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Holiday Surprises

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New Years Surprises

 Rated: X  teens/preteen - incest


Okay, so, over Thanksgiving, I caught my older brother Brian making a porno movie with our cousin Kyle. After Kyle and his family went home, I found the movie on the computer and made a copy for myself, and hatched a plan to get me some action from Kyle when he came back over Christmas break by blackmailing him with the video.

But, before Christmas came along, I ended up jerking off with my bro, and jerking each other off for an entire week before the family came for Christmas. Wild!

Then, blackmailing Kyle went well. Turns out Kyle is totally gay, and was totally into messing around together. But, that was after I had messed around with my smaller cousins Devon and Chris. Totally wild!

So, Kyle and his folks stayed right through to New Years. It was a week of awesome sex with Kyle, and watching Kyle give Brian blow-jobs. Brian and I never told Kyle that we had jerked each other off. Brian was straight, and only messed around because it was hot. He didn't blow Kyle but a little bit a few times, and he never did anything with me at all the whole week. I didn't even touch him, either. I had Kyle to play with anyway.

Some of my friends and some of Brian's friends came over during the week. Some of them asked to stay over or asked us to stay over at their places, but Brian and I told them how our parents had told us not while we had family staying over. And we told them our folks didn't want even more company for New Years, either. We'd see them for the four days before we went back to school.

Now, it's New Years Eve day, and Chris is coming back with his folks. They were going to arrive in the afternoon, and the adults were going downtown to party and stay at a hotel, then hit the parades and stuff all day New Years Day, and come home in the evening. Me, my bro Brian, Kyle, and Chris would have the whole night and most of the next day to fuck around. Well, Kyle and Brian had no idea about Chris, yet. And Chris had no idea of the plans with Brian or Kyle. They were all going to get some surprises.

What I didn't know what that I was going to get a surprise too. But I'm getting ahead of things.

After a week of hot sex with Kyle, and watching him take care of Brian, I was having the time of my life. And I was looking forward to Chris joining the fun. He'd been really willing with me and our cousin Devon, and I just knew he'd go for doing stuff with Brian and Kyle, too. At least, I hoped so.

About one in the afternoon on New Year's Day, Chris and his folks arrived. We had lunch, and played games, and our folks left about six. We didn't waste a minute. Kyle lit a joint, and we smoked it at the window. Chris was sort of freaking out about the pot.

"Man, I don't know," he said.

I told him how I had tried it first last week, and it wasn't bad at all. I told him I wouldn't let him do anything bad, and gave him our secret grin. He turned red and agreed to try it.

While we laid on the bed, smoking the pot, I was between Kyle and Chris, as I planned. Brian was on the other side of Kyle. I sneaked a few gropes of Chris' butt. He got so red and embarrassed. I also sneaked a few gropes of Kyle's butt while Chris was looking at me. He got dark red and looked so stunned it was hilarious. When the joint got low, I sat up between them and started rubbing both their butts as they lay on either side of me.

The second Kyle noticed, he rolled on his side and opened his mouth in shock. Chris rolled away.

"What?" I asked. "You guys both like messing around. You both have. And the three of us planned to do it tonight, Chris. Want to join us?"

Brian sat up and said, "What the fuck? Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Chris and me messed around in the club house a few times. It was kind of fun. I figured he want to mess around when the three of us do tonight."

"You guys have?" Chris asked.

Kyle and Brian looked like they were going to deny it, so I quickly said, "Man, Chris, you should see Brian's big one. It's amazing. And Kyle knows stuff I didn't that'll blow your mind."

Chris goes, "Oh my God,"  in a whisper of awe.

I reached down and groped Chris' lap, and asked, "You want to, right?"

"I wanted to with you. I didn't know... I mean... it's just..."

"You ain't gotta do anything you don't want. It's just like what we did, but you can mess around with Kyle, too. And Brian."

"Uh, I don't know," Brian said. "He's like, ten."

"Twelve, jerk," Chris said indignantly. "Three weeks ago."

"Whatever. He's a boy," Brian said.

"He's got a dick that works, and he's into it," I said.

"I'm not doing anything with him," Brian said.

