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Holiday Surprises

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Christmas Surprises

 Rated: X  teens/preteen - incest


After Kyle left, and things were going back to normal, I had to wait a couple of days before I could get alone with the computer long enough to search for the video my brother and Kyle had made. I was sure it was on it. I hoped, anyway.

It took me almost an hour, but I found it alright. Brian had saved it as "Mom and Dad on vacation." inside.

I watched the whole thing from start to finish, playing with myself in my jeans, then made a copy on a CD and played it again, doing it slow to myself to make me last the entire video. I didn't make it. I blew off a huge wad, for me anyway, when I saw Kyle taking almost half of Brian's long, thick dick in his mouth.

I began plotting how to use the video. Brian and I didn't fight a lot, but when we did, it was usually a big fight. Having that video could get me out of anything. I could own Brian.

What I really wanted was to use it to get Kyle to do those things with me when he came back for Christmas. The plans everyone talked about over Thanksgiving were that Kyle and his folks would be staying longer than everyone else, maybe even through New Years. Our moms had a lot of time to make up for after their big, year-long fight.

So, once it was back down to just Kyle and his folks, I intended to let Kyle know I knew about the video, and tell him that if he did that stuff with me, I wouldn't let anyone know about it. Just telling him I knew about it would be enough to make him do it, I hoped.

I really didn't want to tell Brian I knew about it. It was really embarrassing, not just to him. It was hugely embarrassing that I"d watched it and knew what it was. No way was I going to tell him or Kyle that I"d watched them when they"d made it. And I sure didn't want either of them knowing how much I liked watching it or how much I wanted to do it.

I knew I was going to be gay. I mean, I'm fourteen and girls just aren't very interesting, but boys sure were. Especially Tyler Brooks. Man, I"d do anything to get in his pants! Maybe even reveal to Kyle and Brian that I"d watched them do it. Maybe even show Tyler the video, if it got him all hot and made him want to do that stuff with me.

Anyway, I held onto my copy of the video, hiding it really well. And when I checked on the video on the computer a few days later, I saw that it had been opened the night before at 11:18pm. I began checking on it almost every day, and almost every day it had been opened the night before. My brother was watching it! Almost every night!

What could that mean? Was he just checking to make sure it was okay? Or was he watching it? Was he beating off to it? Did he like watching it? I had to find out.

So I went outside and got the crate and looked into his window that night. Sure enough, he was watching porn and beating off. It was the usual stuff he watched though, girls and guys. It wasn't the video of him and Kyle. But I watched after he had gotten off and I"d gotten off watching him, and I waited, and sure enough, before he shut off the computer, he checked on the video. Every night. He watched a little bit of it, then closed it and shut down the computer, then went to bed.

As Christmas got closer, I got more and more hot. I mean, I was beating off four or five times a day, and always when I watched Bri watch videos. And again when I got back in my room after seeing a part of the video he and Kyle made when Brian watched it for some reason.

So I got to talking to Bri about sex and stuff. I told him I had a friend at school that told me he's gay. Bri was sort of cool about it, and said he knew a gay guy too, and he didn't mind he was gay. He even said gays are just like everybody else and shouldn't be made fun of or anything.

I decided that I would be more daring than I had planned, and reworked my ideas for when it was just Kyle, Brian, and me alone after Christmas. I came up with something I thought was pure genius.

The week before Christmas, we were watching some porn, and rubbing ourselves in our jeans, and I asked him if he was going to beat off when the video was over and I went to my room. He sort of laughed, and said, "Of course. So are you."

"so how about we just forget the fake shy shit, and just get to it while we watch the video?"

He got red-faced, and his eyes and mouth got big, and he just stared at me for a few seconds. I thought he was going to freak. Then he laughed, and nodded.

For the first time ever, we pulled out our puds in front of each other and went to town. I was so nervous, and so turned on!

Bri is fucking huge! I hope mine gets that big! I tried not to get caught looking at his, but I did.

"You watching the show or me?" he asked.



"It's so huge!" I said, laughing to hide how nervous I was getting.

"Yours will probably get just as big," he said.

"I hope so!"

I wanted to reach out and do it to him so bad. But he's my bro. Is that sick? I don't know. I worried it was, but I wanted to so badly.

I didn't think I could do it the way he did it, though. He squeezed his big head all the time. Really, that's about all he did to it. I liked rubbing the whole thing, top to bottom.

I"d seen him do it all the time through his window and he always spit on it. He hadn't yet. He made pre-cum and he rubbed it around on it a lot, but he didn't spit on it.

"Don't it get sore doing it that way?" I asked.


"You should spit on it. Lube it up."

He looked at me like he was surprised, then nodded. And then did. And that really turned me on even more. The sound was awesome! He started breathing harder. So did I. Man, this was awesome!

I could tell I wasn't going to last much longer. I had to ask.



He didn't look away from the video.

"Can I do that for you?"


He asked really calm, like he didn't know what I was talking about. Like I"d asked if he would let me start the next video or something.

"Can I do it to you?"

Now he looked at me. Totally shocked.

"I just want to see what it's like to hold onto such a massive dork. Practice, for when I'm that big."

"You serious?"

"Please? I won't tell. You know that."

"You want to beat me off?"

"sure. Just once."

He stopped doing it and just stared at me.

"You"re really serious?" he asked.

"Just this once."

He thought for a few seconds, then looked down at my hand and my dick, then back at my face.

"Okay. But can I do it to you?"

My stomach flipped over!

"Uhhh, sure, if you wanna."

"Fair. We'll do it at the same time," he said, nodding.


Maybe I said that too enthusiastically. But he reached over, and I reached over.

His dick felt like a hot, soft, pulsing steel rod. Massive! Heavy. So smooth. And his hand on mine felt way better than my own. It was really... just like way more than doing it myself.

I rubbed his head the way he did it to himself. It was all slick and smooth and hot. He did that to me, too. God! It felt fucking great!

I think we both ignored the video and watched what we were doing. And we didn't last long. In about two minutes, I was going to go, when he pushed his hips up, and groaned, "I'm gonna jizz!"

I felt his entire rod twist and bend, and then I felt a sort of vibration in his tube beneath it, then it was squirting white cum out all over his keyboard. Fucking amazing! That made me explode in an instant.

He came so much more than me, but I felt like I was squirting cum to the ceiling! We were both all stretched out straight and gasping, and holding each other's dicks, and shooting cum all over the place.

Fucking wow!

He shot like four times that landed on the keyboard, and another four that shot out all over his legs and my hand. And more oozed out and got squished up in my fingers. I think I shot at least six or seven good ones, and his hand was squishing it all around on my head. I was jerking every time his fingers moved over my cock-head.

He let go, and sighed, and fell back into the chair, and said, "Bro! That was awesome!"

"Yeah," I said, almost laughing.

I kept playing with his dick until he moved my hand away. He was looking at me in a funny way now.

"What?" I asked, kind of worried.

"Like it?" he asked.

"Uhhh... yeah. Guess."


"Yeah. I mean, that felt pretty good, bro."

"Yeah, it did."

Then I saw him get an idea. He can't hide it when he gets one. They"re rare, so he's proud of them.

"You want to do that again sometime?" he asked, one of his eyebrows up high.

That means he's hoping I say yes. He's easy to read sometimes.

"sure. That was fun," I say as normal as I can.

"Okay. And..."

"What?" I ask when he stays quiet for a few seconds.

I can tell he's trying to work up the guts for something big. I hope I know what it is.

"I think I got a Christmas present for you you'll really like."


"You'll have to wait and see."

He wouldn't give a hint. I was almost sure I knew what he was thinking. I hoped so.

So, the next night, when we watched porn, we did it again. And every night after. It was the best week of my life. Jerking off my brother was the hottest thing I could imagine. He got really good at it. He showed me some stuff, and I got really good at it on him, too.

Kyle and his folks wouldn't arrive until the morning of Christmas Eve. Luck had it that Devon and his sister and family came down first, and stayed that night. Of course, his sister got my room, and I stayed in Bri's room with him and Devon.

Now, Devon is ten, and I"d played with him over Thanksgiving, if you remember. He sleeps like a log, and I got his pajamas open and looked at and played with his little pecker. I even sucked on it. It was hot, but he's just a kid.

So, late that night, we stayed up, and Bri loaded up a porn site. Devon was so into it. He wanted to see everything, so Bri showed him videos of everything. He was glued to the screen and breathing so hard I wondered if he was going to hyperventilate.

After over an hour of videos, I was so hard it almost hurt. I could tell Bri was totally boned too. And Devon actually had his hand in his pants. Really. Not shy at all.

"Let's see it," Bri said.

"What? My dork? You want to see my dork?" Devon said, shocked.

Then Bri undid his zipper, and whipped out his huge boner. Devon gasped out loud, and said, "Wow! How big!"

"Mine's not that big," I said, and pulled it out.

Devon sighed a, "Wow," and started playing with himself even more obviously.

