop if I tell you."

"Of course. I won't force you to. And if you don't like it, say so, and we'll stop."

"Okay. I guess."

Inside, I was thinking, YES! Let's do it!

"Give me a few minutes to rest up, first, okay?"


I knew I was going to stay hard. That had looked really intense. I couldn't wait. Sort of. I mean, I was pretty apprehensive, too. Having a tube all the way up my cock seemed really wild, but inside my bladder? That far? Through the little valve of muscle that held back the piss? It had to hurt. Right? Some, at least. Right?

I was willing to find out.

"And you might not want to," he said, looking at me.

"Why's that?"

"Have you ever had a catheter?"


"You know what one is, right?"

"Sure. A lot like..." I nodded at the rubber hose.

"Yup. The thing is, once you've been cathetered, or done this," he said, patting the bed next to the rubber hose, "You start feeling different when you have to piss."

"You do?"

"It sort of makes it so that when you have to piss, it's all of a sudden. And it's pretty strong. It's like when you have to piss bad, like you've been holding it a couple of times, and now you really gotta go. Know what I mean?"

"Sure. You end up doing the pee-pee dance in your seat in class," I said, laughing.

"Yeah. But not quite that bad. It's just, you don't get that weak, kind of, have to take a piss later, thing anymore. You get the, gotta piss, like, really soon, thing. No advance warning, kind of."

"Is it bad?"

"No. It's not like you're gonna piss your pants, or something. It's just you don't get that gentle warning anymore. Your bladder valve isn't used to having something going in it, so when you do it, it sort of makes it less sensitive, and you don't feel the first, weak, going to need to pee later warning anymore, I guess."

"So, instead of that first warning, you don't feel it anymore, and instead, you get the second warning?"

"Yeah. Most of the time you don't even pee that much. Most of the time it's just a normal amount."

I thought about that for a while. I mean, did I want to change how my body worked?

"And that warning you do get, is sort of... kind of a tingly, kind of a sexual one."


"It's not just a gotta piss feeling, it's got a sort of prostate tingling to it, too. So, it's not bad at all, as far as I care. I kind of like it. Sometimes, I just hold it and make it stronger, because it feels pretty good."

"I've had to pee so bad it felt a little like what it feels like when you rub my... you know, my prostate."

I giggled. Actually giggled. Weird. Talking about him rubbing my prostate was pretty embarrassing.

"Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. If you do this, then when you have to piss, it's gonna feel a little like someone is rubbing your walnut."

Hey, I could get into that! I thought. I just didn't know about the pumping water in with the syringe. That seemed kind of... too much?

"For a few times? Like the sound makes it feel when you piss after using it?"

"No, it lasts a lot longer. I think it might be permanent. I don't know. I've had that gotta pee now feeling ever since I first did it. It sort of gets weaker if I don't do it for a long time, so maybe it'll go away if you stop doing it long enough." He laughed, then said, "But I like it too much to stop doing it long enough to find out."

Did I want to do this?

"So think about it. We can see if you want to try it out after you check out what it feels like up that far without going in. Sort of a super-deep sounding without going in your bladder. Just rub it through your prostate."

Super-deep sounding? Have that rubber hose go all the way in and up there? Into my prostate? I loved how it felt to rub it from the outside, so something inside it? Oooo...

"Yeah, okay."

"Let's get you lubed inside," he said, and got down on the floor and then between my legs.

I was hard, mostly, so he only had to stroke it a few times before it was totally boned up. Then he leaned forward and put it in his mouth. Man, his lips and tongue, and the suction, and the tingling from the sounding... so good!

I looked down at him as he sucked me, and I thought...

He has to be gay. Or bi, at least. I mean, he's sucking my dick. And he's doing it really good, too. He's sucked dick before. And he likes sucking dick, too.

About that time, he gave my balls a nice squeeze and tug. Man, he really knew what he was doing. Then one of his fingers slid behind my sack and rubbed my urethra back there. Nice.

It didn't take long for me to make some pre-cum. Not watching this hot guy suck me off, and thinking about what we were about to do, and remembering what I had just done to him.

He stopped sucking me off, and smiled up at me. I was getting pretty sure he was gay, or bi. I had to ask him, but not right then.

