Spring Break Kinky Surprises

Part 9

 Rated: X Contains: College, estim

A.K.A College Kink


Easter Sunday. Tomorrow some students would be returning to campus, and a few classes would be back in session. Most wouldn't until Wednesday or even later. This Easter break had been... just  wow.

Spencer had introduced me to so many new things that I felt a bit overwhelmed when I thought about it. The penis sounds had been cool. The weird stinging sensation during urination afterward had been a bit frightening at first, but now as it was fading to nearly nothing. Cumming with that stiff rod in my dick as I jacked off had blown my mind. Then the blow-job with it in my dick had actually blown my mind. Wow! But then the prostate massage had sent me into shivering convulsions! The long, flexible, beaded sound had shown me that there was even more intensity to be experienced deep inside my urethra. Next,  being cathetered with the rubber hose and had proven that there was yet even more intense sensations to be plumbed. I hadn't liked the filling of my bladder so much, even though it had sure been interesting and pleasurable - it just wasn't for me. I sure did like the feeling of having something entering my bladder, just not filling it up. We'd gone back to basics after that, just doing anal sex with a bit of fringe fun added. It'd been nice, but I preferred to be fucked by someone I cared about. Same with fucking him - it'd been better if it was someone I felt something for. It was still very good! Then he'd gotten me drunk by enema. That had been really good. Being drunk without the gut-wrenching nausea had added a lot to the anal play and blow-jobs we gave each other. But earlier today had been the pièce de résistance. The tingling, buzzing electrical stimulation had felt so different and so intense that I could still feel it hours later, and my dick jerked and rapidly swelled at the slightest though of it. It was the best thing I'd ever done, sexually.

Since that incredible experience, we'd heard several students returning to their dorm rooms so we got dressed. A couple of guys stopped by to say hi to him or me after coming back to campus. Some had smoked a doobie with us, some had drank a beer. Spender and I had eaten and messed around on our laptops. We'd watched a couple movies and listened to music. We'd smoked a couple of bongs, and he'd drank several beers. If I drank another beer, I probably would have begun to feel that sickening nausea - I just couldn't stomach much beer.

It was getting late, and I was wondering if we were going to do anything else sexy today. Spencer got up and got himself another beer and asked if I wanted one. I hesitated, then said, "Nah, I don't wanna get queasy."

"Well," he said, and grinned, "I think this late no one is going to stop by anymore, so how about we head into the bathroom and you have a beer the other way?"

I laughed a bit, and as I was about to nod, he asked, "Or, we find out just how many you can take?"

I laughed again, nodded, and stood up. My dick was already getting prepared.

He hung the little band on the outside doorknob signifying that one or both of us were going to sleep and we didn't want disturbed and then retrieved his goodies bag from the closet, while I got some beers from the little fridge. When I got in the bathroom he had already laid out one of the huge towels on the floor in front of the tub, gotten out two butt plugs, the enema bag and hose, and a ten-inch black enema tube.

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"Shake 'em up," he said, nodding at the beers.

I shook a beer, held it over the sink, poked a small hole in it to let the foam out using the oversized nail he'd laid out, plugged the hole and shook it more and let more foam out, until it was mostly flat. While I was doing that, he removed my sports shorts, then my underwear, and I stepped out of them. He was rubbing the end of the enema tube up and down my crack, and as I finished venting the foam from the first beer, he held the tube beneath the last of the escaping foam to wet it. He took the flat beer from me and told me with a grin, "Assume the position."

 I got onto my knees in the bathtub, leaned over the edge of it onto the towels, and settled in with my dick pushed up against the inside of the side of the tub and my pubes on the top of the tub sill. He knelt outside the tub and leaned over into it with the enema bag, hose, tube, and the beer. Wet with the foam from the beer, the thick, black tube easily slid into my ass. It felt cold and hard, and my hole wanted to clench up against it. But Spencer knew to give it a good push and it slid in, deep. I felt it reaching into me, hitting the curve, and with more pressure, conforming and making the turn.