"so let's see yours," Bri says.

Devon got even more red-faced, but undid his pajama bottoms and pulled them down.

"Not too shabby," Bri said. "About the same size mine was at your age."

"Really?" Devon asked, all smiles.

"Yeah. Bro's was about that size then, too. Now he's much bigger, and probably going to be as big as mine. So you'll probably be about the same, too."


Looking at the three of us, I could see we were all shaped about the same. We all looked a bit long, kind of sturdy but not thick, and had very similar shaped heads and such. Only the actual sizes were different.

Bri pushed his jeans and underwear down and showed off his balls. So I did too. Then Devon.

Then Bri reached over and played with Devon's nuts. They looked so small. I reached over and felt them too. Bri started playing with his little dick. Devon laughed and squirmed.

"Tickles!" he complained.

But after a few minutes he was quiet, and smiling, and grabbed our dicks.

His little hand was so soft and smooth. He didn't know what he was doing, but we showed him.

It was the hottest time of my life so far. His little dick was kind of fun to play with, because he was so ticklish and sensitive. Pretty soon he was beating me and Bri off, his head back, his eyes closed, and breathing really fast.

"Wanna see my jizz shoot out?" Bri asked.

He opened his eyes, nodded, and looked down at his hand on Bri's long, thick dork.

"Keep going. Just like that. But faster."


After almost a minute, Bri says, "Here goes. Watch."

And then he shot off even more than he had that first time he and I had done each other. Squirt after squirt way up in the air and all over the place. Devon didn't know how to hold a dick straight as he stroked on it yet, so Bri's jizz went all over the place.

"Ewww!" Devon groaned after about the fifth shot. "It's all slimy!"

He let go of Bri's dick and looked at the cum sticking between his fingers. Bri grabbed his own dick and jerked it, squirting the rest onto his belly.

Devon let go of my dick, and I was just a couple stokes from blowing, so I took over and shot a massive wad. For me, anyway. When I was done, Devon was still playing with the cum on his fingers.

"This is the stuff that makes girls have babies?" he asked.

"Yeah," Bri said. "There's little sperms in it that make the egg turn into a baby."

"Ewww!" and Devon wiped his hand on Bri's shirt.

Man, how I wanted to lick his hand clean.

Devon was still boned, and started playing with it again when he got his hand clean. Bri took his shirt off and got up. I sat there with my wet dork going soft, and watched Devon watch the vid and play with himself.

He really went to town. I mean, his hand was a blur! I wondered if he was ever going to cum. I didn't think he"d shoot any sperm, but he had to have a dry orgasm sooner or later. Right?

He didn't. He kept at it while Bri and I got cleaned up and laid down. He just kept beating his meat like crazy!

Video after video, he sat there and pounded his little dork. Bri and I even got horny again and sat down and played with him again. We took turns beating him off in different ways. He eventually played with our dicks, too, again.

It must have been around two hours after we started, when Bri let go of his little balls, and said, "You need something special."

"Huh?" Devon sighed, staring at the screen.

Bri got off the chair, knelt between Devon and the desk, spread Devon's legs, and...

I thought I was going to explode!

Bri moved my hand aside, then put his mouth over Devon's dick!

Devon gasped, sat up a bit, taking his dick out of Bri's mouth, and said, "Brian!" almost loud enough to wake up our folks.

"Just relax. You"re gonna love it," Bri said, tickling Devon's balls.

"You really gonna suck on it?" Devon asked.

"sure. Or else you"re gonna still be beating on it when everyone wakes up in the morning."

Devon laughed.

Bri leaned back down and sucked Devon's little dick back into his mouth. Devon groaned.

I almost shot off! I wasn't stroking myself, it just pulsed up all super-hard and tingly and I thought I was gonna blast one to the ceiling!

"Oh my God!" Devon sighed, then closed his eyes and leaned over Bri's head.

I saw him shaking all over. I heard him breathing hard and fast. He started rocking back and forth.

"It tickles so much!"

"Feels good, too, though, huh?" I asked, more than a little jealous.

I put my hand on his back. I could feel his body trembling. He nodded.

I think it was about five minutes later that Devon went all rigid, his breathing stopped, and his legs went wild.

He started whining, shaking, and then he jerked Bri's head up as he sat up straight. His face was red, his eyes wide, his lips so dark red they were amazing.

"Holy fucking shit!"

"Did he cum?" I asked Brian as he got up.

"Nope. Dry one. But he had an orgasm, no doubt. I think his dick grew an inch!"

Devon was holding onto his privates like someone was threatening to cut them off. He was almost laughing, and smiling so widely.

"Pretty neat, huh?" I asked, still jealous as all hell.

"Fucking super-neat!"

He sat back and examined his privates. His little head was so purple! Dark purple! The shaft was deep red.

"It's kinda sore," he said seriously.

"It just got the most action it's ever had," Brian said. "It's probably gonna be sore all night. But it'll be alright in the morning. Or tomorrow, anyway."

"Can we do that again tomorrow?" Devon asked.

"No. The others will be here," Brian said. "But maybe before you leave again."

"Wow," Devon sighed really loudly. "That was the best thing ever."

I wished I knew. I wanted a blow-job so bad I almost asked Brian if he would give me one. Instead, Brian and I jerked off while Devon passed out on the sleeping bag.

Brian came all over his stomach again. Tons of jizz! I wanted to lick it up so bad.

Then I came like a fucking fountain! Squirt after squirt! The most ever. And it was amazingly good. The best yet.

We cleaned up, then fell asleep in seconds.

I woke up and got so fucking scared!

Devon was gone. I got so worried! What if he was telling? Or, what if he wasn't, but his parents could tell something was up? What if he slipped and said something when the other guys were here? What if...

How could a kid keep that secret? I laid there and sweated like crazy. I kept imagining the parents all coming in the room, angry and yelling, and Devon crying and calling us homos.

Then the bedroom door opened, and Devon came in.

He was dressed. He saw me and smiled and said, "Morning sleepy-head. You missed a good breakfast."


"Yeah. Pancakes and sausage. None left. You'll have to have cereal, sucker."

He laughed and sat down, and turned on the computer. He played an online game. It all seemed normal.

Brian rolled over and farted like a horse.

Yup. Everything seemed normal.

I looked over at Brian lying next to me. He was grinning his ᾽being bad" grin. He lifted the sheet, and he had his boner in his hand and was whacking it. I wasn't even horny. I was too worried about Devon spilling the beans.

But I watched while Brian beat one out. Lots of cum again. Then he got up, cleaned it off with a sock, threw it into his hamper, put on sweatpants, got clean clothes, then went to shower.

Devon never even knew Brian had done that. He was into his online game.

I got out of bed, went to my room, got clean clothes, and went back. Devon was still playing.

"We really gonna again if we can?" he asked without looking away from his game.

"Gonna what?" I asked.

"Do it?"

"You really want to?"

"Yeah! That was awesome."

"You won't tell?"

He paused his game and turned around to look at me. He looked surprised.

"Tell? Are you fucking nuts? You know how much trouble we"d be in?"

"Yeah, I do," I said.

"so why would I tell?"


"so we gonna?"

"If we can. If you want to."

"Yes! Please?"

"sure. Okay. If we get the chance."


Then he was back on his game.

I tried to be normal, but... I mean... Brian and I had molested our little cousin. He wasn't complaining about it, though. He even wanted to again. It just felt... like trouble was waiting just around the corner.

The other families all arrived by the end of the day. The house was full again.

Jerod, who's seven, Chris, who's eleven, Rick, who's fifteen, and Devon, all stayed in Brian's room with me, Brian, and Kyle. The girls all got my room again.

I kept worrying that Devon would spill the beans. Every joke about homos, or dicks, or one-liners about jerking off, all made me worry. But Devon was... he was cool about it. He acted like nothing had happened. No stupid secret looks to be caught by the other guys. Nothing.

Rick hung out with Brian and Kyle, like usual, and I was stuck with the kids; Jerod, Devon, and Chris.

It was pretty normal. Rick, Brian, and Kyle hogged the computer, and the rest of us played bored games - uh, I mean, board games. But it so wasn't so bad.

Jerod was a bit of a baby, but Devon and Chris were more fun.

We opened one gift each on Christmas Eve, after dinner. Then we played with them, if we could, and had a pretty good time.

We stayed up late, of course, even though the parents told us to get to bed at eleven. After midnight, Brian went downstairs and brought up snacks, and told us everyone was in bed. So we stayed really quiet and stayed up. Jarod passed out.

Then Brian, Kyle, and Rick, all sneaked outside. I knew they were going to smoke a joint. Jerod was asleep, and Devon and Chris and me got on the computer.

Of course, we looked for porn right away. I searched for ᾽naked girls" and ᾽pussy" and we got some.

Chris is eleven, almost twelve, and turned out to be a total perv. I had no idea.

"Fuck the pics. Find some videos!" he said on the first site, which was all pics.