He got the water jug and the empty jug next to him as he knelt between my legs, had me hold the bottle of alcohol, and put on two gloves. Then he stuck the rubber hose into the alcohol and swished it around to get the alcohol all over the hose. Then he plugged the syringe into the hose. He drew up a few CCs of the alcohol, then pulled the hose out of the alcohol, pulled the plunger all the way back, filling the rest of the syringe with air, then rolled the syringe on it's side to get the entire inside of it sterile. Then he squirted the alcohol into the empty jug. Then he sucked up some sterile water through the hose, swished it around, and then squirted it into the mostly empty jug. He repeated that, explaining it was to make sure there was no alcohol left in the syringe or the hose. Then he swung the hose around in a wide arc to spin out any water, and then shook out the syringe to get it mostly dry. Then he pulled the plunger out of the syringe and put both parts of it and the hose on some paper towel to dry.

Then he changed his gloves. He sucked my dick a little, then told me to squeeze out some pre-cum so it sat on the tip in a bead. I did. Then he told me to hold my dick straight up and steady, so I did.

He plugged the hose into the syringe, and drew up about ten CCs of water into it, and then unplugged the hose and laid the syringe on the paper towel. He made sure he had the smooth end, and swirled it around in my pre-cum to lube it up. That tickled a lot. Then he slid it inside. It felt different than the sound. The hose didn't have a tapered end, but a rounded, blunt end. So it felt different going in. More bold and bigger, though it was also six millimeters. But I could feel it more intensely. It wasn't painful, but was sure more intense, almost sharp. My fingers could feel it sliding through the tube beneath my dick. Fucking thrill!

The hose went in about four or five inches, but it was dry, and my pre-cum was being pushed in, so the hose was getting stuck at my hole.

He picked up the syringe and dripped some water onto the hose a few inches above the tip of my dick, so that it rolled down the hose and into my hole for lubrication. Then the hose went in easily again.

Man, the deeper that thing went, the better it felt. I followed the end of the hose with the fingers of my free hand. It went into the area above my sack, and it felt like a hard steel rod in there to my urethra. And the deep tingles when my fingers put some pressure where the end of the hose passed were awesome. I followed the end of the hose until it went up inside just behind my sack. Man, that thing felt great!

I was sucking in air as the tube went around the bend in my urethra and turned upward. I could feel it in there! Fuck! It was way deeper than the sounding chain had gone! I'd thought the long chain had gone into my prostate, but now I knew it hadn't.

He had to drip some more water on the hose when it got stuck at my hole. Then the hose went in easy again. Damn!

Then I felt it! It was going into the part of my urethra inside my prostate! It felt like a huge, thick, steel rod!

"Oh, shit!" I hissed.

"I can feel the change in diameter in your prostate," he said.

He jiggled the hose, pulling it out a fraction and pushing it back in. Man! It didn't feel exactly the same as rubbing my walnut from through my ass, but it did feel a little familiar. And it felt great!

Then he twisted the hose, slowly, until that rotation happened inside me. Oh, man. It wasn't a big sensation at all, but it was a good one! I could feel the soft rubber hose turning inside my urethra! Damn!

"Going to go in a little deeper. When it hits bottom, tell me. I should be able to tell anyway, but just in case."


I sounded winded. Breathy. And my legs were quaking. This was pretty damn good!

Then the hose went in further. Yes! I could feel the end of that thing in there! Amazing!

Then it hit bottom. I was going to say so, but I could tell he could tell.

"How's that?"

"I can feel it! Like I have to piss, sort of."

"Yup. Right up against the muscle that controls when you piss."

Damn! My dick jumped in my fist at that thought. That rubber hose was all the way up in me! Fucking cool!

Then he rotated the hose again. Right up against my bladder sphincter. Holy cow! I felt like I was going to piss. I told him.

"I know. It feels like it, but you won't. But just in case..."

He got a sheet of paper towel and bunched it up at the tip of my dick around the hose. I didn't blame him. It really felt like I was going to piss. Sort of. It mostly felt like I was sort of having a slow, weak orgasm. And it tingled, tickled, and felt great.

He rotated the hose, pushing it gently up against my sphincter. Damn, this was good! My legs were shaking and my balls were rising up tight in my sack. And my dick was throbbing in my hand.

He gently pulled the hose out a little, and gently pushed it back in up against my bladder. He turned it. Tugged it. Tapped it in deeper. Oh, yeah! I had to be leaking a ton of pre-cum, because I could feel my prostate contracting against the hose. It was almost painful, but not really. I could just feel that hose in there where my prostate was trying to pump pre-cum out against it. It made it feel so good it almost hurt.