"You don't with me, anyway," I said. Total lie, but true as far as Chris and Kyle knew. "You just let Kyle do his thing to you, and if he wants, he can do stuff with me and Chris."

I looked at Kyle, and he was looking at Chris and me, back and forth.

"Well?" I asked him.

He smiled at Chris, and said, "I guess I wouldn't mind. Show him some stuff he never thought of."

Chris turned red and smiled, then said, "That might be fun."

I was still rubbing his crotch and felt it stir. I reached over to Kyle and groped him there. He scooted closer and reached for my lap. Chris grabbed my lap too.

Brian sat there, holding the stubby joint, kind of staring and shocked. Kyle turned to him, let go of me, and started working his lap. He said, "Why don't you put the roach in my baggie?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah."

Once he put it away, Kyle started getting his jeans off. I turned to Chris and started getting his jeans off, and he started taking mine off. Pretty soon we were all naked. Chris and I were playing with each other while Kyle gave Brian a blow-job.

"His is big," Chris said, watching Brian's dick being taken care of by Kyle's mouth.

"I know," I said. "Mine might get that big."

"Think mine will?"

I saw Kyle look over and smile, then he said, "Yeah, I think it will. That's pretty big for twelve and no pubes."

Chris blushed darkly and looked happy about the news. I didn't doubt he would have a nice big one. His was still smooth and small, but long and thin. About like a roll of pennies. It seemed pretty familiar, if you know what I mean. It was almost like looking at my own when I was his age.

I liked playing with his little dick, but I liked Kyle's way better. Kyles' was nice and meaty, with nice pubes and nice big balls. And he came. Chris got off, but pumped a dry load. Still, it was neat to feel his little dick flexing in my mouth those times.

I leaned down and started blowing Chris' little dick. He giggled and squirmed. His little balls felt hard in his smooth, tight sack. He slid down and got into a sixty-nine with me. His mouth closed over my dick and he sucked it pretty well. Kyle was better, though.

I got peeks of Kyle working my bro's long cock sometimes. The sight was totally hot. I started getting close, and told Chris to take a break. He played with my nuts while I sucked and licked his little dick. Pretty soon he was holding on tight and shivering as he shot his dry load. Man, the way his dick flexed in my mouth! It seemed to almost bend each time it pulsed a dry load. He snickered and held on, and then pulled me off of him.

"Whew!" he sighed.

I laid back and watched Kyle work Brian's big, long dick. Man, that was a nice big one. All smoothly rounded and long and hefty. Nice big balls, too. Kyle never left them alone.

"Suck it nice and hard. And lick it on the end," Brian told Kyle. "Yeah, like that. Gonna soon."

Man, so hot!

A few seconds later, Brian's face got that look of bliss on it, and he hissed, "Gonna, now!

I actually saw Brian's dick flex and pulse as he shot off into Kyle's mouth. I saw Kyle swallowing over and over. Brian grunted softly a few times, then leaned up and over and pulled Kyle away.

"Oh, man. Good one," Brian sighed.

"You shoot the biggest loads," Kyle told him with a grin.

"You know it," Brian said, grinning bigger too.

I could have shot off myself, but I just barely toyed with my dick, keeping the pressure for a big one later.

Kyle noticed and moved to suck mine. I said, "No, wait."

Kyle grinned, and said, "Wanna build up a big head of steam, eh?"

"You know it!" I laughed.

"Fags," Brian griped.

I laughed, then looked at Chris. He hadn't taken it seriously. It was just a joke to him. Good. I didn't want to tell him yet.

"Can I have a look at it?" Kyle asked Chris.

He turned red and grinned, then shrugged. Kyle scooted over and started handling it, checking it out.

"Yeah, I bet that thing is gonna be nice and long, just like Brian's. Like this one is gonna, too," he said, grabbing mine.

"Don't get it off yet," I reminded Kyle.

"I won't. Yet."

He played with it and my balls, and with Chris' and his balls. Chris' dick didn't get totally soft, and pretty soon was going up stiff again. It was a really nice tint of rosy-pink on the tip.