I found some vids.

"Fuck yeah!" he sighed. "Wanna see hot, wet pussy being destroyed!"

He pointed at a thumbnail of a chick being fucked. I clicked it. We watched as a big-titied blonde was fucked by a black-haired guy.

"Fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy!" Chris said.

He grabbed his crotch and leaned toward the screen.

"You watch a lot of porn at home?" I asked.

"Naw. No computer. But I go over to my friend Jeremy's house and we do."


Chris is kind of tall, especially for eleven. He could pass as a high school guy, almost. No, he could. A small one.

"You guys beat off?" I asked.

He nodded without looking away from the action, still playing with his crotch.

"Wow," I said, sounding really surprised.

"What?" he asked, now looking at me.

"I'm just surprised. I mean, I've been whacking it for a long time. I started about twelve, I think. I just never thought about you doing it yet."

"Well, I do," he said, then looked back at the screen.

"So do I," Devon chimed in.

"No way," Chris said, staring at the video.

"sure I do," he insisted. "I learned how..." he looked at me for a second, and I was sure it was about to come out. "from a friend not very long ago."


"You really do?" Chris asked him, looking at him.

"Yeah," Devon said, nodding, then playing with his crotch.

"Wow, cool," Chris said, nodded, then went back to watching the video.

I knew we only had a couple of minutes before the older guys got back, so we didn't have the time, but I surely wanted to.

I grabbed my groin and played around.

"We watch some porn and do it," Devon said.

"Together?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. Not to each other, though. Just at the same time."


"Me too," Chris said. "No biggie."

"Wish we had time," Devon sighed.

"Yeah," Chris agreed.

Fucking wow!

"You going to when the guys go to sleep?" Devon asked.

"What? We"d get caught," Chris said.

"No. I mean... under the blankets."

"Oh. Sure. You?"

"Fuck yeah. Gonna be horny as hell," Devon laughed.

"No shit!" Chris laughed. "Gonna beat it like a red-headed step-child tonight!"

Holy shit!

I had to sleep on the floor next to them! I had to! I had planned on being off to the side, alone, so I could whack it, like at Thanksgiving, but not now. I was going to bed down between them if I had to move after the lights went out.

When my bro and the guys came in, I closed the video and that left the other browser open, showing a gaming site. I guess we all looked guilty, though.

"Hot porn?" Kyle asked.

"Probably," Brian said.

"Boys will be boys," Rick laughed.

"Porn is gross!" Devon said, as if he really thought so. "You guys don't look at that stuff, do you?"

Fucking amazing! I almost actually believed him.

"You'll get to like it when you hit puberty, kiddo," Rick said. "Now move over, us big boys wanna get back to our game."

We let them have the computer and went back to our board games and new toys. I felt like a kid, having to play with them, but now I was fine with that. They weren't little boys after all. And I kept looking forward to later.

It wasn't long before Chris and Devon laid out on their sleeping bags, talking and playing on their phones. I laid out between them and did the same. Almost an hour later, Brian and Kyle got into his bed, and Rick threw down his own sleeping bag.

Brian turned off the light.

I told you about Brian's black curtains in the Thanksgiving Surprise story, so you know his room went totally dark. We laid there for a while, playing games, and I texted them

᾽Stay awake. Got a plan"

᾽What?" came back from both.

᾽Just stay awake."

We gamed and texted, and I got more and more pervy. We did porn sites together. Laying on our fronts, we weren't playing with ourselves. Not yet.

We yawned a lot. Eventually we heard the guys all snoring. They all snored different, so we knew when they were all asleep.

I texted, ᾽Phones off. Roll over."

I was so nervous! Our phones went dark. I reached out in the dark, and put my hand on their stomachs.

I moved my hand to the top of their sleeping bags, and then into them. It was so exciting!

Then I moved my hand down their chests, over their stomachs, and found their hands on their dorks. They both moved their hands.

I unfastened their jeans, then they moved them and their underwear down. They were up for it!

Literally, up for it. Both of them had boners, and they both let me play with them.

Devon's was small, of course, and so was Chris", but his was larger. And his balls were bigger, too. Not much, but a little. And I think his sack was loser.

I don't know how long it lasted, but it seemed all night. I didn't care. It was fun! They were breathing hard and fast, but quiet. They giggled sometimes, just a little. Usually when I rubbed the tip of their dicks.

But they let my play with them for what seemed to be hours! I was hard and tingling, and I knew I"d made my underwear wet more than just a few times. I knew that when I started beating off, I would go off right away.

I was a little let down that they didn't reach out and do me back. But it was fun enough to play with them both at the same time.

Chris was first. He sat up in the dark, and I thought he was going to stop me, or maybe reach over and do me back. But he was cumming. I felt his dick dance in my fingers, and his breath catch, and then his body shake. Then he fell back and pulled my hand off his dick and sighed. I think he was asleep in about ten seconds.

Devon lasted and lasted. And lasted. My hand got tired. Then my arm. But I wasn't going to give up. I slinked over him, pushed his sleeping bag down, and put his dick in my mouth. I was as quiet as I could, but I sucked and licked his little dick.

That went on for what seemed another hour. It probably wasn't, though. Finally, he shuddered, sighed, and held onto my head as his body tensed up and his little dick danced in my mouth. Then he pulled me off.

"Thanks," he whispered.

"Welcome," I whispered back.

I held onto my dick, but I didn't jerk it. I had to do one more thing.

I rolled over toward Chris. It was easy to get his sleeping bag down. He had pulled his pants up, but not fastened them. His hand was in his pants. I whispered in his ear, "Awake?"

He didn't move or say anything, so I slowly moved his hand away from his crotch. Then I moved my face down his front, until I had his little, soft, cold dick in my mouth.

It tasted kind of salty and stuff. I sucked and licked really gently. It got hard, and was bigger than Jarod's. I followed the curves and shapes of it with my tongue. I played with his balls. I hoped he didn't wake up.

Then, I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down! His hips came up, pushing my nose into his skin. He humped my face.

I heard his breathing get faster. I felt his body shivering. He pushed me down onto him with both hands. He tried not to giggle, but it probably felt too good.

I was really enjoying it. A lot. So was he.

For a long time I sucked on his dick, feeling like I was having little orgasms every few minutes. I knew my underwear was pretty damp. I tingled all over. It was awesome.

Then he shoved his hips up, my head down, and he held there, and I felt his dick twitching and jumping. His body jerked all over. I tasted something salty, and felt something kind of slippery and gooey in my mouth. I wondered if he had shot any real sperm or semen, or if it was just pre-cum.

Then he pulled me off of himself, his fingers tightly gripping my hair, almost pulling it out. He pulled my head up to his face. I didn't know if he was going to threaten me, blackmail me, or kiss me.

"Wow! Man! Awesome!" he whispered. "Thanks, dude! I won't tell, I promise!"


I was so relived!

I laid back, pushed down the sleeping bag, then my pants and wet underwear, and slowly stroked off. As slow and quiet as I could. The tingling pressure built up so high I worried I was going to scream when I came. I stopped just as I felt the rush of my wad up from my balls, and held still. My body went all tense and rigid, and I held my breath, and felt overwhelming pleasure as I released my load. I felt my wad splash on my chin. Then my throat. Then my chest. Then all over my stomach. I came and came and came!

My dick felt like it was swelling up and stretching the skin. Fucking best orgasm ever!

I wiped it up and licked my fingers clean, almost out of my mind with release and satisfaction.

I fell asleep almost before I got my pants and underwear back on, let alone the sleeping bag pulled back up.

"Wake up! Presents!" Chris was saying, shaking me.

"Okay," I groaned, but didn't move.

I felt so drained. I almost would have rather stayed in the sleeping bag instead.

"Come on!" Devon whined.

I opened my eyes and sat up. Everyone else was already gone.

"Hurry up!" Devon said.

He was all smiles and grins. So was Chris.

"They already went down!" Chris said. "Come on!"

They were both dressed and ready.

"Why didn't you go down?" I asked, climbing to my feet.

"Waiting for you," Chris said.


He just smiled and shrugged. Devon also just smiled and gave his half-shrug he always did.

They looked at each other in a way that told me there was something on their minds they were sharing. Something major.

"What?" I asked, now standing up.

I stretched, trying to act normal, but I was pretty worried.

"We talked before we woke you up. The other guys were gone when we woke up," Chris said, blushing.

"What?" I asked.

I knew already. I just didn't know what they were going to say about it.

I had to ask again. And I had to piss like a race horse, too, so I asked a third time, adding, "Come on, out with it. I gotta piss."

Devon gave Chris a shove, and said, "You say it."

"You say it."

"No, you said you would. So say it, chicken."

"You're the chicken. I said I"d say it. You"re too chicken."

"Just say it, or I'll push you both down and tickle you ᾽till you do."

Common threat I"d used before, and often carried out.