"Think you want me to go inside?"

I thought about it. Man, I wanted more. I nodded.

"Okay. Don't really relax like you're taking a piss, but don't hold it like you're trying not to. Make sense?"

"Uh, maybe."

"Just don't try to hold it, and don't try to piss. Just relax."

"Okay, I'll try."

I felt the increase of pressure against my sphincter up in there. It was wild! The hose pushed, and the pressure increased, and he rotated the hose and it popped inside. I mean, it actually popped in. I felt it and almost heard it.

I could feel the hose sliding through my bladder sphincter! There was a kind of increase in the feeling of needing to piss. I realized I could feel the hose inside my bladder! I could actually feel it. Sort of. It was fucking wild!

"Watch this," he said.

He held the end of the hose over the mostly empty jug, and released the pinch he had on the hose, and my yellow piss streamed out.

I was pissing without going piss! Fucking wild!

He only let a little out, then pinched the hose again. The he plugged the hose into the syringe, the plunger still on the paper towel, and then released the pinch. He held the syringe down by my dick and my yellow piss started filling up the syringe. He held it up high, and it started lowering.

It was the weirdest sensation! I could feel my bladder emptying, and then filling! Fucking wild!

When most of my urine was gone from the syringe, he held it lower, and as it slowly filled with my piss again, he poured water into it. Then he held it up high again, and I felt my bladder filling. Then I felt the cold water! Oh, my God! That was the oddest thing I had ever felt in my life!

"Oh, fuck!" I laughed.

"Feels wild, huh?"

"Oh, yeah!"

I watched the water level drop, and felt my bladder filling. Bizarre! And it felt so... good and strange and new. The water was colder than my piss, but warmed up quickly.

When the water was mostly gone, he asked, "More?"


He poured more water into the syringe, and I watched it vanish. My bladder was filling up. Just as the water got down to 20CCs, I suddenly had to piss. I said so.

"Just watch," he said.

Instead of going down, the water level was rising, even though he was holding the syringe up high.

"That feeling of having to pee is your bladder contracting a bit. See how it pushes the water up even though it's almost above your head?"


The sensation of having to pee eventually lessened, and the water level stopped rising, and then started lowering again. When it got low, he added more water. Dang! Then a third filling of the syringe.

"How much can I hold?" I asked.

"You tell me."

I had to pee again. The water level went up while I had to pee, and when the urge ended, the water level went back down.

"This is fucking cool!" I said, my legs quaking.

He poured more water into the syringe. It only went down halfway before I had to pee so bad I had to shake my legs on purpose. The water level went up, and almost ran over the top of the syringe. He pinched the hose shut to keep it from overflowing. Man, I had to piss!

"Tell me when the urge to piss ends."

It went on for a long time before it did lessen. When I told him it was over, he un-pinched the hose, and the water level started going down. It got almost to the bottom of the syringe before I had to piss again, and really badly. He let the level get up to close to the top of the syringe then pinched the hose shut.

It felt great to let it the water escape, but it felt amazing when he pinched the hose shut. It was a combination of having to piss and having a sound way up inside my urethra. My legs were quaking. My prostate was being compressed by my full bladder and the hose through it, just like having his finger up there, and I told him I couldn't hold it much longer.

He poured water into the syringe, and I told him I couldn't hold any more.

"Just wait," he said, grinning at me.

He got the syringe less than half full and stopped, then picked up the plunger.

"Dude, I don't know," I said.

"Just trust me. I won't do much, and first..."

He released the pinch on the hose, and let the syringe fill up to the top, then put the plunger in to stop it from overflowing. The release of the pressure in my bladder felt really good.

He pushed on the plunger, just a bit. I could feel the water going in my bladder. Then he pushed it further. Man. Then further. Shit. Then more.

"Oh, shit," I groaned.

"Feel it?" he asked.

"It's like, filling my bladder like a balloon!" I groaned.

It felt great! Then I had to piss like never before in my life! With that hose in my tube, and my bladder pressing down on my prostate, I could feel my prostate pulsing to release pre-cum. But it couldn't contract with the hose in my urethra passing through it. It was almost painful. A kind of deep pinching sensation.

"Fuck!" I hissed deeply, my legs shaking. "I'm gonna piss!"

He laughed, and said, "No you're not. But it feels like it."

