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Holiday Surprises

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Thanksgiving Surprises

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It's been over a year since we last saw Kyle. I just turned fourteen and Brian is sixteen. Kyle is now seventeen. Our moms are sisters, so Kyle is Brian's and my cousin.

Our families usually got together over the summers and for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but the last time was over summer break last year. I guess our moms had some kind of big fight over something they wouldn't tell us about.

I always liked Kyle. He never acted like the older cousins of my friends, who bossed around the little kid cousin or anything. We always had a lot of fun together when he visited.

The last time we saw him was over summer break last summer, when his family came to visit us at our old house. My brother and me shared a room then, but in the new house out in the country we have our own rooms. There's not as much to do, unless we want to ride our bikes into town, which is almost two miles, but having my own room is worth it.

For one reason, I used to have to put up with Brian jerking off at night. Then I got into doing it. So with our own rooms, that's a lot better, you know? And another reason was I had to put up with Brian waking me up by shoving his morning boner in my face. I always got mad at him and threatened to tell Mom or Dad, but I actually kind of liked it. Not at first, when I was younger, but when I was thirteen, I sort of kind of liked it. But I kept pretending to hate it and tell our folks. But the problem was it would give me a woody and I couldn't beat it off in the morning. Mom and Dad had the bathroom in the mornings and we had to get dressed and have breakfast and catch the bus. So I'd end up going to school all worked up all day. Suck. And my brother got home before I did, so I couldn't pound one out then. If I tried to in the bathroom my brother would bug me about it every time. I would have to find some time during the afternoon to get alone before I went to play with my friends. Sometimes, most of the time, I'd end up having to wait until we went to sleep at night.

Brian and me get along good. Not like some brothers. Brian rarely pushes me around or acts like I should do everything he tells me. Sometimes, but not much. The only thing he does now that he don't wake me up in the mornings with his boner is tease me about beating off all the time. He catches me a lot. He never knocks, and we don't have locks on our bedroom doors. I know I could catch him at it all the time too, but I don't have the balls he does and can't just walk into his room when I know he's doing it.

We thought he might get a car for his sixteenth birthday last month, but that didn't happen. He got a scooter instead, which is kind of okay, I'd like to have it for sure, but he wanted a car. But since he's a dork anyway, it didn't really hurt his reputation any.

Brian was always the dorky brother, and he knows it. He's got a pretty normal face and all, he's not stupid looking, he just isn't all studly and handsome like I am. Seriously.

What I mean is he's kind of geeky, not a lot. He's so tall and skinny. He just turned sixteen last month and is 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs about 170 pounds. So he's not going to win any muscle-builder awards, but he's not so skinny he could blow away in a strong wind. He's a junior at the same high school where I'm a freshman. I don't have gym with him, but then, I've seen his stuff anyway.

I just turned fourteen, started high school this year, and I'm now 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weigh almost 100 pounds. I've got the perfect build, really. I could bulk up and go muscly, or stay medium if I don't, but I'd have to starve myself to get skinny like him. I'm growing and in puberty. My first stray pubes started last summer, and now I've got short ones surrounding my dick, and my balls are getting fuzzy and they're growing fast. My boner is too. It's over four and a half inches long now and getting thicker, and I shoot cum instead of dribble drops. Not as much as my brother, though.

Maybe now I should tell you that I spy on Brian a lot. He beats it in front of the computer at night, and since we live in the country he doesn't close all his curtains, and he does it with the lights on. His bedroom window near the head of his bed looks out back, and he doesn't think anyone can see in since the ground at the back of the house slopes down a lot making the window kind of high. But there's an old crate by the shed and I drag it over to the window and stand on it and I can see in and watch. Then I put it back and climb in my window on the side of the house where the ground is close to the windows.

So I've been watching him do it at the computer pretty much since we moved here last summer. He likes girls, no doubt. He watches some porns with just girls in them. I don't. I watch guys, and vids with guys together. Since I learned how to cover my tracks, anyway. Before then, I only looked at usual porn sights and always erased the history of them like my brother taught me. Brian didn't want our folks to see porn sites in our browser history, because then they'd suspect him too, so he showed me how to erase the browser history. Then, later, I learned about private browsing and browsers. Now I look at only gay vids. And at my brother when he looks at porn at night.

His dick has gotten huge. I think it's about seven inches long, and kind of thick. He's got tons of dark brown hair there, and his balls are really big. Not as big as the older guys on porn vids, but he's just sixteen, and I think they're big for his age. As big as any of the guys in the showers at school, or even bigger. His dick sure is! His is the biggest I've seen of any of the guys in the showers in gym. He acts like his cum is radioactive waste, the way he wipes it off his hand and body with a sock just as soon as he squirts. You'd think it grosses him out or something.

Not me. I love my cum, the little I make in comparison. I even catch it with my fingers and lick them clean. I really like it.

I guess you can tell I'm gay. Or going to be. I guess since I'm fourteen and in high school now, and that I like my cum, and like looking at gay porn, and like spying on my brother jerking off, those are pretty good signs of it. I can tell you seeing the guys in gym class this year has been awesome. I even get to see two of my good friends naked and changing clothes. I'd do anything to have sex with them. Or any guy. Especially Tyler Brooks. But he's not part of this story.

Back to the fact that Kyle was coming over, and it was going to be the best Thanksgiving ever. It was last summer since our moms started fighting, and we still don't know what about. But finally they were coming to our new house for Thanksgiving and the weekend.

One more thing I want to mention before we get to the story. The last few times Kyle came to visit or we visited him, I noticed something. When they came to stay with us, Kyle always slept in Brian's bed. Our floors are hard and Kyle slept in the bed with Brian since a long time back when we were kids. It was the last couple of times that I would wake up and hear them giggling really quietly. Once, they woke me up when they snuck back into the bedroom together. When we stayed over at Kyle's, Brian and I could have shared the extra bedroom, since they have two of them and our parents used one, but I got it alone and Brian stayed in Kyle's room.

What I really noticed, though, those last visits, was the way Brian and Kyle joked to each other about sex stuff. Or sexy stuff. They both blushed a lot, and got that 'We're sharing a secret' expression. But as they were older and teenagers, I figured that was normal.

But once, out in the woods, when they didn't know I was around, I saw Kyle grab Brian's goods. I had gone back to the house to take a crap and bring back some sodas for us, and when I was going back, I saw Kyle's hand in Brian's lap. They were both smiling really widely. That was the night they came back to the room and woke me up at three in the morning. I pretended to stay asleep, wondering what cool or fun thing they had gone to do together without me.

Now I think I know. So, back to what happened this Thanksgiving.

It had been a year and a half since we saw Kyle, and I was pretty excited about it. Brian was too, and he tried to be all cool and shit about it, but I could tell how excited he was underneath. All our friends were going to be at home with their families too, so they wouldn't be over.