"Okay," Chris said, grinning and all red-faced. He looked at Devon, then back at me, then the floor. Then he said, "We both know what you did last night."

I felt my stomach fall.

Brave front. Have to act like it was nothing.

"so?" I asked. 'so what?"

I shrugged when they looked at me.

"You both liked it. So what?"

They got even more red-faced and giggly.

"We want to again tonight," Chris said really quickly, looking at the floor.

"Okay. When they"re all asleep," I said as calmly as I could.

They both grinned even wider, stood up, and said, "Thanks!" together.

They they hugged the stuffing out of me.

"You guys really liked it, huh?"

They nodded against me. Chris said, "Best thing I ever felt!"

"Best present yet!" Devon said.

They looked up at me, all smiles and red cheeks.

"Cool," I said as calmly as I could, while smiling as widely as I ever had.

Dare I? I wanted it to happen. I wanted them to. I decided to try it.

"Tonight, though, we"re gonna do something more. Okay?"

"What?" they asked together.

"You'll see. You won't have to if you don't want to, but I think you'll want to. We'll see."

We went downstairs, Chris and Devon running ahead of me, laughing and red-faced. I was embarrassed, worried they were giving it away, but it was Christmas morning, after all.

Presents. Some really good ones, too.

Then breakfast, then upstairs to play with our presents. Chris, Jarod, and Devon got toys. I got clothes and games and such. I was older, but still. Kyle, Brian, and Rick got mostly clothes and computer games.

It was a really good day. The only thing weird was that Chris was all over me. He hung around me constantly. Usually he hung around more with Devon and Jarod, but not today. He was like my little shadow all day long. Dinner was great. Then we watched the movies some of us had gotten. Jarod watched kiddie movies with the girls in my room at one point. He got so teased when he came back. Kyle, Brian, and Rick sneaked out and smoked joints more than once. At one point, Devon and Chris and I were alone. We talked about last night. And made plans for tonight.

I told you how the house is in the country, out in the middle of nowhere. In back are three sheds. Two are new metal ones, like small barns. One is older, and wooden, and like a tiny house. It's closer to the woods, and even has a window in two walls. Inside, it has a carpeted floor. So it became my clubhouse.

Well, that night, when the adults were asleep, and after the older guys had probably used it to smoke their joints in and had gone to sleep too, the three of us sneaked out to it. I took a kerosene heater from the garage and we made sure the heavy curtains were over the windows. The door didn't lock, but I"d rigged up a pole that fit across the narrow clubhouse between the door and wall to hold it closed to keep my brother out when I wanted to be alone.

So, we went out there.

Talk about exciting!

We were all grinning and giggling. Like kids. But it was fun as hell!

"Clothes off," I said, taking off my coat.

Inside a minute we were all naked. They both stared at me. Well, at my dick. They were both really smooth. Kids. Little peckers sticking out totally hard, maybe three inches for Chris, more than two inches on Devon. Little sacks all wrinkled up, balls impossible to see. I was the different one. Mine stuck out over six inches, had pubes, and my balls hung and you could see each one.

"What"re we gonna do?" Devon asked.

"You guys are gonna sixty-nine," I told them.

They looked at each in surprise and laughed.

"You lay on your back," I said to Devon. "You get on your hands and knees above him," I told Chris. "Upside down."

They did. I didn't have to tell them anything else.

I slowly played with my boner as I watched them do each other. Smooth, silky bodies. So soft and tender. It was amazing. Just kids, but they were enjoying each other so much. And I was really enjoying seeing it.

I gave them tips, like moving up and down, and using tongues, and changing how hard they sucked. I told them to not let the other guess what they were going to do next.

"Fun?" I asked after a while.

They both grunted but didn't stop.

"Your hands should be moving all over the other's body. All over. Play with them. Tickle. What he does to you, do to him back."

Pretty soon they were massaging each other all over as they sucked each other. I got on my knees and rubbed their little bodies.

I was drawn to Chris'butt. He had a nice one. Rounded, firm, juicy. Especially for eleven. And when I got close, and spread his cheeks, that little, pink pucker was a huge turn on.

Yeah, I had to. I got behind him, between Devon's legs, and spread Chris'cheeks wide. Then I stuck my face in there, and licked.

Chris jerked and laughed. I licked it again. I could taste crap, but it wasn't strong. I was way to excited to care, too. Pretty soon I was digging my tongue in there and making him wiggle. Sometimes he would stop sucking Devon's dick long enough to say how much he really liked it.

Devon could see what I was doing, so after a while he asked me to do it to him.

"Roll over, change places, and I will," I said.

They did.

Devon's little ass was even pinker! And cleaner. He must have been really careful about hygiene. His tasted clean. And I wiggled my tongue way up in there, too. Man, how he squirmed and squealed! He loved it.

Pretty soon I wet a finger and tried slipping it in him. His hole was so tight. I used more spit, and eventually wriggled my pinky into him. I found his prostate and played with it, like some gay vids showed. He started grunting and pushing his ass against my finger, pulling his dick out of Chris'mouth. He liked his prostate being rubbed more than his dick being sucked.

Pretty soon he was fucking my finger. I pulled it out, and he went, "Awww!" and looked over his shoulder at me. "Don't stop."

"Time to switch again," I said.

"Okay," he moaned, not very happy, but willing.

"Are you going to do that to me?" Chris asked as he got over Devon.

"sure am. You okay with that?"

"sure! Dev sure liked it. It must feel pretty okay."

"It does!" Devon cooed, then sucked in Chris'dick.

Chris sucked air in through his teeth and grinned, then returned the favor to Devon.

I licked Chris'hole again, then slid my pinky into him and found his prostate.

He groaned and shivered. I was leaking pre-cum like an old faucet.

"Is that one finger?" he asked after a while.


"Do another?"

"You sure?"


"That's my pinky. How about my middle finger instead, first?"


So, I got my middle finger all wet, and slid it in alone. He kind of groaned a little as the bigger finger went in. Then he pushed against it as it found his gland.

Not even a minute later, he said, "Do more."

"You want two? You sure?"

"Oh, yeah!"

I spit on my pointing finger, then wiggled it against his hole with my middle finger in it. His little pucker was so tight, it took me a while and lots more spit to get it in. But he pushed against it, wanting it the whole time.

I got them both in all the way, and pushed against his gland. He groaned out loud, "Oh, yeah!"

He started fucking Devon's face and himself on my fingers. Really going to town! His hard little prostate started pulsating. His head came up and his back arched and he groaned out loud, his body shaking all over.

Then he literally jumped up, taking my fingers out of his tight little ass, and rolled onto his side. He was grinning like a lunatic, and cupping his junk with both hands.

Devon sat up and wiped his red lips, and said, "I think he shot some!"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah! I tasted salty stuff!"

He licked his lips and wiped them again.

"Oh, man!" Chris moaned, kind of laughing, and still holding his nads. "That was the best!"

"My turn! I want to!" Devon begged.

I laid down on my back, and he got over me, and I sucked his dick into my mouth. My middle finger was still wet, but I had a hard time getting it into his tiny little hole. Devon moaned, and to my surprise, even grabbed my dick.

I found Dev's prostate and began working it. He groaned and panted, and, oh glory, began licking my dick! His tongue felt like soft, wet velvet. I started sucking and licking his dick as best as I could, and working his little, hard prostate. He started fucking my mouth and my finger.

Then, yes, he put his mouth over my dick and sucked. Fucking amazing! He moved up and down as far as he could, sucking. I felt his tongue going over the tip of my dick. I was going to shoot off like a rocket! I had to warn him.

"stop, Dev! Or I'll jizz in your mouth."

He stopped. I kept working his little dick and his prostate. He took a long, long time before he tensed up, squealed, and then I felt his prostate and his dick pulsating. His little body jerked and shuddered, and he gasped and moaned. His tight asshole clenched over and over. It was amazing to feel all that going on at the same time!

Then he fell over on his side, taking his dick out of my mouth and my fingers out of his ass. He panted and grinned and held onto his junk.

"Good, huh?" I asked.

He nodded.

I saw that Chris was boned again.

"Want some more?" I asked him.

He nodded and smiled wider, and climbed over me.

When Chris had finished jerking and twitching and groaning again, Devon took another ride.

They both sucked and licked on me while I massaged their prostates and sucked their dicks, but I always warned them before I came and they stopped. By now I was going insane, but I really didn't want to blow my wad in their mouths and gross them out.

Besides, I knew how good it was going to make it when I did go off.

Chris was dressed, and Devon started getting dressed. I started slowly jerking off, just using my fingers to brush the sides of my head. It was terrific.

"You gonna squirt?" Chris asked, watching closely.

"Yup. Not long."

"Cool. I wanna see."


Devon finished dressing. Chris scooted up really close and leaned down. He was watching as closely as he could. Then he reached out and took over.

"Okay! Going off!" I grunted really soon.