Brian got another joint out, and we played video games for a while. Mine stayed hard. I mean, all I had to do was glance around and see three other dicks and it went right back up. Chris' didn't go down at all. Not even a little bit. Kyle's got hard again in a few minutes, and the three of us started playing with each other again. Brian snickered and got hard, but kept playing the video game.

This time Chris was in the middle, and was jerking us two off while we took turns on his small balls and little dick. When I got close, I told him to stop. Kyle told him to stop, too. After a couple of times, Kyle said we should stop and let it rest and go back at it after another joint.

Once the joint was done, Kyle leaned down and sucked off Brian again. It was so hot to watch that. Chris was getting into it too. We played with each other, but didn't try to get each other off. I was leaking a lot. Man, was this hot.

I reached over and jerked Chris off a bit. I didn't expect him to start going off, but he did, and quickly. His dick sure liked to jerk around even if it didn't squirt any. And he acted like he was blowing a huge wad. It must feel pretty good to have an orgasm even without squirting.

I watched Kyle swallow Brian's second load. The way Brian's cock flexed as he blew off was almost hypnotic. His dick was long enough you could really see it bending in waves. And his balls sort of bobbed up and down a little too. Brian went all rigid and tense as he shot off this time. His legs kicked a little and he grimaced and groaned a little.

"Damn!" he said when Kyle let his dick go with his lips. "I can see why you're gay."

I looked at Chris. He had noticed this time.

"You give fucking amazing head," Brian finished.

"Hey, I love the cock," Kyle said with a big grin.

Chris' mouth dropped open. Kyle realized what Brian had said and looked at Chris.

Chris asked, "Are you really gay?"

Kyle nodded, then said, "Yeah, I am."

"Wow," Chris said with a little awe. "Cool."

"Yeah?" Kyle said. "You think so?"

"Yeah. I mean, that's... uh..."

"Are you?" Kyle asked, staring at him.

Chris went red and looked kind of worried. I was shocked. I hadn't thought of it. But he had been really willing in the clubhouse.

"Are you?" I asked. "It's okay if you are."

"I don't know!" he said defensively.

"He's only twelve," Brian said. "I doubt he even knows yet."

"I don't," Chris said.

"It don't matter, anyway." Kyle said. "This is just for fun and messing around. Straight, gay, bi, whatever."

"Yeah," I agreed.

Chris looked very relieved.

"Besides, your dick is a lot of fun if you're straight or gay or what," I said, reaching for it.

"My dick is done for now," he said, slapping my hand away,.

"Mine ain't," I said, giving it a tug.

It was staying hard. It leaked a little, and I licked it up with a finger and sucked my finger clean.

"Man, my little bro is gay," Brian said, shaking his head. "You know I don't care, right? It's just a surprise, still."

"Well, get used to it," I said, smacking my lips.

Then I realized Brian had just given me away, too.

"You too?" Chris asked.

I rolled my eyes and then looked at Chris. I nodded.

"Really?" he asked, shocked or amazed.

"Yeah. Really."

"Wow! You and Kyle both? Wow!"

I shrugged. Kyle snickered along with Brian. I gave Brian a finger. He just grinned it off.

"I got two gay cousins. Cool," Chris said.

"You're cool with it?" Kyle asked.

"Sure. Why not?"

"So, when are you gonna tell us you are?" he asked.

Chris got red-faced again and said, "I don't know if I am, okay?"

"Okay. Don't get in a huff," Kyle said.

"Let's get ready for New Years," Brian said.

We had less than an hour. We went out in the living room, naked. What a thrill! We watched the ball drop while smoking a joint, and wished each other a happy new year.

Kyle got down on his knees between Brian's legs and gave him another blow-job. I smiled at Chris, he grinned and blushed, and I got down and gave him another one.His dick got sore, he said, and had me stop. It was purple. I mean, nice and purple.

"I'll do you, though," he said.

So I sat down, spread my legs, and got a New Year's blow-job. A nice one, too. I was so hard and horny after hours of playing around and stopping, and now I let him get it off. His mouth was small, but he could make a good amount of suction. He was getting better at using his tongue. I told him it was going, and he jerked me off the rest of the way. Man. I shot over his shoulder and onto the coffee table. Not much, just a little drop went that far, but it went all the way there! Amazing! It felt like I was shooing BBs through my dick as the rest of jizz shot out on Chris' hands and arms!