It's an all-day drive from where they live, so they were going to arrive on Wednesday night. Our parents got all the decorations out, and we had the house looking like a corny, old, Family Channel Thanksgiving movie.

So, on Wednesday night, they pull into the driveway about eight. It was all tears and weepy shit from our moms, and our dads grinned awkwardly and shook hands, and Kyle came in and shook hands with Brian and me, saying, "Awesome to see you guys!"

"You too!" we both said, then laughed at that.

Then it was awkward minutes for a while as we all sat around and get acquainted again, the adults cooing about how much we all had grown, and talking about us in front of us. Pretty soon we were allowed to head off on our own.

We showed Kyle around the new house. I felt pretty proud of it. It was bigger and newer than our old place. Then we showed him my room, and then Brian's. And then we settled in on the X-Box and played. We"d had four controllers for a while so we could play with our friends, so having three players was no problem.

We talked about school and music and everything. And I looked really closely at Kyle for the first time since I realized I liked guys.

Kyle is seventeen now, a few months away from eighteen. He's about five feet and four inches tall, which is surprising, as he used to be so much taller than me. But now we"re almost the same height. He says I'm going to be as tall as my brother. Well, what he said was...

"Damn, dude! You"re going to be as big as your bro!"

Then he and Brian looked at each other and laughed and got red-faced. I could tell they were sharing something secret already.

Then he asked me, "You got a girl yet?"

"No," I answered, and felt myself blushing.

"Why not. Going to like guys instead?" he asked next.

"No!" I replied, getting redder in the face, and trying to act nonchalant and almost offended.

"Your bro is gonna get some before you do, and he's a dork."

"Fuck you," Brian laughed.

"Come off it, dude. You"re a dork and we all know it. But at least you"re not a totally lost cause. You"ve got those hot eyes, and nice lips, and no zits, so you"ve got a good chance."

"shut up," Brian said, going red.

"You, though," Kyle said, looking at me again, "You"re gonna be a lady killer."

I felt myself get redder and hotter in the face, and couldn't stop the stupid grin.

"You kind of look like Aaron Carter when he was really famous. I bet you"ve got the girls all over you, don't ya?"

I knew I was hot. I've got Mom's shiny gold hair and blue eyes, and round head and face. I look so much more like her than our dad. My poor brother got Dad's brown hair and eyes and long, narrow baby-face.

"I never see him without a girl around him at school," Brian said, giving me that laughing grin of his that makes him look really cute.

There were girls talking to me in school a lot since seventh grade. I had more girl friends than guys, but I hung out with just a couple of guys I've been friends with since we were kids. I knew I could have a girlfriend if I wanted, but I just didn't want to. I wanted Tyler Brooks.

"I do okay," I said, hoping to derail the topic.

"Got any yet?" Kyle asked.

"sure," I lied.

"No he hasn't. He"d of told me," Brian said. "Little liar."

"I don't kiss and tell!" I lied.

"Maybe," Kyle said. "I don't tell every girl I make out with to my buds."

"How many?" Brian asked.

"seven this year. Only had sex with five, though," Kyle said.

Wow! I thought. A fucking stud!

Like I said, I was checking him out. He was just a couple inches taller than me, and had the same kind of athletic build I do. He had dark brown hair, but it was short and hidden under a ball cap that he wore backwards. His dark eyebrows were a little thick, and his dark brown eyes were really deep and warm, even more than Brian's. He had a sort of round face, a nice straight nose, and average or a little small lips that were dark. There were some acne marks over his face, but no zits. He was no studly dude, but he was far from dorky looking like Brian. Not that Brian was a total dork, just sort of geeky looking.

So we had a lot of fun. Kyle would make a little of fun of me for being a virgin, and some fun of Brian for being a dork, but it was all fun and not mean at all. I almost asked Kyle why he didn't tease Brian about being a virgin too. We made fun of Brian for being so short for his age, and kept asking him about girls. He seemed like he was a total stud. He told us about making out, getting pussy, head, and even doing one chick up her butt. He said it was the best, so tight and hot. He said his favorite was being given head. He said one girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and he couldn't last five minutes when she sucked him off. He bragged, maybe lying, that he once fucked a girl for three hours before he came. He said she got off so many times she begged him to finish, and when he did, it shot so far he couldn't tell how far, and it was so much he thought it was all the cum in both of his balls.

All the sex talk had me boned up, major big-time. When Kyle went to the bathroom, I glanced at his body, his butt, his groin, too see what I could see, and just to see. Ya know? Nice. All around. Lean but not skinny, plump butt but not fat, nice bulge in the front of his jeans. I looked when he came back, too. And whenever I could. He was no Tyler Brooks, but he was hot.

After watching a movie, we ended up talking about sex stuff and girls again. Even about jerking it off.

"Taking your time and making it last as long as possible is the fucking best!" he said. 'sex with a chick, or jerking off, don't matter. It makes it feel better doing it, and when you blast off, you really blast off!"

Brian nodded, all red-faced. I thought that was weird. How would he know? And why did that statement make him blush?

They shared a secret grin again, and kind of snickered together.

"Ever get a girl pregnant?" Brian asked him.

"No way! I always pull out before I shoot, unless I'm wearing a rubber."

"Does a rubber feel weird?" I asked.

"Yeah. It makes it less... it's not as good. You get less feeling with one. But you don't get a baby, so it's worth it when you want to cum inside her. But that's why I like head so much. No baby, and it's even better than pussy."

"It is?" I asked.

"Yup," he said with a nod at me. "Nothing beats being sucked off by someone who knows how."

He grinned at Brian, then said, "And when they make it take a long time, nothing else even comes close."

Brian got red-faced again, and got that embarrassed grin, and looked away.

Kyle looked at me again, and said, 'someday, maybe soon, you"ll find out. Just take your time at it, don't rush, and make it last as long as you can. Got it?"

I nodded, trying to be cool and shit. But I was so boned just talking about that stuff, and I felt all awkward and self-conscious, especially with a rager in my pants.

We talked about all kinds of stuff, not just sex and girls. But sex and girls kept coming up. And so would my boner.

Way after midnight, our mom knocked and opened the door, and told us to get to bed. As usual, Kyle was staying in my brother's room, so I waited until Mom left, and then carefully got to my feet to hide my lap from Kyle and my bro. I was still kind of hard from all the sex talk on and off all night, so I said goodnight to them without turning around, then to the parents by leaning around the door frame of the living room to hide my groin, then went to my room, closed the door, got undressed, into bed, and got busy. I thought about Kyle, and imagined him naked, and beat myself off. The words, "Taking your time and making it last as long as possible is the fucking best!" kept repeating in my head, so I did. I did it slow.

What a load! For me, anyway. Just going slow felt fucking great! I usually went at it pretty fast, but I'd never thought about it before. I'd always just made a fist and pounded it off. This time I went slow. Even when it was building up hotter and stronger than ever before... I kept going slow... and thinking about seeing Kyle naked and doing stuff with each other. And when I shot off, it was like the first time all over again! What a fucking load! It almost hurt! I almost groaned out really loud as my body tensed up all over so much I couldn't breathe or think. It felt like the area behind my balls was imploding.