I blew so far I lost sight of it. It must have hit the far wall! Then gobs and gobs of hot jism were flying out of my dick. Big squirts of white ropes. All over the place. He didn't know how to aim it or keep jerking it straight or anything, so it went all over. And I shot the most I ever had by far.

I wanted to scream out loud. My whole body was locked hard and stiff. Except my hips, which wanted to thrust. I let them.

"Fucking wow!" Chris said, awed.

He kept stroking me off until I couldn't stand it any more and pulled his hand away.

"Wow!" I sighed, shaking a little.

"That was a lot of jizz!" Chris said, playing with the stuff on his fingers.

"Gross," Devon moaned, but smiling.

"It's not gross," Chris said.

Then he put his fingers under his nose and smelled it.

"Gross!" Devon groaned.

Then Chris licked his fingers.

"Oh! Gross!" Devon exclaimed loudly.

Chris licked his fingers clean. I watched, amazed.

"Tastes like yogurt," Chris said.

"Gross," Devon said again, looking really grossed out.

"I like yogurt," Chris told him, then smacked his lips.

I wiped up some cum from above my pubes and licked my fingers.

"You guys are gross," Devon said, shaking his head.

"You sucked dick, too," Chris told him.

"Yeah, but not jizz," Devon argued.

Chris shrugged. He looked at me, and said, "We"re coming back for new years, my folks said. Wanna again?"

"sure," I said.

"Wish I was," Devon said. "We"re going to Florida."

"You'll visit over the summer, if not before," I told him.

"Yeah. Will we then?"

"If you want to."

He smiled and nodded.

I got dressed.

"You guys promise you won't tell, right?" Devon asked.

"sure do," Chris said.

"You bet," I agreed.

Chris actually looked like he relaxed some, but he still had something on his mind, I could tell.

"What is it?" I asked him.

He looked even more worried. I put my hand on his shoulder. He leaned up against me and almost cried. He was older than Devon, but was acting like a little kid. Eleven isn't totally a little kid, but still.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"something wrong?" Devon asked.

After a few soft sobs, Chris asked, "Does this make me gay?"

I laughed. Devon looked up at me in surprise. Chris furrowed his brows at me.

"No, dumb-ass," I said, ruffling his hair. "If you don't start liking girls, then you might be gay. But messing around with a guy doesn't make you gay. Only not liking girls when you"re old enough."

"You sure?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'm old enough to know that boys mess around with other boys. All do. At least once. Well, not all. Most. It's just normal. Experimenting. They said so in health class in school."


He looked like he could cry for real if he wanted to, or if something pushed him to it. Devon looked really concerned too.

"Yeah. Being gay is not liking girls. I know guys make fun of a lot of things being gay, or guys being gay. That's kid's stuff. Stupid, too. But being gay is not liking girls when you"re in high school or college. If you only want to do this kind of stuff with boys when you"re as old as Brian and Kyle, then maybe you"re gay. Maybe not. But doing this stuff don't make you gay, or mean you"re gay. It's fun. It feels fucking awesome, and it's normal. Okay?"

He nodded, then leaned against me.

"I'm just scared I'll be gay," he whispered.

"You won't be gay," Devon told him, then punched his shoulder. "And even if you are, I won't care. You"re still an okay guy to me."

Chris laughed a little, then said, "Okay. Thanks."

"I won't care if you are, either," I said.

I wanted to tell them. I really did. But it was too hard to work up the guts or the words. The best I could do was, "I have a friend at school who is. I don't care. He's still my friend, and I hope he always will be."

They both looked at me. Stared at me. And I almost told them the truth.

"Did you do this stuff with him?" Chris asked.

"How do you think I know what to do? We do it when we watch porn. We jerk each other off, and sometimes do blow-jobs. That's all you need to know. Now, let's get back inside."

Sneaking in was easy. And we ended up laying next to each other, actually kind of hugging in a group in the dark for a while.

The next day was so short. Chris was glued to me all day long. Devon hung around with us, dragging Jerod with him out of default. I never got to be alone with Rick. I wanted to, to see if he"d show me his massive dick again, but I was worried he"d figure out I was queer if I tried.

Devon and his family were first to leave. Devon gave me a hug at the front door. That was the first time he"d ever hugged me in front of everyone. When Kyle and Jerod and their family left, we shook hands, like normal. And when Chris and his family left, Chris looked like he was going to cry or something. His mom even asked what was wrong.

"They got pretty close this year. Chris really looks up to you now," his dad said.

"shut up, Dad," Chris said, smiling, but still looking like he was going to cry at any second.

"We'll be back in a couple of days," Chris'mom said to him.

"I know," Chris said, smiling at me.

I could tell Chris wanted to hug me again like last night, and like Devon had a couple of hours ago when he had left. But he felt he was too old for that, especially in front of everyone. But I really wanted to hug him, too. And I figured a way we could and get away with it.

"Come here, doofus," I said, and grabbed him and hugged him. 'see ya in a couple of days, when you get back from seeing your Aunt Del in the hospital."

"Yeah," he said into my shirt. 'see ya then, you big jerk."

They left, and I hung out with Kyle and Brian. They treated me okay, but they had that ᾽we"re older and superior" thing going on. Geeze. So I went to my room.

Not long after dinner, Dad asked to talk to me. I was nervous as hell as I walked into his den with him. I about fainted when he closed the door.

"What's up, Dad?" I asked, trying to seem as calm as possible.

Could he have found out what Chris and Devon and I had done? Did one of them spill the beans?

"so, son, what brought you and Chris so close together? He's always been a bit of a shy one, but this year he was stuck to you like glue."

Chris had talked about her, so I knew she was on his mind.

"His Aunt Del. He knows she's dying, and he needed someone to talk to about it. We did."

"That's very good of you."

"Yeah, well, he just needed someone to talk to, and he didn't really know it, but I could tell."

"I'm proud of you, son. That was a very good thing to do."

I knew adding some more would be a good idea, and I knew just what.

"And he's going into junior high next year, and had some questions about that. You know," and I put on the embarrassed grin. "The showers, and all."

"Ah. I see."

"And, well, he turns twelve in less than a month, and... well, girls."


Dad blushed. A real first.

"He likes this one in his class, and she gives him this smile when they look at each other, and he was wondering if it meant anything."

"And what did you tell him?"

"That if she smiles back at him all the time, he should talk to her."

"Good advice, I guess."

"He wanted to know what to talk about to her about, and I told him to find out what her worst grades were in, and what clubs she was in, and offer to help her with studies, and see if he could be interested in the same clubs."

"I've raised a Romeo," Dad said, grinning.

"I do okay," I said, blushing too.

"I've not noticed you out on any dates," he said.

"I've been careful to not mention it," I said.

He laughed, then looked serious. I knew what was coming.

"son, you"re fourteen now, and interested in girls, I guess it's time we had a talk."


So I got the talk. Ugh. I even asked a few questions. I mean, I wanted to seem really interested in girls. When it was finally over, I got the hell out of there and went to my room.

"You in trouble, short-shit?" Brian asked almost as soon as I sat down on my bed.

He walked in and sat next to me.

"No. Dad was just..." I rolled my eyes. "He wanted to have... you know... the talk."

"Oh, shit. Sorry. Got it back at your age, too. But why with Kyle and his family here?"

"He saw how Chris was glommed onto me. He wanted to know why. I told him how Chris needed to talk about his aunt dying. And I mentioned, like an idiot, how we also talked about the showers and stuff in junior high. He's going next year. And... girls."

"Oh. Man, you were asking for it."

We laughed. He rubbed my hair and went back to his room. And Kyle. And I sat there and polished my plans for later.

While our folks were all busy playing cards, and I knew they wouldn't be bothering us for a while, I went over to Bri's room. They were playing a game on the computer. I sat down and watched for a few minutes.

While they were really involved in a firefight, I sneaked over to the closet and found what I wanted. It wasn't in it's usual place. I figured Brian had gotten it out for later. I knew they were going to make another one. It was usually up on the shelf, buried with the other things up there. But now it was on the little television in his closet, ready and waiting.

I set it up almost behind them, and got the wires ready to plug into the computer but kept where they couldn't see them yet.

They won their firefight. It was a major battle. They really did well. They did a high-five in celebration, really happy with how well they"d done.

Then they started buying upgrades with their booty. Dad knocked and opened the door.

"We"re all heading to bed. Don't stay up too late, we"re all going to the mall at ten, remember."

We all three sighed in disgust. Dad smiled and closed the door.

They both looked at me. I was on the bed behind them.

"What?" I asked innocently.

Kyle looked at Brian and asked, "You going to ask him?"

Bri nodded, then looked right at me.

"Me and Kyle are going to tell you something, and I want you to promise you won't say anything to Mom and Dad. And I mean really promise. If you ever say anything, I get free reign to kick your skinny little ass."

Something really big. I sat up straight, nodded, and held up a hand.

"I promise."

"You ever say anything, and we'll both kick your ass really good," Kyle said, looking as mean as he could.