"Man, you made a lot that time," Chris said, looking at the sticky mess on his fingers and arms.

Kyle came over and cleaned me up, then Chris' fingers and the drops I'd shot onto his arms. Chris sort of watched, looking a little grossed out. Brian mostly ignored us. I saw Kyle was still all hard.

"Want one?" I asked him.


He sat down, and I gave him a nice, slow, deep blow-job.

"Damn, dude! You learned really well!" he told me.

"Good teacher," I said.

Chris looked awed.

"You going to swallow it?" Kyle asked.

I nodded on his dick without stopping.

"Then get ready. It's cumming."

I felt his cock throb up, jerk, and then tasted and felt his wad blow out of him with tons of force. About ten or so squirts, the first four or five ones were squirts that filled my mouth, the rest were very little or nothing. I managed to get almost all of it down without leaking much at all. I still had to clean his shaft up some.

"Man, if our parents caught us," Chris said.

I didn't even want to think about it.

We played some more video games. About two in the morning, Kyle and I were still awake, Chris and Kyle were asleep. Kyle and I were both hard again.

"Let's go to your room so we don't wake them up," Kyle said. "And we can make out, too."


Sex was good and all, but I really liked the kissing and cuddling too. So did Kyle. So we went to my room with another joint and smoked it at the window. We rubbed each other's butts the whole time, giggling between doing shotguns and kissing. We agreed to see how long we could  make it last before we came.

When the second the joint was done, we started playing with each other's dicks, sort of jerking each other off slowly and softly. He had a great body. Lean and trim, a little hair on his chest, and nice nipples.

The messing around with Chris and with Brian was fun, but the real sex stuff with Kyle was way better. There was a deep thrill with the more emotional sex.

We were up close, slowly stroking each other off, face-to-face, kissing, when we heard it.

"Oh, shit! No way!"

We looked at my bedroom door and saw my friend Steve standing there, mouth and eyes wide open. I sat up and covered my lap with my hands. Kyle sat up and didn't cover himself, but asked, "Who's this?"

"Uh, this is Steve, my friend from school," I said, grabbing my blanket to cover up with. "What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"What are you doing?" he asked, walking in the room, grinning widely.

He wobbled a little as he walked.

"None of your business," I said firmly.

I knew I was caught. There was no way I could play it off. I could say it was just messing around, but that wouldn't matter, would it?

I asked again, madder, "What the fuck are you doing here? I told you my folks said no more company while family was here!"

"Yeah, I know. But, I was at Mark's party, and it broke up, and I got so drunk. I didn't want to walk all the way home. And besides, I didn't want to go home this drunk anyway."

He walked in as he talked, and I could tell he was drunk. He staggered a little, and his expression was pretty damned goofy, even considering he'd just caught me naked with a guy and jerking each other off while kissing.

"How did you get in?" I asked him next, trying to avoid the imminent questions about what Kyle and were doing.

"The key under the rock," he said. "I saw your lights were on, so I got it and came in." He smiled and looked at the two of us. "You guys gay?"

"I am," Kyle said. "By the way, I'm Kyle."

"You're his cousin?" Steve asked, looking confused.

"Yeah. So what?" Kyle said. "Not like we're gonna have a three-eyed, horned baby or something."

Steve laughed and stopped walking, standing right in front of us. Kyle was still not covered at all, and he was still hard.

"Like what you see?" he asked, standing up in front of Steve.

Steve looked down at his dick, then up at his face, and then down at me still sitting on the bed.

"You gay, too" he asked me.

I was about to say no, but, fuck. I was high as hell, and figured he was going to tell if I didn't handle this right. And he didn't look angry, grossed out, or anything like that. He looked more... amused. I figured I should go for it. He was plenty drunk, and if I ever had any chance, it was right then and now.

I stood up, let the blanket fall, and stood right in front of him next to Kyle.

"Yeah. I'm gay, Steve. So you better get used to it."

He blinked and grinned.

"So, wanna get high, guys?" Kyle asked us.

"Get high?" Steve asked.

I knew he didn't. At least, not yet.