But I kept stroking it slow. Even when I started cumming, I made myself keep going slow. My whole dick was on fire, my balls felt like they were being squeezed in a vice, and then I squirted like never before! The first squirt hit my chin! My chin! And the next couple landed on my chest, which was as far as I'd ever shot before then, and only rarely. And so much! There must have been enough to fill up a shot-glass. I laid there and panted, kind of sweaty, and shaking, and oh, man, did I feel fucking awesome!

When I was back from the brink of the best orgasm I'd ever had, I licked my hand clean, then wiped the cum off my chin and chest with my fingers, and cleaned them with my mouth. It took a bunch of times. So much of it! Wow!

And I still shivered from time to time. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had, period. Or ever thought anyone could ever have. It seemed impossibly good. I doubted I'd ever have one that good again. I was sure that from then on, every time I came, it would be less than that one, and I'd be disappointed.

So, Thanksgiving Day. Other relatives over all day. Food, movies, video games with Brian and Kyle and our little cousins. More food. Oh, God. The food. All day long. Fucking awesome. We got so stuffed, that by that night, we were sick of food. But we still raided the leftovers again and again overnight, between video games and movies.

Jerod, who's seven, Devon who's nine, Chris, who's eleven, Rick, who's fifteen, all stayed in Brian's room with me, Brian, and Kyle. The girls all got my room. Rick always got along better with Brian when he was over. He stayed over more often than any other of our relatives, mostly because he lived just a couple towns away and they visited more often.

I want to talk about Rick. He got along with Brian great, but we didn't. Rick seemed like a stuck-up pig to me. His dad was a banker and his mom a doctor. They had tons of money, and Rick always wore expensive clothes and had expensive toys. I don't know why Brian and he got along. He always treated me like crap, and when he was over, Brian even acted like we didn't get along even when he wasn't there. So I stayed away from them the whole time when Rick was over.

The big deal was that Rick was fucking hot! Almost as hot as Tyler Brooks. Both have ash-blond hair, blue eyes, and are built. Not all muscly, but firm and toned. And tall. And so fucking hot. Both have asses that beg to be kissed and touched and... oh, God!

And both have a package in front that makes me think they have even more than my brother down there. I mean, Rick, especially. He has to have a monster! Or fucking huge balls. Or both. This Thanksgiving he wore these jeans that left no doubts he was hung like a horse. And he changed into sweatpants to sleep in later that night and I got a look at something I"ll always remember! As he was walking down the hall to the bathroom and I was coming out of it, I swear he had a semi-boner than hung down his left leg about ten inches! I mean, I could see it! I stared at it as we walked toward each other, I just couldn't look away! He reached down to it and grabbed it, and said, 'see something you want, faggot?"

Oh, fuck yeah! And then I actually asked, "Is it really that huge?"

"Fuckin-aye, yeah it is. Nine fucking inches of hard steel. The girls can't get enough of it."

He laughed. The first time he ever laughed at me without it being mean.

"Geeze! For real?"

I was almost shaking. He was standing there holding his dick right in front of me. What if one of the adults, or even one of the other kids came into the hallway?

"Wanna see?"

I swallowed my tongue. Hells yes, I wanted to see! I actually nodded. Then realized I had, and said, "Just to see a dick that huge, man. You could do porn!"

"Come on."

I followed him out the back door and into the shed. He knew there was a light inside, and turned it on after I closed the door. Then he lowered his sweats and boxers and whipped out the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Even in porn vids. He's fifteen, going on sixteen, but he's hung like a fucking horse! He swung it around in a circle, and it stiffened up more, and then he let it go, and it hung out almost horizontal, all nine inches of it.

Fucking amazing!

Big, rounded head, all bulbous and knobby on the end, with a huge slit in the tip. The shaft was slightly bent to his right along most of it. It was kind of skinny, for how long it was, but thick compared to mine or even Brian's. Lot's of dark blond hair around it, not as much as Brian. Smaller balls than Brian.

"Wow," I sighed. "Amazing, dude!"

"You ever tell anyone I did this and I"ll beat you to a bloody pulp! Got me!"

"Who would I tell? And why? No way!" And then I thought of another way to reassure him so he wouldn't have to beat me up, like he"d done plenty before. "I'm no fag, no matter what you think. I just had to see a dick so fucking huge! You must have the biggest dick in your school!"

"That's why I get sex whenever I want it."


"Yeah. I get laid all the time."

"so cool! You"re the coolest guy I know!"

I could tell I was making him happy. Flattery and all.

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Not even my best friends. How do you tell someone a cousin showed you his dick? No way."

"Cool. I'm proud of old Jessie here."

"I would be too! Fuck!"

I laughed. I would be proud of that thing!

"Does it even fit in a pussy?" I asked.

"sure. Goes in, but I have to make sure I get her good and wet first, so it don't hurt her."

"I bet! I bet no girl can suck all of it."

"Nope. Not even half. Well, this one girl takes more than half, and I can feel her throat on it. Rocks."


Then I thought of a comedy skit I'd seen not long ago, so I did it. I went to my knees, and I saw him step back, but when I bowed and put my head and hands on the floor, and said, "Ohhhhmmmm!" he said, "Bow to your superior!" and laughed.

I bowed three times, then stood up, getting a good close look at that thing as I did. Wow.

He pulled his boxers and sweats back up. I wished I could think of something to say to get him to keep them down, and so I could at least touch it, but I couldn't.

"No telling," he said again, looking serious.

"No way. Don't worry. No one would believe me anyway."

He laughed, and we started to leave. I asked, "You think it"ll grown any more?"

"Don't know. Hope so."

"Man, if it does, you should do porn. You'd get rich!"

"When I turn eighteen, I'm gonna do a video and put it online, and see if I can get an offer to."


"sure. Doing porn would be so cool."

"No kidding. Let me know. It would be so cool to have a porn star cousin."

We laughed, and went back inside and split up. He went to the can, and I went back outside and had a fast jerkoff in the shed, right there where I'd seen his dick, and thought about how I could have sucked on it. I didn't go slow, didn't have the time, so I just beat it like crazy and shot my wad all over the floor. Not all that much, but it was a good one!

Then, that night, while the other guys were asleep, I hope, I beat it off nice and slow... and really quietly. And, God, I almost split a nut open. I guess it was the fact that there were so many boys in the room who might catch me. I imagined all of us doing it. Wow.

Friday. Good day. More food, more fun, movies, video games, and looking at Kyle and Rick. And thinking about what I'd seen. Seeing Rick in his clothes all day, and knowing what was lurking in them, kept me hard the entire day.