He wasn't very mean, and couldn't look very mean, but he sure tried. But I knew he would kick my ass if he I told whatever it was. Bri would too, and probably better.

I knew they weren't going to tell me about the movie. No way. Ever. So what was it?

They looked at each other, nodded at each other, then Kyle got up and went to his pack.

Brian said, "Look, shit-head, this is serious. We"re letting you in a huge fucking secret here. Got it?"

I nodded, trying to look as serious and solemn as I could.

Kyle came back with a small baggie and a lighter. Pot!

"Me and Kyle get stoned," Brian said, staring at me. "We'll smoke one with you, but you can't leave until we say so. We don't want you doing something that'll have our folks all curious."

I nodded, feeling as solemn as ever before. And nervous. And kind of worried. I"d smelled the smoke that night under the window, and I had felt the funny, giddy kind of feeling it gave me. I wondered if smoking it directly would be stronger.

Brian opened his window, and we scooted across the bed to lay facing it.

"This is gonna make you cough, so try not to too loud, okay?" Brian asked.

I nodded. I was so nervous! Even more than when thinking about the plans I had for later.

I watched as Kyle lit the end of a joint, and then passed it to Brian. They showed me how to inhale it, and hold it, and blow it out the window.

I coughed, of course. Bad. And the next few times. By the time I was hitting it and not coughing, I was feeling really weird. Happy and loose and paranoid. Worried Mom and Dad would come in any second. Bri and Kyle said it was normal and to just ignore it.

We started laughing and having a good time. By the time Kyle put the little remains of the joint out on his tongue, I felt really great.

We sat there with the window open and talked about stuff they"d done when high together with their friends. Bri had gotten up to some serious mischief I never knew anything about.

I was having a really good time with them. And I was so horny, thinking about my plans. And being that close to Kyle, and knowing what he looked like in only his underwear with my brother's dick in his mouth.

I asked them if they"d ever made out with a girl when they were high.

"Yeah, and sex is the best thing you can do when you"re high," Kyle said.

He and Brian shared that guilty grin together.

It was time. I felt butterflies stir in my guts, and my chest get heavy. I swallowed.

"Did you guys have to get high to make that movie?" I asked, all calm and cool on the outside.

They both snapped their heads to face me. They both had open mouths and wide eyes.

"I saw it. Pretty hot," I said, grinning.

"What movie?" Brian asked me, leaning toward me, being threatening.

But I knew I had the upper hand, and forced myself to remember that fact, and stared right back.

"The one where Kyle gives you the blow-job after measuring your seven-incher," I tell him.

Kyle sits up straight and looks at Brian, and they share a long look with each other. I can tell they"re worried and scared.

Kyle looks at me and asks, "What movie?"

Come on. Brian already asked that.

"The one where you never take off your underwear," I said to him. "Brian got all naked, and even got off, but you kept your underwear on. Didn't you get any action?"

They looked at each other again. They know I know. They know I saw it.

"You even cleaned up his jizz," I said to Kyle. "Didn't Bri even give you a hand-job back?"

They both scoot closer to me and try to look mean and threatening.

"I didn't tell anyone, duh. I mean, I just watched it. A lot."

"How did you even find it?" Brian asked.

"Duh. I'm better on the computer than you are now. I wondered where all the free space went, so I found the largest files and directories. I was going to delete the temp files, but I wondered what so big a one could be. So I clicked on it."

Kyle looked at Brian like he was going to call him an idiot.

"Good thing he kept it. Or I wouldn't know. And I want to know. I want in."

"In?" they asked at the same time.

"Yeah. I want some action."

They looked at me like I"d asked to eat their livers. Or asked to have sex with them.

Then Kyle cracked up in a smile, and looked at Brian, and laughed.

Brian looked seriously worried, and asked him, "What's so funny?"

"Little bro is blackmailing us for sex!"

"No I'm not," I said. "I won't tell even if you tell me to get out and not come back. I won't. Promise. So go ahead, if you wanna. Or... you can let me work the camera while you guys can make another movie. And this time, I want in on the action before it ends."

They looked at each other again, Kyle smiling, Brian still looking worried.

"Are you thinking about doing that?" Brian asked Kyle.

"Hell yeah, I am!" Kyle said. "How hot? Little bro running the camera, getting better shots than a tripod, and then joining us!"

"Not on camera," I said. "No way."

"so you can use it to blackmail us," Brian said to me.

"No! I just don't want to be on camera. You guys want the movie, I just want... sex."

"Your little bro is gay," Kyle said, grinning.

"No I'm not," I lied.

"Then why do you want to... get in on it?" Kyle asked, staring me down.

I swallowed. I hadn't thought of that question being asked.

"You guys are gay, aren't you?" I asked.

"I am. Your bro knows. I told him," Kyle said. "Your bro isn't. He's into girls. He's just too dorky to get any pussy yet."

"shut up!" Brian ordered.

"You"re really gay too?" I asked.

"Too?" Kyle asked, grinning at me even more.

I felt my face go really red. I looked down at the bed, and nodded.

"Fucking cool," Kyle said softly.

Then he put his hand on my back.

I looked up at him. He smiled and nodded at me.

"It's okay," he said.

"You"re really gay?" Brian asked me.

I looked at the bed and nodded again.

There. It's said. I admitted it. I wished I felt better about it.

Kyle patted my back.

I felt like throwing up.

"Bro?" Brian said really softly.

I looked at him.

"It's okay, man. Kyle is. I don't think bad about him. You know that."

I nodded.

"Hell, I even mess around with him," Brian said, and laughed. "You know I don't hate him or anything."

I nodded.

"I won't hate you, either. You"re my little bro. I don't care if you"re gay."

I wanted to cry. Why? What's so big a deal about it? So my brother and cousin knew now. I knew they wouldn't hate me. I knew they wouldn't tell anyone. So why did I feel like crying?

I didn't notice until all of a sudden, Kyle was holding me and letting me cry on his shoulder. He was hugging me and telling me it was okay. And Brian was squeezing my shoulder, telling me it would all be fine.

Why is it so scary to tell someone? Even someone you already think is gay too? Fuck.

So that went on for a while. Kyle kept telling me I was too cute to worry about not having a boyfriend when I was ready. And Brian kept saying stuff like that, and how he was going to have to beat the boys off with brooms when I started dating them. We made stupid jokes.

Finally, I was feeling better.

"He even got the camera out, look," Kyle said.

"Little perv," Brian laughed.

"Yeah, but I really don't feel like it now," I said.

I didn't, either. I wasn't even close to being horny.

So we talked for a long time, and I stayed in Kyle's arms the entire time. Brian said we needed to go talk alone, so Kyle and I went to my room. We talked about how people are different, and that's okay. Kyle talked about two boys he knew at home that he messed around with a lot. The movie was for them. They wanted to see the cousin he told them about. He and Brian decided to make it a kind of soft porno, as a joke, and it went beyond what they had first thought up. Brian blushed really dark.

"I never thought my little brother would end up seeing it," he said, laughing.

"I just wanted to show off his big dick," Kyle said. "They didn't believe me."

"Do they now?" I asked.

"They saw the proof themselves," he laughed. "Gotta piss. I'll be right back, okay?"

I nodded at him. He smiled, and left. He wasn't gone a minute, and came right back onto the bed and snuggled up with me.

"If you"re like your bro, you've got a good five inches down there, at least. He did at fourteen."

"You guys were doing it back then?"

"Yeah. Been since we were kids. Baths together turned into tickle time, and that became tickles in the bed, and that became more than tickles. By the time we were in junior high, we were doing pretty much everything."


"Well, we don't so ass stuff. Brian don't want to. He likes girls, and all. But he might fuck me soon. Practice for Heather."

I laughed.


"Your butt is gonna be a lot tighter than her pussy."

He laughed, and said, "Yeah. But he can get some practice at working it in, and doing the motions."

"Won't it hurt, taking his dick? I mean, it's pretty big."

"I've had a couple dicks before. Not my first. But sure the biggest. It might. Probably. But going slow and taking our time, not bad."


"sure. It stings the first time you get fucked, hurts some, but not a lot. Not if the guy is careful."

I turned my head to look at him. Up close. Into his eyes.

"Will you show me?"

He blinked a few times.

"You sure you want to?" he asked.

I nodded hard.

"Never have?"


"Maybe. Tonight. Maybe."

"We can go out to the clubhouse."

"The old shed?"

"Yeah. It's got carpet. And we can take the kerosene heater. And some blankets."

"Maybe. After we make another movie. You really want to run the camera?"

I smiled and blushed, and nodded.

"Cool. Brian wants to. He's a camera hound. Likes to show off his meat. Lucky bastard."

"Okay. Tonight?"

"sure. We'll make the movie when the folks go to bed, then you and me can go out to the shed."


"I've got to get your bro off, but he won't get me off. He's not so into it and all. Just likes being got off. So I'll be all horny as hell."