"Yeah. I smoke pot, too," I said.

"Wow. Full of fucking surprises," he said, looking me up and down.

I could tell he was different. His expression was sort of goofy, and he just barely weaved on his feet as he stood there grinning oddly.

Kyle said, "I'll be right back. You guys figure out shit before I get back."

He slapped Steve's but as he passed him and walked out. Kyle's naked butt looked very nice. I saw Steve looking, too. When he looked back at me, I was getting hard again.

"So, Steve. Stick around and get high with us. Kyle'll give you a great blow-job if you want."

"He will?" he asked, looking sort of interested.

"Yeah, he will. And, so will I."

His eyes got so huge!

"You drunk enough to get high and get a double blow-job?" I dared to ask.

He smiled a little, and sort of weaved on his feet. I saw him swallow.

"Will you go telling everyone if I do?" he asked.

"No. Will you?"

"Dude! No way!"

"So, you wanna?"

"Do you?"

I looked him up and down. I was sure I saw a boner in his jeans. That boner made me sure he wasn't grossed out. 

"Steve, I've wanted to for a long time," I told him, smiling, and hoping I was reading him right.

He blushed really darkly and grinned and snickered.

I actually reached out and grabbed his groin. He was hard as hell! And he didn't pull away. He just grinned back at me and let me grope his boner in his jeans. I was close enough now to smell beer.

Kyle came in right then and saw where my hand was. He stopped and said, "This looks like a good time!" He grabbed Steve's butt and rubbed, and said, "And this feels like a great ass."

Steve reached out and grabbed both our dicks, laughing and red-faced.

Kyle lit the joint, and we taught Steve how to smoke pot. We stood there, passing the joint, and fondling each other. Kyle started opening Steve's pants, and I helped get them down. His boxers barely held his dick inside them, and as I slid them down, it sprang out and stood out straight and proud.

Steve is sort of short and sort of small, and his dick fit his frame. It wasn't small, it was just right for his size. He had a few less pubes than I did, and they were lighter in color, too. And his balls were smaller and didn't hang as low. His dick curved up just a little bit, so it ended pointed upward somewhat. Pretty normal head on it, a nice slit on the very tip.

Kyle grabbed Steve's balls after I had grabbed his cock. We all started stroking and fondling. Man, was this fucking hot! It was way better than watching Brian get sucked off, and way hotter than messing around with Chris or Devon, or even both of them.

A real three-way with two guys with real dicks. And one of them is Steve! Hot, cute, sexy Steve!

"Ummm, about that blow-job," Steve said, grinning.

Kyle and I both dropped to our knees and took turns sucking Steve's dick.

"Oh my God, you guys! That's fucking amazing!"

While Kyle sucked his dick, I sucked his balls, and vice-versa. We both played with his nice, firm, round butt.

Kyle said, "Sit down, Stever, and we'll make this last until your forehead caves in."

Steve laughed, then sat down. Kyle and I got on either side of him and took turns on his dick and his balls. We made sure to take it easy and make it last. Steve leaked so much pre-cum! It leaked out of him like a leaky faucet. Well, almost.

Kyle told him to lay down, then we flipped ends on Steve and he took turns sucking on our dicks as we took turns working his dick and his balls.

We both gave Steve pointers, demonstrating on him until he got it right on us. We made sure we didn't let him cum. I held back as long as I could, but after telling Steve to stop the third time, I warned him I was going to. Man, he latched on and sucked, using his tongue, and I blew a nice heavy wad into his hot mouth. I kept working Steve along with Kyle. Kyle was the next to cum, and Steve swallowed it pretty well. His throat worked as Kyle's cock pulsed between his lips. That was fucking one amazing sight!

Oh, man, was Steve dying to cum now! His body was shivering all over, and his breathing was fast. Sweat was forming on his body, all over. It was so hot! He was pretty much squirming in ecstasy, and panting and groaning.

"You guys! Let me shoot!"

He was laughing, but serious, too.

"Please!" he begged.

Kyle and I shared looks and snickers. Man, can Steve produce the pre-cum! HIs balls were up tight in his sack now, and he had goose bumps on his thighs. And they quivered like mad.