Nearly everyone left by sunset, and only Devon, Kyle, and Rick and their families stayed that night. I so badly wanted to try to get Rick to show me his dick again, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. Devon is nine, so the four of us talked sex to impress him. Rick and Kyle really talked it up big time. They compared sex methods, all kinds of stuff. I was so boned it hurt. Devon was so red I hoped he didn't blow a blood vessel. I wondered if his little prick was hard. Sometimes he made adjustments to it, so I was pretty sure it was.

Since the girls were all gone, I got my room back, and Devon stayed with me. Rick, who's fifteen, stayed with Kyle and Brian in Brian's room. That was after hours of games and stuff, and it was really late, and our folks told us to go to bed.

When Devon was passed out on my bed in his pajamas, I had to see it. I had been hard all day thinking about Rick's massive meat, and having Devon as good as unconscious was really tempting. I had to see a dick, even if it was a little kid's.

So I made sure the adults were all in bed, then closed my door and put a chair against it. I knew he was a deep sleeper, since we"d pulled pranks on him lots of times. He was so hard to wake up. I pulled the blankets down, and rubbed his chest kind of soft, not enough to wake him any. He didn't seem to notice, so I slowly opened his pajama bottoms and looked at him in his blue briefs. There wasn't anything to really see. I wanted to take down his underwear, but it was too risky, so I covered him up and left him there and got undressed. I usually sleep naked, but tonight kept on my boxers. Then I crawled into bed with Devon. It was... I don't know what word to use. Sexy? Not really. Hot? Maybe. But laying next to a warm body in my bed, under the covers, with a boner that had been hard almost constantly all day, there was no way I wasn't going to have another look.

So I turned on my bedside light after drawing the sheet over his face. Then I moved the sheet to the side until his body was uncovered. He was almost skinny, but not quite. His skin was really smooth and pale, and so soft under my fingers. Nine years old is just a kid, so there wasn't any bulge in his briefs. A little mound was all. But I reached out and gently touched it. Warm and soft. I knew he wouldn't wake up unless I shook him and called out his name. His parents still called him Sleepy.

So, I gently pulled down the front of his briefs. There really wasn't much there. It was about two inches of soft pink and white. It looked pretty average in shape and stuff. His ball sack was just a wrinkled bulge, and I could feel tiny little hard nuts in there about the size of ball bearings.

I had to. I just had to. I put my face right down there, and smelled. Then I stuck out my tongue and touched his little head. Then I licked around it. Then his sack. Then I put my lips over his little dick and sucked. It was so soft and smooth.

I reached down and started playing with my dick. Then I pulled my dick out of my boxers and started stroking off as I sucked on his little dick. It felt so soft and smooth on my tongue. It was pretty neat.

Then he started to bone up. I got worried he was waking up, so I stopped and looked at his face. He looked asleep. I touched him some, trying to see if he was waking up, but he stayed asleep, so I went back to what I was doing.

His dick was maybe three inches long, really straight, and really hard. But it was so soft on the outside. That was so neat! His head felt like velvet on my tongue. I loved that feeling. I sucked and licked and went crazy on it, hoping he didn't wake up, but almost not caring if he did. I was pretty sure I could get away with telling him it was okay, because it had to feel awesome to him. But I really just didn't care. I was sucking a dick! Even if it was a little one, it was a dick. And I loved it.

I jerked myself really slowly, but I wasn't going to last long anyway. And near the end, I got an idea. So I stopped sucking on him, straddled over him, and jerked off really slow until I blew my wad onto his dick and balls. Fucking nice one! Lots of creamy sperm. I licked it off of his dick and balls. Then I pulled his underwear and pajama bottoms back up, and then my boxers, moved the chair from in front of the door, and then I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with major wood, and with Devon's arm over my chest and his body against mine. It was really nice having a warm body against mine, but kind of scary too. Eventually he started to wake up, so I closed my eyes. He rolled off of me really fast. I heard him go, "Oh, shit," then he hopped off the bed.

I cracked an eye open and saw him leaned over forward. Then he whispered, "Wow," and then "Cool," and then he dropped his pajamas, pulled on his jeans, and almost ran out of the room. I pulled on my jeans and a shirt and found out he was in the can. He was in there a long time! Until Uncle James knocked on the door and wanted in.

He came back to my room all blushed and grinning, and sat down on the floor next to the bed. He'd closed the door. I pretended to still be asleep. I was sure he was beating his meat. I tried to sneak up on him, but he looked back and saw me stretched out on the bed toward him. He fumbled at his pants and got them fastened before I got there and tried to act all cool.

"Beating it off?" I asked, all bold.

He was dark red and grinning.

"Yeah. Finally learned how, huh?"

He snickered and still didn't answer.

"It's okay. All guys figure it out sooner or later."

"Shut up."

"Serious. You"re nine. No big deal. Sleeping next to somebody probably gave you a wet dream last night, and you woke up with a boner."

His head snapped toward me in total shock, and he said, "I'm ten next month."

"That's about how old I was when I figured it out," I told him. "I was sleeping in the bed with an older cousin over Christmas break, and I guess having a warm body next to me all night sort of triggered something inside. I woke up all hard, and with sticky stuff around my junk. And it felt amazing to touch it."

His mouth was wide open and he was staring at me.


His voice squeaked. It was kind of funny.

Then I told him all kinds of stuff. He sat up on the bed with me and we talked about growing up, sex, puberty, girls, and all kinds of things like that. I even used my finger and thumb on one of my fingers of my other hand to show him how to stroke off. I told him about going slow, and playing with his balls while he jerked off, and how all guys did it, even me.

He asked some questions, and we talked for a long time. Until we heard voices and noises that meant nearly everyone else was awake.

"Guess we better get out of here before someone comes knocking or something," I said.

"Thanks for not making fun of me about it," he said, grinning, and all blushed.

"No biggie. We all go through it. Glad I could make it less embarrassing. If you ever want to talk about it, you can call me up. Better than asking your dad and getting the talk about the birds and bees."

He laughed, then he shocked me by hugging me. I'd never hugged a boy before. We shook hands to say hello and goodbye in our family. But it was... really nice.

"Can we talk like this again next visit? Maybe Christmas if we come over?"

"sure. Maybe I can even show you some things."

He leaned back and let go of the hug and asked, "Like what?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't know. I"ll think about it. Okay?"

"Okay. I wanna learn all about it. Sex and stuff."

"I"ll teach ya everything I know."

"Thanks!" and he was hugging me again.

He and Rick and their family left after dinner that night. It was a great day all day long. We all had a great time. I kept thinking about Rick's enormous cock, and Devon's little prick. I wondered what I would show him next time we got together. I wasn't all that hot on his being ten, or his tiny junk, but the thought of teaching him stuff was hot. I wondered how I could get him to touch mine.

But after he and his family left, it was just Brian, Kyle, and me. That was great. We had talked sex stuff in front of Devon to impress him again, especially Kyle. I was sure Devon was going to be beating his meat tonight. I know I was!