"Okay, all in," he said, then I heard the beer being poured into the bag. Almost instantly, I felt the cold liquid entering my interior. My guts complained at the cold intrusion. Once the entire beer was poured into the bag, he put the empty can on the floor, and I felt the increased pressure as he squeezed the bag, forcing the beer into me rapidly.

I groaned a bit at the sensation. He hadn't forced it in the first time, but had let it slowly drain into me. Having it pushed in made my guts expand to accommodate it, and that was pretty intense. The beer was mostly flat, but not entirely, and the warmth of my insides quickly caused the beer to complete degasification. The pressure of the expanding gasses grew rapidly. I knew the moment he opened the clip on the tube, because that allowed the gasses to silently vent through the tube and hose and into the bag.

As I vented gasses silently, he shook another beer, poked it, shook it and dumped the foam, until he poured it into the bag. He squeezed the bag, forcing the cold beer deep into me to join the first. This time he didn't close the clamp, so the gasses quickly vented as they came out of the beer. And now with two beers in there, it began seeping up through my guts in gurgling surges. That felt so neat.

Spencer prepared a third beer, then poured it into the bag. He let it drain slowly into my guts without squeezing the bag this time. I could hear the bubbles of gasses bursting up through the beer in the bag even as the liquid drained down the tube and into me. I was filling up as well as emptying out. The gurgles in my buts almost tickled as they worked deeper in. They were like hunger pains and growls, but lower and deeper.

Spencer removed the ten-inch tube, saying, "Let's see how long you can hold those three."

He got our laptops from the other room, and placed them on the towels on the floor, then took his shorts and underwear off. He got into position, and I took my turn filling his ass with beers. As I held the beer in my ass, I moved to sit in the tub beside him, and took up the bag and hose and tube. His pucker was exposed between his cheeks. How I liked that sight! His big balls hung down, mostly hiding his long dick as it was pressed against the inside edge of the tub. Still, I could see the thick tube running the length of that thing, and the underside of that plump head.

I watched his pucker as I placed the end of the ten-inch tube against it. It was so awesome the way it spread and stretched as the end of that tube entered it. It clung to it tightly as I slowly inserted the full ten inches of the black tube into him. I shook and poked a beer, shook and de-foamed it until it was mostly flat, and then poured it into the bag. I opened the clamp and let the beer flow. I gave the bag a squeeze, pushing the beer into him as quickly as he had done to me.

Once that first beer was in, I was beginning to struggle to hold onto the beer myself. Obviously more gasses had formed, and the pressure was growing. I clamped down as I prepared another beer for Spencer. As I poured it into the bag, I heard bubbles coming up through it at the same time. I squeezed it into him. He softly gasped a bit. I almost groaned in the effort to hold onto the beers in me. I could feel some of it dripping out.

I prepared the third beer, and as I poured it into the bag, Spencer said, "Don't squeeze the bag this time, or you'll make the gas go back in too and I won't be able to hold it as long."

"I wondered why you didn't force the third one in me like the first two," I said.

As the third beer drained into him, I struggled to retain the ones in me. More and more drips were making their way out of my hole. I could smell it as well as see the small trail of fluid running toward the drain. I wasn't going to be able to hold onto it much longer, so I said so.

"When that beer is in, take the position again, take your time, move slow," he said.

One the bag emptied into him, I removed the tube from his hole. The way the soft, pliable hole snapped shut as the tube left it was so cool.

I put down the bag and tube and got into position over the edge of the tub, but more beer dribbled out of me as I moved. By the time I was bent over the edge of the tub again, the inside of both thighs were wet with dribbling beer and I was almost shaking with the effort to hold onto it.

I watched over my shoulder as Spencer placed the black tube against my hole, and began pushing it into me. Almost immediately, warm beer almost exploded through the tube and up into the bag. For several seconds the beer flowed uphill, releasing the pressure inside my guts. Then it reached equilibrium. The relief was almost as good as sex. Then, slowly, I could feel the liquid again draining downward and back into me.

Spencer opened and flattened another beer, and poured it into the bag. It was cold, and I could feel it draining into me. My guts gurgled and quavered. I began feeling the effects of the beer. I grew a bit dizzy and that sense of 'what the fuck' grew. I sighed and relaxed. The beer gurgled deep in my guts.