"Okay! So will I!"

He ran his hand over my chest, and looked at me. Like, eye to eye.

"Can I kiss you?"

My stomach fell and rolled over. I thought about it for a second or less, then nodded.

My first kiss was... I got so boned up! I mean, I was panting and hot and ready! His hand rubbing my chest was so nice. I started rubbing his too. Then we were rubbing sides.

"We gotta stop," he said. "We'll get caught."

I nodded. We kissed some more. I really liked it.

Then he rolled out of bed and stood up. I could see his boner in his jeans. He saw me looking.

"Little perv," he laughed. He looked at the door, then back at me, then opened the button and zipper and yanked down his pants really quick.

Man. He wasn't as big as Brian, but he sure had a nice dick. Straight and even, and a nice head with rounded edges. Big hole in the end. Big balls that were smaller than Brian's but hung down more. Then he pulled up his pants.

"Now you."

I flashed him back.

"Nice! Can't wait to get hold of that later!"

"Me too! It's gonna stay hard until I take care of it."



"Don't beat it off. Okay?"

"Why?" Then, "Oh! Yeah. Okay!"

It was a pretty good day. Games, food, fun. After the mall, anyway. And a boner every time I even thought for a second about that flash of Kyle's goods that morning or what we planned for that night.

It was the longest day of my life, too. Especially the hours after dark, while the three of us played games or watched movies while the adults played cards. Every hour closer to the adults going to bed was longer than the previous one.

Finally, Dad knocked and said goodnight. When he closed the door, we all turned red and giggled.

Then we smoked a joint, talking about the plan for the movie. I was so hard in my pants it hurt! Then we set up the camera. They were going to start with them undressing each other. And I pointed out that Kyle never got naked in the first one.

"My friends see me naked, never saw Brian, that's why," Kyle explained.

"But this time, you"re both getting naked. I want to be able to see you naked when you"re back home," I said. "This one is for me, too."

So, I started the camera, and filmed them getting each other undressed. Hot, hot, hot!

Like the first movie, Brian was sort of passive. He didn't do much. Once they were naked, they moved to the bed, and Kyle started playing with his dick. Man, watching Kyle play with that big dick was so hot. But I got a lot of coverage of Kyle's naked body for this movie. I mean, I could see Brian all the time, since we were jerking off together, but not Kyle. So I made sure I got plenty of his dick and balls while he played with Brian's.

They did a sixty-nine. This time, Kyle was naked, too, and on top. Brian sucked Kyle's dick, but not really well or anything. Just barely doing it. But Kyle sure worked on Brian's dick.

I was so turned on. My dick was tingling up to my chest. Watching Kyle take care of my brother was just so fucking hot. Especially seeing Kyle leaking pre-cum. He would swipe it up with a finger and suck his finger clean, looking into the camera. That face he made as he sucked his pre-cum from his own finger was just plain sexy.

Then Brian dry-humped Kyle between his thighs from in front. Brian was really into that. Only a couple of minutes of it and Brian said, "Gotta stop or I'm gonna jizz."

Then Kyle got between Brian's legs and gave him a hot, wet, slow blow-job. I got up close with the camera. Hot! The way Kyle's cheeks bulged in and out as he moved up and down on Bri's big dick was so awesome. And the sound! Wow!

Kyle was playing with Bri's big balls, and sucking his dick, when Brian said, "Gonna pop!"

So Kyle took his mouth off Brian's dick and rubbed it the way Brian liked, all tight and squeezing on the head, until Brian said, "Now!" and lifted his hips.

Then he was pumping cum. Brian was so quiet! Never made a sound. I could hear the cum slap as it landed on his skin above his pubes. Fucking hot. Then the squishy sounds, and Brian got all sensitive and made Kyle stop.

Kyle cleaned up the cum with his mouth. I wanted to, but it was my brother's wad, and I was sure Bri would get grossed out.

But I got up close with the camera the whole time. Awesome.

Bri shivered and said, "Okay. The sequel's in the can."

We laughed.

"Now you two can take care of each other in his room. I'm going to get some sleep."

Brian got up, his big old dong hanging all wet, walked over to where his clothes lay on the floor, and bent down to pick them up. I saw his hole. I really wanted to shove my face in there, like I had Devon and Chris, and lick and probe. I watched as Brian pulled on his undershorts.

"Your bro is so hot," Kyle said.

"I know."

"so are you."

I laughed and blushed and looked at Kyle.

"Come on. I can't wait to get you naked!" he said.

He got up and went to get his clothes. I watched as he bent over and gave me that view then got dressed.

"You guys have fun," Brian said. "I'll download the movie to the computer and burn a couple of copies."

"Thanks," Kyle said as he put on his jacket. Then he tossed a joint at Brian, and said, "Let's go, cutie."

Cutie. Me. Wow.

We went to my room, where I got my jacket, then the garage for the kerosene heater, then out the back door. Inside the little shed, Kyle lit the kerosene heater, then a joint. We smoked it as the heater warmed up the little shed. We giggled a lot. Then Kyle put his hand in my lap. I jumped at first. Then he groped around. Then I put my hand in his lap.

We finished the joint, feeling each other up. Getting worked up. Oh, man!

"You still want fucked?" he asked as he put out the remains of the joint.

"Oh, hell yeah. I think."

"I know I do. But other stuff first. But even first, you have to go get something for lube."

"Like what?"

"Got any Vaseline?"

"Yeah. There's some in the medicine cabinet."

"Go get it. And some paper towels. Plenty of paper towels. And that no-rinse hand soap from the bathroom, too."


"Be quiet."

"No shit."

I was like a ghost. In, get the stuff, out. And two sodas, too. He was really glad for the drinks. We downed them in no time.

"Pot gives you a mean case of dry-mouth," he said after a huge belch.

"No kidding!" I agreed.

He smiled at me. I felt so warm. It was warm in the clubhouse now, but that wasn't it. He took off his jacket, nodding at me to do so too. I did. He scooted right up next to me. Put his arm across my shoulders. I put mine across his back. He leaned closer. I did too. He closed his eyes. I closed my eyes.

He must have done a lot of kissing with the two guys back home. He was really good at it. I think, anyway. I copied how he held his head, how he moved his lips, how he used his tongue. His other hand found my thigh. Mine found his. Then his hand went up under my shirt. Mine went up under his.

His chest was a bit hairy, all warm and hard. He played with my nipples. I copied him. God, I was so turned on.

He took my shirt off, I took his off. We kissed and kissed, and rubbed each other's chest and sides and stomachs. Then he worked on getting my pants off. Then I got his off. We both had huge wet spots at the end of our dicks, pre-cum soaking through.

Touching his erection in his underwear was amazing. It was much more interesting than Devon's or Chris". Bigger, softer, harder, nicer. And his big, full balls. Wow. This beat playing with the little boys by a mile.

The kissing! I loved kissing him! And softly, slowly touching each other, all over. Wow!

Then he helped me get my briefs off, then I took his off. All that pubic hair, and a nice big dick, and big, hanging balls. Way better than the little boys.

Then I was holding it. Stroking it. While kissing him. Then he slowly leaned me over on the side, then my back, and was on top of me. Fucking amazing!

Rubbing our dicks together between us, as we kissed and touched. Just.... wow!

I"d never felt so turned on. I thought I had been as turned on as anyone could be before, plenty of times. Seeing him and Brian doing it, watching their movie, doing it to Devon, then with with Devon and Chris, and jacking off with my brother, and then jacking off my brother. But this was way past all that.

He moved so that his pecker was between my thighs, under my balls, and stuck in in there. He fucked me there for a while, so slow and gentle. I could feel his hard dick in there, sliding along my skin. I felt it when he leaked pre-cum and it got all slick in there. Fucking wow.

His belly was rubbing up against my boner the entire time, but so slow and gentle that it didn't make me get all that much closer to shooting. But it sure got me all wet there.

"You ever had a blow-job?" he asked between a kiss.

I almost said yes, but went with, "I've never done it with anyone. Anything. Just jerking it off with... a friend a few times."

He kissed down my face, neck, chest. He kissed my nipples. That felt neat. Then down my belly. And then... warm, wet suction. Oh, fuck, yes.

He played with my nuts as he sucked and licked my dick. He really knew what he was doing. Compared to Chris, anyway. Fuck. He stopped a lot, so I didn't get close to shooting soon. After a while, and slid up me, kissing. I even kissed his mouth with the taste of my own dick. I even liked it.

Then I began sliding down his body. He got up on his hands and knees, and I slid down on the floor, until I had his big dick in my mouth. I sucked it, licked it, and played with those balls, too. He moved his hips so I didn't have to move my head against the floor.

I loved it. Sucking dick is what I was meant to do. The feel of a hard, soft, warm, cock on my tongue, in my mouth, it's just fucking perfect.

He took my hands and put it them on his butt. He guided one finger into himself. I knew what to do. His hole was looser than Chris'or Devon's, and his prostate was way bigger and easier to find. And he really liked having it worked.