For the first time, I wondered if Kyle or Brian had beat off the whole visit. How could they? In the shower, I guessed. That was about the only time they weren't with each other or us others.

So Saturday night only Kyle and his family was staying over. We played video games, watched movies, ate a lot again, and got on the computer. It wasn't long before we were looking at porn.

We hadn't with the younger kids there yet, but now we sure as hell did! I can't tell you how boned I was looking at porn with my brother and Kyle. Kyle, especially. We all knew we were all hard, and we didn't even pretend otherwise. We all held our dicks through our pants and played with it a little.

Brian's computer faced away from the door. It would have been more logical to have the desk against the wall, but then the computer screen would have been visible from the door. So Brian had his desk sitting with the side of it against the wall and the other side of it toward the door. I always knew why.

So we were ready when Mom knocked, opened the door, and said it was getting late. We all were totally cool and calm, and just acted like we were playing a game on it. After she said goodnight and closed the door, I said, 'see you guys tomorrow," and stood up, facing away from them immediately to hide the boner.

"Don't get any in your eye," Kyle laughed.

"Ha-ha," I said back over my shoulder. "Don't get any in each other's eyes."

Brian flipped me off, and Kyle said, "Nah, I swallow."

Brian sort of coughed or choked, looking shocked, and got red-faced. Kyle looked at him and grinned.

"Bet you do!" I laughed, then closed the door behind me. "Wish you do!" I whispered.

After I said goodnight to the adults, I went to my room, put on my warm, black coat, and climbed out my window. Living in the country was great. There were no streetlights, and it was totally black. I had to wait for my eyes to adjust, then walked to the shed, picked up the crate, and carried it to the window of Kyle's room.

I could see the curtains were closed for the first time. Damn. I hoped there was a crack between them or something that might let me see in. I wanted to see the porn they were watching and beat off, pretending I was doing it to Kyle as we watched the porn together.

I put the crate below the window and stepped up on it as quietly as I could. But as I thought, the curtains were too tightly closed. I couldn't see in at all. Damn it. I saw shadows move on the curtains, then they moved apart.

I stepped down off the crate as fast as I could. There was a light above me. I crouched down and I could see their shadows in the light coming out of the window and falling onto the ground. I froze there, ducked low beneath the window. I heard the window open, and then heard them talking.

"I know. So glad," Brian said.

"I would have with your bro, ya know."

"Yeah, but I don't want him to know. I don't think he does it."

"Yeah. He's only fourteen, and a freshman. He probably hasn't done it yet."

"Nope. Sure of it."

Done what? I wondered. What would Kyle have done with me if Brian had let him?

Sex came immediately to mind. I so wished. I would march back in there and demand to have sex with Kyle.

I heard a lighter. Then someone sucking in their breath. The heavy inhaling went on for a while as I crouched down there in the dark below the window. I heard one of them cough, I think it was Brian. Then I smelled something burning. It was like Uncle Jerry's pipe, but different. Smellier, and kind of like burning grass or leaves.

They're smoking pot! I realized. Brian smokes pot? No way!

"Don't forget to hold it in as long as you can," Kyle said.

I heard Brian grunt an affirmative. They kept smoking it, and I could smell it really strong. I realized they were blowing it out the window and I was inhaling it too. I put my shirt over my nose hoping to block it. I couldn't get away, or they"d probably see me for sure. I had to sit there and wait.

It seemed to be forever before Kyle said, "That's all folks."

"Good fucking stuff!" Brian said. "I'm so stoned!"

"The best I could bring, man."

I realised that I felt a little strange. I was scared, because I knew I was high.

They laughed some, really quietly.

"Feels good," Brian said.

"Yeah. I missed you."

"Me too."

After a while, Brian said, "I'm ready."

Kyle said, "Let's get started. This is gonna be so cool. Thanks, man."

Then their shadows were gone. I waited for the light to be blocked as the curtains were closed, but the square of light remained. I waited and waited, then slowly stood up on the crate. I felt a little dizzy, and kind of funny. I knew I'd gotten some of the pot smoke. But it didn't feel so bad at all.

I stood upright on the crate and peeked over the window sill.

The window is just to the side of the head of Brian's bed, so I could see from the head of the bed down the length of it and almost all of Brian's room.

Brian and Kyle were standing at his closet, diagonally across the room from the window, face to face, right up against each other! And Kyle was rubbing Brian's crotch!

Like usual, they were dressed a lot a like. Black basketball shorts and red t-shirts. Kyle was rubbing Brian's body, mostly his chest and sides, and snuggling his face into Brian's chest as if he was kissing his chest. Brian was standing there with his arms and hands at his sides, letting him.

Kyle is shorter than Brian, so as he stood in front of him, massaging Brian's junk, Kyle rubbed his face against Brian's shoulder. Then Kyle lifted Brian's shirt at the sides, and Brian lifted his arms so that Kyle could get his shirt off. Then Kyle rubbed his face against Bri's bare chest a couple of times, then got down on his knees in front of him and pulled Bri's basketball shorts down, kissing Bri's boner through his tan boxerbriefs a couple of times. Bri's big dick was totally hard and standing straight up against his belly under the briefs. Brian kicked off  his shorts and then Kyle put his left hand on Bri's butt and cupped his balls with his right hand.

That only lasted a couple of seconds before Kyle pulled down Bri's tan boxerbriefs and Bri's big dick stood out at about forty-five degrees.

Brian grabbed it right away, bent it down to about horizontal, and let it bounce upward a couple of times. Then he leaned forward, almost putting his lips on it, but instead brushed his lips over Bri's hips and put both of his hands on Bri's butt.

Brian just stood there, his arms hanging at his sides, looking blushed and serious. I felt my dick growing hard and my guts swirling. This was fucking unbelievable!

Kyle hugged up against Brian's body, his hands on his butt, and kissed Brian's tummy a few times, then turned his head to the side and brushed his lips along Bri's long dick a couple of times.

I could hear Kyle kissing Brian's dick, and hear them both breathing heavy. Kyle ran his hands up Bri's back a few times, then looked up at Brian.

Brian said, "Let's see how big it is."

Kyle's lips were right at the tip of Bri's dick for a second, and I thought he was going to suck on it! Then he grabbed it with one hand, reached down for the the cloth tape measure that was on the floor, like they had gotten it ready before, and measured Bri's dick.

He looked up, and said, "Ahhh, seven inches."

Then he wrapped the tape measure around Bri's dick just behind the head and said, "Five inches around." He looked up at Bri, and while holding his dick, said to him, "You"ve got a nice, nice rod."

Then he nuzzled Brian's hips and barely the tip of his dick, and then grabbed his balls and massaged them a little, the tip of Bri's dick less than an inch from his lips. Then he looked up and said, " Balls, too," and started rubbing Brian all over and kissing his stomach just above his pubes.

Brian said, "Okay, that's enough," and grabbed a sheet of paper from the closet, they walked to the bed, where Brian sat down, totally naked.