He reached over and grabbed his goodie bag, and dug out three butt plugs of different sizes. He asked, "Which one do you think will fit but not fall out and hold the beer in you?"

"The middle one," I answered, nodding at it.

The tip was about the size of a fingertip, but it widened to something as thick as his dick. The narrowed base was no wider than a finger again, and the base was even wider than the thickest part.

He spit on it, then began working it into my ass. The small tip of it opened me up easily, but the wider section was stretching me quite a bit. It nearly hurt.  It felt a lot bigger than I thought. I was just about to tell him it was too big, when it finally got far enough in that the narrow base relieved the stretching sensation.

"Yup, that's tight enough to hold it in," he said. "Might even be a bit of trouble to get back out," he laughed.

"No, I don't think so," I laughed. "I bet the beer will gas off enough to blow it right out of there!"

He laughed, then took the position over the edge of the tub, and said, "Give me two more before you plug me up."


Moving around with the butt plug up my ass felt really weird. The pressure of the beer began slowly growing as I prepared another beer. I slid the big enema tube into his hole, admiring how the soft flesh contorted so easily around the device. It went fully in with little resistance. I poured the beer into the bag. It poured into him rather quickly.

As I prepared another beer, I noticed how dizzy and goofy I felt. The beers in my guts were working well. I poured another beer into him, but it went in very slowly, as the pressure in his guts often forced the liquids up into the bag. It took several minutes, but the beer finally drained into him.

I pulled the enema tube out of his hole, watching it snap closed, barely leaking just a few drops.

"Plug me up quick," he said.

I reached over the tub and grabbed the small one.

"No! The bigger one," he told me.

I grabbed it instead, and spit on it several times, then began sliding it into his hole. I watched as his soft pucker stretched wider and flatter as the plug spread it widely open. His hole was tight enough that the big plug did not easily go into it. I had to push fairly hard.

"Is it hurting?" I asked as the widest part of the plug began spreading his hole widely open enough that the puckers were actually being smoothed out.

"Fuck," he grunted, "Yes. But keep going."

I had to push harder, and harder, and then the thing popped into him, almost pulling from my fingers. He grunted with the relief.

I took a moment to take in the view of his butt cheeks spread, the black suction-cup bottom of the plug between them,  his balls hanging below his hairy taint, and the end of the underside of the head of his long dick hanging below them.

The beer in my guts reminded me of its presence. I draped myself over the edge of the tub and opened the browser on my laptop. We watched porn, side by side. He preferred straight stuff, and that was what he watched, but I wasn't shy of watching some good guy on guy stuff.

He slowly got up on his hands, then onto his feet, and said, "Be right back."

I was pretty amazed that he could move around so easily with all that pressurized beer in him. He came back with the water bong, and we had a bowl as we let the beer do its work. Coughing was almost painful! That butt plug did its job admirably. Still, there was a couple of coughs that nearly blew that plug out against the far wall, followed by a fire-hose style fountain of shitty beer.

After nearly an hour, I couldn't take it any longer. The pressure was pushing that plug hard, and my hole wasn't going to retain it much longer.

"I got to go," I told him.

"I'm about to blow like a plugged water main myself," he said.

I gingerly made my way to the toilet, squatted above it, and began pulling the plug out of my ass. It was surprising how much effort I had to give it. I thought the plug would almost pop out on its own, but no. I had to really pull on that thing. My hole complained. But as soon as that wide center came through, it flew out of me, followed by the beer in a loud, high pressure spray. Oh, wow, what a relief! Not all the beer came out at once. After that first explosive exit, the rest came out in several gushes separated by long periods of waiting. Finally, I was pretty sure most of it was out of me. But the effects sure weren't gone. I was dizzy and loose and felt like having a great time despite anything to the contrary.

I flushed and got up after wiping several times. Dizzy! I was about as drunk as I'd ever been! Maybe more so! I giggled and staggered to the tub. I sat down clumsily.

"Drunk or smashed" Spencer asked with a grin, while getting to his feet.