His pre-cum was so good. Salty and sweet. And he made a lot of it.

"Okay, I need a break, or I'll finish," he said, pulling out of my mouth.

I pulled my finger from inside him. He rolled onto his side.

"I want you to lift your legs, and hold the back of your knees with your hands."

I knew what he wanted. I"d seen it done in enough vids. I did it. He got down between my legs, spit on some paper towel and cleaned my hole. Then he began kissing everywhere, and finally on my hole. It felt amazing. His soft, warm, wet tongue went everywhere, but always returned to my hole. It tickled and felt great too.

He spread my cheeks wider with both hands, and then really stuck his tongue in deep. God! It felt like every nerve down there was designed to be stimulated like that. It made my dick twitch and leak pre-cum like crazy.

Then I felt his finger there.

"Relax if it stings any. And say if it hurts," he said softly.


Then his finger was gliding into me. Smooth and easy. And then, for the first real time, my prostate was being rubbed. It felt great! Almost like a mini-orgasm, over and over. I groaned. I had to. It just felt so fucking amazing.

He"d find just the right way to do it, and my dick would jump and leak. And sometimes my balls jumped in my sack. I loved it.

"Here's two."

I felt the increased pressure as another finger went in. There was some stinging, but not much. He went slow and was really careful. And two fingers rubbing me in there was incredible. I began panting hard.

"Ready for three?"

I nodded, then grunted, "Yeah."

It took work, and time, and Vaseline, but he got all three in. Fucking amazing. I never suspected having something up my ass could feel so great. He moved them in and out. I groaned and asked him to keep doing it.

"Think you can take my dick?"

"Fuck yes!" I panted.

I wanted it. Bad. I would have begged for it.

He pulled out his fingers, used the soap and paper towels to clean them, then put the Vaseline on his dick. Then on and inside my hole. It felt cold, but neat. Then he got above me. He smiled down at me.

"If it hurts, say so, okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

He looked down to see what he was doing, and I felt his hot dick against my greasy hole. Then pressure. Then... oh, man. It was even better than his fingers! They felt hard and foreign, but his cock felt... it belonged there.

His head pushed into it, then through it, and then his shaft slid in. His body weight was on the back of my legs and I could feel his balls on the back of my ass.

He smiled at me and asked, "Okay?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah!"

"Really like it, huh?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah!"

He leaned down and kissed me. Then he pulled all the way out. Then used a hand to get it back in. Then began fucking me.

I mean, it was the best feeling I"d ever had. It was just... it felt like what sex was supposed to be. He kissed me as he fucked me, and his hands held the back of my head.

I didn't have to hold my legs now, so I wrapped my arms around his body and held on.

Between kisses, he said, "This is amazing!"

"The best!"

"You have a great butt! It's so tight and hot!"

"Your dick is so hard and big!"

"It feels like velvet inside you!"

"This feels amazing. Like... it's like what it's made for."

"You know I'm not gonna last long!"

"Make it last! Go slow!"

"I'm trying."

I didn't want him to cum. I did, but I wanted to fuck him, too. If he came, he wouldn't want to do anything more.

He was sweaty now, and breathing hard. I wanted to fuck him, but I wanted to keep being fucked for as long as possible. Forever.

He started thrusting harder and faster. I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to feel him have an orgasm inside of me.

"I'm gonna jizz!"


"Going to!"

A few thrusts and a few breaths later, "Going!"

Then he pushed really hard, and grunted, and I felt a cock cum inside of me for the first time. I felt it pulse and grow, and I felt the wetness spreading inside. He grunted, shivered, and I felt all of his weight on the back of my legs. He shoved again, grunted, and I felt his cock moving.

Over and over, and then he sighed, went limp over me, and pulled his hips back. I heard the squishy sound as his cock came out. And I felt his jizz run down the crack of my ass toward my back.

"Oh, wow!" he sighed loudly, and laid down on his side next to me.

He put his arm across my chest as I stretched my legs out straight. I groaned with the relief in my legs and lower back.

He slid over me and kissed me, and slid his body over mine. His wet dick slid across my belly. We kissed.


"Huh?" I asked.

He sat up, grabbed the Vaseline, and smoothed some over my pounding erection. It tickled like mad. Then he put some on himself as he sat over me. Then he put the Vaseline down, cleaned his hands, and then scooted down, until my dick was between his thighs. Then he reached back, lifted my dick, sat up, and then lowered himself down.

I felt his ass against my head, and pressure, and tingling, and then warm tightness gripped. It was so warm. Hot, even. Velvety smooth. It spread open around my head, and then over the edges, which tickles so much, and then down over my shaft. Then he was sitting on my lap.

"Nice dick," he sighed, then rested his hands on my chest, fingers playing with my nipples.

Then he rode me. Up and down, slow and smooth. His tight hole moved along my dick like perfect satin. So hot. So soft. So yielding inside. I could feel him in there. Fuck!

He smiled down at me, then leaned down, and we kissed. He rode me for a few minutes, the climbed off. I felt so robbed!

Then he got on his hands and knees and grinned at me. In one second I was behind him and trying to figure out how to put it in. He helped, guiding it, and I was soon slipping back into that satin cocoon of warmth. I watched my dick disappear into his butt. What a sight! Made me want to cum right then.

I pushed until my lap was against his soft, white butt. What a sight! So hot! His butt is pretty nice. Rounded and firm and soft, with some hair. Shaped really nicely. And seeing my dick in it was out of this world.

Then I started sliding it in and out. Fucking ass was... it didn't feel better than being sucked, but it felt better in ways, though. The tight, hot, velvety insides rubbing against your head. I mean, fucking amazing.

Too bad I didn't last longer. Maybe two minutes, probably less. Then that tingling was too much to ignore, to deny.

"I'm gonna, Kyle!"

"Go slow. Enjoy it. Take your time. Don't go faster and rush it."

"Yeah, okay."

I forced myself to resist the urge to pound myself into him like a jackhammer. I quivered all over as I maintained that slow, steady pace. It was excruciatingly pleasing. The tension built and built, until my feet and legs were shaking and kicking.

"I'm... awwww.... gonna...."

Then it felt like a dam burst inside my groin. I felt as if quicksand was pushing up through my dick. It moved so slow!


All I could manage to do was hold onto his hips and convulse. I think I was bent all the way backward at one point, looking at the wall behind me.

My feet were kicking on the end of my thrashing legs. My throat was tight with tension. I'm sure my eyes rolled back in my head.

I must have filled him up inside, because when I came back to my senses, I could feel my own cum squishing around my head inside of him.

I shivered all over. I couldn't move. I kept thinking about pulling my dick out and falling over on my side, but all I could do was think about it.

Then I did it. I grabbed my wet, slimy dick, and held on as if someone were threatening to cut it off.

Then I was being kissed. I returned the efforts.

When we took a break, he asked, 'so, was it as much fun as you thought it would be?"

"Way more!" I sighed, still sort of out of breath.

I shivered again.

"Nothing like good sex," he said.

"That was fun!" I laughed.

"You have a great ass. And your dick is a good fit. Not too big, not too small. I think Bri's would hurt."

"It probably would," I agreed. "It's massive."

"Yeah. Bigger than either of the guys at home."

"Mine's probably small compared to theirs."

"Not really. Bigger than one of ᾽em."


"Yeah. Not much, but enough to be sure."


"And the other one kind of hurts when we tried. Too big. But yours is perfect."

He kissed me again.

"Want to again?" he asked.

"Yes! Please! But I need to wait a minute."

"Me too."

We snuggled up together for awhile, talking, then ended up kissing, then touching, and then we went again. We talked again, snuggled again, and then we had a third round.

By then it was five in the morning, and we went back in. He stayed in my room, in my bed, with me, arm in arm, cuddled up together, until we heard movement in the house. Then he sneaked into Brian's room.

We both spent most of the next morning asleep.

That night, we made another movie, this time in the clubhouse. Kyle and Brian did the usual, and when Brian was done, he went inside.

Kyle talked me into letting the camera film us this time.

Kyle and his folks stayed through New Years. Our moms spent the days out with each other, and our dad went places together, too. We got plenty of time alone during the days, too. It was a week of sex. We"d get high, talk, then do it. We made moves every time.

But New Years was going to be something more. Chris and his parents were coming for the night. The parents were all going to a bash at a hotel for the entire night, and not coming back until the next day, after shopping and a parade downtown. Then the moms were going shopping at the big mall all day, and the dads to a football game.

Brian told them he wanted to go see the game with the dads, but he was told he was going to babysit. He wasn't happy about it, not in front of the adults, but back in his room after we had been told that, he was all grins.

Me, Brian, Kyle, and Chris would have the entire evening, night, and day together.

I knew Chris would want in on the action, but I wasn't going to tell Brian and Kyle that. Not yet.

Holiday Surprises 3


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