I wasn't worried that they would see me outside the window. It was too dark outside, and the screen was dark too, and I wasn't right up against it either. They would have to get right in front of the window and stare out to see me, so I watched as Brian sat on the bed and then Kyle went to the digicam on the tripod and pushed one of the buttons.

They're taping it? I wondered in amazement. No way! I hadn't noticed the camera was there before, but it had been pointing right at them.

But Kyle moved the camera to point at Brian on the bed.

"should I sit straight at the camera?" Brian asked, putting down a paper he"d brought over from on top of the little television in the closet.

He sat down on the bed as Kyle said, "Not really."

"Because my leg is too big," Brian said, turning to sit diagonally on the bed.

Kyle said, "Turn," and Brian did, facing more at Kyle and the camera. He sat back with his arms crossed over his tummy, and Kyle said, "Alright, not bad."

"Where's the remote?" Brian asked, looking around.

Remote? They were going to tape Brian naked, and Brian was going to use the remote to control the camera? What was he going to do? Was Kyle going to get in front of the camera and do more things to Bri? What the hell was going on?

Brian said, "Right there," pointing at it on his desk across the room.

Kyle got it and went to give it to Brian, then laid down on the bed next to Brian, who was still sitting on the bed diagonally with a pillow propped between the head of the bed and the wall. Then Kyle actually grabbed Brian's dick!

It was softer now. I couldn't hear what they said, they whispered it so softly. But Kyle started playing with Brian's dick! He rubbed it and his balls, and then scooted down so that his face was closer to it. I thought he was going to suck it, but he looked up at Brian instead.

Brian had his eyes closed, and looked like he was almost asleep, but his expression was that one where he doesn't want someone to know he's smiling inside.

Then, after a couple of seconds, Kyle put his mouth on Bri's dick!

"Awww, feels good," Brian said as Kyle actually closed his lips around his dick.

It was getting harder fast now, and was almost back to a full boner. Brian's voice was different now. Kind of soft and gentle. He had a deep voice, and it was pretty loud, but now it was so low and soft and gentle. Really not like his usual voice at all.

Kyle slid up Bri's dick, sucking it. I could see his cheeks dented inward. Then he slid back down it. Then he kissed along it, and sucked it again once, then looked up at Brian. As he played with Bri's dick with one hand, he had his other on Brian's chest, over his left nipple.

"You sure did get big in a hurry," Kyle said, playing with Bri's growing boner.

Brian almost sighed, "Yeah."

"Got a big seven incher there," Kyle said, still playing with it, sometimes putting his lips on it for a really short time. "I want you to cum in my mouth."

Oh... my... God!

Then Kyle stretched up and kissed Kyle's nipple, the one his hand had been covering until then. His left hand was still playing with Bri's now fully hard dick. Then he went back down and put his mouth on Bri's dick.

Bri sucked air in through his mouth, his eyes still closed. Kyle held Bri's balls with his left hand as he sucked on his dick. He only sucked it long enough to slide up it once, then ran his lips over the top side from tip to base, still holding it with his left hand. When he got back to the tip, he put it back in his mouth and sucked it again. Just for a brief moment, then slipped off the end of it and stroked it a couple times. When he let go, it slapped against Bri's stomach.

Brian laughed a kind of sigh, like, "Oh-oh-oh-oh!" then bit his lower lip with his teeth.

They both laughed a little. Kyle lifted Bri's cock and let it go again, making it slap again. Then he played with Bri's balls a little, then slid back down and kissed it at the base for a while.

Kyle started licking his balls, and Bri said, "Oh! Suck my balls."

Kyle did. Bri sucked air in through his lips again, kind of shivery. Kyle licked and sucked Bri's balls for a few seconds, then slid his lips up the bottom of Bri's long cock, then over the tip and sucked it again. This time he moved up and down over the top two or so inches a few times, sucking the whole time. I saw Brian shiver all over. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was concentrating. When Kyle stopped sucking on Bri's dick, his lips made a loud slurping sound as they left the tip.

Now Kyle kissed Bri's left nipple again for a few seconds, then said, "Okay, cut it."

Brian lifted the remote, and then they changed position. Brian laid down on his left side, and Kyle took off his basketball shorts. I knew Kyle wore white briefs, but seeing him in only them and that t-shirt was so hot! He had an average-sized cock it looked like, and a really nice ass.

Kyle took the remote and did something with the camera, Brian waiting on the bed, then laid down behind Brian. Bri was on his right side facing the camera, his right arm bent at the elbow, his head propped up on his right hand.

Kyle touched Bri's dick, and spooned up behind him. He put his right hand on Bri's right bicep and rubbed there while his left hand rubbed Bri's body from chest to his knee, and everywhere between, kissing Bri's side. Then finally he grabbed Bri's big, hard boner, kind of playing with it and stroking it at times. He said, 'so big." Then he said something like, "Bet it's not done growing."

"Hope so," Brian said.

Kyle kept sort of stroking Brian's dick really slowly, and rubbing his head with his thumb sometimes.

Kyle said, "I wish mine was that big." Then he played with Bri's balls and said, "Big balls, too."

Then Kyle kind of hugged Bri, and rubbed his leg over Bri's leg, spooning him really tightly and kissing his side. Then he played with Bri's left nipple for a few seconds, then grabbed his boner again.

"How long is it?" Kyle asked.

"seven," Bri said, his voice so different than usual.

"That's nice."

"Almost seven."

"It's really nice."

Kyle kept slowly and gently stroking it, and playing with his balls at times. Wow!

"How much you jack it a day?" Kyle asked.

"At least once a day."

"Really?" Kyle said more than asked. Then asked, "Think of Heather?"

"Oh yeah. All the time."

"Is she gonna be your first?" he asked, still playing around with Bri's cock and balls in turns.


"Except for me," Kyle said, and laughed a little.

Brian laughed too! Holy shit! They"ve been doing it!

Then Kyle said, "That's some big balls," as he played with them. "Bet they shoot some sperm. Big balls."

He spooned up tight to him some more, rubbing his left leg over Bri's left leg, and playing with Bri's balls. Then he stroked Bri's dick and asked, "Want somebody to suck that for ya?"

"Yeah. That"d be great."

"Can I do it?"


Kyle kept playing with Bri's dick as he kissed down his side and belly until he was almost sitting up to reach his lips to Bri's pubes.

"Does it feel good to have your balls sucked?" Kyle asked.



Then Kyle put Bri's balls in his mouth and sucked and licked them. Wow!

He was bent over Bri's hips to do it, so I didn't have a great view, but the camera probably did! I could hear Kyle's lips and mouth working on my bro's balls. Fucking wow.

Kyle stopped and leaned up a bit, and then rubbed along Bri's long dick.He looked up at him and said, "It's got a lot of veins in it."

Kyle kept playing with his dick as he laid down behind Bri again. He said, "I bet you want to fuck something, bad."