"I'm pretty smashed," I laughed. "This is way better than drinking the shit."

He laughed. I didn't get it at first, then laughed as well.

I watched as he squatted, reached for the plug, and worked it out. It didn't come out any easier than mine had. He had to work at it. Then I saw the relief on his face and the stream of dark-colored beer and shit spray into the toilet just before he sat down fully. I laughed a lot as he emptied out, like a ten-year-old laughing at toilet humor. It was hilarious to me. When he was sure he was mostly empty, he wiped well, then sat down next to me. I went right back to the toilet and got rid of more beer and shit. He laughed at the toilet sounds this time. When I was done, he did the same.

We sat on the towels on the bathroom floor, giggling and slightly slurring our words. I was more than a little drunk. We smoked a bowl. One of us would cough, and that would make us fart, wet and loud, and we'd both end up laughing until we were red in the face again. We both used the toilet again.

The bong was cashed, then Spencer got that look on his face.

"What?" I asked.

"Want to see if doing a bong enema works?"

"Awesome idea!"

We decided that we'd pour half the bong water into a little warm water, and take that up our butts. He went first. I wasn't sure it would burn or something. So I slid that enema tube into his ass, poured half the bong water into a glass, added as much water from the sink, and poured that into the bag. As it ran into him, he sighed, and said it didn't burn much at all. He asked me to put the medium butt plug that had been in me into him. It went in pretty easily by comparison.

Then it was my turn. I got into position draped over the side of the tub, he put the tube in me, which felt really good, and then I felt the warm bong water running into me. There was a slight burning sensation, but nothing much. I felt it flowing deep into me. Then he slid the smallest butt plug into me. It went in easily, but was wide enough that I felt safe nothing was going to leak out unless I knew about it.

We stayed in position as we watched porn vids, that bong water flowing deeply into us. The effects were soon obvious. The head change of smoking grass was magnified several times. I began feeling as if I were riding an endless series of warm, gentle waves. It wasn't just my head, it was all through my body. It slightly resembled the sick feeling I got from being drunk, but it wasn't as thick and threatening. It was fuzzy and warm and fun.

"Oh, shit, this is fucking amazing," Spencer moaned. "It's even better than brownies."

"I've never been this high," I admitted. "Or drunk."

"You're all fucked up, huh?" he said, grinning at me, his eyes seemingly roaming on their own.

I dropped my head off my hands and let it lay on the towel on the floor before answering, "Totally," and giggling.

After a few seconds, he asked, "That little bit of water trying to get out?"


"So, wanna try something really wild?"

"This isn't?" I asked with a laugh.

"What I'm thinking sure is."


I was too drunk and stoned to not try about anything.

He dragged his goodie bag closer and took out the TENS device. My dick bounced in anticipation. Then he removed two more items, both new to me.

The first was obviously an anal probe, about seven inches long with two silvery strips around it. The other was a bit familiar. While it was the same length as the long, beaded sound we'd used before, and which I loved using, this one had a black rubber-like covering on it, except for the very tip and the electrical snap-connector and the head on the other end.



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"Why is it black?" I asked. "Except the tip?"

"The black covering is a insulator. It's actually heat-shrink tubing for electrical connections. It blocks the signal, so the only part that makes the connection and makes you feel anything is going to be the very tip. That way you can control where the sensations are."

He connected the two things to the TENS, grinned, and then got behind me in the tub. He pulled the plug out. It came out pretty easily. Then he slid the probe in. It was smooth and went in very easily. Then, with my dick still pressed against the side of the tub, he put the tip of the sound against my piss hole. Oh, shit, did that feel fucking great! I loved being sounded! My dick pulsed in pleasure as the silvery tip of the thing entered my hole. Then the black insulated part began to enter. That rubber covering was very thin, but I could tell that it made the sound beads thicker than the other one. It stretched my hole just a bit, which felt fucking great as it stretched my hole. My dick swelled and pulsed at the tight pressure of it. It was about to go from a pleasurable pinching sensation to something approaching pain when it popped inside. The sudden change sent a surge through my dick and balls, and my ass. I gasped out loud.