Kyle and I took turns taking his cock in our mouths and sliding down, sucking, then up and off, just once, each, in turns. Man, his balls were almost up inside of him now.

His legs shook, and he begged us to make him cum. We played with his nipples. They got so hard. He complained a little that they were getting super sensitive, but he didn't tell us to leave them alone, so we kept working them, one each for us.

We went faster in turns, closing our lips over his cock, sucking as we slid down, then up, then off. Then the other. As quick as we could.

"Oh, man! I'm gonna squirt a gallon!" Steve groaned.

Kyle and I slowed way down. We snickered at each other, knowing the near agony we were putting Steve through.

"Please don't stop!" Steve begged. "I wanna cum!"

Wow, how his thighs shivered, and the goosebumps on them were huge.

His cock jerked up as I went for it once again, but I didn't get it in my mouth before it shot out a big goober that smacked onto my forehead. I grabbed his cock with my hand and tried to get my mouth on it, but it jerked and shot another goober onto my chin.

"God damn!" Steve groaned out loud, his hips bucking. "Fuck!"

Another big squirt hit my left cheek just before I finally got my mouth over it and locked my lips on it. I felt his jizz filling my mouth and started swallowed fast.

Steve grunted, "Fuck!" and shoved his hips, shoving his cock all the way into my mouth. It barely touched the back of my throat, and almost made me gag. I felt it jerk and tasted more cum. Man, could Steve shoot a big wad!

I locked onto his dick and Kyle rubbed his nuts, and Steve bucked his hips and groaned and came and came.

Finally, just as I was about to choke on his cum, he jerked backward and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"Geeze! Stop!" he said.

Kyle and I looked at each other and laughed. Kyle leaned forward and kissed me, cleaning Steve's cum off my lips, then chin, then my cheek, and then my forehead.

When he got it all, he said, "Man, that's some sweet jizz!"

He was right. There was no bitter aftertaste. Well, barely. And there was a little bit of sweetness, too.

"Yeah, you're right," I agreed with Kyle, then I asked Steve, "How'd you like that for a blow-job?"

"That was fucking awesome!" Steve said, his body shivering.

"Think you can go again in a few?" Kyle asked him.

"Whew! I don't know. I'll need some time to recover."

"I'll go make some coffee," I said. "Be right back."

"Make it strong," Kyle told me with a grin. "I want to stay awake long enough to suck Steve here dry."

"Not before I suck the both of you dry first," Steve said, grinning.

Yeah, I thought - as I looked at him and Kyle on the bed, Steve's cock soft and shiny, Kyle's hard and wet on the end, and Steve reached over and grabbed Kyle's dick - Steve's gay, too.

I hurried to make three cups of coffee. It was weird being in the kitchen naked, hard and horny, with Steve and Kyle in my bedroom doing stuff, and the taste of Steve's semen in my mouth. Really wild.

When I got back with the coffee, they were already going at it. Steve was bent over Kyle's lap, sucking on his dick. Kyle had one hand under Steve's ass, probably a finger up his hole, and was playing with Steve's balls.

"Couldn't wait, huh?" I asked.

They stopped to take the coffee from me, Steve blushing darkly and grinning widely. And hard again.

"So, you gay, too?" I asked him.

He laughed after swallowing his sip of coffee, then nodded.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. I've known since before we started high school."

"Yeah, me too," I said.

"I knew in junior high," Kyle said.

It was really nice, sitting naked on my bed, close, sipping coffee and talking about how we learned we were gay. Man, Steve was hot. Kyle wasn't bad at all, but Steve, wow. Smaller than me, lean, slightly muscular, very little body hair, and really nice features. Great hair, nice eyes. Kyle was hairier, with a bulkier frame, and less perfect features. But they were both attractive, and they were both gay.

All three of us were gay!

This was fucking amazing! Now I knew someone around home that was gay, too. We could talk, and hang out, and... oh, wow! Would he want to mess around together? Oh, man!

Kyle rolled another joint, and we smoked it and sipped coffee and talked sex. When the joint was smoked, and the coffee drank, Kyle said, "How about a daisy chain?"

"A what?" Steve asked.