Brian nodded, and whispered, "Oh, yeah," in that new, different voice.

Kyle stroked my bro for a few seconds, then asked, "How do you like to do it when you do it without me?"

"I like to do it at the top."

"Like here?"


Kyle was rubbing just Bri's head with his hand. He did that for a few seconds, then stroked the whole length a little, then went back to just doing the head. For maybe a minute, then Kyle asked, "What do you want Heather to do to you first?"

"I want her to suck my cock really hard."

"Oh yeah?" He kept stroking Bri's dick, just the end and then the whole thing, then just the end again. Then he asked, "You want her to swallow it?"

"Oh, yeah," Brian said, almost too soft for me to hear.

Kyle rubbed Bri's dick for a few more seconds, then rubbed up and down the inside of Bri's left thigh for a while, then played with his balls for like a minute. Then he asked, "You think my hard-on will get this big?" as he grabbed Bri's big boner again.

"Maybe some day," Bri said, then laughed a little.

Kyle said something so softly I couldn't" hear it, then he spooned up to Brian's body again, and started kissing his side and chest and rubbing his leg over Bri's. He let go of Bri's boner and rubbed his body from chest to legs.

Then he leaned over Bri's hip again and kissed Bri's boner, then said, "Do you like it when I do this?


Kyle ran his lips up and down the whole length of Bri's boner along the underside, again and again. Brian sighed and I saw him shiver a little.

Kyle asked, "Or is it better when I lick it?"

"I like it at the top," Brian said.

Kyle opened his mouth and took in the head and sucked on it for a while. He would stop and lick the very tip, then suck on it again. Brian kind of moaned really softly once. But after maybe a minute, he stopped and laid down behind him and snuggled up again. But he kept playing with Bri's dick and balls the whole time.

After a few seconds, Kyle straightened out and kissed along Bri's side and on his shoulder, and said, "I want you to jizz in mouth, Bri. Will you do that for me?"

Holy shit! I think my dick grew an inch longer!

"Fuck yeah. Suck it."

Fuck! And Brian's voice! So different than usual. It was so... sexy?

Kyle stroked Bri's dick again, from tip to base, and over and over. He kissed Bri's shoulder and over his back. Then he let go of Bri's boner and rubbed him all over his front as he kissed Bri's back and ran his leg over Brian's leg. He was almost dry-humping him from behind. He stroked Bri's dick for a minute, then Brian said, "Going to."

Kyle whispered something I couldn't hear, because he was kissing around the back of Bri's neck.

"Okay," Brian said.

Then Kyle sat up and said, "Thank you," reached for the remote, and I think did something to the camera.

Then Kyle slid down the bed, lying on his back, and Brian got on his hands and knees over him, and upside down. Holy shit! They doing a sixty-nine!

I could see Bri's dark circle between his cheeks! And his balls hanging down. Fucking awesome sight! And as the window was off to the side a bit, I could still see Kyle's body too. He kept his white briefs on, but Brian started playing with his junk. My brother's balls were hanging in Kyle's face, and then my brother leaned down and put his face into Kyle's junk and nosed and kissed around.


I could hear them groaning a little. Both of them. Kyle told Bri to put it down a little, and Bri lowered his hips so that Kyle could use his mouth on him. They were both sighing and groaning a lot!

Kyle slipped his mouth over Bri's boner and Bri groaned out loud. Almost too loud. Our parents' room was down the hall, but still. I wished Bri would slide Kyle's briefs off, but he didn't. They played like that for a while, then Brian climbed off.

Kyle adjusted the camera after moving it closer to the bed, and with his shirt and underwear still on, laid out over Bri's legs as he sat back in the corner of the headboard and the wall. Kyle laid over Bri's left leg, and Brian lifted his right leg and bent it at the knee.

Brian closed his eyes and Kyle grabbed his dick and started stroking it really slowly, and kissing all over Bri's chest and belly. After a while, Kyle licked his lips, and then slid his mouth over Bri's boner. Brian sighed air in through his mouth and leaned his head back, his eyes still closed.

Kyle slid up and down Bri's long dick about three or four times, then stopped and looked up at him. Brian kept his eyes closed. Kyle said, "Tell me if you want it harder," then went back to sucking his dick.

After a few seconds, Brian said, 'suck it real hard."

Kyle let go of Bri's balls, grabbed the middle of his dick, and with only the end of Bri's dick in his mouth, he sucked it so hard his cheeks caved in.

He moved up and down on just the head of Brian's dick, sucking so hard I could hear the slurping sounds. Brian eyes were still closed, but his mouth opened a bit. Kyle held his hand steady in the middle of Brian's dick and sucked, moving up and down about five times before Kyle said, "Lick it up and down the shaft."

Kyle did.

Brian moaned, "Yeah."

After a few seconds, Kyle went back to sucking the end of Bri's dick. I think he got more in his mouth this time, maybe two inches of it, and sucked it so hard the squeaking sounds were almost loud.

"Yeah," Brian sighed, nodding his head. Then, "Ooo! Watch the teeth."

They both laughed, then Kyle said, "My bad."

He licked the underside of Bri's dick a couple of times, then sucked on his balls for a while.

"Your balls are so cold."


Then Kyle swallowed the end of Bri's dick again. He held the middle of it, and slid up and down on the head, really slowly, sucking and making squeaking noises. After a few seconds he stopped sucking it and stroked it. He rubbed just the end of it, like Brian had said to do earlier.

"Oh, feels good," Brian said.



"Want me to suck it?"


Kyle sucked the end of it again, then licked up and down the top and bottom, then sucked it again for a few seconds. He kept repeating that. Suck for a couple of seconds, lick for a while, then suck for a short time again.

Brian was really enjoying it a lot. He wasn't breathing hard, but was really deeply. He would sometimes say, "Oh, yeah," in that awesome new voice of his. He never opened his eyes. He just sat back and really enjoyed it. Kyle looked like he was having a great time too!

Brian held the bottom of his dick, pulling the skin down tight. Kyle noticed, and did it for him, and asked, "Is that better?"

"Oh, yeah."

Kyle sometimes stopped to suck on the head, get it wet, then rub his spit all up and down with his hand. He looked up at Brian for a few seconds, stroking Bri with one hand and holding the skin down tight with his other at the base of it.

"Tell me how to do it," Kyle said after a minute or so, still watching Brian's face. "I wanna do it right for ya."

"squeeze it, at the top. Way up."

Kyle did, just rubbing the top half of it.

"stay at the top," Bri said, his voice so neat sounding.

Kyle squeezed and rubbed Bri's head for a few seconds, then asked, "More lube?"


Kyle sucked on it for just a second or two, then rubbed the top half of it again. He looked up at Brian and stroked the whole length for a few seconds.

"You just tell me how you like it."

"Just the top," Bri whispered.

Kyle kept rubbing just the top of it, and holding the skin down tight at the base with his other hand. He sucked it just long enough to get it wet then stroked it like that again for a while. Slowly, always slowly.