I waited, my dick tingling, my balls tingling, my ass pulsing in anticipation. But he didn't push any more of the thing into my dick hole, and there were no tingling sensations from the TENS.

"You can keep going in," I said, my voice quivering almost as much as my dick and hole were.

"Nope. Not yet," he said.

Then I felt the tingling electrical signal in my ass and in my dick head. It was fantastic! Buzzz... pause... buzzz... pause... over and over, a bit stronger each time.

"Okay, there!" I said when the sensations were strong enough to make my dick try to grow harder. I groaned as those buzzing tingles pulled my dick against the side of the tub and clenched my ass around the probe.

It was awesome! Those tingling buzzes felt like nothing else. The current of the electrical signal flowed between the end of my dick where the exposed tip of the urethral sound sat, right though my dick, into my body, and straight to the probe lodged inside my ass. My prostate was close enough that it was getting some of the charge, and that made it feel almost as if he were rubbing it with his finger.

Oh, shit, I was almost squirming with pleasure!

Then he slid the sound in deeper, by one bead. Jeeeze! It was almost torture! The signal path between the probe in my ass and the probe in my urethra was one bead shorter, and stronger because of the lessened resistance, and it got stronger and more powerful. Not to mention that the sensation of the bead moving through the hole in my glans was awesome on its own!

I was surprised when he pushed another bead into my cock hole. It stretched my hole open, almost pinching, then popped in. The feeling of the tingling buzzes slid deeper with the tip of the sound. It was still located beneath and just behind the tip of my dick, somewhere in the head, but now there was more sensation in the shaft as well. I moaned in sheer pleasure and happiness.

He gave the sound a slight push, forcing one more bead through my tight hole with a solid popping sensation along with the tingling buzz. I gasped softly. Then another one. The tingling moved deeper into my cock, leaving my head for the most part. And growing stronger. My hole began slightly clenching with every buzz.

Another gentle push, and another single bead spread my hole and popped in, dragging the tingling deeper and increasing its power.

I groaned, "Oh, fuck," slowly and breathily.

One of his fingers stroked the tube on the underside of my pulsing dick, finding the end of the probe. The touch made the contact better, because for a moment the sensation of the buzzing was even stronger. I jerked in surprise and pleasure, gasping out loud.

He followed the tip of the sound as he slid it in deeper, one bead at a time. Every bead stretched my hole just enough to cause a pinching feeling. I suspected my pre-jizz was lubricating it, as it went in easily and without dragging, so I asked.

He replied, "Yeah, you're leaking like a bad faucet,' he laughed. "It's almost dripping off the sound. You must like it."

"I fucking love it!" I said gleefully.

"Then have another," he said, and popped another bead into me.

The buzzing was concentrated in my mid-shaft now, and his fingers gently probed and rubbed the area, adding more good sensations to the whole.

It really was like torture now. He waited between inserting every bead, one at a time. I was ready to beg him to just shove the whole thing in there! But I was enjoying the long pauses and not knowing when the next bead would be pushed in. Every time another bead went in, it pinched for a moment, then the relief of the entry was wonderful. The buzzing increased slightly with every bead, and moved deeper. Soon his finger was following the tip of the sound through my sack. It was a new and very nice feeling to have his finger probing my tube so deep inside me. The buzzing was almost too much by now, and I had to ask him to turn it down. He did, by maybe one notch. But it was better.

Another bead, a bit of pinching stretch at my hole, the tip deeper in my cock, the buzzing stronger... oh, fuck! Again and again, deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger.

Then his finger following the tip of the sound, was now moving along my taint behind my sack. It was fucking intense! I asked him to turn down the TENS again. He did. Another bead. Deeper, stronger, more intense. Several beads later, his finger could no longer follow the tip of the sound as it moved deep into me. Now the buzzing was moving into a place I'd never felt it before. The previous sound without the insulation had spread the tingling buzz all through my cock and deep into me, but this one was concentrating it on that one spot, and I could feel it.