"I'll show ya," Kyle said, and had us lay on the bed.

Steve sucked Kyle, Kyle sucked me, and I sucked Steve. Man, that was fucking awesome!

Steve's dick was so hard. And he made a lot of tasty pre-jizz. His balls were nice and hefty, his ass nice and firm and smooth. Kyle was so good at giving head!

After a couple of minutes, Kyle said, "Switch ends," and Steve sucked me, I sucked Kyle, and Kyle sucked Steve.

Steve didn't suck dick as good as Kyle, but the fact that it was Steve sucking me made it fucking great! He didn't stop after he came, either. He stopped sucking me and warned Kyle, and then he groaned softly and held onto my hips and dick as he blew into Kyle's mouth. Then he went right back to sucking my dick. Knowing that wet, warm, soft mouth and tongue sucking and licking my dick was Steve's made me cum in buckets! He swallowed it, too!

Then Steve and I worked on Kyle for what seemed like an hour before he finally shot off. We took turns sucking him and playing with his balls until he said he was close, and then I jerked him off while Steve licked and sucked his head. I watched Steve's throat working as he swallowed Kyle's load, some of it leaking out around his nice lips. That was so hot! If I wasn't so drained, watching that would have boned me up again.

We laid on my bed and talked and hugged, Kyle in the middle, until we fell asleep.

When we woke up, it was due to Chris shaking the bed and saying, "Come on sleepy heads. Brian and me are having breakfast. You guys hungry or full of cum?"

He laughed, and so did the three of us. I was sort of surprised that I didn't have morning wood, until I remembered how many times I had cum yesterday, and how hard I'd cum. Steve had a semi, and Kyle was mostly plump but not hard.

"You guys fuck each other to death last night?" Chris asked.

"Why?" Kyle asked. "You wish you'd been here?"

Chris laughed and got red-faced, but I could tell that he was indeed thinking that or something really similar.

I thought about reaching out and checking if Chris had a boner inside his jeans, but Kyle beat me to it, saying, "Yeah, he does!"

Chris grabbed Kyle's hand and laughed, and pulled it away, saying, "No playing with my dick until I say so."

"Yes, sir!" Kyle shot, snapping to attention and adding a salute.

His dick was beginning to stand at attention and salute as well.

"What time will your parents be home?" Steve asked as we walked toward the kitchen, the three of us naked and getting hard.

"Probably about four or five, or even later," I told him.

His smile said, 'Good. Plenty of time for more sex!'

We ate microwave pancakes and sausages, and then we all headed to Brian's big bed and fell into a naked, heaving pile.

I'd describe it, but it was so frantic and frenetic, and we moved around and changed positions and actions so often it would be pretty insane to try. I even found Brian's dick in my mouth at one point. That was a huge thrill! He was under Kyle with his dick in his face, so he didn't know who was sucking him right then. Brian didn't suck or jerk anyone but Kyle. He often was just being done and enjoying that without doing anything to anyone if it wasn't Kyle.

Chris and Steve and Kyle and I didn't care. At one point I saw Chris licking Brian's head while Brian's face was still under Kyle's hips.

Maybe the hottest thing I saw was Kyle's two fingers inside Steve's butt. Steve looked like he was cumming, or close to it. He was sure enjoying it, because no one was doing anything to his dick, but it was bouncing and jumping like crazy, and leaking pre-jizz all down the underside. I stretched over from sucking Chris and sucked his dick until he shot a hot wad in my mouth.

 Chris sucked me off the first time, and I saw him doing it clearly; then I think Kyle got the next wad, because I had a face full of Steve's cock, and I could tell if it was Kyle or Chris by how they did it; and then Steve got number three while I was sucking Chris's balls and licking behind them; and Steve got number four as I watched him suck me.

After that I wasn't getting hard again, and it was just me and Steve. Brian had left to watch tee-vee in the living room, Kyle was soft and worn out, and Chris was playing with his soft dick and just watching.

It was way after noon, so we all took turns showering and getting dressed. Steve hung around and the two of us talked in my room for a while. We were going to have some really fun times ahead, and neither of us could wait. He went home at three, and the three of us were all good boys watching a movie when our folks got home.






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