"Is that good?" he asked him, still looking at his face.

Brian kept his eyes closed, and said, "Yeah," in that awesome soft, low voice.

"Anything you want me to do you prefer?"

"suck it some more."

Brian's voice was so hot!

Kyle put Bri's dick in his mouth and his cheeks caved in again. I could hear the squeaking again as he moved up and down on the top couple of inches. Then he went further down it than before, maybe getting three inches of it in his mouth.

Brian moaned, "Yeah."

After about for or five times up and down on it, he stopped, and asked, "Is that good?"


"You like it when I do that?"

Brian sighed but didn't say anything. He looked like he was almost asleep, except for the way his eyebrows were so high.

Kyle stopped sucking and stroked his dick again. He asked, "Want slow or fast?"

"Just go slow, at the top." Kyle did. "Yeah. Feels good."

"Tell me when you"re gonna jizz."


Kyle held onto Bri's balls with one hand, also holding the skin of his dick down tight, and stroked the end of his dick with his other hand. Then he kissed and sucked Bri's balls while he kept slowly stroking.

"I'm wanna make you cum."

"Ohhh! Feels so good!" After a few seconds, Bri added, 'squeeze it hard."

"Like that?"


"Not too hard?"

"Naw. Feels good."

I could hear the sound of Kyle's hand squeezing Bri's wet dickhead as he stroked it so slowly and tightly.

"God. You big man you," Kyle said, looking at Bri's dick, then at his face. "You"re gonna ram it up her pussy, aren't you?"

Brian nodded, and said, "Ye-a-a-h-h," all shaky and in that deep, low, soft voice. He even smiled a little.

"Titty-fuck her?"


Every time Kyle's hand stroked up on Bri's dick it made a loud squishy noise. He was stroking it so tight and hard. Just the end of it. Just the head. All wet.

"That good?"

"Yeah. Nice and slow at the top."

Kyle went even slower.

"That just pre-cum?"


I couldn't make out what Kyle said, then he sucked on the head for a few seconds. Brian moaned. Actually moaned. Then Kyle went back to stroking Bri's head hard and tight and slow. He pulled the skin down tight at the base of Bri's dick and Brian moaned again.

"You really like it when I hold it down?"


"Nice and taught."


"Bet all the guys in the locker room are jealous of you."

Brian laughed and smiled. Kyle stroked him a few times, then licked up and down on the bottom of Bri's dick, especially beneath the head.

"Oh, feels great," Brian nearly moaned. "Yeah."

"I like your pubes. You trim those for Heather?"


Kyle mixed licking the bottom of Bri's dick with stroking it.

"That feel good?" he asked Bri.


"Just tell me what to do."

"Keep stroking it."

Kyle moved to lay his head on Bri's chest and stroked him a few times. Then he bent down and sucked it to get it wet again. This time he got more of it in his mouth than before. Maybe half of it. He bobbed up and down a couple of times. Brian started breathing through his mouth now. Not fast, but deeply. Then Kyle stopped sucking and stroked it again.

"sorry I can't get it all in," he said, his face against Bri's chest. "Just too big."

He stroked it, looking at it and then Bri's face in turns.

"I bet it hurts her when you stick this in."

Brian smiled again.

"That thing gets real hard. Think it's getting harder," Kyle said. He looked up at Bri's face and asked, "What's that mean?"

"I think I'm gonna jizz all over," Brian said.



"Not yet."

Kyle sucked on it again.

"Yeah. Oh, that's good."

Kyle stroked him again. Brian put his hand at the base to hold the skin back, because Kyle forgot.

"show me how you do it," Kyle said.

Bri grabbed his dick, just the head, and squeezed and rubbed it.

"Nice and hard up."

"Want more lube?"


Bri moved his hand and Kyle sucked on it again.

Bri said, "Grab it at the top."

Kyle did, and asked, "Here?"


He rubbed it there for a bit, real slow. Then he played with Bri's balls and said, "You"re balls are getting loose."


Kyle rubbed him that way for a bit, then sucked it to get it wet again.

"Just keep a tight grip on the top," Brian said.

"Like that?"

"Yeah. Feels good."

Kyle would rub it about ten times, then get it wet by sucking it, then rub it about ten times again. Kyle would kiss around Bri's nipples and over his chest and stomach, then suck Bri's dick for a couple of seconds, then rub it again while he kissed all over him.

"Keep goin". I'm gonna cum all over," Brian said, his voice so smooth and sexy.

"Tell me when," Kyle said, stroking him tight and slow, just on the head.

After a few seconds, Bri said, "More lube."

Kyle sucked him for a few seconds longer than usual, getting at least half of Bri's long dick in his mouth this time. Then he stroked him tight and slow on just the head and kissed over Bri's chest, stomach, and nipple again.

Brian grabbed his own balls, and said, "Now."

Kyle kept going slow and tight and just on the head. Bri hissed his breath in through his mouth and lifted his hips up a bit and groaned.


Then his sperm started squirting out. It didn't go very far, barely shot out, but it kept coming out forever. It landed in the top of his pubes as Kyle kept jerking it tight and slow. Bri moaned and gasped and raised his hips up off the bed. The squishing noises got way louder, and Bri's body jerked every time Kyle's hand moved.

There must have been ten or twelve squirts of cum. There was a big puddle at the top of Bri's pubes when he hissed in his breath really loudly and said, 'stop. Stop."

Kyle didn't let go of Bri's dick, but he stopped jerking it. He kissed down Bri's front until he was licking up the cum. Wow! He was eating my bro's wad! Bri let him, sighing and breathing hard, and shivering all over.

"All for you baby," Kyle said softly when he had cleaned up the mess.

They got dressed. I got off the crate, put it back by the shed, and climbed in my window. In seconds I was naked and on my bed. I spit in my hand and rubbed it on the head, stroking just the head and the sensitive edges. Slow and tight. Oh, God! I had never tried it like that before. It was awesome! I ended up having the biggest orgasm ever. I think I shot the most, too, and the furthest. I felt little drops of it land on my face. Fucking fantastic!

I did it that way from then on. Not all the time, but usually. Gone were the days of a tight fist sliding the loose skin up and down on just the shaft. I couldn't wait to show Devon.

Sunday was pretty fun, but they had to leave early. The adults announced that they would come back at Christmas next month, and even stay a couple of days after. The other family members were coming for Christmas Eve, but Devon and his family were going home that night. The others were leaving the next day.

That meant that Kyle and Brian would have at least one night alone. And I would get a chance to peek in on them again. I hoped they made another film.

When they left, I swear Kyle winked at Brian. Anyway, it was over. For now.

I intended to somehow bring up that film to my brother. Somehow. I knew I was going to find it on his computer if I had to tear it apart. And when Kyle came back, I was going to use it to get in on the action.

I hope.



Holiday Surprises 2


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