The buzzing caused a deep sensation now, and the probe in my ass caused my hole to clench tightly around it now. The sound tip was separated from the anal probe electrodes by mere inches, and the signal had less flesh to travel through. It was strong and intense and almost crisp by comparison. My asshole clenched and the tip of the probe tingled deep in me. There was a slight sensation as if I needed to pee with every buzz. It only grew as each new bead entered at the tip of my dick, pushing the tip deeper.

I was almost arching my back with every buzz now. The buzzing tingles were concentrated deep in me and deep in my ass.

"Last one," he said, and then it was pinching, and then it popped in.

I gasped out loud, arched my back, and forced myself to tolerate the almost intolerable intensity of the buzzing signal. My cock swelled and throbbed with every buzz, and my hole clenched and held clenched until the buzz faded. I was almost shaking on my elbows.

"Like it?" he asked.

"Fucking love it!" I groaned.

"Is it gonna make you cum?"

"Probably!" I grunted.

Then Spencer said, "You're gonna love this," and moved the probe in my ass, pressing it against my prostate, and inserted the last of the urethral sound so that the exposed base of it came into contact with the tip of my head and the hole there.

The tingling buzz deep inside me split, tingling deep inside and now at the tip of my head too, and through my prostate through the anal probe. I shot up onto my hands, gasped out loud, and began quivering all over as my prostate contracted and began ejaculating around the sound in my urethra.

"Awwwww!" burst out of me in a long, constant growl as I experienced the most intense orgasm yet. Or, possibly, ever.

The probe in my ass sent that powerful buzz straight through my prostate and through the interior of my body, to join the tip of the sound deep in my urethra as well as at the very tip of my dick and the hole there. And then my cum was exploding up through my urethra, around the sound, shorting it and making the signal stronger. My prostate reacted by pulsing even harder, forcing my cum through my tube even more strongly. I felt the cum squeeze out the tip of my cock, around the sound and shorting the electrical signal there as well, and sending the signal up higher and stronger yet.

My prostate was being electrocuted from the outside through my ass by the probe, and through my urethra from the inside by the sound tip, and the tip of my dick was being electrocuted by the base of the sound, all while I came hard.

"Awwwww!" turned into "Ohhhhh!" and then "AHHHHH!" as my cum squirted past the sound in my dick while my ass clenched as my prostate convulsed over and over.  I felt my cum squeezing past the base of the sound in the tip of my dick in pulsing waves.

Spencer began pulling the sound out of my cock, each bead sending a pinching pleasure through me, adding to the overwhelming orgasm. I almost screamed!  The pulses of the TENS sent waves through me, growing weaker as the tip of the sound moved further and further from the probe in my ass. Soon all I felt was the pinching sensation of each bead popping out of my hole. Then it came all the way out, and Spencer pulled the probe from my ass at the same time, giving me a quivering wave of relief.

I collapsed onto the towels and panted for air.

After a few moments, I was able to talk, and said, "That was fucking insane!"

I turned to see Spencer jacking himself off, and just in time to see him shoot his wad up and over the edge of the tub and onto the floor. Wave after wave of cum shot out of his big dick. Long strings twirling in the air, tumbling, twisting, and splashing onto the tiles.

"Jeeze, Spence!" I said, "I'd have done that for you!"

He continued to shoot jizz until a few last drops dribbled out of his big dick and into the tub. Then he sat back onto his heels with a huge grin, and said, "I couldn't wait! Watching you get off like that made me hit the finish line."

"Still, I could've done it for you."

"I was cumming before you were even done," he said, whipping the cum off his fingers into the tub. "I've never seen a guy cum from that angle. Did you know your whole taint moves when you cum?"

"Yeah, I did," I said. "Your prostate is right there, and you can see it working."

"That was fucking awesome! I saw you cumming, and saw the cum shooting out, and saw your balls tugging up as the cum got sucked from them, and your ass clenching, and it was fucking cool!"

We cleaned up, laughing about this and that. Then we smoked a bong with fresh water and watched the Sunday night comedy stuff on PBS.

When the last comedy show started, Spencer said he had one more thing to show me before we sacked out.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I'll show you after this show," and gave me that naughty grin. "Let's just say it involves your favorite toy, and another way to use it."

I started getting hard again.







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