Then he pushed on the plunger some more. Man! I thought my bladder was going to explode like a popping balloon!

"Stop!" I almost yelled.

He pulled the hose off the syringe and put it into the opening of the jug and released the pinch on it, and water shot out like a fire hose!

"Oh, God," I sighed in relief.

He pinched the hose again and grinned at me.

"Please," I begged.

He let it go, then pinched it again.

"Oh, man! Please!"

He pinched and released it in rapid timing, and my bladder could feel every start and stop. It was fucking intense! It was like having my prostate tapped from inside my ass, but harder and more crisp. Man!

He did that until I was empty. Then he pulled the hose out a little, and since the end of it was still inside my bladder, but lower now, more water came out. But now it started and stopped on its own as it passed lower than the level of water in my bladder. Wow!

Those tapping sensations were so good!

He draped the hose over my thigh, and lubed a finger.

"Are you going to..." I started to ask.

But he put his gloved hand beneath my sack, and slid his finger into my ass, and up against my prostate.

Holy shit! With the hose in there, through my prostate, even the slightest touch on my prostate felt like he was shoving his finger into it. Fuck! He rubbed it gently, I could tell, but the sensation was so strong!

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum!"

It just started up and started happening without any warning. I was pumping a load of cum out with that hose in the way, and my prostate contracting with the hose through it, and it hurt! But it was a good hurt! It made the orgasm so intense that I couldn't breathe, see, or move.

I held on as a painfully intense orgasm occurred around the tube. I felt every contraction of my prostate as it tried to crush the hose with every contraction. I felt my cum squirting through my urethra around the thickness of the hose. It felt like thick oatmeal squeezing through a coffee stirrer. Holy fucking shit!

Then I felt the tube being pulled slowly out as I was cumming, and that just threw me over the fucking edge!

I came to, leaning way forward onto my thighs. He was sitting on the bed next to me. The hose was gone, his fingers were gone, and I felt empty and drained and contented and weak. Shaking and even slightly sweaty. And panting.

"My prostate is sore," I laughed.

"It will be for a few minutes."

"I can still feel the hose in there, too."

"Will, for a few minutes."

I looked down at my dick. It was dark-red and at half-mast. Slowly bobbing with my heart as it slowed.

Where's my jizz? I wondered. I had to have shot a huge fucking wad. Where is it?

There was no sign of it. Not a drop anywhere. Not on the floor, the side of my bed, my legs, nowhere.

Must have shot into the inside of the hose, I figured.

I saw the hose lying on the paper towel. It was wet and shiny, but drying. No sign of my cum on it. Or dripping out of the end of it.

Where the hell is my cum? Did I dry-cum? No way. I felt that shit squirting out beside the hose, right through my urethra. I shot a big wad.

I looked at his face, and asked, "Where did my splooge go?"

"Into the hose," he said. "Then into the jug."

I was too weak to bother leaning way over and picking up the jug and looking in through the opening. Besides, it had our piss in it. Yuck.

"Felt like a quart came out," I laughed.

"Pretty good, huh?"

"Yeah. But I can feel the hose in my bladder valve, still."

"Will, for a while. Wait until you take a piss," he laughed.

"I need to," I said, standing up with real effort.

"No, you don't. Remember? The hose let it all out."

"But, it feels like I have to."

"That's because you've never had anything up there before, and now that it's gone, it's like the sound left that feeling in there. You don't really have to piss. Trust me. But go ahead and find out."

I sighed and shivered, and walked to the bathroom. I stood in front of the john and tried to piss, but nothing came. I even tried to force it, but only a dribble came out, and even that little bit felt like burning gasoline. Okay, not that bad, but any sensation like that inside your dick is sort of exaggerated, you know?

I walked back, and he had cleaned up everything and put it away and was sitting at his desk looking at his laptop screen. I sat down hard on my bed. I was fucking wiped.

I noticed he was wanking it off. I hadn't even noticed when I had walked in. Bizarre. I wasn't even interested in seeing if he wanted a hand, or even in watching. I was so wiped.

I laid on my back and felt like I could sleep all day. It wasn't even noon yet. I heard him cum. Well, I heard his soft sigh and the change in the skin-slapping, wet-squishing sounds.

My dick sort of moved in sympathy. Man, I could still feel that tube way up in there. I still felt like I had to piss. And my prostate felt like it was having a violent protest against unfair working conditions.

I was asleep almost right away.





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